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New Reviewer

I have been using listia almost 2 year's, and have listed almost 1,000 auction's. I have enjoyed myself there greatly. But when it come's to the few of disputes that had been listed against me I got the shaft. I'm quiting listia because of this last dispute. I auctioned off A DVD, and 10 day's later the person wanted there credit's back. I assume after they already watched/recorded the disc or something. But the kicker is the disc the person is and will be sending me back isn't the one I sent them in the first place. I never owned that disc, and all my discs have no marks on them this one is beat up badly. So enclosing the shipping I paid to send this disc to the person I will have to eat, and this person will be returning this disc to me, and I'll be docked for the credits I got from the auction. I'm going to be using up my credit's I have on my account and then I will be closing it. It's really not A bad site, but the Mod's do not use fair judgement. Warning if you try this site take it from me, make sure you mark all your auctions "All sell's or final or similar" Beware of Scammers who don't verify there account's also.

New Reviewer

It can be fun, would be a lot better if there weren't so many cheap idiots on it. My b/f and I both use it, he's had no problem with any of his auctions. I've lost over 2000 credits due to people who will say they either never got it ( my second auction, I purchase tracking now on everything ) or people who find anything wrong ( had a seedling just up and dissapear out of the pot I shipped it in, go figure ) and they will hold your credits hostage just for fun. I was doing free shipping so I'm out about 60 bucks in shipping fees in a few months. I'm spending what credits I have left and I'm done with that site. Also, people can file disputes, and if you dispute it, and there is no resolution to it, you both keep your credits, so, therefore, it is a way for "buyers" to get your stuff, keep their credits and hold your credits in Limbo, AND if the mods at listia find in the favor of the buyer, they get to KEEP your item, and their credits and you are SOL

New Reviewer

Listia you are no better than Madoff you made – off with my$ credits
This group stole my life savings, my precious safe-keeps, tricked
me into listing my precious items for $0 credits. Goods valued $289,620 sold for
968,940 credits they stole. I never got 968,940 credits
for my sales, $0.0 money credit & surprise suspension.

This is not a communist country, people exchange stuff for what
ever, but never for zero 0. You promised me credits money, if I list my goods
and ship. You bunch of con’s Koran &
Muslim group think they can get away with this deceptive auction gambling, yes
that is what it is, another victim I read here, so right on the money.
You bunch of con's do not like US Military Members, you all playing with
peoples lives, THIS IS NOT A GAME, this is not KOREA!
Tell the Federal courts class action suite

I miss my deceased husband US army
jewelry, and my other children stuff sold on Listia shipped to Listia buyers
for ZERO $0.0 0 Credits!

Non-English speaking customer service, Customer service from Korea,
Middle East & Russia receives email from buyer or seller the reply is
suspension 0 credits $0.0 no answers to inquiries.

This Muslim Russian Koran Group of Listia is responsible. Customer
service work is done from Korea, Middle East and Russia; they pay
workers $1.00 per week salary. Listia originated from
Middle East by James Fong and is Muslim

Here are Listia group names to get them!
James Fong OWNER Koran main language Koran but speaks English;
Gee-Hsien Chuang Koran speaks Koran;
Tae Kang Koran Koran speaks Koran little English. Patent Holder;
Amir Muslim speaks Arabic Middle East;
Mabel muslim Arabic middle East also speaks Latin;
CB alias CB, afraid to disclose his name ;
Ngan Muslim & Russian related;
Rosie Koran Koran speaks Koran and little English;
Kevin P American speaks fluent English;

I have an attorney ready to file class action suit, join me
Listia victims, these Korea & Muslim group tricked us with deceptive
promises of credits and never disclosed they could take remove/take
away/steal/cancel credits any time they wanted.

According to the attorney I consulted, “Listia is NOT
operating according to the Statutes and Federal laws,
not according to an auction business, there
are so many violations that it amounts to a PONZI scheme intentionally set up
to rid us of personal properties and to defraud us.”
File in higher US Federal Court for Millions
in damages and stolen credits, pin the IRS their credit steal behind, and leave
their asses in suspended in Federal prison.
Listia victims read on and contact me.
contact me at gfservice at rocketmail dot com

My husband died defending this country, but I will fight for my rights against
Listia Koran & Muslim discriminative, non-American, deceptive, communist
business practices!
THIS IS AMERICA ! Listia revamp your communist auction gambling rules
for a real auction business and restore and credit reinstate those you
stole and scam in addition to damages, THAT WILL BE MY REQUEST FROM

New Reviewer

Listia started in Middle East, and has a Russian connection, who is behind Listia?
Are they running the Listia operation from Middle East or Russia?
Who are these people associated with
Listia, Qadeer Abdul Abderabbani Why the secrecy?
Why are they hiding their identity.

No customer service number - wonder why they do not return emails?
They may have one person
with limited english, so a good gestimate is language, and place of
operation is the real answer. English is limited but they know how to steal
credits and suspend accounts. Victims File your report at the below links >>

Sellers, google "listia complaints scam" I believe the firs 10-20 report sends you a warning.
Listia Sellers can sell hundreds $$$$$ or goods valued thousands, and get Zero 0 credits - $0 .00 for their goods. Without reason Listia suspense as soon as you have good number of credits, they do not reply to their own setup communication methods, there is something very fraudulent about this site.

For sure they have connection in the US, FAKE ADDRESS, but its a start,
first good news now Victims you can attack their Trademark LISTIA which
is governed by Federal laws for your protection, they registered Listia as
a advertising business. (Credit stealing scammers) go to and see for your self 877-794-9511 U.S.
federal trademark registration was filed for LISTIA by Listia Inc., 755 Castro
St. Suite C, Mountain View CA 94041 . The USPTO has given the LISTIA trademark
serial number 77962648

Evading IRS laws Listia? Listia is improperly registered as an auction co. its does not
list or declare the necessary disclosures for auction co. In fact its
operation characteristics are of Auction Gambling which is illegal here in
the USA. Listia is required to clearly disclose the seller can sell products valued from 1.00 to
millions and get Zero credit $0.00 Lets take down Listia, and recover
damages credits and Dollars. Kick their foreign ass back to ‘outta space’ .

Start here with the US Attorney General
for ca, they will quickly see Listia is improperly operating
Consumer action office of US AG Handles complaints
about deceptive or fraudulent business practices >>

File your
complaints here at the FBI Cyber internet fraud schemes: ,

E-mail:, there are hundreds so victim, there is a
lawyer who is attempting to prepare to file the action lawsuit but we
need at least 20 victims to come forward. Keep attaching
their trademark it should get it cancelled; it’s a trademark of scam,
fraud and undisclosed gambling auction.

The Federal Trade Commission, the nation's consumer protection agency, collects
complaints about companies, deceptive business practices form

contact me
wayntaylor at ymail dot com

Listia operation is an Auction Gambling business or advertising business. Its
operation is illegal fraudulent and deceptive; it is not a traditional
auction business.

Please report and file claims leave your contact info so attorneys at reach you.

New Reviewer

I was refered by a Facebook friend. They were supposed to get 500 credits for free when I joined. My friend did not get the credits Listia said because I was a Facebook friend . (Why in the world do they want people to invite their friends and offer such promotions if they aren't going to follow through.) I bid on an item and won it, but the seller never sent it. I disputed it over 2 months ago. Still haven't heard anything or got my credits back, even after repeated email. I decided to try selling some stuff. I listed several auctions and was told to promote the auctions on Twitter and Facebook. I did both only to find out when my twitter followers tried to bid, they were blocked because they followed me on twitter, The same with my Facebook friends, STAY AWAY

New Reviewer

this site has to be one of the most unorganized and even less maintained! at first I loved using it, and still am! I have gotten quite a few cute things on there. but the people who bid and win unless you put a tracking number on the item you send out will (EVERY TIME) claim they never got the package so you lose your item and your credits. the mods take forever to get back to something, and when they finally do it is nothing helpful! I am just letting my listia run its course I have said on the rest of my auctions that they will not be sent due to Listia's poor management skills, and lack of actual work on their end! so I am officially done with all of the junk on this site, it use to be fun but the BS you have to put up with UNREAL!

New Reviewer

I use and I love the site! I have gotten tons of free things with no problems and I have won some auctions I have not received the products but I always got my credits back eventually you just have to be patient. Most of the people on the site are awesome to deal with but just like any site you will have the scammers and the people who don't pay attention to your listing when it says "local pick up only" or "buyer will pay shipping" You get the same type of people on eBay when you offer goods on there. It isn't the site's problem, it is a human problem. I love the site because I get free stuff and get rid of stuff I don't want

New Reviewer

not a good website! it's run by a bunch of teenage college kids who think they can be the next facebook. NOT!

New Reviewer

This site is badly administered by a group of moderators who have little or no sense of logic, or fairness. Sellers are allowed to auction things which are totally unusable, with no penalty. Support requests are often ignored, or can take as long as 10 days to be reiognized. After over a year on this site, I have concluded that it is easier, less frustrating, and ultimately, less expensive to simply purchase those items I need or desire. Don't waste your time!

New Reviewer

Well I bid on several auctions and never won. What got me is when I had a maxium bid of 1109 and the item sold to SOMEONE ELSE at 578. It said I was out bid. I put in only 1 bid and put my maxium price because I knew it would bid up to that for me automatically. I contacted customer support with no response. 6 emails later and they will not return any emails. I cant close my account.....I have 6 auctions that I tried to delete but finally gave up and said on my auctions what was going on and not to bid and no item will be sent. This is the WORST website EVER!!!! I even signed up for their bonus programs to get "free" credits and never got them but have contracts now with columbia house dvd, and several book clubs but still no credits. GARBAGE!!!

New Reviewer

horrible site, they have all fake products or unusable crappy products. Listia will not refund your credits! I lost over 7000 credits

New Reviewer

I have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with ACTIVEPATRIOT on lista this person has harrassed not only me but my mom to no ends and will not stop this s the 4th email from this person and not after threatening me they have threated lawsuit becuase I have asked reapeatdly to stop emailing me .. free yes but you get what you pay for ..

New Reviewer

I use and I love the site! I have gotten tons of free things like a necklace, earrings, mtg cards. Most of the people on the site are awesome to deal with but just like any site you will have the scammers and the people who don't pay attention to your listing when it says "local pick up only" or "buyer will pay shipping" You get the same type of people on eBay when you offer goods on there. It isn't the site's problem, it is a human problem. LOL Anyhow, I love the site because I get free stuff and get rid of stuff I don't want...pretty much a win-win for me. :D

New Reviewer

Waste of time. I won a "authentic juicy couture necklace" and got it and to find out it was not real. So filed a dispute and lost so the lady got to keep my credits even though I spent about half mine on a piece of $#*! fake necklace.

New Reviewer

I've been using listia for about 2 months and can't WAIT to close my account. You list an item/people place 'point' bids, then you take your points and bid on something you want. Problem? There is such a fuss over buyer seller ratings, mistakes are rarely tolerated, some members don't look old enough to be in high school yet, and a whole lot of badmouthing and complaining. One of the first items i put up for auction was a set of 'one-of-a-kind glassware worth over $100. I got 1 bid for **1 point**!!!. my listing said 'local pickup only', the winner(for *1* point) was from the west coast and has been sending me hate-email for not shipping it.....get the Idea? Absolutely NOT worth the trouble, unless you have nothing to do BUT play listia games. H A T E D I T !!

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