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New Reviewer

Terrible company, try using shipto or one of the others. Once myus was a good company, but got taken over and went very much downhill. Totally unprofessional and uncaring. Will hold products back that arrive early, just so you request another shipment.

New Reviewer

I have been a customer for a while and lately they've been charging extra fees for everything. Using bigger boxes deliberately to up the shipping prices, putting shoe boxes when they were supposed to discard them and charging storage fees for inspections for products that were safe. They did not refund me for anything but just ignored my email. Stay away from them at any cost!!

New Reviewer

They do not consolidate shipments by default, also their services are very slow and not reliable.

New Reviewer

I've used their service for almost 2 years, but got bumped in to their employee theft, first time they explained that it wasn't shipped by the seller, althou I had a proof and I let it go, but for the second time it got me mad, they took the same thing again!!!

New Reviewer

I signed up for a 3 month period about 3 or 4 years ago. I decided not to continue my membership. Now out of the blue they want to charge me a $60 set up fee for membership that I didn't even request!! I don't use the service and haven't had anything to do with them for years. This is a scam and I'll fight their invoice.

New Reviewer

I have used now for Years.
Everything about them including there charges were excellent.
Now there export reviews. as everyone else has said, Has Just committed suicide for the company.
There will be a constant decline on bottom line
They Have SHOT THEMSELVES in the Foot.
Steer Clear.
Don't Bother with Them unless you want watches as long as you can prove there authentic.
On second thoughts don't Go There

New Reviewer

What used to be an excellent service has gone downhill very fast. They have introduced many extra charges for their services, even just to look for something inside your box they charge $7 or one photo is $2, for example. They charge to remove a prohibited item such as a sample that is classified as a dangerous good, like a mini nail polish that you don't care less about, and don't want to have pay the additional $10.50 fee for.
In the last 4 orders something has gone wrong. You have to watch samples you order in particular. A company sent me 3 complimentary and 1 paid for sample, they were not inside the shipment box sent to me, because I had no insurance, I couldn't claim, fortunately the company sent me to my home address, not only all of these but threw in an extra one. In the last box another paid for sample was missing and they either removed or lost the packing slip so I couldn't see it on paper, despite my copy of the invoice which says that I did. This company will only accept claims within 15 days and As it has been sitting in my box for a month, I can't claim.
Another box was so badly packed, boxes of cosmetics were so squashed, and unusable that I could have just bought unboxed and bought them cheaper to begin with. One Stila eyeshadow was rattling around the box, with no protection and had smashed into pieces. Another $19 USD plus postage down the drain, as it was uninsured.
Finally I paid insurance and a Jo Malone body cream, 81.25 USD inc. tax was broken, glass bottom completely separated from its thinner glass sides, well the dramas of continual questions for information, despite the invoices I supplied plus photos, you would think I was at fault somehow. What a drama? After days of no replies to my 12 emails to them, finally they gave me - you guessed it - not the price I paid but the pre-tax price, as a credit on my next shipment, WTF? No I want my money back thanks. The only way I think I can get it back is to close my account with them, but then I only paid my "premium" $60 membership fee in January after all, so I don't think they will do a pro rata, going on their current stinginess.
They are appalling people to deal with and the sooner I can find an alternative, I will close my account with these thieving rip off merchants.

New Reviewer

CRAPPIEST WEBSITE EVER.. Worst customer service ever!! joined the site, got charged $10 for nothing. Tried to cancel. Customer service said rudely "it's non-refundable".. No apologies/explainations nothing.. Just non-refudable, even though I never used any services from them and cancelled the next day.. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!

New Reviewer

I have used MYUS for a number of years to ship to Australia. I was previously happy with the service, but it has gone downhill rapidly. It's often days after receipt of packages until they are logged into your Inbox. I have had many standard items that could have shipped direct from a retailer flagged for "Export Review" when there are no restrictions at all on their import/export. All contact I have with the Customer Service staff is generic and does not resolve anything. The story I am given is "there is no deadline for export review", yet the items can not be sent on elsewhere.. they are suspended for an indefinite period. Never again, MYUS, never again..

New Reviewer

it takes them more than 4 days to inter your package into your account after they receive it

New Reviewer

Signed up back in 2004 - when they used to be fairly okay - they are now the biggest lying thieving b@strds and have been sine at least 3 - 4 years ago.

Stay VERY well away from these pr!cks, you WILL be ripped off and there is NO customer support!

New Reviewer
3/10/14 is a scam. They take your money for everything. They have a ton of hidden costs and just charge your credit card for everything. To receive a package, to open it and inspect it (even if you don't want it), shipping is very expensive and handling is very slow. Support is non existent. Takes weeks to get your package shipped. Don't every use them MyUS sucks.

New Reviewer

Super high shipping cost, and their support seems to not have any clues with response time 72 hours on average. I have my account with them but will not ship anything.. There are plenty of honest and helpful package forwarders..

New Reviewer

After getting my package sent to MyUS and then having it sent from MyUS to here (Australia) I ended up paying $20 more in postage than I would have if I'd gotten it sent directly to me. I received no sympathy when I emailed customer service and no offer to meet the original price I was quoted. I felt completely ripped off by this service and wouldn't use it again.

New Reviewer

I ship products to South Africa every month. have been instructed to use a certain import tariff. They did not use the correct import tariff, my shipment has been impounded by customs for going on a month. Fedex and myself have been in touch with to ask them for a voucher of correction as well as to pay the penalty as a consequence of their error, but they have ignored every email, their Facebook page is set so that complaints are not shared with the Facebook community, and once you complain they ban you so that your comments can no longer be posted. I went on their live chat last night and they refused to acknowledge their error and eventually just withdrew from the conversation and ignored me. DON'T USE MYUS.COM PEOPLE. THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE QUESTIONABLE. EVERY TIME THERE ARE PROBLEMS THEY NEVER ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY. THEY ARE JUST AWFUL TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

New Reviewer

They use ridiculous big boxes to ship very small items (they do that to raise the dimensionnal weight so they could charge you more). Their customer service sucks as when they messed up one of my orders they just kept on saying do you want us to send you the package or return it to the seller without adressing the questions I made to them (the picture was showing only one item, while I ordered two - luckily out of anger I just told them to ship the package and there was two items like expected, while they kept telling me there were only one).

New Reviewer

Don't bother doing business with these tools. Biggest rip off I have ever seen. Bought $70 bed spread and charged $199 shipping by these thieves. Stay well away, you have been warned.

New Reviewer

sent my 28ml perfume bottle in a 15 litre carton, cost a fortune in postage. No postal quote offered before deducting $90+ from my credit card . could not believe it when I saw the massive box (30cm X 30cm x16cm)arrive from US to Australia containing one tiny perfume bottle. Will never use again. Their response was that this was the smallest box they could use!!?????

New Reviewer

We've been using myUS for several years. They were the best, now they are the worst. Our problems:

- several costs have exploded over time: shipping costs, handling costs, costs for extra services
- customer service has taken a serious fall: very slow responses (takes a few days now to get an answer), unwilling to listening to customer problems
- the guys at the warehouse have no idea what objects they're handling
- the guys at the warehouse have no idea of the value of the objects they're handling. Since we have to declare purchase values, we have to sent receipts all the time to convince them. This takes a few days.

Can anyone PLEASE recommend another forwarder? We use it for shipping to Europe.


New Reviewer

I have used this service for years.
They used to be the best.
Now they are the worst.

1. Scam: the default value is "use the Least Expensive Option shipping method".
This sound reasonable, right? No.
They charge you $1 less than Fedex next day, but then use Fedex economy which takes 10 days.
This is an intentional scam if there ever was one.
Of course Fedex economy costs them 30-50% less, but they give you only $1 discount and keep the rest of it for themselves.

2. Delays.
For any items above $1000 or so, they now need to fill out special export forms.
This means that if they don't like the look of the invoice that came with the package, and if they called the store and it didn't pick up on the first try, they can hold the shipment easily for 10-20 days.
The numbers are hard to believe, but it happened to me more than once.
Since the end of 2013, pretty much every item over $1000 gets delayed a minimum of one week and can be 2-3 weeks easy.
They make very little effort to release those packages, and they just sit on the shelf and there's nothing you can do about it.

3. Carelessness
Many times I've had delicate items such as hard drive just thrown in a box with zero protection, so it gets banged around the box, and of course they arrive broken. Not once did they agree compensate for what they broke. These are things a two year old would know not to do. It would seem they employ drunk homeless people to package the items.

New Reviewer

they bad in every thinks communication serves and also delay and every things the went fee the crazy thing i buy canon camera and i went to use dhl they said we cant ship battery we ship only cam h said to them how it will work and also i ship like this cam before 4 month easy what happen i notice the bad serves start from october 2013

New Reviewer

Let me just start with, I read virtually every page on this website before registering, and no where did it say pay the set up cost, and the annual fee, then you have to pay the shipping costs too. I was under the impression that the annual fee would cover the shipping cost. So I buy a few things and have them sent the and the total weight was about 30 pounds, because I had bought a Foodsaver and some books, and the lowest cost was $115! So I start looking and see that I can have it sent through the post office, which was better because my husband is in the army, so it's all being sent to an APO box anyways, but when I went to my shipping preferences, it wouldn't let me pick it at all. So I tried emailing a few times and never got a response. So finally I see the live chat button and try and give that a try, the women I was talking to was very rude! I mean like, customer service must not be part of their policy. I asked about the USPS shipping and she was like, we do offerthat, but it takes a lot longer and is very expensive, which I decided to check out, for standard it was only $30, and for Priority is was only $50, that's less than half! Anyways, she said it was more expensive and I said well actually I wasn't expecting to pay anything, and that's when she got rude, "where on our website does it say you don't have to pay?" "We're a shipping company we make our money from shipping" I said I read like every page and it didn't really say that. "No where on our website does it say we don't charge for shipping." "it says on this page the shipping rate." the page she was referring to was like three sub pages, go to this page, click this, go here, and click that, then you find all the shipping costs. I said they also make their money from charging a set up fee, and and annual fee! and that she was being very rude. She got very polite after that. I said I wanted a refund, and to ship my stuff to a US address, which still cost me thirty bucks! I now use a website called, if you're military, I definitely recommend it! The cost of shipping from there was the same price as for myus to ship it there! This website is awful, very misleading, never respond to their customers emails, and are very rude when you try and say something about it. I wouldn't recommend this site to my enemy.

New Reviewer

They are crap, their service is crap.
First couple of shipments were fine 5 stars fine,
Then they started messing up valuations of parcels once they realised I was getting them in under $1000 even though the merchant receipt was provided, they went from charging $400 per shipment with one the exact same costing me $1800. They decided to put it on a pallet . This was 4 weeks before Christmas. So they held my Christmas presents for ransom. Crap service crap company

New Reviewer

for GOD sake , dont leave anything son their hand and I mean anything at all . you buy things from ebay from website you always get your tracking no. you always know the weight of your item . With their scale you'll get 0.3 -0.4 pound more ! Hello we are not talking dimensional weight they will add dimensional weight later . So how many pounds might be added when you bought lots of things?
I have lost a few items so far since they denied to ship ! it was bosalino hat ! they said we couldnt proved what was it made out of .. I purchased cosmetic for my girl friend from ebay and we knew later that the seller sold fake staff so I asked my US to ship them back Guess what happened ? they denied to ship back because i had tracking no for just one piece not all of them .. They were simply stupid or just wanted to play the game they acted like they didnt know that the seller applied combined shipping . I 've been with them so a year it is not that i wan to be but because i paid them one year member

New Reviewer

Well basically some of the thing I ordered didn't come and it comes across that the workers at help themselves to shipments that do not have shipping insurance. That will be the first time using them and last time using them I would never recommend them to anyone unless I wanted them to spend lots of money without getting all the things they ordered.

New Reviewer

They will charge you for everything.

2 USD for discarding shoes boxes, even they don't discard i.

5 USD or more for urgent shipping, even when they don't ship it urgently.

They used to be good years ago, but now they suck!

New Reviewer

My first package is my last. They charged me $49 dollars to ship a $29 package to India. Like other reviewers I don't mind paying for good service.
My package never arrived. Fedex tracking says it is in transit for a week.
No response from them when I ask where it is. Myus does not respond.
I paid extra for express service. What a rip off.

New Reviewer

Please be aware of this Myus.
I've been a customer for a few years and I have had some bad experiences so I had to stop.
The fact is that they open the packages and repack them to send them to you. Problem is that when they notice the shipment is of some value, like in my case a cisco-router, that they will use the lame excuse that they can not ship the goods to you.
They give you the choice : either return to sender or disposal. But if you choose the return to sender option, then out of the blue this option isn't possible. Every communication you send then regarding this problem will be ignored. In the mean time the goods aren't disposed, they are just sold of used for themselves. This happened to me a few times and this has cost me a lot of money. They know you're abroad so you can react in a legal of other way.
So, please, I would like to warn everybody : think not twice but five times before ordering anything through myus. They like to fraude.

New Reviewer

I'm in Australia. Joined myus premium service,cost $80.00 but wanted to take advantage of the discount they offered on freight to premium members. That was my first mistake. Charged me $117.00 via DHL for a 6.5kg parcel. The store in the US I bought it from was going to charge $71.00 via USPS International. So I had expected myus to beat that price hands down. Charged me an extra 12.00 for dangerous goods. I told them I had no dangerous goods and supplied an MSDS for the products. Never heard another word from them again. Still waiting for goods to arrive 14 days after they left myus. They say on their site save 80 % on international shipping. Well I did not find that so. They say 2 - 4 day delivery world wide. I always thought they meant Earth which is where I live. All in all for me. Never again. Oh and don't forget the exchange rate. When I paid. $US1.00 was AU$0.92. But myus only gave an exchange rate of $AU0.87. So the exchange rate you see on the morning news may not be what you get when you purchase your goods in the US. It is still worth shopping in the US while our dollar is high but that postage will get you. You got to shop around.

New Reviewer

Bought a bag by and used to ship it to Europe. weight 2,5lbs paid 120$ for shipping thank you and never again

New Reviewer

I wanted to make a wrist corsage and was unable to find the needed items in France. I visited US websites and found AFLORAL which sells floral adhesive, elastic wrislet, floral tape etc. and I bought many items and paid 26$. I was advised to go and register with MYUS first if I wanted a shipment abroad. I paid a set-up fee of 10$ to MYUS. After they received the products, MYUS told me my floral glue is a dangerous goods and charged me with 10.50$. So far so good, I agreed to pay. What I didn't expect is that MYUS put my initial package into a bigger box and stuff it, they doubled the size and the weight of my package, thus doubling the shipment fee (with their calculation method). Without my being noticed, they withdrawed 39.49$ from my bank account for the shipment. I asked them why they didn't let me know the cost before proceeding, and were answered that I had agreed to their terms of services (by ticking a box). Here, they got a point. But I never gave them the authorization to withdraw whatever sum they wanted from my account. I felt very angry at MYUS because if I had been informed of the total cost of 59.99$ charged by them, I would never have agreed to the shipment but return instead all the products to my supplier. Be careful if you want to use MYUS services, because it will be very very expensive compared with the value of your purchase. My experience was that I paid a total of 85,99$ when the real cost of the products was 26$.

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with I ordered 4 items from which all arrived at within a week and then had them shipped to Australia. I requested shipment on Friday 8th November and received my package Thursday 14th November. Shipping costs were a little high but the products I ordered cost twice as much in Australia so I still ended up saving money. Storage fees are fair ($1 per day for each item after 7 days of arrival) Overall, I had a positive experience and will be using again and recommending to friends and family.

New Reviewer

I decided to order a pair of slippers, worth $30 and $70.

When those arrived, myus declared them worth $30 and $600 respectively. I immediately contacted them with the description of the mistake, but they shipped the package anyway, charging me $60 for it.

Our border controls held the package and - because the price declared was much higher than the slipper price, they didn't let it though. I again lost $20 for brokerage services.

I contacted myus support with this, and what they told me is that they are going to charge me for return shipping, and than for the shipping again.

If you considering whether you would like to use them, think again. It's not worth it.

New Reviewer

Badly ripped off. Amazon’s advice to use mail service firms such as, led me into an expensive tax-trap. Key point is Amazon uses USPS postal delivery, no taxes are levied by the importing country Customs. Not So, when using
I wanted to buy a few simple items: walking stick, fixing unit for camera and small wooden abacus. informed me (25-Oct-13) the vendors do not export to my country of residence, Thailand. However, among Amazon’s advice was the following:
“You can use freight forwarder to ship the item. There are many freight forwarder's available to ship it to your location. You can search them by Google.”
Google suggested: ,and now I see this almost everywhere I look on the internet, they advertise heavily).
Strangely, when it comes to shipping,, charges hundreds of dollars for the basis USPS postal service, which would normally be cheap and efficient and “signed for” delivery. Yes, in Thailand too, I’ve used it countless times. guides their customers to Fedex or Fedex Priority. Charges are much higher than normal, but not so extortionate to scrap the deal.
But what I found is the Customs people in Thailand will automatically levy onerous taxes on Fedex shipments, and all the more for the Priority service. This is surely known to, but of course they field the easy evasion..”import taxes of another country are beyond our control”.
But i suspect this is all very well known to the people on the inside of the postal/courier trades. I discovered the structure offered by led me directly into an expensive tax trap at the point of end-delivery. Goods with aggregate value of US$207, had postal charges (Fedex) of US$77; plus Thailand Customs Tax of US$100. So, my total cost was US$385, or +85% of the actual goods value.
Based on my experience, I would not use again, and would ask to stop guiding their customers into their hands. This leads to an expensive tax trap at point of delivery.
The key point is, whereas Amazon uses a reasonably efficient USPS postal service, this is denied by (unless you want to pay much much more than the Fedex price). Maybe and Fedex are in collusion to take their customers for a ride?

New Reviewer

I signed up with so i could purchase cosmetics and skincare products from American companies who don't ship to the UK. Initially the service was good, but they began charging extortionate prices for shipping! They also use massive boxes to ship small items - again increasing the shipping fees. The final straw was their refusal to ship a facemask to the UK because the box had Chinese writing on it- despite the fact that it clearly stated on Amazon the product had FDA approval for international shipping. Their Customer Services was unhelpful and inflexible!! Shame,

New Reviewer

The most terrible customer service ever. The most terrible delivery system, and it seems like representatives of their company lie and cheat sometimes. Thus, i strongly donot recommend this company. I suggested to pay someone more,and stay safe

New Reviewer

I am based in Australia and have a permanent address with and have used them for a number of years (3 or more). I have had 100's of individual packages sent there from jewellery to large tractor parts. I will try and summarise my thoughts on them based on on my experience as a permanent address holder and as a shipper of 100's of items with many items included in the one shipment (to reduce the overall freight rate). I pay by American Express (you get discounts/freebies). Any expressed $ amounts are US dollars. Also keep in mind that companies like this generate their revenue/profit from the freight they ship and the rates they charge.

Good points:
1. If you pay by American Express them you get a "free" permanent address.

2. Receipt of a packages is notified to you by individual email within 24 hours of receipt by MyUS

3. The individual packages and their content and value are listed on receipt (as above) with the sender, content and value, and weight in an "inbox" which you can view at any time.

4. You can adjust "declared values", within limits, or by providing supporting documentation for another value, or sometimes by just using their "chat".

5. Using a "tick box" method you can select whichever packages you want sent or consolidated into a shipment from the items listed in your "inbox"

6. You can add your own notes to the individual items in the "inbox" . These notes do not appear on any documentation.

7. Shipment from location has always been within 24 hours of by authorization and if you work in their time zone it is nearly always the same day, and I have seen my goods leave within three hours of my authorization.
Notification of shipment and tracking info sent as soon as shipment is despatched.

8. You can choose from three airfreght companies, DHL, Fedex, and...(?). (I just choose the cheapest and that alternates between Fedex and DHL).

9. Customer service is available by chat, email, telephone or letter. I have used all four and always had a response. (Email response same or next working day)

10. You can add the names of friends to your account for no additional charge. I don't think there is a limit (I have 8 included within my account umbrella). So friends can use your account but just use their name with your MyUS postal address.

11. They seem customer service orientated with *excellent computer systems. Even the person opening the packages on delivery will contact you if they think there is a problem with the package (damaged or incomplete). I have had a couple of these emails but after I have checked out things from my end all has been okay)

12. They have a personal shopper service which I have never used except for one time when I went to use it , but after I issued my instructions to purchase they came back to me and said most of what I was trying to buy was prohibited for air freight or would result in too much extra charges so I did not have the full experience.

13. They contact you first about any impending extra charges that may apply (dangerous goods etc). At least this gives you the opportunity to make a decision if you wish to incurr the charge or scrap the goods.

Bad Points.

1. An individual package will only be held for a maximum of 30 days free of charge. After that each package that fall outside the "free" parameter will incur a daily fee of $1 (or maybe its $2) storage fee so you have to be on top of your "shipments in progress". Therefore it becomes quite a management exercise to get all your packages to arrive within the time frame so you can receive the advantages of overall lower/ lb freight charge. (see (3) below.

2. This is subjective, but their freight rates may not be that great. Sometimes it is cheaper to ship direct with Amazon. Also , a few days ago, it was a lot cheaper to have a set of floor standing speakers shipped by the store direct.

3. Lightweight packages will be expensive to ship. Whilst I cannot tell you an exact number there is a base cost of $30 -$40 associated with every shipment so there is what works out to be a minimum charge. So, with packages weighing between 1 and 5lbs the shipping cost will be in the order of $40-$50

4. Their online shipping costs and *estimator are not transparent. Whilst they do have a shipping estimator it does not reflect any discount you get. There is an automatic discount of 30% if you pay by American Express. (however don't get excited by that as it is calculated with smoke and mirrors). However if you email them and ask, they will get back to you with an accurate freight quote based on the items you select.

5. For online chat or telephone customer service you must work within their Florida working hours (8am- 5 pm Mon- Sat). There is no "after hours" chat or telephone facility .

6. As with probably all freight consolidators and where you have multiple items to be shipped, you cannot know before your shipment is prepared if it is going to be charged on a cubic equivalent (volume) basis or actual weight. The 'inbox" could be improved so at least you could get a running total of volume, weight, and estimated freight charges.

Good/excellent customer service, freight rates may not be the best available, short "free" holding time of goods.

New Reviewer

Used for 3 + Years.

No issues, until last shipment. They charged storage on the items, tried for 3 weeks to negotiate a rate. Ended up having to pay 800USD for 4 weeks storage of around 0.2M3. Complete joke with customer service, in the end they have all the cards, and have no issue leveraging your goods against non payment.

New Reviewer

I have a good experience with this company. My package was quickly handled and sent. The shipping fees are a lot lower than with one of their competitors that I used before.

I had one little issue with them, in the live chat they told me about a promotion that they have with AMEX. Later it turned out that the promotion was not valid in my country (their mistake). MyUS however respected all discounts of the promotion anyways after I explained what happened.

New Reviewer

I can only speak for my own experiences, but I have no complaints whatsoever. Their customer support (by email) was polite, clear and expedient. My package was delivered from them to Sweden in just 5 or 4 working days in mint condition and at the same price as their shipping cost calculator suggested.

I have read that they donät have any phone support, which I have no experiences of since I never tried to call them.

It may also be that other companies offer better pricing on the services but I don't consider 65 dollars (+ 10 dollars initial sign-up fee) bad for a pair of shoes (4.3lbs) from Florida to Sweden.

I was completely overwhelmed by their great email customer service, of a quality that I have never experiences before. This might have a great influence on my impression of MyUS, but as I wrote above, I had no negative experiences from the delivery service itself either.

Karl (Sweden) (Shipped a pair of shoes in the beginning of April 2012)

New Reviewer

Good service; bad billing; non-cooperating and foolish customer service (so ARROGANT); read on them online and don't make our mistake

Apprentice Reviewer

has any other person used their service, cos they seems good, but I want to be careful

New Reviewer

I really regret trusting MyUS.
I have several package and there's ALWAYS a mistakes in each package! and what most ridicilous answer I ever had is that such mistakes is COMMON in MyUS!
What a very bad services,,
I email the cs and the cs manager and they said that they have make an adjusment to my package. But what I get is same mistakes repeated, again and again!
Please rethink a million times before using their services.
I think an expensive cost is not a problem if you get an excellent service.
But surely NOT from MyUS.

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