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Review of Maxmyspeed
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If you need to SPEED UP your computer, then go to (see my review). (in 36 reviews)


We used it for our home computer, and their live tech support was terrific. (in 4 reviews)

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8 reviews
18 helpful votes

this website and software is a virus stay away from it! it is a scam and it will want you to pay alot Just like the other scam i heard about My"clean"pc they are both just viruses and i would recommend you to just get ccleaner or malwarebytes Dont Get Anything else!

Ask ultimasoulnix about Maxmyspeed
4,898 reviews
4,322 helpful votes

stay away and don't install this software.

Go to and type either of these +scam +scam
in the search box:

(leave the plus symbols, they make sure those keywords are included in the search)

In this case over 10,000 results, and lots of bad reviews!

" Scam"
--------- Review - YouTube scam

UPDATED: Beware of and

Is a safe download? - Microsoft Community
"Beware of and"

Ask warren about Maxmyspeed
1 review
3 helpful votes

QUACKERY!!! I knew there was something fishy about this company when I had to call a different number to get an "activation code". Not only that, an old lady reading a script tried to get me to buy some BS tech service for $199 then just dropped it to $99 after I didn't "sound" interested. I was NEVER interested, I just wanted to see if $19.99 would actually make my computer faster. LoL From the fake scan screens they put on your computer to make you think you have a lot wrong to the lady's fake reactions when I told her how many errors showed up on my screen. Geez, I can't even believe I let her talk that long. I didn't really feel like being rude to an old lady so I let her finish her shotty pitch and immediately uninstalled the 2 programs and called to cancel the service. My advice to you, is not sign up if you get to read this first and if you've already signed up, don't ask for the $19.99 back or he'll make your life miserable. Then, of course, save the cancellation email they send you.

Ask Chase about Maxmyspeed
10 reviews
13 helpful votes

Same company as "". Same scam! STAY AWAY! Steals from people who do NOT know any better! Take your computer somewhere you can talk to someone face to face or buy another computer! All the money that they will swindle from you-your better off buying a new pc literally!

Ask Brian about Maxmyspeed
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

the best site to have for all information on online speed

Ask jambulingam about Maxmyspeed
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

The initial "FREE" exam allows them access to your credit card number. Believe me they will find that very useful after they start charging you every month for their services. Of course you did not order those services but they do not care. I am constantly calling my credit card company to reverse the charges and regularly, they reappear. I finally changed my credit card number to stop them. These people are doing this legally, but morally wrong. They must be penalized for the ripoff they are giving to ordinary people. I will use the means available to stop them.

Ask dave about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was charged 470.58 for a one year renewal. IT WAS DONE AUTOMATICALLY, WITCH I DIDN'T AUTHORIZE!!!! If you have this program keep close watch on your bank statement. They will try to cheat you!!!!!

Ask Jon about Maxmyspeed
4 reviews
2 helpful votes


Ask Jenny about Maxmyspeed
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

We used it for our home computer, and their live tech support was terrific. Cleaned up our computer, and it's running much faster now.

Ask M about Maxmyspeed
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

This company will take a big sh*t on your computer's OS and then offer to wipe it up. They of course keep their own malware on your PC so that they at any time can claim there is a problem so they can charge you more money.

Ask Yvonne about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been scammed by this company - at least that is my perception. I had dbl my speed (which worked great) and time came up to renew. When I clicked the renew button, somehow maxmyspeed page kept coming up vs dbl my speed - somehow I got renewal charges on both now - $39.99! Max my speed is SUPER slow - takes a good 20 min to scan and do a clean up, where as dbl my speed was just a few minutes. Not sure how this bait and switch happened and I will contact whomever regulates this...but now I have to make more calls or send emails to get this rectified. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask David about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

Immediately after they finished with my machine I began receiving spam, so much so that my ISP shut down my email.This company will "scan" your files but I suspect they are actually down loading them. They will try to sell you a monthly service and about all that is done for your computer is a standard defrag. I would suggest changing passwords if you have let them into your machine. For this "service" you will be billed $39.95. I strongly suspect fraud and phishing are the real goals of this "company".

Ask Fred about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

I loaded the trial program to scan my computer and it said I had 37,000 errors! How can you trust a whopper like that? If they had said a reasonable number I might have believed it. I passed over it without buying - apparently they believe that the bigger the lie, the better.

Ask Karl about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

You guys totally rock! I was watching the commercial and since my computer was running slow, I decided to check it out. As it was downloading to my computer, I noticed that it said "CyberDefender" and got curious, so I opened a separate window and typed in "maxmyspeed complaints" and found this place. I immediately stopped the download and used CCleaner instead. Thank you for keeping me from a big headache!

Ask Jayda about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

BEWARE of sites like these advertised on TV. I've been dealing with unfortunate people who has tried these fraudulent softwares that are the problems to begin with.

Ask Jonathan about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased the 2 yr program where their tech can fix any problem on your computer. Well they can't and actually made my computer worse. When i asked for a full refund they told me i wansn't elligible although the site says full refund within 30 days. Now, after several months of being paid in full they charged me $173 saying i hadn't paid. They are not a credible company. Please stay away from them

Ask Kyle about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

Your site is fantastic. Your employee, Harry - badge # 25266, was most courteous when I called in for help. Even though his information was not what I wanted to hear (that my computer is almost defunct) his judgement and expertise were most helpful in my decision making. Great work all around!!! Carter Boardman

Ask Carter about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is the bait and switch scam. Start with $29 and end up with $300. I paid and it did not help. I demanded my money back and they said they would credit my account, still waiting to confirm. Don't use this site, it sucks.

Ask Tommy about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

I checked out the free scan for a friend with a slow computer.
On all subsequent boot ups - I get the ad.
Worse... I fly MS Flight Simulator-X.
This thing just pops up in the middle of a flight... and bye-bye flight.
Worse even more... try to uninstall.
Box pops up saying it's running... do you want to stop it to de-install ?
Found out the computer goes in to a loop.
50% CPU to a task called KILL..somrthing.
Right click on that on Task Manager and End Process...
Finally,... GONE !

Ask Jay about Maxmyspeed
1 review
0 helpful votes

don't know

Ask kenneth about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

Nothing less then a switch and bait promotion Installed this so called free trial program only to find out that its impossible to REMOVE.

After 6 E Mails three calls with some half assed direction almost 50% done now I am getting bombarded with POP UPS and adversiment NOW ABSOLUTELY FREE

My computer is slower then ever and pray GOD that once again I can get it back where it was before.

Ask John about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought into program for my personal PC. 2 days later I couldn't open any internet connections. Called tech help. They got in and said that I had a MALWARE virus.
I didn't have it 2 days ago. They want $250.00 to fix it. I think they put it there.
I had a local guy come in a reload my system for $100.00. Works great now.
Stay away from maxmyspeed.

Ask Angelo about Maxmyspeed
1 review
3 helpful votes

I love how the paid actors state how their computers are 100% more secure and twice as fast now. If they were ignorant enough to buy this product then how in the hell would they know if it was 100% more secure or twice as fast as it was before buying MaxMySpeed?

This product is just like how an unethical mechanic would make money off of unsuspecting or ignorant car owner. They find problems that really aren't problems and drum up the total risks found. Just because your windshield wiper is a few days old doesn't mean you need to replace it! Just because your car has a few waterspots on it and some road dust doesn't mean it needs a claybar treatment, hand washed, and hand waxed for $250.00. Following me???

I have a degree in computer science from Millersville University (in Lancaster, PA) and have been in the web development and software design industry for 6 years. I have been repairing and upgrading computers for 11 years. I made a living off of fixing windows 98 and windows XP systems while going to college. I know what I'm talking about.

This is a waste of money! Take some time to look into AVG. It is free and easy to install and configure. If you can't do it, just ask any teenager with a smartphone to help you. Kids today are brilliant with computers and they all could use an extra $20 tip for helping you out! Or, email your local university's computer science or technology department. They often post the emails to the students and love assisting their communities for FREE! Good luck!

Shawn Englerth

Ask Shawn about Maxmyspeed
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

They lead you to beieve they will clean your computer for free. They load their program on your computer, put icons on your desktop, scan your computer, then give you a bill to pay to fix anything. Waste of time.

Ask jim about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

it helps me a lot to speed up my computer..

Ask leo about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have noticed there commercials a few times and since my computer has been acting up I finally called. Next thing I knew, remotely they had repaired my PC and it now runs awesome!!!!!
I found it surprising effective and well worth the money!

Ask Hayden about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

A friend recommended this site for my computer issues so I gave it a try and was rewarded. My computer was so slow I thought it was trash. However maxmyspeed remote techie was able to access my computer and remove all it's viruses. Now it's running like new and I'm thrilled.
A slow computer is ridiculously inefficient and now mine is speedy and not draining my time.
If your PC is slow I highly recommend this company!

Ask Garrett about Maxmyspeed
1 review
0 helpful votes

lulu experience

Ask Jaroslaw about Maxmyspeed
1 review
4 helpful votes

Placed my order-instructed to call # ,turns out to be a chance for them to sell
me a package for $300.00-what a ripoff-no speed diff in my comp

Ask Richard about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

My computer was running very slow. Went to website for advertised "Free Diagnosis". So I followed directions for "free download" . Instructions of software to run a scan for errors showed something like 800 errors. So I'm directed to activate the software which costs me $ 54.67 in order to correct errors then I was connected with a tech which kept telling me how bad my errors were and he didn't know if they could fix them or not but he would put me on hold and talk to another tech. Of course he came back to advise me they could fix it but the price would be 299.99. I became very suspicious by now and declined. So now after taking over my computer for 15 minutes or so I don't know all they did to it but I'm going to have to take it to a real tech & get it fixed. I'm also going to dispute the $54.67 with my credit card company . My recommendation is to stay from this site!

Ask Ginny about Maxmyspeed
1 review
0 helpful votes

My computer does not work at all now!! DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE !!!

Ask Tim about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

BEWARE!!! This is a complete scam ripoff!! Nightmare...paid $199.95 for cleaning a supposed "virus". Made my computer worse, had to do system restore. STAY FAR AWAY!!!

Ask jon about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

here is a youtube review of

Ask Russ about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought the Max My Speed software for $20 dollars and what a nightmare ripoff!!! After having to have a "technician" install it he informed me that I would have to spend another $199 dollars to fix the problems I have .After informing the online rep that I didn't want to pay that he immediatley hung up on me!!! I then closed the software only to have my computer restart ITSELF in safe mode and now my media files say they won't play because they are corrupted or missing,there is no sound, my desktop is black,my internet protected mode is off, and they put me on hold or disregard my phone calls to have them fix it.Gosh I sure should have checked this site beforehand.DO NOT PUT THIS ON YOUR COMPUTER! IT WILL GIVE YOU MORE PROBLEMS THAN YOU HAD! Before all I had was slow page loading and slow email ,none of these other major problems.I believe their rationalle is to mess up your computer and then hope you will pay to have them fix the problems they created.What a ripoff!!!I am so upset and being a novice I do not know what to do.

Ask robert about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

This web site is truly a scam, you pay for the clean up; however, after yo pay you get a message to call a phone number to activate at that time you get a person that takes control of your computer, who knows less about cleaning a computer than I do and I know very little, after thirty minutes or so they tell you that your computer has more problems than they can fix; therefore, you will need a level three tech, and a level three tech will cost $599.00 after i explained that I certainly would not pay that kind of money to clean a six year old computer that cost $500.00 then. She finally found a clean up for only $399.00 then one for $299.00 after I refused all of the above she said that there was not anything that she could do. I recommend that everyone stay clear of this web site. Dale Brown

Ask Dale about Maxmyspeed
1 review
0 helpful votes

Beware of this company. I did purchase the software for 19.99, then had to call to activate it which seemed very odd. When I called I got a tech on the line who remoted into my PC. The blantant lies were hard to believe. The tech indicated I had a very nasty virus that had disabled my Norton AntiVirus program (totally not true).
While he was remoted in, he kept pulling up reports that were obviously pdf files, and insisting that I was infected with a identify theft program. He then had to consult with a Tier 2 technician saying they were afraid to work on my computer since the virus could harm their computers. After the consultation they decided they could remove the virus for 299.99. I declined. I then contacted both Norton and HP who both assured me I had no such virus. I was relatively sure I didn't have one but wanted to double check. The deceptive practices were beyond belief. On a good note, the program did find 417 registery errors and I used the program to remove them, which resulted in increased speed to my PC.

Ask Sharon about Maxmyspeed
1 review
0 helpful votes

A complete piece of junk.. thank god I am only out 19.99 ... didn't fall for all the other pre-checked options.

Ask Terrence about Maxmyspeed
1 review
1 helpful vote

I downloaded "free" software Max my Speed website to check for errors, then was directed to go online and purchase software for $54.95 (not a bad price). Software wouldn't work until I called to "activate" it and had to speak with a representative that informs me that I have a virus and 1123 errors. She further informs me that only a special tech can repair and that after he was done I would have a "brand new" computer again. The next day after the tech was supposed to be finished, I had all the same errors, viruses and computer didn't run any faster and I had just put out $389.00 for all that. I sent numerous emails for someone to answer all my questions and didn't get any response. The next day I called and canceled my subscription but only got $200.00 refund...huge rip off. I then went to CNET and downloaded a program that only costs me $48.00 and it worked flawlessly and my computer works like "brand new". The software I purchased the second time is: Registry Mechanic 10.0.132

Ask Kim about Maxmyspeed
1 review
4 helpful votes

TV ads and website claim it removes malware, viruses etc.. However it does the exact opposite.

Had several programs monitoring what maxmyspeed does and was doing.. Several trojans and various adware were installed onto my computer.

Save yourself the trouble, get something trustworthy like AVG free, etc.

Ask Roger about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes
10/30/10 does NOT max your speed. It's actually slower now!

Ask Ronda about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

If you don't buy their product, they harass you with pop-ups you can't ged rid of.

Ask Don about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is nothing more thatn any other software can provide.
Go to the pro's. Stick with the ones you trust. Buy a subscription to AVG, <-- The best or McAfee and many others. Of course you will also need the complete protection. Look at Spyware Doctor, Registry Mechanic and many others that will help and keep you running the way your computer should. Or.. Buy a Mac :(
But what I am saying is NOTHING IS FREE.
A good start is AVG and

Ask Dave about Maxmyspeed
1 review
4 helpful votes

They did not fix my problem,it got worse.My hard drive crashed while I was on-line with tech support.When I told them I wanted to cancel the service they told me they would credit my card.A few days later after contacting them again,they told me I had been credited.They billed my card 299.95 and when I call them they say an account manager will call to correct the problem.They don't call.

Ask Tim about Maxmyspeed
1 review
4 helpful votes
9/28/10 simply sells a registry cleaner, which in most cases isn't going to double the speed of your computer. There are many free solutions to these problems

Registry Cleaner -
Anti-Virus - Free Version
Spyware - Spybot S & D Teatimer is good :)
Root Kit - Combofix from and GMER from with the quick scan is great too

Ask Jon about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

$#*!ing total $#*! ripoff jerkwad mother$#*!ers. caveat emptor. don't be vic.

Ask sissy about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

MaxMySpeed fixed my computer, took about 4-5 hours, found many errors, viruses, malware, that was making my 3 year old laptop freeze up. I have had Norton, McAfee, Spy Doctor, and other free anit-viruses, but apparently the virus I had was not letting them work. They also replaced my Windows Vista with Windows 7. Maybe my computer was beyond repair of the other online fixes, but what MaxMySpeed did, it worked, and they will be available for further problems it encounters.

Ask Judy about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

Download The free version is absolutely FREE. Along with ccleaner, it's all you need. FREE FREE FREE!!!

Ask Len about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was personal witness to the true EVIL of this POS product when called in to help a all-too-typically computer illiterate consumer. I had run the most current AVG Rescue CD on his PCas a free virus detection-and-removal introductory service, and discovered he had one real yet no-real-big-deal GameVance-delivered Trojan, which was easy enough to wipe out, and the rest of the issues were minor cookies, which are generally accepted anymore. Unfortunately, he had previously bought into the fancy {Max|Double} TV and radio advertisements to the tune of ordering a $60 "Virus Detector" CD, ran it on his PC after I was done, and pointed at its "findings" . We were already somewhat at odds with each other at that point, so after every web link from CyberDefender's site showed us an opportunity to spend no less than $300 for the product to eliminate the viral instances, I recommended he and I put their Tech Support to the test, but somehow we must've been cross-channelled over to the SALES department, because the rep ALSO only gave links to purchased product solutions. I expressed my sorrow at his being duped, and felt better that I was at least instrumental later in coordinating with the Telco Tech getting their Telco-initiated internet and wireless outage restored (the Telco had detected the aforementioned Trojan, and froze their rented router). I vowed after that experience that I would warn EVERYONE for whom I provided computer services of the "Cyber Snake Oil" represented by {Max|Double} . BTW, same deal, same CyberDefender leeches with ANYONE who reports "No Problem" with their product is a "plant" ! Too much perfectly good, even FREE for private use AV product out there versus throwing your money away on them, e.g., routinely updated AVG, IObit Security 360, AntiVir,Avast, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware,etc., i.e., ANY AV solutions available from . I also recommend running latest Firefox release with Add-on "Web of Trust" (aka "WOT") would not BELIEVE the "roach" sites that are exposed in the light of this Community view of web sites. In the words of Sergeant Stan Jablonski of Hill Street Blues : "Let's be careful out there!"

Ask Richard about Maxmyspeed
1 review
2 helpful votes

I downloaded it last night, ran the scan (scam), and paid the money. After a couple of hours of dubious "results", and supposed things happening, I had to reboot the computer, which also took a long time. My computer doesn't run one bit faster today than it did yesterday. I would not recommend it, nor will I renew it. RHH

Ask Robert about Maxmyspeed
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Same problems as most people.

My solution was to reload my operation system.

I purchased "PANDA ANTI VIRUS."

Get it on line protects all three of my computers and cost under $20,
Mail order.

Ask JAY about Maxmyspeed

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