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NoMoreRack reviews

816 reviews
381 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016, US
Tel: 855-847-7225

816 Reviews From Our Community

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Surely, I received a reply from customer service saying my item had not yet shipped. (in 209 reviews)


However, having read all these other reviews I most likely won't take the chance to order any more items. (in 641 reviews)


They CLEARLY state that shipping can take 2 to 3 WEEKS. (in 50 reviews)

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New Reviewer

My transaction when smoothly and the unit was shipped on time. I requested, from USPS tracking information to be texted to me. After the initial "Item has left shipper's facility" and notification that USPS now had it in Orlando I heard nothing else for 3 weeks until I received it. I don't fault Nomorerack. I do fault USPS and can understand why they're slowly going underl

Additionally, I had an opportunity to approach Nomorerack's customer service via email and their response was very timely...both times. I give Nomorerack a 5 star rating. Others may ding them for the lengthy delivery time but it is NOT them.

New Reviewer

I ordered a comforter set from them and it was great until I washed it and it fell apart! The inside stuffing balled up so bad most of the comforter has no stuffing! After contacting customer service 3 times the only thing they could tell me is I was just past the return window so they would not return the product! They obviously do not back any of their a products! They should last longer than a month now I'm out $80 with a bad comforter! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS HORRIBLE COMPANY THEIR PRO DUCTS DO NOT LAST!!!!!

New Reviewer

We ordered Royal Lizzy Couture Médaillon Secrète Tote color Light Gold(order 15652437). We got delivered the purse of Red color with a receipt attached stating that the ordered item must be of Light Gold color.
What kind of service is it? We will not get involved in the business with such irresponsible company anymore.

New Reviewer

I purchased a lovely bathing suit at a decent price. It was too small. They said it was "on sale" therefore they could not exchange it nor give me my money back. I called the manufacturer. They said since I purchased it from nomorerack they could not help me, so here I am with a $49 bathing suit that doesn't fit. I will not order anything from this company ever again; they are a sham.

New Reviewer

Another site that offers a variety of items at extremely low cost under the premise that the buyer is purchasing directly from the manufacturer. The site does hold up it end on some great deals but a majority of the items presented are just low quality junk. Just like every other site like this on the web, it can be very hit and miss. Some items can be really good whereas others not so much. Shipping is cheap and relatively fast. Although I have heard from other buyers that their purchases came a lot later than stated. I have never had to deal with customer services or make a return but I honestly won't be using this site anymore because I don't think they really offer great products. If you're still interested, be very careful of what and how much you buy.

New Reviewer

I ordered several items. The first three items arrived within just 3 days of ordering them and they were just as expected (they were all clothes that were true to the look and description on the site). I received email confirmation that all the other items have shipped but have not yet received them. So far so good, everything has been as expected. I will update my review if I do not receive the other items within a few days.

New Reviewer

I have ordered from this site multiple times everything from iPad accessories to jewelry. I even took the jewelry to a local jewelers and it was 100% as advertised on the site. I have been using this website for a very long time and have never had issues with ordering, shipping, or "false advertising!" Their return policy clearly states you will ONLY receive in store credit for returns made within so many days, so people complaining about that should have actually read their policies before ordering anything. Also, double ordering is a fault on consumer not the company; people need to be aware of what their clicking, instead of rushing through their order. I've recommended this site to many other people who too have loved it. I'm shocked at some of the complaints people are listing on here, most of them actually seem to be an error of their own not nomorerack's.

New Reviewer

So far, I've made 2 orders from this site and have been happy with what I've received You *do* need to be careful, however, to make sure that you are truly getting a deal. I've noticed that in several cases, you could get the same or better deal somewhere else but not by much (at least on the items I've checked on

My only (minor) squabble is that each and every item ships separately and via different shippers (Post office, UPS, DHL, etc.). I am guessing it's because the items come from different sources.

New Reviewer

I was so scared after reading all the ratings but I ordered from them anyway. I ordered a set of six sports bras and they came in less than a week and were all packages in plastic in addition to the outside packaging. I just ordered $100 worth of items that are all different so I will be back to edit once I receive (praying) everything in new condition.

EDIT: just received my second order all packages separately. I got lacy white shorts, blue cabana shoes and a really long cardigan. The cardigan is made of a really crappy material but it looks good on so I guess that I more important. But I received all my items. Maybe the site has gotten better over time. They had a commercial in my area.

Final edit! The sweater I thought was cheap is the "long open front hacci cardigan." To be fair, I've seen the same cardigan for like 60 bucks (got it for 20) through googling and NMR did list the materials used. No problem with then so far.

New Reviewer

I ordered boots in Jan. Never have gotten them. This company is a scam. I called. they said they were on back order. This company is just ripping off the American people. Not for real. Going to contact the state attorney. He is one pit bull at getting to the bottom of scams. Any one including employees can write a review

New Reviewer

I recently ordered sheets and a comforter (not the same order). I was so shocked, the sheets already came. They are exactly as the description stated. I am happy with this site and will continue to order from them.

New Reviewer

I've ordered twice from this site. Once, I needed to cancel right away because I noticed the shipping would take longer than I expected. The customer service was great. They immediately cancelled the order, and did not charge my card. I would buy from then again.

New Reviewer

I ordered a android tablet for 49.00. I got a nice working tablet as advertised. Can't complain. They fulfilled their part of the deal. Thanks nomorerack.

New Reviewer

I just got my first order from NoMoreRack. I read through the site before buying, checked retail pricing and read a lot of negative reviews of the site. With all that in mind, I thought I would simply try one easy order with a couple of items because I didn't want to get too deep in. However, now that i received my items, I have to say that I'm extremely pleased. NoMoreRack is clear about their fulfillment times online. In fact, they do as promised and "underpromise" and "over deliver". I respect that way of doing things so I don't have false expectations. A couple of the products I bought were also listed on Amazon, but NMR beat Amazon by about 10% on the products I bought. I think it's important to note that my experience with NMR will continue in the future and I intend to write further reviews as I purchase from them!

New Reviewer

NOT WORTH IT!! I am very angry and disappointed. I ordered tank tops in good faith. I received an email approving the order. I received an email confirming it was shipped and then I receive an email telling me that the order was delivered to Brooklyn. I contacted customer service to learn via email that my order was cancelled. I then communicate again with customer service to learn that they ran out of stock and that is why my order was cancelled. This is ridiculous. With today's technology, you can make available only the number of items you have in stock to avoid these types of issues. Now I have to wait 7 to 10 days for my refund.

New Reviewer

Saw a link on FB for the 1600 Series sheet set for $29. Received immediate conformation, shipped in a week, and arrived 2 days later. The sheets are exactly what I expected them to be...light weight microfiber. The labeling states "1600 thread count, Egyptian cotton"...all I can say is they are lightweight sheets. I did not expect them to be anything more. UPDATE: I have placed 2 orders with with no issues. Both orders shipped inside of a week from placing the orders, and were delivered a few days later. Both items were as advertised, and I feel they were both exceptional bargains. I have read numerous bad reviews about this company, but I believe all companies have dis-satisfied customers. The net just gives them voice. As for the website, it does load slowly. I will continue to shop this site. UPDATE: 3rd order arrived today just over a week from order. Another good deal.

New Reviewer

FIRST THING'S FIRST: YOU MAY HAVE SOME DOUBTS. I placed my order for a solar phone charger on the evening of April 2, 2014. I payed using a prepaid card (American Express or Visa) that you can get from Target or any other place you might know sells them. So I placed my order and I got a notification the next day that my order was processed and was being shipped from New York. NOTE: Even if you sign up for receiving notifications of your package, the only message you will receive is that your order has been shipped. I received my package the next day after that (April 4, 2014)! I got my charger! By the way, they use United States Postal Service usually with small/light packages so you can receive the package in 4 days max (not including weekends). I give them a 8 out of 10 (mostly because they didn't keep me notified and had my doubts). IMPORTANT: DON'T LISTEN TO THEM IF THEY SAY THEY PUT 10 DOLLARS INTO YOUR ACCOUNT! THEY'RE LYING SO YOU CAN GO SHOP SOME MORE!

New Reviewer

Ordered Dawgs Women's X Casual Sandals - Assorted Colors 1 $12.00 Shipping $2.00 Total $14.00 03/26/ 10pm PDT. It was shipped out of Nevada 03/26 and delivered to CA 03/28/14. Product as described.

New Reviewer

taken of
2476 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1393 closed in last 12 months
Complaint Type Total Closed Complaints
Advertising/Sales Issues 337
Billing/Collection Issues 101
Delivery Issues 813
Guarantee/Warranty Issues 53
Problems with Product/Service 1172
Total Closed Complaints 2476
Additional Complaint Information

Consumers are reporting to the BBB about issues with the products they have purchased on the NoMoreRack website. Such issues involve receiving incorrect items, products of inferior quality, or defective products. Consumers state that they are encountering difficulties with company’s customer service department. One problem consumers say they continue to have is that assurances made by customer service representatives about delivery dates or refunds for returned merchandise are not being honored by the company.

No More responded to the BBB's inquiry regarding a pattern of complaints, but failed to provide a sufficient explanation of how the company intends to correct the issues they have been experiencing regarding the shipment of incorrect, inferior or defective items. The company said that the their customer service representatives are trained to inform customers that refunds or credits are usually available in the industry standard 5 - 7 business days and that shipments are sent out within 10-14 days of the receipt of the order.

New Reviewer

I use this site quite frequently and LOVE IT! I have placed over 15-20 orders with them and never once had any problems. I go on and order without any issue, checkout without any issue and within a day or two i recieve my shipping notification and a few days later my stuff is here! Ive gotten exactly what i have ordered. I purchase alot of jewlery from them when it is a deal of a lifetime and bring it to my jeweler and always 100% just as they described. Their retail values are alittle higher than they should be so take that into consideration and also when you go to track its usually not right on point with the day. Mine usually arrive a few days later. I am constantly getting a credit of $10 of a $30 purchase and love using it when FREE SHIPPING is going on. Not that $2.00 per item is much for shipping! That is extremley low and you cant complain about the 10-14 arrival they state it in many places on their site. If you dont want to wait, order else where!!! I LOVE NOMORERACK and will continue to be a loyal customer!

New Reviewer

Too bad there isn't a negative star! This company sold me an iRola DX752 tablet that will not hold a connection to wifi for more than 5 seconds, the screen has lines running through it to the point that it is not possible to read anything, screen flickers on and off, it turns completely on and off on its own. It was purchased a a Christmas gift and not opened until January 17th with an order date of December 1st. They will not allow me to return the item and the manufacturer's number they provided is always busy. They gave me another number and I sat on hold for over an hour with no live person ever answering the phone. I filled out an online for at Kocaso and no one has responded. I contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a formal complaint which has yet to be resolved. Do not waste you time with this company or it's products.

New Reviewer

This was my first purchase with "no more rack". I ordered 2 sheet sets..I'm impressed with the quality, so soft and has 4 pillow cases instead of two.
I placed my order on 3/17/14 & received my order on 3/27/14. That's 11 days !
Each set was in its own zipper bag, each was then placed into a plastic sealed envelope, then into a shipping box. Quick shipping, very well packaged, good quality, as well as an awesome price. Kudos.. Thumbs up !

New Reviewer

My first ordering experience with this site has been really horrible! The item shipped to me was of inferior quality and when I tried to return it, they sent the return shipping labels to a bogus email address which I could not access. They told me there was nothing they could do and could not reissue the labels. They wanted me to mail the item back at my expense and then be reimbursed with a credit to their site. When I didn't want to do that, they advised me to allow a couple of weeks for them to look into the matter. They never contacted me again but when I emailed them after waiting for their response, they said that my 21 day timeframe for returning the merchandise had expired. I've emailed them over 15 times now and have asked for an appeal without any resolution. I will never order from this site again and will not recommend it to anyone else.

New Reviewer

never heard of them. started receiving multiple emails a day from them....SPAM.

Asked them to stop, said they would but the spam keeps coming and now more often.

based on the level of complaints and marketing choices they are obviously unethical and just another identity theft website.

New Reviewer

When dealing with this site I have never had problems. The check out process was easy. I received my items early and everything was in working order even down to the iPad. I have had no problems. Awesome deals!

New Reviewer

I guess I'm one of the lucky ones ordered multiple things and never had a problem and I would order from them again

New Reviewer

I had a very good experience with this site. I ordered the 1800 brushed cotton sheets. I received an email message the next day stating that they were shipping. They arrived in a week, in a plastic shipping envelope, and were in good shape. At first they seemed a bit rough, but I am quite picky about sheets, and currently have very expensive sheets on my bed. After washing them in Tide detergent, they were a LOT softer! I also had no problem with the web site. I am very happy with my purchase, and am heading to the site to order another set of sheets.

New Reviewer

I have not ordered from this site, was tempted to but after reading the reviews I am definitely not going to order. It also concerns me the amount of times that a rep from this company chimed in and stated that they would help the person complaining in the review. Seems to me that if this many people complain something would have been done a long time ago. Very disappointed, I always look forward to finding a new site that has great deals.

New Reviewer

I started using the site around January or so.. I have made a few purchases, in addition, had to return 1 item (defective wireless charger for my S-Note3)... I must say, my return was hassle free, got my refund extremely quickly after request... now for all my other purchases, a few took a bit, but all came as promised, advertised and described. I am a happy customer. I am sorry for all the other peeps who's had bad experience, but for my personal use and experience, I've had a positive one.

I shop also on Amazon and other sites and their prices are lower 90% of the time, the few times they were higher by only $1-4...

New Reviewer

Good merchandise. Great deals. Superb customer service. One of the best sites I've dealt with and I've dealt with a lot!

New Reviewer

I have placed six different orders with Nomorerack and completely satisfied with each of them. I read the descriptions prior to ordering and when each shipment arrived, they were exactly what I ordered. Yes the site freezes up and the shipping can be slow but for $2.00 per shipping, I don't mind waiting a week or two. I am telling all my friends and family about this site. I will continue to look for bargains with this company. All my Christmas shopping will be done with them.

New Reviewer

i first shopped on this website in December 2013. i ordered a tablet for my boyfriend and it came within a week...brand new and in its original packaging. it works great. i was pleased with this order so i went on there in January and ordered a watch for him. the watch came within a week or less and i was very happy about this but when i opened the package it was a completely different watch from a different brand...i was so mad but i showed it to him and he loved it so i kept it. i decided to go on there and shop again last week. this time i bought 5 items, a chain, a jewelry set, a purse, a dell desktop and two earrings. instead of receiving everything all at once, i got only three so far and i am happy with the chain but the purse is different from what was described and it came in a different color from the one i ordered. the desktop is old and the CPU is damaged, it wont turn on and when i finally turned it on it has an account named Tiffany with a password on it. i am very mad i emailed them and i haven't received a reply, so am waiting....they send good stuff sometimes and other times they send what they want or lie about the product. i love that they have free shipping during certain times everyday.

New Reviewer

The products are poor quality (unbelievable crap!!!)_; you don't get what you ordered and they only issue partial credit for any returns. Not worth the time. Stay away and save yourself the frustration.

New Reviewer

I ordered a irola tablet it said may take up to 3 weeks to deliver got mine in less than a week! also ordered a portable charger got it same week I ordered it! no complaints here, only downfall to buying a cheaper tablet is the battery don't stay charged as long as I like it to, but other than that no problems with no more rack at all. I will def buy from again.

New Reviewer

I have not had any issues with this site. Yes, the shipping is slower than many, but nothing I purchase is anything I have to have at that moment. The deals are great, shipping is inexpensive. I love this place.

New Reviewer

They are absolutely aweful!!!! I bought a ring and it was fake and nothing like described. Extreme false advertising from them. Then I return it and they only give me back half of what I paid for it. I read there return policies and only fee it states is that buyer may be responsible for shipping charges. They only charge $2 for theirs and I highly doubt it cost $10 to ship it since it weighed barely anything. I didn't even get any notice they received it and processed the return. I found out by looking for myself. Terrible communication. I would not spend .50 cents here. Oh and my package was delivered very late.

New Reviewer

I have both 3 pair of boots. 2 were received within a few days and the other took about 2 weeks. I had ordered some bras that were no longer in stock. I was notified within 3 weeks and the amount was refunded.

The retail price on the boots ordered seemed a little high, but even high end department stores do this, so the sale looks better that it actually is. Still, I believe I got great deals on my purchases.Remember this is a bargain web site, so you probably won't be seeing top brand merchandise and you should not be expecting it. The site is just as advertised and remember you only paid $2.00 for shipping, not overnight rates.

A satisfied shopper.

New Reviewer

I ordered 3 shirts off of this website on Feb 10th, despite a coworker telling me that she had heard bad things about them. Tracking number was no help, I emailed them, no response. Called and talked to Phoebe, who was nice, but tried to give me a store credit for the items that were "lost" in transit, as I was told. Now I have to wait 3-5 business days to get my money back. Needless to say, I will not shop through them again.

New Reviewer

I've had consistently positive experiences with my orders from this site. I think the problems people have come when they try to return something. Shopping at extreme discount like this, I don't expect to be able to return items. It's true, shipping is incredibly slow. But this isn't stuff you really need in a hurry. If you want 6 camisoles in the mail, you don't really need them next day air, do you?

Overall, this is a great price on basic items. You don't go in looking for a specific thing, but you might come away with something you didn't know you needed.

New Reviewer

I ordered three sets of window panels. When they came, one set was defective. I returned it, and when, the next week, I went to order another set, they were no longer offered. I wanted to send the remaining two sets back as they do not cover my windows, and I cannot find them anywhere on the internet.
I talked to THREE different people from nomorerack (over 45 min), having to explain my situation each time. Finally, when the third person said they could not help me, I asked for a manager. He said there was "no manager in" that day, but he could take my name and number and have someone call me. That was a week ago. No call, no email. Terrible customer service, and it is too bad for them, as they lost a potential customer who would probably spend hundreds of dollars on their site (which I already have) over a $50 refund.

New Reviewer

I ordered one pair of headphones and received 2 because I allegedly ordered them twice. This obviously is a glitch in there system. To top it off the product was received way too late so when I called to tell them I no longer wanted it they said I have a 14 day period to contact them in regards to return. There product doesn't come with return labels. There supervisors are a joke they are completely redunct in saying no we cannot accept your return.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pink zeetablet from nomorerack I payed 61 dollars for it I got it brand new in the package. Very pleased, will be shopping there again.. retail price, is 200±

New Reviewer

I've ordered 3 items from them. A bike cell phone holder for my son, he is very happy with, said it's very sturdy and easy to mount . A Belleza flat iron at a fraction of the retail price (my daughter is happy) . A pair of sterling silver earrings good quality. Everything arrived as expected and sooner than expected. I would have no problem buying again.

New Reviewer

Great cheapie products. You can't expect the best quality at these prices, but the led colored lights were really cheap and arrived soon enough. Remember the phrase "slow boat from China"? This really applies but it's not so bad. I really like "Light in the Box" too..the website is much more attractive and inviting but great places for getting disposable goods..

New Reviewer

BEWARE! They supposedly ship the product. When you track your order, the Post office states "insufficient address." I contacted them and they refused to resend order but issue a "credit."


New Reviewer

When they say it will take 2-3 weeks to get your package, just know that most likely means it WILL take that long and probably longer. Also, they WILL NOT cancel your order if it takes longer to ship then they say it will. I do almost all of my shopping online and NO COMPAANY takes this long to ship items. They actually told me they would rather lose me as a customer then give me a refund. Actual words from the suoervisor's mouth. That is the truth!!!

New Reviewer

I asked them politely to stop sending me emails and even followed their instructions on how to stop receiving emails yet they continue to send me emails. Absolutely terrible customer relations!

New Reviewer

In the last 8 months I have used my debit card 4 times at I have not used this card anywhere else online. My banking account has been hacked into using these purchases twice (both occurring 60 days after a purchase from NMR.). DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE IF YOU VALUE YOUR BANKING INFORMATION OR PERSONAL IDENTITY!

New Reviewer

I have placed three orders with and have been completely satisfied. The items I received were exactly as described and what I expected. Be a responsible consumer and read the description of each item. I plan to place another order this week. The shipping cost is $2 per item and I received each order within 7 days.

New Reviewer

I ordered two tablets for my children for Christmas in December 2013. One of the tablets didn't work from the beginning. I contacted the site on December 26. I have fought with them to get my money back. In February they finally decided they would let me return the item. I packed it up and returned it, but yesterday I was told I had passed the 60 day limit to have the money returned to my credit card. They credited my account. Why would I want to do any further business with this company? I will NEVER order from this fraudulent company again. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and am waiting for a response. Do not order from this site. They do not stand behind the less than quality products they sell.

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