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Net-A-Porter reviews

39 reviews
100 Fifth Avenue, Westfield London Shopping Centre
New York, NY 10011, GBR
Tel: +1 877 678 9627
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39 Reviews From Our Community

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Each order contains a pre-paid UPS label for returns...really an excellent shopping experience. (in 4 reviews)

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6 reviews
4 helpful votes

Distinguished selections of designers, latest trend, outstending customers service, exquisite packaging, fast delivery, very easy returns, fast refund.
You can really trust this website

Ask federica about Net-A-Porter
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Avoid this business if you are ordering $1000AUD or more. If your dress doesn't fit and you need to exchange for a bigger size, you end up paying taxes & duties twice. First, when they ship the item, and again when they send the exchanged item. It turns out to be a very costly exercise. You would think they'd have something in place so the poor customer doesn't pay twice. Why should you pay taxes & duties again on an exchange item? They have lost my business as a result of this.

Ask P about Net-A-Porter
1 review
1 helpful vote

Paid for the speed shipping....4 days before.... (Do not ever choose that option)
Will see when im going to have it....

Ask Erika about Net-A-Porter
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have shopped at NAP for many years but lately I have found their customer service to be getting worse and worse. Most recently I was charged tax and duty incorrectly - I have even checked this with my local customs office and they have confirmed I should not have been charged any tax or duty. I wrote several emails and made two phone calls to NAP and finally someone realised and agreed that there had been a mistake and promised to get back to me but several weeks later I still haven't heard anything. I tried calling back again but was told there was no record of my previous conversations! I just can't be bothered pursuing this any longer as dealing with the customer services was so frustrating. This is the last of a run of bad experiences with NAP and so after 7 years of shopping there I have decided to never shop there again. They have just clearly become too big too care about their customers but luckily there are now also plenty of other wonderful alternatives :-)

Tip for consumers: Do NOT shop here!!!

Ask J about Net-A-Porter
1 review
0 helpful votes

I found the most elegant champagne colored dress by DAY BIRGER ET MIKKELSEN for my Bridesmaids to wear. This is one they could all actually agree on and I love the cut. It looks great on multiple body types and the price point was perfect.

Ask Elizabeth about Net-A-Porter
1 review
0 helpful votes

As a guest of a black tie wedding event I wanted something tasteful, relevant and en vouge and I found it at Net-a-Porter! Their pieces are cleverly matched with the right shoes and accessories so I didn't have to put it together myself. I will be shopping here again in the near future!

Ask Barbara about Net-A-Porter
1 review
3 helpful votes

Just appalling service ordered a very expensive dress and received two pairs of men's sneakers!!! Of course they charged me for the expensive designer dress. Try getting someone to help you the level of customer service is the worst I have ever come across!! I am still waiting to get a refund and they say they will call back and then never do!! So bad do not shop on this site!!!!

Ask Jane about Net-A-Porter
1 review
2 helpful votes

this is my email to net-a-porter. the worst online retailer ever. (do read before making the purchase from them)

Hi there,

I have written at least three emails regarding the missing shoulder strap for the Jil Sander Large Leather Bag.

I would like to highlight that this is my first time purchase from Net - A - Porter and I must say that it has been an utterly disappointing and awful experience.

Needless to say, Net-A-Porter must be quite overwhelmed at the moment with the sales campaign but it is no excuse in being so unprofessional in resolving this seemingly simple problem: sending a shoulder strap for my bag. Bear in mind, I have already made the payment, I received an incomplete item, Net-A-Porter is a happy recipient of receiving the payment while on the other hand, from a patient waiting customer, I've become a disgruntled customer waiting for a missing shoulder strap to be mailed to me.

So far it has been either I receive an auto message that says there will be a slight delay reply from Net-A-Porter or a message that aims to brush me off by making me believe that the staff intends to search for the shoulder strap but somehow couldn't care less whether the strap can be found or on the mission to mail the strap to me.

In my last email, I have requested the shoulder strap to be mailed to me before 30 Jan, well I am not surprised that I'm back into the vicious cycle with Net-A-Porter. Could I be the only unlucky one not to receive a shoulder strap for my bag? Is it even possible that Jil Sander has ran out of shoulder straps?

Latest update: I should have known better to put myself up for another round of bashing disappointment, I actually made an international call to find out when Net A Porter intend to mail the shoulder strap. The helpline person basically said the same thing as what has been written in the email -- we will look for the shoulder strap.

First of all, I can read. There is no point for me to hear the same thing which is exactly the same as what has been written in the email. What do you hope to achieve by making the customer feels like a fool? Am I supposed to accept the reply and shrug off," oh they must be busy..." Perhaps I should also highlight that I am very busy too, and I'm wasting my time to ask for a shoulder strap to be sent to me when it is a mistake made by Net-A-Porter and it's quite obvious that there hasn't been a display of urgency to resolve this mistake. The approach has been -- when we find or do find the shoulder strap, we will mail it to you. If you can't wait for it, you can return the bag to us. I have only one word for you - WOW!

Is that your online retail shop business model in resolving a problem and customer recovery process?

I am totally appalled by the indifferent tone by the helpline person who basically has a script to read in handling calls from disgruntled customers everyday and at a minimum wage. Perhaps you can say that I'm not hearing what I would like to hear. Well, I can say not only the company failed in ensuring the right items are mailed to the customers, and obviously feeling rather $#*!y in losing one customer is not a big deal at all. I guess the main focus is always to ensure the founders of Net A Porter have their photos taken with important fashion people in glossy magazines. While the customers just have to deal with the inefficiency caused by the company.
Whatever it is, I must have a blood clot in my head having an impression that amongst all the online retailers, Net-A-Porter is the highly rated and recommended retailer.

In the end, they couldn't locate a shoulder strap for me.

Order number: 4127430

Ask a about Net-A-Porter
1 review
0 helpful votes

Net-a-porter has the cutest Bridesmaid dress selection! I had looked everywhere else and most of the dresses were not flattering so I was relieved to find sylish options ther wouldn't break the bank for my besties. They have cute shoes too!

Ask Lisa about Net-A-Porter
1 review
4 helpful votes

Same deal as already written many times before. Returning an item over AUD$1000 means that you will not get the full cost refunded as NAP has paid the GST and duties and only they can claim it back. Effectively cost $471 to try on a coat and find out it was too big!
You only fall for this once and I don't think I will shopping with NAP again.

Ask J about Net-A-Porter
1 review
0 helpful votes

I found everything I needed for my wedding party on this site. They carry only the best desingers and high end accessories and I love their Buyer's taste. Everything was delivered in beautiful packaging which made my whole shopping experience positive.

Ask Lisa about Net-A-Porter
1 review
1 helpful vote

I order items October 30 I have not received my items yet and its November 5 the number to call is always busy. And they didn't answer my email too. This online shop is the worst!!!

Ask Gertrude about Net-A-Porter
1 review
0 helpful votes

This site has all of the finishing touches I needed for my wedding day - La Perla, Kevin Aucoin and of course - the shoes! They offer the creme de la creme of designers and I love that the site is easy to navigate. They made my wedding shopping a pleasure and I would highly recommend them!

Ask Patricia about Net-A-Porter
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Bought two pairs of boots, one was damaged, the other had one shoe that did not fit. $86. I had to pay $16 to return them and get refund. My referred me to . Unlike Robecart the prices are affordable and the quality is perfect.

Ask Ruth about Net-A-Porter
1 review
6 helpful votes

Stay away if you are ordering goods of over $1000 from Australia. You will not be able to exchange these items without having to pay GST & Duty AGAIN if they don't fit. You will also not be offered a refund of any of your GST & Duty payment even if you return the products - this is not because Net-a-Porter can't do it but because they can't be bothered to. See this website for details Contact me on twitter @disgrntledconsumer1 if you have a story to share about their appalling customer service

Ask Disgruntled about Net-A-Porter
1 review
5 helpful votes

I'm about to place a first time order online, but thought to check out the reviews on this site as the last required field to complete before the order goes through is SS#! WHO ASKS FOR THAT? I'm certainly glad I checked. I don't think I'll be placing the order. We have a Marc Jacobs store in Chicago and Prada can certainly be found elsewhere. Sorry to know of your bad experiences. Thanks everybody!

Ask Heidi about Net-A-Porter
1 review
3 helpful votes

Approach this company with caution. I have been a customer for years, but recently received a pair of $1500 boots from them that showed signs of having been tried on and returned a few times. Some small marks on the right shoe, some wear on the edges of the suede on that same side. They arrived unzipped and with the "belt" around the ankle unsnapped and loose. The paper in the shoebox was crumpled. They were not in new and perfect condition, in other words. They did not fit me, either, so I completed the online return request. But in doing so I read the stern warnings about returning all shoes with unblemished soles, etc. So I contacted Customer Service telling them that "perfect and unblemished" was not how the boots looked when I got them. I asked for reassurance that I would not be blamed for what I did not do. I got back an e-mail telling me to send the boots back and they will let me know when they get them! So now I am an EX-Net-a-Porter customer. At least I know that I have to fully document this disaster of a transaction to protect my rights (I am protected against such dishonesty under my credit card contract), but I am floored that a company would treat a longtime customer this way.

(Follow-up: I did get my full refund in the end. But this was after I finally got someone on the phone and nailed her down to say -- and this took some doing -- that I was on-record as having reported faulty goods received, so I was safe. Whether that affected my refund, I cannot say, but I would caution anyone thinking of purchasing shoes from this company. I have never had an issue with other goods from them...just these shoes. And by the way...when I was photographing my shopworn, $1500 boots from every angle, in bright sunlight, I noticed that the heels had been heavily buffed so that there were ugly swirl marks on the sides. So they had obviously been returned in less-than-perfect condition before, and polished up to be sent out again! Terrible.)

Ask No about Net-A-Porter
1 review
0 helpful votes

I got my wedding shoes (Christian Louboutin) from and couldn't be happier. They have an amazing collection to choose from and i was happy to find that they had my size. My shoes were delivered in 3 days at no charge - the way it should be!

Ask Maria about Net-A-Porter
1 review
0 helpful votes

My Mom asked me for my advice on where to shop for her Mother-of-the-Bride ensemble and I recommended this site. She found a gorgeous Roland Mouret dress and Jimmy Choo pumps. They look amazing on her - thanks Net a Porter!

Ask Susan about Net-A-Porter
1 review
4 helpful votes

I've been shopping on Net A Porter almost exclusively since 2012. I was one of their greatest advocates and told everyone I know how much I loved them. Unfortunately, this is no longer be the case.

I purchased a pair of Marni wood heel leather sandals in December 2013. Not long after I bought them I noticed that there was a split in the leather but I loved them so much that I didn’t want to send them back. Since then the upper soles of both shoes have started to become unglued from the base and I don't think it will be long before they are going to become completely unglued and as such unwearable. I decided it was time to take some action.

I sent a photo of the split that I took not long after I originally purchased the shoes. I also sent a photo of the current state where you can see the inner sole coming away from the timber platform. The reply I received from NAP follows:

After inspecting the pictures that you have provided, we are unable to
accept your return. The fault has been classified by wear and tear.

I was really surprised at this response to say the least. Leaving aside the fact that I should have sent them back straight away, I really would have thought that a pair of shoes from a high end brand such as Marni would last for a bit longer than 5 months.

Clearly, quality and service has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of money you spend. I do however feel even more ripped off as both Net A Porter and Marni claim to be luxury brands. I've since contacted Marni and wait for their response. I'll update this site again once I hear back from Marni.




Ask Cathy about Net-A-Porter
1 review
4 helpful votes

Lousy, dishonest people. Don't know why anyone would business with net-a-porter.

Ask J about Net-A-Porter
1 review
9 helpful votes

Terrible experience - I purchased a dress from Net-A-Porter that was in Hong Kong (I live in Australia). I read their terms and conditions which stated a full refunded amount should the item be returned in the time specified. I purchased the dress for AUS$1500, tried the dress on, it was cheap fabric so I returned it and received $990 back. According to the customer service people at Net-A-Porter, it is up to me to chase the Australian and Hong Kong taxation departments to get the money back. An absolute disgrace - if you want high end labels online purchase them from SaksFifthAvenue.

Ask Meg about Net-A-Porter
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Net-a-Porter is my go-to website for online shopping. I absolutely love it. The selection of clothing and accessories is excellent. The website offers a variety of designers, well known and up and coming. Often, one can find interesting and unusual clothing not widely available at other retailers. I have been shopping with Net-a-Porter for many, many years and have NEVER had a problem with returns. My returns are processed immediately with credit issued within a day or two. Customer Service is excellent. My orders arrive the following day (I live on the east coast of the US) with no shipping charges. Each order contains a pre-paid UPS label for returns...really an excellent shopping experience.

Ask Susan about Net-A-Porter
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Wow... amazing that even Net-a-Porter would have bad reviews...
Every experience I've ever had on this site has been amazing. Shipping is fast and in beautiful presentation. Returns are easy. Love.

Ask Sam about Net-A-Porter
1 review
4 helpful votes

HORRIBLE shopping experience!
I like their selection and their prices are whatever, considering everything is all brand names - obviously your going to have to pay extra for them!!
HOWEVER... g-d forbid you have a problem with your order and have to contact their customer service... i would rather bath with sharks!! I had to return a damaged merchandise that i spent >$1200 on, and it took >2 months!!!.... Dont even bother calling bc you can never get through and no one will ever return your calls!!... and cross your fingers if you send them emails bc they only respond to about 1/5 emails I sent them, never once did they apologize for their service/delay, even though I complained to them numerous times!!... I would not order from them EVER AGAIn!!

I do recommend: SHOPBOP BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE and great variety!!

Ask shirah about Net-A-Porter
5 reviews
8 helpful votes

I just love this site I have been shopping here for about 3 years and I have never been disapointed.

Ask Makenzie about Net-A-Porter
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm very unhappy with the customer service, at first they needed me to add my work/shipping address to my credit card, I did that RIGHT away, and it took them the NEXT day to tell me it didn't work, So I had to call my bank AGAIN and confirmed that my address with related to the card, and than they never let me know if it was OK. Until I checked online the status was "awaiting shipment" and it stayed at this status for another whole day. This delay, delayed my shipment by 2 days, and took another 3 days for the package to arrive to Canada. I could of had it by the end of the week and used it for the weekend, but it was too late. I emailed customer service and I called them! but they were very SLOW and honestly don't really know what they are doing. Very disappointed with their system and customer service. the only think that made me add a star is their nice packaging. also not very happy with the website in general, I would only buy from them if I really could not find the same product anywhere else. They never have free shipping coupons or any kind of coupons for us Canadians to use. No benefits at all.

Ask saddy about Net-A-Porter
1 review
9 helpful votes

Here is my experience with NAP.
I decided to buy a present for my wife. So, I found what I was looking for on NAP Internet site. Since it was a gift I wanted them to send it to my work instead of home (not to ruin the surprise).
1. I place an order and received conformation.
2. I received another email from them several hours later saying that they are not able to verify address with my bank.
3. I called their customer service to find out what is going on with my order. I was told the same thing – that they are not able to verify billing details with my bank. I explained that the card that I am using for the purchase is linked to the shipping address and there is all information in my bank. I fact I have been using this card for long time. I shipped to my work all the time and never had any issues regarding confirming billing details. So, I left my bank’s phone number and I was told that they would call back.
4. Received call from NAP. Rep said that they will cancel the order because they do not trust the shipping address. I called my bank. They told me that the address was confirmed. I asked NAP rep for an explanation and all they could say that we do not trust. How is that possible? Card is mine, billing and shipping is confirmed with my bank through credit system, I provided all info to prove that it’s me and they still cannot ship!!?? On NAP site it says that you can ship with a signature so I will sign for it and if I am not available they would leave a slip. Also, I could ask for delivery without confirmation so they would just drop package by the door. So they are not liable for what happens to package. Girl on the phone could not give me a good reason or explanation. She said it’s finance department. They are the ones who make decisions. She also told me that it’s my problem and I gave them address that they could not trust. Well, that’s my address and that’s why we have credit card system to prove that. I asked if I could talk to finance department do they can explain. She said that they do not talk to customers. WOW! NICE SERVICE!
5. Finally they just canceled my order without an explanation.
In summary I will just say that it was a complete waist of time placing order on NAP site. The surprise for my wife was ruined because I lost time going back and force with their “customer service” for no reason at all. Time has gone and even if I find replacement for my gift it would be too late. Very poor customer service. No explanation given. I shop a lot online and luxury goods are not exception, but I will never buy anything from Net-a-Porter again. I suggest you to think twice before placing order. Just stay away and find a good alternative.
Order # 21187063

Ask Alex about Net-A-Porter
9 reviews
18 helpful votes

I found several cute dresses on this site. I didn't have any problem with shipping. I got them like five days after I placed my order. It is definitely worth checking out. They have a great selection of items, and they carry many designers I personally like.

Ask Julia about Net-A-Porter
11 reviews
0 helpful votes

Authentic designer item! It' so easy to return items!

Ask kate about Net-A-Porter
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

This service helped me in finding something really unforgettable for my wife. I like the simplicity and very easy ordering. If you ever need something to surprise your love than check out this service

Ask Alex about Net-A-Porter
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

I used to really like NAP and found that their customer service staff were helpful even when I was asking for RMAs to return stuf for refunds because my body or feet didn't suit the items I'd ordered. I've noticed that since they've got bigger, the replies to emails are becoming more mechanised and my current gripe with them is despite asking them to change my contact phone number on the shipping labels on packages, this hasn't been done and an obsolete phone number was quoted on the paperwork enclosed with my last order. How difficult is it to get such details changed?! Sorry NAP, I don't see myself giving you my business anymore if you don't look after your customers.

Ask Deirdre about Net-A-Porter
1 review
4 helpful votes

Disgusting. I want to buy a pair of shoes, on the UK site it's £625, but when I changed the country to Indonesia it becomes £500 with £20 shipping. I want someone from net-a-porter to justify why I have to pay £125 more for the same item shipped from London to London, while some buyer from Indonesia can get the item for so much cheaper? Be careful when you shop there, it's such a rip off.

Ask Miz about Net-A-Porter
1 review
2 helpful votes


I am so very unpleased with this Net a Porter. I wanted a nice shirt for my new day at work in a big business. They sent wrong size! After much backwards and forwards I finally got my right Shirt a week too late. VERY RUDE SERVICE.

Ask Eddie about Net-A-Porter
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Fantastic selection and shipping. Advice from fashion advisors hasn't always been so good. If you need help, shop the department stores.

Ask Ann about Net-A-Porter
1 review
6 helpful votes

DO NOT BE SEDUCED by the fancy styled website and assortment of luxury designer products! To all international shoppers, especially in Canada, be careful!

First, site does not specify tax on delivery fee but checkout will add tax. Second, DPP (duties pre paid) does NOT mean paying for erroneous duties that shouldn't be charged in the first place. I purchased 2 JBrand bottoms I know are made in USA as I have both in different purchased elsewhere. According to NAFTA Free Trade Agreement between US, Canada and Mexico no duties will be collected by these governments if items are imported and made in these 3 countries. Net a Porter charged duties for American made items that took me 3 calls and 3 emails to have them check product itself before they believed me. I had to educate them about NAFTA but still they said they want to charge all duties and taxes upfront and will refund and email me after order dispatched i.e. Sent out for delivery!

Any other reputable retailer would not have charged in first place and then made necessary adjustments for their error immediately before client credit card charged! Well not so much with Net a Porter.

I did not cancel order as items only $300 and will use to test the entire sale, refund, customer service process. I hope to get items soon and most of all a refund for duties Net a Porter are not entitled to charge or keep. I envision at least 1 more follow-up call and email to sort out. Thank god for toll free lines.

Overall, huge hassle and time consuming. Also, must rely on own knowledge of international shopping agreements between countries! NOT WORTH IT! Shop elsewhere.

Ask ChicPanda about Net-A-Porter
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

This website is amazing. I like everything about it. They deliver fast and use pretty packaging. it is easy to return items. I am very happy with the experience.

Ask Hannah about Net-A-Porter
1 review
8 helpful votes

My all-time worst online shopping experience occurred on Net-a-Porter. I ordered a couple of jackets that were on sale. Simple enough. I received an email that said the order was undergoing a security check, and that once it passed, the items would be shipped. Then the experience turned into something like the soup-nazi episode on Seinfeld. The price on the jackets dropped two days after I ordered them, so I called and asked for a price adjustment. I received an incoherent response to the effect that the policy was not to give customers the price break unless the "timing" was right. (None of this "the customer is always right" stuff that NM, Saks and other major retailers regularly provide.) Then Customer Service demanded that I register my shipping address with my bank, since my billing address was a P. O. Box, and once the bank confirmed it the items would ship. No such luck. I even set up a conference call with between myself, Net-a-Porter customer service, and my bank, during which my bank approved the shipping address. A couple of days later I noticed that the hold for the items had dropped off of my credit card account, but I had not received a shipping notice. I called again and Net-a-Porter customer service said there was still a problem with authorization of my shipping address by my bank. I confirmed that the bank had authorized the shipping address. Then customer service informed me that my shipping address was not a residential address, but a mail drop. Since that was no secret, I confirmed the fact that it was a mail drop, and advised that I had used it for years and that no other vendor had complained. Net-a-Porter said that the concerns were for my own security. I said, "Then how am I supposed to get the merchandise when you refuse to ship it to my shipping address?" The lady told me to find a friend whose residential address I could use for shipping purposes, since I never give out my residential address so as to avoid stalkers. (I work in a field that involves a lot of violent, dangerous men.) I was advised that it was my tough luck, and that they were only concerned about my "security." I pointed out that was not going to stay in business very long if it would not approve people's shipping addresses, but kept creating more hoops to jump through. I came up with a friend's address for shipping purposes, and I got the authorization codes on the purchases from the bank, yadayada, as demanded, and STILL Net-a-Porter won't send me the goods. This has never been an issue with any other retailer I have dealt with. is an exercise in frustration. Shop elsewhere and save yourself the stress.

Ask Gail about Net-A-Porter
9 reviews
22 helpful votes

huge discounts on some of the best designer names - clothes, shoes, handbags, sunglasses

Ask Caroline about Net-A-Porter

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