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New Reviewer

It takes them too long to process an order: about a month or more. Refunds are taking a long time too: 2-3 weeks after the store received items. And every time I have to remind them about the refund 2-3 times.

New Reviewer

This company is the absolute worst I have ever dealt with. ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! They sent me a coat that had a stain all down the front. I sent that one back and ordered a 2nd coat, thinking it was just a fluke. The 2nd coat had a burn hole in it! I then sent that coat back and requested a refund for both coats. They refunded one in full, but would only give me a store credit for the other. They said that they had inspected it upon receiving the return, and "nothing was wrong with it." Right, other than the huge white stain down the front of it. There was no mistaking it. I contacted their customer service complaining about only getting a store credit rather than a full refund -- they said they would issue a refund that would show up in 2 - 3 days. That has been 2 months, and I still haven't gotten the refund, despite 2 more requests and assurances that it was handled. I really hate that I ever made the mistake of ordering from this sham operation!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

New Reviewer

I won't be using this company ever again. The clothing sizing is for midgets. Bought 2 tops. First one was a gift. It was too tight, the other one I bought for my self was also too tight and too short. Waste of money!

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with this shop site. They have very good deals and everyday new coupons which customers receive via e-mail if they subscribed to it. They also have very nice products. I bought several times from this site.

Their customer service is excellent.

As for the shipping duration, I really do not understand why people complain about. After all one should wait when purchasing online.

As per cancellation of the order, I know it is not funny because after all the excitement of finding something nice at good price you find out that you will not have it. It happened to me too, not on Modnique, but on another site. And? Why such a big tragedy out of it??? First it is not their fault, second one should know how the system works before buying, it is like taking a chance.

I live in Canada so the only less attractive point which I could say about Modnique is the shipping fee and I hope one day they will reduce it or annul it, but still it does not mean that it is not a 5* shop site as far as I am concerned.

Thank you Modnique for a great shopping experience.

New Reviewer

I found this site while searching trendy clothing at discounted prices. This site definitely has that. On a good note: I luv the selection & the pricing I have no complaints with that. However, I do haveHUGE complaints in regards to the ship time. I placed a total of 7 orders with them, the 1st one on 1/24/14. As of 2/12/14 I have received only 1 of 7 orders, and the one i received is not the first one I placed. According to my order information they have received items to complete 4 of the remaining 6 orders. Packing slips have been generated for as long as 2 weeks for 3 of these orders. It makes absolutely NO sense to me why they are not shipping out my merchandise. I have called & emailed them numerous times. I have specifically asked for a Supervisor & for them to look into why my orders haven't been sent out when all the items in, they are obviously packed, & s/b ready to go. Not ONCE did I get anything but robotic response about how they aim to ship within 10-14 days (To offer the lowest possible prices to you, we buy directly from manufacturers only after a sale event ends. The manufacturers then send us all the orders, which we repackage and ship to you. This does delay the delivery of your orders but it lowers our expenses which we extend to you as savings. Occasionally, we receive merchandise from the manufacturer before a sale event ends. In this case, we will ship your order right away.) Maybe they do not understand English or can't add but 3 of my orders are almost THREE WEEKS out, that's a week more then their stated longest time frame. Once I get all my items I probably will not shop here again. Let's face it, most shopping is spontaneous: you see something you like at a fantastic price you buy it. If it doesn't come, and you wait and wait, start to get aggravated, the excitement wears off & you either find something to replace it or don't even care anymore. Chances of returning items at this point increases. Pretty dumb marketing on Modnique's end. Again, I know they pull this stuff in from all over & I appreciate that fact but once it's in I want my stuff shipped; not sitting in a box collecting dust while I'm paying for it on my credit card! (keep that in mind too... you are charged for this stuff, paying for it & you don't even have it yet!)

New Reviewer

I has purchase a lot from this website and was very please with their product, until I ordered a Dead Sea mineral cream, that when I received it smell very bad had a yellow color not usual and the expiration date was in two months more. I ordered a package with three cream and there is no time before the expiration date to use it plus it have this weird smell, from a brand that smell very good. They told me the product was a final order and it can be return, even that I explain I only wanted to replace it with a new one that were good not a refund. Again there was nothing they could do. Bad service received from a regular customer, they should have go the extra mile with a bad product.
I do order other product but not beauty products because they can guarantee you that it's not expire, like the lady told me. They don't do quality inspection on creams and make up.

I did buy an awesome t shirt from googi for $49 that was incredible and great quality. But for that price it better was, so the credit is for the brand not Modnique. I do buy Jean Paul perfume too for my husband and are originals so far.

New Reviewer

My first point is rather than Modnique paying companies to post fake 5 star reviews, they should use that money to improve their business.

Now to my experience, I ordered 2 identical Guerlain mascaras a couple of weeks ago and received them yesterday. Neither was in a box, only in bubble wrap bags. I took the first one out and noticed scratches over the tube, I wasn't impressed but I let it go. As I was opening the mascara I immediately noticed that it had been opened as the brush came out extremely easy, which doesn't occur with a new mascara. And then came the icing on the cake, the tell tale sign of a used mascara, build up around the outer rim of the tube. What kind of company sells a USED MASCARA to a customer?? Brand new mascaras should be thrown out after 3 months because the antibacterial component is no longer effective, and that's a brand new one that hasn't been used by anyone else, yet here's Modnique selling me a used eye product, totally disregarding my (and I'm sure others) well being.
So I took pictures of the two mascaras (the other one looks fine, but there's no way I'm using that one either) and sent them to Modnique. They did get back to me straight away, apologized of course and then gave me store credit. So I pay with a credit card, get sent a used mascara, and I end up with store credit ?? How does that work? I didn't change my mind to be given credit, Modnique sent me an unhygienic product, so why do I have to pay for their disgusting mistake?

I have made many purchases with them in the past, have had minor issues, but I let them go. There is no way I will ever make a purchase through these guys again, they've really crossed the line on this one. Just disgusting.

New Reviewer

Purchased and was sent an incorrect item when site was owned by Totsy. I was in the middle of resolving the issue when Modnique bought Totsy out. Modnique had me send the order number so they could resolve the issue, and then never got back with me, even after I sent multiple follow up emails. Husband called 4 months later, and we were told there was nothing Modnique would do. They suggested we get the money back from our credit card instead, as they would not honor the transaction. Very displeased. If I ignored emails at my job, I wouldn't have a job. Very poor customer service.

New Reviewer

I wish I could give zeros star. I want to warn everyone not to shop on this site. They are selling fake items. I ordered a skin care product from Dior that I have purchased many times on other credible sites. I decided to try Modnique because it was much cheaper than what I had been paying. The order came in a little baggy (not the Dior box ) and the tube was slightly smaller than the original and the typography was nothing like the authentic item. This is wrong, but also dangerous as you have no idea what you are putting on your skin. I hope buyers are warned and never shop on this site.

New Reviewer

I dont know what happened and why they are doin this to me. I ordered makeup for the first time from modnique website and I was so happy to receive them although one of the items was opened and a brush was missin but I didnt complain as I was happy with the rest of the items. THEN I ordered two blouses and I paid $
118 and I waited for almost one month but they did not ship the items. So I sent them an email asking them about what happened but they didnt reply and I did send them another one with no answer as well. Now I am chasing them to fund my money and they are not answering me. Im so upset and their customer service is the worst.

New Reviewer

I love shopping on On this site I find Hing-end Designer clothing at amazingly low prices as well as very unique looking, quality clothing and accessories made in Italy, France, Spain. I shopped at few times and never had any problems so far. My last purchase on was a dress. And I was fully satisfied with all the purchase process. Size guide for the dress was very clear and detailed, so I was able to select my size carefully, which is usually an issue when buying on the other websites. The payment process was also very easy and clear. I received my dress on time and was happy with my purchase. I got the dress that fitted me perfectly, and it was of a good quality. Also as I know that brand is not sold anywhere else in the US, so that makes the dress special for me. I will shop at again and again. I definitely recommend this website!

New Reviewer

This is a copy of the complaint I tried to give to Modnique. (I went to their customer service "chat" room. When I had to enter the reason for my visit and wrote: "I have a complaint" I got a message that said no one was available at the time to "chat" with me). So I wrote this:

I have a complaint about the amount of time it took to ship one of the items I ordered. If it had been disclosed to me that it was going to take close to six weeks to arrive, I would not have ordered it. I realize that is probably how Modnique keeps their prices low (by doing special shipping arrangements with the overseas manufacturers), but I think the company should be fully transparent (make it really obvious) that the shipping could take several weeks so that customers can decide for themselves if it is worth waiting a month or two. (In some cases, it may be, and in many not be.)

I wanted to wear/use the item for events that have already taken place (a couple weeks ago). Now I can't (obviously, since they have long passed). Am I still going to like the item (handbag)? Maybe, if it is as nice as the photos and description on Modnique. Am I going to order from Modnique again (and recommend it to people, as I had been in the past)? Maybe not.

Is this a proper place to make a complaint that will be seen by people higher up in the company? If not, please advise who I should send it to. I am going to post this exact "letter" on a review website.

I just thought the owners of the company might like to know directly.

Thank you.

New Reviewer

I shopped on this website for a year and I was very happy in the beginning but now I am so disappointed with them and their return policy and there customer service that I never will shop with them again. The quality of the products is worse and worse and they just changed their return policy so I have to pay return fees by myself. They never announced it properly and I when spoke with a customer rep. they said they updated their website accordingly who knows when. I don't have a custom to shop and to read through websites if there are any changes on one of the pages. So now, I have a big box to return and I am horrified what my post fees would be. Good way, Modnique, to keep you customers loyal.

New Reviewer

I'm very disappointed in my order from this site! The coat I've received from MODNIQUE was a crumpled, cheap made brand fake and looked like a rag.
I had paid $95 but it doesn't worth even half!
The site doesn't work properly . Always had problems with Log In.
I'll never use this site again and never recommend it to my friends.

New Reviewer

No question it is fake stuff. Ordered versace which i have bought over 15 years. All fake. Not even close. Mismspelling of versace, made in china, labels they havent used in 10 years. Not to mention they sent me randommsizes, not the ones i ordered.

New Reviewer

Can you rate 0? I am so disappointed in this site, I was misled to believe that the Louis Vuitton bag I ordered was authentic and real just pre owned, but nope.....and they won't even give me my money back unless i go to a Louis Vuitton store and get a written authorization that it is indeed a replica??? Otherwise I can get a credit...but I don't even want to give them money ...they are frauds and I will contact my bank in order to not let he charge go through ....

New Reviewer

Love this site! Prices are great and love the different products. I bought the earrings here, very, very pleased. Quality is very good. I recommend it :)

New Reviewer

I have been really disappointed with the deal since Totsy was bought by Modnique. I don't know about you but it will be a cold day in you know where before I spend 50 bucks for a plain blouse and there is not a pair of jeans on earth worth $75.00. Their prices are out in left field.

New Reviewer

Love this store! There you can find some very interesting items on atractive prices! The only thing that saddens is the price of delivery and what to pay for the shipping of each item!

New Reviewer

Upon opening my package beads are falling out . I arrange for a refund back to my credit card. They issued a store credit and I'm communicating by phone,email,live chat and still no refund. This was my first and last order.

New Reviewer

This is a horrible website to order from. I order two different products (total rapid 55 and some change) that were never delivered. When I called to let them know they asked me to contact my local post office to find out where the package was. When I told them I did not have time to track down a package (in my eyes it is their responsibility to make sure I receive my package) they said they would open a case but could not credit me back as of yet. When I filed a dispute with paypal Mosnique claimed that they had confirmation that it was delivered. They claimed that because their fed-ex tracking number stated it was delivered then it was. They use two different carriers to mail you products unless you spend over 500.00. The tracking number they give you is fed-ex and only will track to the post office they deliver it too which means they confirmation of delivery is based on it being delivered to post office not you. Truly messed up. I have now been dealing with this issue for over two months. I strongly recommend NOT BUYING FROM THEM. I am still waiting for my credit back and I have NEVER received what I ordered from them.

New Reviewer

I bought a bag from them. After reading some reviews here I was worried that the bag was not authentic. I called customer service and got a live person right away. They emailed me the certificates of authenticity within an hour. Whoever questions whether what they sell is authentic or not should not worry. And customer service is absolutely lovely. They answer the phone. I had another issue where I needed to return an item and they didn't question it. I got my money back.

New Reviewer

I ordered a necklace and bracelet. Upon opening the box beads are falling out numerous beads are missing from the bracelet. The necklace looks nothing like the picture so cheap looking. I will never shop here again. The worst part is paying for shipping to and from.

New Reviewer

I want to give them 0 star. Do NOT shop there. They promise their products are authentic, this is a big lie.

New Reviewer

if you're a Canadian ordering then be careful as they say they're going to deliver items but instead the date they give u is totally different!!!!!!
I read this review AFTER making a purchase. Not sure if it will be what I saw....
I say stick with Beyond the Rack and Hautelook... wayyyyy better.

New Reviewer

I bought some clothes a couple of times from this website and I have to say what you see as a great deal worths a second thought. The stuff they advertise as big percentages off are compared to the original "non-china made" items. For instancd Diesel jeans which u can find there for a third of price is actually compared to Italian made (which have those famouse 3lines as Italian flag on their waste". While they are made in china or singapor or other less crediable countries. And even worse is their refundings of your money. I sent the non original diesel pants back to them and while they mentioned in their site the money will be refunded back to me after they receive the items, they claimed that "we received your items and the money was refounded to your original payment source, while apparently the didnt so. It took me one month to able to get my money back with a dispute I put into it by help of my bank. Always buy your stuff from original retail stores. How these websites offer items 80% off their original prices and they continue to offer the new items with same deal. If the products were original the manufacturers would have become bankrupted already.

New Reviewer

I thought I found a great site with good deals. Until I received my order. The bag I ordered was obviously a fake. I took it to a trusted local leather store who said, "fabric would hold up better than this vinyl." Before I went to the store, I contacted the company by chat gave the service rep an opportunity to come clean, but he knew nothing more than the product description. After I went to the leather store, I chatted again with a representative who guaranteed me that I would receive a full refund with 5-7 days after receipt of the merchandise.He also requested a copy of the note from the leather store stating it was a fake. I refused and would like to know what their investigation uncovers. He did state he would cancel a second order. I also copied the chat and saved in a Word document if needed. Bottom Line: buy from a reputable dealer that you know. There are too many complaints about this site to think it is legit. I will wait no longer than a week for my refund before I will call the state attorney general to file charges against this company.

New Reviewer

I live in Australia and I bought a bag (made by Bright) from this website. Shipping rate was ok - about $15.00 (would have been $5 if I had spent over $99). My package was pretty much shipped the next day and arrived within a week, which I was really happy and impressed given some online stores here take 2-4 weeks!! The condition of the bag was a little concerning - it was relatively ok but there are scratches around the buckle which I'm disappointed in and the bag was filled with newspaper. I only paid $89 for the bag, so expected not the best quality - but did expect it to be in the best condition. I wouldn't rush to shop at modnique again.

New Reviewer

My favorite web-site for buying designer apparel. I hardly shop anywhere else since I have found these guys. Thank you for being there!

New Reviewer

Sooooo disappointed this company merged with Totsy. I gave it a chance though and the experience was awful. They sent me the wrong dress I ordered (didn't even look alike) and when I tried to get the correct one, the customer service agent said it was not possible because all the dresses were mislabeled in that batch and that the dress pictured on the site wasn't even available or exist for order!
I thought a refund would be streamlined in this case but it's been almost a month and still no refund. They actually sent me an email that a refund of $4.99 was pending! That doesn't nearly cover the price of the dress. This site is a scam!

New Reviewer

They are fraud!!!! Its not brand stuff in any way.. All made in china.. Cheap looking.. I ordered $118 worth stuff which i received today , i was so excited but it all went down when i saw the item.. All has a tag of made in china .... Badly tailored, cheap material, stinky !!!! What is killing me most is i alrady have ordered $250 item again before receiving my first item and i am sure it wont be made it italy as they claim !!! Such a piece of fraud !!!!

New Reviewer

I would have given the site a better review but I am waiting to hear back from them on a Totsy issue. I have ordered twice from the site though and I've been impressed thus far, but I do want to see if they honor my Totsy order.

New Reviewer

Stay away! These disgusting company bought Totsy but won't respond for Totsy's orders and won't reimburse me the $$ either. What's even worse, they took the entire of Totsy's inventory and gave it to charity---ha! To appear nice, when they're really abusing the consumer. No one should be allowed to buy another company but avoid paying their debt.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

So far so good but one of my rings costs about $457.00 the semi precious stone fell
Off from the ring that was bad and another incident I ordered a ring and when I received I laughed at myself the ring is so thin like a needle so I decided not to order
Any jewelry again and the third issue I bought a coach handbag which my sister bought from coach stores the difference between the two is like a North Pole and a South Pole that's how can I explained very bad fake! ?. Mind you I bought a lot of things from them those are three incidents not happy and disappointed with them otherwise every single week something arriving for me.

New Reviewer

Please beware, this website is a scam! I placed two orders in total for almost US$ 600 and I never received them. The Customer Service can't be contacted either. After more than 2 weeks trying to get in touch with them, I finally contacted teh Fraud Departent of my Bank and asked them to handle the case and to try recovering the money.

New Reviewer

I bought some earring for my wife's birthday. The earrings were estimated at being worth $1900.00, so Modnique said. I bought them for $291.00 thought it was really good deal. But, when they came I was very disappointed with the quality. I searched around the net to see if anyone else was selling these earrings and sure enough they were being sold in 3 other websites one for 239.00 another 219.00 and another 199.00 I payed the most. I will never buy anything from this company again. Be sure to check the internet to see if anyone else is selling the piece of jewelery you might be thinking of buying from them.

New Reviewer

I have ordered and received designer shoes as well as facial creams and serums and jewelry from Modnique. I have been extremely pleased with one exception but let it pass. One of the more high end facial creams was not completely full when it arrived but I attributed to shipping. I think it is a fun sight and admit you have to choose and decide what is a good buy.

New Reviewer

I have bought many pieces of jewelry from this site and company, which are of precious and semi-precious varieties. Not once have I ever had a problem with Customer Service or in purchasing any items. As with any site, you MUST read and do your research! Learn to be a savvy shopper and when you do, you will be rewarded with classic pieces of jewelry ... as with any jewelry I buy, I immediately take it to my favorite jewelry store in town and have them check the pieces out. I am still shopping and comparing prices with google searches and then going back to Modnique to purchase ...

New Reviewer

Bought ring costing over $600; 3of the sapphire stones fell out soon after-they gave me $50 credit. Cudtomer service awful. Stay away-too good to be true.

New Reviewer

I have ordered twice from them. The first time it took over 6 weeks to get the item and it was ripped and looked worn. When I tried to return the item it was like trying to break into fort knox. So many rules and hoops to jump through. Not very user friendly. The second time I ordered I got duped by a coupon code. I should never have ordered but the same sh#t happened again. Only order if you like getting used items and getting them months after you order. Would rather shop on ebay.

New Reviewer

I have ordered over 3,000 worth of merchandise. Everything I have ordered I have inspected and even had appraisals for authenticity before I took the tag off. 100 % advertisement, everything is exactly how they state. I have made no hassle returns, but I requested a store credit because it's like found money, I can't wait to spend it. Everytime they ship to you they enclose a 10.00 coupon. Yes I have waited up to 2 months for a purse and a leather jacket. Both worth 4 times what I paid. I promise you they are not starring at your merchandise laughing while you wait. Somethings are out of their control. Yes, I had some Christmas presents that weren't received by my family members till the end of January. It was worth the wait. So timing can be an issue. There are no scams. Love this website!!! Everytime timing is off they do give you a merchandise credit as an apology.

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of calvin klein men's sneakers and got a dirty pair of worn sneakers. I bought them for someone else and was totally embarrassed.

New Reviewer

Be ready for delays in receiving your order. Don't even rely on their estimate cause it can be misleading too. I was just asked to wait 2 more weeks after their own estimate of delivery. If you are prepared to wait 2 months after you place an order (that is literally what I was asked to), then it's ok.

New Reviewer

Bad experience with modnique return policy. It is misleading and unlawful. There are two policies for the one item. Buyer beware you must read the fine print return policy before purchase it may state shop credit only, However, the purchase order will give you an option for a full refund!! I had a bad experience with the purchase of a high end watch. I have been told my only option is a shop credit, but the purchase order states I may choose a full refund. No satisfaction so far, placed copy of purchase order with return hoping i have the option for a full refund.

New Reviewer

To those lot complains about why we have to wait for a month to get the items. Mostly not the suppliers fault. Modnique is like a paypal, they hold the money first for at least 2 weeks. Then thats the time suppliers mail the package, since they dont have yet the payment. So modnique earning both by suppliers and buyers money :( too bad. Better go to a store for better deal. Time wasted here guys!


The first order I placed, it was cancelled because their vendors failed to deliver...this practice is 'stock inflation.' Overestimate the inventory you have to make sales, later on, you cancel the ones you know you can't fulfill. They gave a $25 credit to my account but it's kind of disappointing - not that not having anything is that important but it's the principal.

One good thing is that their customer service via live chat is timely and competent. But it's a hassle to stake out a sale, then have it cancelled two weeks later - I don't think I would buy anything from here again just because I don't have the patience and time to gamble on whatever it is I'm buying to be in stock.

New Reviewer

I ordered two jewelry, one necklace and another ring at the same time. One item took 19 BUSINESS days to be shipped. The second took 25 BUSINESS days. So I pretty much waited a month and a half to get these items from the date of order up until it was actually delivered. I contacted customer service but had not come to a resolution about the delayed orders, except for the standard explanation about their processing methods, which should be corrected as it clearly misinforms the consumers. Their customer service lacks empathy and a sense of urgency.

New Reviewer

OK, first of all I want to say their tracking system is terrific. I knew exactly where my package was every step of the way. For this I give them a thumbs up.
My package came in a regular mailing type large envelope. The one with the bubble spots in it. I am blank as to the right name for this, sorry.
That did not impress me and started to get suspicious.
I took my Current/Elliot jeans out of the package and was pleased with what I saw and more so on how great they looked on me.
HOWEVER, they were NOT new! Not even close. In fact, the tag on the back of the jeans was barely legible, it was so worn through. They had sewn in another tag saying they were Current/Elliot jeans. Now I could read these were that name brand of jean.
I don't know how old these jeans were, but they were worn. The jeans, themselves did not look or feel as worn as the tag looked.
I DO NOT LIKE being lied to, as they said these were 'new'. Why not just say the truth? A pair of jean for $39, that were $200 is understandable. I have bought jeans in stores in which the number of price tags show how many times the price has been cut. I am OK with that. Just be honest.

New Reviewer

This site has FANTASTIC values. My husband and I ordered our anniversary watches here, and we were delighted with them. My husband's watch had a intricate yin/yang floating dial ... it was a gorgeous dress watch that got a LOT of attention when he wore it (perhaps 3 times). When the dial stopped floating, we called Modnique looking for a way to contact the manufacturer. Although we'd bought the watch months before, Modnique refunded the full purchase price within a week of when they received the watch. My third purchase (another watch) was a disappointment because it was advertised as "new", but the packaging was crushed and the user manual was missing. Again, Modnique refunded the full purchase within a week of when the watch was returned. This is excellent customer service for a deep-discount site. I would recommend Modnique to any bargain hunter.

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