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LONDON, N13 4BS, United Kingdom
Tel: 1-877-801-9065
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4 reviews
2 helpful votes

if you do not cancel within 5 days, they will charge your credit card $34,95 a month and when you find out by reading your credit card statement, they will refund anything.

Don't be fooled by the so-called "Satisfaction Guaranteed" on their website.

Ask karl about ItsHD
1 review
0 helpful votes

How can i cancel my membership from itsHD please help me

Ask manisha about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes


Ask Got about ItsHD
1 review
0 helpful votes

this site fooled me into signing up to a free 5 day trial for $3.95US however I was charged $5.59AU and an extra $1.42AU...and the movies are all c grade quality and really crap movies. DO NOT SIGN UP

Ask Daniel about ItsHD
1 review
1 helpful vote

They do not have the movies that are recent only older movies. This was not the site that I was attempting to get.

Ask Marie about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

I don't even have a membership with this company and it take $27.11 dollars out of my bank every month or so

Ask Rebecca about ItsHD
1 review
11 helpful votes

The marketing strategy of is pretty aggressive, so be careful!

I didn't even complete the form, I just filled in my e-mail adress and then decided not to sign up after reading several warnings (including this page).

I closed the window without sending any information (to my knowledge) or clicking any buttons, and just a few seconds later I got an e-mail urging me to sign up,

Here is the e-mail:

"Dear Cinephile,
Our records show that you were unable to complete the signup process for a ItsHD Regular Membership. We would like to invite you to complete your registration and reassure you that there is NO COST associated with this offer, guaranteed. Complete the signup and watch a movie for free.

Signup for a FREE Regular Membership and Watch a Movie Now"

There has been a lot of reports about this site regarding problems with canceling subscriptions before and after the monthly payment kicks in, not finding the movie that lured you into signing up in the first place, a no-reply policy when it comes to questions and canceling subscriptions etc.

My advice is NOT to sign up and NOT giving them your credit card number.

Ask Stargazer about ItsHD
1 review
8 helpful votes

In short, they charge you from day six after the free trail, if you don't remember to cancel your "membership" thats fair enough. but they also might charge you 24,95 after you have cancelled. I cancelled my membership after 3 days into the 5 day trail. and thought I was done... but no. I just found out that they have charged my account for months now after i cancelled. they wont answer my mails and when I got them on the phone my cancelation was registered. but they still "stole" money from my account.

So to summarise: DON´T EVER SIGN UP WITH ITSHD! they will steal, make it hard for you to reach them in hope that you will give up.

Ask Marius about ItsHD
1 review
10 helpful votes

I was scammed to by ITSHD, I have NO IDEA how they got my credit card information and I was dbilled for several months without noticeing this. After investigation, my credit card company said that the transaction appears to be valid. This is the biggest SCAM I have encountered online!!

Ask JOANNE about ItsHD
1 review
7 helpful votes

I never received an email and I used my debit visa so I don't know what to do To cancel it because I don't have the number.

Ask Elizabeth about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

I never would have authorized a 49.95 charge free trial or not. Because I already have netflix or hulu.

Ask s about ItsHD
1 review
10 helpful votes

Complete and TOTAL's cost me 200 to NOT watch a single movie by them!! How do we stop them?

Ask Shari about ItsHD
1 review
10 helpful votes

I was looking to watch a bit of an obscure movie about WWII and a post directed me to this website. First off the movie wasn't even available after I registered and then I couldn't cancel my trial online or they would charge me. I had to call them to cancel for free! Craziness. At least the lady on the phone was reasonable and listened.

Ask Caleb about ItsHD
1 review
9 helpful votes

I was just charged US $1 on my amazon/chase CC, from, which I have never even heard of. I had to close my Amazon/Chase card. I contacted, and the woman was rude, and kept telling me I don't have an account there, of course I don't, it was charged as fraud, but she credited the US $1 back to the CC, which I told her I already canceled.

Ask Dean about ItsHD
1 review
8 helpful votes

Thank you all for posting these things I was trying to sign up with a gift card but they wouldn't take it so I decided to look at reviews to figure out why. Thank you all

Ask Kiki about ItsHD
1 review
8 helpful votes

this website is fraud. right After i signed up i canceled right away on the phone. and i want to talk directly to them to get a confirmation for the cancellation but no one on the phone. Few days later they charged me 0.95 cent.
I called my bank and let them know and my bank refund back to me 0.95 cent.
I am not sure what we should do to stop this website. I called this number 877-801-9065 and complain that all movies are scraps, why they charge me 0.95 cent even I already cancelled. I told them to look at the review, they all have one star. they hang up on me. I called again and tell them that they should remove that website

Ask hanh about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

Also had the same issue like the rest of you. they ve charged me 1 euro immediately after signing up for a free trial. Had to call the bank and cancel my card. Unfortunate once the payment is made you can not claim your money back. Good i saw these posts on time!

Ask ANDREAS about ItsHD
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

crap movies, cant get onto website to cancel before payments start, Stay away from this site, nothing but a hassle whilst getting ripped off! NOT GOOD!

Ask Tui about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

It's a scam! They say you can sign up for a free membership on a month to month basis but their terms and conditions contradict their marketing.


And their catalog of shows suck. Stay away, far, far away! Hope this helps save you $35.00+ When I went to cancel, they offered monthly for $2.00. What a joke!

Ask Tim about ItsHD
1 review
6 helpful votes

I didn't think i would ever say this…but I got SCAMMED today!!!!
I wondered across this site because i typed in the name of a recent movie on google and the site came up as a "watch it online" i went into it and it told me to sign up to a free 5 day trial by putting my credit card, afterwords it gave me the choice of picking the membership i wanted and i chose the free trial but when i clicked on it a popup window came up that told me that option wasn't available anymore and that i had chosen the premium membership which was only 3.95 a month

I was like "no" but okay i mean its a reasonable price for a movie website, I'm a member of netflix and i love it but it doesn't have very recent movies and i thought maybe this site would…well it didn't, i couldn't find any movies not even the one i found this website through so i started to panic. I immediately researched the website and found all these comments saying it was a scam…I died a little inside thinking i could have been scammed out of thousands of dollars, thankfully i contacted my bank, since i couldn't undo my membership through the site and I'm international so the phone number didnt work either and i just cancelled my credit card. So thanks to this BS of a website I'm without a credit card for a week until they can mail me my new number :'(

I learned a valuable lesson today- NEVER give your billing info to pages that aren't amazon, iTunes or victoria's secret

Ask Luana about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

SCAM!! a complete scam they people for the website are going to tell you that they need your credit card info so that they can verify where u live when really all they are going to do is charge you money.... don't fall for what i did.. i just got off the phone with my credit card company and cancel my old card and they are sending me a new one ... Complete bs.... i call the number and cancelled my "membership" as well

Ask Briana about ItsHD
1 review
7 helpful votes

SCAM!!!!! RUN! I was signing up for another site and somehow ended up accidentally giving these crooks my credit card info; The person at their 'call centre' admitted she was in the 'Carribean' before she hung up on me when I asked if a charge was going to appear on my statement as I wanted their membership cancelled (they use bait and switch via other sites); I reported them as a scammer to my bank when I cancelled my card. DO NOT give these criminals your information. I am sure they are paying off the corrupt officials in the corrupt country that they are located in and won't be arrested.

Ask S about ItsHD
6 reviews
58 helpful votes

This is a Ripoff outfit.
Just know that i have contacted the FTC with all the below information and it appears the FTC are already aware of them and are going to break some bones real soon.

They have a chain of websites that have the same look and feel and
they basically create new domain names each time one of their domains gets too many complaints.,,,,,,,,,,

The difference between the sites is minor to non existent.
Its a simple tactic , you guys are complaining about while tomorrow it will be named , if has too many complaints then they create etc etc..
So basically while you guys complain about they already moved on to create a different website name that will get all the flack from that point.

Here is how the scam works:
1.They have an affiliate network called "Affiliatebuzz":
Affiliates are website owners (in this case movie websites) that put the ads for affiliatebuzz websites (such as on their domains. Usually they have banners aimed to trick customers showing movies still in theater and some kind of "download now" button , a video that starts and requests you to register or some other form of trickery. Each time an affiliate brings a customer (a sucker) they pay him 10$ - 16$ per registration so these affiliates are highly motivated tp continue doing this.

2.The customer(you) visiting the affiliate site clicks on a banner or whatever and gets sent to on of the affiliatebuzz sites such as thinking he will get the movie he clicked on.
3.The website tells the customer it's just a free trial and the customer, thinking he will get the movie he initially clicked on registers for the free trial.
The terms of the sale are very shady (on purpose) making the customer not really aware what he is actually buying and what it will actually cost him.

4.After registering it is very hard to cancel. This part i am sure all the good people in this forum are aware of so i will not elaborate.

Statistically many of you will not notice the charges for a while or are not aware of your consumer rights (like chargebacks) and this is how this outfit survived so far.

But good news! blatant scams like this NEVER last long and frankly I'm surprised they didn't get their merchant account suspended and a major lawsuit up until now.
But the FTC is working on these guys .
The way the FTC operates, they take a while to gather all the evidence and they do it quietly. Once they are done they hit fast and hard with a millions of dollars lawsuit backed by top law firms. It doesn't matter is the site is in US,UK or whatever, the FTC has very long hands.
So stay tuned because justice is on it's way.

And sorry for all of the people who got suckered in by this fraud.

Ask richard about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

can't believe I got scammed too. I thought that only happened to old people. I just did this tonight, thought I was getting a "free" membership. Then get an email saying the $39 monthly charge. PANIC!! I cancelled via the phone number in the e-mail, then called and actually got a person. I told her they are scam artists, nowhere does it say there is a charge when you sign up. I made her verify my membership was cancelled. Which it was, I then called my credit card company and reported this. They have kindly blocked my card and are mailing me a new one with different I think I'm safe..and suggest you do the same with your credit cards to be sure you're not charged anymore.

Ask James about ItsHD
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have no recollection of signing up and am being charged $40/month. It's a complete scam.

Ask Kirk about ItsHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

i got scammed as well. to cancel your account, you have to call the number in the email. the site doesnt have a link to cancel the account on it. i called the number and cancelled the account. i then tried to sign back on three times and it said each time that the email and password were invalid. if you need to cancel the account call the number on the email.

Ask m about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

Scam artists. I didn't register for this site.. I have no idea how they got my details. I noticed €35 coming out of my account last week and looked into. Was seriously shocked to see it went to a website I have never heard of. It turns out I had paid them for 9 months!!! I rang them up and was told I could only be offered a 6 months refund. I asked to speak to a supervisor but there was not one available. I left my details with "Shelly Ann" from "the Carribean".
No call came.
I ran again and AGAIN there was no supervisor. Had no option but to leave my details. I'm not expecting a call back.

Ask Darren about ItsHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

Crap website and its hard to cancel tried finding out who they are and had issues locating the site again and when I do finally log on the movies as previous people they are crap and you wonder why people look at downloading movies illegally will find another way where I do not have to pay so much I might as well have Foxtel in place LOL

Ask Arthur about ItsHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

complete scam. Its a piece of garbage movie site, with no decent movie. Once you cancel, you get charged for the dollar...something (more than they mention). On top of it, you get a confirmation of the cancellation but they charge you another $40 even though you cancel within the 5 day grace period that they allow you. I cancelled within the hour of signing up and got charged the $40 anyway. All in all complete scam organization.

Ask felix about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

(1) they charge for what they claim is FREE.
(2) you CANNOT log into their site.
(3) when you send trouble tickets to their support, they NEVER come back.
(4) they will bill you on a RECURRING basis.
(5) they charge you for terminating their service, if you ever succeed terminating.

(1) have your credit card replaced so that there's no more recurring charges.
(2) report this con job of a merchant to your credit card company.

Ask Rip about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was just about to register for the free trial when I thought I'd check to see what other people felt about this sight. Thank you very much for being there and saving me from an unpleasant experience.

Ask Karen about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

I too was a sucker...after considerable enjoyment of Netflix, I turned to this site because they were promoting western movies which I enjoy. Trusting they were similar to Netflix, I gave them my credit card number to take advantage of the free trial....little did I know that I would be billed Cdn$42.47 and not even get to see a single film on their site. I am going to notify the RCMP of what I consider a scam ao that they can deal with it internationally.

Ask Bob about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

I too fell for their free trial but thought that the 39.95 was a yearly fee. I used it once and was not impressed. I now found out that I have been charged 39.95 for april, 39.95 for may, and aleady charged for june! I called them twice and both times was disconnected! I had to call my credit card to cancle any future charges but I am still out $120 for the one partial movie. This company is located in the UK and should be investigated.

Ask robert about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

i dont know why, this website was charged me on my debit account.... however, i never use this website though. i dont understand...
anyone know how to refound my money back?

thank you

Ask dea about ItsHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

I gave them a seldom used email address I have, but when I found out they wanted my cc number to view a "free" tv show, I didn't sign up. Within 48 hours I received over 2600 spam emails in that account. I never received any prior to that. DO NOT give them your email address!!

Ask b about ItsHD
6 reviews
22 helpful votes

I did not sign up for Itshd- but I too fell for its claims for a free trial ($2.95 per month after) and got doooped by one called REELHD when my show was not available - later I went through my browser history and noticed three other sites I did not sign up for: PushPlay, Cineplay, ItsHD, but I somehow automatically became a member - I read the terms and conditions and it said NOTHING about these sites. When I typed my username in to these other sites Viola- I wasn't even aware I was a member!!!! Exact same spout about free trials and there contact numbers were all 1-2 digits different. MAKE SURE YOUR NOT CHARGED FOR EACH SITE! I called the company within 2 days of signing up- they sent me a notice to refund $0.95 ???? wtf? SCAM SCAM SCAM you can get free shows and movies off UTorrent.

Ask Carolynn about ItsHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was looking for a video which was for a time available to watch for free at, but it was removed -- maybe due to copyright, but I'm not sure. I searched for the video using, and found a website called which claimed they would show the video for free. When I clicked the link, it told me that I had to register with and give my credit card info. Like a fool, I registered, but once I realized how involved it all was, I started to fear that canceling would be even more involved, and that I might incur a whole bunch of unwanted expense. I called itsHD's office, and they actually seemed helpful in a way at first about helping me cancel, but I still became outraged that the whole thing happened in the first place because they said that they didn't even have the video I wanted. I asked the operator how this could be, and she said that I must have got bumped to them from another website (as if, whoops, things like this happen just by accident). She claimed that they were not affiliated with movie25, but this sounded really fishy to me. I asked her if she knew what "bait 'n switch" means. She would not answer my question, and after I demanded an answer, she put me on hold, and some other woman (a supervisor?) came on. I asked where they were, and she said that they were in the Caribean (nothing more specific), but that their main office was in U.K. I wondered because my card and I are in U.S. and I didn't know if they were beyond the reach of U.S. law. -- to be continued --

Ask Rob about ItsHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

NEVER give out your information for ANY reason. They trick you into signing something you don't know you're signing. That kind of chicanery is not of course contractually binding, especially when the offer is not at all what it is advertised to be (nothing WORKS on the site!), but they don't want you to know that. I check my bank balance regularly online but today, I caught them charging 34,95 euro for the past SEVEN months and somehow it had slipped my notice!. At once I called customer service.

The girl was reluctant but agreed to refund November, December and January, stating that it was "company policy" not to refund more than three months. I told her that "company policy" has no bearing on the obligation to refund wrongful charges. She then castigated ME for not noticing it on my bank statements and even asked me if I checked them every month (as if it were any of her business). I asked to speak to her supervisor, whom she said was busy and would return my call when she was off the other line. "If there's nothing else I can do for you, please disconnect now," she then said.

Might I add that, in between sound bits, I heard what seemed to be her blowing a raspberry into the mouthpiece?

I received an e-mail confirming the refund for the three months; I shot back that I was owed seven. I then received another e-mail confirming refund for another three months and graciously responded, thanking them for their prompt reaction but reminding them gently that they still owed one more month. Their reaction?

"According to our records here, you have already been credited the full amount of 6 refunds which can be issued as stated in our companies' policy. No more refunds can be issued on this account.

"We here at ItsHD do apologize for the inconvenience caused. We understand your position in this matter and hope that you can understand ours as well."

And here was my retort:

"On the phone I was told that your company policy was to refund a maximum of three times. By e-mail you have now told me that your policy is to refund a maximum of six times.

"As a matter of fact, I was wrongly charged seven times, and there is no 'company policy' in any jurisdiction that can override your obligation to put that right.

"Therefore, I reiterate my request for one additional refund of 34,95 €."

I think they know they're playing with fire. My advice: seek your refund AGGRESSIVELY and unrelentingly, before they go out of business and burn the house down behind them!

Ask Nicholas about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was shocked to see the $39.99 on my statement and it took me a long time to figure out where the money had gone. Lesson is, don't give out your bank details to try get a free trial.


I emailed their customer service informing them that I had not watched any movies during my trial (nothing worked) and could I please have a REFUND. They responded within afew hours and 3 days later the money was back in my account. I wasn't expecting to see that money again, seriously impressed!

Ask Jess about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

This website is a complete an utter joke, I only ended up on it through an accidental click on a different website, then all of a sudden im getting emails from them 'thanking me for joining and they hope i enjoy my free trial'

Then I go to a cash machine and see that i have been charged for the subscription, i have no idea how they have gotten hold of my bank details. I have reported this website to the appropriate authorities aswell as the fraud team working with my bank. Fingers crossed they can sort the problem and stop this website STEALING money from innocent people.

Complete and utter $#*!s!!


Ask jordan about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

This site BS and I like to know how they got my credit card information. I don't remember ever giving them permission to do anything and I went my money back. 39.95 that was taken out of my account today, now I can not pay my rent. Can you help me?
Thank you,

Ask s about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

Complete scam. I did LOOK at the site, and that is all. They billed me $35.00. AND, I found no way to cancel whatever I had done. So, I cancelled the credit card. I still don't know how they got my number. I will be more careful with Android's in the future.

Ask Ron about ItsHD
1 review
4 helpful votes

Just looked through my partners bank statement and saw she had paid them for 10 months £39.95 a month and never realised it should'n't be allowed. Now shs changing her bank account so she won't pay them anymore. It should be illegal for them to get away with it in today's society

Ask alec about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

I too was bounced into their site to see a movie (that they don't even have once I reg.) The site tells you very plain that they do not charge your card to verify you. Fortunately, I had used a paypal debit card to an account that I only keep $5 (for trial offers) and they called me to ask me if they wanted me to process the payment, all I had to do was transfer frunds into my account to cover the charge. I notified Paypal they were not authorized to do anything and no where on the site sign up does it say they will charge you. They are such scammers!! Unlike a company offering a trial (where you are told up front you will be charged after a period of time) they tell you nothing. When you call in you get automated messages, press 1,2 I had to wait on the line for the robo-no-receptionish to finally transfer me to a human because she couldn't understand my request! Of course when I got their wonderful customer service rep (who had the personality of a flea) she told me a supervisor wasn't shocking!

Folks stay away from this site, fortunately for me they didn't get me, I feel sorry for anyone that has been charged, get on the phone and talk with your card holder, dispute that transaction, with a little patience you will get your refund!

Ask ScamFreeMomma about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

I agree with the previous reviews - they claim to have certain movies, but after signing up, these movies are nowhere to be found. The "5 day" trial appears to be done after 5 days - it isn't, and you pay big money for the next month of "premium membership."

Here is the most interesting thing: I was sent a "confirmation e-mail" when I signed up, but it was tossed in my spam folder, so I didn't notice it for 3 weeks. I only realized I was scammed when viewing my credit card statement, and immediately canceled my membership. Then, I got a "notice of cancelation" e-mail in my regular inbox - WITHIN A FEW MINUTES. Somehow, they made the initial e-mail get sent as spam, but not the 2nd e-mail. That's how makes money. People don't notice they're getting ripped off until it's too late.

Ask Guy about ItsHD
1 review
3 helpful votes

It's a scam as there cancelation page seems to not work. They say they have movies that they do not have. They people that you talk to on the phone are the most rude people I have ever head from a business.

Ask Kirk about ItsHD
1 review
2 helpful votes

God and you guys were looking out for people like me ! Thanks, i ALMOST did
the "FREE" trail. SOOOO glad i looked at this first ! You guys saved me, can't thank
youn enough !

Ask Curtis about ItsHD
1 review
5 helpful votes

I'd never even heard of until it came up on my bank statement. You have to call some outsourced company, in who knows where, deal with a series of waste of time, aggravating, repetitive automated system questions to finally speak with an actual human (if they still technically qualify as human). The operators either can't or won't tell you how or where they got your bank card information or through what, if any, sister company & then THEY act like THEY'RE put-out! Some shady customer service that is! You get to go through all this just to avoid an EXTRA on-line cancellation fee! They canceled my service but I still had access to the account for the remaining billing cycle. So, I decided to check it out, I figured for $40 bucks a month-PREMIUM membership it should be even better than NETFLIX (which I have been using for several months & love it). Well, good luck finding the movie you want to watch, let alone finding a movie you've even heard of! Unless you like being taken advantage of & are interested in only B movies, this pathetic, fraudulent, SCAM of a website is just your groove (I have some lovely varieties of POO in the dog kennel too that I'd be glad to make some money for, if you're interested) . Well, needless to say, it's certainly NOT mine. I hope the owners of this website DO read this JABBER & feel the utterly, humiliating shame for the simple lack of humanity that we (the human race) should be ALL for embarrassed.

Ask jk about ItsHD
1 review
8 helpful votes

I had never gone to its site or its sister sites. I haven't even seen my credit/debit card in weeks, for I have recently moved into this new apartment. When I looked to see if my pay had been deposited, the very same night it was deposited, not long after I was billed!

Ask xero about ItsHD
1 review
7 helpful votes

This website is garbage. Your 5 day "Free" trial membership is not free and actually debited $39.95 on the 4th day of the "Free Trial". This is a huge scam and they also charge you to cancel your membership online. Yes you can do it over the phone, but you have to deal with rude people who try to talk you into staying with them for one more month for "Free". What a joke! I do not understand how the people who work there even sleep with themselves at night. Do not waste your time. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!

Ask Lee about ItsHD

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