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MYHABIT reviews

80 reviews
Categories: Flash Sales, Shopping
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
Tel: 1-866-395-6759
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80 Reviews From Our Community

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Because it is run by Amazon, the customer service is amazing. (in 19 reviews)


Many of the items I've purchased through MyHabit had to be returned because they were not listed properly. (in 27 reviews)


They do have their issues with returns as all you get is store credit. (in 3 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Unfortunately and sadly; MyHabit website written and chat Customer service is controlled by outsource in India (their names is clear indication) Amazon, has a policy of closing account. They closed my account many years ago, I open new account recently; I had a horrible experience with email customer service, today they notified me my account close, again it came from the Indian THE rudest people any human being can deal with. The outsource CS are liars, deceptive they changed their story without any consideration of policies and or deceptive business practice. Resentfully, Amazon allowed them to do miss abuse their practice under their name. It is impossible, disgusting experience to deal with Customer Service in writing, however phone service are in the USA and they are very helpful. Unfortunately, they want to impose the Indian cultural deception, lies and indecency on us. It is a shame!

Tip for consumers: Stay away from MyHabit

Ask A about MYHABIT
New Reviewer

They have horrible customer service. If you have any problems at all, you are flat out of luck! All they want is your money.

New Reviewer

I absolutely love

I have gotten great products from them and nowhere else can you find the similar stuff cheaper even at an outlet.

I have the experience that a couple things I ordered look fake and some of them are 2008-2009 models. By the way, if you are into Richard Ginori tableware and Tods menshoes, the 2012 models are nowhere as good as their earlier last year merchandises.

Tips for success have high speed internet and log on exactly at 9 a.m. PST. Otherwise, most of the good things will be gone in less than 5 seconds. If you are not sure about the size, just oder two sizes and return one after you try it on at home since there is free shipping and credit back to your credit care will only cause you $6 more.

Vrey happy with it. Hope they have more merchandise each time!

New Reviewer

Just received an Ivanka Trump bag with the straps unglued from the hardware. Very shoddy packaging as well. Overall, everything feels cheap and wreaks of scam. Hard to believe there is any associations to Amazon.

Ask Carol about MYHABIT
New Reviewer

At five minutes to sale time my finger starts tingling! This is the BEST SITE EVER! So what if the items may be from a previous season, or they might not have every size. For the most part, they do. Sometimes there may be a pricey item or two, that's why they have the 'Designer' section. The have items that aren't even available in stores or other websites. Shipping...I have received items OVERNIGHT. The have the best brands, the best shipping, and the easiest returns.

New Reviewer

Read their Return and Refund Policy before you shop on
"Your refund will be in the form of an gift card, which will be automatically applied to your account." It sucks! Amazon doesn't have this policy, doesn't have this policy, doesn't have this policy.
Stay away

New Reviewer

First off, for us people that reside on the east coast, the sales don't go on line until 12 noon, when most of us are at work. When I have managed, after great effort to buy a number of things, mostly women's handbags, it was very rushed. If you don't jump on your item quickly, they sell out. Usually with in first 2 hours of sale. The most disappointing thing is, the quality of merchandise! Not what I expected, even from the somewhat vague descriptions item. I have returned more items than I have kept. The most insulting part of the whole transaction is you don't get your money back, they only give you an amazon gift card good for future purchases, I'm afraid I won't be doing much purchasing from this site in the future. It's to bad, the basic philosophy of site is great but in practice is disappointing.

New Reviewer

Everthing is sold out in seconds, unless you want to pay $125 for a pair of designer childrens jeans. I've been watching this site for weeks & have even been on a few times right when deals go live & have not been lucky. This site is terrible.

New Reviewer

Unfortunately, I have not been able to buy anything from this site...everything (for kids) is instantly gone. I go on the site at 9am PST each day. It is very frustrating to say the least!! They must only have 10 of each item....what a waste of time!

New Reviewer

i have used this site numerous times - you have to do your homework to see if the prices are good. Usually they are very good and shipping is fast! You also have to log in early, especially if you are of a common size. I really do think that shoes are factory seconds as I have had issues with them, and I may stop getting shoes from them. But overall I love them. Refunding was a breeze when I received a slightly defective chair, even though it was not refundable. Myhabit refunded the full price and had me keep the chair!

New Reviewer

Sometimes the stuff is good but most of the times in real it doesn't look how it looks on the site. I've bought dress shirts and shoes because they looked awesome on the site but in real the quality and the color of the shirts was poor. 80% of the times I had to return the stuff but since they have free shipping both ways I kept trying
Site usability: 4/5
Best Deals: 3/5
Order handling: 4/5
Product Quality: 1/5

New Reviewer

I have been a long time customer of Myhabit and have always find my experience to be fair. Some purchases comes through fine and some not which I can deal with. However, this past month, frustration hardly described my feelings when dealing with Myhabit. My last four orders were cancelled in a row! Three of them were given the reason that the items were out of stock. Now, if they do not have the items stocked, why were the items still available for purchase on their website???

With my final order, Myhabit even had the audacity to blame my credit card for the cancellation, which I have used multiple times on their website as well as on others. I called my credit card company to check and they said there was no indication that the charge was even attempted. Bear in mind that for this particular order, I received two cancellation emails from them. The first said the item was out of stock and that my credit card will not be charged. The second cancellation email was sent 2 hours later stating that my credit card had declined the charge and thus they had to cancel my order. It was as if the second email was sent as a second thought to rid the company of any liability. Blaming the customer for their inability to see an order through is absolutely unacceptable! It is most disappointing that not only Myhabit is lacking in inventory control, it is lacking in integrity as well. I am an avid online shopper and along the way I have come across good and bad online retailers, but by far Myhabit has outdone even the worst of them all.

Ask Missllaneous about MYHABIT
New Reviewer

At this moment I live through a stressful situation. I have spent a lot of money on
And now I just realized what a waste of money is to use this company. I received ugly shoes
Which do not look like on the picture. The cut is to open plus since it is a cheap company
The shoes are not true to its size and extremely heavy. never order from
My habit which is part of I do not have a printer and I need authorization label
From the company. Call Amazon representative and she lives on the West Coast never heard
Of My Habit. What am I to do? Mind this company Amazon wants you to fail returning
Their items and they do dirty tricks for you never to return those items like refund on your
Credit card? The choice is return on gift card and I saw some people got cheated on their
Orders which gives them return on the Gift Card. That is why this company prosper: tough
Policy of controlled return,cheap stuff, exuberant prices and covers it's face under the veil
Of Please stay away from No respect for people and they make the life of the people very difficult due go the fact that they sell mostly nonsense. Stay away
From Myhabit and Amazon- no respect for buyers.

Tip for consumers: Just do not use it? I have explained the reason why.

Ask Nella about MYHABIT
New Reviewer

Myhabit is an interesting project by Amazon that (according to my experience) has the following characteristics:
1) It has very low quality products, many of them being replicas from China that they advertise to sell at a 70% discount!

2) in most of the cases, the shipping dates are FAKE. They claim your product will arrive in 3 days or so, and in reality they don't even have the product in stock. If you are patient enough to wait, they will send it to you whenever it comes (usually in 3 weeks), otherwise they will cancel the order.

3) Myhabit has NO REVIEWS, so no matter what they do to you, you can't post it in their website to warn other users. That's why they manage to be in business.

These guys should really be sued for false advertisements regarding shipping and inventory quality/fake discount rates. The question is who is going to take the initiative. I know they are too big, but they have no right to lie to their customers.

Tip for consumers: Stay away!

Ask Michael about MYHABIT
New Reviewer

Everything, EVERY SINGLE ITEM I have bought from myhabit has arrived damaged in some way. Two items were OBVIOUSLY returns because the finishes were defective and the people who returned them did not re-package them correctly so during the shipping back to the original vendor, the shipping to myhabit, and the shipping out to me they were damaged even worse. However, the straw that broke my back was a snow globe I bought for my wife had its box and outer globe intact , but the figure inside was broken and missing a portion that was not inside the globe. That means it was manufactured that way. Myhabit sells a lot of B stock and returns, and as others said check the prices before you buy. Here is a tip on returns, I bought a kitchen waste can that arrived totally smashed, but instead of calling myhabit I called the manufacturer emailed them pictures of the damage, and they sent out another asap and told me to keep the old one. I took a hammer and block of wood to the old one, and now have a lumpy but functional extra can for the utility closet.

New Reviewer

4 months ago I had bought a chandelier on sale. It was beautiful. But when I got it the main hardware which is used to hang the chandelier was missing. I was so disappointed. And had to return it for full refund. So last month I bought beautiful pair of mid-century chairs for a very reasonable price. Once again I loved the chairs but they did not include any instructions to put them together and also they had missing parts. I am so mad. I called customer service and they asked me to give them 2 weeks to find the missing parts and instruction to put it together. I did not hear back so I call again. They said sorry they have not heard back and asked me for another weeks time. I was done with them by then. I asked them to just take the chairs back and give me back my money. How can they have vendors like them on their website. I am not going to buy anymore stuff from this website.

New Reviewer

I have chanced upon myhabit when I had to buy a pair of high fashion shoes that had as expected ran out of the shops as soon as they were put out. I have vast experience in online shopping being both a buyer and a seller. So I googled a bit and I was lead to the greatest site ever. Not only do they have the right size for me, they are priced very low, way low than the other fashion sites that I frequented before. I stayed on the site to browse some more and was delighted to find out that there are other awesome items as well in other categories. Like a true fashion diva I appreciate the e-mail they send to keep me updated on the latest sales! It sometimes suck because others get there before me but it's ok, I win some, I lose some. Also, a special shout out to their great after sales customer care for replying promptly and comprehensively to my queries and requests.

New Reviewer

Last FIVE orders have either not turned up, can't be tracked or have sent incorrect items. Can't be trusted at all-will tell you anything to get you to not cancel an order. Total and utter rubbish site-do not trust do not use.

New Reviewer

I saw a $775.00 Calvin Klein white shirt for sale for $149.00 on their site. I bought it! It came with a label from Calvin Klein attached saying, "Suggested Retail - $98.00"!!!! I was appalled, felt used and what do they think I am, stupid? I called to let them know and all they would do is refund me the balance between 149.00 and 98.00 - which means there's no discount and it's a supposedly discount site. Then, when I decided, forget it, I'll return it - they wanted to charge me a 3.99 return fee!!! After much time on the phone with supervisors, I finally got that 3.99 fee waved. I tell you what, I am telling everyone I know this story and you should too if you're reading this.

New Reviewer

I have spent a good deal of money on MYHABIT over the past two years, and all was going well until this fall. In October, a men's cashmere sweater I bought went missing in shipping. I called, traced it, and talked with their customer service rep at great length. They immediately offered a full refund which came through. I decided it was probably someone in the mailroom of my workplace. So this month, I ordered two more things but had them sent to my home. Just yesterday, they were supposedly delivered and signed for. Not possible--never even knocked at the door etc. Once again I called, talked to customer service and was offered a full refund immediately. Which I accepted. But I told them that I was done shopping with them--they needed to get a grip on their random, private carrier called LAZERSHIP because something was really wrong.
I found the whole thing strange---it's almost like they are expecting trouble and have orders to just bail out with a refund at the first complaint. The more I thought about it, the odder it seemed so I went online to see how they are reviewed. I see there are issues But my issue is not with Customer Service per se. They have been great....

New Reviewer

They have no customer service. It is nearly impossible to find a phone number, and they claim they do not have incoming customer service email addresses. Instead, one must go through a maze of online FAQ's to finally send a form. No ability to upload anything.

Don't believe them if they say they will call you back.

I ordered all my holiday gifts from Many arrived broken and nearly all were mislabeled. I had to unwrap the items to determine what was what. After paying $5 per gift wrap this was an extreme inconvenience.

Still battling to get refunds.

New Reviewer

I have bought FERRAGAMO Women's Ferragamo Soft with Handbag from MYHABIT, first it is big hole inside ,and I print pre-paid shipping label and drop off outgoing mail box.on next day.And I send email request for refund.Then funny things happened.different person told me different story.First said, once I mailed out, I should be get refund. After couple days, I still don't have refund, send them email again,second one told me,they have process it ,need 4-14 days. The third one told me, If I don't have refund on 24th Nov, I can contact with them.Yesterday, I sent email to them for refund. The customer service asked me to provide receipt number.They only provide pre-paid shipping label and asked us to drop off any station nearest of us.How do I have receipt number ???? After that, I sent them email ,they don't even reply me !!! Now, I don't have bag and they don't refund to me !!!! What kinda of service they are ????? I need my money back !!!!

New Reviewer

I was raised with the mindset of 'buy the best for the least' (thanks, Mom!) so I've become an awesome discount designer shopper. I work a lot, have four children so the sites had become my prayers answered so that I can adhere to my mom's mantra/values. MyHabit and HauteLook became my...habits/addiction sites. I have literally spent thousands and thousands between them -mostly on MyHabit because I'm was a huge Amazon/Jeff Besos fan. Recently I bought a leather clutch bag that was offered for the first time on the site. It arrived and I loved it. Three days after it arrived I click onto that day's offerings and lo and behold there is the same bag being offered for $10 less. Not a huge amount of monetary difference, of course, but it bugged me that it was so close to the first time it had been offered and that it wasn't entitled a 'blowout' handbag sale or the like. They were just offering the bag again, less than a week later for $10 less. Made me wonder if I should go back and check my gazillions of past orders to see if this was a pattern, but haven't to date. Instead I wrote to customer service, telling them that it's not the $10 that I'm upset about, but that I had just bought it and I would never expect anything to be reduced so quickly. Customer service writes back and informs me that they will be giving me the $10 this time, but not to expect adjustments like this in the future. Well, guess what, MyHabit. I decide where to buy and your pricing policy and the tone of your 'last time you get a credit" eMail has made me decide to strike you off my long list of flash sale sites.
Just a word to my fellow shoppers- if a company doesn't value retaining you go somewhere else. HauteLook is amazing and their customer service has been stellar. My guess is because they actually pay to acquire customers via TV ads and such they understand the value of customer retention. As an aside: HauteLook actually gave me a refund of almost $100 when I made them aware that a pair of designer shoes I purchased through them had just been offered by RueLaLa for that amount less. Guess what the last lines of the eMail said after they informed me of the credit? "Thank you for shopping with us; we appreciate your business". Take notes, MyHabit

New Reviewer

Good enough to buy from with a fast and free shipping .
I've had problem with my purchase once (I've received the used dress), but a customer service have solved this problem.
I keep buying from this site.

New Reviewer

I was just sent the wrong thing- FOR THE 3RD TIME!!!! I ordered a cardigan.
The 1st time, I received a skirt, but it was mislabeled, I figured these things happen, the customer service agent was very kind.
The 2nd time I received a pull-over. The customer service agent sounded like she was reading off of a sheet (the customer says this; you say that...). I felt like I was talking to a robot.
Today I received the 3rd shipment. A pull-over again-no cardigan. This time I asked for a supervisor. He handled it very perfunctory- nothing more. I order from a lot of online sites-have never received the wrong item twice-let alone 3 times! Amazon- pay attention!!!

New Reviewer

Worst posting, the price is higher than other website.
Compare before you shop at this website, the deal they offer is just horrible.
No worth it!

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service! I purchased some Shashi Jewelry from them (3 items), which I loved. However the crystals fell out of one of the items, and another broke and wouldn't adjust the size. The price was around $80.
I contacted them requesting either a replacement or a refund and they flat out refused, saying that its expected that the items will break from "normal" use. Having worn the items less than 10 times, I'd say that's an expensive way to buy jewelry!
Their customer service, whilst prompt (I give them that), wasn't particularly friendly and not apologetic for the sub-standard product.
NEVER using this site again.

New Reviewer

Buyer beware of the sizing information included on the clothing listings. Many of the items I've purchased through MyHabit had to be returned because they were not listed properly.

I enjoy shopping there, but many times I have to return the goods because of the wrong sizing information included on the page.

Apprentice Reviewer

Another one of those designer sale websites, but this time from Amazon. Because it is run by Amazon, the customer service is amazing. You can return most things (even a 1K wedding dress) for a flat rate of about $4. Shipping to you is free. They also refund you back to your credit card (Gilt only gives you credit back). Finally, I have noticed that their sales tend to run slightly cheaper than other sites, like Gilt (for the same exact items).

One last thing. Gilt has created these fake designer brands to make you think that you are getting huge savings, but you can't really compare because they don't exist outside of Gilt. I have never seen myhabit pull that kind of stunt.

You get 5 stars!

New Reviewer

This is a site that emails you everyday *except*, apparently, when they change their policy. Was a fantastic site before they suddenly started charging for return shipping. I would have been more understanding of the change, if they had bothered to tell me about it. They probably feel they're big enough to not sweat losing customers at this point.

New Reviewer

used to buy from them a lot. Now that they started charging return costs it is no-no. Thumb down till they change this policy, which will eventually be suicidal for their business...

New Reviewer

You'd think an Amazon offspring would have (at least) decent customer service –– well, you'd be WRONG. I'm a frequent online shopper, and this is hands-down the worst customer service experience I've had in years. I received something from this site as a gift and, despite their site claiming to allow gift returns, I was told I could not even receive credit for item purchased through them. I can say with 100% confidence that I will never shop with MYHABIT in the future given their rude, unhelpful response to this situation. Here's hoping they shape up before becoming a casualty like so many other sites who have thrown their hats into the overcrowded private/flash sale ring. Regardless, I'll be saving my money and looking on comfortably as a bystander.

New Reviewer

This is my favorite FLASH SALE sites. Flash sale ...its purpose is to sell off low inventory items at a discounted price. If you act fast, you can score some great items. The only gripe; the shipping department needs to learn how to pack fragile home goods.

New Reviewer

Some of the products are nice. The only issue is very low stock. Shoes, clothes are hardly available in all sizes. Clarence site at best. Yeah the costs are nice but unfortunately it only is good when there is a healthy stock maintained for the products shown.

New Reviewer

They started charging returns without ever advising their customers, just one day they quietly started to deduct shipping from your return!! And this is on clothing items that you never know if it will fit or not. Unacceptable dishonest business practice. Stay away and never buy again, will tell all my friends who I have referred to myhabit before.

New Reviewer

Loved the free shipping and returns they HAD but now it is just like all the other clearance sale sites........and let me tell you that it is impossible to know if something is going to look good on you until you try it on! P.S. Piperlime has free shipping and returns;)

New Reviewer

They started charging for return shipping this week. Will ABSOLUTELY never order again...too bad because I've gotten some cool things!!

New Reviewer

I've ordered a few different things within 6 months (tie & cufflinks, a ladies suit, men's shoes, women's shoes and a huge children's train set) from MyHabit and I haven't had any problems at all. The shipping to Australia is very cheap ($15) and everything arrives quite fast! However, I always order knowing that I probably can't return things given that international returns are too expensive.

New Reviewer

I bought a coffee table and only received the table top with no legs! It was also damaged during shipping (one corner was chipped off). I have bought two other items from them and didn't have any problems (a pair of shoes and a pillow). My suggestion...stick to small inexpensive items. Now I have to somehow get this 58lb package to the post office. How? I have no idea since it weighs more than 1/2 my weight! Too much trouble and disappointment to ever take a chance on a big item again!!

New Reviewer

I have placed orders with this website. Within a week, I was sent 2 incorrect items that I didn't even order. When I called customer service, only response was send the items back which requires printing labels packing the items and a taking trip to post office/UPS to return these items. Of course, great deal of time and effort is wasted for nothing. I was highly disappointed with their response. It seems like they just send you whatever they have and not what you ordered...Also, each time they said they can't send you the correct item since it is SOLD OUT!! REALLY!!

New Reviewer

My boss told me about this site. I was reluctant as I have been burned with online shopping in the past. I went ahead and visited to see what they have to offer. Of course upon my first purchase, I was extremely careful to check out the return policy as this is where I have been burned in the past. Everything seemed fine at first. Then at some point a return went to a store credit. On my next purchase they used the store credit with the remainer on my credit card. Now on this return it all again went to a store credit. I was told that if you use credit to purchase it has to go back to credit. But why couldn't the amount used to cover the purchase price that did go on my card go back to my card and not store credit. They didn't have a good answer for that one. When I called to complain, all I got was a run around about the having to use store credit policy. No one willing to make an exception or work with me in any way. All for $178.00!!! Can you believe? I am sure it isn't much to them but me.... Bad business in my opinion. I guess I will have to use my credit and then NEVER shop on this site again.

New Reviewer

Warning!!!! Stay away. My story is simply: They canceled my order and refuse to compensate my loss casued.

New Reviewer

International returns are a nightmare. They are rarely available to sign off for return shipments.

In addition, clothes come regularly without the original packaging or tags..Second hand goods are often sent!!!

New Reviewer

This is the best online shopping site. Have used. Great customer service and top line products. Have a look

New Reviewer

I have purchased three luxury items from MyHabit: a Sigerson Morrison handbag for $420, Stéphane Kelian shoe boots for $432, and an Ann Demeulemeester keychain for $97. I was not fully satisfied with any of the puchases, and downright unhappy with the first two.
The Sigerson Morrison handbag was of poor quality with zippers that broke within one week of use and mismatched leather panels. There is a difference between "distressed" leather and unmatched leather; even for a discounted price, the quality is unacceptable for a luxury good.
The platform on the Stéphane Kelian shoe boots actually cracked at the sole within three months of wear. I have worn the same brand's boots in the past literally for years with excellent results and so I suspect the model offered on MyHabit may well have been a defective pair that the brand rejected for sale through their retail outlets.
The Ann Demeulemeester keychain was OK, just a bit disappointing in appearance.
I wrote to MyHabit customer service regarding the problems with the handbag and the shoes but because it was past the date by which I could return the merchandise, they did nothing--they didn't even offer a coupon towards future purchase. When I asked for them to contact their supplier about these problems, they replied: "Since we do not have a way to contact the vendors directly, you may want to contact the manufactures to inquire if they have any options for you" and then sent me links to the retail websites. This is NOT customer service. WARNING: MyHabit offers discounts but no service and does not stand by their merchandise; you would do better at department store sales. They claim "Our savvy Member Service team is available for those times when you need live help," but in fact they are not interested in customer retention and simply cut and paste their mission statement into their reply to customer inquiries. I will no longer shop MyHabit and encourage others who have had a bad experience to make it known until MyHabit changes their business model and offers service for the luxury products they sell.

New Reviewer

Love it. Great sample sale site along the lines of Gilt and Hautelook. But the ease of Amazon ordering makes it even cooler. You have to move fast but this is true of most of these typea of sites. FIRST RATE! You can't have too many of these. I have had no trouble with shipping or products bought off the site. I feel like people posting bad reviews about sold out items or wait list items just don't know how these sites work.

New Reviewer

I like this site but be patient...when event is going on...but grate site.
grate collection ...
for $20 credits of my habbits...purchase from this link..

New Reviewer

I received a different color of a scarf from what I ordered. When I called the customer service, they said that the scarf is sold out and I cannot exchange for the one I ordered. All they say is that I can return and get a refund. I asked if there is anything they can do about this, and they said that they verbally apologize but they don't do anything else. I won't buy anything from them again.

New Reviewer

Let me tell you the horror I went through. I am a HUGE fan of L.A.M.B. and they had a nice sale at the beginning of this month so I ordered a L.A.M.B. bag. I was told on the website that it shipped on the 3rd and I would have it on the 7th but nothing came. Finally on the 14th I called because all the website was telling me was that it shipped on the 3rd and when I tried tracking it UPS couldn't find it. So I called and the guy told me it was in between ohio and MI and that if I didn't get it within 2 days to call again. 2 days pass still no bag so I called and the lady proceeds to tell me that the package was returned and that it was undeliverable. I asked why and she didn't know why. This made me more mad. They gave me a refund but I will never order from them. They were horrid and it was the worst experience!

New Reviewer

.i purchase merchandise from this site literally a couple of times a week and have done so for over a year, 32 weeks. i live far south, in the southern hemisphere, and its very expensive to return goods.

During this period ive had 1 return, which was the manufacturer rather than myhabit. designer pieces 60 - 70% off can be purchased during the change of seasons. 50% off is normal, and ive purchased items that normally would be way out of my range.

ive not had any problems with freight. i choose the standard 8 - 10 days, which has a set rate of $15. this same rate from usa to my home is usually between $50 and $100. ive never had a problem with the cart, and believe me, i chop and change 100 times in 5 minutes!

many of my purchases are for family. the childrens products and clothing are all hi end, and ive discovered some fabulous toy suppliers (round jigsaws) through myhabit.

i chose not to become a member as i dont wish to receive the free merchandise (hard to believe!) this is because it isnt necessarily my taste.

really, i have only praise for the site. im mean, there's no high philanthropic motive here, they are trying to make money, but they offer good service and excellent products in return.

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