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4299 Express Lane
Sarasota, FL 34238
Tel: 1.941.227.4444

76 Reviews for MyUS

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New Reviewer

I have a wonderful experience with MyUS. There prompt services is second to none and further more i received my shipment in a perfect condition within a space of 4 days, am so much happy. I recommend MyUS to all serious minded business person because they are the best in terms of packaging,prompt services, and customer relationship. You are super jooooooo!

New Reviewer

I liked your service Wonderful
Thank you very much

New Reviewer

At times it takes too long to receive an answer, urgent packages aren't always sent right away.

New Reviewer

My application should have been for a Standard account and through (human) error I was set up with a Premium account.
After addressing I got a timely response from my accountmanager (Angel) and he/she solved the error (and the financial issues that came with it). He/she deserves a 5-star review.

New Reviewer

Angel was very helpful in assisting me with my membership. Prompt and polite replies to my messages.

New Reviewer

Angel - Account Manager

i dont think we have realy spoken before - but ....


*:x lovestruck *:x lovestruck *:x lovestruck



New Reviewer

As a new customer, I am so grateful for the help and assistance I received from MyIs staff especially Angel who helped me with my first shipment.I will spread the word among my family and friends and yes I am a permanent customer of MyIs.

New Reviewer

I've been using MyUS services for years, It's one of the oldest and most reliable Mail forwarding services around.

I love their shipping prices and their top notch support, truly awesome.

New Reviewer

I have been using MyUS for quite some time now and could not be more satisfied with their service, the caliber with which they operate, and the prompt responses by their account managers and customer service representatives. They've become my go-to mail forwarding website.

New Reviewer

What they in fact do is check everything that comes in and what they can use they keep for themselves using some lame 'regulations' of 'law' related excuses. They tell you they can't ship the goods to you and then give you 2 'options', disposal or back to sender.
If you try the back to sender option myus will give you again an excuse for not being able to do this. So the only thing is the 'disposal', what they do anyway because they don't answer your objections and reasons.
So far they kept a server (1500,00 $) for themselves, shampoos, eyedrops, nail polish, a pair of louboutin shoes (1500,00 $) claiming that these shoes could leave the US, they were made in Italy and come from outside the us!!!
The thing is that myus knows very well there is nothing you can do because you are abroad and that's where they take the advantage of.
But I have now turned to a lawyer because I'm totally fed up with the scams and ripping of and never getting an answer.
I really hope people don't fall for their traps anymore and that they will get what they deserve.

New Reviewer

Do not use this company. I was ripped off today. I got a car part that was about 300g in weight. A plastic strip for a door panel. About a meter long I admit but half a centimeter thick and 5cm wide. I got charged $180 US for that by That is $230 New Zealand. The part cost me $25. The part has not arrived yet in New Zealand but I am expecting a big box to arrive. The weight of this box is 3kg. I was charged for 13 kg weight looking at the bill. If I would have known that it cost that much I would not have agreed for the item to be shipped. Apart from the complete waste of resources in card board, paper, shipping space etc, I find this sort of inflated shipping cost almost criminal. I had no quote, no email, nothing before they send this. Obviously they got your credit card so they can charge anything they want. I obviously will never use them again however what can I do to recover this cost? Looking at other feedback a refund sure is out of question I guess. I send email making a complaint but no reply obviously. Have cancelled my credit card now. What I can do though is: I can leave feedback to prevent this sort of rip off with other people that intend to use them. The net is littered with negative feedback about My lesson this time is to do my homework first and I wish now I had seen this site and the reviews before I used them. Whatever you do, do not use under any circumstances. Its daylight robbery................I will make a photo and upload it here soon. The box with the part next to it so everyone can see for them-self how unreasonable and dishonest inflates their shipping charges! Zero stars for you

Ask Mario about MyUS
New Reviewer

Scam. The only reason I joined MyUS was because the Kohl's website has a big banner saying "International Shipping Now Available" (through MyUS)

I thought if a big company like Kohl's recommended them it would be OK, and made my Kohl's order through them to be shipped to Canada. A week later I got a confusing email from MyUS saying that my package had arrived in their US warehouse but there was a problem. (They claimed the sender wasn't Kohls and the contents did not match what I'd ordered --- as if this was MY fault (???)).

Their solution? I needed to pay $2 for a photo to see the package and $7 to open it. If I want to send it back, they also charge the customer to send a package (like this, with problems), back to sender!

Right away, this is looking like a scam. I'm furious with Kohl's for not checking out this service better.

New Reviewer

Best to stay away from MyUS. I joined MyUS in 2011 because they were offering free membership (no annual fee). But I ended up never using them because their prices are too high and it's never worth it unless you are buying lots of things from all over US at once.

Suddenly last week (3 years after joining, after I completely forgot about them, and never used their services at all) they charged me $60 on my credit card for an annual membership, with no warning or reminder whatsoever. I told them I have never even used their service since I joined. They simply said you have agreed to the T&Cs when you joined. I was given no option to cancel the membership.

Just be careful. If you join MyUS, there will be unexpected charges on your credit card, which you have no option to say no to.

New Reviewer

They are TERRIBLE! I have been selling and shipping my items all over the world. One customer who lives in Australia had went through this company and they held her item for days and then stated because there was a TINY piece of abalone she had to pay a fee of $180. The piece was 20mm and cost maybe $2. I have never had a shipment held because of this. I ship all over the WORLD! Do not use this company they are terrible, I would just ship through regular sources.

New Reviewer

I have been a steadfast customer since 2005. in recent years, their service has totally deteriorated. There is a fee on everything, while consolidating packages and wholesale customer declarations disappeared. They don't answer e-mails. This year I sent 3! E-mails requsting a cancellation of my membership, the first in February. Yet, they have debited my credit card for a renewed membership fee without even alerting me. This is also called stealing!! I foresaw that and tried to delete my credit card from their site in April, but it was not possible.

New Reviewer

The worst experience ever. Going through the process of filling the invoice out and shipping it to myself was too much stress. System problems on their part we nerve wracking as well. They re-packaged my original package in such a sloppy manner, using their own material and not even wrapping the items up in anything. The items were sitting at the bottom with the safety packaging laying on top. I ordered an eye shadow, which cracked in dust and got other products dirty, not to mention paying a fee online and at the door. You may read that it's "Duty and Tax free" but you ARE charged by the shipping company. I spent over 55$ in all just to get 7 items of makeup to myself. Never Again!!

New Reviewer

I am a long-time premium member/user of myUS however until this week had not used them in 2014. After I had several items of a potentially large and expensive shipment sent to my address I Googled the company as a precaution and found these Sitejabber reviews. I was absolutely shocked to the extent that I couldn't sleep. I panicked that I would either be charged an incontestable fortune or that some of my items would be stolen and my imagination ran wild. Even now after a really positive experience (see below) it's hard not to be somewhat put off.

The thing is though, everything went perfectly. I actually started a chat after reading these reviews with a representative called 'Tiffany' just asking for reassurance and she was very patient and understanding despite my negatively loaded questions. Interestingly she told me there was no takeover, just a new CEO, also, apparently myUS ship over 8,000 packages a week and the complaints to volume is actually low. I felt a bit more at ease so I continued purchasing the other items I wanted and had them sent to my myUS address.

All eleven packages were registered as received and appeared in the myUS 'My Account' 'Inbox' the same day as they were confirmed by the couriers. For one package, a confusing discount code was listed as an item on the invoice however obviously there was no corresponding product in the package - photos were made available to me for free so I could check everything was in there; at the same time the package remained available for release. Once I arranged shipping to the UK it was $40 cheaper than the site shipping calculator tool predicted, and, that was using DHL express not economy (I had 'use cheapest option' selected (between DHL and FedEx)). I had a text from DHL the next day!! Saying, I could have the package if I paid the tax invoice. I did, and received it next working day. So it took 2 working days to make it from Florida to my house in the UK. The consolidated package was really well put together with no wasted space and well protected - which I did not pay extra for. I checked every item carefully and individually and they are all perfect.

To be honest this has been my experience with myUS every time in the past. In my horrified research through all the negative reviews on here and some Facebook posts I did find that a) the majority are from Australians. I found on the website an FAQ answer in response, there seems to be a new customs requirement there to do with separate packages. b) there is a cosmetics related theme running through complaints.

I don't know if there is some sort of sabotage going on here. Anyone can write a review? My guess is the Australia and cosmetic related complaints are genuine. Anyhow, it's easy to lose faith and I have done a bit. It doesn't seem fair though because as I have written I have had nothing but positive experiences. I hope this remains this case and will update this review if anything changes. I just thought it was right to tell of one of the I'm sure many positive experiences.

New Reviewer

Possible the worst shipping company in America. They used to be ok up until 2013 and then turned into a nightmare. I spent $30,000 over 6 years.

Now they are extremely expensive, non existent customer service and appalling management.

There is absolutely no reason to use this company at all. THEY OFFER NO SERVICE OF VALUE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

New Reviewer

DO NOT GO NEAR THIS ORGANISATION. I have used them for over 3 years and up until June 2014 everything was fine. I had ordered large quantities of goods and had them ready to be shipped from myus. They split 5 shipments into over 20 shipments - this is now costing me (so far) $1,200 MORE. Items that were required to be sent urgently have not yet arrived? I know requirements have changed to Australia but WHERE on the website does it state that all shipments are sent individually?

New Reviewer

i had to come here and write a review about this company..I just tried to explain everything but they never seems to care here was an email i sent to them

"The email was sent to one of the customer service named joy but i had to send again still they didn't do anything"

tried contacting joy and explained everything (with my other email) that the account 418501 is not mine and i can not afford to pay all of that amount let me just explain this to you

The 418501 is for my brother who ordered his stuff and so on, first i never knew there was myUS but i was always ordering stuff through post office but they happen to be very thieves spo my brother once told me to order what i want through his account (418501) so they can come together with his stuff. So i ordered a video game CD (call of duty black ops) which you may see if you visit his suite it is there... so day by day things were not okay i asked him why is it taking so long than post office? he said packages were hold up so he couldn't pay whatever he has as unpaid, so he told me i could open new suite and use it to send my packages and he taught me how to open and stuff but because i am in school i dont even own any credit/debit card he just gave me his other card (he has 4 of them) to use it for my account and he told me to pay everything ASAP but due to my situation i had to save money since February as you can see account was opened on feb but i didnt pay the $10 for opening an account that because i was saving for everything now on may i just came in and pay $10 and yes the account was back again and i had everything under control and start to order my own stuff Mostly video games CD's, (here are so cost-fully) so okay my account was clean and i thought i am doing good. But one day i went through the live chat and meet a girl/woman i usually chat with jeff/ian/ and ali, so i asked her is it possible to transfer package from one account to another? my aim was to see if my video game CD (call of duty black ops) which was on 418501 (my brothers suite) could be transferred to my account just only that.. she just told me to wait (yes i did wait for like 20 minutes) so i tried asking her whats are the progress she couldn't reply tried for like 10 minutes but no one was answering . so okay i said maybe the connection lost... few munites i tried logging to my account and see if there would be any packages received i saw something told me its a wrong suite or incorrect password.. so again i went to the live chat and AGAIN found a girl/woman (i really love how jeff,ali, and ian serve me) her namee was i think kytylin or something like that so i asked her whats wrong to my account and gave her my suite she just came accross and tell me it was cancelled i asked her why she said because they allow only one account per individual i tried explaining her that its not my account she kept on telling me "you have multiple accounts thats why we closed the 412931 and moved packages to 418501 that has some unpaid balance and so on.... that was the point i panicked and got mad and told her its not fair..
as you can see the story above, Alana please i beg you try to understand how the situation was/is and move back my packages and my suite so i could ship them. if you want i could even pay the shipping fee before the packages are gone.. i saved enough money for what i know i would buy please understand my situation there should be other packages coming its so sad that im wasting much time i don't know if they are arrived or not please try to understand what i just said i wish i could be in us and explain everything well please also show this to joy i really want the account back please please..

So the email probably expplains how worse they are.. but they never helped me or answer anything PLEASE STAY AWAY I REGRET USING MYUS.COM EVERRR EVER STAY AWAYY PEOPLE

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrible company! I received a package of 8 pots, they charged me $500 to ship these to me and I NEVER PURCHASED THESE POTS! I don't cook, let alone purchase pots that I wouldn't know what to do with. They said there was nothing they could do, the packages were addressed to me. And they wouldn't listen to me from there. I don't understand how they can deliver something I never purchased.

New Reviewer

This company is the most biggest scam I have ever seen, they charge you for everything, they are unhelpful , they prétend that they do not understand what you want, they even lie... you should forget about this awfull company.
C'est une gosse arnaque, bien que vous payez chaque mois pour être un membre premium, vous devez payer pour tout, voir le contenu du colis, ils m'ont même volé de la marchandise, honteux, je me désabonne aujourd'hui meme

New Reviewer

On my most recent (and last ever) shipping order with MyUS, I received a notification that my consolidated package would be sent out that day. Then two days later I receive a cancellation and two new shipment notifications at a total cost of $30 more.

I jumped straight onto MyUS to request an explanation, and I received nothing. They first explained that MyUS no longer consolidated packages to Australia, which made no sense! They later took this back, but used the excuse that the package had already gone out and there was nothing they could do.

The girl I spoke to then gave up on trying to help me and said she'd contact me later but then never got back to me.

This is the second time that MyUS has cancelled my shipment to charge me more.

New Reviewer

Have been dealing with this company for about five years. Recently they destroyed an order of expensive cream from Europe, claiming it was illegal over the counter medicine. It has been coming into the US and Canada for many years and they shipped another order of it three months ago no problem! Impossible to deal with. I'm going to find another reshipper.

New Reviewer

Our company has been a MyUs customer for 6 years now, spending approx $US125,000 with them in that time (We export hand tools which are very heavy) .They used to be the best freight forwarding company around, but in the last 6 months have become an absolute nightmare to deal with. They just dont seem to care anymore about customers, and just try to grab as much of your money as possible for as little effort as possible.I almost feel sorry for the new owners, as they obviously are in over their heads, as some of the mistakes they make are just laughable. I would imagine the value of the company will diminish as all their once happy customers exit also, so they will be the ones who suffer in the end. I could site several examples of their incompetence, but they've all been covered by other reviewers anyway. There are so many freight forwarders around now, that its just not worth taking the risk of dealing with MyUS. On top of their incompetence, Amazon now charge sales tax for shipments to Florida,which has made it even more expensive to use their broken service.

New Reviewer

Order three items from the same seller and they will claim that all items arrived in separate package even though the seller shipped them together. Then out of the blue they will raise your shipping cost 500% for an item they have shipped at normal good price before claiming it is dimensional weight calculation due to huge box that is not required.

New Reviewer

I import telescopes and Ereaders to sell at my store and just started using I ordered a 35kg astronomical telescope, 14 kindle EReaders, 10 binoculars, 5 earphones, total worth $3,484. The package arrived today and I got the shock of my life. Opening the huge telescope box, the top form-fitted foam needed to protect the telescope was missing. MYUS removed the top foam to put in other stuff. Without it, the scope packaging is obviously incomplete and I can't sell it as new, or even send it to out to a customer. Inside, there a are some air plastic bags on top but not enough for to hold a 25kg scope in place if box is on the side or upside down. Removing the airbags, I see a jumble of all my stuff mentioned above, together with the telescope parts and accessories, all strewn around my $1600 telescope - no protecting from one another. Some boxes were crushed from the scope rolling around when the box was put on its side (or worse upside down, in which case the scope will be subject to shock without its topfoam). Everything together looked like junk rather than new products. Also, the seal of 10 of 14 of my kindle retail packaging was purposely broken so I cannot sell them new. Only 4 of them has its seal intact. FedEx was fast - only 5 business days to deliver. But MYUS's packaging is horrible, horrible. The damage to the product packaging renders them not in condition for sale as new. I have another shipment worth nearly $10,000 on the way (on the way from customs) and I really, really fear what I will see when it arrives. I hope MYUS will compensate me for the damage and promise me not to damage my products again, then I will consider future services from them (they lose nearly $5000 - $10000 of my business a month).

New Reviewer

Stay away from these scamsters, they try everything in the book to force you to send everything piece meal or to extract 'holding fees'. They invent reasons such as 'seller unknown' and when you purchase on of their low quality photos you can see the sender company and Amazon Invoice. They also do no longer respond to emails and everything has to be followed up by chat which is also impersonal.

Why do we deal with this company you may ask? They were once good and after they were sold everything went downhill. We are just trying to get back our property they hold, worth hundreds of dollars.

Stay away!

New Reviewer

I was prompted to use this site from DSW as they don't ship to Canada. I ordered $60 shoes from this site and was charged $80 from MyUS. Please never use this site. It's not worth it at all.

New Reviewer

Well I thought it was just me but looking at the other reviews I can see now it isn't. I've been a customer of theirs since 2007 and the service was excellent. However as of 2014 the service provided has been absolute crap. I can see now from the other reviewers that the company changed hands this year which explains a lot. Where do I start...

1) They would never carry out special handling instructions. I once paid to have all original postage boxes and envelopes removed so everything would fit in a smaller box. I also asked for extra bubble wrap (because often use your original postage boxes as packing material). Well the shipper decided to ignore the first part of my instruction (about discarding the boxes) but to carry out the second instruction (extra packing material) which meant when my parcel finally arrived I had not only the original postage boxes and envelopes but extra boxes and envelopes too. Obviously they don’t care because they are not paying to have an excessively heavy box shipped. I was livid. The box that was delivered was about 60x60x 60 cm and all the items in it could fit in a shoe box. Worst part was that, I had previously complained about this very problem and the customer service rep assured me that the packers are very professional and more or less that I may have been exaggerating the problem. It gave me great pleasure to send her proof of exactly what I was complaining about. Suffice to say they had to refund part of my shipping fee but that was after numerous emails.

2) I order indie cosmetics from places like Etsy. They never had a problem shipping those items before. In fact they shipped some January 2014. However as of May 2014 that is a different story. Every other item that comes in is getting flagged and they are declining export of them - something to do with FDA labelling (i.e. they want ingredients listed on the items). But not even major brand cosmetics like Mac or Sephora have the ingredients listed on every product. I wouldn’t mind but they don’t seem to be following any sort of rule. Sometimes they’ll ship an item from one seller that has no label; next time they’ll flag it; time after that they ship it. What is going on?!

When I send an email to ask what is going on, providing proof that they are inconsistent on the items they flag, the rep just pretty much ignored the proof I sent to her. It’s as if they know some employees are following rules, others flouting them but they don’t want to admit to it. I asked several times for a link or some extra information on this new FDA rule so I don’t have to waste money on buying items I can’t receive, or worse yet have to return them and get the merchant to send it directly to me. Finally after numerous email and phone calls (yes from the UK to the USA) I get a link from an external site no doubt. You’d think they have something that important located on their own website somewhere.

3) It takes 3-4 days to answer emails. Wouldn’t be a problem but when your items are in storage and can only be held for 30 days, time is of the essence. It’s worst when they flag an item and say they will dispose of it in 5 days if they receive no response. I respond straight away but it takes forever for them to read it. So far I’ve managed to beat the deadline.

4) No one seems to know what the other department is up to especially between customer service, the packers and the ones who open the packages. I had nail polish shipped last week and in the box was some unknown substance that looked like cat litter. When I rang and asked about it I was questioned about if the box a had been tampered with (which it hadn’t as their tape was intact) and I was to send pictures of it. This was all new to the person I spoke with, turns out after a week it was the packer that placed that substance in my parcel to protect against leakage.

Wow... a company whose only job is to ship items doesn’t know what they are packing into the parcels.

5) Items missing from packages. I had a parcel delivered which they refused to export to me so I had to send it back to the merchant. When it was opened only 3o f 4 items sent was present. When it was sent back to the merchant there were only 2 of 4 items present. I also paid to have the package inspected for a note which they said they could not find. But it mysteriously appeared when the package was returned.

6) Emails asking me to input the value of items when they have on the invoice right there scanned onto the system.

7) Customer service just don’t care anymore. Maybe it’s down to being overwhelmed with complaints which is easy to understand now with all the people having problems with them.

Bottom line... I am looking for another shipper. Staying with them is not worth the hassle. When they started they had competitive rates but that’s because there was only a few companies like them about. Now they have real competition and you’d think it would encourage them to up their game but it doesn’t.

Please stay away.

New Reviewer

This company was once great. Had used it for several years without issues. A change of ownership or service procedure (early in 2014) has meant that it now takes them from 24 hours to 3 days to receipt in your package with the knock impact that your parcel will now ship later. If you are fine with the delay they are OK but for me it somewhat defeats the benefit of paying for express shipping. They also seem to jack up the cost of shipping by regularly using larger boxes than required for what you are shipping. Admittedly I have never had an item damaged in shipment.

New Reviewer

Signed up, read about the $10 set up fee. That was fine, first shipment was a breeze. BUT, then, Made an order with a company for herbs/spices and some veggie seeds, order got seized by because there were seeds in it, tomatoe/beans/etc etc. Had to pay to have package split. But the real catch is in the delay tactics of this place, it took weeks or days for them to reply to my emails, in their emails they would write them as basic as possible so it would delay the process even more, only giving as little information as possible, forcing a continuous email game. Then after weeks of emailing they tried to charge me storage fees over $30 untop of everything else, I filed a resolution case with paypal and they refunded me everything.
Secondly was more delay tactics, the companies I would buy from would send confirmation emails stating when the package would arrive, then would hold them until the weekend of that week before registering them so I would have to wait all weekend before I could take action just to delay even more hoping to get more storage fees.
And thirdly, after I filed a complaint with paypal for the unauthorized money they tried to charge me, they restricted my account to "wire transfers" only for payment without notifying me until I made another purchase through them, and again, another rat race to try and get my package, with days between emails, storage fees racking up, and another hidden fee of $12 for wire transfers that I don't have a choice about.
This will be the last chance I give, in the beginning they were a ligit business, now they are scammers. Stay far far away, there are better sites now that do the same thing without the scamming.

New Reviewer

I have been using myus since 2012 as premium client up until recently they are doing ok but recently they shipped my 2 identical items without even consol to one box (hence higher shipping cost) and the most annoyed part is they consol all my amazon loose items (plugs, sdcards, phone casing) into one of the factory box reducing the box clearance to none. As a result the particular item is dented and when i filed for claim, they got me walking through a lengthy process and pushing their responsibility to the shipping company instead. I got fed up and i felt nobody should be exposed to such irresponsible company for their so unprofessional act in repacking customer items. The best part is they even charge you for an annual fee which i felt they dont even deserve it at all. And when i told them please cancel my subscription, their reply was "service fees is auto charged as per T&C and mine was due in 5 months time hence they cant put in the cancellation request now and ask me tp contact them when its due.." I am certainly looking elsewhere that deserve the business. Their attitude and service really gone south..

New Reviewer

i use this company because i purchase items from chinese sites like ALIEXPRESS. and the products arrive MUCH MORE quickly from CHINA to my EU country sending them by US address,
UNFORTUNATLY they dont have a European address which would eliminate by 100% the customs fees!

i ALWAYS USE DHL instead of FEDEX because of lower costs

i dont give them a 100% vote because they dont have permit to EXPORT Asicminners... ONLY Butterfly Labs?!

I have been told that Butterfly Lbas was the ONLY company that has applied from the verification procedures!

About other "transportation fees" complaints, their services are NOT equal, so ask them about the location of the page where the week day costs are... that could be the difference between a $5 and $20

i believe that if MYUS validates Asics/Antminers from other companies they will grow

But yes, the answer to emails takes lots of time...i believe thats the fault of incompetent supervisors!

New Reviewer

My original review (4 stars) is below. I have now changed it to two star. Since being sold to some other company has gone downhill on a number of fronts.
1. Customer service via email is poor and unresponsive. I have to follow up my emails with "chat" because I do not get a response other than the automated reply.
2. Packaging is no longer done using "nouse". They ship the original boxes without any attempt to consolidate items within a box resulting in higher freight charges (volume equivalent charges). I suspect that since they make their money fro freight it is to their benefit (in the short term) not to consolidate items within packages.

3, There is a increase in items requiring "special attention" This results in extra charges. Previously I have had the same items shipped without query. Also Amazon and UPS ship the same items to Australia without query. More money grabbing I expect.

This was my original review below.
I am based in Australia and have a permanent address with and have used them for a number of years (3 or more). I have had 100's of individual packages sent there from jewellery to large tractor parts. I will try and summarise my thoughts on them based on on my experience as a permanent address holder and as a shipper of 100's of items with many items included in the one shipment (to reduce the overall freight rate). I pay by American Express (you get discounts/freebies). Any expressed $ amounts are US dollars. Also keep in mind that companies like this generate their revenue/profit from the freight they ship and the rates they charge.

Good points:
1. If you pay by American Express them you get a "free" permanent address.

2. Receipt of a packages is notified to you by individual email within 24 hours of receipt by MyUS

3. The individual packages and their content and value are listed on receipt (as above) with the sender, content and value, and weight in an "inbox" which you can view at any time.

4. You can adjust "declared values", within limits, or by providing supporting documentation for another value, or sometimes by just using their "chat".

5. Using a "tick box" method you can select whichever packages you want sent or consolidated into a shipment from the items listed in your "inbox"

6. You can add your own notes to the individual items in the "inbox" . These notes do not appear on any documentation.

7. Shipment from location has always been within 24 hours of by authorization and if you work in their time zone it is nearly always the same day, and I have seen my goods leave within three hours of my authorization.
Notification of shipment and tracking info sent as soon as shipment is despatched.

8. You can choose from three airfreght companies, DHL, Fedex, and...(?). (I just choose the cheapest and that alternates between Fedex and DHL).

9. Customer service is available by chat, email, telephone or letter. I have used all four and always had a response. (Email response same or next working day)

10. You can add the names of friends to your account for no additional charge. I don't think there is a limit (I have 8 included within my account umbrella). So friends can use your account but just use their name with your MyUS postal address.

11. They seem customer service orientated with *excellent computer systems. Even the person opening the packages on delivery will contact you if they think there is a problem with the package (damaged or incomplete). I have had a couple of these emails but after I have checked out things from my end all has been okay)

12. They have a personal shopper service which I have never used except for one time when I went to use it , but after I issued my instructions to purchase they came back to me and said most of what I was trying to buy was prohibited for air freight or would result in too much extra charges so I did not have the full experience.

13. They contact you first about any impending extra charges that may apply (dangerous goods etc). At least this gives you the opportunity to make a decision if you wish to incurr the charge or scrap the goods.

Bad Points.

1. An individual package will only be held for a maximum of 30 days free of charge. After that each package that fall outside the "free" parameter will incur a daily fee of $1 (or maybe its $2) storage fee so you have to be on top of your "shipments in progress". Therefore it becomes quite a management exercise to get all your packages to arrive within the time frame so you can receive the advantages of overall lower/ lb freight charge. (see (3) below.

2. This is subjective, but their freight rates may not be that great. Sometimes it is cheaper to ship direct with Amazon. Also , a few days ago, it was a lot cheaper to have a set of floor standing speakers shipped by the store direct.

3. Lightweight packages will be expensive to ship. Whilst I cannot tell you an exact number there is a base cost of $30 -$40 associated with every shipment so there is what works out to be a minimum charge. So, with packages weighing between 1 and 5lbs the shipping cost will be in the order of $40-$50

4. Their online shipping costs and *estimator are not transparent. Whilst they do have a shipping estimator it does not reflect any discount you get. There is an automatic discount of 30% if you pay by American Express. (however don't get excited by that as it is calculated with smoke and mirrors). However if you email them and ask, they will get back to you with an accurate freight quote based on the items you select.

5. For online chat or telephone customer service you must work within their Florida working hours (8am- 5 pm Mon- Sat). There is no "after hours" chat or telephone facility .

6. As with probably all freight consolidators and where you have multiple items to be shipped, you cannot know before your shipment is prepared if it is going to be charged on a cubic equivalent (volume) basis or actual weight. The 'inbox" could be improved so at least you could get a running total of volume, weight, and estimated freight charges.

Good/excellent customer service, freight rates may not be the best available, short "free" holding time of goods.

New Reviewer

Terrible company, try using shipto or one of the others. Once myus was a good company, but got taken over and went very much downhill. Totally unprofessional and uncaring. Will hold products back that arrive early, just so you request another shipment.

New Reviewer

I have been a customer for a while and lately they've been charging extra fees for everything. Using bigger boxes deliberately to up the shipping prices, putting shoe boxes when they were supposed to discard them and charging storage fees for inspections for products that were safe. They did not refund me for anything but just ignored my email. Stay away from them at any cost!!

New Reviewer

I've used their service for almost 2 years, but got bumped in to their employee theft, first time they explained that it wasn't shipped by the seller, althou I had a proof and I let it go, but for the second time it got me mad, they took the same thing again!!!

New Reviewer

I signed up for a 3 month period about 3 or 4 years ago. I decided not to continue my membership. Now out of the blue they want to charge me a $60 set up fee for membership that I didn't even request!! I don't use the service and haven't had anything to do with them for years. This is a scam and I'll fight their invoice.

New Reviewer

I have used now for Years.
Everything about them including there charges were excellent.
Now there export reviews. as everyone else has said, Has Just committed suicide for the company.
There will be a constant decline on bottom line
They Have SHOT THEMSELVES in the Foot.
Steer Clear.
Don't Bother with Them unless you want watches as long as you can prove there authentic.
On second thoughts don't Go There

New Reviewer

What used to be an excellent service has gone downhill very fast. They have introduced many extra charges for their services, even just to look for something inside your box they charge $7 or one photo is $2, for example. They charge to remove a prohibited item such as a sample that is classified as a dangerous good, like a mini nail polish that you don't care less about, and don't want to have pay the additional $10.50 fee for.
In the last 4 orders something has gone wrong. You have to watch samples you order in particular. A company sent me 3 complimentary and 1 paid for sample, they were not inside the shipment box sent to me, because I had no insurance, I couldn't claim, fortunately the company sent me to my home address, not only all of these but threw in an extra one. In the last box another paid for sample was missing and they either removed or lost the packing slip so I couldn't see it on paper, despite my copy of the invoice which says that I did. This company will only accept claims within 15 days and As it has been sitting in my box for a month, I can't claim.
Another box was so badly packed, boxes of cosmetics were so squashed, and unusable that I could have just bought unboxed and bought them cheaper to begin with. One Stila eyeshadow was rattling around the box, with no protection and had smashed into pieces. Another $19 USD plus postage down the drain, as it was uninsured.
Finally I paid insurance and a Jo Malone body cream, 81.25 USD inc. tax was broken, glass bottom completely separated from its thinner glass sides, well the dramas of continual questions for information, despite the invoices I supplied plus photos, you would think I was at fault somehow. What a drama? After days of no replies to my 12 emails to them, finally they gave me - you guessed it - not the price I paid but the pre-tax price, as a credit on my next shipment, WTF? No I want my money back thanks. The only way I think I can get it back is to close my account with them, but then I only paid my "premium" $60 membership fee in January after all, so I don't think they will do a pro rata, going on their current stinginess.
They are appalling people to deal with and the sooner I can find an alternative, I will close my account with these thieving rip off merchants.

New Reviewer

CRAPPIEST WEBSITE EVER.. Worst customer service ever!! joined the site, got charged $10 for nothing. Tried to cancel. Customer service said rudely "it's non-refundable".. No apologies/explainations nothing.. Just non-refudable, even though I never used any services from them and cancelled the next day.. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!

New Reviewer

I have used MYUS for a number of years to ship to Australia. I was previously happy with the service, but it has gone downhill rapidly. It's often days after receipt of packages until they are logged into your Inbox. I have had many standard items that could have shipped direct from a retailer flagged for "Export Review" when there are no restrictions at all on their import/export. All contact I have with the Customer Service staff is generic and does not resolve anything. The story I am given is "there is no deadline for export review", yet the items can not be sent on elsewhere.. they are suspended for an indefinite period. Never again, MYUS, never again..

New Reviewer

Signed up back in 2004 - when they used to be fairly okay - they are now the biggest lying thieving b@strds and have been sine at least 3 - 4 years ago.

Stay VERY well away from these pr!cks, you WILL be ripped off and there is NO customer support!

New Reviewer

My parcel was onforwarded to me by MYUSA after they repacked it into an oversized box and filled it with filler, consequently increasing the dimensional charges 100%. Many emails asking why this was repacked resulted in this question being ignored but responding with issues relating to staff training and dimensional charges. After I sent a photo depicting the ridiculous packing they finally offered a credit for my next shipment...... so they can have another go at doubling my freight I guess ! No admission they were wrong in what they did leaves me with no confidence to use them again.

New Reviewer
3/10/14 is a scam. They take your money for everything. They have a ton of hidden costs and just charge your credit card for everything. To receive a package, to open it and inspect it (even if you don't want it), shipping is very expensive and handling is very slow. Support is non existent. Takes weeks to get your package shipped. Don't every use them MyUS sucks.

New Reviewer

Super high shipping cost, and their support seems to not have any clues with response time 72 hours on average. I have my account with them but will not ship anything.. There are plenty of honest and helpful package forwarders..

New Reviewer

After getting my package sent to MyUS and then having it sent from MyUS to here (Australia) I ended up paying $20 more in postage than I would have if I'd gotten it sent directly to me. I received no sympathy when I emailed customer service and no offer to meet the original price I was quoted. I felt completely ripped off by this service and wouldn't use it again.

New Reviewer

I ship products to South Africa every month. have been instructed to use a certain import tariff. They did not use the correct import tariff, my shipment has been impounded by customs for going on a month. Fedex and myself have been in touch with to ask them for a voucher of correction as well as to pay the penalty as a consequence of their error, but they have ignored every email, their Facebook page is set so that complaints are not shared with the Facebook community, and once you complain they ban you so that your comments can no longer be posted. I went on their live chat last night and they refused to acknowledge their error and eventually just withdrew from the conversation and ignored me. DON'T USE MYUS.COM PEOPLE. THEIR BUSINESS PRACTICES ARE QUESTIONABLE. EVERY TIME THERE ARE PROBLEMS THEY NEVER ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY. THEY ARE JUST AWFUL TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

New Reviewer

They use ridiculous big boxes to ship very small items (they do that to raise the dimensionnal weight so they could charge you more). Their customer service sucks as when they messed up one of my orders they just kept on saying do you want us to send you the package or return it to the seller without adressing the questions I made to them (the picture was showing only one item, while I ordered two - luckily out of anger I just told them to ship the package and there was two items like expected, while they kept telling me there were only one).

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