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257 reviews
291 Broadway, Suite 305
New York, NY 10007, USA
Tel: 1-877-710-0840

257 Reviews From Our Community

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I am an old woman and I have very little computer knowledge. (in 124 reviews)


I've been a customer of iYogi's for 4-5 years, both with my PC and my MacBook Pro. (in 13 reviews)


However, every time I have called them the wait has been ridiculously long. (in 88 reviews)

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1 review
14 helpful votes

Hi, I am an Ex-iYogi Employee, iyogi has not paid it's employees for last 6-7 Months and is under Millions of Debt. The company has now resorted to Fake/Unethical/Incorrect Sales. There are only couple of employees now who are left. The only person responsible for this is the CEO Mr. Uday Challu. They have brought us to such a state that quitting was the only option left. Nice tactics Mr Challu not to pay your employees and bring them to such a stage that they quit in pain, while you live your life lavishly. You are pathetic and dirty beyond words.

Ask Abhiskek about iYogi
1 review
3 helpful votes

are you out of business...I haven't been able to get anyone online for days.......just paid $129.99 and if you are out you owe me money......very disappointed with you after many years of good service....Stephen gurtman

Ask stephen about iYogi
1 review
8 helpful votes

Your technicians try to scam every time i call.
They try to get you to purchase something every time you call

Ask Bruce about iYogi
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been with iYogi for a number of years and find starting in 2015 that their Techs do not know what they are doing and each Tech has a different answer for you that requires you to buy more of their products in order for them them to do their work; They never complete the job and promise to have a supervisor call (they never do) to fix the problem. I could go on and on with the problems and lies I have had with them.
If I ever visit India I will definitely go out of my way to have a face to face with them.
BUY USA !!!!!!!

Ask Kurt about iYogi
1 review
4 helpful votes

after paying it always takes a supervisor to find out my payment to $149.99 , they never call back if disconnected and their support twill leave your computer with more issues

Ask Rene about iYogi
3 reviews
48 helpful votes

For years, they were helpful. Now, they are being sued in more than one state. Impossible to get them on the phone. They took about $500 off me recently for "repairs." Now, my computer is worse than before they started. Avoid at ALL costs!

Ask John about iYogi
1 review
7 helpful votes

This company said if I wasn't happy I could cancel at any time. I cancelled only an hour after signing up because I couldn't understand the rep. I was transferred to a supervisor who tried to tell me I couldn't get a refund to which I said "you are wrong my friend, read your statement". Angrily he hung and and I called my bank to retrieve the submitted payment. Two weeks later my bank notifies me of possible fraudulent charges that are trying to be made to the card. When I asked who it was they said a company names IYOGI. Stay away!!!!!!!

Ask Jose about iYogi
1 review
6 helpful votes

This company is a disgrace. I have been trying for 2 months to obtain a partial refund due to cancelling my membership with them. So far no luck. Im just fobbed off all the time and lied to. Please don't touch them.

Ask Nicola about iYogi
1 review
7 helpful votes

This company is pretty awful. They were good for the first few years, then greed set in. Every time I called it turned into a time-share-condo level sales job. Then it got worse. After they were sued by the Washington AG in December, no one in billing support answered the phones and customer service chat was disabled for weeks (a coincidence, I'm sure; a billing support person I finally got hold of on Jan. 16 said it was because of the holidays .... suuuuuuuuure, it was.) I've been told FOUR times over nearly two months since then that my refund should show up in the next few days; three times that hasn't been the case. Ostensibly this tech support company can't solve its own technical issue. That's what I've been told. I suspect they're trying to test whether refund-seekers will give up. Is there a class-action lawyer anywhere working on this? It appears this is a common issue.

Ask Jonathan about iYogi
1 review
13 helpful votes

Never deal with overseas support companies! They took the money in advance for five years and just fricking disappeared!!! SO UPSET....
Who do I turn to now with this issue????

Ask Irene about iYogi
1 review
7 helpful votes

Dec 16 2015
Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Washingtonians scammed up to $540 each

SEATTLE Attorney General Bob Ferguson today announced a lawsuit against one of the biggest independent tech support providers in the world, iYogi, and its President, Vishal Dhar, to stop a scam that uses deception and scare tactics to pressure consumers into buying unnecessary tech support services.

The lawsuit, filed in King County Superior Court, alleges iYogis tactics are unfair and deceptive business practices that violate Washingtons Consumer Protection Act. The lawsuit also alleges iYogi induced consumers to install unnecessary software as part of its ploy to coerce them into buying tech support services, a violation of Washingtons Computer Spyware Act.

The state seeks to stop these illegal business practices and recover money for Washington victims. The total number of Washingtonians affected will be identified during the lawsuit, but is estimated to be in the hundreds, if not thousands. The state may seek up to $2,000 in civil penalties for each violation of the Consumer Protection Act and $100,000 per violation of the Computer Spyware Act.

Tech support scams defraud consumers and often trade on the good reputations of legitimate businesses, said Ferguson. This lawsuit sends a message to tech support scammers that my office will hold them accountable.

Tech support scams are a national problem with local ramifications. According to Microsoft, an estimated 71,000 Washingtonians lose $33 million each year to these schemes. Nationwide, an estimated 3.3 million Americans suffer $1.5 billion in annual losses from tech support scams.

We applaud the Washington State Attorney Generals Office for its efforts to protect consumers from tech support scams that have reached epidemic levels in recent years, said Brad Smith, Microsofts President and Chief Legal Officer. Over the past 18 months alone, Microsoft has received more than 180,000 customer calls regarding tech support fraud. Todays announcement is an important step toward addressing this issue, which disproportionately affects the most vulnerable segments of our society.

According to AARP State Director Doug Shadel, tech support scams can disproportionately affect older adults.

Despite emerging years ago, the tech support scam continues to plague consumers around the nation, generating more reports to the AARP Foundation Fraud Fighter Call Center here in Seattle (800-646-2283) than any scheme except maybe the IRS Imposter Scam, says Shadel. The bottom line is that manufacturers of computers DO NOT make phone calls or send ads to individual customers about problems with their machines. The best fix for this problem is to simply hang up or contact your service provider independently with questions.

Overview of iYogi

Based out of New York, iYogi has over 5,000 employees with call centers in India. It claims to be one of the biggest independent tech support providers in the world serving over 3 million customers across 11 countries.

iYogi provides subscription-based remote support for personal technological devices such as computers and tablets.

This includes:

Computer diagnostic and repairs;
Security protection;
Performance optimization; and
Antivirus software sales.
Overview of the scam

As part of its investigation, the AGO uncovered the following tactics used by iYogi to sell consumers unneeded tech support services:

In online ads, iYogi associates itself with major technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple and HP. When consumers call iYogi, the representative claims to provide tech support services on behalf of whatever company the consumer inquires about.
After gaining remote access to the consumers computer, iYogi identifies benign but complex-looking files and claims the infected files harm the computer. iYogi misleads the consumer into believing he or she must download iYogis diagnostic software to fully identify the computer problems.
iYogi then produces a diagnostic report on the consumers screen and claims there is malware or other serious defects. iYogi misrepresents the report by telling the consumer these infected files are harming the computer, when in fact the identified items are often routine programs that pose no threat.
Once iYogi has alarmed the consumer, the representative proceeds to aggressively sell a tech support plan to fix the non-existent problems 1 year for $140 or 5 years for $379. iYogi claims the plans cover tech support needs for the length of the contract.
iYogi also informs the consumer the computer doesnt have antivirus software and tries to sell the consumer iYogis antivirus software for up to $80, even if an existing antivirus is already installed.
iYogi also states the consumer needs to update to the Windows 10 operating system, or the computer will be harmed, which it will not. iYogi uses this scare tactic to coerce the consumer into buying Windows 10 for $80, even though Microsoft offers the upgrade for free.
The AGO investigation confirmed that iYogi identified such problems even on a computer with a newly installed operating system.

The AGO alleges these tactics are violations of the Washington Consumer Protection Act and Computer Spyware Act.

In 2005, Washington became one of the first states to adopt a law explicitly prohibiting spyware activities and imposing serious penalties on violators. The statute doesnt stop at outlawing programs that collect personal information, but uses a broader definition of spyware and punishes those who mislead users into believing software is necessary for security. As a result of Attorney General request legislation, the law was updated in 2008 to create additional liability for third-parties that permit the transmission of spyware and to address new types of deceptive behaviors, such as misrepresenting the need for computer repairs.

Tech support scam variations

There are many variations of tech support scams beyond the tactics iYogi employs. Some rely on massive spam campaigns that promise a faster, more secure computer and draw readers to a URL; others use pop-up ads that falsely claim the user's machine is infected with malware. A common tactic involves unsolicited telephone calls where callers pose as computer support technicians. While the tactics vary, the goal is the same: to gain access to your computer and ultimately your money and personal information.

How to avoid the scam

The Attorney Generals Office offers the following tips to avoid tech support scams:

Never give control of your computer to a third party unless you can confirm it is a legitimate representative from a company where youre already a customer;
Ask if there is a fee or subscription associated with the service. If there is, hang up;
Do not provide Social Security numbers, banking, or credit card or other financial information; and
Protect personal computers with legitimate and updated security software.
Victim of a tech support scam? Contact the Attorney Generals Office

If you believe you are a victim of the iYogi scam, or any other tech support scam, file a consumer complaint with the Attorney Generals Office at

For additional Internet safety tips, advice and information visit the Attorney General's website, here.


The Office of the Attorney General is the chief legal office for the state of Washington with attorneys and staff in 27 divisions across the state providing legal services to roughly 200 state agencies, boards and commissions. Attorney General Bob Ferguson is working hard to protect consumers and seniors against fraud, keep our communities safe, protect our environment and stand up for our veterans. Visit to learn more.


Peter Lavallee, Communications Director, (360) 586-0725;

Ask Anonymous about iYogi
1 review
7 helpful votes

Been on the line for over 5 hours and transferred more than 10 times already not to have issue resolved.

Ask Jackie about iYogi
1 review
8 helpful votes

I purchased software and a 5-year tech support plan from iYogi in 11/15. Now the software has disappeared from my computer and I can't get in touch with anyone from iYogi despite calling 3 different phone numbers and trying to log on to their website as a member (my access code) was rejected as not valid. Has anyone else had this experience. Has anyone been able to contact iYogi by telephone? Would appreciate feedback.
Kathleen H.

Ask Kathleen about iYogi
1 review
9 helpful votes

iYogi were good for a few years, then not-so-good. Now they're a rip-off. They sold me a different security system which wasn't even installed; I had 859 viruses by the time I had a different team look at the computer. Don't give them any money; you'd be better off throwing it out the window.

Ask Ken about iYogi
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am in the second year of a three year maintenance agreement. On my own, I upgraded to Windows 10 but I could not open my Outlook 2010. When I called for help, they said they could not do it, unless they had the disk. I purchased my Microsoft online and my name and computer is registered. In fact, when I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro, an IYogi tech helped me to reinstall Outlook, by going to the internet to find my purchase Microsoft Office key. When I called today, they said they could not do it. When I hung up the phone on them, an Indian woman, from some company's name I cannot pronounce called my mobile number and said, I heard you had computer issues, I can help. Naturally I hung up. Good-bye IYogi, I will eat the remaining one and a half years of maintenance I have left with you. I have purchase Assure from Microsoft that gives me unlimited store, online and phone support for up to five devices.

Ask Steve about iYogi
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was calling CISCO for Windows upgrade unbeknownst to me after person telling me he can help etc when we proceed it was iyogi. They double charged me for a product I couldn't use. They,after much argument, gave me a refund minus $25.00 shipping fee & had to pay $25.00 to return ( those fees a rip off) Then I discover they billed me twice. When I was paying they said the charge didn't go through. I thought that eas odd I have a zero balance. I'm questioning them about this and a different person (supervisor) and tells me it didn't go through. I give another card. This happened 2/27/15 I still haven't received the refund. THE AMOUNT OF CALLS,HOLD TIME,ARGUING,PROMISES.I am their worst nightmare cause I'm not going away! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE CROOKS!!!!!

Ask Joanne about iYogi
1 review
6 helpful votes

I purchased products and software from iyogi in June and September of 2015 and never received a thing. I called numerous times and was told I would have everything soon. After about 2 1/2 months I could no longer get calls through. The phone number has a recording directing me to a chat website that doesn't work. I gave several bad reviews about them and finally received a call about 3-4 weeks ago saying I would be getting refunds in the mail and asking me to take down or change my reviews afterwards. I requested the money go back on my card but he said he cant do it that way. I asked for a number to call in case I didn't get a refund. He said he would call me back to make sure I received my checks. None of that has happened. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE SCAMMERS!

Ask Kimberly about iYogi
1 review
4 helpful votes

these people provide some really good after sales service. This was my third visit to their site.Thanks iyogi

Ask Vedha about iYogi
1 review
11 helpful votes

On September 14, 2015 I contacted iYogi regarding some computer problems I was having with my laptop. I was told that I needed to upgrade my operating system and that I needed Microsoft Office 10. I gave them my credit card, was charged $187.99 and told that I would received the Microsoft Office 10 program in the mail. By October 15, 2015, I still had not received the Microsoft disk so I called iYogi. After being on hold for a very long time, I was told that the Microsoft program was temporarily out of stock but I should receive it in 7-10 business days. On 11/3/215, I still had not received the Microsoft program and requested a refund of my $187.00. I was told the money would be credited to my account in 7-10 business days. I called again on 11/17/15 and told I should have my refund by Friday of that week. I called again on December 10 and told I would received my refund in 4-5 business days. It is now 1/20/2016 and I still have not received my refund of $187. Do not call them for help and get scammed like I did.

Ask Trish about iYogi
1 review
8 helpful votes

The worst customer service I have ever had. The customer service representatives are rude and arrogant, and the technicians are ignorant.
The TechGenie security doesn't work properly.
You cannot reach the technicians when you need assistance, they just put you on hold for an hour or two and then, disconnect.

Ask alexandra about iYogi
1 review
7 helpful votes

Just got a call from 1-800-237-3901 and they tried to talk fast and tell me my computer was going to crash....asked for his name and number and then they hung up....SCAMMERS!!!!! Don't let them into your computer!!!

Ask John about iYogi
1 review
8 helpful votes

Somehow I ended up calling this company in May, 2014 when my printer did not work wirelessly with a new router I installed. They did help me with the problem and I signed up for a 3 year service agreement that was $400. Since then it has been hell. They billed me for the service before they fixed my problem. I canceled the charge with Citibank and then re-instated the charge when the printer problem was fixed a few days later. Iyogi could not understand the basic concept of credits and debits and Citibank had to get involved to straighten them out. Then I foolishly asked them for help installing Windows 10. They charged me for back-up software that I never received despite their numerous open ticket numbers and empty promises of expedited shipments. This was in August. Then in November I asked them to refund the order amount and also refund the remaining amount on my service agreement. Even though they continue to quote the amounts of the checks I am due and expedite 'shipment' of the checks, I have received no money from them. They owe me over $400 dollars and my only option left is to try to recover the money through Citibank. I recommend that you never do business with this company.

Ask Cheryl about iYogi
1 review
9 helpful votes

I wrote a scathing review about Iyogi earlier today on the forum. Since then I have tried to contact them via the phone help number - but it just play a ridiculous tune over and over. So I tried the Chat support and for a start I thought I was going to have some success - wrong. I copied the messages that went between me and Iyogi support - make you own mind up - read on.

Michael to Rahul Kumar:

(18:31:36) Rahul Kumar said to you:
Please be online I am going to transfer this session to the Mac Department.

(18:31:48) This session has been transferred to the MAC LiveHelp Team queue.

(18:33:36) You said to Rahul Kumar:
I have run mactuneup to optimise my mac laptop. Unfortunately since then all the files are missing from my email folders. Is there anyway to get them back?

(18:33:58) Rahul Kumar has left this conversation.

Is there anyway I can tell where I am in the queue?
Well I have been waiting for a response from the MAC LiveHelp team for 30 minutes now . . . . . maybe they are not Live at all . . . it seems like they are Dead and not very Helpfull.
Well that's 60 minutes now that I have been in a queue or at least that's the last thing I was told. This is a pathetic service or lack of service. I will have to feed this into a feedback forum.

Ask Michael about iYogi
1 review
8 helpful votes

Why haven't you refunded my money yet? It's been over 2 months.....too many lawsuits? What hope, if any, is there on getting resolution to the myriad of issues with this company? Is the U.S. Attorney General taking any action to shut down this money thieving sorry excuse for tech service? This is will be my third web site filing a complaint and the next step is filing with my state's AG. I can't believe they STILL post a Better Business Bureau accreditation symbol on their web site. Talk about FALSE advertising!

Ask eileen about iYogi
1 review
12 helpful votes

Iyogi is going down the drain very quickly.. It is a sinking ship...

In 2014 and 2015 they failed to pay there employees on times resulting in departure of there support and sales staff. As of January 1st 2016 most employees have not been paid for last 2 -3 months so employees are refusing to login or not coming to work at all.

As a result iYogi is forcing there trainers and sales staff to take tech support calls now and you wonder why support sucks. These people have no experience in tech support so they are doing best they can with no training.

I would be highly surprised if this company survives 2 months from now.

Save your money and looks for alternate solution.

PS. I know all this because I know someone who works there.

Ask derek about iYogi
1 review
8 helpful votes

I was hired by them through a 3rd party site called workmarket. I have been trying to get paid for the last five jobs that I was sent out on. I did these on site calls the beginning of October it is now December 30th. When I call all that happens is ether wait for hours and no response or they do pick up and say that in 2-3 days I will be paid.

Ask erinn about iYogi
1 review
12 helpful votes

IWhen will you answer the phone? ACCT no 6116526102. Have been trying for last 3 days and I need help now. Says phone line problems which I have a hard believing. If you can't help refund most of my money. Thanks

Ask John about iYogi
1 review
8 helpful votes

Company owes me 130$, and has been avoiding me.

This company IS a scam, and I hope Washington State sues the pants off them in their new lawsuit!

-Sean Brady

Ask Sean about iYogi
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

I am a REAL tech, was hired by iYogi over a tech dispatch site I use. I went to a customers house as an iYogi 'tech'. The system had ALL services turned off (first time I'd ever seen that) and an obvious attempt at removing some spyware. I cleaned the machine and started the normal msft services. All was good (still it took awhile for a 45 buck call). The customer was happy, but guess what _ THEY DON"T PAY THE AMERICAN TECHS - It has been 2 months and still don't have the measly 45 bucks they owe me. These people are scammers, they are NOT real techs, just a bunch of script kiddie hackers playing on expired warranty service.

UPDATED: After nearly 3 months they finally paid me. Good riddance.

Ask Rob about iYogi
3 reviews
23 helpful votes

I have had Iyogi for over 7 years and it has been the best purchase of my life. Over the years I have had many issues with my laptops from severe to simple. No matter what they have resolved them. They are always extremely patient, professional and knowledgeable. I love that they are available 24/7 365 days a year. I highly recommend them to anyone who owns a computer.

Ask dana about iYogi
1 review
18 helpful votes

I am appalled at the level of horror stories on here. I wish I would have read these reviews BEFORE I lost $500 to these guys. iYogi was able to talk me into signing up with them initially by offering some free tech support. Once they gained access to my computer, they showed me a multitude of things that were wrong with it. Unfortunately, I was not sure what all of these things were, so I was suckered in, like many of you. I can only hope that this reaches you before you make a similar mistake and lose money.

I was able to follow the advice from other people that were scammed and used the people that were suggested to get this software cleaned out. James was able to get me a refund on the iYogi support services and I was able to get my money back within a few weeks. Luckily, that was not an issue and I was taken care of in the long run.

If you haven’t hired iyogi, DO NOT. If you have iyogi, act fast. The software that they install on your computer opens it up to viruses and malware attacks. I actually contracted a virus (or it was already there and not cleaned up by iyogi,) that wiped out my emails and caused the computer to have trouble opening up. They wiped out my existing virus protection in favor of theirs, which did NOT help prevent me getting infections at all.

If you have given iYogi money, follow some of the suggestions here, or contact someone to help get it back. Safepcfix seems to be American. I did call them twice and they were aware of the iyogi software and knew what to do. Yes, it took a couple hours, but they did all of it for me and I wasn’t tied up for very long at all.

If you decide to keep iyogi, which if you’ve read any of these reviews, you will get rid of them ASAP, be careful when they have access to your computer. I’ve seen my technician going through picture folders and file folders called “taxes 2013, 2014, and 2015.) I am thinking they were interested in seeing my tax return documents which have personal information on them. This could have been a potential identity fraud issue. I immediately took control and shut off the machine when this happened.

Tread lightly folks. Don’t become a statistic!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT HIRE THESE GUYS

Ask Mason about iYogi
1 review
12 helpful votes

Recently, I bought a HP laptop and I had an issue regarding logging in to the system. So, when I searched in google for HP Support Center I got this website in my search results thought this is HP Support Center and called them and explained the issue. They have asked me to pay 149$ for resolving the issue so that I would get free service for an year. I politely said to them I would need to think about this and told them I would get back to them. But they keep on asking me to opt for the service which I am not at all interested suddenly they started talking rudely when I said no.

I remember the girl name who spoke to me 'RAMA' the worst Service Support Center agent that I ever spoke in my lifetime.

I would rate -***** if at all those are available.

Ask Vishnuvardhan about iYogi
1 review
15 helpful votes


Ask CANDICE about iYogi
1 review
12 helpful votes

UPDATE: Today I received another call from iYogi in regard to maintenance of my computer. I don't know why they keep calling me when I told them last time that I didn't need any maintenance. I know the reason they are calling is to ask me for money. I was forced to hang up on them to save myself from having to be pestered again.

Ask Viviana about iYogi
1 review
15 helpful votes

They Not provide Good Services,

Even they charge lot of money without helping customers. All is FAKE

Ask Andres about iYogi
1 review
11 helpful votes

They tried to tell me that a very simple printer problem (wrong printer cartridge) was a problem with my computer and that I had security issues on my computer. Then I dialed the true Epson printer website....the one I thought I had dialed in the first place....and they told me I had the wrong printer cartridge.

Ask Valerie about iYogi
2 reviews
21 helpful votes

They cheated me by telling me stories about how bad my computer was and took out money from my account. Very unhappy and was cheated by iYogi.

Ask Stanley about iYogi
1 review
16 helpful votes

Your business practices are a scam. Any company that uses malware designed to misrepresent your affiliations is suspect. You duped me once, now I will proclaim it to the world. You are scam artist and probably are involved in illegal activities.

P.S update: iyogi Did finally respond to my concerns and agreed to refund. Seem remorseful about my experience. The potential for this company to be helpful is there if they would knock off questionable practices like posing as Affiliates to Apple, Dell, HP ect as exposed by various bloggers. In the end it was their repeated attempts to sale me additional software in order to provide
me with the service I had already paid for that did me in. When I see the refund in my account only then will good "karma " exist.

PS it"s now 9/3/15 and still no refund check.

Ps its" now 9/13 and stll no refund. initiated more complaints. Stay away from these people.....there is no good karma.

Sill no refund, (supposedly mailed 8/25/15) Reopened case with the BBB. Now seeking legal alternatives. This is a nightmare you don't want. Buy American! At least if something goes wrong you will have more leverage. Expensive lesson for me!

this is email sent to me by iJogi

Dear Mr. Wyrostek,

As mentioned in our previous email to you, we were going to check the reason for the delay in the delivery of the cheque. We have come to know that the Bank chosen US postal service has lost the mail and hence it never got delivered. We would now need to wire the money into your account directly. The wire transfer is an instantaneous method of transferring the money so there will be no delays however, we would need certain details from you in order to carry out this transaction. Below mentioned is the information we require. We would appreciate if you send it across ASAP so that we can get the needful done.

Customer ID
Beneficiary Name
Beneficiary Address
Bank Name
A/C No.
Bank Address
Routing No.
Swift Code
Sort Code

Best wishes


Active Response Team

my response
Your deceptive practices and fumbling bungling way of doing business is wasting my time and stressing me. There is no way in hell I am supplying you with any of my financial information. You may draw up a certified check and mail it with over night service by certified mail. Your other alternative is to mail the check to a third party for verification and have them forward me the check. The BBB is involved. you can request them to be the third party verifies . In the mean time I am going to post your e-mails and responses on Multiple blog sites, everyday until I get my money. :

9/18/2015 still no refund and I continue to struggle with this company. Never do business with iJogi

Finally today 9/29/15 my refund check is finally here and deposited. I am at long last Free of the agony this iyogi has caused me. Hard lesson learned.

Tip for consumers: Never iJogi!

Ask Walter about iYogi
8 reviews
53 helpful votes

Stressed out from getting a new wireless computer, Windows 10, then ordering ink for a printer that broke suddenly, so new order also on printer. I was totally emotionally drained from all.
I think I googled Dell support , saw the word Dell, but somehow got connected to Iyogi.
These people told me they work for Dell and what was the problem. And to fix it they wanted $300.00 !!! I said I just paid $1,000.00 for this computer and should receive FREE support !!!
Well, they told me sorry, but I have to pay and totally near a break down from computer problems I paid $149.00 for one year of Iyogi support ( who stated worked for Dell)
They strongly urged me to pay $300.00 and I refused.
Then I asked them when am I getting my Windows 10 free download as late.
This teck told me i have to order a flash drive to down load my Windows 10 ! I said ok, I will rush to store and get one. NO NO he said , you have to order it from us ! I said why as can have it within a hour and get started. NO he said, you have to have a special on that will go with your kind of computer and other he said other odd things and their would be problems. Stupid me said ok, and cost was $49.99 for this flash drive which I never got.
I asked how many days till I get it and from where is it coming ( could tell he was Indian)
He said I would have it 5 or 6 days. Again I said where is this coming from, what state? No reply and "don't worry, you will have it."
12 days later I call and said I don't have it and where is it ?? Got Girl this time who said , don't worry you will have in 5 days ( omg! ) I said it is already 12 days!!!
I said from what state is this coming from and give me the tracking #
She said New York and I told her that I would have it in 3 from N.Y. so what is the hold up and give me info. I got no info, be patient, few more days she said .
I forgot to mention that the guy who took my credit card info asked me my password and I was so stressed stupid me gave it !!! Right after giving I knew I messed up big time,. I hung up and called the credit card company and told them what happened. Had to get another card and change passwords, find the REAL DELL teck and tell all and had to have special remover of viruses as he said they were very hard to get out so then special help was needed and he told me I had payed for premium help which I forgot !
In between this all and fixing a new printer I got scammed again!!! Somehow the Internet took me to Iyogi AGAIN !!! So all over again nightmare and turned off computer quick which teck said was smartest thing I did and he started working on it and that quick he found new viruses !!! OMG! Needed a few V's after all that.
Stay away from Iyogi !!! I swear I was near a nervous break down after a week of this with them.
I'm not a computer wizard so may seem stupid and am when it comes to stuff like that.
I still do not know how typeing in dell support somehow took me to Iyogi !!! It must have been some kind of virus already in the works. I still have not recovered and my credit card is working on it now.
I forgot to mention, soon if you cancel this service, watch out for odd phone calls.
I started to receive strange phone calls ( all from people with Indian accents) telling me
"they noticed strange activity on my computer" ,, well how would they notice strange activity on my computer when they are not involved with my computer?
They will tell you to press letters like R and some other letter on and on. And ask you what happened. I said nothing happened and kept hanging up.
Adding this: forgot to mention that they had a field day using my credit card! Even bought a ticket for a trip !!! It took time but got all fixed with the credit card and they took off charges.
Had to change all passwords and I have strong feeling that the sudden problem with my expensive all in one printer was from them also.
This update is Nov. 5 th and I am now getting calls from Indians up to 3 times a day that say" they are getting strange activity signals from my computer" I now say, thanks and hang up, some of the calls will say they are getting signals from my Windows and I say I will contact Windows myself so no need calling anymore. ( I have no computer problems)
These people are ruthless and never seem to stop !

Ask Sandra about iYogi
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been using iYogi for tune-ups on a computer between quarterly and monthly depending on the need. Their tune-ups have resolved problems that I had.

The issue I have with iYogi is that most times when I have gotten a tune-up the iYogi technician has tried to sell me another product, in a quite persistent manner, which I have to say "no" to multiple times before he finally gives up. The most recent time was actually amusing: In mid July 2015 he tried so sell me on upgrading my System 7 to System 8; this was after it was widely known that Microsoft was about to offer System 10 for free. It has also been widely known for several years that System 8 is a dud. I pointed all this out to him but still had to say no many times before he gave up.

Ask Bill about iYogi
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have had several encounters with iyogi . Some have been a bit challenging, and others very helpful . It seems that there are differing levels of competency with the people who answer the phone . I have learned to ask for someone more experienced when the person I am speaking with is unable to fix my problem .
Overall, I have been satisfied with their service .
If you have a hearing problem, it can be difficult to work with them .
So far, I have had all of my problems resolved .

Ask Charlene about iYogi
1 review
3 helpful votes

Had a great experience with the I yogi team.
Technician took over my problem, which was serious, and fixed it.

Ask David about iYogi
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have used iyogi for years, but have recently become disappointed in their services. The last two times I have called, they do a hard sell for windows 8.1. Since I have Windows 7, I would rather wait for the free windows 10 upgrade. The said 7 was no longer support ed anywhere which also isn't true. My problem was not fixed and their price for software was higher than anywhere else I looked.

Ask Nancy about iYogi
1 review
5 helpful votes

I purchased a Asus notebook, with built in Windows. Windows was expiring, and I did not have a disk, nor, would Windows allow me to use the key code.
After getting no help from the place of purchase, Microsoft, I was directed to Yogi, and their tech dept. was a enormous help. Yogi found problems, I didn't know I had. The price was reasonable, the help, invaluable.
Thank you Yogi!

Ask Lorraine about iYogi
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am really appreciative of your commendable standards of service., second to none, The technicians are highly qualified with refined manners and their extended courtesy on the phone is a delight to their customers. I would not hesitate recommending iyogi technical support to anyone.

Ask John-eric about iYogi
1 review
5 helpful votes

I first connected with iYogi in a panic that my new laptop had stopped working properly. The techs were helpful, knowledgeable and fixed it on the first call. Very relieved to have found iYogi and their customer services is always excellent.

Ask Stacy about iYogi
1 review
3 helpful votes

When I need any help you are always there. You are always patient with me and listen to my needs.thank you very much for everything you do.

Ask Myrtle about iYogi
1 review
3 helpful votes

Manmohan Singh had a very pleasant tone, polite and courteous while he assisted me in getting Windows 8.1 Pro installed.

Now I'm waiting on my external drive to come in the mail.

Ask Deborah about iYogi
1 review
3 helpful votes

I love iYogi,and i'm glad i chose your co.Your tech's are very smart & friendly. I will be staying with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Ask rita about iYogi
1 review
2 helpful votes

In the past year I had several problems with my computer, and getting the excellent help from iYogi was critical for my performance. To me, the most outstanding tool they have/use, is taking charge of your computer and do their work, while you can do something else, or just look in awe to your computer while they work.

Ask Marisol about iYogi

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