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58 Reviews for iYogi

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They were on my computer 3 times and could not fix the problem.

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New Reviewer

TERRIBLE - took 4 hours and several demands to sell me overpriced retail software with no resolution. I had to fix the problem myself. English is not their primary language and very difficult to understand

Tip for consumers: Don't ever use them. They came up on a Google search when I was trying to get the contact number for Norton 360 Premium.

Ask Deb about iYogi
New Reviewer


Ask Bernard about iYogi
New Reviewer

Don't go anywhere near these cowboys... They don't know what they are doing, will try to get you to pay for services you do not require, then will continue to charge you annual subscription against your express wishes. BEWARE !!!

Tip for consumers: Just dont

Ask Simon about iYogi
New Reviewer

I had problems with my computer's anti virus from Total Defense. Total Defense referred me to iYogi where I was told I needed a one year service contract to fix my computer. I paid $169.99 for the one year and iYogi destroyed my computer. They locked me out of it & shut down my computer. I tossed the computer out & have been without one for over a year. This June iYogi automatically renewed my service of $169.99, without my authorization. I contacted them for a refund & was given a confirmation number & said 7-10 days the money would be back in my bank acct. No refund yet. Stay away from this company & believe all of the negative feedback from this site.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

After two full hours, I finally was able to get everything straightened out.. I wanted a one year contract, but got an incoherent reply telling me that was not possible. Had to speak to three different people. I speak only one language, but I am not in customer service. People were difficult to understand. I now find that a friend had a similar experience.. Would love to get out of contract.

New Reviewer

Rude and clearly a scam. Paying them for their service was a huge mistake and now I am concerned about what they may have done to my computer. Their technician interrupted me repeatedly and talked down to me in a demeaning way. Cant believe they can still have a business if they treat people like this.

New Reviewer

I had them work on my comp/they destroyed it/loaded a bunch of pop ups that I coulgnt make go away.Had to wipe my hard drive and start over.Cost me a lot of money what a racket/Ive used them in the past and they where good.But know there just hackers,dont even think about using them.

New Reviewer

I just completed a long session with "Kewin" of your company and wanted to take the survey on his service.
I did not receive the survey, therefore I'm writing this review.
I was very pleased with his service and communication skills. Although I'm not
finished installing all the software, I just wanted to show my appreciation for his
professional service.
He was a pleasure to work with.

New Reviewer

I have had good and bad experience with Iyogi, I call up they fix my problem in one or two hours, I give a good review and a week later I have more problems. There techs are very friendly and even plesant to talk to, but at the end of the day I'm back with more problems. They contunally want to sell you more software. I finally had to cancel after a few hundred $$$$$.

New Reviewer

Anyone who gives this service greater than a 0 are simply foolish and don't realize that Iyogi is a total scam. I took them to small claims court a won all the money I spent for the past two years. They actually installed a virus on my computer, disabled the firewall and said it was working, their software runs in the background and uses 95% of your CPU and they say is normal, the CPU usage slows the computer 90% and makes errors on every download, they misrepresent, oversell and try to sell you more service every time you speak to them,and should be closed down by the authorities. I was able to prove all of this. Please beware and avoid this site.

New Reviewer

I would actually love to give this company a 0! Not only has my software has NEVER worked, told 3 different times that I had different things that were included but to top it ALL off someone from Customer service that took over my computer to "help" me fix all the 1000 problems hacked into my bank account and tried taking money multiple times. I called the company and they told me I must have called the wrong number. There was NO way that happened because they had ALL my account info. they used all the software things and it was ALL branded iYogi. No clue how this happened but they also erased that I even called even though I have the phone records. I now have to close out ALL my banking account, my paypal, contact all the companies that I've got automatic debits taken out every month and change every password.
Then to top it ALL off they offer my free services for three years!!! Are you fricking kidding me! The lang. barrier was enough to make you wanna reach through the phone and grab them. Just so angry and upset and contacting my lawyer as well.
This should NEVER happen to anyone! NEVER EVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY.

New Reviewer

They lied about features of a printer they sold and when I called them they said it was a settings problem and tried to sell me a service contract.

They were transferred from HP help desk and are offshore. Stay away from them!!

New Reviewer

I had their service and in the beginning it worked great. The longer I stayed with them the more money they wanted to fix your computer. What really took the cake, was this last week, I was online with them while they were fixing a problem and the computer rebooted itself. When it came back on, I was locked out from them and even though I had internet signal I couldn't get online no way no how. I called my telephone service and they looked at and referred me to their online specialist for dealing with internet problems. They tried to open up my computer to get online and couldn't do it. The next morning I went to a friends to download programs on my external hard drive and take it back to my house. It took 1hr 40 minutes to knock down the virus enough for me to let them take over my computer online. They were still at when I left for work after trying to fix Iyogi's mess 0ver 5 hrs later. Iyoji even installed a back door so they could get into my computer without me knowing they were on it. Needless to say, I had all their stuff taken out and reloaded my AVG. They uploaded a virus/malware/spyware/cookie that was imbedded in everything and all my operating systems. All Iyoji does is create problems then charge you to fix their mess ups. I am very dissatisfied with their service and warn everyone to stay as far away from them as they can. They will take all your money if you let them. I would like to find someone how is willing to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against them and get good honest folks money back that they charged them. I am hopeful that I can find just such a person. Please for the love of God stay away from Iyjgi. They are nothing but crooks.

New Reviewer

They are out to sell you things you don't need. If you bought a tech service they will destroy your computer until you start believing that you may need the whatever they sell. I am having no success with tech support it just goes down hill, regularly each one of them is worse than the last one. BEWARE STAY AWAY FROM THEM.
don't buy the sweet polite manner - if you buy a service you should get a service. NOT LIKELY any of them know what they are doing. I think they are hired to mess up your computer so they can sell you some more whatever.... CON MEN are also polite - con men are not always transparent.

Since I wrote the above post, they reimbursed me for a service I bought but did not need at all it was a duplicate.
BUT have not yet reimbursed me for my membership.
they never helped me, they harmed my computer.

New Reviewer

When I first started with them about 4 years ago, I thought they were the "cat's meow"; but the longer I stayed the more of their true colors came out. Basically, all that I observed them do was go to and use programs off of that website like ccleaner and Defraggler while they deleted all my past history and all cookies. Then, one had the audacity to bad mouth my anti-virus (Avast) and told me it was trash. I did a Google search later and found that they were owned by IYOGI, but he wanted to sell me the upgraded version at a charge instead of using the free program. Soon they began with the phone calls trying to do unnecessary scans and tell me that I probably had been hacked and that you need their top of the line security program for just an extra $XXX for all your computers. Soon, the service fell off when it became apparent that I was not going to buy any of their upgrades. They began using my new McAfee, my MalWare Bytes (which they used too) and simply deleting all my history and cookies...all of which I could do for myself, but they always ended the conversation by attempting high pressure tactics to sell you an upgrade and I already had one of their better programs that they offered. It really got to the point when I did have a problem, I would not call them because I did not feel like getting hassled...I would take my computer to a local shop and for $20 they would look at it and determine what was wrong and if it was just in need of a file cleaning and "tune up" the $20 covered it...hard ware and installation was extra and any additional required software or extra memory ram gigs were extra. So, from then on, when I saw their phone numbers on my caller ID I simply ignored them. Then, they started leaving messages that I possibly have been hacked and I needed to call them immediately. I ran my own antivirus full scan and Malware Bytes full scan and it found nothing. They distort everything, they are aggressive on sales tactics, they are rude if you don't buy anything from them. To the plus side each and every time that I spoke to a female tech, they were not rude and normally quiet helpful; so, might I suggest if you have IYOGI ask to speak to a female tech. Lastly, when it was 3 months before my contract expiration date, they start bombarding you with at least 2 phone calls per day per land line and per cell phone.

New Reviewer

I accidently called and that was the biggest mistake I have ever made with computers.

I explained to them what my problem was, and they proceed to do some strange and odd looking analysis on my computer (after giving the full remote access) they said that I had virus (which I am sure that they just installed) which was stopping my programs from working.. They then went on to tell me that I needed to pay to have the virus removed. I refused, realised my mistake in phone numbers, and immediately call Microsoft... who fixed my problem in minutes and got my programs working perfectly.

I am now extremely worried about the overall security of my computer, not knowing what other malicious acts they have perpetrated on my system.

They are wholly and totally crooks... keep away at all costs.

New Reviewer

Last Oct. I paid for one year of tech service. In Nov. I was billed a second time for the same service. After several calls and they finally admitted the error. After no refund for the second billing, I disputed the charge on my AMX card. After no response from iYogi they reversed the charge.
Today iYogi called me for a check up on my computer. Then he told me that my service had been canceled because of a charge back that I requested. So I paid for one year and got one month of service.
I am to tired of fighting with them to try to reinstate the service.
Do not do business with these crooks.

New Reviewer

Wasted money. Takes forever (IF then) to understand and find the problem. They do lie about things you need to buy and on tighter questioning it becomes clear. Don't fall for this company's claims. They may have started out as a legitimate and efficient company, but something changed and they have caused me more problems than I had to begin with.. I want to delete their programs (including the MCAfee virus program they sold me) but I'm AFRAID there may be some code in there that will create a huge problem. I am already getting blackouts and just today had a fatal error, but I just restarted it and it is now okay. Then I ran my Cleaner that came on my computer and hopefully that will keep me going for now.

New Reviewer

Laptop was worse off after tech "fixed" it.

I just received a laptop from a friend who had the HDD replaced by a iYogi tech, after Dell referred her to them. She complained that now it wouldn't always turn on and the trackpad wouldn't work. Well, upon cracking into the laptop, I found 4 broken ziff connectors. It looks like the tech had no idea how to remove a cable from them. The only way to properly fix would be a new motherboard now. After my friend called iYogi, the tech would not take ownership of his mistake. She did not pay for the repair. I ended up fixing the laptop for her.

Bottom line, iYogi? What a joke of a tech company.

P.S. As soon as I had the laptop back up and running and saw that iYogi support software, I deleted it like it was the plague.

New Reviewer

They r a bunch of crooks. They come off as being very knowledgeable but once they make it into your system it will never be the same. They charge you and try to sell you more and more. Every time they take remote control with your computer it ruines something else. It never works the same again, what starts as a small problem ends in ruining your computer...

New Reviewer

Wait times for this service have gone through the roof! I've used them for ~1 1/2 years and was very satisfied. But they must be under new management now. Too bad....

New Reviewer

I mistakenly called them because I thought I was calling DELL they told me they work with DELL and I had to pay there service fee even though I had a service agreement from DELL. They said since this is a software issue that Dell would not support this repair. I paid the amount they fixed the issue of which I had the same problem 3 months latter. I IMed with DELL the second time and they told me it was an Hardware issue and they replaced it. Almost a year to the date I started getting phone calls about renewing I told them not interested and to remove me from there List almost 2 years latter I still get phone calls form me to renew. Don't bother with them

New Reviewer

Billing system, I was charge twice. They told to me to let it pend for a couple of days and I should receive my money. Its fishy, also software is not included and they do not reinforce that enough in the beginning. To me I was thinking this company provided a service of: providing you with, free software online, making your PC run better, smoother, and faster. Which they did so after paying them for the over priced software. Never the less I was charged. Today $169.99 Twice(pending), a $29.99 fee, a $162.99 upgrading to windows 8, and lastly a pricey antivirus software also $139.99. Before actually thinking of purchasing from these guys make sure to have some dough. I liked the knowledgable technician, and the sale person. Over all the experience was in my record a solid 8 out 10. The pricing on software is the real downside to this. Expensive and not enough emphasis in the beginning. Contrary to popular belief, It makes customer feel like the company is fishy, liars, and not very transparent. I hope they improve way to stress this to the customer before hand.

New Reviewer

Their services were decent, until I decided not to renew. They kept calling me to try to renew and I told them on several occasions I did not wish to renew. After the renewal period was up, they called me a month later to tell me that they could not charge my credit card because it was rejected. At that point, I was so upset that they even tried to charge my card when I did not want to renew that I just couldn't take it anymore. I told them I never authorized a renewal or for them to charge my card. They told me I still owed them money because their software was installed on my computer and still "protecting" it. Their software does not come with antivirus or anything to "protect" my computer. If it did, I would not have had to purchase antivirus software which caught so many things.

The software they speak of is similar to LogmeIn. In order for them to troubleshoot your computer they have to have access to it. That was the only way the software was used. When I did not renew with them they tried to extort me by telling me the software was still installed. This made no sense. I quickly uninstalled the software just like you would any other program.

They are a crooked company, very aggressive in sales and always try to get you to purchase software that you can get cheaper at Frys or through Amazon.

My recommendation for those currently using iYogi is that if you do not wish to renew, quickly cancel your credit card or make sure that your credit card company denies all charges iYogi attempts to make. Even if you don't want to renew, they will still charge your card and try to convince you to keep their services.

They should be investigated for fraud.

New Reviewer

Up-sell, bait/switch, phone calls forever after. Better alternative: Get some young local computer-nerd to do it for 1/10 price.

Expert Reviewer

☠ Security Issues
Before use, you need to do a "search" to see just what you are "really" getting into...

☛ "A security researcher named Brian Krebs write about what he experienced when he testing iYogi's support:

☛ He writes about being encouraged to sign up for an "expensive support package" in order to resolve 'problems' that the iYogi rep claimed they found on his "virgin Windows XP installed" computer.

☠ iYogi insists on remote access to your computer. Which is very dangerous with an unknown/untrusted company as often they will "install" malware or even their own code to infect your computer to prove you have problems, then they try to charge you an arm and a leg to buy their products, which cost hundreds of dollars (not counting the monthly service fee), that have NOTHING to do with your computers problem! As they caused, installed or initiated the problem ti begin with! These "computer support" sites which "impost remote access" to your computer and your email account are very suspicious and often conduct scammy operations.

✍ As a result of the security researcher article, the makers of the Avast, one of the most respected Anti Virus companies in the world, announced that they are ending there relationship with iYogi and discontinued their use of iYogi as a 3rd Party Support Company for support services.

✍ Read the stories here:

Reputation discussions - Avast Ends its Relationship With Controversial 3rd Party Support Company, Iyogi

☠ Which lists these related sites:
(last reference is a subdomain for a file hosting service

New Reviewer

I stumbled on this site rather late in the game. I too have been hosed by iYogi after being patched through to their Indian office while calling the online number for NetGear.
I do not believe the techs are necessarily devious, but more likely poverty-stricken and doing all they can to earn a living.
On the OTHER hand, the corporate component is blatantly DISHONEST. Do NOT trust them. They are deceptive and immoral. I want them out of business because they are corrupting the image of India. Surely, there must be some agency that can take them on. In the meantime, you have been warned.

New Reviewer

I have had the iYogi service for several years and have found it so frustrating. Everytime I call or use their support dock it is hours on the phone. I was having a problem getting it to boot up. They convinced me to upgrade the operating system from Vista to Windows 7 which I did. It didnt really help. A month after installing Win 7 i called for help again. TWO hours into the conversation they were still pressuring me to upgrade to windows 8. They got a supervisor on the phone and they wouldn't just fix the issue. I just kept saying please fix the problem. I finally caved and purchased 8. Two nights ago i called to have them install it. 5 hours on the phone. It is still not fully installed. Then they told me that the anti-virus program wasn't compatible so i had to purchse that. Then they pressured me into purchasing hard drive protection. At 11pm I couldnt take it anymore so we set up an appointment for tonight to finish it. I left work early to be here and they never called. I tried calling them to get another technician and i was on hold for 30minutes and no one picked up so i finally hung up. So i will need to call again tomorrow to try to connect. They NEVER keep appointments except when they are selling you renewing your service contract...they are all over that! I cant wait until they are out of my life!!!

New Reviewer

Signed up for the minimum support deal, have not called me back since. They even sent an email stating the time they would call back and did not. DO NOT USE THIS SITE THEY HAVE TAKEN MY MONEY AND HAVE GIVEN NOTHING BACK.

New Reviewer

Stay away from iYogi. At best they are clueless; at worst, they are crooks.

I called them because of a compatibility issue between a brand new Windows 8 PC and a 3 year old Epson printer. I thought I was on Epson's driver download site but somehow got intercepted by a live tech support person at iYogi. She took control of my computer and immediately commented on how slow it was running. "Don't worry though," she said. "I'll clean up your computer and get it running properly as soon as I fix your printer problem." 20 minutes later, no progress on the printer problem, but my PC was running even slower and scary pop-ups were appearing on the screen saying things like, "Your computer is about to crash."

"See this box?" She moved the cursor to one of the pop-ups. "Your computer has some serious viruses, but I can fix it. Why don't you sit back and have a cup of coffee while I work?"

"Who''s paying for this?" I wanted to know. It was like pulling teeth to get a straight answer, but finally she said that while a lot of the work was free, it would take $150 to fully sanitize my computer.

Being convinced that iYogi had deliberately caused the problems they were now offering to fix, I pulled the plug on the Live Tech Support. Then I went to work: turned back on the firewall that had been turned off; removed 4 spyware programs that had mysteriously appeared; went to the real Epson site and downloaded the right driver; installed it - and everything works. But I am still worried about identity theft etc. I mean, God knows what they sucked out of my computer while they had access.

Oh yes . . . my computer miraculously recovered its speed . . . after I detached iYogi's drogue chute ;-)

New Reviewer

They were continually trying to suck more money out of me.Everytime I tried to get their help they would go into a long sales pitch about one or more products I needed to help protect my computer.There was one item they insisted I buy that would negate my need to call them,basically a program that would do their job.I did purchase it due to their hounding me but after some thought I canceled it.Initially I thought I was getting the full service package for about $200 and then every time I called they would keep trying to get me to extend my package another year and also buy their choice of virus protection (McCaffee) both of which I did until I had three years of service and protection (I thought) and then they inform me that for the complete package including updates I needed to spend another $100.I was continually harassed about my operating system (windows XP) and how I needed to upgrade to windows 7 or 8.Every time they fixed my problem I had two more problems until I was so frustrated I would go to a friend of mine who was a microsoft certified tech and he would clean up the mess they had left.My last dealing with them didn't fix the problem and then my dvd reader would not work,they blamed this on my operating system so I purchased windows 7 but could not install it as my dvd reader would not work.After messing around for about two hours I was informed that it could only be fixed by a house call,take it or leave it.As I said every time they fixed something my problems seemed to get worse,this or that would not work or if I called about my system being so slow they would keep me on the phone for three hours,claim my problem was solved and as soon as I returned to my computer it was just as slow as before.It got to the point where I was afraid to call as I did not want another three hours wasted with no resolution.I can't understand why I have to stay on the phone as there have been one or two occassions when they have told me they would get back to me when they were finished.Anyone who considers using this service should be ready to shell out about $600 before they will get full service as opposed to the $100 to $200 they initially tell you to sucker you in.Oh yes they really suck up to you to get that first payment, I feel that they are only interested selling you as much as possible and fixing your computer is their secondary objective.

New Reviewer

I had a problem with one of my laptops not being able to print. I was referred by Epson to the iyogi website. I was badgered to pay for a years subscription but managed to get by with a two-time tuneup. After the repair was made the problem still existed so I called again. The second time I was nagged again for a years subscription. I was able to get the problem solved but they charged me again for a second visit even though it was still the initial problem. My repair would have been less expensive through another website. Don't waste your money at iyogi.

New Reviewer

I was steered to this horrible company through Belkin and I regret the entire experience. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes on the phone just to set up the "appointment" with their "experienced technician". That should have been my first clue. The tech was late arriving, did not understand what was the problem with my laptop (it would not boot). He ended up erasing all my files and left me with a computer that was worthless. After another hour on the phone, I got my money back. Also know that it is not a fee for service, but a "subscription" that automatically renews, which was never explained to me. STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

I called on 12th November. The number I rang was a KODAK number. IYOGI intercepted this call, or they advertised as Kodak. A very helpful lady answered my call. SHe told me she would help and attach my printer. She spends hours and hours and hours on my PC. I lost over half a day from my work. She told me my PC was FULL of viruses, over 169. If I did not let her take them off my PC, it would crash. As a novice, I was worried about this, so I agreed for her to take over my PC.
SHe told me I had to Pay £119.99. I relectantly agreed because I did not want my PC damage, I had recently purchased it. They told me I had 24 hr cover for any I.T. problems in the future. The lady ran an unauthorised diagnostic test for me. It showed lots and lots of errors. This was strange because my PC had hardly been used and the internet had hardly been used. Later I was told by BT, this was a scam. WHen I asked the lady to re run the diagnostic test to show she had fixed the problems, she refused !. I have tried to call IYGOI, but they do not answer the phone. I have been scammed and conned out of £119.99. I have asked for a refund for which I am still waiting for. I have alerted KODAK they are mis representing them. I have called the Indian Police and going to write to the British High Commission in New Delhi. This company has caused me a lot of problems and my PC is damaged and will not print. I am unable to delete their docking icoms on my desk top. I am not sure what other internal damage they have caused. The lady agent told me lots of lies. Please do NOT deal with this company. If they have conned you, please do call the Police and try to get them closed down.

New Reviewer

My Mac was running slow and was rather sluggish; also it took exactly 30 seconds to shut down when I attempted to put it to sleep. I called iyogi for help. I thought the price of their service was steep, but agreed to buy a two year tech support plan. They also took control of my computer so as to be able to fix whatever the problem was. After working on it a while they told me they thought it was fixed and turned control back to me. The problems seem to be fixed. It is much faster and the sleep problem is no longer an issue. So far I am very pleased with their service.

New Reviewer

Hi there...I have never posted a negative blog, review, etc. in my life. But when it comes to, I only wish I'd known what I was dealing with, so I'm going to share the experience I had a couple of weeks ago, and offer some advice: RUN DON'T WALK. I had never heard of iyogi until recently, but I saw their ad running alongside the Apple website, so I stupidly assumed that Apple was endorsing them. So stupid of me. Well, I clicked on the ad, where I saw the iyogi telephone number, and I made the call. Boy did I regret it. The iyogi rep (a very pleasant fellow located in India or nearby country) convinced me that it would be safe for him to gain remote-access control of my computer, while another one of his tech team started to work on it as well. It is important to say that I was not calling with a computer problem, because I did not have any computer problem. I was merely calling to update my Apple iphone software, so I could load (audiobooks) onto my Iphone. The iyogi rep told me he would need to gain control of my computer, in order to help me update the Iphone software. I was so this point, I actually thought because Apple was affiliated with iyogi (and they are not), that this would be a free, simple few clicks, and we'd be updated. WRONG! The rep began to operate my computer remotely (out of my control), and then made me hold for a long, long time, while his tech support was helping to "facilitate the update". While I was on hold, I used another phone to call my sister, who is tech-savvy (unlike me). I told her I was getting a little nervous about what they were doing to my computer, and the first thing she said was, "Oh please don't say you're on the phone with iyogi". It was too late. They did the same thing to my computer that they did to a friend of hers. They loaded a virus (actually, two viruses) on my computer while they had my computer under remote access, and then told me I had a serious problem with my computer, and that I would need to pay $200 to fix the problem. This is exactly what happened to my sister's friend, and exactly what happened to me. I was in tears. All I had called them for, was to ask them help me update my iphone software so I could listen to an audiobook on my iphone! The rep would not let me off the phone, he was insistent that I pay the $200 to fix the problem, until I began to get really fired up at him. The whole call, from start to finish, took almost an hour (a lot of time for the tech to load the virus while I was naively waiting on the phone, plus the time for the rep to try and make me buy the $200 plan). It was a true nightmare. Finally, the rep let me go, but he requested that I talk to his supervisor before we ended the call.....which to me was very suspicious. I felt that the rep was going to get in trouble because he did not make the $200 sale, so he had to let his supervisor know that there was no way I was buying anything from them. Afterward, my sister helped me locate the viruses they had loaded: Worm:Ramnit, and Trojan:Agent. I have Norton Anti-Virus, it scans regularly on an automatic basis, it ALWAYS had showed "no threats" on the scans, but now it was showing these two new viruses. Sister fortunately knew how to help, because she had helped her friend with the same thing. She helped me load some "fix-it" software, but my computer has not been the same since, and although it worked perfectly before iyogi fooled with it, my computer now freezes constantly, and also occasionally shuts off on its own, so it looks like I'll be needing a new one. RUN DONT WALK. The folks that own this company may not realize what is going on in India/neighboring country, but sinister things are me, I felt like I was the victim of non-policed, cyber-space criminal activity. I can tell from reading these other reviews, that iyogi is getting away with it too often. Did I say this already? RUN DONT WALK. Good Luck to you, because if you are reading this site, you may have a problem with your computer, but if you ask iyogi for help, you are asking for serious trouble.

New Reviewer

I had good luch with them in the beginning but eventually I got a tecky who royally screwed up my computer, after 5 more calls and hours and hours on the phone my computer was dead and had to be replaced. Also, difficult to understand some fo the tecky english.

New Reviewer

iyogi represented their co. as part of microsoft on the web.They told me I had hundreds of viruses which they could remove while I was online for a fee.I agreed and what they did was damaging to my computer.they removed programs i wanted and installed their own original complaint was that i could not log on to my broker.i later found out the problem was the broker's .there were no viruses on my computer.ihad to hire a local technician for repair

New Reviewer

Unfortunately, I found this website after I had already purchased their yearly service contract for over $300. This company is incredibly good at hiding their true colors and I’ve looked extensively for information about this company and I’m only finding reviews written about iYogi, BY iYogi. I believe that they are writing their own reviews because of the grammar and spelling in each of the reviews. They dont seem to be written by someone whose english is their first language.

Anyway, back to our original reason for posting this review. We purchased their service a little over a year ago and have been waiting for it to be over. They constantly call for renewal period, but WE ARE NOT INTERESTED. During that year we had to hire a separate online computer repair company, to properly repair our computer. After the second time of having to hire another company to repair the original virus issue we hired them for, we signed up with the year contract with the other company.

During our tenure with these guys they would tell us we had more problems with our computer than what we actually had. We had to contact an internet provider of internet services, to repair the machine and fix the mistakes they made. This happened on a couple of occasions. We decided it was far better to purchase the actual service agreement from a US based company (ie the one above.) Their technicians were easy to understand and explained the problems that iYogi caused with our machine.

Buyer beware.

New Reviewer

My wireless was unsecured, and I tried to make it secure, but I couldn't figure out how to reconfigure it. I could not access the internet at that point, so I called my niece to get the phone number for Linksys. She gave me a phone number which ended up being iYogi. When they answered the phone, I asked if it was Linksys and "yes" was the response. I was then connected to a technician who started working on my problem. After she had worked on it for a while, she said she had to ask her supervisor about it, and then I was told that I had to pay $199 to correct the problem. Of course they emphasized that it included a year of technical support for the computer, an iphone and an ipad. I said I don't have the two later, and I asked if it would be cheaper to just get a new router and fix it that way. They then negated that. I initially paid the fee, thinking that I was dealing with Linksys, and then I asked if there was a cheaper plan. They said I could pay $169 for just the computer. At the end of the session, the technician finally said that iYogi is an independent contractor, not affiliated with Linksys, to which I replied that I had thought I had called Linksys. After the call, I googled iYogi, and it did market itself with the Linksys name on the things that came up. I then called iYogi back and said that I wanted a refund because I was misled, in what really amounts to a bait and switch, and the customer service rep. said that I would then be charged $59.99 for a one time session. That had never been given as an option before, and I insisted that I get a refund because they misrepresented themselves. I was told that the refund would be processed immediately, but I wonder after reading the reviews on this. I now wonder if I was also foolish for allowing them remote access to my computer. I will certainly be wary next time I need assistance. The one good thing about iYogi was that the technicians were very polite.

New Reviewer

I am surprised to see complaints against iYogi. I seriously doubt if any of those are genuine complaints.

Initially, I also posted a complaint against iYogi on one of the bulletin board and within hrs I received a telephone call from iYogi’s Customer Service Department.

The iYogi Customer Service representative told me that he had thoroughly researched the entire matter.

He then confirmed with me that I had no complaints against his company regarding the amount of money that his company had charged to us because iYogi had not charged us any money and that I had no complaints against his company regarding the quality of the services that his company had provided to us because iYogi had not provided us with any services.

The iYogi Customer Service representative then asked me if there were anything at all that his company could do for me. So I told him that my mother’s computer keyboard was malfunctioning.

Then, the iYogi Customer Service representative told me that he would try to fix my mother's computer problem free of charge the very next day.

As arranged, the next day the iYogi Customer Service representative called me back, completely fixed my mother’s computer, and did not charge us any money at all for this repair.

As a result, I retracted the complaint against iYogi that I had previously posted. Moreover, I now strongly endorse this company and recommend it to all consumers.

As indicated above, my previous complaint never involved the quality of iYogi’s services or the money it charges for those services. My mother had simply called this company and iYogi had then simply informed her of the services it provides and the cost of such services. My mother was then free to decline these services, which she did, and iYogi never charged her anything at all. All of that is clearly stated in my previous complaint.

However, as soon as iYogi’s Customer Service Department heard that I had made a complaint, a representative from that Department immediately investigated my complaint and then contacted me to see what he could do for me. Then, when I told the Customer Service representative that my mother’s computer was malfunctioning, he fixed her computer free of charge.

I don’t think anyone could ask for more than that! So you can see why I now recommend iYogi.

New Reviewer

iyogi technicians was very very knowledgable, professional, and helpful. I was attended by 3 of them and each one was able to communicate all issues in a easy to understand manner. All issues are now fixed and I feel comfortable with the virus protection service they have installed on my pc. iYogi is AWESOME!!

New Reviewer

Amazing site. i really liked the new home page of the website. And great service. I am their custoemr for past 4 years. they always fixed my pc whenever required and now they support my wife's apple laptop as well. :)

New Reviewer

I had very good cosumer sevice. I am an old woman and I have very little computer knowledge. I was treated with respect even though I could not understand some of their instructions but they worked around it. The price seemed a little steep but if after the service I received, it was worth. I like that I have support at any time and they did resolve my issues and my computer is performing great! Thanks iyogi

New Reviewer

Let's face it, online service is a crapshoot and I have been scammed before. You can only hope you'll get a solution in a timely, cost effective manner.

I've spent days and many hours trying to solve my problems alone. And I now live in a rural area where good computer techs are not easy to find. So when my computer crashed again I thought it would take days to resolve it myself.

Now friends, I've been working with PC's for media production in my studio business since 1995. So it's not like I don't know anything about computers. And I know the value of finding a good tech, driving my computer in for service, and waiting a couple of days for an answer. I ALWAYS treat technicians with great respect.

My experience with iyogi came when my AVAST update
crashed my computer. My call for support was instantly referred to them.

Here's the bad news. iyogi should do a better job of explaining how and why you are referred to a third party provider. BUT - after dealing with primary providers for Toshiba, HP and others, I can tell you that iyogi was superior in their customer service training, manner and approach.

They correctly diagnosed the problem and fixed it within 2 hours. It would have taken me that long to drive the computer into the shop and return home. Plus it would have cost a tech charge to do exactly the same thing. And I would have spent 2 more hours going to and coming from the repair shop on another day.

Maybe my problem was tailor made for them (registry errors, corrupted software) and maybe they can't identify and fix everything. OK fine.
But they did what they did for me in a timely and professional manner. Pretty good for remote service.

Here's another tip. The people I dealt with were kind, patient and capable. I was more than a little unhappy that I was having this problem. But it's never a good idea to spread that anger or talk down to people who are trying to help you. So we worked on it together. I remembered tech. names and we talked it through to solve the problem one on one.

Yes they have Indian accents and I have an American accent so I had to ask the tech to repeat himself sometimes for my American ears. But he got it done. And I was grateful to have a person to work with directly.

My computer works now. It's faster. And I made the price of my annual fee back on one job.

Finally - my tech called me back to make sure the work was done correctly. We personally wished each other well. And that's how personal service should be.

New Reviewer

My McAfee failed to protect me against something called Vista Anti-Virus 2012 and when I called for free tech support iYogi took the call.

Although they are based in India the tech was extremely knowledgeable, spoke coherent English, and was very friendly to which I was to find out why later.

After transferring control of my computer to him it took about an hour to get it out of my computer. During the time he was running removal tools he showed me that my computer had a boat load of other problems which I thought he was going to fix then for free -Wrong

Then he hit with the sales pitch that my computer needed a good cleaning which iYogi could do with a 1 year program for $149 or 2 year for $249 which were higher than prices I had seen in PC World from this same company, but much lower than I had been quoted from other places.

I told him it just wasn't within my budget because of the Holidays but I may consider it later and agreed to a phone call in mid Jan annd d to sharpen his pencil.

Then he started with the Typical Salesman Hard Sell Urgency approach and couldn't guarantee price after Christmas but would talk to his boss just for me.

To make a long story short I will probably use them to clean my computer based on my previous experience with them and the lower cost, that is if he sharpens up his pencil cause I spent a lifetime in sales and understand who you can $#*!er and Deal with.

New Reviewer

Hi, I used iYogi because my virus program was not installing. When I called the number for Mcafee I got iYogi. I paid the $169.00 fee for a year, unlimited problems. They were on my computer 3 times and could not fix the problem. I asked for a refund. They tried to talk me out of it but I wanted a refund. They refunded $110.00 of the $169.00. Charged me $59.00 for the service. I am going to try to get this back. Have any suggestions? Josephine

Apprentice Reviewer

When the so-called "gurus" at one of my ISPs (also my DSL provider) could not reslove my problem, they sent me to iYogi. Everybody there treated me with courtesy and resolved my problem with on call. For my hundred seventy simoleons, I get 24/7 assistance in removing software and other problems. Sure, they're in India, but so what? I get a year of polite and competent assistance. And my computer was full of junk files and long running programs that were slowing me down, and eating memory, and this was the best and easiest way. i'm as contented as an oyster under the dock of a cornmeal mill.

New Reviewer

I just had a bad experience with Iyogi, having been steered there by Avast's website. After declining Iyogi's subscription services, they offered to have a technician work on my system to remove a suspected virus. He loaded MalwareBytes, ran a quick scan which did not find any malware. Then he began going through the user directories deleting desktop.ini files, no big deal, but he also deleted boot.ini and io.sys from the root. Then he tells me to reboot. I chat back, asking if the pc is expected to boot after deleting the boot.ini. He responds that yes, it will, that it is one of the commonly infected files. Hey, boot.ini is clear text -- we could have opened it in Notepad and seen if there was any problem with it! So I let him proceed with the reboot and get stopped when XP can't find hal. Oh well, I was about ready to reformat that hard drive and reinstall anyway. So, I won't be recommending Iyogi, and I will now stop recommending Avast since they sent me there. Any opinions on the best AV software these days?

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