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MLS Support reviews

3 reviews
Categories: Real Estate
Tel: 1-800-MLS(657)-1901
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New Reviewer

My wife and I were unsure about using an online MLS Support type company but a friend ours told us about and we decided to call them and after speaking with their customer service person we were convinced that this was the right way to go. They listed our home within 24 hours and 19 days later it was sold! We had a hard time believing that they could do this so inexpensively, but they did. What a deal!

Tip for consumers: Highly recommended

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New Reviewer

Wow. I am in shock. I called to ask about their services because I had been solicited by another flat fee MLS company and I wanted to compare. The gentleman (and I use that term loosely) on the phone was incredibly rude! I initially asked if there were any additional fees outside of the package price that was listed. I waited for an answer and then I wasn't sure if we had a bad connection so I started to continue to elaborate on my question. Within a second he started his answer. I stopped talking and listened. Then I asked another question and once again, silence. I waited. Finally I started to elaborate on that question as I wasn't sure why he wasn't speaking of if I was clear enough. Once again he started talking. I stopped talking. Then he proceeded to yell, YES YELL, at me telling me to stop interrupting. I listened to his rant as he said, I didn't know what I was talking about so he was trying to explain it all to me and all I kept doing was interrupting. He said I asked the same question three times and that he could explain it if I would shut up. Finally, when he stopped, I explained that there was a long lull after everything I said and that I wasn't sure our connection was very good. I wasn't interrupting him, we just kept speaking at the same time. And there was no need to actually yell at me and call me stupid. He even said that our conversation was "in and out" on his end. I'm surprised that didn't tip him off to the conversation overlap. I explained then that I was more interested in hiring his company (despite the $50 additional photo fee) than any of the others that I had researched but after the WORST customer service conversation with him before I even signed up with his company told me this might not be a good match. He interrupted me and told me to go hire someone else then. They may do a good job. I have no idea because I couldn't get past the initial call without being yelled at and insulted. I can say they aren't a very professional business. And I'm still not ruffled. Just amazed.

New Reviewer

This company helps you list your home on the MLS and for a flat fee. It was my first time. I was very skeptical. The support was excellent and responsive. My home was listed on the MLS within 24 hours. The service works. My home was sold within One month. I would recommend to my family and friends.