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MiniInTheBox reviews

55 reviews
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55 Reviews for MiniInTheBox

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New Reviewer

I regret for my bad comment the other day... My experience with this site is very good. I only waited 1 month (10 days more than the estimated) and i recieved a notice from the Hellenic post office that my parcel has arrived (!!!!!!! SUPER EXCITED !!!!!!!!). I took it on July 28th and i unwraped it. The quality of the mechanical watch i ordered is astonishing! Very heavy for 4cm width object, which indicates extreme quality, and it works fine so far!!!! The only disanvantage of the miniinthebox is that they offer poor communication services... they dont even have an email as far as i know... but never mind, i don't blame them. The outcome? I am very pleased and i absolutely recommend buying from miniinthebox. ( P.S.: The mail came via shipping in about 30 days from Hong Kong to Greece )

New Reviewer

I ordered several items & got all but one of the items, I am still waiting on the one item & two of my items that I did receive don't look like they do on the website.

New Reviewer

I ordered several items back in March, it is now the middle of July. I know it takes time to ship from over seas, but I order from over seas via Ebay, Amazon, and another company where I get my stockings from, and it'll take 4weeks at the maximum.
I would never order from them again, obviously, and I will definitely give a bad review for their lack of feedback as well. Worst experience ever. Save your money and shop Ebay, their sellers for these type of items will at least follow up with a track number.

New Reviewer

i ordered like 3 weeks ago and i haven't got my order yet!!! when i had ordered it stood that i would get the order in 5 days.....

New Reviewer

Fast delivery. Totally Satisfied and Excellent Communication. Overall everything is perfect. Worth of buying from this.

Thank you

New Reviewer

I love their products, but i am totally upset and will no longer order anything else from this site. My first order i was very pleased with, but unfortunately i am unable to sign into my account, i continue to get a message stating that i have been visiting the site too much, and that i need to input a code, i have tried this repeatedly and yet i am still unable to sign in; there is no one as far as customer service i can talk to....THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS, I WILL NO LONGER SHOP ONLINE AT MINIINTHEBOX!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Fast shipping ,excellent service. A wide range of products for very low prices.

New Reviewer

Totally dissatisfied.Have not received my order and no communication for 11 days.
requested an immediate refund and will never purchase from them again.
I do not recommend even struggled to give 1 star rating but this is as low as it goes.

New Reviewer

Very recommended site for cheap prices, high quality products and fast shipping!

New Reviewer

I was very happy with the product. It was quick delivery. The product is exactly what was shown in the picture on the site. In general, I am very happy with the service received and I will definitely buy more.

New Reviewer

I have ordered some stuff from the site, this is my 2nd time purchase, the 1st one was for a lower amount to check the effeciency, the product reached well on time, this time the mount was more and I ordered on 20th of May'14 but till date have no information, NO Tracking number and NO Contact details to enquire .. very dissapointed , atleast a Tracking number should be given to the clients, Payment already done through Paypal

New Reviewer

My experience has been good so the service

New Reviewer

J'ai passer plusieurs commande et tout s'est bien passé :)

New Reviewer

This is one of the safest ,efficent and professinal compny on the web .
selling quality product ,and 5 day delivery . FANTASTIC !!!!!

New Reviewer

Good quality, reliable. I have several orders without any problems. Packages over 35 delivered within few days.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

I just love te website shipping is fast! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AMAZING which is whyyy I love it ! Add makeup to your website and it'll be my #1 website ever

New Reviewer

I purchased 3 items for my wife as a surprise gift. I ordered her a USB Mini Plastic Desktop Super Fan, USB Flexible Free Rotation Silver 3-LED Computer Lamp with clip, and Crystal Ball Shaped Color Changing LED Night light.

The fan is high quality and has metal blades and casing, the lamp is metal goose neck and multi-directional, and the night light softly shines little pinpoints of light on the walls and she is absolutely ecstatic with her surprises!

The shipping was very fast and the quality of the items were a tremendous value for the money I spent.

Suffice it to say, I am the husband of the year in her eyes.

Thank you,, for providing a easy to navigate website and high quality products!

I will Definitely be ordering from them again!

Thank you,


New Reviewer

So far I have only placed one order for 4 items with All four items I purchased were exactly what I expected and were described very accurately. One little speaker I ordered is listed as having a much higher S/N ratio on other sites. only listed a S/N ratio of 45 db. Upon testing the speaker the miniinthebox 45 db S/N rating was clearly more accurate then the ridiculously high numbers listed on other sites for the same speaker. The expedited shipping got from China to Southern California in 2 days.

New Reviewer

I purchased a G TMC Chest Belt for Gopro HD Hero 2 and 3 (Black) from Miniinthebox. It has proved to be an excellent purchase - a solid mount with lots of room for adjustments needed to fit over various pieces of clothing...I am really looking forward to using this in the summer, when I am out on the water in my kayak...

I went out on a walkabout along a skating rink on a river in the centre of the city, and was pleased with being able to record video hands free while doing so.

New Reviewer

thanks a lot miniinthebox,it was a good experience,The price is excelent,good costumers service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I bought a Helicaptor from mini in the box last month and received it yesterday. Its so cute! it is the best online shopping experience I have had! The customer service staff are so helpful and you get a response so quickly!

New Reviewer

I like this Retro Emerald ring so much that I ordered a second one for my daughter, Thanks miniinthebox.

Expert Reviewer

Site is a "clone" of, both out of china, whos reviews should also be considered as the sites are the same.

New Reviewer

The company does not have a customer service phone number and you cannot talk yo anyone in case you have issues like wrong item or nondelivery. It does not even say where it is based. Their customer service (which you cannot reach over any phone anyway) is not up to any expectation and it is not advisable to buy anything worth more than $5 - $10 unless you want to take undue risk.

New Reviewer

Promised guaranteed 24 hours dispatch is a lie. It took 6 daysto dispatch and haven't received item. This is a scam. No way to contact them unless you have a sales querry

New Reviewer

I ordered all ship in 24hrs products with expedited 3-5 days shipping and then was told that one of my products is not ship in 24hrs and will not process the shipping for another 13 days. What a scam! Canceled my order and will not do business with these shady people!

New Reviewer

I bought a lot of accessories from the site, and most fo the things I bought didn't function properly or look like they do in the picture. Two watches, for example, didn't work at all. One of those watches DID work for a couple of days, but then the battery died. During the time it worked, it was impossible to understand how to configure it, since we recieved no instructions. I asked miniinthebox for instructions and they simply didn't answer. Also, be wary of the rules of customs in your country - you may have to pay more than expected.

Jag förstår inte hur så många kan ge dem bra recensioner. Jag köpte flera accessoarer från sidan och många av dem var trasiga eller såg inte alls ut som på bilden, dvs de var fulare helt enkelt. Bra pris men var beredd på trasiga klockor, sköra ringar, och liknande. Var också uppmärksam på TULLAVGIFT. Det är självklart inte hemsidans fel, men vi blev för ivriga när det stod om gratis frakt att vi köpte så mycket (också därför att de var så billiga),. Vi köpte halsband, ringar, och klockor som tillsammans till slut kostade runt 400 kr, och blev sedan chockade när vi fick en faktura på 250 kr i tullavgift. Det blev inte alls billigt. Ångrar köpet rejält. Tänk på det! Fråga tullverket hur mycket det kommer att kosta.

New Reviewer

This was just my first experience with miniinthebox. that they are giving products which i cant found in the local market. my first experience was just great with the website

New Reviewer

it's just ok to buy product from the website online, though I don't think that the quality is good...

New Reviewer

I'm crazy about the shipping, it takes long time, and the packaging is poor. I think I would not buy something from this site any more!

New Reviewer

Miniinthebox, dont go there . They are a scam , a complete ripoff. No product sent and no or little and misleading communication . They blocked me from fb rather than have to deal with me ..

New Reviewer

I never received my item, never received any communication via email. opened a case via paypal, declined as it was more than 45 days. Frustrated....Will never buy again...Beware. Even if something happens don't wait for a long time for product. Open case immediately as paypal will pay in their time frame only...Beware

New Reviewer

If it were possible to give it one star I would. I've been waiting sense Septemeber for my phone cases I've order. I'm not sure how to contact them and I'm very angry... I'm just hoping it will actually come... :(

New Reviewer

i order since september 16 2013 and its been a month since i order the watch but until now there is no delivery and not receive the item..they said it will take about 10 to 20 days for it to arrive..they have no contact number or didnt give any tracking ffir my order., this is the first time i used this website to try but i am so dissappointed.!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a watch a month ago and still haven't received it. Customer service is difficult to find on their site but when I have enquired they have replied and assured me its coming. I'm beginning to think I've blown my money....

New Reviewer

people people how much time it take until you learn that this is a real scam they send for a few people just to say that they working ok and to have a few review but if you take a look at the pages in google you see a lot of pages with costumers unsatisfied soo i buy as well 2 watches for 24 euro just to try to see and i didn get nothing they tell you to wait 20 working days wich is one month and they dont have a phone nr for one ticket 24 hours until we realise some people geting realy reach ...its a scam dont buy thats my advice soo good luck

New Reviewer

Beware of thieves! is stealing your money! I paid €450 - received wrong items, they don't reply and don't care!!!

I paid 372,52€ to for 8 LED ceiling bulbs (beginning of February). They sent me 7 bulbs - 4 of which are the wrong ones. I repeat: not what I paid for, not what I ordered! Yet I had to pay another €87 for customs. But the worst part is yet to come: they don't reply nor care about what I am emailing them: at first they told me I had to send them photos, details, etc. of the products - a question which I followed of course. Nothing after that - I have sent them an incredible number of 11 (!!!!) emails within the last 8 weeks - no reply. (mid April!)

However, when I told them 2 days ago that I was going to complain on as many review pages as I found, they answered they I should be patient in waiting. Nothing else. I feel truly deceived and disappointed. Keep your fingers from They steal your money - if you have a problem, they don't bother to help. Now I am here with the wrong light bulbs and paid more than €450 (!!!) for them. What a shame and a waste of money! I wish I had read reviews like that before!

And to only when I either get my money back or get the correct products shipped to me I will take down this comment.

New Reviewer

can't get cust. ser. . can't get tracking # of my order. they took my money & i have no product yet. also no phone # avail. . i'm beginning to think their a RIP OFF !!!

New Reviewer

I've bought some products from them last year twice and i really like their service. Free delivery took less than 30 days which i think took 22 days only and all the products i've received in good condition. Would surely buy from them again!

New Reviewer

Purchased about 50 g4 leds in October 2012. In less than 4 months about half have leds that no longer light. 7 day return policy. POOR QUALITY PRODUCTS!
I will never buy from them again.

New Reviewer

My husband ordered me a tablet from last year which is related to and I have enjoyed the tablet but since it came with no name brand it was difficult to find replacement charger or any information about it online for support when I needed it. The tablet has been finicky and the battery drains super fast, but for the price not too much complaining can be done I suppose.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a miscellaneous group of items from and the shipping was really fast, service seemed excellent. The products were not very well packaged, not always the best deal on price as I came to find out later (some of the items I found days later packaged properly rather than wrapped in cellophane in a dollar store for at least seventy five cents less per piece), and very poor quality in most cases. I ordered batteries - they are really soft, easily bent, and fast drain. I guess you get what you pay for. I would say that I like the store as far as online China wholesale shippers go, but I doubt that I will do much more buying there.

New Reviewer

Great quality for surprisingly low prices. And shipping is free. My friends and I ordered so many things there already. Minus is that we have to wait for about a month for parcel to be delivered, but it worth it.

New Reviewer

Good feedback, nice treatment!

New Reviewer

It's been a pleasure shopping with as all items are affordable, unique and all come along with an excellent customer service.

I will definitely purchase another order soon and my colleagues are all excited to visit the site that I recommended to them as they were fascinated with the items I've got :)

Thanks MiniInTheBox ... You're The Best!!

New Reviewer

awesome service. nice and easy. very impressed. going to to more business with them.

New Reviewer

this website has so many cool, cheap things! also, if you have a problem with your purchase, their customer service is on top of it. never had such pleasure dealing with customer service reps. awesome site!!!

New Reviewer

Actually what i was searching i have found it on this website with a very cheap price.
it comes to you before the proposed time.
easy to use website easy payment also

New Reviewer

Every lighter and flashlight ive ordered has exceeded every expectation. I paid $13 for a lighter easily seld for $50+. And they have the best deals on the most powerful flashlights being made. Shipping Is Prompt and Well Packaged.

New Reviewer

This site has 1000's of items for sale! Anything you could imagine and then some! Very cool stuff. Super cheap and free shipping! I got all my orders delivered even without extra ensurance shipping. Secure and safe packaging for the orders, nothing broke. I Highly recommend it. Peter, Denmark.

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