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More4LessDigital reviews

40 reviews
Categories: Camera, Computer, Electronics
North Miami, FL 33181
Tel: 1-888-414-3775
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2 reviews
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more4lessdigital a.k.a deltacloseout..................
11/21 Ordered a Canon Powershot on DeltaCloseout.Com for advertised price of $189. Did not get a confirmation email or anything. Got an email on 11/23 with a request to call "Jerry" to confirm order. After several attempts to call I eventually got "Jerry" on the phone and he confirmed the order but said the camera came without a battery and sold me a additional five hour battery for $29. Total would come to $219. I gave verbal permission to complete the order stating I wanted a invoice confirmation by email. Never received it.
I then started doing research on the company (which I should have done beforehand and also should have trusted my instinct and not proceeded with the purchase) and find prior scams. Called "Jerry " back and questioned him about lack of invoice etc, he became rude and defensive. Told him I wanted to cancel the order, he stated the order was already processed. I called credit card company, find out I was charged $270.40. Called Jerry back and he was not helpful, claimed he couldn't access my account and to call customer service # which I did, which resulted in being routed to Jerry and he claimed customer service was open next Monday ( this by now being Black Friday which according to Jerry caused him to be too busy to address the issue and besides according to Jerry it was a 'national holiday')
The charge on the credit card appeared under which turns out to be the same outfit with a different name and a different online store front.
I am currently disputing the charge through my credit card company

Ask josie about More4LessDigital
3 reviews
45 helpful votes

This company is now operating as I went through exactly the same process as most of the others here have described. I shopped at but the charge (overcharge!) to my credit card was under more4lessdigital. I just got off the phone with them and told them if they didn't issue a full refund because of the overcharge being fraudulent then I would report them. He said I could do what I want and to have a nice day, then hung up. I have reported this company to the Federal Trade Commission.

Ask Celia about More4LessDigital
1 review
4 helpful votes

I wish I have read all these negative reviews before dealing with this company. I placed my order for 3 cameras online in the end of April. I received an email to contact them to confirm my order. I should have picked up on the deceptive practices when they told me that the cameras do not come with any batteries or anything else and that they are a product made for Turkey. If I want the USA version then it would be $50+ more for each camera, which I agreed to. I was told that I would receive the cameras in 7-10 days. The order never arrived. When called to follow up they were extremely rude and lied about the order being shipped, well another 7-10 days went by and still no order. Called again and asked them for tracking number, which they don't have and said our order was loss and needed to do a re-order. We finally have to cancel the order at the end of May and asked for a refund. Again same promises that we would receive the refund in 7 days, well 2 months later still no refund. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and they will take care of it from there. Again, STAY THE HELL AWAY from these CRUDE CROOKED SCAMMERS!

Ask Stephanie about More4LessDigital
1 review
4 helpful votes

I did not have the problems that most posted above had. I ordered a Camera on Nov 20. My initial contact was Bruce. He told me up front that the camera, body only, I wanted was a gray market camera and that it didn't have a battery, strap, and cables. He said I would better off buying the USA version which included everything. and was $599. I purchased it and it was shipped ground 7-10 days. I did not receive conformation nor a tracking no. from them until I asked. I had to call twice for that. Each time the language was civil with them and finally they sent it. After 18 days of waiting I finally received my order. it was a USA camera and had everything Bruce said it would have. My only complaint with this company is the long shipping wait and the poor quality customer care they have. They don't seem to care. But I did finally receive what I ordered after the long wait and it was fine.

Ask Jerry about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was about to buy a Canon Rebel T3i camera from on Black Friday, since the price was about $200 less than others. Then, I found the customer reviews on SiteJabber. The reviews are all negative from 2010 to 2012. That's a huge warning to me. I decided not to buy from Many thanks to SiteJabber for saving me a lot of headaches!

Ask B about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

On Cyber Monday (2011) I order a Canon HF-M41 digital camcorder with these e-store, next day I received a email from them (Mr. Ken) to have me call back to confirm the order.......I call and spoke with Mr. Ken and he indicated that with the order only came the camcorder alone, withouth home charger and battery....I would need to put out another $100 + to get the complete kit ????? I then told him that the adv. online on his store did not list those info....Mr. Ken told that is how they are doing the business and telling me to either purchase the item or cancel the order....I did cancel the order and recomment you all out there..DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEB STORE....THIS IS SO WRONG.....I hope this company go under soon.....12/01/2011

Ask P about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

this place sucks stay away
bought a camera did not get what i wanted. they wanted 87.00 restocking and shipping fee.
customer service does not exist here very rude do not want to help you once they have your money

Ask Ron about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

These people are a scam. Ive been lied to twice about the shipment of my order.They scammed me on my tracking number. Told me my item was "Out for Delivery" Total lie never received my merchandise. Watch out for Bruce very dishonest.My credit card is in dispute I will not pay and my item has still not arrived. Very Very bad company to deal with.Hopefully with all the complaints they will go out of buisness....scumbags

Ask Donna about More4LessDigital
1 review
4 helpful votes

They advertise really cheap name brand cameras but when you order one you find out it doesn't include the battery. Once you add the battery and charger, the price is the same as or They talk down to you and tell you that nobody supplies a camera with a battery ... bull$#*!! May as well use BestBuy or Amazon to buy your electronics. Not a reputable company.

Ask Joe about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a camera online. Received a confirmation on the order a printed for documentation. About three days later I received an email to call them for documentation. It took me two days trying before someone finally answer my calls. They asked for my 3 digit code. After I gave them that they told me that the camera did not include a charger and batteries. The same camera at any other store, charger and batteries are standard equipment. Definitely a scam for extra money.

Ask Paul about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

I had a very bad experience doing business with this company. This is a typical company to scam people.

Ask Jose about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

I went to their website and ordered a Cannon 7D that was advertised for $829.00. I ordered it and then got an email asking me to confirm the order and call in. Then I was told that the one on the site is a Japanese model and the American model was $1500.00. I thought it was a Con Job as nothing on the site says it is a Japanese Model. I got talked into it but my thought was I could return it. OH - I was told for a 35% charge. I told them if I am charged anything for this scam I will sue them as I have proof of False Advertising.

Ask Michael about More4LessDigital
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Ordered a Camera and got an E-Mail saying I needed to call them. Gave me a Ext. number and to ask for William. He then asked why I didn't order and battery and battery Charger. I said they came with the camera and he said no Canon quit putting them in years ago. So I asked the prices and he told me so I said I would think about it and he said the deal was not available if I didn't do it now. I said to go ahead and then I hung up. I went to another site and the camera came with a charger and battery. Called him back and he said it was not a good battery his was much better. anyway I said go ahead but the charge he quoted ended up more than he said. I called the next day to cancel and he said it had been shipped . I then refused it when it came because at this point I did not trust them. Called credit card company and they said they would investigate it, end result I had to pay a 20% restocking fee and the free shipping was no longer free. Bad, lying company, should not be in business, nothing but scam.

Ask Shareil about More4LessDigital
1 review
4 helpful votes

If there was an option to select zero stars I would have chosen that. It has been over three weeks since I placed my order for a canon 7d camera, which ended up being over $1200.00.have called them five times now to try to get a tracking number. Each time they tell me that they need Fed Ex to call them back to get the number. Each time I call them they give me a different delivery date. Funny how then know when it's going to be delivered and yet can't track it .because they don't have the tracking number. Finally the manager told me that I was wasting his time and he hung up. Wow.....Guess I now have to contact the credit card company and talk to the fraud department. Hopefully I can get this situation taken care of. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS. Wish I had googled them before buying.

Ask Steve about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

Under no condition use this outfit. Do not order from this outfit. This morning I had experiences similar to what other posted I telephoned to cancel my order and the company simply moved that order to backorder status. I have had to cancel my debit card to keep any withdrawal from happening.

Ask Ted about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

OMG, I'm an idiot for not reading reviews first.
I ordered a camera then bought model specific accessories online elsewhere.
In three days when I recieved my accessories I decided to check my order only to find out my "In stock" iten was not "in stock"
I tried to change to a few different cameras until "Ben" said "I don't have anything in stock"
I think he takes your order then goes and steals your product from a retail store.

Thank you Ben

Ask Cj about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

Buyer BEWARE!! Ordered a camcorder on-line. A week later I called to inquire about my order. I then received an e-mail asking to call Ben. I did this and he talked me into purchasing a battery pack and other items. My $399.99 purchase came out to $600.00. He spoke very fast and it was difficult to understand him.I finally received my order. My"kit"came with a 5 inch tripod. 5 q tips, squeegee card (piece of cardboard) and cleaning solution with cloth. I attetmpted to return some of the items, but the return policy includes to many charges to make it worthwhiile
I wish before I had ordered from this company I would of thought to check the reviews first. While the camcorder was a terrific price at $399.99, the extras needed to operate the camcorder brought the total price too high. Oh well, live & learn.

Ask Rick about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask dennis about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

This has to be the worst customer service and site ever!! a bunch of liars!!! I had to call them on 2/4/13 to confirm my order, the guy who i dealt with, his name is BEN! he is such a rude guy and called me by racial slurs! he said the camera i wanted was out of stock and won't be in til 2/5/13 and would be a day late, and i also paid for the 2-3 day shipping which he said won't be refunded. I said thats okay, and then a second later he tells me if i want to purchase the battery and charger, and i asked him why it doesn't come with the camera and he give me a rude comment to go to the local stores and buy it. I was fed up and told him i just want to cancel it, than he says, "yeah, ok, don't waste our f*cking time you chinese ! " really?! is that how you deal with customers?! i repliled just give my full refund you d*ck head! and click! he than called back on his personally phone and said he'll make sure i won't get my refund at all! and since i called him a d*ck he'll be one. I asked to speak to his boss, and he claim he was the boss. I had my attorney called right away after we hung out, the people there said it was not there, and my lawyer had to make up some BS like he was a customer asking questions concerning a order just so they can get to Ben. After Ben spoke to my lawyer, he said he wanted to talk to me, we had him on speaker. Ben said, "i'm not scared of you, and you shouldn't have cursed at me." like really?? you called me a chinese f*ck first, and dealt with it like you didn't give a crap, so why would I? seems like i'm not the only one unsatisfied with They are NOT MATURE AND HAVE NO BUSINESS EXP!! Ben also said i won't be getting a full refund due to their restocking fees, when the CAMERA i wanted WASN'T EVEN IN STOCK! AND 48 Hours to shipping!!


Ask JOE about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

my $450.00 order suddenly became $550.00 which was billed at $630.00 on my VISA. canceld order going to my bank after work. Hope I can get my money back.

Ask Jack about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a SILVER Cannon Power Shot Camera for my girlfriend a few weeks before her birthday through this site, When the camera came in it was NOT silver, it was black. She specifically wanted a silver camera so I called the day I received the item to get a refund and the guy refused to give me a full refund. He said I had to pay $15 shipping and a 15% restocking fee. In the fine print it stated that I had 7 days to receive a full refund but he was unwilling to abide by the terms. Also, when I purchased the item originally online I got a call explaining to me that the camera I ordered didn't come with a battery and would be an additional $50, which I agreed to pay. When I received my credit card statement I was charged $100 more for the camera than I was told I would be paying. Long story short, I was scammed out of $100 and stuck with a black camera. The customer service is extremely rude and would refuse to give me a refund. BEWARE OF THIS SITE.... COMPLETE SCAM!!

Ask chris about More4LessDigital
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Never ever ever attempt to buy anything from this site.

3 days ago, I ordered a Canon XA10 from having read most of the posts from this site. Reluctantly, I ordered a camera anyway knowing full well that it will probably not work out.

Of course, I get an email 3 days after placing my order stating that I need to call them to verify my order. I've dealt with this before, basically, they want to up-sell me in order to make up for the huge discount. It's typically add on accessories, and other junk like a mini dv head cleaner, (this camera does not take tapes). This is how my first of 3 calls went:

"Would you like a battery for this camera?"

"No, just ship me the item I paid for."

"Well, do you want the lens for this camera?"

"The lens is not detachable. It's all in one. What do you mean?"

"Well you obviously don't know anything about this camera or what it costs, do you want the lens or not!?"

"If you're telling me, that you took the camera apart with a screw driver, and are only selling me 1/3 of the camera in pieces, then I'm telling you to take that screw driver, and shove it up your ass. Cancel my order."

"$#*! you, I'm charging you anyway."

Of course, I canceled my card, as planned, and Mr. Jonathan Weston, proprietor of did not get a cent of my money. I believe this operation is out of FL or NY.

If anyone has any other public information about this company and it's owners/operators, please post in this forum so that other more unlucky people can seek professional justice.

Ask Chris about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

TERRIBLE! wish i saw these reviews before ordering. Ordered a camera on 12/04/12 and the price was $40 cheaper than the Black Friday deals or anything else i found on the web. I got the receipt, no listing of the item anywhere. Been getting concerned about the fact that i haven't received it, nor have i heard anything further. today, my husband got a call to confirm, but just like everyone else, it was a bait/switch. The camera i ordered is out of stock but they can "upgrade" me to a better camera at no cost. My husband told them i'd have to get back to them. I got online and looked up the "upgrade" and saw that it's a DOWNGRADE. Sells for about $100 less than the one i ordered. what a scam! i'm cancelling the order altogether.

Ask Tammy about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

We ordered a Canon T3i then got a call to confirm the order. The guy asked if I wanted a battery that cost $149. I told him I would call back after I did some researching on that price. When I found a cheaper battery I called back to have him just place my order for the camera. Then he asked me if I was ok with the camera being the Japanese version.. The US version would cost me $100 more. I told him his company was a scam and he said he would cancel my order and then hung up. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Ask Marty about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

I placed an order for a Canon 5D Mark II on 11/12/12, paid for 2 day shipping. When I called today 11/15/12 to check on the status i was informed it was over sold & on back order since it's an IMPORTED model! I didn't know it was imported, & he replied, "why did you think you were getting it so cheap?" I told him I wanted to cancel my order & he said "fine, but youre not getting your money back". (Jokes on him, my card was never charged & is now closed) He started yelling profanities at me, & says HE is the supervisor! Then tells me he isn't talking to me until I apologize. Really? How old are we? I don't think I'm the one that needed to apologize. I emailed the Better Business Bureau & posted it all over Facebook! Nothing worse than word of mouth!

Ask Christina about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

3 weeks ago I ordered a camera. they told the next day that it was on backorder and that it will take 2 weeks for delivery. 3 weeks later I called and they told me, quite rude, that it will take another 3 weeks. I cancelled the order.
The only good thing: They had not charged my credit card!

Ask Johann about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a 2012 model Sony Handycam on 8/18/2012. I received an email with my order number, but the product name was not mentioned. On 8/21 I contacted them because I haven't received any shipping info (on their web site they said the item would be shipping in 1 to 2 days. The person I talked with asked me if I want the item in Chinese or English. When I said "English," he said it would cost $500 more. Nothing made sense. I cancelled my order immediately and checked my credit card activity. This web site should be shut down.

Ask Sumi about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

First of all the camera I wanted was advertised for 169.00. It normally sales for 229.00 so I jumped on this deal. I should have known it was a dud when the guy wanted to sell lme the battery to gowiththe camera. Then a memory stick and several other things, jsacking the price to 274.00 they advertised a promo code which the guy never applied. They charged my credit card 284.00. That was the breaking point. I knew then I was dealing with some scammers. I have called for two days to talk to someone about the status of my order and I get the run around each time. Today I called my credit card co. to dispute this charge and get my money. Believe me, you don't want to do business with these people.

Ask Suzie about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

I just experienced the exact same thing that others have explained here. Yesterday I ordered a Nikon P510 camera from the website. Today, I received an email from Ben asking me to call to confirm my order. He said that I hadn't entered my credit card security code. I felt sure that I had, but I gave it to him. Then, he said that he was surprised that I hadn't ordered the battery and charger. I explained that if I needed an extra one in the future, I'd buy it later since I wasn't an avid photographer. He then lied and told me that Nikon stopped including batteries and chargers with their cameras years ago. I told him that sounded odd to me and not to process my order until I got back to him. So, he said he'd put it on hold. I then verified on other websites and with a local Walmart store that the camera does in fact come with a battery and charger everywhere else. It was just a means to do a bait and switch. I then decided to check online to see if this was a scam and found this website. I then called Ben and cancelled my order. I am watching my Visa account to make sure that a charge doesn't go through. Stay far away from this site.

Ask Cam about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

After buying my digital camera online, i received an email to call Ben to confirm the order. When talking to him, he tried to sell me the battery and a charger, things that usually come with the camera. If I were to add these two items, the price would be much more expensive than in any other place. He hung up on me and his attitude was disgusting. Do not buy anything from this store because it is a scam.

Ask Javier about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is one more bait and switch site. I would not trust this site or company! Internet searches show a product for a good price.. says body Japan. Then, you get an email that they have received the order call immideately. When you call they are very short with you saying the order is cancelled (no reason, no chance to reorder any other product) and the salesperson hung up! I called again wanted to know why it was cancelled and if I could reorder. I let this salesperson know that the previous person was very short. This salesperson want to know 'How long do you want me to be on the call'.. wow. Long story ..short. I found that this is an imported model and has lettering in Japanese (no information on this on their website). Not a trustworthy company.. these adds are for I think.. a bat and switch.

Ask ranjit about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

Do not buy anything from this online company as they are only out to ripe you off. They yelled at me. called me an idiot, cancelled me order and hung up on me. All I wanted to know is why my order said call to confirm and why they were trying to sell me a battery? It does not say that it is only the camera so one would assume that it is a new unopened box with the battery and charger they were trying to sell me before they would tell me why my order said call to confirm. Scam ... I would say so.

Ask Doug about More4LessDigital
1 review
2 helpful votes

I decided to take a chance anyway after reading the reviews. I ordered the Canon Vixia HF M40 16 GB Camcorder for $399.00 including shipping. The lowest price anywhere else for that item is $550.00. Same day I got an email and voice mail from "Ben" asking to call to CONFIRM the order. Both messages were pleasant. We called and after being on hold for a little while, a not so pleasant "Ben" answered basically asking "what do you want" The item had been discontinued and they have the new model for $650.00. This camcorder is NOT discontinued. Next, he said they are out of stock. Then, when challenged, he said there are canceling the order and basically hanged up.

Ask Eric about More4LessDigital
15 reviews
26 helpful votes

Still up to the same B.S. Ordered a Canon T2i body for $319, before I found SiteJabber of course. That price was approximately $200 less than the most competitive price on the market at Amazon. Several days passed after placing the order with no clue as to the status. Finally had a phone message from them saying "call us back about this order". I called backed and asked for the person who sent me the email. The guy who answered said the sender stepped out of the room, but he could help me. He then told me they contacted me because they needed my credit card security code, which was submitted on my order already. I told him, after reading several bad reviews about their site, I wished to cancel my order. His response was "why didn't you just tell me that to begin with" and said my order would be cancelled that day. Either this is a very small group with a big business webpage look, or possibly only one person running the show. Either way, the rude response, several day delay in their response to my order submission and the mysterious request for the security code reinforces other reviewers experience. The other thing I discovered on the website is many of the listed product groups had nothing in them for sale. Not just one, but most of them. Very strange and not at all typical of a trusted site. Their phone number was out of Florida, so the site location has also been inconsistent. I ended up buying from Amazon and had no problems whatsoever with them. I also confided with Visa customer support and they agreed with my choice of action and even asked for SiteJabber information to share with Visa customers who call about possible scams. Thanks SiteJabber and all who shared their experiences about more4lessdigital.

Ask Jim about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

Worst I cant start to tell you stay the hell away from this site they dont know there a@% from a hole in the ground waste of my time still they still have my info I tried to delete it after reading the reviews and it would kick me off and make me log back in. I called the number and tried to get some help he told me my info wasnt in the system he didnt even know who I was yet then when I called him on it he got a little pissy and said there was no way I was right. I told him I was glad I didnt order anything from them because everything that was written about them on the web was apparently true he said sorry you feel that way and hung up on me.Im still a little worried

Ask Darren about More4LessDigital
1 review
5 helpful votes

It was unfortunate of me not to have seen reviews/comments about the merchant called before I ordered a Nikon D7000 DSLR camera body from them earlier today, 01-16-2012. After receiving a confirmation of my order, I received an email asking me to call them to confirm my order. I called and was told the item was "back-ordered" (out of stock) and will not be available for the next two weeks. Yet, when I checked, the advertisement was still there and showing the item remains available in stock. I said I will wait until the item becomes available. Then I was rudely told that they were cancelling my order. Having been told that after having given my credit card information and other personal information, I suspected a SCAM. I notified the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Ask Melchor about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

This company has 2 pricing for the same item. One of it will have the lowest price on the net but if you try to buy the one with the lowest price it will say "in stock" but they will not ship the item to you. When you call them, they will tell you it is backordered. They will only sell you the item if you pay more money for it. Just save yourself the time and order your item from amazon or samy camera.

Ask hone about More4LessDigital
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a camera in silver, along with a hard case battery and card. I received a black one, soft case and incompatible battery. Sent the camera back received another black one. Customer service was horribly rude including the manager Jonathan Weston.

Ask Kim about More4LessDigital
706 reviews
2,989 helpful votes

I'd lay odds this is a basic online store template with a few custom bits dropped in, and not very successfully at that. A store that tells you it's "five star rated" but not by whom, is immediately suspicious. It's all very cheaply put together, with many blank pages for goods categories provided by the template, but not used by the site, and doesn't look remotely like the sort of place that stocks expensive cameras and audio goods. It looks a lot more like a front for an individual using a dropshipper, I don't get the sense that there's a real company behind this. Given the number of reputable stores dealing in cameras and electronics, I can't see any reason to choose this one.

Ask Chris about More4LessDigital
1 review
3 helpful votes

Watch out for, they lie big time!!! Ordered a camera from them 10/21/10 & was emailed an order number, which didn't even say what the item was on order. Didn't hear anything else about I called following week 10/25/10, they said 3 digit # from credit card was wrong & that they emailed me (never got an email & gave them #) said they'd email of shipment & tracking 10/25/10 & that camera would go out that evening , still nothing, no email...called 10/26/10 for tracking #, said they couldn't give til 24 to 48 hours because it goes out from different warehouses & to call back thursday 10/28/10 & they'd give me the tracking number...called back 10/26/10 was put on hold, then man came to the phone & said he wanted to be the one to talk to me so he could tell me "I told you so" then he gave me tracking number with UPS. I went in to track it and it said: UPS could not locate the shipment, so I called USP, they said if it had shipped out on Tuesday morning it would difinitely show up on the tracking and that it would be arriving today from NY to my zip today (if they sent it out on tuesday like they said) ha!!! They are so full of it, have a truck load of lines....ask them for their address, where your order is coming from...???? You will not get a straight answer!!!! If you are wise "STAY FAR FAR AWAY FROM". VERY RUDE PLACE, UNPLEASANT...WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND!!!

Ask Scott about More4LessDigital

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A: I should have known there was a problem when the sales rep wanted to sell me a battery to go with the camera. I have owned many cameras and never had to buy the battery separate. The price of the camera jumped from 169.00 the advertised price to 274.00 in just a few seconds of talking. All the accessories he suggested were overpriced. I am a smart girl. Don't know why I did not see thru this scam. Then after 2 days of run around from whoever is answering there phones I checked my creidit card statement online to find they had charged me 284.00 (10.00 more than they were originally screwing me out of.) I am canceling this order and calling my credit card co. to dispute this order. SHADEY!!!!!!!
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