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OneStopPlus reviews

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51 reviews
2300 Southeastern Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46201
Tel: 1-800-400-4481
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Why would I call a number, when they have an email to solve customer service issues? (in 24 reviews)


When I click on my order number it says there is no order. (in 40 reviews)

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9 reviews
18 helpful votes

Please see reviews below and applied to It is the same company with the same horrible customer service.

Ask Lorri about OneStopPlus
40 reviews
20 helpful votes

Still the same quality and customer service. Good place for good deals.

Ask Susan about OneStopPlus
1 review
1 helpful vote

I went through the process of placing my order but did not see where to enter my discount codes. The order was accepted but still no place to add discount codes. I immediately contacted them and they said they could not add the codes to my order because I am in international customer....but they can do so after the order has shipped. Seriously? This is a substantial amount of money to me and the value of the order affects such things as duty and taxes.

Ask Barbara about OneStopPlus
1 review
1 helpful vote

They argue with you. They come up with excuses and when you call them on their lies, they tell more and argue more. They never told me my shirt was not being sent to me, they said I had it sent to the wrong address, yet the pants I ordered on the same day came to the right address. Then they said my phone number was not on the order, but yes it was, they do not communicate and do not act like proper adults, they must be foreigners? I am so angry I will never order from them again!

Ask Rebecca about OneStopPlus
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have shopped at this online store for some years now and never had a problem. Until now. I ordered several items, and one was picked incorrectly in the warehouse. I advised OSP about the error. They advised me to keep the wrong item, and that they would refund the amount of the missing item. They promised a payment in 8 - 10 days on May 4. I contacted them via PayPal on the 18th as I had not received payment. They told me they'd refund me that day; they still have not. Too bad, I really liked this store, but they have broken my trust.

Ask Bernice about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

Please do not buy from this company. I ordered a suit and it cost 111.00 including post taxes etc. for delivery to Ireland. It was such poor quality you probably would not be able to use it to wash the flor. I sent it back and they only refunded €67.OO. I sent emails to know why but I got no response. It was an expensive lesson but this company is the worst I have ever come across.

Ask Frances about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

so 4 years ago, I ordered some clothing it was $393.00, I received the items and it was so bad, but I kept the stuff to much aggravation to send it back, and started to pay my bill, that was 4 years ago and I am still paying this bill only now what started out as 393.00 is now 583.00I have given them so much money over the past 4 years that I have probably paid this bill 4 times, I refuse to pay them another dime, just since March of 2014 to September 2014 I have paid them 300.00 not to mention the last 4 years of payments and the bill never goes down, I am currently contacting the Federal Trade Commission in regards to the phone calls which start at 8 am and continue all day long until 9 pm when I answer the phone, no one is ever on the other end, the girl told me today, that's because it a prompt type call, it's horrible. When I told them I wasn't going to pay anymore money, they tried to make a settlement offer for $375.00 are these people who own this company insane, I am also filing a complaint with the federal trade commission about this bill. This company is horrible no one is willing to work with you STAY AWAY YOU DO NOT WANT THIS AGGRAVATION. I HAVE MANY ACCOUNTS SIMILIAR TO THIS COMPANY, AND WHEN I PAY MY BILL THE BALANCE GOES DOWN NOT UP, WARNING WARNING WARNING

Ask Eileen about OneStopPlus
1 review
5 helpful votes

I think they are one of the worst companies I have ever dealth with. They`re customer service is terrible, especially if you live in Canada.

Ask wendy about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

This company is the WORST!!!! I ordered $700 worth of clothing and never received the package and they want to send a collections company for their money because my credit card company refunded my money back to me.....why would I pay for items that I never received!!!

Ask Angela about OneStopPlus
1 review
7 helpful votes

This company is deceitful. I have been waiting for a refund for months. Every time I call to see why I have not received the credit, there is a new story. The first time, I was told my credit card had been refunded--there must be a problem with my bank. The next time I was told that actually the refund had gone to a gift card (never received). The next time it was, oh sorry, the refund was never made--it will be made within 24 hours. The next time it was, oh, that isn't 24 hours in real time. It is 24 -72 BUSINESS hours. I have yet to see my refund and it has been months. NEVER AGAIN (and I was a regular customer.)

Ask Karen about OneStopPlus
1 review
7 helpful votes

This company has the worst customer service ever! I specifically called and asked if every item I ordered was in stock because I was am going on vacation Monday....they said absolutely I could just pay 29.99 for overnight ship and ALL items would arrive today....Surprise 2 items not arriving due to being in back stock....I called customer service and they had no idea why my order got messed bs....dont count on this place if your in a bind!

Ask mary about OneStopPlus
1 review
6 helpful votes

Customer Service stinks. Placed an order Monday at noon for two pairs of pants.. By evening I changed my mind and called to cancel. Was told it was too late already shipped. I emailed Customer Service and they said it was too late. Called Customer Service again Tue morning and they said it is in process and can't be canceled. I told them I was only shipping it back and the only ones gaining were the Post Office - but no matter. On Wed rec'd an email saying it had been shipped. They have certainly LOST a customer here.

Ask Fran about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

I love the dresses I have been buying there for years. But they are just cotton. I only buy them on sale because of the high price. Now, with half the country out of work, they have raised their price. Only on this dress, though, long and short versions. Even "on sale" they are $10 more than the old price. Ridiculous.

Ask Jessi about OneStopPlus
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I have ordered several times from this site and returned items and have never had an issue. I find the orders simple to track and returns are simple too. I have never had to contact customer service so I cannot speak to their effectiveness, however the fact that I haven't had to contact them speaks volumes. I do think their clothing can be a little pricey and I have received a few items that were really cheap but have learned to avoid those particular labels. Overall I am very pleased with them and will continue to shop the site.

Ask Vicki about OneStopPlus
7 reviews
5 helpful votes


Ask GAIL about OneStopPlus
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have shopped OneStopPlus several times. My most recent experiences have resulted in one less consumer. The clothing is rather shoddy and expensive now. In addition, I participated in a BOGO and purchased several items. Unfortunately, the items that were needed for winter did not arrive until AFTER Winter. When I placed my order, all items were in stock. After completing the purchase, I received an email stating that 1/2 the items I purchased are on back-order due to high-demand. Upon issuing an email and inquiry, I received a response from the company that was rather insulting. I am an educated individual with comprehension abilities that are aligned with my age and intellect. The absurd and insulting part of the email was in the last lines, which were in all caps and with text size that would have appeared on the first line of an eye chart, I decided that would be my final exchange with this company. Unless you are seeking high-priced clothing that should be placed in a bargain bin and customer service representatives that are insulting and socially inept, I would advise shopping elsewhere.

Ask Kris about OneStopPlus
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been happy with this company up until now. I purchased 2 parcels of clothing in excess of $400 +. I returned the items after the 90days (which the website said would be a credit note and I was OK with that as I wanted to purchase more) - but now after many attempts - though the "contact us" part of the site as they won't provide an email address to that I can talk to a real person - they have my $400 + of items and they are now refusing to give me a refund, or a credit or even send my items back. So they have my goods which they will probably now resell - and they won't give me a refund or even half the amount in a credit note so I can buy more items. Extremely disappointed with and I now believe they are very dishonest and feel they can 'rip off' the online customers.... Very unhappy in deed - and I would warn other to be cautious.....

Ask Jenny about OneStopPlus
1 review
6 helpful votes

This company is just awful. The clothes are ill fitting. The customer service is very poor. And the promo codes are really scams as far as I'm concerned. I placed an order online using a promo code which was "accepted". Only after I completed the order did it show the promo code actually didn't go through. I then called customer service to have them correct the issue and was told they could not help me at the time of night I called (about 9pm EST) and I should call during the day at a different number. I called the number given the next day only to learn that it was specific to "card holder" billing issues and was then told to call the original customer service number. Once again, I called that number only to be told that because my order was at the time being processed, there was nothing they could do and I should call them back in 2 more days.

In the meantime, I poked around the website and found the promo code restriction area which made me wonder what items you COULD purchase using a promo code! I've never seen so many items you were not allowed to apply the PC to. This is where I learned the PC's are not applicable on plus sizes. Prior to unsubscribing to their emails, they would send me PC's adjacent to the plus size clothing they were advertizing, only to find out that you can't use the codes on plus sizes along with a long list of other disqualifying items!

I will not use one stop plus any longer and if you want to save yourself a lot of aggrevation, you won't use them either!

Ask Gina about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

Horrible service and items not sized right! My daughter asked for a black shirt off the website for her birthday. It was $28 but I had a coupon for 10% off and free shipping. They said that I couldn't use the coupon and shipping was $9 because it was from one of their "venders" - whatever that means. I ordered the shirt anyway since it was for bday gift. The shirt was a size 2x but it fit more like a size large, so I had to return it. Paid my own priority mail postage and tracked when it was delivered to their address. Two weeks later - no refund - so I call. I am told that because the item is from a "vender" it will take 4 to 8 weeks to process my refund and "Oh, by the way," $7.50 will be deducted from my refund for processing the return. So this shirt ended up costing me $43 by the time I paid return postage, and they are going to refund me 21.50 in a couple months.

Ask Brenda about OneStopPlus
1 review
5 helpful votes

HORRIBLE SERVICE Ordered a 2 piece bathing suit, it clearly describes that it is a halter top with skiritini with sewn in panties, and I only received the bottom piece when delivered. Packing slip clearly states that thisskirt was the only item in the package nd the line item price for the skirt was about 1/2 of what they charged me. When inquiring with Customer service ( over 45 minutes being bounced around) about where the top is ( as te onlie tracking # indicates that my order is complete) I was told that it wasnt their fault, it is the manufacturer who shipped its fault, and I have to return at my own expense which they can later reimburse me but FIRTS, yes FIRST they have to verify if it actually is a 2 piece and not just the bottom that I ordered becuase "It's deceiving" in their words, looking at the item # online ( which includes specifics on BOTH PIECES!!!!). Even after reading the description that includes talking about the bra inside and the hatler straps, the idiot manager needs to verify with the manufacturer which can take up to 48 hours that this item on their website, that they are responsible for selling is actually a 2 piece suit. I am returning that darn thing and asking for a complete refund...what a bunch of idiots!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Ask Suzanne about OneStopPlus
1 review
5 helpful votes

Ordered item was not what I ordered, not even close, sent back, told me Iwould get a full refund. Did not. Emailed twice, no response. Company is bad news!

Ask gilda about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

Ordered a robe that was 50% off along with two other items. Website claimed item was in stock. Confirmation e-mail the same. My other two items shipped a few days later, but email stated robe "back ordered" with no ETA. A month later, after no communication, I emailed requesting status. Received a response that "all it says is any day now." Not very friendly or helpful. A week later, I get a form letter stating item no longer available and order canceled. No offer to get a similar item for same price, nothing....very poor customer service. Will not use again.

Ask Tina about OneStopPlus
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

They have some O.K. stuff, at first glance. Most of it is very cheaply made. Very few 100% cotton or linen items. Mostly stretchy knits or chiffon, which is really just polyester and so sheer. It does not hold up to more than 3-4 washings.

Now, if you stumble upon something that is a good price and you love it, they are phenomenal about having promotional codes. Really good ones. 50% off one item is fairly common for them. So google promo codes because the ones they offer you at the site are not as good.
Granted, it can't be a sale item but still, with the few decently made things they make, fifty percent off is a steal.
I got a great coat at the end of the season. I know it retailed for 125.00 and I paid 15.00 for it. You have to be able to check in because they put stuff on clearance every day. I also think they are out of stock on some of the more popular items fairly quickly. So once again, you need to check in often.

I found that overall their sizing is way off. I wear a xl top in regular misses, sometimes a large, and even though says a medium is a 12, it is more like a large 14/16! Most of the time.
I can't shop there for more than tops, my bottom (tmi) is a size 8/10 but like I said, if you take the time, search for coupons and shop at the end of each season for the bargains, you can do O.K.

***Customer service sucks. Sorry, but it does. First of all, the first call you make is not really customer service, it's like a clearing house to filter out the easy things like placing an order..they have to reroute you for serious issues, the first line of defense is a generic call center. No account help and they can't really deal with any major problems. Case in point:

They had a beauty product listed in five different colors (hair product) so blk, brwn, blonde, auburn/red, light brwn. I wanted the light brown but there were NO options listed on the drop down menu (NO Colors) and they used the same picture on the bottle for all colors.
I called, they said "Oh yeah! I see that"! Great lady, can u fix this? Which one is light brown? She did not know, said she would call her supervisor, she did not know forward about 6 months. Checked product again and it still didn't identify which item to buy for each color. And on to a year later, same thing. I did call and tell them it has been like that for over a year...they didn't seem to care.

Biggest pet peeve, they do the backorder shuffle. Item will say in stock until they actually try to fill the order...and then you check the order status and you get a big ole surprise! Backordered. Which, by the way, they rarely inform you of. Best to order using a credit card so you can either wait or cancel right away because many, many times the date they give you is not anywhere near the date it actually comes in. Also, they are famous for sending you the dreaded email saying "we're sorry, the item is no longer available to us"! So basically, you are never getting the item you paid for.
Hope this helps. Not trying to rag on them but they do need to step up their customer service and ordering (order filling) process.

Ask Annie about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

I placed an order and paid using paypal. It shipped without delay. Next thing I know, I get a letter saying I never paid and have an unpaid balance. The tone of the letter was slightly threatening, like I did something wrong. Turns out, OSP never completed the order with PayPal, it was still pending. PayPal had been trying to contact them about the status and I used the email provided on OSP site to contact them as well. I never got a response. A month later, I placed an order on one of the sister sites, and again paid with PayPal. I get an email saying they aren't going to process because of an outstanding balance. I responded to this email, copying the two other emails I had already sent. I explained what paypal had told me and informed OSP that I would not pay another way, credit card or whatever, until the original PayPal order was canceled. This made sense to me - why would I leave a pending order out there, I could end up paying twice if they suddenly decided to complete it. They responded to this email by saying I need to call their 1-800 number. Why would I call a number, when they have an email to solve customer service issues? I don't have time to call, the number is only staffed to 4pm local time, when I am still at work. I responded again, saying I would rather they cancel the original order so that I can pay another way, they will not respond to any further emails. I find this outrageous. The most rediculous 'customer service' I have ever dealt with.

Ask Shannon about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

My bank was charged for 2 separate charges when only one order was placed. Then i go in circles to get it reversed!!!! The customer service reps were even laughing at me over the phone. How professional was that!!!! I would NEVER order from this place again.

Ask Ann about OneStopPlus
1 review
1 helpful vote

There is so much negative feedback here on this site, that I just had to recount my most positive shopping experience on the website known as One Stop Plus now Full Beauty. Our community choir was rehearsing for its first Christmas production of the Christmas selections of Handel's Messiah, and a long black dress was required. Not having one, I began searching this site for an appropriate dress for me that might also be flattering and fit me well. I found the Jessica London cross-front maxi dress with long sleeves. As I am a most frustrating "pear shape," in which my top is as much as two sizes smaller than the rest of me, I ordered two sizes to begin with. When they arrived, I tried both on and selected the smallest one, which I felt I could alter to fit me and returned the other one. At the same time, I called their customer service and ordered the next size smaller, which was their size 22, and returned my other selection. When this dress arrived, it fit better than the one I kept, but still would need to be altered in the top to fit my top. So again I returned the larger dress, and called customer service again, and ordered the next size smaller again. When this size arrived, and I put it on, I could not believe it -- it was a perfect fit for me both top and bottom and was an astounding Size 20! At this time, I returned the dress I thought I could alter. Now, I will tell you this, for only $20 a year, you get $2.99 shipping on all shipments from them and free returns. Period. This is the way to go if you place even as few as four orders a year. This gave me the freedom to seek my correct size. This continues to be my correct size in the Jessica London maxi dresses. And my top is 1 to 2 sizes smaller than the rest of me! The night of our performance, the director came over to me and complimented me on my dress and gave me a "side hug" for all my work! I was totally happy with all of that experience! One Stop Plus or Full Beauty came through like a trooper for me AND I only paid $2.99 shipping for all of that great service! I totally recommend their shoppers club for $20 a year. You will save money, but it also allows you the shopper to feel free to make returns so that you can find your best size. You must give this company TIME. I did not start this dress hunting process in December, but like October... But if you're a woman in today's "skinny" culture, you know how hard it is to find pleasing apparel. I have always been happy with this company! (Except the interest rate on their card! :)

Ask Margaret about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

Trying to get status on my order was insane. When I called customer services the rep couldnt answere my questions. I emailed customer service serval times and all they would tell me is that if I paid more for better shipping then I would have my order by now. I orderd over two weeks ago and all my order says is : in process. When I click on the order it says it does not exist!!! Save your money and sanity and shop else where/ I wish I had the ability to give negitive stars!

Ask julie about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

Horrible terrible! Stay away from this store . I order some sheet sets and two comforters, but the confirmation email showed up totally wrong things. I have my print out order confirmation in hand which showed the correct things I ordered. I called costumer service and told them the order is wrong and they complained that I did it wrong and they can not cancel the order. The person on the phone is very rude and inpatient. I will call my credit company and will not pay for the order. I am so disappointed and very regret making an order from this store.

Ask Jen about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was attempting to order from the site and encountered all kinds of problems...then I checked the reviews!! Thankgoodness I read these comments posted.
Can anyone offer advice to me for a good online shopping site for above average women? I'm about 5'7 and a size 16/18. I cannot find a long coat around here to save my life...

Ask Flo about OneStopPlus
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have ordered clothes from here before. Some have been good, some are so cheap they break/fall apart within a month. The worst I had was a bathing suit that bled the dye all over me and anything it touched. I have written 2 reviews about the bathing suit and neither have been published. They will not take it back since it's been over 90 days (I bought it months before my vacation). Also, their customer service has not responded to any emails. I have spent hundreds of dollars at this site but will NEVER use them again.

Ask sharon about OneStopPlus
1 review
2 helpful votes

Their prices are very high, especially shipping. outrageous. they make everything so confusing with "coupons" etc. that you don't have any idea what you are getting and for how much. Stay away.This is a SCAM SITE>

Ask Diane about OneStopPlus
1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst customer service experience ever. Ordered an item express shipping that stated "in stock" but then had to be back-ordered. Customer service rep would not admit their mistake in allowing me to order the item. Would not let me speak to a supervisor. Order is now hung up. No one knows what's going on. Just completely unacceptable.

Ask Dianne about OneStopPlus
1 review
2 helpful votes

The worst online shopping experience ever. Deducted
money twice , sent 2 orders told me I had to pay return shipping for their mistake!!!

Ask Che about OneStopPlus
1 review
2 helpful votes

Wow are they BAD! So far they have charged my credit card 4 times for the same items. My bank has had to be conferenced in for the most recent call and my bank finally stopped it. This company hung up on me while my bank was on the phone with me and refused to let me speak to a supervisor. They have given me a different excuse with each charge. I can't believe it. I want to return everything, but I'm worried that I won't get ANY of my money back. Beware of ordering anything fron this company! If I could give less than one star I would be more satisfied.

Ask dora about OneStopPlus
1 review
2 helpful votes

WORST customer service!!! I placed an order recently. I still have no idea where it is. I received an email confirmation from a vendor, saying that my items had shipped. Then, and only after I personally inquired about the shipment, did the vendor tell me that one of my items was no longer available. Supposedly, this has been credited to my credit card, but I have yet to see ANY refud on there, despite never having received the item. I will NEVER order from this website again!!!

Ask Stephanie about OneStopPlus
1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst customer service ever. Returns and exchanges are a nightmare, not easy as they claim. They don't honor their sale prices, they gouge you for shipping, and when they mess up an exchange they expect you to reorder and pay for shipping again. That's it, I am done with these idiots. I swore a year ago after the last fiasco I'd never order from them again, and I was stupid enough to give them another chance. Seriously, buy from people who actually care about their customers.

Ask Debbie about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

I placed an order in March and paid by Paypal. One item was backordered until April (not a problem, it wasn't a rush item). Main order arrived in March, backordered item arrived in April as expected. In May, they sent me a collections notice. After about a half an hour on the phone with them, it turns out that the Paypal transaction hadn't gone through for the backordered item (a problem with their processes, not my account). They tried it again a few days later and it went through without a problem. The collections department was never notified that it did go through, so they proceeded to contact me. Bottom line--they created a situation, resolved it but didn't communicate that internally, and then made it my problem. Super shady.

Ask Olivia about OneStopPlus
1 review
2 helpful votes

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE... I will NEVER order from this site again. It's been over a month and I just ordered curtains. I would gladly pay more $ from site that can actually help me when I call their customer service line.

Ask Sarah about OneStopPlus
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a dress for my son's wedding on 3/19/12. Got a postcard telling me that it would be delayed until 4/20/12. He gets married on 4/27/12. Do I take a chance that they may actually send it? I tried their online chatting but could get absolutely NO information about it. Why bother with a "Chat" if you can't tell the customer anything???? I was told I would not be charged until they ship. Waiting to see if that has happened....

Ask Elaine about OneStopPlus
1 review
0 helpful votes

The prices are okay, the quality is some times to be desired and sometimes awesome. One time I ordered a shirt, and it was COMPLETELY different then the catalog, I sent it back, and they sent it back to me, a bit weird. Also i just bought a night gown, and it said slippers come at a discounted price, I never got the discounted price. For some reason this website also goes down every night at midnight for half an hour to 3 hours, it really upsets me cause this is when i'm up and my kids are in bed. Very inconvient!

Ask Jacquelin about OneStopPlus
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

My mom ordered from this website at the begining we had many technicals problem but the team were very helpful and helped us alot. My mom loved the items and we recieved them in no time. However I was kinda upset to know that items we loved the most cannot be shipped internationaly. Overall experience was very good and we'll order from them again

Ask rosil about OneStopPlus
1 review
1 helpful vote

Shipping is bad. Customer service is bad. Those two make the entire experience very frustrating. Will not order from them again. I was supposed to get my item today (Friday) and will not receive till Wednesday. Even though its actually IN the city I live in. I don't live in that big of a city......

Ask Tanya about OneStopPlus
21 reviews
53 helpful votes

Everything looks beautiful on the models but the quality I received of items was quite poor and I have returned everything I purchased from them (several orders as I tried several times) but one item. Was really ticked as they tell you get free shipping if you purchase their $19.99 (I think the price was) shipping for a year and YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANYTIME. However, if you RETURN the items and cancel they charge you the shipping free. Sizing was really off as well.

Ask Becky about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

They very rarely have all sizes of everything they offer in catalogs OR on their website. When you order, their normal SOP seems to be to back-order things.
Ordered two pieces of a bathing suit that were separates on 6/6/11. Was told the bottom was ordered and shipped, but the top was back-ordered until 7/18/11.
Just went to check to see when the top would be coming, and found in Order History that the back-order of the top had been cancelled, without them ever sending me a single notification at all.
So now I'm stuck with a bathing suit bottom, and no matching top to go with it.

Ask Rb about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

Never use this site! I'm still waiting for my item even though UPS has no record it ever shipped! Just try to get these third-world idiots in "customer service" to comprehend what you're trying to tell them! They just keep reading from scripts!

When are Americans going to stand up & refuse to shop with companies that use outsourced customer service and technical support? Not another dime of my money goes to this company or ANY of the merchants under this banner - i.e., Roaman's - Jessica London - KingSize - Avenue - Taillissime - Ellos - Avenue Body - Comfort Choice - BrylaneHome - Ulla Popken - Torrid - Kiyonna - Lafayette - 8 New York - IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel

Boycott all of them!

Ask Belva about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

Similar to above. Order item for Christmas, received confirmation. Item didn't arrive for Christmas like they said. Called after Christmas. Company said they canceled order. Did not inform me of such, so my friend did not receive her gift. Very embarrassing. Also, charged my credit card for item and had to dispute the charge with bank. Beware! I do not recommend doing business with them.

Ask Robert about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a throw and hoped to receive it by Christmas. It has been 14 days and still haven't got an e-mail saying my item shipped. When I click on my order number it says there is no order. Haven't received my item. BEWARE of this site.
I will hope to get a refund.

Ask Janice about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

Placed an order with using a coupon. Although the order was placed and confirmed, I did not receive the item. AFTER checking the status of my account online and NEVER receiving an email from, I called the customer service department. I was told that the coupon was not meant for, it was only meant for Chadwicks. Any orders that were placed on using the coupon were canceled by and not be honored. I explained that the coupon was accepted on the site and that my order was confirmed on the site. It should not be any customer's inconvenience of not receiving their order because of the company's mistake. I was told that they will not honor the coupon and basically that was the end of the conversation. I asked to speak to the supervisor, and I was given the same spill by the supervisor without any attempt of resolution. This order was meant to be part of a Christmas present for my mom. The order was only .99. So, basically, I received bad customer service and a bad impression of the over .99. Will never attempt an order with them again!!!!

Ask S about OneStopPlus
1 review
3 helpful votes

same comments as above, DO NOT waste your time dealing with them!! They are not trusted!

Ask Derek about OneStopPlus
1 review
4 helpful votes

I placed 5 orders on site. I got the mail confirmation from them that these are being shipped. In the order status, they mentioned it is shipped. But didn't receive it for many days. Talked to customer service rep, she said that order was cancelled as the coupon code that you used was not valid.

1) If coupon code was not valid, they why was it accepted

2) If Order was cancelled, atleast send a mail that order is cancelled because of whatever abc reason

Ask sanjiv about OneStopPlus

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A: Ah Margaret, you must work for "Full Beauty". See how they had to change their name because of all the bad reviews? Other people I know had similar experiences that I've had. This company it HORRIBLE. So people are writing to warn others. Therefore, Margaret, YOU get over it. If it's not THAT important, why did you just write a 2nd short story explaining how wonderful you think they are? Sounds to me like you have a personal interest in their success. It is a big deal when a company screws over their customers. You've never had a problem with them? I find that impossible to believe. (Oh yeah, except for that one time they cancelled your order without letting you know... Yeah, that's a normal thing for a company to do!) So YOU CALM DOWN and stop trying to convince people to lay down and take it like a door mat! I can't think of one company that's in the mail order business who believes their customers should have to "give them time" to get the order right. Pick it, check it, box it, ship it. How hard is that?
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