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Review of JewelMint

JewelMint reviews

89 reviews
1223 Wilshire Blvd., #C
Santa Monica, California 90403-5400
Tel: 1-888-258-3339

89 Reviews From Our Community

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They have a great customer service team, and they do rereleases of old pieces frequently. (in 27 reviews)


It's one of those membership sites where you pay $30 a month and can pick one piece of jewelry to be delivered to you. (in 60 reviews)


I was so excited and thought the jewelry looked great online. (in 39 reviews)

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1 review
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I saw this site on Inbox dollars and was supposed to get a $20 bonus for ordering from but INSTEAD I got automatically enrolled in a monthly program that charges me $29.99, the jewelry is VERY CHEAP and GAUDY and their customer service is HORRIBLE... Don't get duped, stay away from this company!!

Ask Sarah about JewelMint
1 review
0 helpful votes

Horrible experience.

First, I ordered a necklace for my sister two weeks before Christmas. Much to my dismay, the piece I ordered could not be delivered on time. The reason? Because it was a collector's item and took more time to fabricate and ship. Fair enough. Here's a thought: Why not make the disclaimer stating that the item has a long lead time VERY CLEAR to the client BEFORE they submit their order? Sure, they make mention of a potential long lead time in the fine print. Typical CYA (Cover Your A**) boilerplate stuff. To make matters worse, it is now January 7th and I have YET to receive said necklace.

My favorite part of this site, though? The mysterious MONTHLY FEE they secretly charge you when signing up for the site to place orders. Again, WHERE IS THE DISCLAIMER?!!! Had I known I would be charged a monthly fee for placing a one time order on a necklace...THAT I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE...I would have gone to another site. The only thing I credit this site for is their customer service (no surprise it's very good considering all the issues they deal with). I was quickly given an explanation as to the whereabouts of the necklace, an apology and a store credit. Plus, I was credited back the $29.99 monthly fee for the website and my "membership" cancelled.

This is a bush league operation. DO NOT order from

Ask Scott about JewelMint
1 review
0 helpful votes

Astounding that the site says "sign up for free" only to charge you 29.99 a month. I am so angry, when I called to complain I was hung up not shop here you will be's awful

Ask ASHLEE about JewelMint
1 review
0 helpful votes

The jewelry is of atrocious quality. The plating is inadequately thin; it wears away after a mere two or three uses. I take fantastic care of my jewelry; I do not shower in it, I put it on after I've done my makeup, I make sure it doesn't come into contact with hairspray or perfume, and I store it in a jewelry chest. I have had the rhinestones fall out of three pieces of the 8 pieces I received as a gift from a friend.

The thing I was most displeased with is how they make their website look like something like Baublebar (which is actually a great website) a pay per piece service, but it is actually something more akin to BirchBox, a pay per month service. At sites like Baublebar (and flash sale sites) you get credit to your account for referring people, or just for being a new member. I am so accustomed to that format that when I saw the $29.99 "credit" on my Jewelmint account, I assumed it was something along those lines, and had no interest in using it as I didn't like the quality of the jewelry. I was pretty irritated to realize that this is a subscription service I signed up for, and even more irritated that I only have the first few days a month to skip the month, or I'm billed. Meaning if I don't want to pay each month, I either need to cancel after my first purchase, or go onto the website during the first five days each month and skip it. That's shady as hell. Even their Faq page features the same wording over and over again, "Just skip within that window and you won't be billed!" as if it is some marvelously feature of convenience. A cancelation button would be a marvelous convenience!

Why not put the credit on your account, and if you use the credit that month, you get billed, and if you don't, it just sits there? Because they're trying to be sly about playing by the rules and duping people out of their money, that's why. I can only wonder how much money they are taking from people who have just not noticed the $29.99 a month on their credit card bill.

The process of canceling is much simpler than it used to be according to other reviews. I simply did a live chat and was told that I would have a cancellation immediately and would be refunded the $29.99 credit sitting in my account. They then of course tried to save face and told me to make sure that I read the agreement that was sitting directly below where I purchased my jewelry. Okay, let's get real here, who reads 100% of the fine print when purchasing anything? Furthermore, let's be incredibly honest, Jewelmint, you could CERTAINLY make it far more apparent that we are signing up for $29.99 a month. They refuse to admit that they have made their website look and feel like a store, when it is in fact a subscription service. It plays by the rules, but it is MISLEADING! Being misleading is an unfair sales tactic and it makes you a bad company. Yes, it is my fault that I didn't read the fine print, or research the company beforehand, but if I'm obviously not in the minority with my belief that it was incredibly misleading, then there is a large portion of your customer base who feels the same way and not correcting that is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and quite frankly makes you morally reprehensible!

I was told that I simply needed to pay more attention when shopping in the future. You know what? That isn't your place to tell me that. I came to you as a retail store selling jewelry, not for life advice. It was not and is not your place to patronize your customers. I have worked in so many retail establishments since I was 15 years old, and two customer service call centers in my early twenties. I would have never dreamed of telling someone, "Okay, I fixed everything just like you asked... but you know, you should really be more careful next time because this was TOTALLY your fault" You do not shame your customers. GOOD customer service response would have been: "I've canceled your account and credited you back the $29.99 from this month as you requested. I apologize that our company seemed to be unclear in being a subscription service. Please fill out a survey and give us feedback on how we can improve and get your business back. Thank you!" Which response would get more customers back in the future, hmm?

Once you have canceled, do not think the e-mails will stop because they will not. Unsubscribing did not work. I searched for how to make a spam filter for Jewelmint on Gmail and had to do it that way, and things still get through sometimes. Customer Service was unhelpful in that scenario.

I also find the jewelry being designed by their designers to be a total lie. You can go on Aliexpress or Ebay and find many of the pieces for $5.

Ask Brittney about JewelMint
1 review
0 helpful votes

I love the necklace I ordered, only $9.00 on black friday. However today (12/7/2012) a $45.00 CHARGE FROM THEM CAME OUT OF NO WHERE. i DID NOT authorize this charge. Placed a claim on my bank and am calling them as soon as they open, this is RIDICULOUS.

Ask Alicia about JewelMint
1 review
0 helpful votes

If the site would allow me, I would rate this site with no stars. They don't even deserve one gold star. I have never in my life experienced such horrible customer service. I had long ago accepted that the quality of the jewelry didn't match the price, but forgave that because I was finding unique jewelry I thought I would like. I have probably made a total of 8 purchases from jewelmint. The first few purchases were great, the following ones, not so much. The quality seemed to be deteriorating with each successive purchase. Again, I was almost willing to accept that, but what I was not willing to accept was the atrocious customer service I received. First, there's the small problem of even getting them to contact you back. After three emails went unanswered, I went on their facebook page to seek assistance. First post went ignored. Two days later I made an angrier post and finally got someone to contact me. However, they did nothing to solve the problem and offered no solution. (The order showed it was "still processing" after a month had gone by since I placed the order.) They're answer? We're busy. Well, if you're so busy you can't handle the load, you either shouldn't be in business because you're clueless or you need to hire more people. After several frustrating facebook messages, I finally requested that I just receive a refund and have my account cancelled. I was told I would be issued a refund but that they would not cancel my account. They told me they wanted to give me more time to think it over. That, of course, only infuriated me even more. For the cherry on top? I was never issued a refund and my order arrived nearly two weeks later. And my account was never cancelled. Months later, my account is finally cancelled. If I can save someone else from this experience, I'm glad to do so. Buyer beware.

Ask jenna about JewelMint
1 review
0 helpful votes

I did realize this was a membership, but I really wanted the Femme Fortune necklace. I ordered it and as soon as it arrived and then called and cancelled the membership.
Here is the funny thing. The necklace was assembled wrong. It's supposed to be double or single with a nifty looking clasp that looks nice when you have it single. The way it was assembled was wrong and the clasp did not look good. I do some beading and earring making so I had to get out my little pliers and fixed it. I did notice that the o-rings were pretty sturdy when I bent them to rearrange everything. But I feel bad for someone who got a defective one too and didn't know how to fix it. So yeah, not keen on this. Jewelry is ok. I'd rather go to Macy's and get something just as nice or better for a similar price and get to make sure it is nice in person.

Ask Karen about JewelMint
1 review
0 helpful votes

The pieces I ordered are not impressive. They hooked me in with "buy one get one" for a first purchase. I've seen better at the Dollar General Store for cheap costume jewelry. I would be furious to have paid the $30 they would have charged me with their hook-in deal. I will not be ordering from JewelMint again. They are making a mint from substandard jewelry that looks it.

Ask Val about JewelMint
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

WOW-first off they had to call and verify my e-mail over the phone....who does that? There was nothing wrong with it and they had all my information correct, but told me that it was something new. when I asked the customer service rep to calirfy why I needed to do this, she replied with a "thank you ma'm have a good day"-what?! So my items took over 3 weeks to get here from Torrence CA, to San Diego. Ridic. On top of it, it's not good quality at all. I'm sorry but for $30 a piece I am expecting something better then Forever 21 quality. I will be canceling my membership. Everything looks so pretty on the website, and through all the youtube videos, but it's not Highliy dissapointed

Ask Elizabeth about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

I also had a $25 gift card and decided to try it out. I had no idea of the monthly membership charges! What kind of company has to trap their customers in to buying things from them!? My first purchase didnt go well, I was charged for the full amount even though the price reflected at the end of the purchase was correct they still charged my card full price. I had to start a Chat up to get in touch with anyone, that was annoying they wouldnt respond for so long that the chat would close from inactivity! I finally go that figured out and told them I had no interest in doing business with them in the future. Well the next month I have a $29.99 charge from them! Once again I have to start a chat, she was nice but she did not want to issue the refund. She told me I could use the skip a month so that I wouldnt get charged, I told her to CANCEL. She then went on and told me she would "temporarily" freeze my account. What part of cancel is so hard to understand. So finally after arguing with her to close and cancel the acount so that I am NEVER charged again she said I should expect a refund in 3-5 days and there would be no further charges.
Aside from the fact that you are basically trapped in to buying something every month, their jewelry is not even good quality! I recieved the rings I ordered and they feel and look so cheap. They look like really ugly show jewelry!

I would never refer anyone to this website!

Ask Sam about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ridiculous! I also joined them, after getting a $25 gift card and thought I'd just get a cheap necklace, which I got in the mail (I actually really like it), but they do not really tell you about the monthly charge. It's actually in the fine print of their E-mails. I unsubscribed, today. I sure am hoping they will not charge me any more. I can not afford this.

Ask Miriam about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!! I placed an order back in January not realizing there was a monthly membership fee. Once I saw that I contacted them immediately and told them to cancel my account. It is now June and I was looking through my online bank statement and it turns out they never canceled my account when I told them to. So last night I sent 6 emails telling them to cancel my account and refund ALL CHARGES. I also contacted my bank and Jewelmint has been blocked for 3 years from placing any charges on my account. I received an email from Jewelmint today stating that 5 charges of 29.99 will be refunded to my account(proving that I did in fact tell them in JANUARY to cancel my account) within the next 3-5 business days. Slam them with multiple emails to cancel your account and then contact your credit card company or bank and let them know these are unauthorized charges if you told Jewelmint to cancel your account. I will never do business with a company like this again.

Ask michelle about JewelMint
1 review
2 helpful votes

Some of their pieces are nice. I do like a ring and bracelet that I bought from that site, however everything else that I bought I regret. The gold on a necklace, which I love, is fading, the lock on some of the bracelets don't work and I have to check my wrist all the time to make sure none fell off. Quite a few items look and feel cheap and at $30/each it's quite pricey for not great quality. I really believe I'll have longer lasting jewelry at forever 21 or something. And it will be alot cheaper.

Ask M about JewelMint
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Ok... jewelmint certainly has its issues but some of their pieces are worth waaaaay more than 30..and yes..some are just crap. I always love their necklaces.. their rings havr turned on me... their bracelets are 50/50..but I now read blogs and their facebook site to see what other customers have to say.. and since then I have only found the best pieces. I dont like how you only have 5 days in the beginnning of the month to skip a purchase.. I usually never remember until its too late... I'm sure this isnt lost on them. They do need to send more coupons as well and show reviews on their site

Ask Danielle about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

This site is fraudulent, as is any site with "mint" in the title (i.e. Shoemint, Stylemint). Started by Bergman, these sites take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers and share you EVERY month whether you purchase something or not, issuing you a "credit." Worse, they only give you 5 days of the month to "opt out" of being charged that month. I have never seen anything so fraudulent, and I'm sure it is just a matter of time until these sites are closed forever! Stay away. The greed and manipulation of these sites is sickening!

Ask J about JewelMint
4 reviews
9 helpful votes

I actually love this site and can see why so many people do too. It's exciting to see the new designs that come out every month, and most of the pieces are very beautiful and unique. JewelMint has really made me love jewelry and changing up my look. Before I signed up, I basically just wore the same few high-end pieces I have to death. I love having a little collection of cute statement rings and necklaces to mix things up.

One negative: the quality is kind of hit and miss. So it really pays to do research (i.e. look up blogger reviews/videos to see how the pieces look in real life). If you do this, you shouldn't have any problems, seeing as most of their top-selling and most reviewed pieces are usually the ones that are the best quality (I have a few that definitely look and feel more expensive than $30.00, but I also have some pieces that are a little disappointing, but that was before I starting doing my homework and seeing what others had to say about them).

The customer service is okay, I haven't really had any real problems yet, so I can't completely review them on how they handle difficult situations (like charging you even after you skipped the month--which thankfully hasn't happened to me), but I have used their live chat to ask quick questions, and they're always very helpful and responsive.

I also love that they have a Facebook shop that allows you to earn points and redeem them for rewards that you can use to save money off your purchases. They also usually have a lot of promos going on for both new and existing members.

The only thing I don't really like is the $9.99 shipping fee for Canadians. But there's not much they can really do about that.

Ask Melissa about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

I got the December mystery bag recommended by LC Conrad and the jewelry in it was so cheap and gaudy looking! I would never wear it. I wrote to C/S and it took writing 3 times b4 anyone responded. Of course I can't return this cheap jewelry. I then ordered a ring before knowing the bad quality of this jewelry on 1/6 and still have yet to receive it. Again I have contacted c/s 3 times with no response. My advise do no order from this company unless you like cheap gaudy jewelry with bad customer service.

Ask Lisa about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

I did sign in just to see the jewelry, but haven't provided my credit card info since I don't like the pieces they post. They look too cheap to be $30. I'd rather use that money to buy something that's a better quality. JM pieces look like Walmart with a high price tag. And the "style test" is rubbish, I could hardly find anything remotely likeable in the pieces they recommended according to my results. Very nice concept, but how disappointing!

Ask A about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of working with. I'm reading all these great reviews on blogs, etc., but really, anyone who is getting jewelry for free would have only nice things to say about it.

I was charged for 2 months that I clicked "SKIP MONTH" for. The first time, I emailed them, they emailed back, and refunded the money immediately. Fine.

The second time, I emailed twice, no response at all and it has been over a week. I then sat on hold for 15 minutes and talked to a representative saying she would send me an email notifying I would get my money back and I also had her cancel my account. 3 days later, NO EMAIL. I check my bank account and there is nothing regarding a reversal from Jewelmint. I sat on the phone for another 15 minutes only to be sent to a recorder to "leave a message"

The jewelry isn't worth $30, and while it is a monthly jewelry subscription, I'm not comfortable with them making so many mistakes with my account, especially considering they keep your credit card information. I'll be damned if I let them get away with even just $30. That's $30 they don't deserve out of my wallet, ever.

Ask Lisa about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

I really wish I had done my research before signing-up with this site. I got a great deal on my new bracelet. I love the bracelet so far (I've only had it for about 2 weeks) and the order was processed quickly and it was packaged so nicely. However, like a lot of people, I thought I was just ordering a piece of jewelry. I knew that I was signing up for a "membership", but had no idea that I would be charged $29.99/month unless I "skipped" within the first 5 days of the month. Nowhere in the sign up information does it indicate that there is a monthly charge of any kind. In fact, in the confirmation email I received when I signed up it specifically says "free membership" at least twice. I'm hoping to be able to receive a refund for the $29.99 they charged me, but judging from what read here I'm not very hopeful.

Ask Lauren about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

I never paid full price for their stuff (since I always used a code), so I was mostly happy with the quality. However, the shipping was extremely slow. They use a third party that delivers the packages to the post office. And several times the post office sent the package to several different states despite being in my hometown before it made it to my door.

I do think that they're over-priced, and this shouldn't be a membership site. This is geared towards young women who most likely won't read the fine print, and it's unethical to charge people for something they do not intend to buy.

Ask Jenny about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

This website is a total scam!! BEWARE! If you make a purchase - any purchase - they save your credit card information, then BILL YOU once a month for $29.99!! This gets you a "credit" for one piece of crappy jewelry minus shipping which you have to pay for yourself. I was STUNNED when my bank account dropped by $30 bucks, at Christmastime, and guess what? I never got the ring I ordered but was still charged.

Ask Missy about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

It is a scam site. There is nowhere the possibility to cancel account, nor to remove a credit card, yet they keep charging you over and over 29.99. I have to cancel my credit card to resolve this issue, as jewelmint does not address concerns at all.

Ask cati about JewelMint
1 review
1 helpful vote

they charge you even when you "skip" the month! they are patronizing and unethical. save your time, money, energy and sanity. this company can not be trusted!

Ask Christina about JewelMint
1 review
4 helpful votes

I would give this a zero if I could. This is an absolutely terrible company. Since signing up I have had nothing but problems, just like everybody else. This company considers their services a "membership" therefore they will not refund you even if you do not want any jewelry for the month after they have charged you. If you want to discontinue your membership or halt payments, there is no way to do so online, you must call in and wait for approximately 5-10 minutes to reach a customer service representative (if you're lucky enough to have someone answer the phone). In fact, their website saves your credit card information and continues charging you every month without any forewarning. I have also been charged several $1 fees without forewarning and for no apparent reason. On top of it all the quality of the jewelry is no where near the $29.99 price mark. I sincerely hope this operations is shut down before it takes any more money from unknowing customers.

Ask Alice about JewelMint
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have had a similar experience to other commenters. I thought I was buying one piece of jewelry (and I do check these things carefully), but it turns out they have been charging my card $29.99 for the past 2 months. I have sent them an email and am waiting on their response. Shady.

Ask B about JewelMint
1 review
2 helpful votes

E-commerce sites should offer seamless navigation, 'place-order' options, and transparent customer service. has none of these things.

After clumsily maneuvering my way through the site I placed an order .After entering my cc information I got a message indicating it was declined. I tried the process again. Same thing. Different cc. Same thing. I then noticed the charges were all appearing on my statement. I tried to 'live chat' but no was there. I emailed live chat. No one got back to me. I called the customer service number. The first question asked was did I call my bank. They said someone would call me back and no one has.

I think the jewelry designs look great on the site but this web-experience is ridiculous in the this day and age. I wonder who is running this site and why those in charge don't change this quickly. (there are tons of customer service co's who would be glad to get the business). The whole process is disrespectful to the user.

Ask B about JewelMint
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is the absolute worst business ever. Stay away!

I ordered a piece of jewelry for a friend's birthday, and it came in a really nice box, so i was excited about that. Here birthday is coming up so I'll see then how the jewelry is. Then came the surprise.

I got charged on 8/11 for the piece of jewelry I bought.
Then, got charged on 9/6 and 9/7 their monthly 29.99 fee (I didn't even buy anything)

So, I called them and emailed them about it, asking to be taken off of their plan and that I was no longer interested, and they took those two charges off, but then charged me on 9/8 for 29.99!!!!!!

So, I called them back today (9/12) to see why I had an additional credit card charge, and guess what, no record of that charge even so they asked me to send them my credit card number (the entire number) as well as my credit card statement, since that was the only way they could "determine if charges were made".. I'm sorry, but you must have a pretty fly by night company to not even have a RECORD of charging your customers and be unable to find out where the charges came from!!

Save yourself and NEVER JOIN THEM!!!!

Ask Christine about JewelMint
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Overpriced costume jewelry. My necklace was green within 2 months of light wear, go to Target for something better and less expensive. Charges even though you skipped the month. Zero customer service

Ask Lindsay about JewelMint
19 reviews
85 helpful votes

-UPDATE- I just got charged $29.99 despite Skipping the month. For many people, this meant that they got overdraft charges; thankfully I am not one of them. Stay away from them! ...I better see the refund they are promising.

They had recently changed the location of the "Skip the Month" button, but obviously did not bother to make sure that it worked. What a disappointing company!

-- Original Review of "OK." --

JM is a subscription jewelry site. Signing up is free, but once you make your first purchase, they will continue to charge you $29.99 monthly. In return, they give you a "Credit", which can be used to purchase any item from the website and never expires. If you don't want to be charged the $29.99 monthly, make sure you select "Skip the month" before the 5th of every month!

If you've yet to make your purchase, make sure to look for a discount code. There is often a 50% off and sometimes a 70% off code floating around.

When you initially sign up, you take a style quiz so they can recommend you 6 pieces each month based on your answers. However, you can always click "Show Me More" to see all the items available that month. I personally have not found the style quiz useful since most of their jewelry aren't my style.
Warning: If you remove an item from your Showroom, it never comes back! You can still purchase it, but the link to the item is no longer readily available.

So far, my experience with them is good. It took 4 long days to process my order, but arrived 2 days later! When I received my Very Audrey earrings (which I LOVE!), I was very satisfied, because the quality was on par with what I expected from a $30 pair of earrings. I've heard that if you contact JM about a defect/breakage shortly after buying, they are willing to replace it!

Now here is why they are getting only an "OK" from me. They recently had a promotion code for $7 off + a free random piece valid for the first 500 people. However, a lot of people did not get a free piece, even though the code worked for them. JM's reply was that only the free piece was for the first 500 people. The promo never differentiated the $7 off from the free piece. How are people to know that the $7 offer was still good after the free gift wasn't? What a gamble!
I personally did not partake in the event, but I can see why people were upset. If the code had worked for me, but I did not receive a free gift, I would have been very disappointed. Everyone has their own opinion (i.e. some people say getting $7 off is good enough), but I do wish JM was more upfront about the situation.

Also... They recently released a Black Swan Cuff, but there is an almost IDENTICAL item on eBay for $4.25 and a very similar item for $5.81.

Overall, I think JM is worth visiting. They have some very interesting pieces, but there are definitely cheaper alternatives. If there was no JM, there would be no Very Audrey earrings, so for that I am eternally grateful! Just keep everything I've said in mind and no unexpected surprises will slap you in the face!

Ask Bess about JewelMint
1 review
5 helpful votes

I didn't even realize that this was a program that charges you a monthly fee. I just thought I was ordering a necklace. However, 3 months later I find that Jewelmint has been putting charges through to my credit card every month for $29.99 even though I haven't been ordering anything. The problem is that I have tried to contact jewelmint repeatedly (and I mean over and over and over and over again!), but can never, ever get a live person to talk to. I am first put on hold for a long time and then finally a recorded message comes on and asks me to leave them a message and they will call me back. RIGHT!!! I have left repeated messages but no one calls back. I am very frustrated. It seems I cannot cancel my membership through them and I also cannot get this problem resolved through them! I finally called my credit card company and they credited my account for 2 months, but I suppose I am still going to receive monthly charges from jewelmint since I haven't been able to speak with them to cancel the membership. I also cannot find an address on them to just send them a letter! I am extremely frustrated #$%#$#$%

Ask Teresa about JewelMint
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

Shipping: very good. I would receive the shipment confirmation and tracking number within 2 days of ordering, and usually it would arrive 3-4 days after that (however, I'm not too far from the company so it could take longer to arrive somewhere else). Going through the Facebook, shipping is hit or miss for a lot of people.

Returns & Customer Service: Unlike most other sites, JM does not provide the return label automatically, you have to request it. They have a live chat, but getting a hold of someone can be very difficult. You can just leave a question for them or send an email directly, but it took them over 5 days to reply when I simply asked for a return label. Furthermore, JM wouldn't provide the return label unless I gave them a reason for my return -- by that time I decided I would rather have all transactions completed instead of dragging it on, so I wouldn't know how good they are about crediting your account after receiving the return.

Quality: fair. I've had a couple of pieces from a while back that were pretty good, if I had seen them in a store, I would've bought them. However, the more recent pieces have been very poor quality and feels like cheap Made in China crap (which it is). I plan on keeping my account only to look at the pieces for inspiration because they are quite beautiful in the pictures. However, I would suggest that you spend the $30 elsewhere.

Ask amy about JewelMint
11 reviews
24 helpful votes

I have to admit that I am NOT good at picking out jewelry - or putting it together with clothes. Jewelry was always an afterthought, until I met Jewelmint.

I really like the variety of pieces, and the quality is generally good. They have a great customer service team, and they do rereleases of old pieces frequently. There is an active facebook group where you can get more styling tips etc. Plus, start with a groupon so you can test it out without having to commit to the monthly charge. I like it - and highly recommend it to my friends.

Ask Jenn about JewelMint
4 reviews
8 helpful votes

I love JewelMint. Most of the pieces are outstanding quality and customer service is amazing. I can see why someone who was not "fashion forward" would not be interested. If you are someone who loves unique jewelry at a fair price you cannot go wrong.

Ask Holly about JewelMint
1 review
2 helpful votes

I thought this looked like fun so I joined. I picked one piece out and it arrived but was too small so I returned it. I asked for confirmation that it had gotten there and heard nothing. I forgot to cancel for the next month, but didn't receive anything either (need to check my credit card!) I looked at the site a few times and there was nothing to choose from. Most items were sold out. I tried to sign in and my password wouldn't work. I asked for a new password twice, they sent a new one, but neither would work. I have sent an email hoping someone will respond. I am canceling and finding my jewelry elsewhere.

Ask Linda about JewelMint
1 review
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My girlfriend was eying some pieces on this site. I "signed up" (I know it's a site geared toward women, but I wanted to get it as a gift), took the quiz, trying my hardest to answer like my girlfriend would, and ordered 2 pieces.

The packaging was fantastic. Just amazing. I didn't even have to wrap it. The box came with a little not and the pieces were on display, inside. She loved it, and the only cost me $60.

She has since taken over the account I created to buy her gift.

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I agree with Ashley's comment above. I was so excited and thought the jewelry looked great online. I read somewhere that the pieces were much more valuable than the $29.99 price. Nope. Each piece looked & felt like it was $10 worth maybe. One of the pieces even fell off my necklace...the glue came undone. I am done with Jewelmint. The concept was great but the quality is terrible.

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I found the concept of JewelMint to be fun but upon receiving the jewelry, I was so disappointed with the quality. I could honestly go to Claire's and get something nicer for less than $10. The second item I got from the site was literally something I wouldn't even give my 12 year old niece to wear. It looked like a ring from a gumball machine.

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I love jewelry but I generally hate to shop. My sister told me about this website, started by Kate Bosworth and one of her 'stylist to the stars' friends (I know, it makes me laugh just to write that term). It's one of those membership sites where you pay $30 a month and can pick one piece of jewelry to be delivered to you. If you don't want something that month, you just say no thanks, and nothing gets charged. If you forget to choose, then the credit rolls over to the next month...there are stipulations that you need to read, of course. There's also a 'style profile' (another term that makes me laugh) that tells the website what you might like in your jewelry showroom. The website is new, worth checking out for the ladies. My sister received hers for the month and loves it.

Update - I tried this for a couple months, and as the other ladies have reported, the jewelry doesn't last long. It's like H&M for jewelry, so I can go to Francesca's Collections for that.

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