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Milfaholic reviews

52 reviews
Categories: Adult, Dating
Heywood House, South Hill
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52 Reviews From Our Community

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and i promise you are not going to get your money back. (in 27 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Like everyone else says, this site is a scam. Previous reviews reflect everything happening to me on this site. Dozens of horny women from a small village!! Emails gone unanswered. Most notable thing though is text messages from"two different women" that asked the identical question. Fortunately paid by PayPal and will raise dispute with them. Will also raise with epoch and milfaholic. DONT SIGNUP.

Also be aware of, sister site which is identical to milfaholic.

Ask bob about Milfaholic
New Reviewer

honestly how stupid are you,read the terms,its a fantasy site,a fool and his money are soon parted,if it seems toooo good it usually is,never paid em a penny

New Reviewer

I feel like a dip $#*! here! I should research this first. This site is a total scam and now I want money back. I support a class action lawsuit!

New Reviewer

this web site is bogus and i have to agree with all the other guys that nobody answer your questions truthfully ive done nothing but spent money and all it is is a scam i would love to be refunded cause ive spent to much money on bull crap these women say they will meet and ask you all kinds of questions and you ask them questions they dont answer what a bunch of bull

New Reviewer

Total scam, seen tons of women local in my area, they make contact and dissappear once you try and talk with them. This is all bs and don't sign up, waste of time and money

Tip for consumers: Do not sign up, total scam

Ask mike about Milfaholic
New Reviewer

Complete SCAM!!!
The beautiful sex pots writing to you are really 300 Pounders just sending out nice pics while really $#*!ting all over YOU.
Do you Really want a 300# to Sit on your face!!!
Their "Guarantee " is the biggest pile of $#*! on the Web

New Reviewer

I think the Milfaholic site is bogus. I saw a picture of one woman in two different areas of the US. I have been involved with several "ladies" via texting. They draw you in, get you thinking you have a "live one" then go on and on wanting to "chat". They want any kind of bs talk as long as they keep you chatting and spending "tokens". I have had them text excitely until you get to the point were you would like to meet them even in the most non threatening that point they begin to show less enthusiasm wants to get you to talk about intimate things but they don't want to ever see you. Milfaholic obviously makes money on tokens and no doubt sure that money with whoever is texting with you whether it's a man or a woman. I received many fakey flirts and messages and gifts only to find that when I respond they do not ever respond back again. They are trying to keep you hooked so you will spend more money on tokens. And, I don't care how fat, how ugly, how beautiful the prospect is the response is the same. It could be a barnyard animal and the response would be the same. It is a farce.

New Reviewer

Thanx to everyone for their reviews. I almost fell for this, but my instinct kicked in and I decided to first do a google review search before giving my CCard info. If it's too good to be true, it usually is. TOGETHER WE CAN STOP THE SCAM!.

New Reviewer

Milfaholics is a total scam, it guaranteed i would get laid .I had supposed 420 views and couldn't even get a lunch date they just want to scam you in the way of purchasing tokens that go directly to their pockets via text messages to milfaholics staff dont get scammed

New Reviewer

As other say, COMPLETE FAKE!! Hope you see this review before you pay them any money!

New Reviewer

total scam. on different accounts same woman, but different locations. no one never gets your mails, you never get from real people replays too. if you had paid by paypal, its very easy to get money back. just open dispute, and claim to review it by paypal. i get full refund in 5 minutes! but before talk angry with milfaholic staff, to remove you from list, that they dont take money next time! i get my money in 5 mins. said that i have 100% proof that its scam and go thro all institutions to get money back and will not stop.

New Reviewer

Like every one else I have replied to the people listed on the site get occasional reply but never given any reply to meet complete scam Save your money

New Reviewer

A total scam. Wished I would have read the reviews before signing up for this. I honestly do not believe that there is one real woman on this site. Friends requests from women were all nothing but fakes. Found several of their pictures on the web featured on various porn sites. Do not waste your money!

New Reviewer

guys this is a scam they keep feeding you a couple of lines here and there to keep you interested, but once you reply none of them reply back. its like if someone is working for the company just rotating and sending messages at random., so be ware for what your about to pay.

New Reviewer

TOTAL SCAM. Do NOT sign up. none of the woman can carry on a conversation. its like a different person answers the next reply. FAKE. SCAM. you have been warned.

New Reviewer

I'm just confirming what others have written. It's a complete scam. In my area, locations are indicated for dozens of women in an area that I know to be a village of about 30 homes that could not possible accommodate the number of women seemingly located there. My educated guess is that the entire site is manipulated electronically and that no real communication occurs at all. You receive automatically generated messages and your replies are transmitted to Mars. I threatened legal action and my 69.90 was refunded.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

This site seems to be a total get no replys to direct requests from many supposed users who ask you to.....and they are on Line at the time. No responses from contacted members at all and only new contacts from users that then don't respond back. This site is all a scam.

New Reviewer

Signed up thinking I could meet some woman, make some friends and yes get laid but honestly after a week of getting a lot of attention from suppose local hookups and getting sent gifts and me responding back but getting no return emails made me start questioning site. After getting a few more emails from woman interested in possibly meeting I just started responding straight back and letting them know if they were real they could contact me at my personal email. Not once did they. It was always thru Milfaholic site. After awhile of me directly responding to Milfaholic thru the suppose woman emailing-Milfaholic stopped sending me emails all together of woman "trying to get to know me". This site is a scam. Can anyone recommend a real hookup site because Milfaholic is not worth the time. Stay away. Don't sign up. That's my honest opinion.

New Reviewer

Total scam artists. Nothing legit about this site. Shortly after registration of my email with the site, it wasn't long afterwards that I was being messaged by a woman listed as being from Grimes, Pa. I knew right away that this was a scam, setup, or at least some kind of a joke. Grimes, Pa. isn't any sort of incorporated city or area. It's an interstate ghost town of shut down truck washes, boarded up diners, abandoned motels, out of business gas stations, tractor trailer junkyards, and closed rest stops. I am also continuously receiving emails from porn star types of women from area towns like Kempton, Pa. Towns that consist of a blinking traffic light, a handful of homes, a church and not even a mailbox, yet I've never once been contacted by anyone from my home city of Reading, Pa. and 91,000 population. Tineye or Google search any of these photos and almost all will come back as either from porn sites, unknown sources, or stolen. Run from this site. Check your bank statements to make sure that they aren't still taking money from your credit cards after your unsubscribe. Laugh at yourself for being as dumb as I was, and try to keep others from getting robbed.

New Reviewer

Utter & complete scam! This is buried DEEP down in Milfaholic's "Terms of Service": "You also understand and agree there are profiles posted on the Site that reflect fictional persons or automated characters through our dating "Ambassadors" program. The Ambassadors simulate communications with users to enhance messaging, inspire interaction, bring enjoyment and help participation with users, along with familiarize users with features of the Service."

After a week, I am totally certain that 99% of the "women" are Ambassadors and 1% are Nigerian based scammers. I placed a message on my profile requesting no ambassadors contact me, and I went from a very popular guy to dead silence instantly. Save your money & probably more importantly, your time! There are no real women here!

New Reviewer

what a total scam! do not waste your money! after i was dumb enough to upgrade to vip, every time i try to reply to email i get logged off. i will be filling a fraud complaint with bank!

New Reviewer

Calling out a message as using an old stolen photo and the man posing as a female resulted in my previously active messaging stream going totally dry. The "recent" photo has a four year history on the internet ( .... use the service: Tineye for this! ) and was currently in use on six other sites. The milfaholic site is a scam .... many gorgeous women from small towns near to my location, none of them with enough buildings to hide this many women!! FAKE!! SCAM SITE! Stay away!! PS: Their customer service agent "Jumar" is an $#*! and their email customer service does not respond to complaints.


Saddle all the guys here have already been scammed. How do we get a refund, are at the very least how knows a good hacker lol, but suriasly has any one gotten a reimbursement, I clicked on the 3 day trile = $7.oo and was charged for 6 months 78.00 us dollars, that rounded up is 100 bucks that i want back in my pocket you know!
If their over sews then we might not beable to souw them, but if anofe of us come together and upright demand are money back in the right way I'm sure we'd be-able to do it
WHO eals Want's their stolen $$$$$$$$$ Back!!

Tip for consumers: Dud, just spend your money on a pizza or on PSN for a MOMgame / pach so you can have some real fun with your friends and not get you bank stolen from you by spammers, facks, and over sews Theafes

Ask IReallyHateMILTaholicDotcom about Milfaholic
New Reviewer

Fake gift tokens don't allow sms. Women never respond to mail, i think they r probably fake

Tip for consumers: Get out

Ask simon about Milfaholic
New Reviewer

This milfaholic site is embarrassingly fake. Fake women, fake hometowns, fake claims, and incredibly poor english in conversations. For example, "please send me a massage." Seems ok but there is a big difference between message and massage but they don't seem to get that. Go to live chat and you'll talk to "Jumar" or "Punjab" or some other bullsh*t name. Not worth the time even as entertainment value, let alone hooking up. Don't walk, run away from this bogus site. What a joke.

Tip for consumers: This site is 100% bogus.

Ask Alex about Milfaholic
New Reviewer

You are correct. Stay away from this site. It is totally fake.

New Reviewer

All the women are fake. You're talking to the same person noatter which woman you pick to talk to. Buying tokens is another part of the scam. Unless you buy and spend them, you get no responses from anyone. Some of the women have two profiles listed in different states. The poctures are different except for the room the are snapped in. Some are photo shopped also. My advice. DONT JOIN AND DONT RESPOND TO ANY COMMUNICATION FROM MILFAHOLIC.

New Reviewer

A complete scam end my subscription now or you will be going to court

New Reviewer

All fake site fake pics man is chatting with you fake they charged me 10$ for 3 days but block me after one day useless site

New Reviewer

I went to this site clicked on the trial membership then I clicked on the email portion of this site and was charged 40 dollars for amonths membership when i called them they told me there was nothing theycould do so i wound up being out 40 dollars
Please stay away from this site it's a scam

New Reviewer

Total scam. I threaten to open a fraud review with my bank and they refunded the money. Run away from this site boys, don't be stupid to

New Reviewer

What a scam!!!! is such a scam!!!
Its all fake!!!!! What a scam!!!!!
Why are these people stil in business....if they are just fooling us...and taking our money without giving us anything.
They dont even sed out your mgs.
What a scam!!!!
I wish I could get my money back.
Does anyone know how I can get my money back?

New Reviewer

i got a link from another website affiliated with this website called affair I am a cheap assed bastard and i hate pay dating sites, had to sue a few years back since then i started reading the terms of service. this company is based in antigua first thing which has SCAM written all over it. secondly in the terms of service it says that some of the profiles are used by the sites "Ambassadors" read that as FAKES who message on behalf of the site, they actually tell you they are fakes in the TOS if you take the time to read it. I know it is boring as hell but worth it on any dating site these days i promise you

New Reviewer

I spent the money to get the VIP status.
I got tons of responses but when I tried to txt women who asked me to txt I never got a reply. I purchased tokens like an idiot because each txt cost 1 token.After 10 days I finally noticed I had over 850 messages from hundreds of women who said they liked my profile. Seldom did i ever get a message responded to and the ones I did get seemed as though they did'nt have a clue about previous responses. Finally tried instant chat with customer dis-service and the person fired off on a bunch of useless info instead of having any specific interest in my issues. Then basicly typed have a good day as fast as they could. This organization needs to be vetted by the states Attorney General.

New Reviewer

Well of course I didn't research this before I made a free profile. After clicking anywhere you were told to sign up as a VIP. I did and $29.99 left my Debt Card. I tried it for two weeks and got over 100 messages, gifts, flirts ect. I replied to everyone, weird not one reply! So of course I stayed off for a week and came back to 30 messages all of whom I emailed today, and plan to get a refund bank dispute tomorrow. What a joke

New Reviewer

This is a complete scam! Your messages and texts don't get sent out (I tested this)
customer service flat stated they didn't really care.
Most of the people are either fake or are having the very same problems, as I called friends I was able to get messages through to.
Stay VERY CLEAR of this site.

New Reviewer

After $49.95+ tax, for 90 days service, and 3 weeks daily activity, I have determined this site to be a total SHAM?SCAM!! A complete waste of time. Untruths and fake profiles. Don't waste your money!! Much more to say but don't have the time.

New Reviewer

Just another scam. All the naked models are phoney stock photos. If the great looking sprites were real, they wouldn't be there to begin with. Some of the ladies listed (about 2%) are desperate women and they usually put up a fully clothed snapshot. The web manager will list the same girl twice in different cities and ages. I saw many like that and also found the exact text posted on many profiles. They want you to purchase tokens to allow you to text these imposters. You might get an answer, but the person on the other end is probably some perv named Norman pleasuring himself. So if you want to spend a lot of money to view women in the buff, so be it. Otherwise run away from there. Don't say you weren't warned. :)

New Reviewer

Don't believe me ! Do a Google search on any imagine and you will find that it has been stolen from a pornographic site or some contest like thumbs up selfies , and ask yourself what woman with kids would sign up for a site called Milfaholic ? Hope you found this before you gave your money away !!!

New Reviewer

Coming out of a bad marriage I went into this site with high hopes only to find that the women's profiles are mostly fake. My first clue was when I saw photos of a friend of mine who is a nude model with FOUR different profiles. I called her and told her about it and she contacted someone and three of the profiles were removed.
I had the same experience as others. I'd get a message, always short, and I'd respond and never hear from the person again. I started paying more attention and I noticed a lot of the photos were from Europe (locations like the Alps, European electrical outlets, furniture, architecture, etc). My favorite was the Bayern Munich soccer posters and logo on the wall behind a woman who was supposedly from a small town in Fla.
Also, a lot of the profile statements don't match the photos, like age, hair color, etc. and the English doesn't always sound American - when it's intelligible at all.
So don't waste your money. Thank goodness I took the cheapest package so I didn't lose too much.

New Reviewer

This site is the biggest joke ,I have seen the same face on 20 different
profiles.i even had one chick ask me to bring in 2 suitcases of money
from the uk .when you do get a reply ,it's in pigeon English or written by
a 3 year old .Save your money boys and go have a beer with your mates
and have a laugh about this site ,cause that's all it's good for.

New Reviewer
3/15/14 is about the scummiest sex dating site there is. Every profile is a FAKE!!!!! I joined for 1 month and yes I had women from my local area contacting me yet NEVER EVER received responses to my replies. DO NOT USE the feature to text other members that is an additional scam. You have to buy tokens and your not getting to talk to the person, your talking to a paid operator. The site should be banned from the internet here in the USA.

New Reviewer

scam, paid for free trail and receive messages from a couple females both saying "lets enjoy our time while in here" after sending a message back that I wouldn't be on this site long and that I believe a lot of the profiles and messages are fake to get membership fees and she could email me. well after logging off I wasn't able to log back in my account after several attempts....

New Reviewer

This site is a total scam. It is fake. None of the girls are real. I have received some messages, but never from the woman that I messaged. I did receive some messages but the picture was not real. She was from Benin, a small country in Africa.
I think that this site is not based in the USA. It is ran from a foreign country just to make money. Profiles are fake, and the girls locations are wrong. There cannot be this many beautiful girls in this little podunk town. They pick some names of towns, and make fake profiles there to get men to sign up. I received messages from women who wanted me to E mail them off the site. They just want your real name. I did not go off the site for fear of identity thievery. Stay away from this site, spend your 50 bucks on something real.

New Reviewer

Thought it looked good site, but never had any replies to any emails, then site disappeared so found this site explaining the scam.. OK this is what to do, go to the third party payment company and complain to them , at first they won't give refund, but say this to them .. I know its a scam because it is reported as such, and many guys have already had refund from you. I had signed up for three months £49,96 and they refunded me there and then and also cancelled the rebilling.
So go get your money back guys . Ok

New Reviewer

It's a set up, Pay the big bucks and they want you to pay more for VIP oh and you have to buy credits to text. I've been a member there for over 3 months I get lots of messages flirts and friend request and I reply to them all and even send messages flirts and friend request and I haven't heard from a one of them. One month I sent and replied to over 200 messages. You would think that if someone sent you a message and you replied that you would get another back. NOT!! The sight sucks Save your money and go the the bar and have a beer. You'd have better luck picking up a sexy cougar at Wal-mart than you would on that sight

New Reviewer

I live in Montreal, Canada. I received hundred of replies, but most of them came from 10 nearby cities, always the same ones, even including a very small village. Less than 4000 people living in this village, but so many horny women! Anyway, this is to say this is completely fake. Oh yes, I also received a few replies from women who gave me their emails. So I wrote to them, and all live in Western Africa and need money for something. But the "good news" is that they all want to marry me, if only I can send the money first. Sigh!

New Reviewer

I hope nobody actually thinks that girls that look like this actually post naked photos of themselves online and are waiting for guys to bang them. I think you join this site for the fantasy not for the reality. I found them through a link on facebook. Gotta love the name... milfaholic dating.

New Reviewer

Absolutely fake. From now on I will take the time to thoroughly read reviews before doing this. I'll be honest. Found the link on a porn site. (Lusting like crazy in a small town where the women are taken or look like rhinoceros) At any rate after reading reviews I saw $#*! like "I was looking on craigslist and a hot woman said she wants to hook up. We chatted a little then she sends me to this site. Worst 50$ ever" That was truly what convinced me it was a scam. All I could think is "REALLY dude? On craigslist where you're already talking back and forth and you couldn't take a hint when she sent you to a sight where you have to pay to even talk to people. What made me, personally, suspicious is that b4 I became a member I got non-stop messages wanting to "chat". As soon as I did they became rare. Responses to messages where rarer and as stated before usually didn't make sense with what you said. Basically, I learned something, if you're spending money on something look up the reviews. Check a couple sites too because there are some sights that are created by these companies or paid to give positive reviews.

I also wanted to add a great site that points out a huge indicator. (I hope that isn't forbidden) that points out that it is less than a year old. Many members will state that they have been on the site for years. Hmmm? If it is forbidden to mention other sites than please just remove or blank out the site rather than delete this.

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