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OpenSky reviews

17 reviews
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17 Reviews for OpenSky

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New Reviewer

Even though I started with OpenSky 3 years ago (my 1st order), all of my other purchases have been over the past year. Out of 7 orders, I only had a problem with one, because the seller was out-of-stock on what I ordered. Even tho' seller emailed me, she sent out a substitute before I could respond to her email. I got right on the phone with OS's customer service & they handled it, esp. since substitutions are not part of their policy. I've been thoroughly happy with my purchases, ranging from candles to scarves, but do advise to read the product descriptions carefully, and any buyer feedback.

New Reviewer

Ordered some jewelry, wrong size sent, sent several emails to their "customer love" as they call it, not me, even sent them a post on facebook which they "liked" but never responded. I advise never to order from this company no matter how cool the item looks, because if you get it and it is not what you expect you will never get in contact with anyone there.

New Reviewer

I'm only leaving 1 star because negative stars are not an option.
This was THE ABSOLUTE WORST online shopping customer service I have ever had in my life.
I placed 2 orders, both got messed up, it took about 3 months, a post on their facebook, 3 online chats, a few phone calls and 13+ emails before I received product / and got a refund, and after all that didn't even get an apology for the gross incompetence.

New Reviewer

I regret doing business with this site, be ever so careful when ordering if you order and go back in for another bite. They have a no return policy for a reason, their products suck and not worth the money!

New Reviewer

oh my gosh. been buying from them a few years now. i always end-up kicking myself for falling for their bait-and-switch strategies. customer service ("customer love") is so incompetent. seems the business targets unsophisticated young shoppers with dad's credit card. wax fruit.

New Reviewer

Bought a pressure cooker (with the 35% discount, it was much cheaper than Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, etc). Order was processed in 2 days. Item arrived (via UPS) the morning after--3 days after placing the order. Could not be happier with the speedy service.

I also placed a second, separate order (for shirts) the same day. Still waiting for that order to arrive, so, no comment negative or positive on this second one.

I had to call customer service. Call was answered quickly, gentleman on the phone was polite and helpful, so I give a very positive review for that aspect as well.

New Reviewer

I bought a sterling silver bracelet and 3 pair of legging from the site, the jewelry and leggings from 2 different vendors. This was over 3 weeks ago, my bracelet came 2 weeks ago still waiting on the leggings and the tracking number that was sent 2 weeks ago is no good.
The customer service is terrible, I have emailed with a few different issues from the odd billing where they charge you double then drop one if the charges to my items not coming and the tracking number problem. It always takes at least 3 days for them to reply at times with me having to send a second email. Also unless you are a high enough member, which I am not, you can't call them there is no number! Who heard of such a thing I did not even think to check for a number in case I had a problem I've never heard of anything like that!
Needless to say I will never shop with them again I do not trust a company I cannot call and the customer service is beyond terrible. They have cool items but the items and shipping are over priced and I found at least the one vendor who has not sent my items on another site, which also has a way if actually contacting the specific vendor I'm thinking of contacting them at their other site.

New Reviewer

Once in awhile, a company shows such blatant disregard for the customer that I feel forced to go off topic from my typical content to leave a review and warning. OpenSky is a website that has intrigued me for some time- offering (or so they claim) the service and selection of a large webstore with product selections from many different vendors that you might otherwise never hear of. Similar to Etsy, but without the handmade or vintage parameters.
I placed an order for a gift for my brother, a t-shirt reading "Most Okayest Brother". I'm not sure he'll find it as amusing as I do, but we'll see. I also tacked on some other items, including a pair of earrings for myself. I am allergic to most types of metal, including sterling silver. I was thrilled to find a pair of pretty crystal earrings that said they were triple plated platinum. They were marked down from a $127 price point to $39, so even better!
When the earrings arrived, they were in a cheap pouch from Feshionn IOIB. I instantly began to suspect these were not $127 quality, not even $39 quality. Sure enough, the metal was stamped .925 silver. Disappointed, I double checked the product page to make sure I had not made a mistake. It said triple plated in platinum, so I wrote a polite request for a refund to the OpenSky team. After several days, I received a response with a return label that let me know I would be charged a $7.95 return shipping fee and would not be refunded my original shipping. I complained and the next day received an email telling me to check the product page, it doesn't say anything about platinum. Sure enough, the product page was updated to state the correct metal. They insisted the product page had not been changed and refused to waive the restocking fee, implicitly calling me a liar.
While the amount we are talking about is just a little over $10, this customer service failing irked me enough to never shop with OpenSky again and to write the post. If you choose to order anything through them, make sure to take screen shots of every step of the process and to check your items carefully to make sure they are as described.

New Reviewer

Had a reasonable shopping experience and then quit the site. They wooed me back with an offer of free shipping for the month of February and then refused to honor the offer that had come to me in the form of an email from their CEO. What a scam! I made three orders and was charged shipping for all!!!! Stay away! And their shipping prices ARE high!!

New Reviewer

I have purchased many things on open sky and have been happy until this past month when my items never arrived . I called customer service 3 times and emailed twice without a response. I finally contacted my credit card and they are investigating it. I would rate their customer service 0. They won't survive treating customers this way.

New Reviewer

Very Very unhappy with this company. Right away I emailed them for a receipt for the Nu Brilliance I bought,Which they ignored. Sure enough I had a couple of glitches. I was nervous about buying, it's kind of a risky item because it claims to do so much and is around 200.00. An amount I sure think twice about throwing away, but with Robin McGraw endorsing the product, i figured it was maybe worth the risk. Big Mistake....Now I have glitches all the time in the product and its only a few months old. The said their return policy is 14 days...What a joke!

New Reviewer

This site has a security issue. When visiting the site, I clicked on a product and it took me to a log in screen for an account that was not mine.

Then I created a store upoaded my products spent 1 hour on it and when I tried to change my email settings it asked me for a password for an account I had not created. It never asked me to setup an account so now I cannot manage my store. I have no password!!!!

what a waste of time this site is.

New Reviewer

This is a big scam. I placed an order for 6 items for a total of about $136. Three of the items shipped which they also charged me for. In addition, every time an item shipped, the reduced the $136 by that amount and then charged me again three more times. So, I am currently out over $600 for $136 worth of merchandise. They claim that these are just holds on my account but I have never seen such ridiculous billing practices. I will not shop here again any time soon.

Apprentice Reviewer

I just joined as a seller after being a buyer for a few month. They have great support for new sellers and I hope that my glove shop, Gloves by Design takes off eventually. I sometimes think shipping is too high but hope that my reasonable price will also help. I know as a seller now that we are supposed to ship within 7 days. My items are handmade so this seems really reasonable to me.

New Reviewer

It too bad but the shipping took a while. I later founder it for less on eBay.

New Reviewer

I have several complaints about OpenSky. I have been a member for about a year now.
First of all, the "discount" prices that are supposed to be offered during their "sales" are far from worth it. I can almost almost always find the same items on Amazon for a much larger discount. Sometimes, the "discount" price is even higher than the suggested retail price.
Next, their return policy does not give me the confidence that they stand behind the products they sell. I ordered a pair of slippers for $50. When I received them, they immediately began to "shed" leaving black clumps of wool everywhere. Then, after wearing the slippers for a month (they were still shedding), the inside lining was wearing down. This was clearly a poorly made product. When I called to inquire about a refund (they accept returns within 60 days of purchase) they told me that since the slippers had been worn they could not take them back. I explained that my problem was that the slippers did not wear well, and how would I have discovered that unless I wore them. Customer service told me they only accept returns that are unused and in sellable condition.
Needless to say, I do not feel confident spending my money with them since they do not stand behind their products. Too bad, the site has a great concept that they have executed poorly.


Another sample site advertised OpenSky and led me there with the enticement of free credit (who can resist?). OpenSky is sort of like a conglomerate lifestyle woot with pseudo "celebs" (think chefs, stylists...Alicia Silverstone) finding YOU, yes you deals on things they think are cool - ranging from iPhone cases, luxury handbags, kitchenware and so on. Items are listed for a limited time, usually a few weeks unlike same sale sites. Colors and sizes do go out of stock though and when they run out, they run out. There are plenty of finds ranging from $20-$50 and then the $200 range and everything in between. That being said, there's nothing on there that I found vital and needed and the cool accessories were cool but didn't warrant the $7.00 shipping fee. Return shipping is also not free so basically, the $14ish potential loss in shipping scared me off. Good if you order a ton of stuff and keep 75% of them. Bad if you just want one or two things.

Granted, they do have $1 shipping days and they give out random credit and it's always interesting to browse. I ordered an iPhone backup battery from them, it arrived and doesn't fit my phone case, but instead of mailing it back and losing the return shipping I'm keeping it.

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