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Laptopz reviews

51 reviews
33%, 726 64th St
Brooklyn, New York, USA
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I bought a lcd screen but it is a wrong item as I make a mistake. (in 8 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I ordered a battery via e-bay. I paid 36 dollars. They told me I had to wait for 3-5 weeks.
After 5 weeks I had not received the battery. I asked them what had hppened and they sent me some emails promising they had sent the battery. I insisted and then, they answered that they had communicated with the delivery company, and they were sure that the battery was lost, so, they would send me another battery, but I had to wait for 3- 5 weeks again.
After 5 weeks I had not received any battery again......!
I emailed e-bay (they say he is a"top seller") and they practicaly covered him, saying that although they are sure he did not send the battery at all, there is nothing they can do because 30 days passed from the time I paid the money!
So, they took the money and they sent nothing! This is caled thievery as far as I know.....

New Reviewer

sent me 2 dead batteries looked for money back owe my $36 and a few cents offered my $20 refund they said they would send me third battery for free said no and in next message said the best we can do is send replacement for additional $11 story always changes tried ringing they always get a machine stay !!!STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

Good! screens looks good

New Reviewer

First time online shopping. Easy access. Love.

New Reviewer

We have ordered many items from laptopz, they always ship on-time and correct part very.. Happy Customer.

New Reviewer

Not exactly as described but still a great guide!

New Reviewer

I gave the "Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop Keyboard Black" to my friend and she like it so much, thanks for your wonderful thing.

New Reviewer

the keyboards is good, I like it and fast shipping

New Reviewer

A year ago, I bought a Laptop AC Adapter for my Laptop from this site. And Now Adapter is still good. SO cool.

New Reviewer

great store

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

They sell stiff batteries: not working batteries, just plastic and metal. They dont answer emails, they say they have sent a new item but it is not true... Awful!!!!

New Reviewer

Today is May 4, 2013 and I placed an order with laptopz about two weeks ago I finally received it and it did not work. After I contacted them by e-mail they made me take pictures of the one they sent and the one I am replacing and they appear to look the same but the model numbers are not the same. They tell me the one they sent me was the correct battery but if I want to try another one in order for them to send me another battery they want 17.00 more. They did not even ask for the one they sent me to be shipped back because #1 they know the item they sent me is garbage, #2 they want to scam more money from me and not send me a replacement. This was not hard to figure out people, those who have been scamed like this need to get together and do something about it. If e-bay does nothing about it then they are encouraging this ilegal activity and they should also be responsible and remove that site or anyone related to that site. That is the only way e-bay would become way way more trusting and financially stronger, there would be no hesitation when it comes to ordering from e-bay no doubts, absolute positive feed back and no indirect or direct participating in ilegal scams or bad business practices. Going to the store in person guarantees you that if the product is defective or not what you wanted you can so easily return it very little inconvenience and frustration. Too many honest people on e-bay selling good quality items as described and promised but because of bad raps from the scammers they won't be trusted therefore not ever reaching their potential sales. Please people do something about it if you know what channels to take to report this and have something done about it. This is now 2013 how can this still be happening with all the conections and technology now here? I would rate zero but not able to do this on this application.

New Reviewer

My order was placed on Ebay and I was supposed the item within a few days and 3 weeks went by and i never received anything! I demanded my $$ back and they just kept saying "please kindly wait for the item", So far i havent received either ! Do not buy from these people!

New Reviewer

FIrst, cannot keep up with all the names used for this company...Yall, Gadget town..etc.! Second, seems every time we make corporate purchase I have Fraud on my Corporate CC within weeks after. I have put a STOP at work for all purchases to this company. Cheap but not worth the aggrevation of Fraud!

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY FROM LAPTOPZ. They sell on ebay and advertise a 3 year warantee on laptop batteries. The batteries are junk and fail after about 3 months. They won't stand behind their warantee and will not respond to emails.
laptopz-outlet, yall, and goes by many more names

Company information:, laptopz
726 64TH ST
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Phone: 845-228-8876
Dear buyer,
Thanks for your time.
We have sent you another package for your order. You can track it’s status at below link,
It generally takes 5 business days for delivery .
Pls contact us if you do not receive it in time.
If any question please do not hesitate to contact us.
Best regards,
eBay Service Care

- laptopz-outlet
Click "respond" to reply through Messages, or go to your email to reply
From: fish
To: laptopz-outlet
Subject: Re: fish sent a message about Battery for Apple MacBook 13" inch A1181 A1185 WHITE #250612163416
Sent Date: Apr-27-12 08:30:45 PDT

Dear laptopz-outlet,
i did not get the battery yet and the tracking # has no iffo
what is going on with my Battery for Apple MacBook 13" inch A1181 A1185 WHITE #250612
why has the battery not been shipped yet ?
the tracking # is 940551
this is my current shipping address.
From: laptopz-outlet
To: fish
Subject: Re: fishgal53 sent a message about Battery for Apple MacBook 13" inch A1181 A1185 WHITE #250612166
Sent Date: Apr-25-12 18:17:39 PDT

Dear fish
Thank you for your reply.
It may takes some days to update the item status.
You will receive item soon.Thanks for your patience.
Any questions, please contact us at the first time.

Best regards,
LaptopZ-Outlet eBay Service

From: fish
To: laptopz-outlet
Subject: Re: fish sent a message about Battery for Apple MacBook 13" inch A1181 A1185 WHITE #25061216
Sent Date: Apr-25-12 06:37:08 PDT

Dear laptopz-outlet,

this #9405510200838024291618 does'nt come up on the uspo as being sent just on 21st the # is in the system
From: laptopz-outlet
To: fish
Subject: Re: fish sent a message about Battery for Apple MacBook 13" inch A1181 A1185 WHITE #250612163
Sent Date: Apr-24-12 23:07:34 PDT

Dear fish
Thank you for your purchase.
We are glad to tell you that your item has been shipped to your paypal address.
Below is the tracking number link:
The item status is below.
The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on April 21, 2012 to expect your package for mailing.
You will receive item soon.Thanks for your patience.
Any questions, please contact us at the first time.
Best regards,
LaptopZ-Outlet eBay Service

From: fish
To: laptopz-outlet
Subject: Re: fish sent a message about Battery for Apple MacBook 13" inch A1181 A1185 WHITE #25061216
Sent Date: Apr-24-12 11:21:27 PDT

Dear laptopz-outlet,

why has the battery not been shipped yet ?
the tracking # is 94055102
this is my current shipping address.

From: laptopz-outlet
To: fish
Subject: Re: fish sent a message about Battery for Apple MacBook 13" inch A1181 A1185 WHITE
Sent Date: Apr-20-12 22:08:16 PDT

Dear fish
Thanks for your email.
We are glad to notify you that we have resent an item to you today.
Below is the tracking number link:

Your understanding would be highly appreciated.
If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reply to this email and let us know.

New Reviewer

I returned a product and they charged me a 20% restocking fee, which was in accordance to their return policy. But this was the first time in my life that a company kept the total of the sales tax on a returned item. They didn't even give back 80% of it. Their explanation was: "The sales tax is collected by the the local tax bureau." Sounds fishy to me. Just for that experience I would not buy from them again.

New Reviewer

If they get the part right that you ordered you might be ok. otherwise get ready for conflict. They tried to refund shipping only and told me to keep the power cord they sent that didnt fit my computer and I still had to pay for it. Then when I refused to keep the useless cord they wanted me to pay to ship it back plus send them more money to cover shipping on another cord that may not even fit. they could not crossover any part numbers or model numbers of my hp computer to get me the proper cord. What a joke this place is. Stay away

New Reviewer

Is there anything lower than 1 star? they send me a defective ac adaptor. I spent 2-3 hours of my time trying to get a return authorization. I still did not get any refund. Stay away DO NOT BUY FROM THOSE CROOKS! they should be shut down!!

New Reviewer

Do not buy from them! I do not believe they are in the US. They sent the wrong laptop replacement keyboard and refuse a return. I was chatting with someone at the company and in the middle she terminated the chat. They do not have a phone number.

New Reviewer

BE AWARE of this website and don't do business. First of all they don't have a phone number, so if you have issues and want a speedy reply you have to wait a couple days to receive an email from them. I had bought a laptop screen from them and received it damaged. I sent it back to them and they agreed to send me a second one. The second screen I received was totally different. The make/model/appearance was totally different from my original screen. When I contacted them, they told me that they didn't have my screen in stock and that it was a rare screen to get. So I asked them if they sent me a wrong screen knowing that my screen was no longer in stock at the time and yet they ignored my question and suggested to give me a refund. Here lies the next problem. When they issued me the refund, they decided to keep the shipping amount for themselves saying that if they issued me the full refund then they will lose money because they already paid the shipping carrier. This site would rather gain money then gain good customer satisfaction. I told them I should receive my full refund and not a partial refund because this mistake was committed by them and not me. After a dozen emails to them and was going no where I finally contacted to set up a claim. Once I did that they finally issued my full refund to me. If only I could've done this earlier. In summary, this company has horrible customer satisfaction ethics and is horrible at communicating. BE AWARE with them.

New Reviewer

I ordered a charger specific for my make and model laptop. Of course, it did not fit.They had me take and send numerous pictures of my laptop, adapter and pins from my adapter and the one they sent. They said they did not carry one that would fit my laptop and had me return it. I did receive a refund but they would NOT reimburse my return shipping costs - said it was my responsibility to make sure the item was the correct one. When I pointed out that according to their listing this was the correct one, that they had sent me the wrong one, they replied they had no "extra"(?) money to give me for a refund and offered me a meager 5% discount on a future purchase. Seriously?!! This was a HUGE hassle, I wasted weeks of time over this nonsense and am still out the shipping and have no charger. GRrrrrr!

New Reviewer

i have ordered replacement laptop keyboards for two different models from Laptopz and they arrived in perfect condition, on time, and at a great price. I willdefinitely do business with them again.

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrible!!!!!

ordered a battery through ebay - got a paypal confirmation AND a confirmation from THEIR company saying that I paid for the item and it would ship. two weeks later, no battery. after emailing their customer support, which only responds at 3-4am est, they said 'you pay to wrong account, but it ok, as we own that account too' (poor english skills). now sorry, but if i paid to the wrong account, its their fault for associating the wrong account with their ebay item! they eventually did send the item out. after another week, they opened an unpaid item case on ebay towards my account. i emailed them again, asked them to close the claim as i had already paid, they said (yes ok sorry for inconvenience, we will close case). did they close the case? no, of course not. I had to call ebay customer support to have them remove the claim from my account. after all of this, i'm unable to leave feedback on ebay because 'a dispute process has blocked you from leaving feedback'. well isnt that nice, seems like they open an unpaid item case against a paying buyer just so the buyer can't leave them the negative feedback they deserve!

beware of this company! saving a few bucks from buying from them is NOT worth the extra hours of time you spend on the phone with them and ebay.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY FROM LAPTOPZ. They sell on ebay and advertise a 3 year warantee on laptop batteries. The batteries are junk and fail after about 3 months. They won't stand behind their warantee and will not respond to emails.

New Reviewer

Bought a $38 battery from them on eBay with a "3 Year Warranty". It is failing after 5 months, and they want me to ship it back plus pay $16 for a replacement. AVOID!!!

New Reviewer

Avoid this company at all cost. They not only sent me the wrong -- and USED -- part but made the process of returning it very difficult. So difficult that I actually ended up eating the cost of the entire order without a resolution to my problem. Shady operation.

New Reviewer

I bought a laptop screen to replace my dinosaur of a old 17-inch big back screen, the HP screen is Very great and supports VGA, DVI-D, and HDMI. Good investment. Wouldn't use anything else.

New Reviewer

A very good website. I bought a lcd screen but it is a wrong item as I make a mistake. But the buyer asked me to send the item for a right one asap. I really like it. A good service

New Reviewer

Super fast shipping and really great prices. Product purchased to replace worn wire from camera manufacturer and is actually better quality than original.

New Reviewer

I ordered a laptop mouse from this website. It Works fine. Good for travelling. Plug and play. But the item is normal quality. Cursor runs a bit fast, and I don't want to change the mouse setting because of my other mouse.The shipping is good and within the 15-30-days period.

New Reviewer

SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM !!!! Don't buy from these Loserz !

New Reviewer

These people should not even be allowed to sell products. They have an automated reply system when you try to inquire about ordering something that instructs you to pay so the order can be processed? After 4 tries they finally answered my question and provided a link that took me directly to the item I was trying to locate on the site to order in the first place? Once I clicked on the link I thought all was well. I paid with my Pay Pal account and then I noticed some odd name not even associated with anything remotely similar to the website. Later I received an email that provided me a follow-up shipping notification with a USPS tracking number. After a week passed and no item was received, I went to USPS to track the item. USPS informed me a number had indeed been generated, but the item never shipped. I immediately notified both the customer service email address for the company, and the odd email address my Pay Pal payment went to. I then received an email back that instructed me to "exercise patience" with the shipping....okay, I allowed another 4 days to pass (Keep in mind I am waiting for a Laptop power cord so I am without my computer). After that,I then pretty much conceded to the situation and went on a weekend trip to Colorado. After returning a few days passed and I utilized a friends laptop to again go online to check the progress of the shipped cord. There in my email was a refund to my Pay Pal account. They did not have the cord, they never really shipped it, and now two weeks had passed. What a Fiasco. If they pop up in your product better pass them by. That cheap quote will only cost you time. The worst of it all is that as a business they lied about actually shipping it. How wrong is that!

New Reviewer

If I where you I wod run and never turn around.. It is the worst people I bought a adapter and it was the wrong one after speaking to them on the interent they toold me that i was not cooperating with then then sent several emails so i can retun it and they said unti I cooperate they will not sent me the return address they are awful run and never ever think about ordering from them!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered my Dv6500 battery from this website, and I was very satissified.With this battery I get moe than twice the life than the original one.

New Reviewer

I ordered a dell screen from this store last month. And arrived a week later. They delivered fast and offerred me good service. I'm very satisfied with this store. As for the screen, it is crystal clear and well constructed. Best bang for the buck.

New Reviewer

As I contact them for discount, English is poor. But I bought an adapter for the reasonable price. Two months, works fine.

New Reviewer

So, after having already placed my order for a replacement LCD screen on August 18, I stumbled upon Site Jabber. Needless to say, I went into panic mode after reading some of the complaints here. Still, I had paid through PayPal, so I figured if the worst occurred, I would still have a good chance of getting my money back.

I kept checking my account with and found a USPS tracking number for my item. I continued to follow it until it arrived yesterday (Aug. 23). Apprehensively, I opened the box. The screen inside was shiny and new (not used or refurbed) and was definitely the proper part for my laptop. With great care I installed the new screen and powered up.

Lo and behold, the thing came right on! It's nice and bright with no dead pixels, scratches or anything.

It seems many have had bad experiences with (or Yall Inc. -- where my screen seems to have come from -- looks like another name for the same company), but in fairness I have to say that my experience of their service has been positive. Still, I'm glad I didn't need to contact their customer service, after reading some of these reviews. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that my new screen doesn't suddenly decide to fritz on me. Failing that, I have to give laptopz a positive nod (though I won't go as far as a heart -- it takes a lot to win my love...).

New Reviewer

DONT buy from this company!!!! i purchased the AC adapter for my laptop. The Adapter failed twice within a year. "Advertised as 3 years warranty"?... Liarssssssssssssssssssssss... They don't honor the warranty. when you device becomes failure, they will try to upsell you to purchase another one for discount . WTH... what is warranty for???? They will try many ways to get $$$ from you but ignore your warranty or playing games on reply your email or at ebay!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!! HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!!! SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAULTY ADVERTISEMENT!!! is on the way to resolve this issue!!

New Reviewer

Bought a laptop charger that randomly MELTED at the cord and burned a hole in my carpet.. could have burned my house down if I had not been home! Contacted them asking how this could possibly happened and they refused to answer, only offered to send me another charger.. like I would ever feel safe using any of their products again!

New Reviewer

I wish I had read this review before purchase from this company... Never had experience worse than this. They don't speak english well, send you wrong part and make me buy twice and still send me wrong part. Now they give me hard time to return it and refuse to give money back. I am on process of getting the money back. Will do anything not let them get away with this.

New Reviewer

i buy from ebay, battery for my dell 1505. it was good, but after 3, 5 month he die, ind it have 3 years warranty. i mail for him -many time not answer!from beginning of February til now. i mail from different account-and call to ebay customer service. and finally he answer, that VIRUUUS destroy all data(can you believe, that Internet service work w/o anti-virus and firewall) i mail shipping mail with all details- he answer that i can send and replace o repair, BUT HE DON'T GIVE A ADDRESS.!!! all time that i ask address he ask me new technical q, but don't give address!

Phone: 718-232-2889 not in service Voip Tel. 845-228-8876 not answer? somebody know new number?

New Reviewer

My experience with LaptopZ is terrible. Don't buy anything from them or you are wasting your money and time. Period!

New Reviewer

Spoke with them at their phone number. I think they are night owls. contact after 12 midnight. They are going to have me return the screen, Lucky I called 1 845 228 8876 just befor hitting submit on the website. lets see how this goes. I have confidence in them inspite of it all. they are still in business. I guess low prices come at a cost. But I did spend about 50 bucks more then other places I saw and I'm going to have to spend return shipping to I bet. *Sigh*

People are not american nor do they speak english it seems. I think they use a translation program to find what you are saying. I notice their web site has numerous grammatical and spelling erros. And I suck at both so theirs must be totaly horrible. I ordered a new screen for my laptop. Wrong part. Since I notified them The lines of communication have seemingly gone non existant. I agree, that first comment entry to their site(The very positive one) here is BS and by the grammer I would have to almost totaly say it's them. Don't buy from these SoBs! It's yer money. I don't think they are scam artist just very nieve business people. Plus on their site, they only post the top five star comments. 8-( People have no honesty or integrity.*

In the end I have my working screen. I retract that they are dishonest or lacking integrity. A bit clumbsy yeah, But I believe they are trying to be fair an honest people and if given alot of patience can help resolve issues. It is very important to use their ticket number and their customer service site to track your issue. That's how they work best for you. Your questions will go unanswered if they fall off what's really going on. In a word SIMPLE. See my comments in conversation.

In my own honesty, I did order the incorrect part. I did as much research as possible. Everythign pointed ot that being the right screen. In my own ignorance, I didn't know there was a part number on the back of the screen. I could have matched that up or sent them an email. BUT big BUT, It would be nice if their web site, Asked you for specific information or if the order handler asked you first hand to double check your part number, But it is posted on each screens web site the part number info. Not so sure it correlates but an email might have saved me some pronlems and a better designed site would have as well. A site that tells you or asks you for the info to correctly match your part. Enough said.

New Reviewer

First of all, frequently acts like consumers and posts positive reviews about themselves most places where you'll find complaints. Really what they run is a fraudulent program with a 14 day warranty.

I purchased a laptop battery from eBay that was bad. I then returned it and they sent me another bad battery. When I asked for my money back they wouldn't reply or do anything this time because I can't comment on eBay anymore.

If you want to get completely ripped off, and get no recourse, then you should definitely buy from these con-artists.

Very Sincerely,

Matt Brown

New Reviewer

They DO NOT reply and sell faulty computer items with a "warranty" that they have NO INTENTIONS of supporting!! DO NOT BUY HERE!!!

Contact info for them!!! I never got an answer......
Contact information for: Hangfeng Wu
User ID: laptopz-outlet
City: NY
Country: US
Phone: 845 228 8876

New Reviewer

Anthony pointed out to me that I had given these bandits the Heart rating and that was a serious mistake. I meant to give Site Jabber the super rating! LaptopZ is a mistake of nature.

New Reviewer

So, I ordered the correct replacement battery for my laptop and received it in a semi timely manner....problem?? YES! It was not the correct replacement, not even close. After many emails (which they apparently only answer 1 per night at about 3am) they FINALLY gave me a return authorization and said once they receive the battery, they will send the correct one. Mysteriously, they "never received" the battery back that I sent Priority Mail (insured). I smell BS here, I don't know all of the particulars but I think they are scam artists. I'm glad I decided to spend the extra money and send it that way instead of the "standard mail" way they insisted I send it. At least I have a chance of getting my money back. STAY AWAY! I have a gut feeling that I'm not the only one they have scammed this way.

New Reviewer

About two weeks ago, I buy a mini netbook from this site. They were patiently with all of my questions.After I made the order, they sent me the products timely.I feel they offer an excellent customer service.So,if need, i will purchase from this web again.

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY from they sent the wrong part (LCD INVERTER) and had to have over 20 email conversations with them. They told me to take pictures of the packaging, the part, what the correct part should look like- it got so ridiculous, I called them to negotiate a full refund and I would return the part to them. Over the phone they said yes, no problem. Then the next day, I got another email saying that they would give me an 80% refund. I have zero confidence that they are honest and I am so detailed in my records that I was able to jump through their hoops, but it seemed that they were trying everything to not give a deserved refund.

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Q: same situation. after 100 mail they send me number for change a send and they get it but after 1,5 year they don't answer, they answer and ask about details, but don't do nothing. they simple stolen my money
A: Phone: 718-232-2889 not in service Voip Tel. 845-228-8876 not answer? somebody know new number?
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