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Julep reviews

8 reviews
P.O. Box 19523
Seattle, WA 98109, USA
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New Reviewer

Julep SUCKS. Seriously.
Subscribed to get my first box free and that was all fine and dandy until I tried to cancel.
Called, canceled, got no confirmation email.
Called, hold, voicemail.
Called, hold, voicemail.
Didn't get ahold of someone for weeks, and when I finally did, they canceled and I STILL never got a confirmation email.
Long story short, I had to have my credit card company put a stop payment request for all charges coming from them and they FINALLY canceled my subscription.

The nail polish isn't even that nice either. And the stupid eyeliner smudges like nobody's business.

New Reviewer

I love getting new polishes every month! They've really been able to nail down my style because I have yet to receive a single polish I didn't like.

Apprentice Reviewer

The first time you use the site, you can get a trial version for 4.99 (free+shipping.)
Use code FREEBOX.
I like that you can answer questions about your preferences and the selection is somewhat personalized, however, you may get a shipment of things you do not want or need.
In one box, I received two small nail polish colors, a nail buff that is about 1 x 2inches and a cuticle serum. meh. If I were to go to the store, I would have bought one of the polishes.
If you like a lot of extra items and want a shipment to come monthly, this is the site for you. If you don't like a lot of clutter and want to pick items based on what you would use, you may want to avoid this service.

The customer service line receives 5 stars. Quick answer, very friendly and easy to use prompts.

New Reviewer

I have been a Maven for over 2 years now and I LOVE my Maven box! I have heard some complaints in the past, but I've personally never had a problem with them. I love the polish and for $20 a month, it's a great deal considering the polishes are $15 each! I love the beauty products that come along with each box. It's an absolute great deal and I highly recommend this subscription! You can always skip that month if nothing seems to suite you. There was 1 month that we had some "funky brushes" in the polish and they had quite a few people complain. About a week later I received 2 new bottle tops with a note saying they don't know what happened but they acknowledged the mistake and replaced them for me! I also had one bottle broken and they sent me a new bottle within a couple of days. To me, that's not a big deal considering how many beauty products I buy in the mail. They do a great job in packaging and the box always gets to me super fast and I love the whole process! Love being a Maven!!

New Reviewer

What I like about julep is the surprise I get every month and the colors really are very unique and always fashionable. The discounts are great and it makes a great gift for friends living far away. Here is what I do not like-- I do not like how you cannot sign up for just month to month :(

New Reviewer

Wonderful product! Great customer service--quick to respond fully and friendly. Affordable! Ability to buy one at a time, subscribe and buy automatically monthly, skip a month, change "styles" which gives you a different option of items included in your monthly box.

I have loved every box I've gotten so far!
(I am really not into buying loads of makeup and beauty products, but this box lets me get the girly side of me out.)

New Reviewer

Good Service! Very nice people, although i was disappointed in the previous box. I loved the nail polishes but disappointed in the DD Cream( BB CREAM). It didn't match my skin, doesn't give any coverage, makes my skin feel sticky also the container was only half full. Love the packaging though.

New Reviewer

Julep had me at "nail polish maven". Seriously though. Julep is a great service and as a maven I get all sorts of deals on beauty products, and I get bonuses for referring my friends. I guess the only problem with all these beauty subscription services is that you get stuff every month and sometimes I feel obligated (or lazy!) to keep things I might not buy otherwise so maybe I spend more money. But I still love Julep anyhow.