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New Reviewer

Oh God I bought so many items from Modnique. It always takes over a month to reach me. But i thought they are an authentic site and the products are real. After reading all these reviews I am shocked. I returned many items too since their sizes are never the same. They gave me store credit but then if their products are not good whats the use of store credit.
I have an open order too. And their site is unavailable for days now.

New Reviewer

I have only had good experiances with this Company. It does take a while for some items since they are coming from Europe, but once I received them it is worth the wait. I returned 2 items that were final sale and was given a store credit. Can't ask for anything more

New Reviewer

I have the exact same problem!!! I've placed two orders, over $500 worth. The orders have not shipped yet, even though they should have already been here. It's been more than a week now that their website is under construction and I cannot get them on the phone. They are not responding to emails either!!! I really don't know what to do! I hope someone has an idea!

New Reviewer

I have one outstanding order with that I placed in early June. They website is under construction, automated voice on the telephone, and they do not reply to the emails about my order. My credit card was already charged and since I cannot get in contact with them I am not sure if I will receive my order. I have emailed BBB and they suggested to file complain but I am not sure how it works since Modnique were not accredited with BBB. They really tricked me as they had the BBB symbol on their website I have assumed that they were accredited with BBB. It never occurred to me to click on it to notice that they were not accredited with that private company. Has anyone has an idea how to go about getting my order and not being cheated out of my money? How can I go about it? Who should I contact?

New Reviewer

I have 2 outstanding orders with Modinique the orders were placed in early June. Their website is under construction nobody is answering my emails or calls, my parcel is untrackable and now they've taken all the bad reviews off their Facebook because customers are starting to ask questions. Shame on you guys at least be honest with whats going on. I work hard for my money this is very disappointing.

New Reviewer

I have made 15 orders and they have all gone well including when I returned items. Prices are good too.

New Reviewer

The worst website to get a credit from. Especially Internationally.
Order returned May. July 9th still cannot get credit. Informed 'they are so busy that they will get around soon, to be patience'
I paid with paypal, and cannot lodge complaint because its more than 45 x days.
Do not buy from them go to Hautelook, they are much better.

New Reviewer

Thanks for everyone's honest review! I was just about to spend $250+ on potential garbage and headache from ordering from this company. I'm going to be sure to tell my friends and family to avoid them.

New Reviewer

Thank you all people for your reviews. I was going to buy a handbag from Modnique as they have great prices, but after reading reviews, I will be staying away from them, I think this website is a scam and work illegally.

New Reviewer

Modnique sold me a FAKE/COUNTERFIET LANCASTER WATCH and advertised it as the real deal with recommended retail price and a hefty price tag of US$410 for a COUNTERFIET watch. The make is LADY CERAMIC DIAMONDS Reference : OLA0649RG/NR

The reason I say this is because I have taken it in to authorized dealer of Orginal watches etc. which are very reputable and were established in 1986. I took the watch there to get it taken in as it was too big. They had a look at it and told me that I should know that it is not an original but a mere copy. I was shocked by this as I believed that I was buying from a reputable website so I have conducted research of my own and have compared the watch I purchased against the orginal which is on the lancaster website.

I have taken screenshots of the orinigal and of the one that I recieved and sent it to their membercare team only to be ignored, it is evident the watches are not identical. The picture that really clarifies this is the one of the back of the watch where the stamp is.

I have taken a picture of the back of the watch I recieved and it is completely different. I sent pictures through to them but no response of course.

The differences are for everyone out there that will get scammed as well:

Original Stamp has:
Mineral Glass, Water resistant 5ATM, Registered Italian Design, 140 Diamonds, 1.33 Carats, Cermik Lancaster Italy CE (stamped in the middle). Ref. 0650/SS (Stamped on the side)

Fake sent to me by Modnique:
Scratch Proof, W.R 5ATM, Registered Design, 70 Diamonds, 0.59 Carats, Lancaster Italy Ref 0326 (Stamped in the middle), High tech cermic.

It is evident that the modnique watch supplied to me is a copy and has been sold to me as an original. I requested my money be refunded back to me and what you choose to do with the watch is upto you and I won't be keeping a fake.

This is a Part of the email I have sent to them a week ago but I have not yet heard any responses. It seems they just want to ignore my complaint and continue seeling fake items to other poor consyumers out there that are thinking they are buying a bargain. CLEARLY NOT A BARGAIN BUT A SCAM.

New Reviewer

I bought some jewelry from and when I received the item, it was not as advertised, the item is very cheap, and I paid a high price for it. I am now going back and forth with their company on returning this cheap piece that was advertised at a super high retail value. I will not buy from them anymore unless this is fixed

New Reviewer

I have ordered a white gold ring from Modnique about 3 months ago and still haven't received.Also costumer service said that they are not able to return me my refund and gives only apologises.I'm very dissappointed I have order form this site many times but now it the last time it sure.They have done nothing after the time I have informed tem that I don't received my item they make me sure to be waiting and waiting.I m loosing my time my nerves bu thinking what can I do myself if this company so unserious and what it really has been to my lost item.THIS is the problem they don't want resolve I ordered it in February but now it is June and no good news.

New Reviewer

Hi, i ordered 2 bags last january..i was on a long vacation to visit my relatives in another country so when i came back and checked my package, i was surprised the bags look very cheap and the leather is not theyre made of carton and came from china mass produced bags...I am extremely disappointed to have paid more than 200usd for 2 bags that i can buy for maybe 20 or 50usd...i still want to return them!
order nos: 362206035 and 361520023

New Reviewer

The rating as of this moment does not matter, I think the company is doing something illegal. I purchased studd in March, they send me a letter 3 weeks later that the merchandise I ordered can not be delivered, because the company ( Goddess) can not supply dresses. They wrote that they will give me $50 gift for future purchases and that they will refund my money immediately. They have not returned anything as of May 28. I called them and was told , that they can not return the money, because they have issues with refunding money to all their customers. So, I was in complete shock, I asked her if the company is solvent? She told me that I have to understand that they have problems, and my credit should help me. All the good responses are
A lie, they are given by their friends. I also was told that she does not know if I will receive any refund from them, again, because they problems.
I think we need to call Attorney General. They collected a lot of money from credit cards and do not return anything, also, I will probably cancel my card, because I do not know who else knows my number. Something is very fishy

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE!! took over a month for a watch to get here! when it said a week to start with then They would keep lying and saying it was on it way but i waited and nothing...maybe they should tell the truth!!!

New Reviewer

My wife and I have purchased a number of items from Modnique over the last few months. Up until recently we've been mostly happy with their service and products. Their customer service had been responsive and cancelled orders upon request quickly and without fuss.
However our view changed recently with one particular order. My wife ordered an hand bag at the end of March, which their website estimated would arrive at the end of April. OK we were prepared for that. However by May 4, the order on their website still read "waiting for vendor to deliver merchandise to Modnique" (it stills says this today May 16). Given the time that this order has taken we decided to cancel the order. On May 4th sent them an email requesting the order be cancelled. On May 5th received confirmation that the order was cancelled. Two days I checked our account online and it still says "waiting for vendor to deliver merchandise to Modnique" and no money refunded to our payment account.
Sent another email asking for this to be looked into, and was told that it could up to 5 business days for this to process. Ok after 5 business and still no change. Sent another email, this time didn't receive any response. Next day checked again. No change on the order and still no refund in our account. Send another email and again no response. Next called their customer service line and asked that the order be cancelled. Which was told that the order is cancelled.
Yesterday May 15 still no change in our account, and another email. Which this time was told that they submitted a "speed up request to our billing department" and to allow for another few days for the refund to be issued. So essentially we've been without both product and our money for almost two months!
I've lost all faith now that this will get resolved. I don't see any kind of follow up in getting this resolved!!

New Reviewer

So beyond ashamed with this company. So, here goes in a nutshell. A lot of people were given a twenty dollar credit. $10 credit to purchase and $10 for free shipping. I ordered a very awesome item that I was excited to get and needless to say it was a gift. (Go Figure). After I placed my order, about a week after, I get a very unprofessional email from this company stating that they were not going to fill my order because there was a "glitch" in their system that allowed everyone to get free shipping. Ok, and that is not the consumers problem. Clearly, being an honest business owner it should be honored, regardless. Isn't that what honest business people do anyway? So, in return I emailed them stating that it should be honored. Especially with a lot of new customers coming in as well. Wouldn't that be a great way to get more business? As a result, they emailed me back stating that if I agreed to pay shipping they would process my order and if not they wouldn't. Well, I just told them to cancel my acct and my order and they did so without a problem. My guess is, they are raking in so much cash scamming people that all of consumers new and old are nothing to them now. They gladly stated they would unsubscribe me, while stating they understand my frustration. Really now? Enjoy scamming people because this is being turned over to the BBB and I'm sure there are a lot more folks that will do the same. Bad for business! Stay away from this joke.

New Reviewer

I was given a $20 credit and now they want me to pay for shipping? When they said It was free. This is a bait n switch. I was going to order a few more things off there but now I will be removing myself. Beware of this site and shady business deals!!!

New Reviewer

A credit is a credit shouldn't matter of you use it on a certain item or for shipping. A glitch in the system I think not. You guys just don't want to foot the bill on all them credits... probably wasn't expecting that many people to sign up. I will be removing myself from your site.

New Reviewer

Was given a promo opportunity ( basically ) for $20 credit and was able to get a free necklace which I loved ( and to be fair was at a great price) for my sister . However after telling my sister about it and getting her all excited about it I now get to disappoint her because they had a glitch Modnique Customer,
> I want to welcome you to Modnique. However, over the weekend, we had a
> glitch with our system that allowed you to pay for shipping with your
> referral credit. Oops! I know this was probably a pretty exciting shopping
> discovery for you, but unfortunately we can't process your order.
> That said, the good news is that we are still happy to honor your order if
> you are willing to pay for shipping. Here's what you can do if you'd still
> like to receive your order:

So yeah I'm not paying you shipping at the price of my item for something that was the company's fault. Ill be taking my Christmas shopping else where. Maybt make sure your site is working like its supposed to before you let people purchase things I met my end of the agreement why don't you have to keep yours ? ridiculous ! also I bet ill only be credited for the $10 pre promo code that is now disabled. Also for the rep that keeps trying to do cover up on these bad reviews dont bother here you will not change my mind or the mind of my friends who will also be rating enjoy your crappy store credit.

New Reviewer

Purchased an item in mid April. Inevitably was told many weeks later that the item is no longer avialble to be shipped out to me and hence, Modnique was going to offer a refund in the coming days. To this day nothing. I finally got in contact with them yesterday via live chat only to be now informed, Modnique has peoples money "tied up" (whatever that means) due to some "changes" (whatever that means) that they're in the process of going through, and thus, would be unable to refund my money....supposedly at present.

Mind you, they never chose to email me to notify me of such a thing as soon as it was the case, if it even is the case, not to mention, they're still doing business! at present! Meaning, if refunds are sought and or needed to be completed, they'll refrain from doing so, yet, have no issue taking peoples money in due time.

It's beyond ridiculous. It's beyond unprofessional..and dare I say...borderline a clear scam in the making!

New Reviewer

I won't buy from anymore.They have 30 days refund policy.I wear XS and i ordered size 26,looks like 23.When i sent jeans back 04/22/14 and today is 05/12/14 and never got refund,after i chat 5 times with customer service they ask me to wait few more days and after few more days same stuff.My friend bought dior cream from them,it was fake 100%.I think we will write to BBB.What the point to spend money and time,if they sell fakes or low quality items.

New Reviewer

I purchased a "Genuine Celine Handbag" valued at $1,500.00 on "sale" for $379.00. I knew it was a fake the minute I got it, but kept it because I wanted a yellow bag. Then the paint started coming off--yes, the "paint" as opposed to dyed. I sent it back with a return authorization and they said no refund as it's badly "worn". I had it less than 3 months. No high-end handbag wears out in 3 months. I own Prada, Tod, Coach and none of these wear out in 3 months. I'm pissed!

New Reviewer

Almost ordered some jewelry until i read all the bad reviews! won't be ordering anything now..thanks girls for the warnings!

New Reviewer

I spent Thousand of thousand of Dollars buying from Modnique. Recently I notice that 5 items from 3 different orders were missing. I contact one of the CARE TEAM MEMBER Gwen who lecture me about Modnqiue can not offer interest & conversion fees that I used for purchasing this damn order. They can only offer APOLOGY!!! By the way these items were paid weeks ago and NOBODY give a damn to tell me that the items are not available only after I went through my orders WHOALA ... some items are missing
To make matter worst 1 of the item is just happen to be on offer and this Care Team Member Gwen lecture me that I should purchase this item because this item apparently comes from different supplier. I do not give a damn if it came from different planet but Modnique is really care about customer that is their problem to fulfill the order. When they refund my credit card its always short due to conversion and other fees that credit card charge. Do you think they care? No ... Apparently I'm not good enough to get good services even though so far I spent $13812.53 not to mention those orders from
Those customer service works like ROBOT with no brain and they like to think we also brainless

For those big orders not ONCE that I return the items even though some items are $#*! and below standard not to mention the size

I'm concern that this practice of refund the customers after taking the money weeks after weeks is legal, is there any government body that rules this practice because this is obviously FRAUD

Very disappointed customer!!!!

New Reviewer

Horrible products (never as pictured). I have ordered 2 dresses from this site which were both defective, ill-fitting & not the quality/material described/expected. I called customer service today to complain & request that they pay my shipping to return the item. They said they'll refund the shipping that I pay, after they receive the return, which doesn't make any sense. NEVER AGAIN !!!

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE Company! I ordered a dress and finally received it weeks later and the dress was see through. It took 2 months for a return to be processed and I contacted the company several times about the return. When they finally gave me my refund, they took 20% because the item was "not defective". I called to dispute this and they wouldn't let me speak with someone who had the ability to help me. I hate this company with a passion! Never order from them- they are scammers!

New Reviewer

This is my first time to write a review to complain a company .. I have to say this is the worst online shopping experience in my life .
1. Took almost 2 months to receive products after I made three phone calls.
2. The products are not the same as what they described.
3. The customer service is awful.

I will nerve shop anything from AGAIN.

New Reviewer

It takes them too long to process an order: about a month or more. Refunds are taking a long time too: 2-3 weeks after the store received items. And every time I have to remind them about the refund 2-3 times.

New Reviewer

This company is the absolute worst I have ever dealt with. ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! They sent me a coat that had a stain all down the front. I sent that one back and ordered a 2nd coat, thinking it was just a fluke. The 2nd coat had a burn hole in it! I then sent that coat back and requested a refund for both coats. They refunded one in full, but would only give me a store credit for the other. They said that they had inspected it upon receiving the return, and "nothing was wrong with it." Right, other than the huge white stain down the front of it. There was no mistaking it. I contacted their customer service complaining about only getting a store credit rather than a full refund -- they said they would issue a refund that would show up in 2 - 3 days. That has been 2 months, and I still haven't gotten the refund, despite 2 more requests and assurances that it was handled. I really hate that I ever made the mistake of ordering from this sham operation!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

New Reviewer

I won't be using this company ever again. The clothing sizing is for midgets. Bought 2 tops. First one was a gift. It was too tight, the other one I bought for my self was also too tight and too short. Waste of money!

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with this shop site. They have very good deals and everyday new coupons which customers receive via e-mail if they subscribed to it. They also have very nice products. I bought several times from this site.

Their customer service is excellent.

As for the shipping duration, I really do not understand why people complain about. After all one should wait when purchasing online.

As per cancellation of the order, I know it is not funny because after all the excitement of finding something nice at good price you find out that you will not have it. It happened to me too, not on Modnique, but on another site. And? Why such a big tragedy out of it??? First it is not their fault, second one should know how the system works before buying, it is like taking a chance.

I live in Canada so the only less attractive point which I could say about Modnique is the shipping fee and I hope one day they will reduce it or annul it, but still it does not mean that it is not a 5* shop site as far as I am concerned.

Thank you Modnique for a great shopping experience.

New Reviewer

I found this site while searching trendy clothing at discounted prices. This site definitely has that. On a good note: I luv the selection & the pricing I have no complaints with that. However, I do haveHUGE complaints in regards to the ship time. I placed a total of 7 orders with them, the 1st one on 1/24/14. As of 2/12/14 I have received only 1 of 7 orders, and the one i received is not the first one I placed. According to my order information they have received items to complete 4 of the remaining 6 orders. Packing slips have been generated for as long as 2 weeks for 3 of these orders. It makes absolutely NO sense to me why they are not shipping out my merchandise. I have called & emailed them numerous times. I have specifically asked for a Supervisor & for them to look into why my orders haven't been sent out when all the items in, they are obviously packed, & s/b ready to go. Not ONCE did I get anything but robotic response about how they aim to ship within 10-14 days (To offer the lowest possible prices to you, we buy directly from manufacturers only after a sale event ends. The manufacturers then send us all the orders, which we repackage and ship to you. This does delay the delivery of your orders but it lowers our expenses which we extend to you as savings. Occasionally, we receive merchandise from the manufacturer before a sale event ends. In this case, we will ship your order right away.) Maybe they do not understand English or can't add but 3 of my orders are almost THREE WEEKS out, that's a week more then their stated longest time frame. Once I get all my items I probably will not shop here again. Let's face it, most shopping is spontaneous: you see something you like at a fantastic price you buy it. If it doesn't come, and you wait and wait, start to get aggravated, the excitement wears off & you either find something to replace it or don't even care anymore. Chances of returning items at this point increases. Pretty dumb marketing on Modnique's end. Again, I know they pull this stuff in from all over & I appreciate that fact but once it's in I want my stuff shipped; not sitting in a box collecting dust while I'm paying for it on my credit card! (keep that in mind too... you are charged for this stuff, paying for it & you don't even have it yet!)

New Reviewer

I has purchase a lot from this website and was very please with their product, until I ordered a Dead Sea mineral cream, that when I received it smell very bad had a yellow color not usual and the expiration date was in two months more. I ordered a package with three cream and there is no time before the expiration date to use it plus it have this weird smell, from a brand that smell very good. They told me the product was a final order and it can be return, even that I explain I only wanted to replace it with a new one that were good not a refund. Again there was nothing they could do. Bad service received from a regular customer, they should have go the extra mile with a bad product.
I do order other product but not beauty products because they can guarantee you that it's not expire, like the lady told me. They don't do quality inspection on creams and make up.

I did buy an awesome t shirt from googi for $49 that was incredible and great quality. But for that price it better was, so the credit is for the brand not Modnique. I do buy Jean Paul perfume too for my husband and are originals so far.

New Reviewer

My first point is rather than Modnique paying companies to post fake 5 star reviews, they should use that money to improve their business.

Now to my experience, I ordered 2 identical Guerlain mascaras a couple of weeks ago and received them yesterday. Neither was in a box, only in bubble wrap bags. I took the first one out and noticed scratches over the tube, I wasn't impressed but I let it go. As I was opening the mascara I immediately noticed that it had been opened as the brush came out extremely easy, which doesn't occur with a new mascara. And then came the icing on the cake, the tell tale sign of a used mascara, build up around the outer rim of the tube. What kind of company sells a USED MASCARA to a customer?? Brand new mascaras should be thrown out after 3 months because the antibacterial component is no longer effective, and that's a brand new one that hasn't been used by anyone else, yet here's Modnique selling me a used eye product, totally disregarding my (and I'm sure others) well being.
So I took pictures of the two mascaras (the other one looks fine, but there's no way I'm using that one either) and sent them to Modnique. They did get back to me straight away, apologized of course and then gave me store credit. So I pay with a credit card, get sent a used mascara, and I end up with store credit ?? How does that work? I didn't change my mind to be given credit, Modnique sent me an unhygienic product, so why do I have to pay for their disgusting mistake?

I have made many purchases with them in the past, have had minor issues, but I let them go. There is no way I will ever make a purchase through these guys again, they've really crossed the line on this one. Just disgusting.

New Reviewer

Purchased and was sent an incorrect item when site was owned by Totsy. I was in the middle of resolving the issue when Modnique bought Totsy out. Modnique had me send the order number so they could resolve the issue, and then never got back with me, even after I sent multiple follow up emails. Husband called 4 months later, and we were told there was nothing Modnique would do. They suggested we get the money back from our credit card instead, as they would not honor the transaction. Very displeased. If I ignored emails at my job, I wouldn't have a job. Very poor customer service.

New Reviewer

I wish I could give zeros star. I want to warn everyone not to shop on this site. They are selling fake items. I ordered a skin care product from Dior that I have purchased many times on other credible sites. I decided to try Modnique because it was much cheaper than what I had been paying. The order came in a little baggy (not the Dior box ) and the tube was slightly smaller than the original and the typography was nothing like the authentic item. This is wrong, but also dangerous as you have no idea what you are putting on your skin. I hope buyers are warned and never shop on this site.

New Reviewer

I dont know what happened and why they are doin this to me. I ordered makeup for the first time from modnique website and I was so happy to receive them although one of the items was opened and a brush was missin but I didnt complain as I was happy with the rest of the items. THEN I ordered two blouses and I paid $
118 and I waited for almost one month but they did not ship the items. So I sent them an email asking them about what happened but they didnt reply and I did send them another one with no answer as well. Now I am chasing them to fund my money and they are not answering me. Im so upset and their customer service is the worst.

New Reviewer

I love shopping on On this site I find Hing-end Designer clothing at amazingly low prices as well as very unique looking, quality clothing and accessories made in Italy, France, Spain. I shopped at few times and never had any problems so far. My last purchase on was a dress. And I was fully satisfied with all the purchase process. Size guide for the dress was very clear and detailed, so I was able to select my size carefully, which is usually an issue when buying on the other websites. The payment process was also very easy and clear. I received my dress on time and was happy with my purchase. I got the dress that fitted me perfectly, and it was of a good quality. Also as I know that brand is not sold anywhere else in the US, so that makes the dress special for me. I will shop at again and again. I definitely recommend this website!

New Reviewer

This is a copy of the complaint I tried to give to Modnique. (I went to their customer service "chat" room. When I had to enter the reason for my visit and wrote: "I have a complaint" I got a message that said no one was available at the time to "chat" with me). So I wrote this:

I have a complaint about the amount of time it took to ship one of the items I ordered. If it had been disclosed to me that it was going to take close to six weeks to arrive, I would not have ordered it. I realize that is probably how Modnique keeps their prices low (by doing special shipping arrangements with the overseas manufacturers), but I think the company should be fully transparent (make it really obvious) that the shipping could take several weeks so that customers can decide for themselves if it is worth waiting a month or two. (In some cases, it may be, and in many not be.)

I wanted to wear/use the item for events that have already taken place (a couple weeks ago). Now I can't (obviously, since they have long passed). Am I still going to like the item (handbag)? Maybe, if it is as nice as the photos and description on Modnique. Am I going to order from Modnique again (and recommend it to people, as I had been in the past)? Maybe not.

Is this a proper place to make a complaint that will be seen by people higher up in the company? If not, please advise who I should send it to. I am going to post this exact "letter" on a review website.

I just thought the owners of the company might like to know directly.

Thank you.

New Reviewer

I shopped on this website for a year and I was very happy in the beginning but now I am so disappointed with them and their return policy and there customer service that I never will shop with them again. The quality of the products is worse and worse and they just changed their return policy so I have to pay return fees by myself. They never announced it properly and I when spoke with a customer rep. they said they updated their website accordingly who knows when. I don't have a custom to shop and to read through websites if there are any changes on one of the pages. So now, I have a big box to return and I am horrified what my post fees would be. Good way, Modnique, to keep you customers loyal.

New Reviewer

I'm very disappointed in my order from this site! The coat I've received from MODNIQUE was a crumpled, cheap made brand fake and looked like a rag.
I had paid $95 but it doesn't worth even half!
The site doesn't work properly . Always had problems with Log In.
I'll never use this site again and never recommend it to my friends.

New Reviewer

No question it is fake stuff. Ordered versace which i have bought over 15 years. All fake. Not even close. Mismspelling of versace, made in china, labels they havent used in 10 years. Not to mention they sent me randommsizes, not the ones i ordered.

New Reviewer

Can you rate 0? I am so disappointed in this site, I was misled to believe that the Louis Vuitton bag I ordered was authentic and real just pre owned, but nope.....and they won't even give me my money back unless i go to a Louis Vuitton store and get a written authorization that it is indeed a replica??? Otherwise I can get a credit...but I don't even want to give them money ...they are frauds and I will contact my bank in order to not let he charge go through ....

New Reviewer

I have been really disappointed with the deal since Totsy was bought by Modnique. I don't know about you but it will be a cold day in you know where before I spend 50 bucks for a plain blouse and there is not a pair of jeans on earth worth $75.00. Their prices are out in left field.

New Reviewer

Love this store! There you can find some very interesting items on atractive prices! The only thing that saddens is the price of delivery and what to pay for the shipping of each item!

New Reviewer

<3 Modnique!!!
A week ago I ordered beautiful Dolce & Gabbana coat and a tie and finally I have it.
Looks fantastic. Modnique please have more stuff for Men!

New Reviewer

Upon opening my package beads are falling out . I arrange for a refund back to my credit card. They issued a store credit and I'm communicating by phone,email,live chat and still no refund. This was my first and last order.

New Reviewer

This is a horrible website to order from. I order two different products (total rapid 55 and some change) that were never delivered. When I called to let them know they asked me to contact my local post office to find out where the package was. When I told them I did not have time to track down a package (in my eyes it is their responsibility to make sure I receive my package) they said they would open a case but could not credit me back as of yet. When I filed a dispute with paypal Mosnique claimed that they had confirmation that it was delivered. They claimed that because their fed-ex tracking number stated it was delivered then it was. They use two different carriers to mail you products unless you spend over 500.00. The tracking number they give you is fed-ex and only will track to the post office they deliver it too which means they confirmation of delivery is based on it being delivered to post office not you. Truly messed up. I have now been dealing with this issue for over two months. I strongly recommend NOT BUYING FROM THEM. I am still waiting for my credit back and I have NEVER received what I ordered from them.

New Reviewer

Modnique have some very nice items for people who can not afford high priced jewelry, I love this site!

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