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NewYorkDress reviews

53 reviews
Categories: Dress, Fashion, Prom Dress
232 West 37th Street
New York, NY 10018
Tel: 212-594-3600

53 Reviews for NewYorkDress

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Most of my friends plan to order from them as well.

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New Reviewer

I ordered a 500 dress and i didn't like the way it fitted. Im being told that i can't get my money back when i just received the dress. never worn. I don't like the quality of the dress. It looks cheap. I recommend everyone to stay away from this site.

New Reviewer

This is my first ever review and it's only right I should share the experience of my first ever online shopping experience. It was just over a year ago and I ordered a beautiful Allure gown from New York Dress and happy to say everything went well. There was a little bit of confusion at the start but I think that was my fault. But everything worked out fine. the dress was perfect but needed some small alterations. Great selection and happy to recommend.

New Reviewer

Ordered two dresses from here, no problems at all the quality is Amazing I got in one day as I live in Canada and it was by DHL to my surprise next morning it arrived um I don't know sitejabber reviews seem to just bash every company to the bone I worked with a lot of companies even though they have negative reviews they still do an excellent job these review sites are filled with people who just are never happy with anything or people bringing down the reputation of other companies to satisfy their own, I don't man but sooooo many fake people out there, be honest and give people a chance!

New Reviewer

I had ordered à dress and a pair of shoes from this website alover from The Netherlands, thinking that its à lot cheaper and reliable website! The packagemaker was delivered on time, but the cusoms has chargéd me 265 dollars! Its almost the Total amount that i paid for the dress! When I called the customer service at first they were telling me that its my and my country's problem that they charge so much! I couldn't believe they told me that! After hanging on the Phone for almost 30 minutes evenually they wantend to pay 60 dollars back! This is my first and last time purchassing from this website! If you are planning to order from other country then US think twice! After payment they are unfortunatelly less friendly! If ik new that there Will be more chargés then I would have never ordered!

New Reviewer

Very happy with my dress purchase and it only took 2 days to reach Australia!
The dress fit perfectly and was exactly as advertised. I would definitely recommend this website. They have so many beautiful gowns to choose from I couldn't decide on which one.

New Reviewer

This site seems to get mixed reviews. From my experience, it was quite good. Nice selection of big brands but prices usually over my budget. Delivery was fine and no great drama. There was a small problem and it took a few attempts to get it sorted but it came good in the end. Not my first choice but I think I would shop here again.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of shoes from this site and it came in two sizes to big. I wear a size 6.5 heel, and my friend, who wears a size 8, fit into the shoes properly while they were super loose on me. The shoes went up to $165 in total ($88 for the shoes $35 for customs, plus shipping and handling.) When speaking with a representative of the site they told me I would only get store credit for $88 and nothing else, plus I would have to pay to ship the shoes back, AND I only had two weeks to return them. On top of all that, when I order a replacement pair of shoes, I will have to pay for customs, and shipping and handling all over again. Do not by from this site, its a major rip off.

New Reviewer

Ordered a dress - took 12 days to receive it. After following their size guidelines, I ordered my standard size but it was too small and did not measure up to the guidelines posted.. They informed me that if they did not receive it in 7 days (not business) that they would refuse receipt of the dress and I would receive no credit. With such a slow turn-around time, I had to buy a dress locally for the ball which I was attending, and now I am waiting again for the replacement. In the future, I'll rely on a hands-on experience in a local establishment.

New Reviewer

Hi there
6 days for dress to arrive to Australia. Lovely dress was given extra fabric and breast shapers! Measurements were spot on! I will still do some altering but it was the correct 00 size! Dress was beautifully made and exactly like the picture! Hope this helps other people!

New Reviewer

As I was ordering my daughters dress I clicked on the online chat to make sure I could return it. The lady said "absolutely." She failed to complete the conversation!! When I got my daughter's dress and it did not fit after I followed their exact measurements I tried to get a refund. Absolutely not! They offered store credit which I had to take. Then I had to pay shipping (which is reasonable) but they also charged a $10 fee for absolutely nothing. I learned my lesson!! Do not use this company unless you are exactly sure it will fit.

New Reviewer

I was very annoying because I had a bad experience with a previous company I did business with. Inspite of me being annoying they were very understsnding and gave me excrllent customer service. My dress reach about 3 months early. Wat csn beat that? I am writing with teary eyes. It was the most beautiful I have ever been. My pics are on facebook and I get 100 comments per day. Thanks to newyork dresses. U r reserve for all my formal wears.

New Reviewer

They sent me a dress that was apparently for my exact measurements. It was a good 6 inches away from doing up in the back! How the hell is that even possible!? After Begging them to let me return it, they agreed but charged me 40 bucks in "fees" OH and I also had to pay 30.00 bucks to ship it back to them! Love flushing 70 bucks down the toilet for their mistake! Don't waste your time with this site! They will rip you off!

New Reviewer

La robe que j'ai reçu ne ressemblait pas à celle de la photo!
Et lorsque j'ai voulu la renvoyer on m'a proposé de me rembourser 5 dollars (j'avais payé environs 150 dollars)!! alors que le site disait qu'on pouvait échanger ou se faire rembourser dans les 15 jours
ce site est une escroquerie

New Reviewer

This is response from the person who said they have an F rating with the bbb and gave a link that didn't work. They actually have an A rating but have several complaints. Don't know if this link works but here it is
I have not bought from this company but am looking to buy a dress. Some of the reviews on this site are obviously fake... I think both positive and negative now that I found this mistake.

Apprentice Reviewer

Fantastic dresses!!! But to a budget friendly student, I can only look up at those gorgeous dresses outside of the shopwindow now. I have been searching for a prom dresses for a while. These prom dresses stores I have browsed,,,, forever 21 and so on, New York dresses has the prices twice or even three times higher than them. But their dresses are really nice. I have bookmarked a few really stunning styles.
Hope you guys having fun picking your best prom dresses.

New Reviewer

This site is legit! It's ridiculous to see people on here claim they sell fake dresses when it is NOT TRUE. Get your facts straight people! NYDress does not carry knockoffs! If you are unhappy with the dress, that is your problem- don't take it out on the company and call them fakes because you're simply unhappy with the product! It doesn't mean they're fake or have horrible service because you're unhappy and probably a nightmare customer. And as far as complaining about returns, why would you expect to be able to buy something and return it, no questions asked? Criminal type people like to do that! That's not bad business of NYDress; if anything, allowing an exchange or store credit is more than generous!!

New Reviewer

I ordered my daughters Jr. Prom dress from this site. I went to the designers site (Studio 17) to make sure they were an authorized online seller first and confirmed that they were. The dress arrived in about 3 months. It was absolutely stunning. The workmanship was amazing. I was very happy with my purchase and will be ordering from them again for Sr. Prom.

New Reviewer

I Wish I hade read these reviews before I bought my dress. The whole experience has been a nightmare. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!! I do not recommend anyone as desperate as u can be DO NOT BUY from here.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I haven't actually ordered anything, & glad I came to read the reviews first! I'd hate to have my "wedding" prom dress actually, but for my wedding, be messed up :(

New Reviewer

Completely overpriced and you don't even know if they're really in New York. Over $200 for a dress is ridiculous for some no-brand untrustworthy site. Bought a dress from them once and I wouldn't have even paid over $50 for.

New Reviewer

I work for a brand name designer. is an authorized retailer of brand name dresses from a number of well know designers. They do indeed have a physical location in NYC area. Ignore the Google earth review.

New Reviewer

I purchased a dress for my daughter's grad and the service was great! I was a bit scared to order on line, but I had a good online person to talk to (Electra).
The dress came from New York Dress.Com to St. John's Nfld Canada in five working days! I was really impressed with the service and the delivery company. I recommend that you follow the measurements that they give you exactly and you will have no problems. DON'T go by what size you usually purchase in the stores. The dresses fit small! My daughter fits a size 8 (usually) and the recommended size for her was higher. The dress fit perfectly when it arrived! It was beautiful. I would order again from this company without any problems!

New Reviewer

I should have read the reviews before ordering a dress. They sent me a huge dress for a size 2. I am convinced they change the size. The fabric is not the same as the one in the store. They will not take it back. They have turned me in to the credit bureau after visa removed my payment. I sent the dress back only to receive back again.

New Reviewer

FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! Don't use this site, they make fake replicas of real designer dresses! They do not accept returns for any reason, and are no longer responding to my emails. The dress is poorly made, paid almost $300 for it and I wouldn't even wear it to a costume party. What a waste of money. I don't know how they sleep at night. If you're going to do fake dresses, at least lower the price!!!

New Reviewer

Awful. Customer service was such a turn off that I immediately looked elsewhere after dealing with them once.

New Reviewer

I had ordered a dress, day later they called that it was not in stock in my size, so i found another one i like and ordered it, the same thing happened ! Finally i just decided i was done with this site, so now i have to wait up to 5 days to receive my money back.

New Reviewer

If you google streetview their address it's an indian restaurant not a dress store! I'm looking for a dress for prom and i've been looking all over at the reviews which are not good. I don't trust this site. On site jabber its all either 5 star reviews or 1 star reviews so I think they are giving themselves fake positive reviews! The dress I want is soo expensive and I want to talk to a real person and i'll just die if something gets screwed up. They got an F on the better business bureau, see for yourself:

New Reviewer

This website was a LIFE SAVER! I found a dress I really loved for my graduation, it is the Terani Couture E464 dress in turquoise. It's made in yellow and fushia as well, however I only liked the colour turquoise on me. After reading the reviews here I was really hesitant to order from NewYork Dresses, so I went on a hunt for the dress. Unfortunately, I found out that the manufacturer had actually stopped making the dress, but only in turquoise. Just my luck! The only way to get my hands on a dress was to find somewhere that already had an unsold dress in stock, ready to ship. After calling every supplier in the Canada, and almost every website on google, there were only two places that said they had the dress. NewYork Dresses being one of them. I originally ordered with the other site, because they carried the dress in my size, NewYork Dresses carried one size larger than I needed. Shortly after placing the order with the first site, they e-mailed me saying the dress was damaged and they had cancelled my order. NewYork Dresses was LITERALLY the only website that carried this dress at all. So, I placed the order Monday morning, and by Tuesday night the dress was here. I was very impressed with the fast service, and the dress is identical to the one online, and the turquoise is beautiful! Just have to get the dress taken in a touch, but couldn't be happier!

New Reviewer

A dress that I ordered from another site , did not arrive on time for important engagement I had in 3 days. I called them late at night, the agent was expert, within 30 minutes she helped choose not only a lovely $#*!tail dress but a matching shoes and evening bag. She made sure that all items are available to be ship on time . I received the order a day before my engagement and was very pleased. The ability to serve and deliver me to my 100% satisfaction impressed me. way to go.

New Reviewer

Would just like to say a big thank you. We ordered my sisters debs dress from this site and I have to say the service was amazing. It arrived super fast and in fabulous order. Also they were there whenever we had a query. Just want to say a huge thanks. She's just thrilled!

New Reviewer

I do not know how many ways to say "THANK YOU" for the superb experience that I received from your company this week. I was looking for the perfect
dress for an upcoming occasion when I found your site. The service that you provided was so fast and so accurate that I will definitely tell everyone
that I know who is looking for a huge selection of dresses for all
occasions, that there is only one place to shop and that is I love the Tony Bowls Evening collection and not only was
my dress in stock, it arrived in 4 days from the day that I placed my order.
This very special dress will be my "second" wedding dress as I am about to
celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary. If you weren't so far away, I would
invite the whole NewYorkDress staff to my
ceremony. Again, a great big thank you for everything!!!!!

New Reviewer

Have just received my daughters Sherri Hill dress by UPS.
I just wanted to thank new york dress for the excellent service I have received from the moment I placed the order. They kept me updated all the way along and it all went very smoothly.
She adores the dress and is looking forward to wearing it for her birthday in October.

New Reviewer

They price match to other sites but not their own. I saw a dress last night for 179, I guess they say it sold first thing this morning and they will price match to any other sites but their own?? Very bad customer service, they would not offer any other solutions, they were actually very annoyed with me and hung up on me. I would never purchase from them again.

New Reviewer

I bought my homecoming dress from them and I am very pleased. The dress looks great and the shopping experience was good. Most of my friends plan to order from them as well.

New Reviewer

l wore the dress on my son's wedding day recently, and so many people came up to me and said how great l looked. They all asked ''where did you get your dress from", they loved the style ,color and fit. Even when my husband made his speech at the reception he said during his speech "and l would like to thank my wife for looking like a million dollars" l truly love this dress ,l felt great wearing it. we just don't seem to have the variety and styles that they have in my town.

New Reviewer

Paying top dollar for a poor quality dress materials are shabby , a Chinese counterfeit dress , hence the 12 week wait for most dresses

New Reviewer

I got my dress yesterday and i love it!!! I tried it on and it fits perfect and I cannot wait to wear it on my sisters 40th birthday!!! :)

New Reviewer

Communication was great throughout the process. I had never ordered a dress on line before, but after chatting with the rep I felt confidence to buy my dress from them. Great service I would certainly have no problem doing business with newyorkdress again or recommend to friends.

New Reviewer
7/6/11 have the most beatiful dress on the internet!
The dress I bought is very well-made.
I received items so fast as they promiseed.

New Reviewer

My prom is in a couple of months and I wanted to order the evening by allure dress A319 but all these reviews are seriously put offing, I live in the UK and If there is a faults with the dress as people say. What should I do has anyone actually had a problem with ordering this exact dress? And if they send me the wrong size or colour or dress in general can I get it changed or get my money back. Please help me!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a prom dress for my daughter and was so pleased with the dress and especially the service that I received. My daughter saw the dress on line as she was looking for prom dresses so we went to some shops that carried the same dress to try it on. We found that this website had the best prices than any clothing or bridal shop. This way when we went to order the dress we knew exactly what size to order and thank goodness b/c we ended up ordering 2 sizes down from what my daughter wears b/c the manufacturer runs the sizes alittle bigger.
I spoke with Amanda J. who was so helpful to us. We ran into a little problem but Amanda J. made sure we received the dress on time and she even contacted the warehouse to make sure that the dress was delivered on time. She went on and above the call of duty and we were so pleased with her professionalism. She apologized for the error and stated we would have the dress in time inwhich we did!
Customers need to expect that sometimes errors happen, and they should always call the company that they order from in a couple of days just to check that everything is good to go. The way that Amanda J. handled the problem was the most important thing and she should be commended for a job well done. The dress arrived just as ordered and my daughter's prom was spectacular! Thank you NewYork Dress and thank you Amanda J.!!!

New Reviewer

Received the dress I ordered for my daughter prom from and was thrilled. Not only the dress looks better than on the site, the whole process was stress free and fun. Jonah and his team were professional, they help me decide and even taught me what is Taffeta. Thank you, you made my daughter and me so happy.

New Reviewer

I ordered and paid for a $400 dress; but I received a dress that was different than the picture, even a different name. the sequins fell off just lifting it out of the box. 2 of the appliques were on with safety pins. there was a large hole in the ruffle by the neck. the hem was not finished. the zipper in the back was missing. the list is even longer of everything that was wrong. then when we called, we were told there were no refunds. The dress we received was about a $50 knock off. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! IF YOU ALREADY DID, CONTACT AN ATTORNEY AND THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU AND HAVE THEM SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!! They apparently have ripped off alot of people!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a $400 Jovani dress and what I received was totally different than shown in the picture! The sequins look really cheap, almost like the sequins they put on halloween costumes! Overall the dress looks really cheap since it seems like they used the cheapest material on it. Also, some sequins were missing where the zipper is. And the dress smelled really bad, like it has been sitting in a factory for a long time. These dresses are BY NO MEANS worth $400 or more! And returns are a big hassle as well! This is a pure rip off, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!!

New Reviewer

I live in Ireland... I seriously thought I was getting a bargain buying from this company... I was WRONG.... The dresses arent the same as are in the photo... I bought two and i was totally gutted. the dresses were 500 each which is about 420 euro..they were like 900 afer shipping... First of all they take ages to let you know when the dress is in stock... Second of all the dresses are not as bright as they look in the photo... and they are definately chepaer quality than the shops in Ireland. That is so obvious now... I asked them would there be any taxes fees or charges and they said "sometimes there is a fee of between 8-10%... SOMETIMES?......8 and 10%??? they were wrong... I had to pay 21% tax(irish tax on clothes) another 13% duty(tax on imports) and a standard fee which was like 50 quid... ... It ended up costing me about 432 more than i had planned and when you type into for currency differences it is actuallly about 6 euro more for every 100(it all adds up...tehy were the bank fees)... I ended up having not much change from 1300 euro and one dress i particularly didnt like. one was a jovani dress, I was it for 695 in Lara in Dublin... and 549 on a facebook page for some shop in ennis and i really though i was getting a bargain... They are actually so much cheaper... "if something seems too good to be true... then it usually is".........ugggggghhhhhhhh

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress in size 12 according to the size chart (I am very petite, 112 lb) and recived it a week later. That was good. The problem was that the dress that I got was NOT the one I ordered. I tryed it on any way. Fit me perfectly even though it was in size 6. So I called them and asked to switch my dress size from 12 to 6. And I was told that I would have to pay $50 restocking fee!!! I canceled my order. And had to wait a week and then call about my refund. So, Ladies, don't waist your time and money and take your business elsewhere.

New Reviewer

They took to much in deliever the dress I ordered. I called to be sure it will fit me, unfortunately it run small. Their policy is not to exchange anything by any mean. It is expensive as hell, not good quality and bad service. I waited more than 2 weeks and the dress don't fit me, and I don't have time or money to buy another. Thanks to them I have to use an old dress, thank you new york cheap dress!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress to wear as a guest to a wedding. The dress i ordered was white with green and yellow details and what i got was a completely yellow dress with green details. Furthermore, the size i ordered following the measuring guidelines of the site, was a misfit (i ordered no 6 and proved that i needed no 2) although i was measured by a tailor beforehand. I tried to contact them via e-mail and got no response.

New Reviewer

I ordered the dress April 9th. They said it would be on back order until May 7th. On this day, When I typed in the order number on the website, they claimed it was shipped. Three weeks later on May 28th, I still had not received it. I called and they said that they were sorry but they didn't send it yet. I made it clear that I wanted the dress to be shipped THAT DAY, and they sent me a tracking number. I received the dress (FINALLY) on June 8th. I read on these websites that they were sent knockoffs, however, I received the original dress. It fit me perfectly (though I reccomend you actually measure yourself and match it to the size chart!) and I am in love with the dress. It took two months, but my prom is June 24th so I'm alright. In summation, BE SURE THEY GIVE YOU A TRACKING NUMBER. Otherwise they'll just pawn it off as an "oops." Order your dress WELL in advance.

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