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Review of JenJenHouse

JenJenHouse reviews

44 reviews
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I ordered a dress for a wedding from jenjen and it is amazing. (in 33 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

We ordered ceramic favours for our daughters wedding from this company. They do not mention anywhere on their website that the purchaser has to pay the courier import duty in addition to the prices quoted online. Having paid the duty, we then received the parcel which can only be likened to the type of box you would buy crisps in in a supermarket. No additional protection was given inside to protect the CERAMIC contents.
Surprise Surprise, when we opened the box, over half of the units were smashed to pieces!
On contacting JenJen, they informed us that we could send the units back to them for inspection (photographs were supplied of the damage). upon receipt, they would inspect the goods and credit up to 80% of our invoice price.
They also stressed that we had to send the units back to them through The Post Office and not by the courier method they had themselves used. The cost to do this would have been £128.00 which would NOT be refunded.
This company is working the system that once they have your money, they go out of their way to ensure that you do not get a refund irrespective of the circumstances.
The only recourse available is advise future prospective purchasers of what they are dealing with.
Do not be drawn in by the cheap prices as you get what you pay for! Shocking bad service!
I have only awarded JenJenHouse one star because that is the lowest rating available. It still feels far too much for them.

Ask Gudge about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

I will never buy from them again! Cheaply made dress and they do not allow you to return.

Ask Donna about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

I received my bridesmaid dress and it stank of bait and all the threading was coming undone. When I contacted Jen Jen house all I was offered was the choice of either 30% discount on another dress or 25% refund for alteration costs. I have now had to tell my sister that I cant be a bridesmaid as a new dress wouldnt get to me in time for the wedding. So upset!!

Tip for consumers: If you dont get what you ordered do bother trying to correct it

Ask Kylie about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered an all black dress and the fit wasn't perfect for me so it wasn't what I completely happy about that but it was still a very nice dress and the company worked with me until I was completely happy with my order and communication was good. I was satisfied with my transaction.Costner service was very good.

Ask Jessica about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought my graduation dress and I measured myself and sent the measurements , when the dress was delivered it was a perfect fit and everyone on my graduation wanted to know where I bought my dress from. So far I have made 6 purchases with Jen Jen and I always happy with the colour , size and design. The customs issue does not bother me and it's not the problem for Jen Jen it's the problem from the country where individuals lives and yes I always pay the customs money without any problems. So my advise as long as you get the right measurements you will never go wrong with Jen Jen .

Ask Agnes about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

Very bad workmanship, dress was nothing like the picture. Then again, what did I expect, it's made in China!

Ask miss-m about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a dress for a wedding from jenjen and it is amazing. The craftsmanship is excellent. I could not find a fault with the dress. I ordered it custom fit, it was perfect. The dress was made and here in Scotland in 14 days. I will certainly be buying from them again.

Ask kim about JenJenHouse
1 review
3 helpful votes

It is a scam, a deceiving company with a punch of thieves do not order from them. I ordered a wedding dress, and paid the full amount of the cost of the dress + size customization + shipping. When the delivery man came to give me the package, he gave me a $50 invoice has to be paid in order to give me the dress. I asked him what this $50 for, he told me this is a custom fee and I have to pay this amount otherwise the dress will be sent back to the seller. I went on jenjenhouse's website, and found no customer service number to call. The only means of contact is to email them. When you email them, they send their response next day, so we waste almost 2 weeks of emailing each others back and forth in vain. In the last email, a new customer service representative other than the one I used to email each time emailed me. This new csr acted like she had no idea about my case, and kept repeating what the original csr and I already discussed. After that I sent her an email asking her to cancel the order so that I can buy the wedding dress from somewhere else; she didn't email me back. I didn't get any response, bought a new wedding dress in a very short period of time, had to travel 15 miles away to get their dress, which I was no longer in need to, and paid the custom fees.
So, all what I got from them:
1- Very bad, slow, ignorant and deceiving customer service system without even a phone number to call.
2- Additional charges that no one gave any idea about it from the beginning.
3- They missed up our ceremony, and had to buy another wedding dress.

Ask Kerlos about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

I made the big mistake of ordering 4 dresses the first time thinking they were cheap & beautiful as presented on their website. The dresses were cheap all right. They were poorly made not at all what they appeared online. Even though I ordered the same size on all 4 dresses, they were all different. None of them fit me. After going through a lot of hassle on the return (take a photo of the dresses) and because I ordered the hem to my size (though they were all long) they said I cannot return them. They instead offered only a very small fraction of my entire order which took a long time to process & the credit finally showed on my credit card. I am surprised by some of good reviews I read on JenJen because my experience with them is not good at all. Buyer beware because you might be in for a total disappointment when the goods arrive and good luck with the return.

Ask Telly about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

Jen Jen House is a total waste of time and money. I ordered a $#*!tail dress and paid extra to have it custom made. It was not made to my measurements, side seams were not even, it was too tight and the workmanship was terrible. Trying to get a resolve was next to impossible

Ask Judi about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

My sister ordered a wedding dress from this site and it only cost something $250.00 NZ dollars. It was made to measure. When it came it was the correct size and we were both really impressed with the workmanship. Sure it's not going to look like a $2k wedding dress but you get what you pay for. You can't expect to get the highest standard imaginable when you are only paying peanuts. People are just too picky in my view or maybe it's the luck of the drawer, but I also know of another person that just got a wedding dress from this site and they are more than happy with it.

Ask debbie about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

Thank God I read the reviews about Jenjenhouse before wasting my money. Seemed too good to be true. Thanks everyone for all the warnings!!!

Ask Kim about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a dress for my homecoming it came in the color i wanted and the material was fine (organza). The problem I did have though I ordered my normal dress size and i expected it to fit...and the dress literally fell off of me. I got it tailored and everything else was fine, though I was a little scared about the beading on it. The other problem I had was the amount of time it took to get to me, it took forever!!!

Ask melanie about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased jewelry that I received damaged from JenJen House. I contacted them the same day I received the merchandise I was told that their “Quality Control” inspected all items shipped and that I needed to make a photo of the damaged items and send them the photo. I have tried on several occasions to upload the photo and due to the size restriction that they have placed on their email I am un-able to upload the photo and have explained this to them several times. I have yet to get this resolved as they continue to put me off. BUYER BEWARE!

Ask Bonnie about JenJenHouse
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I looked at 100's of dresses and decided to order A style at Jenjenhouse. I am a plus size woman and was a little concerned if they could really make this for me. I put in my measurements and sent off my payment and immediately I received communication regarding my order. They were very responsive to any questions and the price was incredible. My cousin was with me when I opened the package which was nicely packed and folded. I opened the package and WOW! The craftsmanship was impressive.

Ask Si-gyeong about JenJenHouse
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

I bought a veil to match my wedding dress. I wanted it to be longer (to my waist) at first place, but you told me that now it was unable to make it for me. I also bought it whatsoever and got it yesterday. it turned out to be good and a nice match with my dress. anyway, thank you

Ask frank about JenJenHouse
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I bought this pair of shoes for my wedding. Actually the shoes are of high quality. The ivory color is also very beautiful. Really very nice shopping experience from you. Thank you!

Ask Cindy about JenJenHouse
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I wanna tell everyone, jenjenhouse is amazing, it deserves you to purchase something from there.

Ask haney about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

Great website, fabulous dress, big WOW!!!

Ask jaer about JenJenHouse
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have no idea why so many people are unhappy, but I don't think so, I feel that it is a good site and I will come here again.

Ask tessaq about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm a professional classical singer and have used JenJen for several of my concert attire dresses. All I can tell you is that for me, who has to have custom dresses made due to size issues and being able to breathe easily for recitals, I LOVE JenJen! You cannot find the quality of workmanship anywhere in the malls, not even in high-end stores, for this price. I'm also over 40, so the fact that they have super elegant, yet current styles that aren't "pre-pubescent prom queen" or "beauty queen size 0" is a HUGE plus! They are perfect for my line of business!

The two dresses I got just this summer for a concert last week are perfect in everyway & I've received nothing but compliments on them. They fit perfectly, are well done (I grew up sewing & making my own dresses through high school), & a joy to wear.

You have to order at LEAST 2 months in advance of your date, so make sure you do so, but it would take me that long to go out & shop for a dress here locally. Make sure your measurements are correct & I don't think you'll have any problems.

I recommend them every chance I get!

Ask Rachel about JenJenHouse
1 review
3 helpful votes

My dress arrived quickly and this is about the best thing that they achieved.
This was a custom made size but the armholes were much too small and the shoulder straps were halfway down my arms. The beading is cheap and on a dark brown dress they have used white cotton.
When I complained I too was offered a small discount and told to take it to a local tailor. We went back and forward over the course of a week before I accepted a 40% discount.
I did this rather than send the dress back and they refuse the refund and I end up out of pocket completely.
So glad we did a single test dress first.
I would never buy from this site again.
We have had success with Light In The Box, but again the custom made sizes will have to be adjusted here but at least they can be worn.

Ask Michelle about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered this dress for my son's wedding. It arrived on time. The beading was cheap and loose. Up close, it looks like something from a Vegas show! The arm holes were so small that I was unable to properly close the side zipper. The other side arm hole is wedged on my arm making it very uncomfortable. I followed their return policy and was met with numerous excuses as to why the dress could not be returned. At most, I was offered a 20% refund. They also suggested I take the custom made dress to a tailor to re cut the arm holes and fix the beading. They then suggested I try to resell the dress on my own. They should honor their return policy and refund my money. I have had to purchase another dress since my son's wedding is 9 days away. I will never do business with this company again and will refer this company to my lawyer. Be smart and head to the mall to find the dress you need. Good Luck!

Ask Susan about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!! It is a scam. The dress I ordered did not fit and was made poorly! They refused to give me a refund. Buyer beware! This is a NO RETURN website. The clothing you order will not be what you expect! If there is any kind of a problem they will do NOTHING about it. This is a terrible place to order from. I only wish I would have read these responses before I ordered!

Ask Nancy about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

Dress delivered was not the dress pictured on web site (knock-off). Poor materials and poor workmanship. Company refused refund. Offered 15% credit to our account that was never posted. I am contesting charge through my credit card company. JenJen House knows customers have no options since they are located in China.

Ask Paul about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I placed an order for shoes, did receive the shoes, BUT, the shoes are poor quality. I contacted them and requested a refund and return authorization form.
All I got back was Sorry to hear that but most of our shoes has no hard sole. Please be kindly noted for it. If you have a concern, you can buy soles at your local place or wear socks when wear the shoes. Hope this suggestion can help you
YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! These are high heels, WEAR SOCKS?!?!? Spend more money to fix the shoes?!?!?!?! And Yes, I have kindly made note of the quality of your shoes!!! Very poor customer service, And apparently I am NOT getting a refund. EXTREMELY dissatisfied!!!

Ask suzi about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a dress, but made investigations after ordering, realized what a scam they are. Requested refund, they responded claiming that I requested cancelations 24 hours after, that i would be entitled to 80% cost of dress + shipping. This was a month ago, and till today no refund. I opened a case in paypal, like a week after the order. They send the same message, that I will receive 80% of the cost, etc. Today I received a message from them, stating that when I remove the case from paypal, they'll gave me a refund. Seriously, If i remove the case, and they decide not to pay me, I won't get my money. As another reviewer stated, they don't even deserve one star.

Ask Tanyeli about JenJenHouse
1 review
2 helpful votes

I am so glad I read these reviews before buying anything. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM JENJENHOUSE.COM!!!

Ask TATI about JenJenHouse
1 review
2 helpful votes

I would not even give them a star if I could get away with it. I ordered my wedding dress from this site. What a nightmare! What I received was a very poorly made version of the dress advertised on their website. Forget the fact that it is poor fabric quality and that it barely looks like what I ordered here are the major issues:

1) The lace bunches on my left hip like it was sewn improperly. So it looks like I have a huge lump on my hip
2) The wait sits very low on my natural waist rather higher as an empire waist should sit. I mean really it's bad.
3) The dress I ordered has buttons on the back and there are none on the one I received which is one of the main reasons I wanted "that dress". Silly me thinking I would get what I ordered.
4) The lace is poor quality - and in no way resembles the dress advertised.
5) The Sash (or Waist) bead work awful and looks nothing like the dress pictured on your website.
6) The dress advertised on the website shows two completely different types of lace (top different from the bottom) the dress I received is the same all over all over.
7) The Lace is frayed in several places on the sleeves and bodice.
8)The sewing is such poor quality. the back above the zipper does not line up with you zip it.
9)The lace is waded up with excess sticking out where the outer lace was sewn to the lining.

In spite of their Return Policy stating that "I can return the dress due to imperfections, poor quality or I am just not satisfied" they are refusing my return. I am now forced to purchase another dress and I guess throw this one in the trash. I am just livid.

Ask Carol about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I only wish I had found this site before I ordered my dress from JenJenHouse! It took forever to get my dress, and once it was finally delivered, it was left at my front door. Apparently their policy is "No Signature Required". I don't live in the best neighborhood, and my dress went missing. I have been corresponding with JenJenHouse and UPS to get a refund. Both are unwilling to help! Horrible customer service!

Ask Tracie about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

This site is TERRIBLE!!! I ordered a dress, ended up paying $200 for it (that includes the $20 shipping and handling) and when my dress came I HATED it!! The sizing was fine but the quality of the dress was so bulky, heavy and cheap feeling. It was certainly not $200 quality. The embellishments on the dress did not look at all like the photo (very cheap) and the thread popped in certain places. The split on the dress was noticeably uneven. I contacted them to complain and ask for a refund (since the website said that they don't do refunds for sizing and this was not a sizing issue). They gave me the run around, told me to get the dress fixed by a tailor and I had to keep emailing them back with more complaints to justify my refund request. Why should I pay money for a dress and then have to take it to a tailor for major alterations?? They wanted to offer me 15% as a refund, REALLY?!?! I had to eventually work up to 40% and then they basically told me that if I didn't accept that I could send the dress back for a full refund BUT their quality control would determine if the dress was refundable and if not I'd be out of a dress and money. Their QC department cleared a poor quality dress in the first place. Everyone who contacted me either had the last name WANG or SUN...I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER purchase anything form them again and I advise you to do the same. This was a complete hassle and scam and I buy things online frequently.

Ask E about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

The dress I ordered fit ok, except for in the shoulders -- they were wide enough that I could wear my son's shoulder pads under the dress! The dress weighed a TON, was very uncomfortable to wear. The company was terrible to work with and would not let me return it. They advertise good customer service... not true! All they want is your money. If you don't like the dress or if it doesn't fit, well that's your problem. DON"T order from jenjenhouse.

Ask Linda about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

My experience with this company was terrible. These people are scam artist. They need to be removed from all websites!

Ask Cynthia about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a sleeved dress with details in tulle and received a crumbled, carelessly layered mess that I will have to fit again using a tailor. The overall fit is all right (and it should be as it was custom made) is a bit too loose, but the sleeves are large enough for two sets of arms and are supposed to be tight. There was no option where I could give my arm measurements when ordering, which I'm very disappointed about. The support in the bodice is made using some sort of foam, which does not handle shipping well. It's creased and crumbled and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to correct that.

In its current state its completely unfit for wearing in public.

I will have to re-fit the tulle as it's carelessly sewn into place with fishing wire, and the sleeves will need a trimming due to previously stated problem (and I do not find this acceptable at all seeing as I paid extra to have it custom fit!!!).
I also found that the tulle is very see-through compared to the picture on their website, and nowhere did it state that I would have to pay almost 40% of the dress' value in extra taxes due to customs because it would be shipped from China!

Apart from the weird fitting it would have been an acceptable experience. The dress was here 10 days before time and the support in the bust is rather good. If JenJenHouse would be so kind as to post the missing information on their website in the future so that other costumers will have a more pleasant experience, I would be thankful.

If I had had to pay half the price I would have no complaints, but I've been shipped a dress that I have to finish myself! I won't be buying from this company again. I'd rather sew it myself.

Ask Lykke about JenJenHouse
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

First of all I just wanna thank the good Lord, because the day before my order was suppose to arrive I had read really bad reviews on ordering from here. I ordered a prom dress. People were saying that there dresses were to big they looked cheap. A girl from my class said hers had black spots all on it and she had to send hers off to get it fixed. I live in Mississippi and ordered on the 28th of march an told them my event date was on the 12th and it came the day of.!! Just so happened my event wasn't until the 27th of April so if I needed any alterations I would have time..I prayed from the moment I found out people were having trouble with there dresses all the way until it arrive at my front door and I opened it..besides it being to long its a pretty good dress for the price. If u wanna try your luck with a leap of faith take a shot and order. Or if u wanna b a little cheap like me but for one night I want complain

Ask Morgan about JenJenHouse
1 review
2 helpful votes

UNLESS YOU LIKE TO GAMBLE, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! I purchased this dress online to wear to a military ball. After receiving the dress in the mail and trying it on I noticed the sewing on the dress was very poor, and the top bustier stuck out straight due to poor quality, and extra fabric. I contacted jenjenhouse within their 7 day period to try to reach a resolution. When I received a response to my email the representative advised me the dress was fine and it just needed to lay flat after being shipped. I explained to the seller that this dress is not designed according to the shape of the dress. The cups of the dress are not in line with the body of the dress, and the seam down the side is very ragged and bunched together as if someone took a larger dress, and sewed it smaller within minutes. They denied my request to return the dress and offered a 15% refund if I would keep the dress. According to their guarantee they promise to make good quality dresses, and meet the demand of their customers, and they have not. I paid $166 for a dress that I cannot wear due to it not being sewn together properly. Per their return policy, and website states, I contacted them regarding my issue within the 7 day period, I should be able to return my item as their policy allows. If you are able to take a risk and try your luck at ordering from them then go for it, otherwise go with a reputable company that provides customer service to save the headache. ***One thing to take note on with any and all of the bad reviews is that they give the same response "Our after sale team with reach out to you" that is their way of dodging responsibility. They make cheap, poor quality dresses, and nothing can be done if you are not satisfied with it, but since that is a bad sales ploy, it's not listed on their website. I'm glad I experienced their service before I ordered my bridesmaid dresses. NEVER AGAIN.

Ask Alicia about JenJenHouse
1 review
2 helpful votes

I personally got ripped off by this site. the dress I ordered was nothing like the picture and falling apart - Stay away! I would love to meet others that have been in this same situation in Australia.

Ask Simone about JenJenHouse
5 reviews
15 helpful votes

The website is extremely vague about returns and I havnt received a reply from the email I sent on the 2nd November

Ask Lori about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have to agree with the other bad reviews. I ordered 2 pearl pink flower girl dresses from them and they are 2 different colors. When I complainted to customer services they tried to say its because I ordered them at different times. I explained to them the color on their swatch card (which you have purchase) is not near the color they sent me and in fact it looks like they sent me a pink dress and a pearl pink dress. They finally admitted it was their fault and would refund my money and make me a new dress. I declined. I don't want anymore dealings with this company ever again!
I also ordered a wedding dress which I wanted in pearl pink I email them first and asked if I could have the dress in pearl pink and they replied, "yes". I ordered the dress in pearl pink and it came to me in pink. After I emailed them they said they would refund my money and to send the dress back and they would make it in pearl pink. It cost me $30 to send the dress back, I reordered it and they replied the dress could not be made in pearl pink. I was livid!. I received the dress remade for me and this one was very poorly made. I took it a seamtress and she made it beautiful! Do NOT order from the web-site.

Ask Lorraine about JenJenHouse
1 review
0 helpful votes

When I bought the dress for my homecoming, there was a different picture uploaded of a dress similar to the dress now up; I wanted a dress closer to the first picture uploaded NOT the picture now. They changed the picture of the dress after my dress was already purchased. It gets worst! The dress I got does not near have the quality of the dress in either of the pictures uploaded. I spent a lot of money for this and got a dress probably on worth half the value because everything looked hastily sew on. ALSO, I ordered a customized sized because I tend to be smaller than the normal small but the measurements did NOT follow the ones I sent them, so the dress looks like it drowns me now. I was actually excited to wear this for homecoming before I saw the actual dress.... :( (Edit: AND THEY STILL HAVE NOT CONTACTED ME) Tell people about this if they are considering buying

Ask Paulina about JenJenHouse
1 review
3 helpful votes

Horid to deal,with, my garment is not what I wanted, they refuse to assist....When you open a ticket they close it so you cannot persuade the return.....They ask for photos but block the area to upload!!!!!!

Ask Michelle about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote


This site is the reason people say buyer beware. I ordered a chiffon tea length (just past the knees) dress and received this hideous dress that was made from fabric you'd make curtains out of-not chiffon and the dress went to my ankles and I'm 5'7" so it's not like I'm short and they can use that as an excuse to why the length was wrong. The design seemed off, it looked like a cheap knock off of what they had pictured and described when I bought it. The seams weren't inline, there was like an inch and a half of fabric tucked into each side, the dress looked like it had already been altered before I got it. There were no tags, not even sewn in ones, which is very suspicious, if it was a designer they tend to like to take credit for their work. So it was obviously a used knock off dress that they didn't even bother to get the right fabric for.

Then when trying to return it, their return guidelines say I should be able to get a full refund back including shipping since they shipped me the wrong dress. They wouldn't even deal with me until I got PayPal involved. Then they offered me $45 when I payed $110. PayPal said I could get a full refund back, I just got to ship it back----fine I DON'T WANT IT!!! One big problem, they're located in Hong Kong and the cheapest I found to ship it was $98. So PayPal told me to wait and they'd ask JenJenHouse to make a better offer. So they offered me $46. They are SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!! DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!!!

I also reviewed the dress on their site, gave them 1 star and wrote an honest clean opinion on the dress-terrible and poorly made. They first published the review but published it with 5 stars---uhhh NO!!! then a few days later they deleted it altogether. Those reviews of the dresses are all fake! It is a bit suspicious that EVERYONE would give them 5 stars, every single dress? Not a 4 star anywhere? Also their "sale" keeps recycling and starting over again, just a way to lure you in and make you feel like you should purchase right away. I had to order this as a bridesmaid dress so didn't research much cause everyone assumed someone else did, so they scammed a good group of us with the same horrible dress.

Ask Abby about JenJenHouse
1 review
1 helpful vote

Got my wedding dress from this website, I was very disappointed. Its not the same as on their website. the lace and the pattern are total different, the dress was about 5-10 inches longer than the measurement that I gave them, and the material was very thin, is nothing like the dresses in the wedding shop. But by saying all that, I couldnt say it is the worst(it just not as promising as the photo), for the price they ask for, I shouldnt expect much really. I paid about £220 (including delivery&import tax). The dress was actually ok if you are having low key wedding,dont want to spend so much or not very fussy with the dress, but if you like me , want something amazing and special then thats not the place. If you do order from the website, I personally wont suggest get anything with lace, the lace they use is horrible but satin is ok.

Ask love about JenJenHouse
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Don't buy from jjshouse or their site Its a scam, where they take your money, sent you a cheaply made, dress that would cost less than $50 and then not even reply when you ask for a refund! Ordered my formal dress, and now I feel completely stupid for actually believing this. Just don't risk it.

Ask steph about JenJenHouse

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A: The website they are scamming off of is JJ's House, I'm sure the dresses could be found there.
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