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ModCloth reviews

62 reviews
651 Brannan St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel: (888) 495-9699
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62 Reviews for ModCloth

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New Reviewer

Cute clothes online; some of the outfits are ridiculously pricey, but if you shop around enough on the site, there are a few gems. The shipping experience for me is extremely poor so far. I ordered a dress and shoes, and opted to pay more for faster delivery. I believe it was 4 business days. My order was placed in the morning on the 16th. The shipping confirmation was sent to my email on the 19th stating that the order has shipped for delivery, when in actuality, FedEx didn't even pick it up from their facility until the 21st. Once FedEx had everything in transit, it only took 2 days to arrive in my area. Here it is on the 23rd, and according to tracking, it should arrive today. It took three days for them to even process my order and have it READY to be shipped, were very misleading about when it shipped (waited three more days after parcel was ready for shipment for a FedEx pickup instead of...I don't know...taking it to the shipping center??). So in the time it took them to ready my parcel and wait for someone to pick it up, the extra $$ I paid for express shipping were for naught. I will vouch for FedEx delivery any day, as once they picked up my package, it was quite a quick transit to my area, but ModCloth wasting 6 days to even begin the shipping process is pretty lame. I order online from other retailers quite frequently, and do not run into these issues elsewhere.
I should have read the reviews first, because it seems more people have run into problems than not. I cannot attest to the quality of the items just yet, as I haven't even received them.

I also live in Southern Texas.
And to the reviewer calling out others based on their experiences, it sounds a lot like you WORK for ModCloth, and are trying to discredit the bad reviews here.
Final opinion: For me, the shipping is lackluster, waste of money to choose faster shipping options. I wouldn't outwardly tell anyone to stay away just yet, but I wouldn't exactly reccommend, and I would warn them not to waste money because their shipping is lame.

New Reviewer

Back in 2013, I placed two orders from ModCloth. Each was processed within 24 hours, and while the quality of the items can be said to be totally lacking, they weren't egregiously expensive. Thus, I wasn't totally turned off and thought it was simply an imperfect major retailer.

In less than one year, everything has worsened in three key ways.

(1) It now takes 3-4 days to even process my order. Then, once processed, it takes 2 days for shipping information to be sent to FedEx (using the not-so "savvy" shipping service). From then it takes 4-9 days to arrive at my home. My items always originate from their Ohio center...strange.

(2) Pricing has increased, and the noticeable mark-ups from vendor pricing on other sites is insulting. Furthermore, quality has somehow decreased in a year! A skirt I bought in 2013 has lasted a year before faltering structurally (and is still usable). A skirt I purchased two weeks ago is very cute, but is already structurally damaged despite washing it per the instructions (I am deciding whether to make alterations to it). I had no desire to return or complain due to reason number (3).

(3) Customer service seems to no longer be a ModCloth priority (if it ever was). Just read the reviews and you will note how the reputation has declined. Returns are no longer free, exchanges are now known to be shady, and there is no compensation for items decreasing in price after a purchase. Yet free returns, fast exchanges, and compensation for price changes are frankly very commonsense business practices. And at this stage, ModCloth is no longer a quirky, small retailer. With revenues in the millions, and notoriety stemming from their approach, they are in the big leagues. Unfortunately, they cannot seem to play like it. What they have learned is to politely claim that they hear your concerns and that all is okay. But you cannot just talk away these issues.

The Take-Away: All in all, I wouldn't purchase from this store. It will take you ions to receive your item, which will most likely be of poor quality (despite being cute), and it will then take ions to return your item (at your own cost). Wait to buy from them until they understand how to operate professionally and promptly, or allow them to spiral into the abyss and spend your money elsewhere.

New Reviewer

I've ordered a few items from ModCloth over the past year and am very disappointed that they got rid of the free return shipping WITHOUT notifying members! They didn't send out an email or even let customers know about this "update" on their website. So now there are shoppers who are thinking they can return an item, but now can't unless they pay $5.99. I used to love this site, but now I won't shop here again. Shame, too, because there were quite a few other items I was going to order.

New Reviewer

The products look cute in pictures but are incredibly poorly made. I mean REALLY poorly made! Customer service representative was unhelpful, sarcastic. I have shopped online for 15 years and have never been as unsatisfied with an experience as I am with ModCloth. I would never use them again, and will never recommend them to anyone.

New Reviewer

I really can't fathom how this site has so many good reviews.... you pay $100 for a pair of shoes or a purse that's not leather made out of some disgusting material that smells like plastic, I have ordered 12 different things from shoes, dresses, bags, swimsuits, bras, everything I have ordered has been disappointing except one bra. It takes 2 weeks for anything I order to get here and literally A MONTH to be refunded. Their "details" lie one of my swimsuits said lightly padded, um there wasn't even cups in it like a normal swimsuit it as so cheap and flimsy! Their customer service is absolutely wretched and I am a customer service supervisor. Once I had a $25 off of total order coupon and all swimsuits were on sale %20, note, ALL, and the one I wanted for some reason was the only one not showing up on sale. They offered to give me a %20 off coupon. I said "No, then I cant use my $25 off the swimsuit is supposed to be on sale. Cant you just refund me $13 I would be saving?" They told me they would put in a request about it and were so incredibly rude about it! Your clothes are outrageous already people come on now! I have had nothing but problems with this website.

New Reviewer

LOVE their swimwear! And the customer service is excellent! I ordered 2 swimsuits and they arrived right on time. The colors are dazzling and the cut is flattering. However, they were too large.

I still wanted the suits, but they only had 1 of them in a smaller size. The return/ exchange process was very smooth. It had options for each item, allowing me to get a store credit +$5 for one and exchange for the other. After that, though, the suit that was unavailable was restocked. So I chatted with them and got my store credit changed to a refund so that I could order the last of my size before someone else did.

THEN I saw that there was a 20% sale happening. Although I had already placed an exchange request, I chatted with someone and she changed my exchange to a refund so that I could order the right size at the new lower price!!

Even for someone as picky as I am, they were great and exceeded all reasonable expectations. Fast responses, high quality swimwear, and very easy returns/ exchanges. Love it! I'll definitely be ordering from them again!

New Reviewer

I've bought from this sight a lot in the past and I haven't had any problems whats so ever. The quality was always good and their arrival time is great. I get my package about 5 to 3 days from it being bought. I will always go back to this sight. Their customer service is so sweet and helpful. Their prices are high but I never minded that.
For reference I live in southern Texas. Just in case that helps anyone.

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY FROM MODCLOTH! I've ordered from them multiple times and up until now have not seemed to learn my lesson. You cannot cancel an order unless it is within a 60 MINUTE time frame. That's right, one whole hour! The order hadn't even been processed yet and was still "pending" a few hours later when I tried to cancel my order, and they claimed it was impossible. So I waited (a long time) for my package to come just so I could send it back for a full refund. WHICH I was told could take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to process. Meaning that my money with modcloth would be tied up for at least a month, maybe two! Not to mention, I returned my order because I found the item I wanted (which was out of stock on modcloth) on the website of the actual manufacturer. Which leaves me with the question, why are we ordering things from modcloth when we can usually get the item directly from the producer of the product for a CHEAPER price. Lastly I will state that the quality of the items I get from modcloth are typically very poor and highly overpriced. They tend to forget to mention when a dress doesn't have a lining and therefore is completely see-through. They also don't mention that the buttons are sewed on so poorly that an 80 dollar dress will only have it's original buttons for a few wears (if that). DO NOT BUY!!!

New Reviewer

Not only are the clothes subpar but the company policies are archaic. I had to beg and plead for my refund on a very poorly made dress. They rest their laurels on being "independent" and "unique," which translates to an excuse for selling poor quality goods with little chance to return items upon your realization that you can get far better service and merchandise from any other vendor on the planet.

New Reviewer

Canadians beware!
Most products will cost you extra duties and shipping upon delivery Calculate 18% duties + 15% tax +10$ to be payed upon delivery if you choose regular shipping. This is on top of the american shipping you paid at checkout.
That being said, the products i received were very nice and came in good shape. I recommend this if you don't mind paying a lot of extra fees.

New Reviewer

I love mod cloth for thier exclusive pieces and smart eye for fashion. The prices are already great and now they having a 20% off summer sale - love it! They have free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns and exchanges. This site is awesome!

New Reviewer

Their return policy is AWFUL!. It took 10 days to get the product. AND THEN with their " free return shipping" it takes ANOTHER 14 days to get back to them. OH! and there is no mail on sundays. So if you can do the math, that is a total of 26 days in transport. So their " 30 day return policy" is a truly a 4 day return policy. And their customer service department does NOTHING to help with this except keep restating a policy that is clearly written incorrectly. I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN!

New Reviewer

I don't understand the poor reviews. I recenlty placed my 5th order from Modcloth and I am very satisfied with my purchases. I can't comment on customer service because I haven't had an issue.
And what's with the low rating from someone who hasn't even ordered from them?

New Reviewer

ModCloth is great when you first discover it. They have a huge selection of clothing and accessories and almost everything looks really cute.

Then you start ordering. I'm basing my review on MULTIPLE transactions and not just one purchase. It's important to really look at images online to get an idea of what fabric is like. Colors online are often misleading and very different in person. Most of the items are quite overpriced, especially when the item arrives and the fabric is disappointingly cheap. I have no problem paying more for a dress if the quality is better.

I've also been burned in the sense that after ordering an item, I did some research into the brand and was able to discover it cheaper at another retailer. Since then, I've always tried to find an item I want cheaper at another site and most of the time I do. (Sometimes the mark-up can be as much as $20).

It's not all bad though. I've gotten a few dresses that I was very happy with, but they were all pretty pricey. There's pretty much no one website where you can find this great selection of vintage and vintage-inspired styles. I think the great thing about Mod is that they have things for many price-points.

As another side note, I ordered many items with the free "savvy saver" shipping and shipping took about a week. I then ordered another item with the $8.00 standard ground shipping and that package arrived literally one day earlier. It's not worth it at all to pay for shipping if you're not in a rush.

Customer service has always been a breeze and I've never had a problem returning anything. Returns are always prompt and they don't take a long time to return funds to your account. It usually only takes 2-3 days after they receive it. I called customer service once and the CSR was really nice and helpful.

I don't want to completely discourage people from shopping with ModCloth because I've found a couple really great dresses, but you need to be smart about it and do research to avoid big disappointments.

New Reviewer

TERRIBLE customer service! Ordered $400 worth of items for delivery to Texas only to check my order about 11 working days after dispatch and see its status changed to returned with absolutely no notification from them! Tried online chats, emails, etc to get a refund and they keep telling me I have to call them to get a refund as I have to pass security screening! COMPLETELY unhelpful and I will not be shopping there again once I manage to pry my hard earned money out of their grubby paws!

New Reviewer

The site looked interesting at first and I was sorely tempted to get a couple hard to find styles, but when you look closely everything looks so cheaply made online, I can only imagine how bad it is in person. It's a shame they are throw away clothes.

New Reviewer

I love modcloth. The choices are wonderful, unique and everything I've ordered has been true to size. I also love the way their site works, and the iPhone app. Basically, since discovering ModCloth I've purchased items from them once a month. I can't help it! Easy and awesome.

New Reviewer

This website is fantastic! I've ordered from them a dozen times, and I've had nothing but great experiences. Their return policy is unparalleled. I once ordered a dress, but once it got to me I tried it on and realized that it did not flatter me at all, and I was able to get a full refund with return postage paid, just because it didn't look good on me! And it was a sale item as well. I've never seen another site with such comprehensive returns. My sister was once sent the wrong item, and the company not only let her keep the item they sent her, they overnighted the right item to her at no cost. The customer service is great. I once had to change an address on a package and they worked it out with the shipping company for me while to package was in transit. I would recommend this website to anyone.

New Reviewer

I have had only positive experiences with ModCloth! Sure, I've ordered a few things that needed to be returned for quality or fit, but most of the items I have ordered are quite unique and well-made! Besides that, the service at ModCloth is exceptional! My items always come packaged so neatly, which really does make ya feel good when you receive something in the mail - and I have found that their personal clothing brand - Bea and Dot - to have really cute and high-quality items. It is a fun place to shop with a variety of styles and prices. My favorite purchase has been an Eva Franco dress that was 70% off!

New Reviewer

I'm addicted to Modcloth. Browsing their catalog just makes me feel so calm and happy. I feel like there's something for everyone there--some of the things they stock are SO CUTE and you can't really find them anywhere else. The downside is that they're pricey, especially for the sometimes iffy quality of their clothes, so I don't usually buy anything unless it's on sale. Also the colors in their photos aren't always accurate. But the site is perfectly designed to get you hooked! If I really want to treat myself, this is where I go to shop!

New Reviewer

I ordered $300 worth of clothes. I thought for what I was paying... sweaters $50-$80 that the items would be of good quality like Urban Outfitters. I was wrong... I sent all but two items back because of the poor quality of the material and nothing seemed to be what it looked like online. Essentially, you are paying three times the amount for the same quality item you could find at Forever21.

New Reviewer

I recently bought a couple of dresses from the Modcloth website and must admit, I absolutely love it..

New Reviewer

The first time i placed an order it took less than 2 weeks to arrive. Unfortunately this was not the case for the second order. The website says a maximum of 21 business days. Its been over that and was told today that " if it doesn't arrive in 30 business days, we can look at options" I will not be using this site again.

New Reviewer

Horrible!!! Paid for 2 day shipping its been 9. No refund. You all are a bunch of f@#$&*! Bogus hipsters. I hope to see you fail miserably. Lost my business for sure.

New Reviewer

I placed an order for a dress recently and recieced my package quickly from them. I could track it to make sure it wasn't lost in transit to Alaska. I love that they sent gift wrap along with a thank you. The sizing was a little vague but I went with my gut and fit a small still. I was also at a holiday party at work and complimented a dress that was also purchased on :)

New Reviewer

I used to love modcloth, and gave away multiple gift cards on my blog… then I actually ordered from them and was disappointed. The clothes are of cheap quality considering most were over $50-80 dollars each. CANADIAN BUYERS, you will be charged an arm and a leg for shipping. All in all my shipping costs turned out to be almost half of what I paid in clothing costs… I order from international buyers frequently, and have never been charged that much in shipping/duty costs. The UPS guy was even so confused at shipping charges that he assumed they accidentally put an extra 100 dollars on it and called to be sure.. he couldn't get through so I had to pay the charges and then call for days to try to get an answer (which basically was them blaming the postal service lol). I've ordered from MANY US stores that offer flat rate shipping to Canadians without HUNDREDS of dollars in import fees. I will not be ordering from Modcloth again until they get their international shipping up to par.

New Reviewer

Ordered $300 worth of clothes. Shipped to the wrong address, promised a refund - never got one. REALLY $#*!ty. The one gift to myself (my winter clothes...), stolen - non refunded and totally lied to by a CSR at ModCloth. Beyond pissed. Way to lose my business, forever. I was a huge fan, and this is unforgivable. I will be spamming the hell out of keeping people away from this.

I was a big buyer with them, bad form. BAD FORM.

New Reviewer

They have some cute stuffs. Customer Service are excellent. However, they are extremely overpriced in my opinion. You can find some of their items at other store with lower prices!

New Reviewer

ModCloth has amazing selection and all, but the international shipping is complete garbage.

Before ordering, I KNEW that ModCloth had COD (cash on delivery) shipping for the 3-4 day shipping option. Since I wanted my purchase to come faster since it was for an event, I chose that option.
I had done my research and from the reviews I had seen people were generally charged an additional $52-$75 Canadian upon delivery for purchases totaling $150-$250. Since my purchase was $116 I expected to be charged slightly less. I was wrong.

I chose the 3-4 day delivery method which is $26.97 CAD because I wanted my purchase to be here faster for an event I'm going to. My total purchase was only $116.96 INCLUDING shipping, but somehow I ended up having to pay an additional $52 for COD. And since the UPS deliveryman didn't have change on him, and I didn't want to have to go to the UPS warehouse myself to pick it up, I ended up giving him $60 instead. (Yes, I know. I wasted the extra $8 myself. That is NOT ModCloth's fault- I just didn't want to go through the hassles of picking up the package myself from the UPS warehouse the next day.)

As much as I LOVE their clothing, I can honestly say I will never be buying from MC again. Ever.

New Reviewer

I've purchased several items from them over the last 5 years. Great customer service! Returns/exchanges are a lot easier to do now which is much nicer. I've had to exchange several items and have never had an issue. The prices are a bit higher (similar items can be found at shopruche) but you're paying for all the "extra" stuff. I would recommend.

New Reviewer

I have placed several orders with this company and have had mixed results. The first order was great. I ordered the cloud bank top in white. It arrived in a reasonable amount of time especially considering that there was free shipping. It was better than expected for around 50 dollars. My second order was nothing but a mess. I ordered three items, two tops and a sweater. After waiting over two weeks for delivery, I opened the box and was very disappointed to find all three items to be of very poor quality. I kept one because it was cute (and on sale) but I have a feeling it won't last long. They offer free return shipping but it's very slow and I almost missed out on getting a refund. If you need to return, my advice is send right away! They allow 30 days for a cash refund, after that its store credit.

New Reviewer

Modcloth's customer mare is amazing. When I revived my order, I didn't get the right clothes. So I got on the live chat and was amazed by helpful it was. They said that yes, was order was incorrect, but the dresses I ordered were now sold out. They gave me a refund for the dresses and the shipping, plus they let me keep the order they sent me! My only problem was that I had to pay duties and taxes on a package that I didn't order.

New Reviewer

LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothing & accessories you find @ Modcloth! Great spot to find unique pieces that have a great price range. I recently bought 2 dresses & a fabulous pair of shoes! Free shipping that arrived within a week. I am a repeat shopper! Thanks Modcloth!!

New Reviewer

I love "window-shopping" on modcloth because of their simple, vintage-inspired designs. I would never buy anything from there, though. I would venture to say that 90% of their jewelry items are resourced wholesale from China for less than $1/piece, which they turn around and resell for $15-20 for quite a nice profit. You can find Chinese sellers on etsy selling the same pieces for $5 or less. Look for "antique octopus necklace" on etsy and it's the same thing as their "cephalopod necklace" ($14.99). The rest of their site is much the same, it looks as if they choose products that belong to a certain design aesthetic and then mark them up by 500%. I would only go to this site for casual browsing and order the products I really want elsewhere.

New Reviewer

At first glance looks like an amazing vintage-inspired online shopping haven. After placing several orders though, I'm realizing that 80% of their product is cheap crap you can find at the LA mart - made from cheap fabrics that will fall apart after the first wash. If I wanted to purchase clothing like this I would just go to Forever21. Their customer service is okay. Sometimes helpful sometimes not. I'm done being a modcloth shopper for now.

New Reviewer

Over the years I've read not great reviews about modcloth. The reviews mostly warned from the price vs. quality issue, that is,bad quality items for a high price. Still, I decided to make an order and ordered three items. all of them were disappointing in some way, all of them were cheaply made, and yes, overpriced for their quality. I am going to return my order, but still, not happy.

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress for my daughter who lives in Puerto Rico. She had chosen it for engagement photos. Unfortunately, mail, especially packages, tends to "disappear" in P.R. Since there was a tracking number, my daughter was able to confirm that the postal service HAD delivered it, but not to her address. After numerous attempts to get the package back, it was obvious that whoever received the dress was keeping it. I called ModCloth and explained all this, and they sent her out a new dress, at their expense for both the dress and overnight shipping (I had it mailed to me in WI and then sent it to her with a visiting brother.) They will more than make up for this cost to them as I and my family will be very, very loyal to them and recommend them to any and everyone. Unless you live in Puerto Rico!

New Reviewer

I purchased two beautiful dresses last year. Looked in many stores for the styles I purchased but couldn't find them in plus size. I am very happy with my two purchases. Quick shipping, too.

New Reviewer

I've ordered heaps of things from Modcloth and never had any problems! I also read all the reviews before ordering and I've been very happy with most of the things I've received. The customer service is excellent and they have a huge range. I do feel that some of the clothes are too expensive though...

New Reviewer

LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I ordered the Fox-Trot Lessons dress, and it fits perfectly! No concerns whatsoever, and the customer service is GREAT!! They have really cute dresses! I really recommend it! :)

New Reviewer

This store is great. It has very unique items that you can’t find anywhere else. I have bought items from them several times over the last couple years. I have never had a problem with shipping. On occasion, I have returned an item without much difficulty.

New Reviewer

I'm 5,05ft high so i'm very little but for the rest I have a normal body. I asked myself many times who can wear most of the dresses? They are even too short for me :(

Shippingcosts are normal, but high if you want a trackingnumber (I bought 3 dresses and for a shipping with tracking number I had to pa 14 Dollar extra instead of 16 dollar, according to me, it's way to expensive!!

some items are way to expensive, I usually save them untill they are in sale

New Reviewer

First the wrote me a week after ordering my wedding dress and said that it was oversold. They tried to make it up to me with a coupon, when I used it it did not go through. I was then charged twice! All THREE of their staff I talked to were RUDE. They blaimed me for using the website wrong and refused to allow the lower priced to be charged!

New Reviewer

I used to write a fashion blog and ModCloth is very popular among many of my cohorts. With that said, I had never purchased anything from their website. As luck would have it I got a gift card from my sister-in-law for Christmas and immediately got on and looked around. They really do have an enormous selection of vintage-inspired clothing. I also really love that they display buyer reviews directly on the product page. They even allow customers to upload photos, which can prove to be extremely useful. I’m not sure why some reviewers are saying that those reviews are truncated or that they only display positive reviews… Almost all the items I looked at had 3/5 stars or less. That’s not exactly stellar in my book. Most reviews pertained to fit, fabric and craftsmanship.

Anyway, I placed my first order last week and within 5 hours of placing it, they sent me a shipping confirmation email. Wow! Awesome! When my order arrived, the color was very different from what was on the website, but I was impressed with the quality of the garment and the fit seemed true-to-size.

Ultimately, I think most things on their website are pretty overpriced. Without another gift card or store credit of some sort, I probably won’t go back and buy more…unless one particular dress goes on sale. ;) No matter how I slice it, I was really impressed with their quick order turnaround and rather large selection, even if said selection doesn't exactly fit into my personal style.

New Reviewer

My experience with Modcloth has been fantastic. I've placed about 5 large orders with them so far. Nothing's been late, nothing's gotten messed up. Returning the items I didn't want was a breeze. And the clothes, how I love them! Quirky, unique, interesting - all the kind of stuff I can't find at Macy's or Kohl's that's for sure. The nearest rival is anthropologie, who is obviously catering to a much more rich, upscale crowd than Modcloth. For those of us in the middle, who want a little more, Modcloth is a godsend.

New Reviewer

In short, I'm extremely irritated with ModCloth. I wouldn't recommend them.

The long story is: I wanted the buy from ModCloth forever. For years I wanted to order things, but I either didn't have the money, or nothing I wanted was available. When I finally had the money to buy a thing I wanted, I did. I checked the size chart and bought the size that was needed based on the measurements given. Two days later (You know how ModCloth works, what with getting limited stock in daily) I ordered a second item. Both totals were the same.

When the first item arrived I learned that ModCloth does absolutely nothing to negate customs fees for international customers. They were patronising when I wrote in and mentioned that I had never before had to pay customs fees, except up-front at the time of purchase. I would not have ordered the items if I knew they would cost me 25$ and 15$ more each (Remember, same check-out price)

On top of that, the first item was a full inch larger than it should have been, since it was a pair of boots, that really mattered. In addition, I had actually asked an employee which size I should get based on the size chart, and they recommended a size LARGER than what I bought. It put the shoe at a full two sizes too big for me. ModCloth suggested I pay to send the shoes back, effectively having paid 50$ to TRY ON A PAIR OF SHOES. I declined the offer and am trying to sell them myself.

The second item arrived and it was okay. Nice "Made in China" labels and no washing instructions. It was a canvas and PU leather backpack that was rather cute and held up to toting my laptop around. Until it rained. The very cute plaid pattern had a red accent, and the red accent was not colourfast, so now I have a putrid pinkish-orangeish-tan backpack. I am absolutely boggled that ModCloth did not use a colourfast dye on a product that would clearly be going outdoors!

So now my bag is in the wash and I'm annoyed at ModCloth all over again. This company has useless customer service, does nothing to help its international customers, AND is selling shoddy products under the guise of quality items! I ended up heading to Maurice's and buying a pair of AWESOME boots for half the cost of the ModCloth ones; I suspect I'll be heading a similar route for a new bag.

New Reviewer

They source product that can be found on a number of other retailers website but mark up their product astronomically. Nothing special here.

New Reviewer

Ordered once and won't do it again. Really, really poor quality clothes. Not sure why it matters if they make their own clothes or not - they're distributing it and selling it. I ordered 1 piece dress, pencil-skirt cut on the bottom with a drapy, flowing top sewn together. I was really excited because the pic was so beautiful. When I got it & opened the box, it was immediately clear the material really really cheap - almost see-through, and it was clear the dress was badly constructed (loose threads in the arms!). The drapy top that looked silky online was a kind of weird shiny polyester. Ugh. Won't give myself the needless hassle of buying from this place again.

New Reviewer

I'd give this site 5/5 but along with other reviews here, I do have to say that buyer beware. Read the details & reviews of the products you want to get. This has helped me avoid the hassle of having to returning anything for the most part. I've only had to return an item once. Their return policy is easy & free. Their customer service has always been great. I get all my questions answered.

When it comes to their pricing, I feel that sometimes a certain product is overpriced. So I just avoid purchasing it all together.

New Reviewer

I've purchased many items from the store. Most of the quality and sizes are hit or miss, given the different designers. What really pissed me off was that they sent a package that never arrived. When they sent it, they added -$10 and because the item didn't fit, I had to return it. When I received my refund, it was -$10. They charged me 10 bucks for a replacement that they screwed up because they switched in the middle of ups to usps. Not an honest seller at all, will probably not purchase or recommend again. Disappointing, because their products are adorable.

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