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I purchased their Quicken WillMaster Plus 2014 software to make a will. Once downloaded, the only option was to create a living trust. I don't want a living trust. I spent 30 minutes on their site trying to find the will form only to discover that the form for a will costs an additional $34.95. Rip off.

New Reviewer

For attorneys, based on my experience, this site is an absolute waste. They promise you the moon and get you nonsense referrals that are not only a waste of money, but also a waste of time in having to respond to them. No surprise, no money back guarantee with these guys.

New Reviewer

Inaccurate information.

New Reviewer

Nolo probably makes a bundle on selling legal documents that cost them basically nothing. But for the rest of us, Nolo can save you a huge amount of money over paying for an expensive attorney. I'm not saying you shouldn't use an attorney. You should when you need it. But if you're doing basically estate planning stuff, like getting the documents for a basic will, or doing probate stuff. I'd read the Nolo books first before paying for an expensive estate planning attorney.

New Reviewer

The homepage of Nolo Press, the pioneers of do-it-yourself law, is also a rich source of free legal information.


Legal Resource Books and Forms - For reliable, easy-to-read, do-it-yourself books about legal topics, I highly recommend Nolo Press. Their books are well written and typically intended for non-lawyer audiences.

Years ago, I practiced as a solo practitioner in corporate law; and when my clients asked me for recommendations on law books where they could learn more about a particular topic (e.g., copyright or trademark law), I often sent them to<a href="http://" target="_blank"></a> to find a particular book.

For example, if you're interested in learning how to incorporate your business on your own (without engaging a lawyer), you might read background in Nolo's "How to Form Your Own California Corporation" -- and then use some of their forms on CD.

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