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43 reviews
Categories: Auto Parts
Tel: +1.8882511214
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Was gone to lunch today and upon return, I found an Order Confirmation in my inbox. (in 37 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

The customer service people are obviously in a call center in India. The order I placed was for catalytic converters. One arrived in a timely manner - the second one has not shipped. I believe it is out of stock and they do not want to be honest and tell me. I finally cancelled the order but was told that it might still ship anyway and I would get charged for it. Do not shop with Parts Train. They are horrible - timely shipment of your order will not happen and the customer service people are not helpful at all and will do nothing to fix your problem.

Ask Randy about PartsTrain
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a new bumper for my truck. The Parts Train website said it should ship within 48 hours. But when I checked their website a day after placing the order it said "order processing". So I called the 800 number. The person on the other end was very difficult to understand. His English was minimal at best. He told me it could take up to 9 days to ship and he had no idea where it would ship from or what carrier. I then saw where another customer had purchased a bumper from them and it soon rusted badly. So I called and cancelled the order. Parts Train did refund to my PayPal the cost of the bumper but not shipping.What a rip-off!

Ask Abe about PartsTrain
1 review
0 helpful votes

ordered a catylic converter that website said was in stock after 2 weeks of waiting I called and was told it was out of stock. they said they sent email but never got it canceled my order and bought it at local muffler shop. don't waste your time with this company.

Ask todd about PartsTrain
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a Radiator for my 2002 Protege5 at a little more than half the prices of the local shops. It arrived two days later with no damage and fits perfectly. None of the issues as stated in the other reviews.

Ask Austin about PartsTrain
1 review
0 helpful votes

after placing an order for a fender, i decided to look up reviews and based on how many negative reviews this website had, i spoke with an online agent who seemed to be very convincing in having the exact part shipped and delivered to me in the specific time frame it claimed to be , specifically, Christian Joash Berdon. But these reviews told me to not trust it regardless, even with his convincing words. i decided to have the order cancelled because my gut feeling told me to not make it official. i just hope this website is not as bad as these people make it to be.

Ask ozzy about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

Was gone to lunch today and upon return, I found an Order Confirmation in my inbox. I did NOT order anything from these guys, yet they had all my info correct, except my Credit Card # (may have been an old cc # not sure as all they could tell me was the last 4 digits. I did call and canceled the order but reviews leave me worried that I may be charged anyway.

Oct 2015: I was able to cancel the order and my cred cd was not charged. Still not sure how it happened but Parts Train did help me fix the error. Also changes my rating of them from 1 to 3 since they were helpful.

Ask Curt about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

I would go into detail about my very $h!ttY exp. with this 3rd world $H!Th01E company, but I think the many others have said it better! I just want people to DO RESEARCH because this crooked company does business under other names! One big one is uspartswarehouse and maybe CARID. Im hoping the investigation I had my cc company start to get my money back will spark some awareness with Visa and maybe they'll go after them for some people to get their money back!

Ask Shilo about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a alternator and put a overnight shipping for it never came the next day called customer service there telling me that they could not get in contact with the warehouse like really what type of business are you running so I put in a request for cancellation and now they sent me a email finally saying that the part I ordered is ready to be shipped now I have to send it right back in order to get my refund I should've stuck it out with Rockauto. com I guess being cheap isn't always good I advise anyone never to use parts train to order your car parts they SUCK

Ask curtis about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst experience EVER!. I ordered a set of exhaust manifolds. I got the first one with no issue. The second never showed up. After four phone calls I get told its on a 6 week back order. I asked for a refund...I'm told no problem. Two days later they email me and say they are shipping me a replacement for the part I ALREADY have!. Two more phone calls and I'm still waiting on my refund! Lloyd at customer service Refused to give the supervisors name and number!

Tip for consumers: Stay the hell away from this SCAM ARTIST Company!!!

Ask Jack about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

Placed an order on Monday and the same day a hold was placed on my account, and I never received a confirmation email. Four days later the charge disappeared and they never fulfilled the order. Talked to a rep and they said the order was never placed. How does a company put it on hold and never place nor have any information on it?!

Ask Nicholas about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

Their sales representative told me that the soft top to my convertible would be sent with the back glass. When the top came without the back glass, I called to see how long it would take for the glass to take to then find out their sales representative misinformed me. So I ordered a back piece to my convertible asking for it to be black (same color as my top) and when it got delivered, it was beige. I ordered through them two times and both times they messed up on my order! Never again!

Ask Melanie about PartsTrain
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was really excited to find this website and see that the prices were much cheaper than the local parts store. I ordered a rear brake kit for my truck and they sent a front brake kit. I have waited over a week for my order to arrive, and now it's the wrong part. The worst part is that I called customer service (which was in Korea) and got the run around how they could either return the part and give me my money back or send a new part once they receive the wrong one. Keep in my my truck has been ripped apart for days awaiting this part, and with that runaround it would be at least another 1-2 weeks before I get it fixed. I suggested that they overnight me the correct part so I could use the truck by Friday and they refused. They said they could only send a new part with the original shipping choice at checkout. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said that he couldn't overnight it because of the weight of the package. I bet it weighs at least 50 lbs... it's heavy. He was no help at all, even after I explained that this error is NOT on our part because we were shipped an incorrect part and I would be writing a review of the company. I am going to send this part back at their cost, but I will have to eat the original shipping I paid. Best part is... I checked Fedex and to overnight it, the shipping weight has to be less than 150lbs. So not only am I out a part, lost money for shipping, but I also got lied to. STAY AWAY from this company. I am so displeased!!

Ask Bethany about PartsTrain
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered a Dee Zee grill guard. Went on vacation for a few days. When we got back a few days later we check the e-mail and it wasn't the part we ordered. I immediately called to cancel the order as we hadn't gotten an e-mail that it had shipped yet. I was told it would be up to the warehouse whether to cancel it or not. Two days later the grill guard arrived. The day after that we received an e-mail that the product was ready to ship and we should get it soon. When I called to return the item, I was told it would be $160 if we wanted to use their freight carrier to return it. We ordered the correct product but their system messed it up but we have to pay for shipping! STAY AWAYYY!!!!!

Ask Angie about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

We ordered from this site because they said they had the item in stock and promised shipping in less than a week. We waited two weeks and called them. I waited 20 minutes on the phone then was told that the item had shipped that day. We asked for a tracking number but they said that we would have to call in a day or two for that and they didn't know who the carrier would be. A week later they called and said that the item was out of stock which meant that we couldn't take the bikes on vacation. The only good thing that I can say is that they did credit our Paypal account quickly after they told us that it wouldn't be coming to us.

Ask Shelly about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

It's not rocket science the reason it's cheaper is beacuse it's crap!!! Return policy even worse !!! Do yourself a favor an shop elsewhere !!!! You'll be glad u did

Ask Rich about PartsTrain
1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought a new Bumper for my GMC pickup, which I keep very nice. 1 year later it is rusted out. garage kept, mild climate. They sell junk

Ask Michael about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ridiculously low price on a muffler! I really am happy about my purchase and I would recommend this website to anyone. partstrain is a great company and I will be shopping with them again in the near future. Easy to order too.

Ask Dan about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered two specialy parts for my older mercedes. They here the next day and I saved like $80 compaired to local stores. Awesome experience!

Ask Dmitry about PartsTrain
1 review
4 helpful votes


Ask Jerome about PartsTrain
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wow seems to be a lot of bad reviews about this place. And for good reasons. These people are crooks. Ordered wrong thing and called less than 5 minutes later to cancel order and they told me they couldn't stop the shipping even though it was Friday afternoon and wouldn't be shipped until Monday and I would have to pay return shipping and restock fee. Worthless excuse for a buisiness they just rip people off

Ask Nick about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

Probably my worst online retail experiences ever.

Ordered replacement headlight WITH bulbs. Headlights arrived very quickly, but without bulbs. Called customer service and was offered $10 refund and asked to buy the bulbs locally. Bulbs cost 13.95 each on Parts Train website. Declined this ludicrous offer and asked them to just send me the missing bulbs. Was given a long story about how hard that was to do.

Received an email a few days later asking me to verify what I ordered. Why don't they have record of what I ordered? Verified that I did indeed order (and pay for) the part number that includes bulbs.

Got tired of waiting and bought bulbs locally ($40.00) and installed headlights.

Received multiple emails days later saying my return had been approved and replacement headlights were being shipped. Didn't ask for this, don't want this, willing to eat the cost of the bulbs to never have to deal with Parts Train again.

Ask Mitch about PartsTrain
1 review
3 helpful votes

So it appears I should have checked this site before my purchase as well. I ordered 2 front strut assys. I ordered the wrong part, my mistake. When I checked the return policy no mention of a 'restocking fee', but when I got my RMA, yup a 10% restocking fee. My suggestion, look around before you order, some guys do have a restocking fee, but it clearly highlighted in the return policy.

Ask Joe about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered upper and lower ball joints for a 1995 Dodge Dakota. Discussed the order with them in their chat now function, where they stated the Mevotech brand was made in the USA. The 4 ball joints arrived in a box without any invoice, and were a mixed batch of manufacturers, mostly made in China. There was no refund of the difference in price from the name brand ordered vs the random stuff that arrived. Customer support is in the Philippines and as useful as one would expect. So the job will be delayed, the truck is out of service, and I will never use these twitts again.

Ask Eric about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered replacement parts for my Jeep awhile back, heres my one experience with them. They messed up multiple items in my order, from wrong brakes to timing chain and gears. They did accept a return on the brakes cause I caught that in time but I didnt realize the timing chain was wrong til after their return policy expired. Frustrating to be denied return on an error on their part but thats what you may get with this company. Be sure to double check everything they send you asap.

Ask Dave about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

i ordered a part; they put a hold on the money on my cc, and then notified me the part was not in stock. They said they would credit my card; three weeks later no credit, no answer to my inquiries to there customer service email asking what the hell is going on.
Use "" i have ordered several things from them; great service, good quality parts, all after market body parts have fit perfectly.

Ask B about PartsTrain
1 review
3 helpful votes

If you need a part within a reasonable amount of time, don't use The webpage indicated that the power steering pump that I needed required a 1-2 day lead time. I could live with that but what it did not indicate is that it was coming out of Illinois! So it is going to take 6 days for the item to get to California! It was my fault for not checking locally because I found an Autozone around the corner who could get me the part in 1 day and at a cheaper price.

Ask W about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

Placed an order such a good deal!... They processed my payment twice and won't refund it!! Stay away my part cost me double!

Ask Dana about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was prepared to order 2 parts. A Mazda pickup lower valance, and a tailgate handle. Total for both: $20.86 Shipping, $34.72, an "handling" $17.40! Cheap parts followed by outrageous shipping costs, and then I have to pay their employee $17+ to take it off the shelf? STAY AWAY! Bait and switch!

Ask FreD about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was ALMOST scammed into buying the full front bumper of my 2008 lancer gts. Normally the price is around 300, on the website it is marked down to $90, that alone made me wonder if it was real because it seemed too good to be true. So i talked to their customer support (if you can call it that) on their online chat help. I was talking to one of their car "specialists", and we had a long talk but to sum it up, he knew nothing about cars, he was asking if my 2008 lancer gts was the turbo model, funny thing is that none of the lancers come with a turbo. Only the ralliarts and Evolutions. Then he sent me a link that automatically puts a part in my check out, so i looked up the product number and the picture showed the lancer bumper but it was for the 2007 and earlier version (the 2008 looks completely different). Anysways, even though i already felt it was a scam i had my credit card out ready to buy it (i figured oh well i would rather take the risk if i can get this part for 200$ cheaper). then i searched for complaints about that website, and what did i find? exactly what i thought i would, people who got the wrong parts, parts for different cars, different brands from which they ordered, or BROKEN parts. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.

Ask Hunter about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

I placed an order on their website and realized it was the wrong part, then within 45 min talked to a representative and had my cancelation notice put in. They told me there was no guarantee that the order could be stopped. What they should have said was we choose to ship orders even if canceled so that we can charge you 10% of what the item costs for restocking plus hold on to your 300$ while we incrue interest for the next month. These people are crooks, should have a warning on google that says buyers beware, cheap parts, terrible service, and refusal to cancel orders once placed, even if only minutes after the purchase. I waited on hold for 25 to speak to a foreign call center supervisor who had no authority to do anything. Please go elsewhere with your money. I will never waste mine again.

Ask ma about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

If I could give this site negative stars, I would! I ordered an alternator for my wifes car on a Monday. By Wednesday I still had not received a tracking number or a shipping confirmation. On contacting the company I was told that it was still processing and that I needed to wait 24-48 hours more. I thought that was ridiculous, as I have ordered from Rock Auto in the past and received the parts within 3-4 days. I told them I wanted to cancel and was also told that they would "try".......In the words of Yoda, try ....or do not...there is no try! I am left extremely disappointed by their service and the speed at which they operate. I can only expect that my order has been cancelled due to the fact that the charge has fallen off my checking account......Keeping my fingers crossed! Never ordering from this company again!

Ask Dan about PartsTrain
1 review
2 helpful votes

false listing for a heavy part as a come on, never intending to ship it. then shipped minor accessories for the part and charged the full shipping and handling for the order. called to cancel as soon as notified not in stock. within 1 hr of placing order.
1st they refused to cancel partial order, then supervisor promised to try and cancel,
Then 36 HOURS LATER, put the partial order trough anyway. Must repudiate order with credit card.

Ask punk about PartsTrain
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I just stopped at this site and read some reviews about and I nearly busted a gut.
The person said that, "this site was easy to navigate like a lot of others" and that is what made me laugh, want to know why?
Well that's because they are all the same company and only the prices change.
It's called the U.S. Auto Parts Network and I am still not clear how many auto parts sites they have, maybe about a dozen and yes they all basically look the same.
One clue is if the sell what they call Replacement Brand parts and they all have a one year unlimited mileage warranty.
First, there is no such manufacturer called Replacement Brand it's a scam.
This network is the worst, as I have been tracking these idiots for sometime now.
I intend to do as much damage to there organization as I can and all over one defective fog light called Replacement Brand I learned the hard way.
But once I get mad I can be relentless.
Some of there co. off the top are autopartswarehouse, drivewire, partsgeek, carmd,
discount car lights, and many many more.
Without opening my bookmarks my brains gone blank.
What it is though and a way to stay away, is it works like this, a person goes to Google and types in something like "2004 Buick Regal replacement headlight" and then that word replacement is the director and takes you to all the sites selling these Replacement Brand auto parts. And that's that.
And if for some stupid reason you don't believe me, and do buy a part from one of these many networked websites and it goes bad under warranty, just forget about a warranty as the hoops they will make you jump through and the cost it will take to ship it back will generally not be worth it.
I sincerely hope this helps and remember, they do mostly look all the same, but if it says Replacement Brand, then know to get going.
Good luck
Gary B.
I put my name so they know I will do what I say...

Ask Gary about PartsTrain
12 reviews
13 helpful votes

Website is similar to other car parts websites, yet easy to navigate. Ordering and shipping from PartsTrain was easy, shipping fast. Reliable company.

Ask Tom about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

My company attempted to use as a source for items needed to complete a large project we had a strict deadline for. Several companies and vendors were collaborated with to accomplish this project that totaled nearly $40K in cost over vehicle. One of the final touches on the project were the marker lights which were to be installed on the final day of assembly. These were the only parts we ordered from eight days prior to deadline and we paid for overnight shipping to guarantee no headaches for what should have been the last and most worry free details of the build. We were wrong.

Not only did I speak with their "online chat" option (which is the only option they give for assistance) on Monday to ensure the parts were shipped with the properly paid for shipping they still sent me a tracking number once the parts were shipped giving me details for Standard Ground Shipping. They did not mess up the billing however as adequate funds had been immediately taken off my bank card for overnight shipping. I again contacted their online chat option Tues to see what the issue was and after a lengthy conversation with what seemed to be an automated robot with pure generic responses I was promised the parts would be reshipped for on time arrival and I would return the other order.

Again they proved me wrong. The day before final assembly and no arrival as well as no tracking number. On the third attempt to speak with their online chat service I was told she knew nothing about my previous conversations (even thought I had printed them and provided her with the "chat number 3926134") and there was nothing they would do other than reimburse for the difference in shipping.

In my experience with business, in order to show a valued customer you made a mistake and are willing to take responsibility for it, you offer them something that is a sacrifice of you, NOT just to give them the shipping payment back. Their response?? ...20 bucks back on an order of over $500.

If this were the only company we dealt with in this project I would possibly accept the service I received from them. Maybe if this were even the only company that made a mistake...but they weren't and they weren't. What they were was the only company to handle it in such a pathetic manner and then when finally having no choice but to admit their mistake offered less then a pathetic solution.

My advice to anyone even considering is to make the fraction of an effort it takes to scroll down the screen to the next option and choose it instead. There are more than enough resources online that provide excellent service far above and beyond what has proven they provide.

Please learn from others mistakes and stay away from this site.

Ask Chaos about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

If you could give it a minus 10 that might be sufficient.

I ordered a part from their website using their parts finder by entering my vehicle info. Received part about a week later - wrong part.

Called was on the phone for about 40 minutes going around and around with their staff who would not admit that their website was incorrect - somehow it was my fault they listed and I chose the wrong part.

Finally I get a shipping label and instructions. The instructions of DON'Ts is 2 pages long. You cannot write on the shipping box you must use a different box and you must write in black pen... and on and on.


Now I have to wait up to four weeks to receive a refund for a part that was incorrect because of their error not mine!!!!

I certainly hope you don't stay in business very long which would only allow you to inflict your stupidity upon others.

Stay far far away from this company, they are not capable of good customer service!!!

Ask Pat about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am not the type to leave a review for a business online. This place has changed that mindset entirely. And does not deserve the 1 star that I have to give it.

I am EXTREMELY frustrated and will without question no longer do business with Parts Train.

Monday, I ordered a drop kit on 06/18/12 online. During the order to double check dates arriving to my home I called into the Sales Dept. The Customer service rep ASSURED me the order would be shipped that day and the G379933 kit would arrive within 4 days and would make my 06/22/10 deadline, he even told me the previous kit had arrived within 4 days to a customer in Illinois. As I confirmed my order, he told me he saw the order come in and I was good to go. Tracking numbers would be out by the end of the day.

Tuesday at approx 400pm CST, still had not received tracking numbers and called in to verify. The lady that answered the phone told me that the order had not been shipped or billed yet. I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor to further assist me. Chris (#1009) answered and through the extensive conversation was given the option multiple times to cancel my order and they would release the hold on the funds in my account. However, that was a final option only as I needed this kit by Friday and would not be able to find it in time otherwise. So I present the offer of having it express shipped to me. After the two of us engaged in deliberations about the offer, it was settled that we will cancel the order AND have a new order set up for the G379933 kit to be overnighted from the MANU because it was out of stock at no cost (to me) due to the time constraints. I was then transferred to the sales dept. to confirm the cancellation and submit the new order.

I was handed to Nick (If I recall his name correctly) who completely refused to do what the Supervisor, Chris, and I had agreed upon. Multiple times during his and I conversation, he tried to transfer me to Cust. Service to rid himself of the call and was extremely rude and offensive. Finally, I asked for his boss. He flat out told me, "No, you will not speak with him" and proceeded me to put me on hold. Mind you I had the time counter on my phone showing 42minutes and 15seconds at this point. At 1HOUR 12minutes and 23seconds, a customer service agent arrived on the line. This is 30 MINUTES, Nick put me on hold for to get out of the call. When Mike (339) answered, I informed him I was beyond upset at this point. Not only had I been lied to this point but berated by Nick. But through the conversation Mike and I had he was by FAR the most pleasant person I had spoke to that day. He was not a 10 on the scale but understandably so, he came in to a very upset customer and knew that he had to be extremely careful as I obviously had spoken to his superiors and still not satisfied. (I would deal with Mike again.) Multiple times during his and I phone call, he would double check with Chris to make sure everything was correct and kosher. He informed me that Chris would be calling me back in 10-15minutes to settle the call. I thanked him and hung up. 1hour and 31minutes later.

Now, over 15 minutes has passed and I have yet to hear from Chris. (06:18pm call ended) (Called her extension at 06:48pm no answer. Left Message) (Again called her extension at 07:32pm, Voicemail says she has gone home for the day. Left Message) (Call back in at 0733pm)
Ended up speaking with multiple associates eventually ending up with Ram (539). He and I discussed many options and was absolutely worn out when I spoke with him from all the time spent trying to resolve the lack of shipment and options to try and solve the problem. Finally, decided on canceling the order entirely. However, funds in my account are tied up in a hold. Debated when they would be released. Finally got an answer from him that I would receive a call from April (721), the next day at 8am CDT. After explaining to him that at this point the company had failed countless times and if I didn't get a call back I would not be surprised.

Wednesday, April calls me 752am. Spoke for a few minutes and she informs me that she can not have the hold removed at that time. I have to wait another 2.5hours to receive another phone call explaining if the hold could be lifted that day. They were.

All in all, almost 48 hours goes by. My deadline is shot, I will not be able to have my vehicle finished for a major show in my area. And spent over 6 hours on phone calls to PartsTrain. FYI, thats 12.5% of the time on the phone trying to verify that parts would be shipped, argue about why they haven't been shipped, decide options to fix the shipping, and finally canceling the order. Keep in mind, I also have work and sleep in there too. So of the hours I was awake and had knowledge of this issue (less than 9.5 hours total) I spent 6 on the phone. Thats approaching 65%. Thats insane and completely unacceptable. The time spent and money that would've been saved had the order remained as well as the show being missed is not kosher with me in the least. I WILL BE telling others. And WILL BE making sure I do not do business with PT or any of their other associated retailers again.

Ask Ryan about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a steering wheel cover from them. It was defective and I emailed
them about it with details of the defect. The sent me another sterring
wheel cover at no charge. I have no complaints about this site and
was happy with their service.

Ask Robert about PartsTrain
1 review
3 helpful votes

Don't purchase from this company, they are just out to take your money. I purchased a replacement antenna for my 99 mercury cougar. The part they sent me is a fake. The cord is far too short and they are completely aware of the problem. However, they still sell it specifically advertised as a 1999 mercury cougar replacement antenna. Partstrain won't reimburse me until I ship it back - that's just fine, but they won't reimburse my original shipping or pay the shipping costs for me ship their mistake back to them. Their customer service reps are also in another country and hardly understandable. Do yourself a favor and buy from a different company

Ask Lacey about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered two brake discs (rotors) on 9/6. After 57 hours I had yet to receive any shipping or tracking information, but I had received a notification saying that I had been billed.
Their website dictates that you will receive a tracking number after 48 hours tops, so after 57 hours I called their customer support line who informed me that the part was out of stock, and that I would be receiving my refund within 5 business days.
Woah, woah, back it up, if you can steal my $#*!ing money in less than a minute you can give it back just as fast. Not only was the part listed as in stock, I was never notified at the time of purchase.
This website is a scam.

Ask Alain about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible, horrible website. I was tring to order a CAR part and their extremely unhelpful, rude and idiot customer service reps sold me a truck part. Now I'm paying as much to ship the product as I paid for the part. If you read these reviews and still order, your just as stupid as the people from this website.

Ask David about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

late and damage - Hi, Everyone I've shopped at this website once and it was the last time because I had ordered a very expencive part for my car that came late and was damaged, to the point that when I got it, It completly looked like a Picasso painting, and that no matter how you looked at it you couldnt make out what it was.

 Then when I tried to send it back they kept putting me on hold and transfering me from tom, to fredd, then to nancy, and then back to tom, then to hold. Also i had a hard time with them becuase they thought it wasnt there fault that the part had arrived as mangled as it did so they tried nott refunding all the money.  So don't waste your time and money here. 

Ask hanna about PartsTrain
1 review
1 helpful vote

Parts Train will tell you what you want to here but scam you - Order a part from and asked for 2nd day delivery. Manager told me they could ship it 2 nd day for 67.00 which was fine with me. Part never came and now after a run-around with customer service, they say I shouldn't of been told that but would do nothing to make it right. BAD, BAD, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! STAY AWAY!
Who needs this run-around from a online company that can't deliver and doesn't care about correcting their mistakes!

Ask Peter about PartsTrain

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