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JewelMint reviews

82 reviews
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82 Reviews From Our Community

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They have a great customer service team, and they do rereleases of old pieces frequently. (in 22 reviews)


It's one of those membership sites where you pay $30 a month and can pick one piece of jewelry to be delivered to you. (in 57 reviews)


I really believe I'll have longer lasting jewelry at forever 21 or something. (in 36 reviews)

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New Reviewer

What a ripoff I bought something from their site and ended up enrolled in some club.

They absolutely will not refund your money for their bogus "club"


Ask Cheri about JewelMint
New Reviewer

I went to cash it the $89 dollar credit you said I had and could not do so. I think I put 3 things for the order but itwouldnot do it... Any reason???????????????

New Reviewer

This is a scam. I have written to Glamour Magazine because I saw they had mentioned it in an article. JewelMint will deduct $29.99 / mo and claim you signed up as a member and are building up credit. It is not great jewelry. Any celeb backing it is crazy.

New Reviewer

I like others responded to an online ad. I did make a purchase yesterday; and only after placing the order did I realize something was funny about this site. I immediately contacted through live chat a rep to take me off so I don't get billed every month. It was just a whim that I made the purchase. I'll be better able to give a review if/when my merchandise arrives.

New Reviewer

"Doesn't get any worse than this. Stay away!"

Yeah exactily. Their way of doing things is close to SCAM websites. You can't realize your going to get billed every month. Plus their customer service is a joke. Ie. a compilation of repeted pre-wrtten answers. It is bad.

New Reviewer

Even though I don't think it was very apparent to me upon my registering with the site and making a purchase that I was enrolling in a membership, it quickly became evident that that was the case because I saw the bit about having to skip before the 6th of each month or I'd be charged for a credit. I'm even fairly sure that I tried to skip being charged at the beginning of the month after I made my first purchase with JewelMint, ShoeMint, and StyleMint, and received a message saying that I had to make a purchase at full price before I was considered a member, and so wasn't required to skip because I wasn't going to be charged for a credit anyway. My first purchases must have been sale items, and therefore they wouldn't make me eligible for automatic membership. My one complaint is that some goods they sell are of much better quality than others, and I ended up giving them a long break because I was tired of the quality being a gamble, but never did I feel like I was being taken for a ride. Never did they threaten me to stop skipping months or I'd get dropped as a customer or be in violation of their terms. I've been stuck with some crappy purchases from other retailers because I was hasty and didn't read all the fine print (or anything, ha ha) but I can't say the Mint companies have been shady. I wish they didn't require a Facebook account to review products because Facebook sucks, but whatever, they want to increase their promotion by linking everything through social media.

New Reviewer

Being a business owner myself, I seriously loathe seeing a company unfairly bashed. This website offers a service much like many other popular sites at the moment, Just Fab, Just fab kids, etc. It is a monthly subscription. The buy one get one free and 50 off offers etc. are promos for your first order and sign up. Upon your first purchase it clearly states you are enrolling in a monthly service, you have to check the box verifying that you agree to terms. It also states that you can skip a month, however you must choose to skip before a certain date. I have recently signed on with this site and have had no problems. I am a subscriber to many monthly boxes and subscriptions of this type and this one is pretty typical of the way they all work. I understand that not everyone participates in these services or understands the way they work. That said, unless you are illiterate, there is no way to suggest you were scammed or weren't aware of the terms. Not only is it stated when you order, but upon receiving your order confirmation email, it again plainly states that your first credit card purchase enrolls you in a monthly plan for $ 29.99 a month. I'm shocked at the negative reviews here and the amount of people who claim to have been scammed by something in plain print. Seriously people?

New Reviewer

I wish I read the reviews first before I got lure in to sign up for their site. No where does it say I was going to be bill monthly $29.99 after I purchase an item. It was not clearly stated or displayed anywhere. That's pretty sad if this is the only way the company can make money is by scamming the public.

New Reviewer

Initially I liked this website. The first piece I bought was a made to order gold and crystal piece and it is in great condition. However when receiving mystery boxes and other less expensive pieces everything was very cheaply made, gaudy, and just plain ugly. Additionally, when using the site to buy a pair of shoes- not sure why there were shoes on a jewelry website (no, I'm not mistaking it with shoemint)- they OVERSOLD the shoes and were not able to provide me with a pair because they sold more than they had. I have never had this happen before on any online shopping site and to be honest I was pretty unhappy with this. Yes they refunded me and then tried to keep me happy by giving me a $10 additional credit, but I canceled my membership anyways. Also having to skip every month is annoying. I'm not going back.

New Reviewer

I wish I had read this site before I ordered from Jewelmint...what a $#*!ing scam. Lost 29.99 per month for 4 months before I realized what happened. I had to cancel my credit card so they could not charge me plus they had my email address wrong so I am unable to use my "credits". This will teach me to order online.

New Reviewer

This site is shady!!! They essentially trick you into signing up for a "membership" if you purchase something (one of those "shoulda read the fine print" situations) and then blame you for not noticing that it "was clearly indicated in several places on the site that it was a $30/mo membership". well, jewelmint, I am a website designer - i design e-commerce websites, and I can tell you that if you have this many people complaining that you "scammed/tricked/ripped them off", then you have a serious design problem with how you're positioning your "service". it looked like a pretty straight forward e-commerce site when I purchased 2 necklaces...until I saw 2 additional charges for $60 on my bank statement. you either have the world's worst UX designer, or you're intentionally deceiving people in order to make more money. FIX IT.

New Reviewer

I, too, responded to a random email offer and ended up with a half-way decent necklace...and a "membership" I didn't know I had. Fast forward a few months, the site says I have $119.96 in "credits"...they're not "credits," that's just the amount you pulled off my credit card!!! LOL

I spoke to a customer rep & was told that I could not get a refund, but in the future I should be sure to opt out of my monthly payment by the 5th of each month.

Yea...avoid this shady set-up like the plague.

New Reviewer

I decided to try one of their "mystery boxes" for $29.99 and after I made the purchase, realized I was now in it for a monthly commitment for $29.99 whether or not I made a purchase. I emailed and canceled my membership straight away and asked a verification email be sent to me and it was. I was still excited to get my box, but when it came I was very disappointed in the jewelry. I received 2 necklaces and 3 bracelets. None of them were remotely doable with my wardrobe, personality, or style. They are going to Goodwill and I am out $29.99, but I knew it was a risk.

New Reviewer

Like so many others I had no idea I was being signed up for some sort of weird membership. I had an online coupon and bought a watch. It's a cheap watch but cute. Well then I keep seeing charges on my credit card. They emails that I got kept saying I had a "$29.99 Credit" to use that month. Um no they charged me $29.99 of my own money. I have called my credit card company and reached out to the company by email (they are not available by phone or chat at this hour.) I am livid and complained to the company that sent me the online offer.

New Reviewer

Jewelmint is an online jewelry store. So far, it's been of good quality at a fair price, and the customer service is pretty good. The down side? You have to pay a $30 fee every month, which you can use as credit, but if you don't buy from their "costume store", they charge you a fee.

New Reviewer

If I could have given this review no stars I would have. WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT BUY A DAMN THING FROM THESE PEOPLE. It is a huge scam. I ordered earrings from here over a month ago and I still having gotten them. But just by ordering I was automatically enrolled in a subscription that allows them to take $30 from me a month. So not only do I not have the earrings, I'm out $30. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE.

New Reviewer

THE WORST. They didn't have enough product to fulfill my first order in February, then randomly started charging me without notifying me (OR SENDING ME ANYTHING). One of the most fraudulent companies I've dealt with since I can remember.

New Reviewer

I also got snookered into their scam. I didn't discover the auto charges on my credit card until they had posted 2x. I called immediately, had a long wait on hold, and told them I wanted both charges credited back to my card. I will wait a couple of days and check my statement again. It would not surprise me if I had to call and rant again.
Fool me once....................

New Reviewer

Buyer beware! I believe they were deceptive in getting me to sign up and charge the monthly fee. The site is confusing. They lure you in to buy the first product on special, not knowing you are now a "member" and charged a monthly fee of 29.99. It was difficult to cancel. Long hold times, coultn't get through on the phone. Finally got through online. It's an hour of my life I'll never get back.

New Reviewer

I wish there were negative stars for reviewing jewelmint! What a scam!!

I called them to cancel my "membership". After being on hold for 10 minutes, I was automatically cut off because they were busy with other callers, I called back and was on auto hold again. I finally did get a live person. The customer service I received was good. I was ultimately refunded for two months of charges, which I was very happy about.

I do believe they are being deceptive in charging accounts automatically. I re-looked at their description of how they work. It is worded in a way that doesn't exactly spell out what they do. I feel that if they are afraid to make it crystal clear, then they are knowingly trying to deceive people. If you don't have anything to hide, you don' need clever wording to generate business.

I say, shame on you, jewelmint, shoemint, and all other entities,

Buyer beware!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Ok, I have to start by saying of course it's a site that charges you every month if you don't opt out -- they make that pretty clear, just read the info before you click the box. Or read the emails they send you -- these types of complaints annoy me because, seriously guys, it's your own fault for agreeing before reading the terms -- or at least googling reviews.

However, my issue with JewelMint is that A) their shipping is APPALING slow. They promise 5-7 days. I have never gotten a package in less that 3 weeks. B) I have ordered a 4-piece mystery box TWICE and only gotten THREE items. So annoying. I don't have an issue with quality (I mean, I'd never pay $30 for a piece of cosutme jewelry, so I only get the mystery boxes), but I do have issues with them not keeping their end of the agreement (to ship in a timely fashion, to send the promised 4 items, etc.). Shop elsewhere -- it's really not worth the hassle.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

If you sign up on, or join, Jewelmint, you will be charged $29.99 each and every month thereafter unless you go into the site between the 1st and the 5th of EACH month to state that you do not want their services (or to pay the $29.99) that month. Declining their services/billings for one month does NOT opt you our of next month's bill. you will be charged another $29.99 for the next month, unless you take time out of your busy schedule to decline the charge before the 5th of the following month. The $29.99 "credit" that you receive for this month's use of the site (whether or not you access the site) expires after a short time. This is an extremely poor business practice. It is designed to take one penny less than $30 from you each and every month, hopefully without your noticing it. That amounts to $359.88 thrown away dollars each year! DO NOT USE JEWEL MINT!

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE JEWELMINT - they are thieves and it's a complete scam. I don't know how these disgusting companies get away with this. I certainly could not live with myself if I worked for a company as unethical as this one.
Don't buy anything from them. They will literally rob you.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. They do not let you know in advance of any purchase that they will charge you 29.99 monthly fee UNLESS you opt out. Of course none of this is made clear and the only time you will realize this is if you see it on your credit card bill.

New Reviewer

If I could give them ZERO stars, I would. They have THE WORST customer service, ever. I skipped a month, and they still charged me. Then customer service HUNG UP ON ME. All they want to do is scam people out of money. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!!!!

New Reviewer

I forgot to skip the month, so I called hoping that they would understand I couldn't afford it this month and do something about it. I talked to this guy and he said nothing could be done and deactivated my account. Then I called back to make sure there was nothing they could do and I spoke to this girl which said, that she can do a courtesy refund for one of my accounts. She told me to hold because she was trying to figure things out. Then I get transferred to the really rude guy that helped me the first time. He starts telling me that it was a misunderstanding what I had been told from the girl, he wouldn't even let me talk which was really annoying. I told him I would use up my credits and will never shop from them again and he seemed happy about that.

New Reviewer

OMG....I had no idea these pieces of tin were going to arrive at my door in boxes, prettier than the "jewels" themselves. I bought a few " pieces" before the first train wreck of rust arrived. So...I cancelled. Huh. Only to be greeted in half an hour with more "come hither" emails, peddling this trash. I replied threatening the BBB ( they also charged me DOUBLE for a piece listed at their famous "29.99") and got no response...other than MORE soliciting email. This is beyond nerve, it is pathological.

New Reviewer

Like many of the other reviewers, I experienced complete DISSATISFACTION with this company & from the very beginning! First of all, the $29.99 fee IS HIDDEN & is not located in a viewable place on their page. The customer service reps are unintelligent, to say the least. I love to shop and seldom do I have a bad word to say about a company...but this company is not worth the hassle.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE SCAM! Stay away, or if you are already a victim, file a report with the BBB! They scam you into signing up for a $29.99 fee each month by burying it in a lengthy "Terms & Conditions" section. Then, when you call, it takes forever to get through, the customer service reps are rude, and they try to tell you that you have a " "credit" to shop on their site, when in reality, all they have done is steal $29.99 from you and placed it in your account on their website. SCAM ARTISTS!

New Reviewer

I also was charged the 29.99 repeatedly for the "bubblegum machine jewelry", I wore my necklace once and it turned not to mention the flimsy chain, my 7 year old could've made a better necklace. Then when I call to complain I am reassured that it is taken care of no more charges blah blah blah just use my last credit, fine, well when you use the credit it reactivates your account which was my concern, but he reassured me that it wouldn't happen...YEA RIGHT, so the "Credit" was used and then I was also charged for the item that was supposed to be a credit, then I look at my bank stmt and low and behold another 2 months of charges. TOTAL SCAM DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE, you will get better jewelry from the rack at Wal-Mart. FURIOUS!

New Reviewer

Like everyone else, I was unknowingly signed up to be charged every month. I disputed the charges in the beginning of May. They continued to charge me for June and in July they told me they deactivated the auto billing AFTER they had already charged me again. What a scam. I've asked for a full refund TO MY CREDIT CARD, not a credit to jewelmint. If they don't respond in a few days and provide the refund I am calling my credit card company.

New Reviewer

Total Scam - responded to a promotion and bought a piece of jewelry. However, they began charging my credit card $29.99 a month without my knowledge. My husband had been paying the bills and he never told me about these charges because he thought I was purchasing from them. I ended up with 4 months of charges that I didn't want or know about - Avoid them at all costs!!

New Reviewer

I was completely taken by surprise when i started getting charged a subscription of $29.99 every month without any awareness or approval. I made 2 purchases and they automatically enrolled me in the subscription. When I called and asked where exactly I was informed about the subscription, I was told in the shopping cart below all of the billing and shipping information after the "purchase" button. Absolutely ridiculous and deceitful. After I called and complained with reluctance they said they would refund my money and they seemed excited to say that I'm no longer a member and that my credit card would be blocked. I couldn't believe the nerve. What a scam. I'm glad to know the truth and to be free of this shady business. I will inform all of the friends to whom I recommended the site.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. Big "Sign up for free" on front page but ended up charging me monthly fee after one purchase. I was not informed that it was a membership program, I was NOT informed by email or mail each time they charge me, until I saw that I have membership credit... Luckily I have an awesome credit card company that disputed charges. This is a dishonest business and unethical conduct. BEWARE!

New Reviewer

Like others, I purchased something after seeing a deal and was automatically subscribed to a monthly fee. I didn't realize it was happening for 2 months, and was forced to buy more for the extra 2 months' they charged my card.

The jewelry is OK, but sizing is wildly off. The first time, both the rings I got were too big; the second time I got 2 rings of the same size - one hardly fit on my ring finger, the others were almost too big for my largest finger. Avoid it!

New Reviewer

The jewelry is cheap and sizes are not consistent. Customer service isn't great. You buy anything and you're automatically signed up for a monthly $29.99 membership (saved in your profile bank), unless you buy more jewelry each month or go in each month and skip the month... like I'm going to remember to do that every month.

I bought 4 rings all the same size and only two fit. I bought a bangle bracelet with not hook or latch and the hole for your hand was maybe 3 inches wide. I also found out, after the fact, that by purchasing anything that I signed up automatically for a $29.99 per month membership. I could avoid the charge by buying more jewelry or by 'skipping the month' on their website. So, I returned all the jewelry and asked for a refund and asked to be removed from their 'membership'. The return was no problem except you have to pay a restocking fee. However, the cancellation never happened and they charged me the next month. I then called back to ask for my refund and for my cancellation again. The customer service girl would hardly let me talk and kept repeating their policies over and over again and said the money was not refundable. I asked to speak to someone who could give me my refund and I did remember the last girl's name that I spoke with about the refund and cancellation. I was put on hold, thankfully not for long. Upon her return I was told I could get a refund and that it was a 'courtesy refund' and that they don't do refunds and she canceled my 'membership'. She said if I ever bought anything from them again then it would reactivate my 'membership'... Yea, you can forget that ever happening. Horrible experience.

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. No idea they would deduct from my bank account each month. Very difficult to cancel or even to opt out for the month. I think a class action lawsuit is in order. Also, quality of junk they sell is beyond poor. BEWARE.

New Reviewer


Item was shipped wayyyyyy after the date stated on the site and confirmation email.

Now Im stuck with a monthly membership fee I had no idea I was committing to. Misleading and deceptive site.

Total mess.

New Reviewer

If I could give it zero stars I would.

I used to like Jewelmint until the quality of their pieces went down. I have been getting at least 1 item for the last 3 months and every time I had to return it because the quality of it was something I could've gotten at Forever 21. For $29.99, I would think they would have better quality pieces.

ALSO, HATE THEIR CREDIT REFUND POLICY! After 30 days, they will not issue a refund to you for your credit that you will not be using because you absolutely don't want any products from them AND after if you don't use your credits for a year they take your credits away because its "expired". Don't fall into this trap that I just found out now! When I made 3 returns, every one of their customer service reps told me something different, that "you can always get a refund on your credit when you no longer want to be a subscriber"... total BS

New Reviewer

The site does NOT make it clear that it is a subscription service!!!
My first order was to have a discount BUT they emailed that information to me after I made my purchase. Have yet to get satisfaction.
Will be cancelling!!!!!

New Reviewer

Jewelmint is a hit or miss in my opinion. I own at least 20-25 items of jewelry from them (which seems kind of crazy) and I'm always anticipating arrival as sometimes the product is slightly different than pictured on the site.

My main gripe with them is their INCONSISTENCY. Some of the items are immaculate quality - something I'd expect from a designer brand and some of it has been poor. I own lots of rings and I highly recommend purchasing rings from them if you find a style you like. My Jewelmint rings are some of my every day rings (one I've worn well over 200 times and it's still in perfect condition).

I highly recommend searching google for reviews as well as the Jewelmint Facebook page photos. Some users will post photos of the product they received which is hugely helpful as sometimes the photos on the site are misleading.

I recommend skipping every month until a good promotion comes along. I just got a promotion for 4 rings for $40. Great deal, as the quality is much better than the things you'd purchase at Forever 21 for $10.

I have never received broken items, but it does happen. I only once received a ring that wasn't assembled correctly, which was a bummer but I didn't return it.

I've never been charged after skipping a month.

Would I recommend? Yeah, but I only recommend if you score a good promotion. $30 is a little high for some of their items. Skip every month until you see something good.

New Reviewer

To be clear: I don't feel as if there was anything dishonest about my time as a Jewelmint member. It was always clear to me that it was a membership service and that I would incur monthly fees. My membership was cancelled on the same day I requested it to be cancelled. I called in and did not get a human, so I also sent an email, and received a prompt reply confirming that my membership had been cancelled. I was never charged again.

However, the jewelry I received was of such poor quality that even my two stars are generous, despite their customer service being satisfactory. Even the necklace I got at 50% off was not worth the $15 -- it broke after being worn once and I had to repair it myself. I expected the mock glass/stone bits to be some kind of artificial material, but not so obviously plastic. I didn't think it would be worth exchanging after reading the other reviews here. It looks very cheap and "costumey" and I only wear it as a statement piece at large parties/clubs where no one is going to spend long looking at it. It's unfortunate, because many of the pieces look to be well-designed, but the construction is of even lower quality than the stuff you could get for $8-10 at H&M, Charlotte Russe, Primark, or whatever your local cheap clothing shop is.

Keep away... unless you are super rich and also enjoy wearing super kitschy plastic jewelry?

New Reviewer

I saw this site on Inbox dollars and was supposed to get a $20 bonus for ordering from but INSTEAD I got automatically enrolled in a monthly program that charges me $29.99, the jewelry is VERY CHEAP and GAUDY and their customer service is HORRIBLE... Don't get duped, stay away from this company!!

New Reviewer

Horrible experience.

First, I ordered a necklace for my sister two weeks before Christmas. Much to my dismay, the piece I ordered could not be delivered on time. The reason? Because it was a collector's item and took more time to fabricate and ship. Fair enough. Here's a thought: Why not make the disclaimer stating that the item has a long lead time VERY CLEAR to the client BEFORE they submit their order? Sure, they make mention of a potential long lead time in the fine print. Typical CYA (Cover Your A**) boilerplate stuff. To make matters worse, it is now January 7th and I have YET to receive said necklace.

My favorite part of this site, though? The mysterious MONTHLY FEE they secretly charge you when signing up for the site to place orders. Again, WHERE IS THE DISCLAIMER?!!! Had I known I would be charged a monthly fee for placing a one time order on a necklace...THAT I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE...I would have gone to another site. The only thing I credit this site for is their customer service (no surprise it's very good considering all the issues they deal with). I was quickly given an explanation as to the whereabouts of the necklace, an apology and a store credit. Plus, I was credited back the $29.99 monthly fee for the website and my "membership" cancelled.

This is a bush league operation. DO NOT order from

New Reviewer

Astounding that the site says "sign up for free" only to charge you 29.99 a month. I am so angry, when I called to complain I was hung up not shop here you will be's awful

New Reviewer

The jewelry is of atrocious quality. The plating is inadequately thin; it wears away after a mere two or three uses. I take fantastic care of my jewelry; I do not shower in it, I put it on after I've done my makeup, I make sure it doesn't come into contact with hairspray or perfume, and I store it in a jewelry chest. I have had the rhinestones fall out of three pieces of the 8 pieces I received as a gift from a friend.

The thing I was most displeased with is how they make their website look like something like Baublebar (which is actually a great website) a pay per piece service, but it is actually something more akin to BirchBox, a pay per month service. At sites like Baublebar (and flash sale sites) you get credit to your account for referring people, or just for being a new member. I am so accustomed to that format that when I saw the $29.99 "credit" on my Jewelmint account, I assumed it was something along those lines, and had no interest in using it as I didn't like the quality of the jewelry. I was pretty irritated to realize that this is a subscription service I signed up for, and even more irritated that I only have the first few days a month to skip the month, or I'm billed. Meaning if I don't want to pay each month, I either need to cancel after my first purchase, or go onto the website during the first five days each month and skip it. That's shady as hell. Even their Faq page features the same wording over and over again, "Just skip within that window and you won't be billed!" as if it is some marvelously feature of convenience. A cancelation button would be a marvelous convenience!

Why not put the credit on your account, and if you use the credit that month, you get billed, and if you don't, it just sits there? Because they're trying to be sly about playing by the rules and duping people out of their money, that's why. I can only wonder how much money they are taking from people who have just not noticed the $29.99 a month on their credit card bill.

The process of canceling is much simpler than it used to be according to other reviews. I simply did a live chat and was told that I would have a cancellation immediately and would be refunded the $29.99 credit sitting in my account. They then of course tried to save face and told me to make sure that I read the agreement that was sitting directly below where I purchased my jewelry. Okay, let's get real here, who reads 100% of the fine print when purchasing anything? Furthermore, let's be incredibly honest, Jewelmint, you could CERTAINLY make it far more apparent that we are signing up for $29.99 a month. They refuse to admit that they have made their website look and feel like a store, when it is in fact a subscription service. It plays by the rules, but it is MISLEADING! Being misleading is an unfair sales tactic and it makes you a bad company. Yes, it is my fault that I didn't read the fine print, or research the company beforehand, but if I'm obviously not in the minority with my belief that it was incredibly misleading, then there is a large portion of your customer base who feels the same way and not correcting that is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and quite frankly makes you morally reprehensible!

I was told that I simply needed to pay more attention when shopping in the future. You know what? That isn't your place to tell me that. I came to you as a retail store selling jewelry, not for life advice. It was not and is not your place to patronize your customers. I have worked in so many retail establishments since I was 15 years old, and two customer service call centers in my early twenties. I would have never dreamed of telling someone, "Okay, I fixed everything just like you asked... but you know, you should really be more careful next time because this was TOTALLY your fault" You do not shame your customers. GOOD customer service response would have been: "I've canceled your account and credited you back the $29.99 from this month as you requested. I apologize that our company seemed to be unclear in being a subscription service. Please fill out a survey and give us feedback on how we can improve and get your business back. Thank you!" Which response would get more customers back in the future, hmm?

Once you have canceled, do not think the e-mails will stop because they will not. Unsubscribing did not work. I searched for how to make a spam filter for Jewelmint on Gmail and had to do it that way, and things still get through sometimes. Customer Service was unhelpful in that scenario.

I also find the jewelry being designed by their designers to be a total lie. You can go on Aliexpress or Ebay and find many of the pieces for $5.

New Reviewer

I love the necklace I ordered, only $9.00 on black friday. However today (12/7/2012) a $45.00 CHARGE FROM THEM CAME OUT OF NO WHERE. i DID NOT authorize this charge. Placed a claim on my bank and am calling them as soon as they open, this is RIDICULOUS.

New Reviewer

If the site would allow me, I would rate this site with no stars. They don't even deserve one gold star. I have never in my life experienced such horrible customer service. I had long ago accepted that the quality of the jewelry didn't match the price, but forgave that because I was finding unique jewelry I thought I would like. I have probably made a total of 8 purchases from jewelmint. The first few purchases were great, the following ones, not so much. The quality seemed to be deteriorating with each successive purchase. Again, I was almost willing to accept that, but what I was not willing to accept was the atrocious customer service I received. First, there's the small problem of even getting them to contact you back. After three emails went unanswered, I went on their facebook page to seek assistance. First post went ignored. Two days later I made an angrier post and finally got someone to contact me. However, they did nothing to solve the problem and offered no solution. (The order showed it was "still processing" after a month had gone by since I placed the order.) They're answer? We're busy. Well, if you're so busy you can't handle the load, you either shouldn't be in business because you're clueless or you need to hire more people. After several frustrating facebook messages, I finally requested that I just receive a refund and have my account cancelled. I was told I would be issued a refund but that they would not cancel my account. They told me they wanted to give me more time to think it over. That, of course, only infuriated me even more. For the cherry on top? I was never issued a refund and my order arrived nearly two weeks later. And my account was never cancelled. Months later, my account is finally cancelled. If I can save someone else from this experience, I'm glad to do so. Buyer beware.

New Reviewer

I did realize this was a membership, but I really wanted the Femme Fortune necklace. I ordered it and as soon as it arrived and then called and cancelled the membership.
Here is the funny thing. The necklace was assembled wrong. It's supposed to be double or single with a nifty looking clasp that looks nice when you have it single. The way it was assembled was wrong and the clasp did not look good. I do some beading and earring making so I had to get out my little pliers and fixed it. I did notice that the o-rings were pretty sturdy when I bent them to rearrange everything. But I feel bad for someone who got a defective one too and didn't know how to fix it. So yeah, not keen on this. Jewelry is ok. I'd rather go to Macy's and get something just as nice or better for a similar price and get to make sure it is nice in person.