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LiveStrong reviews

14 reviews
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14 Reviews for LiveStrong

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New Reviewer

This site was really helpful to know the proper diet and so many health tips. One of my friends suggested me this site and I think its useful service for me. We can find so many fitness and diet related article on this site and its helpful to know some good information

Ask wad about LiveStrong
New Reviewer

I've always had problem with my weight from the time I was in High School. That time my friend suggested site. This site offers the correct combination of tools, programs, advice, articles and helpful members with helpful and informative forum content to get you actually serious about your weight loss.

New Reviewer

There isn't any web site I've ever been on in my life that has the constant daily prob's with programming that this one has. The inability to find things, type in things, return to stored things - forget it. Very frustrating. Then, if u want to blog with others the manager, down to the "monitor's" will do nothing about stopping the daily porn that is printed by teens and adults, foul cursing, typing about their sex life, belittleing everyone else's blogs; it's just insane. People post that they have had it with this childish site, going to another site, complaining to no avail whatsoever to delete the name-calling and insults and innuendos as to what the teen mob thinks about anyone they choose to bully. A lot of immature ego's and keyboard gangster-mentality on Livestrong. It's a back alley place to go for "health" info. I won't go back, and I suggest that anyone else considering this site should RUN!

New Reviewer

This site really helped me out when i started working out! A lot of useful tips on how to create a special diet that feet you perfectly. Highly recommend this website.

New Reviewer

A couple of days age, my friend recommended this site to me and I visited it. I love the articles this site provides about the fitness. I think I have found the most helpful site for my health and I have been following it. Feeling my body gets stronger now.

New Reviewer

Good site but not great. Health news is usually current but lacks depth and clarity.

New Reviewer

I find this site to be extremely helpful with lots of great accurate information. Wonderful articles about health, nutrition and exercise. I have a daughter is is active in sports (soccer) and I try to stay in shape so getting good information about health, fitness and food. I highly recommend this site.

New Reviewer

I find Livestrong to be a good starting reference point for all my health and fitness questions. The facts are backed up by sources which gives this site extra credibility.

New Reviewer

Great site! Lots of useful information. Whenever I have a question it is the site that I turn to for answers.

New Reviewer

The site is great....except when you start asking questions about their paid membership. I paid for one and discovered that I got nothing for it. I have repeatedly emailed customer service, and asked for a refund and gotten a response from what appears to be their ONE customer service rep: Susy...who doesn't speak English.

Kind of disappointing...and frustrating. Feels like fraud to me.

New Reviewer

This website is amazing for people tracking their caloric intake and calories burned through fitness training. They have many items but if they don't you can insert the numbers yourself and save the food to be used whenever you like. They do Do not recommend diets which produce a weight loss of more than 2lb a week which is good because weight loss above that amount is not healthy. I highly respect and appreciate this website. Definitely go here to track your calories

New Reviewer

This is a great site! I always find the information I am searching for.

12/28/10 is a website for people serious about improving their health and fitness. I used this to keep track of my eating habits, calories and exercise. It was easy and gave me insight into what I was doing well and not so well (as in, ease up on the avocado smoothies). The best part is that the website doesn´t bombard you with junk email. There are periodic emails that come with information, but the articles are actually engaging, and more importantly, short!

New Reviewer

Best ever! This site is amazing. It is free and can keep track of your weight loss (or gain) goals, calories, nutrients, exercise, etc. Plus it has helpful articles on ALL areas of health and exercise.

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