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LoseTheBackPain reviews

51 reviews
12600 Hill Country Blvd, Suite R-275
Austin, TX 78738
Tel: (800) 216-4908
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51 Reviews From Our Community

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No one wants surprises when the get thier credit card bill. (in 14 reviews)


You agreed to and paid $1.99 to review his monthly newsletter for 30 days. (in 5 reviews)


I have also bought release the back pain book when it first came out and found the exercises very helpful. (in 23 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Got THE FREE (shipping $7.95 ) NOT WORTH SHIPPING, it is only a lot of common knowledge on why your back is screwed and only solutions it offers are to go and BUY MORE OF HIS (Jessie Cannone) PRODUCTS AND VIDEO'S FOR SUBSTANTIONALLY MORE MONEY !!

New Reviewer

I ordered a book, paid only shipping. However, included in the shipment was a full sized Heal and Soothe as well as a bottle of pills to help arthritis. Sorry can't remember the name of the pills.
I called them and explained what had happened, etc. They told me I could keep
the products no charge for the mistake they made!
The products were wonderful! Just wish I could afford to purchase them!
Didn't give 5 stars because even though I did benefit from the products, it initially caused me stress until I called. But they did remedy it right away with no additional charges.

New Reviewer

The products they sell are excellent in my opinion. I have suffered from osteoarthritis in my right ankle after a parachute accident two years ago. After using the products for only two months (Rub and Relief, Super Joint Support and Heal n Soothe) I see noticeable changes. The fibrin built around my ankle is melting away, the pain is diminished and after two years I managed my first 100 metres jog. I bet I will be running again in a couple of months.

And I agree their customer service could be improved. They messed up some of my shipments but eventually all ended good after a few emails back and forth. I guess they are overloaded with emails due to their marketing policy of free trials. If I was them I stopped free trials and just sell the products as they are as they are remarkable.

I am interested in other success stories and if you have had similar or better results with some other products (preferably cheaper) please write them down in your posts.

I would give them 5 stars if their service was better.

Borut, sLOVEnia

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New Reviewer

BUYER BEWARE!y... When you order product with credit card they continue to send information for which they bill you each month. Product deserves low rating for effectiveness and i felt that I was not fully informed of ongoing charges which had to be cancelled which I have done. Will see if billing stops.. BUYER BEWARE! .

New Reviewer

My experience with this company, losethebackpain, is the similar to all the other 1 star reviews( why not 0 star?). I also ordered their book on Back Pain ( for a friend who was suffering). What I did not realize was that it was their trick to get my credit card details.
I was then horrified to see my credit card bills, every month, for a product which I never even ordered. To put a stop to this I had to eventually instruct my bank to issue me with a new credit card, i.e. with new and different credit card numbers.

They are AWFUL. They seem to have no business ethics.


New Reviewer

After 15 emails over a month and a half, they still owe me for double charging me. They actually reversed the extra charge once and emailed me a record of the reversal, then turned around and re-billed me the same day.

They initially appeared to be very accommodating, answering my emails quickly. Their last email to me was two weeks ago. I replied that day and have received no more responses.

They also do business as

Tip for consumers: The "free" book is mostly an advertisement for things they sell. They promise to allow you to donate some of your shipping charge to one of two charities. You are supposed to pick the charity you want, but they never provide a way to pick the one you want.

Ask BETTY about LoseTheBackPain
New Reviewer

Total scam. 21 day free trial is from when you order, not receive product. You will be billed on the 21st day for full price and another order will be shipped. The 90 day money back guarantee does not apply because you now are a recurring order and they will keep your money. They are inflexible and do not care whether or not the product works for you. In my case it did not help. They will give away future business to keep your $$$.
AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE! You can return the product, but they will not refund your money.

Tip for consumers: I would give lower ratings if it was possible!

Ask judy about LoseTheBackPain
New Reviewer

Agree with other reviews stating this is a total scam. Once this company has your credit card number you will be charged for a product only viewed on their website, not even ordered. BUYER BEWARE...don't get sucked in by these cheats!

New Reviewer

I like the Rub On Relief but BenGay is just as good and much CHEAPER. I received an Infrared Heating pad that is broken and won't work. The CSR said he would send an email telling me when Fedex would pick up the product to return it and it's hasn't been done in the time they allotted, so I did a charge back on my credit card. Seriously, I don't trust their business practices and you can find better products at and cheaper

New Reviewer

Shame on you Jesse Cannone Get a Clue!
I just got of the phone with your Company. I explained that I just received my second copy of The Seven Day Back Pain Cure  and that I have been charged for it. I thought that since you seem to have a friendly facade that you would know how to keep a customer happy. Apparently you do not understand good business practices. The guy said  that I would need to send the book (how much did that book cost you to make? I thought so.) back to get my charge reversed. Really? Are you freaking kidding?  That does not even make since. Why would I spend $5.95 to get $5.95. So your company is charging me for a book that I did not order and refuse to do the right give up a measly  $5.95 for a book that cost you pennies to make.
Now I am afraid of what you Scammers are going to hit me with next. You are sending emails every day. I am frightened that if I click the wrong button you will make another false assumption and send me something else that I don’t want and charge me for it. WHY WOULD I ORDER TWO OF THE SAME BOOk?  
You know how this works don’t you? I could of got off that phone call a “happy customer” of and “unhappy customer. Well guess what, not so happy and for six bucks. So this goes into my blog and any review on your company as well as James Ward (I will CC this to him) and another scammer in your company. Also your books are going into the dumpster.  I am also asking to NEVER SEND AN UNSOLICITED E-MAIL ME AGAIN! So enjoy my $6.00.

New Reviewer
6/21/14 products - ointments and pills - are placebos with only testimonials by people who think that it works (that is how placebos work). There are no endorsements by reputable orthopedists or medical clinics (e.g. Mayo, Cleveland Clinic) at all, which means that you are just wasting your money if you fall for their seemingly free offers (you pay only shipping costs). Besides their 21-day free trial offers are really two-week trial offers since they count shipment period towards the 21 days. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! DON'T FALL FOR THEIR PROMOTIONAL OFFERS!!!

New Reviewer

I found similar products containing proteolytic enzymes for a fraction of the cost in a Health Food Store. When I cancelled my automatic order I was offered a discounted rate of $39 from $49. When I passed on that, I was offered another discount down to $29 a bottle....what a rip off. Why not just charge the $29 a bottle and be honest??

New Reviewer

I've had no problems with the site. My husband tried the Heal n Soothe free trial and now he can't live without it to relieve his back pain. I opted for the discounted rate for auto-reorder, and I've adjusted the delivery schedule three times - no problems, they answered calls and emails pretty quickly.
I gave it 4 stars so you'd possibly believe this is a legitimate review; plus I rarely give out 5 stars - that comes with freebies and special discount deals for repeat customers.

New Reviewer

You folks out there claiming is a scam because you are getting unexplained credit card charges need to look at the details of what you purchased. You agreed to and paid $1.99 to review his monthly newsletter for 30 days. After the 30 days expired if you didn't cancel then you agreed to be charged 19.95 per month for the newsletter. All you have to do is call them to cancel.

It annoys me that you folks litter review sites like this for products that are good just because you failed to read what it was you were buying. And at this point it appears you have put more effort into defaming his good business rather than taking action to heal yourself. You are in an endless cycle you deserve.

New Reviewer

These people are cheats ...I ordered one of their free Pilate DVD and a book on joint pain and arthritis ; but I did not know it was their trick to get the credit card details . Today I am horrified to see my credit bill . These scams are stealing money from my account for the products which I have not even ordered . They are taking out particular amount of money every month . Is there any means to punish these cheats?

New Reviewer

horrible business ethics...once you get the trial offer they send you a recurring order every 21 days...when you want to cancel good luck getting an email response even from the President Jesse discuss their ethics and mass emails once you place an order
Ps I use SERRA-PLEX SERRATIOPEPTIDASE 90,000 (New Roots) as good or better than Heal and soothe

New Reviewer

My experience with them was the same as all of the other 1 star reviews. They are AWFUL. Broken products, mysterious repeating charges, stuff I actually ordered not sent to me. Plus, I really injured my back after implementing a suggestion on the Lose the Back Pain book. I will NEVER do business with them again.

New Reviewer

I was sucked in after ordering a Free Trial offer of 'heal n soothe' but was asked to supply my credit card details to pay for postage. I was charged for the free bottle plus another bottle that arrived a month later (that I hadn't ordered). The following month they stole from my credit again for product I had not ordered or received. Two emails to them were ignored so to prevent further thefts I have had to cancel my credit card. BEWARE. STAY AWAY from this company.

New Reviewer

I was sucked in by these scammers, it was an offer of a free pilates DVD for the cost of postage for which I stupidly gave them my credit card details. I have just realised that I have been charged different amounts each month for the past 11 months!!! This adds up to approximately $325.00 AU. I will be visiting my bank on Monday to get all the details and report this scam. I will not rest until I am refunded. I did not at any time sign up for monthly newsletters at the cost of approximately $30.00 per month, this is a fraudulent scam!!!

New Reviewer

I also notice that the good reviews are all written close to the same time/day. I guarantee you that they are reviewing themselves to try and save face. I received what was supposed to be a 30 day trial of heal and soothe. It was only a 10 day supply. Then they sent me a full bottle 10 days later charging my account their ridiculous price. Go check out the ingredients and you can get better enzymes from lots of companies a lot cheaper. I emailed them and called them. They won't honor their ad of 30 days "free" supply (of course you pay a very high shipping cost for something they ship for less then $2.00). They are not an honest company or there is no way there would be this much negative on them. OH, by the way, they did tell me they couldn't change the sites that say you get the free 30 days supply although they are the ONLY place you can get heal and soothe. They try and put it off on others but they should know people aren't that stupid.

New Reviewer

I wish I had read the reviews on this site before I got scammed by these crooks. I signed up for the "free" book and stupidly gave them my credit card details only to find charges on my credit card for a Newsletter I never signed up for. So far I have not had any luck getting my money back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE - THEY ARE A BUNCH OF SCAMMERS

New Reviewer

I ordered one bottle of Heal-n-Soothe (1 month's supply). I tried it for 2-3 weeks but realized it was interfering with my sleep (as soon as I stopped taking it, I didn't have any trouble sleeping). I called to get a refund (as it promises on their website). First I was told that I was one day past the 30-day refund period; the young man on the phone was SO SORRY but they couldn't change the policy. Then when I argued that it was in fact the 30th day, he said it had to be mailed back to them within the 30 days. When I said I didn't see anything on the website or in my order email about such a policy, he came back and told me they don't do refunds for opened bottles! Despite my asking him repeatedly to show me where on the website it mentions any of these pesky details, he was unable to pinpoint where, just kept saying it's on the website.

New Reviewer

I went to their website and one of the inversion tables (the Teeter Hangups EP950) was listed for $299, and when I got to checkout I was being charged $399. I double, and even triple checked the price listed on the site and found that I was being overcharged by $100 (there was a less expensive Teeter hangups EP550 that was supposed to be listed at this price I later found out, but it was error on their website). So I called customer service and they told me to send an e-mail with a screen shot picture and I do that, and they say that they didn't get the e-mail. So now they tell me to go fax them a copy of the page, and so I go to my local library and print off the webpage and pay $3.80 to fax them a copy of the webpage (that has now been pulled up on two different computers) AND THEN THEY SAY THEY DIDN"T GET THE FAX! Well mysteriously the fax didn't go to the office I sent it to, it magically was rec'd at the bigger office they indicated.... Weird... So the next day I get a call and the rep, Diany, asked me for the URL- which was so long the last 6 characters were left off of the page along the bottom- and at the time I was away from home so the next morning I called back, as they requested of me, to read them off the URL and just as I pulled up the screen on my computer the Customer Service Rep I was speaking with, think her name was Gabby, tells me that the site does not exsist... and I guess now since my e-mail, my fax, and the website does not exsist they would not honor my bunch of lies about the "phony website"!! I talked to three girls there at the 800-216-4908 # by the names of Diany, Heather and lastly Gabby and I am very bothered by the way they handled me, I am an honest person and I was made out to be a liar. BEWARE OF THIS SITE, CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOT WORK ON BEHALF OF THEIR CUSTOMERS, THEY HANDLE BUSINESS IN A WAY THAT ONLY BENEFITS THE COMPANY! Well if they don't change it here's the site-

New Reviewer

I accepted an offer for a free book from the Healthy Back Institute. I was asked to give my credit for shipping costs. I later found out that I had been charged $19.95 (3 months in a row) for their newsletter. I did not want there newsletter, and had not read it. It just came in the mail and I thought it was junk mail. When I asked to be refunded the charge, they said they had sent me an email (which I never read-thought it was spam). Because I didn't tell them I didn't want their newsletter, they sent it and I had to pay for it. They never did refund me my money. I feel they fraudulently used my credit card (charged it without my permission) and the online offer for a free book was only a method of getting my credit card number. There customer service representatives, including the supervisor, were very unresponsive.

New Reviewer

This place is a total scam. They sent a bunch of pills I didn't order and then billed me for them. I returned them and (of course) the refund hasn't shown back up on my credit card. Scam Scam Scam.

New Reviewer

Don't believe the negative reviews for this site. I ordered the free book, received the free book, no extra charges on my credit card. I order other items later and only received and was only charged for the items I ordered. Great Site, Great Products, Great Value!!

New Reviewer

I ordered their inversion table. I attempted to cancel this order prior to shipping. Since it had already shipped, I ended up receiving it. I planned to refuse delivery, but could not be home when it was left at my doorstep. I made multiple attempts to acquire a return authorization/tracking number through telephone and emails. There was zero customer service anytime I mentioned wanting to return the item.

I was finally able to get someone to help me with the return until they told me I was 3 days over the 30-day limit for returns and they would not give me a credit. I could be more understanding if I had been using the product. This, however, was never opened.

I informed them that had they responded to any one of the multiple attempts I had made to get the required information for a return that the table would have been returned within the limit. They still refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor who was conveniently unavailable. Now I am stuck with an unopened box that contains a product I won't use for which I paid 299 dollars.

I would not and will not recommend this site to anyone. Their customer service sucks.

New Reviewer

Not only did I purchase the Lose the Back Pain program, after using it for just one week, I went to my chiropractor, whom I hadn't seen in a year, having given up on adjustments because they were expensive and just didn't hold and I had the amazing experience of having no pain when he moved the very few vertebrae back into alignment that hadn't gotten there on their own yet. He was amazed, too, by how easily things moved. Stretching my muscles loosened things up so they moved easily, and probably helped some of the vertebrae move back in place, considering that there were only two or three that needed adjustment, and it was usually six or more. I also have neck pain. I have ordered Lose the Neck Pain and expect to have the same experience -- no pain when my neck is adjusted, if I ever need to see the chiropractor again. Lose the Back Pain has done wonders for me since I got it about six weeks ago. I also use a Spine Align (now called Spine Worx) and, while I used to get a half dozen snaps of things moving back into place as I'd lay back on it, nothing moves with it anymore, my spine now staying in line unlike ever before, and I've been going to chiropractors since 1981. I'm sorry for those who have had a bad experience with this company, and they do seem to be a bit money hungry from even my point of view, but the products I've bought from them (Lose the Back Pain, NUBAX, and, hopefully Lose the Neck Pain when it arrives) have changed my back pain situation for the better and I'm hoping that, as I continue to use it, I will no longer have any back pain, a situation that I haven't experienced since 1972. For someone who suffers from back pain, for the cost of three chiropractic adjustments, the Lose the Back Pain program is certainly worth a try. It's guaranteed (1 year, when I purchased it) and, if it doesn't help you, just return it.

New Reviewer

In Nov 2009 my mother died in the UK. After arriving in the UK I had excruciating sciatica pain. It was only when I stood up but it took my breath away, but went away within a few strides. As I was in the UK I didn't have access to my Dr & so took NSAIDs, did internet research, checking out NIH guidelines, & NICE guidelines, the UKs version. Essentially I found that research only seems to prove short bed rest, NSAIDs & physio. In the UK I made sure I went for a walk everyday as that seemed to help. But sitting, driving, & even lying was very painful. The pain on standing was unbelievable. On the 1st day I returned to the USA ( 4 weeks later) I saw my Dr who gave me some stronger meds, & agreed to try steroids. A week later I was back in his office as the pain all down my right leg was now getting worse. Sitting for more than 10mins at all was agony - a real problem as Im a transport nurse & would often be in an ambulance 10 hours a day!

I thought my career was over. My back never hurt, just my leg & hip. At its worst I would also have burning aching pain in my right calf & half the foot. Through my research I knew it was sciatica & suspected I had piriformis muscle syndrome. I had now had this 7 weeks & it was still getting worse, no better. I was taking round the clock ibuprofen & Tylenol just to survive. At 41 I felt like an old man. My Dr reluctantly agreed to do an MRI which showed I had 2 bulging discs, but I wasn't convinced that's what was causing the pain. By now I had read everything on the LTBP website but was very skeptical. But I also knew that per NIH if the pain isn't gone after 6 weeks (which it has 92% of the time) it won't go away. There was overwhelming amount of information & advice. My Dr essentially told me I would have to learn to live with it & it would probably never totally go away! I told him I would shoot myself if I had to live with this the rest of my life & I sincerely meant it. He agreed to send me to physio. I was now in so much pain that standing up sometimes I couldn't walk for 30 secs & then it was very difficult & would take a couple of minutes to subside. I was also walking with a limp. Physio only made it WORSE! In fact, some aspects were better. The nature of the pain changed - it was no longer agony to stand, & so it appeared to others that I was better. But any prolonged sitting or standing would cause the pain, especially in the calf to get very intense. I would often wake up in agony that wouldn't subside until I was up & about & had taken pain meds. I started a pain log via Excel to see what helped & what didn't.

After the physio wasn't helping everyone was getting frustrated & me very angry. I eventually saw a pain specialist & got 2 epidural shots. They helped a little, but after the 2nd one I told the Dr that I wanted to try my own physio based on the LTBP system that I had just bought out of sheer desperation. Every time I had a shot I had to not exercise for 2 weeks. By now I had taken the self assessment, & listened to all the recordings. I was initially very skeptical, but the LTBP stuff MADE SENSE. The 1st time I tried some of the exercises I noticed an apparent relief of pain. I thought it was just psychosomatic & that I was imagining it. But by 3 days there was no doubt that 1 particular stretch really seemed to help a little. After discussing it with the pain Dr, the only thing she could offer was surgery! NIH studies clearly show that people are usually no better off & often worse. I was becoming convinced by the LTBP information. My self assessment pics were amazing. When my wife took the pics she kept telling me to stand up straight! One of the things that prevented me from buying LTBP, was reading a rival site about how ridiculous it was to self assess & self diagnose. But eventually, in desperation I bought it & thought no one else will assess me or know me like me. The self assessment information was straightforward & so very quickly I came up with a plan of exercises. In fact , no one else really did do a thorough physical assessment!

By now it was March & I had suffered for 4 long months. During that time the pain altered, but was intense throughout. I couldn't get through a day without ibuprofen & often combined with Tylenol which I knew was bad. During the 1st 3 weeks of March as I started the exercises my pain score which was a total for the day was an average of 20. I took it 4 times a day out of 10. My highest score for a day was 40! 30-35 was not unusual. I started the exercises, very carefully & cautiously. But using the pain score I could tell for sure they were helping. In fact, within 3 weeks my pain score was down to an average of 7. At this point I also went back to physio after a 3 week break due to a shot & not be able to get scheduled. My physio was amazed at the progress I had made & I shared with her what I learned. Indeed some of the exercises we were doing were the exact OPPOSITE of what I needed - no wonder physio made things worse. I had learned from LTBP that some of the standard sciatica exercises were the wrong ones & worsens imbalances. She agreed & couldn't argue that after 4 months with her I now had far more progress in the 3 weeks without her! She took the details of LTBP! Another month & my pain was considerably declined. I forgot to mention, I did also combine this with the Healt & Soothe pills - I was very skeptical of that also. By May my pain was all but gone & I stopped doing the pain score!

Dealing with this sciatica pain was the most life changing, & painful thing I have been through. I was heartbroken believing I would never be able to play with my young children. Through all the teaching from Steve & Jesse through the LTBP system, I am fully restored, & eternally grateful!

At 1st I was put off my all the selling, but I came to realize after getting personal responses from Steve & Jesse, that these guys are offering multiple solutions, as the are genuinely trying to help. I initially thought the product was expensive, but compared to medical copays, it was cheap!

New Reviewer

I found this website a few years back, when I was researching alternatives to the surgery that both my wife and my doctor insisted was necessary. There I was introduced to the concept that my back pain might have been caused by (correctable) muscle imbalances. That idea, and the other free information and videos on the site gave me the courage to (successfully, thank you) reject surgery. I purchased (and still do) several of their products for a not-inconsequential chunk of change...but far less than surgery.
So much for the website...I'd like to address some of the recent comments here:

1. Apparently, there were a bunch of positive reviews posted on Oct. 19th. My guess is that, like me, those reviewers were sent an email on that day in which we were described as "one of my best customers", and were asked to provide our own (predictably positive) assessment of the website, in order to counter the recent "bad press" that they have been receiving. Like them, I have found (and continue to find) excellent value in both the information and products they offer, so it's unsurprising that our reviews would be positive, and clustered in time. Indeed, I had never heard of *this* website (SiteJabber) before following the link in the email...I can't wait to poke around here some after finishing this review.

2. I *hate* pre-filled check boxes that have to be unchecked to avoid getting or paying for an unwanted tool bar, an unneeded program, a recurring charge, or whatever. I don't recall this being an issue on Jesse's site, but since I've been burned before, I'm fanatically careful about it; but just in case: Jesse, DON'T DO THAT!

3. Finally, don't buy (or even pay S&H for) Jesse's book. All it is is a long-form advertisement for his website and products. Don't get me wrong, I like his website and products, but if that book was my first introduction to what he offers, I would never have gone to the website. Heavily edited to remove the fluff and filler, the book would make an excellent "About Us" link on the site.


I couldn't help but review this website. Take a look at these reviews and you will notice all of the positive reviews were written almost all on the same day literally within minutes of each other. Coincidence? I don't think so. You the reader be the judge on what reviews are REAL and which ones may have been written by friends or by the website owner himself. Maybe the next time someone decides to write fake reviews about themselves they Might consider spreading out the positive reviews a little more than 2 minutes apart... On the 19th I noticed like 3 reviews straight in a row all glowing reviews of this site. hmmm....

Expert Reviewer

Heavily spamming on Sitejabber with fake reviews. Spammers can't be trusted.

New Reviewer

Jesse Canone is working to help people - his book educates about how the back work and why it is not a perfect mechanism. It helped me and was great for what it is but it is not a miracle cure - the only miracle cure is daily exercise, care, careful diet and perseverance. Some people have complained about his web site sales of this book including unasked for a subscription to medicines - I am sure that this is another awful clever marketer and not Jesse.

New Reviewer

I have enjoyed this website and have found the video clips very helpful. I have ordered many products that were life savers for me and for my clients like the fir heating pads, the swingmatic chair, the back support and the joy back. I have also bought release the back pain book when it first came out and found the exercises very helpful. I ordered and tried heal and soothe but did not find it of any particular benefit to myself or clients being too mild. I have had excellant service from this company with fast efficient delivery. As with all things there are always going to be those not suited and also those for who this is a godsend. For now I am content with those products I have purchased and always listen with an open mind to the video clips ( you can never tell when you just might learn something!)

New Reviewer

Back pain is really complicated. Those of us who are long-time sufferers know this AND know that it is on us to try to find remedies. We must also understand that there is no single remedy out there [at least, not for me]. Jesse Cannone's website got me started on exploring back pain; it introduced me to products that I would not otherwise have known about. I personally feel that he and Steve really do their homework! I think what's most important for back pain sufferers to realize is that almost all the treatments/products/exercises take time. There ARE no quick fixes. It's all about one's own commitment to getting well. The videos on the site are enormously helpful too. As for scamming - I have not experienced that, and I would be surprised if the company did not remedy an error immediately. I have found Eva [at the end of the customer service line] extremely helpful and diligent [I had a problem with my Nubax which was fixed very quickly; the problem was with the product, not the Healthy Back folks.

New Reviewer

Jesse Cannone is a good guy who provides lots of helpful information for those of us who have back pain or related conditions. I have bought from him, but I have also gotten a lot of free, or almost free, help.

New Reviewer

I found the book most helpful. I also received the Heal and Soothe which I hadn't realised I had ordered, but they stopped the monthly order when I contacted them. I do buy Heal and Soothe as and when I require it. I have found it a fantastic product although rather expensive.

New Reviewer
10/19/10 has helped my back greatly. A lot of information and good ways to treat your back pain. They truly take a solid approach in telling you why you have the pain and how to treat it. I've been to doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and no one have given me all the info I need to properly address my back problem and treat it. Also from keeping the pain from coming back in the first place. It was money well spent and I highly recommend them to anyone with back pain. In reading some of the other comment here. I would agree with them in not having the heal and sooth automatically selected when ordering the book. No one wants surprises when the get thier credit card bill. They need to change that. Keep up the good work Jesse.

New Reviewer

Before I stumbled upon Jesse Cannone I was in excruciating pain. I tried numerous things like acupuncture, swimming laps in a pool, steroid shots, massage therapy, various gadgets, and two back surgeries; however, nothing helped until I utilized the stretching exercises contained in the Lose The Back Pain Manual. In addition, in conjunction with the exercises I changed my diet completely (Phase One Diet). Now a few years later I feel as good as I did before my back problems trespassed into my life. Now the book is just an over view and if you do want help you do need to purchase the Lose The Back Pain Manual, which does indeed work. Still I think its a relatively small price to pay when you think that this might just be the thing that lessen your pain.

New Reviewer

If it weren't for, I would still be going to chiropractors and to a neurologist to get injections in my lower back (which are horrible for the ligaments) for severe sciatica. I received the book and ordered the Lose the Back Pain system, which is a carefully documented system of stretches and strengthening exercises that must be done on a daily basis. Over the course of about one month, my back pain/sciatica all but disappeared!! NOTHING else worked. I had one doctor actually suggested that I pursue back surgery! Surgery on the back is notoriously unpredictable, as a great deal of literature states.
Oh, and I also use Heal and Soothe and the BackJoy seats. I also spoke directly to one of the partners (sorry, I don't remember his name) to answer numerous questions about the Lose the Back Pain system. The ordering personnel have always been nothing but helpful and actually reversed a charge immediately that was mistakenly placed on my account.
The foregoing folks' insulting and misinformed comments are sad to read. I hope my comments will help someone who wants the help.

New Reviewer

Works for me. Bought the book for 7.95 & have had no additional charges since. Do get (free) Emails, but no surprises. Found the book to be informative & well worth the cost. Free videos on the website are also helpful. What did some others expect to get for 7.95/free? A miracle? Come on guys.

New Reviewer

I was dealing with terrible lower back issues about a year and a half ago. I found this site and have followed much of Jesse's advice. It worked for me! I take Heal & Soothe often and I purchased an inversion table which has worked wonders for me. I also bought the "Freeedom Back" chair support for my office chair since I sit at work all day. This also has really helped me. I also have tried "Rub On Relief" which does seem to help my knees when they are aching. I have no complaints about their website or recommendations. I have not had any back issues now for almost a year and all without paying for doctor visits for prescription drugs. I have no complaints whatsoevery!

New Reviewer

I have nothing but good news to pass on to anyone that is interested in actually seeing their back pain subside and start to heal. The guys at losethebackpain have been nothing but great! I have talked to them personally, downloaded their exercise charts and information book and then I also have been using and still do faithfully take and always will and swear by the product Heal-n-Soothe. It has done more to finally stop and subside the sciatic pain that once affected by entire hip down thru my leg to my toes. Thanks to the knowledge and products of losethebackpain I am virtually pain free and can tell the difference in my healing process. Thank you guys for all that you do and in trying to educate people that suffer from back pain. Sincerely in Florida BevW

New Reviewer

Same thing: you order the book and magically end up signed up for a newsletter by NOT letting them know that you don't want it. I wouldn't recommend them to anybody, no matter what they're selling.

New Reviewer

Ordered the "free" book. Paid the $7.95 shipping. That's probably about what the P.O. would charge for shipping. Learned some things from the book, but there is an awful lot of "buy this, buy that" in the book. Don't really know if any of it would be truly useful. Sounds good, but - - - I suffer from quite severe sciatica pain hip to foot. Have spent over $1000 through standard medical approach, including chiropractor, with little relief. So I decided to give one of their products a whirl. Ordered 4 bottles of their RUBON RELIEF ($79.90). Have used 3 of the 4 trying to determine if there is any benefit. Opinion - Snake Oil. If I receive any relief at all from this stuff, it is not at all apparent to me. To top it off the bottles come with plungers which are supposed to dispense the cream, but do not work at all. So much for quality.

New Reviewer

I don't know why folk are complaining. I have used the guys at Losethebackpain for years and they are great. Doctors, surgeons, physios are rubbish. Stupid doctors who do not understand back pain just prescribe pain killers like sweets. The idiot who prescribed me Tramadol needs putting down. The only way you will cure back pain is to find the cause. Heal and Soothe is brilliant, it helps with all joints in the body and not just the back. Don't believe the negative comments on here, they will be from the

New Reviewer

When I saw the "free" book advertised my faith in humanity was restored - someone cares - ha - the postage because I live in Australia was nearly $9 then the conversion from Us $'s plus a bank fee for converting - I reckon I nearly paid the price of the book even thought the back pain people didn't get it. Imagine my disappointment to find that the book contained only generalised information most of which I knew because I had been chasing info on this for some time and to find out how to do the stretches I had to buy the videos - no thank you Mr.Cannone I shall look elsewhere.

New Reviewer

I am a doctor in naturopathy who specialise in joints and back problems. I ordered the book hoping to learn some new information/technique. I found a repetion of promesses and self gratification, was sent -and charged for- a bottle of Rub-on-relief that I had not ordered, and a monthly supply of unrequested Sleepzyme. I first thaught that these were promotion samples until I checked my accounts and saw I was charged monthly! It is an officially recognised scam (losethebackpain scam). BEWARE!

New Reviewer

Unfair practice! Unauthorized charges to my credit card, trial offers when signing up, which can't be cancelled. full story at

New Reviewer

I also fell for the FREE book offer and had to pay the $4.95 shipping. They later charged my card with a $19.95 charge for a newsletter they said I ordered. They said I was sent a notice that I had to cancel in before 30 days was up. I never got such a notice. I didn't know anything about all of this until they charged my card. When I called they said they could not take it off but would cancel the new letter. What a rip off. I would not order anything again from this company. They are rip offs.

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