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Returned them and seller refused the package and no refund.

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New Reviewer

a lot of sellers are selling fake items. An example would be this :

New Reviewer

Bought cow leather sandals BUT received plastic sandals. Returned them and seller refused the package and no refund. Paypal got involved and I had to send sandals again to seller. Waiting for pay pal refund. Shipping total $58 so lost over half of initial cost of $109. iOFFER is a fraud and BIG scam. Do not buy.

New Reviewer

Okay looks like there are SO many feedbacks regarding Ioffer but let me just share my experience, i do get most of my Chanel, Rolex,Gucci whatever mostly out of the boutique, but i do get my replicas from Ioffer for over a year now & now at 60 purchases, i got Exactly what i wanted, i was not scammed, i bought 3 rolex's, 5 emporio armani watches and they were very2 good quality and oh , the handbags & shoes were perfect! ;) Just a piece of advise, whenever i wanna buy, i keep enquring FIRST and i ALWAYS check the feedbacks/reviews!! Thats very2 crucial, if not, FORGET it... But the bottomline is, i never once REGRETTED shopping at Ioffer! U can find almost EVERYTHING!

New Reviewer

I bought an anime dvd from this site. The seller posted pictures of the dvd cover had the information for the quality of the dvd but when i recieved it it was a pirated copy.... however the quality wasnt bad and since i recieved it late the seeler sent me the product again. but it doesnt excuse the fact that the seller was very misleading.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Louis vuitton bag and 12 days later recieved it. Amazing quality. i will only order from sellers with a least 4 stars of feedback on thier items. Just do the same and you should be safe from scammers.

New Reviewer

Received two fraudulent musical DVDs through purchases on Sellers on site make illegal copies of musical performances, mainly in Europe, advertise discs with pictures on commercial labels, and sell bootlegged discs for "bargain prices". DVD discs will not play on American DVD players. Also, site administrators cover up illegal sales by hiding negative ratings of purchasers who complain about non-functional DVD discs. Stay away from!

Apprentice Reviewer

Looks like a lot of people have already said what I wanted. So I'm just going to give my experience with this site. I've purchased exactly three items from iOffer and all three times I was ripped off, First time was a pair of nikes I got a very bad replica not even close. Second and Third (at the same time) were two Seiko watches, what I got were two digital lil kids watches that probably cost $0.50. The worst part is when you complain to the website they just say thanks for letting us know. WTF??? how can you just say that and not do anything about it? I feel like the creator of iOffer does not take any responsibility what so ever, not even a little.

New Reviewer

I've bought from different buyers several times and luckily it all went smooth. The products were good and also the communication. But you have to be careful, I bought a bag and the day after I'd paid the seller changed the description and photos for a much cheaper looking bag but I talked with him and he sent me photos of the real bag to my email so I accepted it and I'm glad I did because the bag it's beautiful, but the thing is that if sellers can change product descriptions so freely you don't have any security or proof of what you're buying. What I suggest, just like at Ebay, pick the sellers with good reputation and ignore the new ones and always read carefully the product descriptions. Now I take screen shots of the products just in case.

New Reviewer

Where to even start. I've been selling on ioffer for over 2 years and am happy to say I finally closed my account for good! I've been ripped off by sellers, scammed by some of the most ridiculous buyers, and ioffer never helped me once! They don't even have a phone number! I've had many successful transactions but not lately. New users and guest users were my main issue along with some who didn't read my listings or didn't understand them. I've had non paying buyers straight up refuse to pay due to their own stupidity of not ready my clear instructions, and then leave me bogus negative feedback that Ioffer never removes! Not to mention they charge you selling fees for selling an item so if a buyer doesn't pay your selling fees are tied up for 21 days which is a ridiculous amount of time to wait. The last straw was when some crazy and I mean crazy new user with a split personality disorder ruined my feedback and would not stop harassing me. She bought an item from me, I was out of town so I said it will go out when I get back, and even gave her a free gift to make up for the delay. Everything was fine until they claimed there was something wrong with the item and needed help, which I was glad to help but there, was something off about the reply. It was insulting; they basically said I'll buy the second item in the set but for 11 dollars less because it's not worth it if it doesn't work right. I helped them anyway but told them my original price is already fair (over 300 others agreed in my feedback on this item). Then they pop up again and were very rude by saying they sent an offer to me 3 times(basically blaming me when ioffer was at fault because their website never works right) and said your item doesn't cost that much or isn't worth that much. At this point I was really pissed off! What the hell does this person know about my items!? Oh and they said yeah you were right it works now. Not so much as a thank you or an I'm sorry. Then had the nerve to ask for a $5 discount because they were just replacing an item that got lost in a flood (ok I'm sorry but so many buyers have told me sob stories like this and they were nothing more than a lie so I don't believe them). So I said no again. Finally they agree to the actual price (which was a fixed price that I set my item to so ioffer was at fault again for not making it fixed price but make an offer). What she said next made me lose my temper. She said fine you win but you know in your heart you wanted to give me a discount because all I did was provide you humor. Pack it up and send it out and it better be good. That was it. I declined the offer and told them they were nothing but rude and that I did not feel comfortable selling to them after all this. So they kept bothering me I kept declining then they said fine then negative feedback will be left. They filed a dispute full of lies and I just copied all their rude remarks and posted them as my reply saying her rudeness explains it all. She then tried to say she paid extra for shipping I didn't ship it out on time blah blah blah. The negative was not for the item it was because the spoiled brat of a buyer didn't get her way (btw the word princess was in her user name and that said it all). So I blocked her. But the damage was done. This happened not that long ago so my feedback was completely ruined. I decided then to close my account but you know ioffer, they take a month to reply. Then like 5 minutes later I get an offer from a guess user(which in my description I clearly said I don't deal with guest users) and then they were like oh my I can't believe you got scammed! They were so dumb as to say their location which was exactly the same as the problem buyers. So I blocked them removed all my items only to be bothered again!!! They sent a want ad to me saying, get this, that their now ex spouse was the trouble maker and that they aren't even living together, and that I could sell to them, blah blah blah. Are you serious!?? I guess this person escaped from the nut house if they think I'd fall for that! I ignored it. What really bothered me was they were sick enough to invlove children(so they say) in their whole argument. That's disgusting whether it was true or not. So yeah finally ioffer got rid of my account and I no longer have to put up with this garbage. So take it from me who ignored peoples warnings about ioffer, sooner or later on there you will have something like this happen to you. It's not worth your time so please find an alternative. If something goes wrong like this you are on your own because ioffer will not help you and you can't really contact them directly.

New Reviewer

I really didn't want to give them 1 star. They shut my store down w/o any warning because I didn't get enough feedback! HUH?

Don't bother with this site. Big waste of time and effort down the drain - I put hours into listing my items.. High final value fees, too.

New Reviewer

I opened an account on about a year ago, as an alternative to selling on eBay. It ranks amongst the worst decisions I ever made. First off, they will charge you $20 upfront to 'pay for
your selling commissions' rather than pay-as-you-go like other sites. Good luck getting that back if you decide to close your account.

I found their site to be very ineffective, very few sales compared to other sites like eCrater, Bonanza and Webstore, and when I decided to close my account and get the remainder of my balance returned, I get no response from their customer service (You could call it customer service if they gave you any, so I guess I shouldn't call it that). I'm going to end up having to file a complaint with the BBB to get my lousy $10 back.


New Reviewer

Look this is plain and simple. These asian people use this site to sell fakes and knockoff designer items. Sure, good concenpt considering real designer stuff is so expensive BUT these fake knockoff items are HORRIBLE QUALITY. They are gross. Some of the stuff has an odor, doesn't look anything like the photographs and falls apart entirely too easily. If you buy a fake from this site, you might as well be wearing a big sign on your head that says "sucker!" because anyone with half a brain would know their products are fake and poor quality.
Not to mention............ this is one of several ways that China is making so much money out of us Americans while our own economy goes down the drains.

New Reviewer

I bought loads of good from this site! HOWEVER!!! Depending on WHO your buyer is, will vary the reliability of your item that you wish to buy.

Like I've bought about 12 items(each from different sellers). And I've only got scammed once-lesson learned- , why? because i was being stupid to not CHECK for their rank/reputation/feedback score. Which matters!!

I advice buying from only buyers with high positive scores whom had done more than 200 transactions! Other than that i found it realiable! -Any questions I can try to answer! :D

New Reviewer

After spending 2hrs searching for the item I wanted, making an offer and finally having it accepted, there was no way to pay for the item. The website states that they only accept PayPal payments, but the seller I was dealing with did not accept PayPal. They wanted me to send them my bank account info. HUGE NO!!!!!!! It was a waste of time of very disappointing!

New Reviewer

My review is based on been a buyer and a seller.

I knew about iOffer through my now supplier, Yaolin. He sells on the site but says its not very good so I placed a trial order with a seller and the headache I got from trying to get the product sent was not worth it.

Due to the appaling service I got, I decided to try selling there since I normally use Ebay for my dropshipping business. My customers were very satisfied with me cos they buy from me, sends the products and I keep my profit.

My biggest problem was the way iOffer kept withdrawing money from my account for no reason. And when I reported them to Credit Card company, they told me they've had loads of complaints from them and they advise people to steer clear. It took them over 2 months to get my money back from iOffer and it was mayhem.

My advise is to stick with Ebay even though their charges can be quite high, at least you know there are proper legislations in place. There are genuine sellers on iOffer, don't get me wrong but the company itself is fraud so why buy from its traders???

New Reviewer

I've dwelt with this website for awhile now. I only buy DVDs and only the ones I know you can't get anywhere else. I know that they are copied or whatever. So far I have not had a problem with the quality. Really all you have to do is look at the feedback, if it's really high than sure go use them. I would not buy a really expensive DVD from them, but that's what the offer is for. Overall I like them, but would NOT buy anything else other than DVDs from them, and ONLY ones I know that I can not buy anywhere else, usually seasons of shows that are rare. Overall you get what you pay for.

New Reviewer

this site is really good i been ording from them for 2 yrs now it always came and i bought what it was and they sent me what they said it was every time.....

New Reviewer

I have bought several things on this website.I usually only buy from verified sellers and have had no problems other then the wait!

New Reviewer

i have been scammed from one seller called uncle Jamed bench, this seller sold me a hemes birkn for a 1000$ and i receive nuthing but a cheap bag dosnt worth a cent, ioffer couldn't help and i lost the money now i am filing a case in the FBI and i know that i have lost my money, i used to buy many things from ioffer and i can tell there's many honest seller don't fall a victim to the seller's positive feedbacks somtimes its fake just to tempt buyers, like this seller did with me, just be aware and choose your seller very well and be carfull

New Reviewer

IOFFER sellers will offer you NO REFUNDS. If they send you a broken item or a different item than you bought and paid for then you are out of luck. I just lost over $100 to a seller that sent a damaged antique (CELLERMAN716) and he REFUSED A REFUND. THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT REQUIRE ITS SELLERS TO ISSUE REFUNDS. Ioffer is a fraud and a rip-off. Do not buy anything from that site under any circumstances!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

this website is a complete fraud a scam fradulent website, that allowed crooks liars and dishonnest chiness to pose as seller to prey on decent honnest buyers. they misrepresent their listings. post fake non in stock products just to con you. once they get your money they don't ship your item 99% of the times.. when they do ship it totally different from the listed item or it's of very poor quality not worst 10% of what you were charged.they usually never ship for a week or more that is if they ship you anything at all.i purchase a replica watch and after waiting for ever i received a empty envelope a totally empty envelope not even a package from EMS. the other seller decided not to ship at all closed his store and account on ioffer.ioffer gives you no help whatsoever getting your money back.and won't take any actions against these low-life chiness crooks who ripped you off and vanished. DO NOT BUY TRADE ON THAT WEBSITE AT ALL NEVER. IOFFER SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND SHUT DOWN.

New Reviewer

My son has been ordering from ioffer for about 2 yrs without a problem. Packages arrive in about 5-9 days. He knows the stuff is knock off but when you can get a pair of nike air max for $45 and they're $110 in the store who cares, Why pay more when you won't even wear it the following year anyway. If they didn't have paypal I wouldn't order from them.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

This website is a complete fraud please do not order anything from this website you will not receive item they need to be stopped and investigated.


To be honest AM A's review hit all the points I was about to make so I'll just confirm the accuracy of that review. And for anyone who hasn't traded in this market, a few observations.

I think maybe some people don't realize just how massive the Chinese knock-off market is, both in the real world and online; it's a huge source of foreign income and probably large enough to qualify as a true industry in its own right. As a result, and as China becomes increasingly active on the web (or at least the bits they haven't censored yet), more and more Chinese traders are having a go at dealing in the Western demand for the almost-Gucci and might-be-Rolex crowd.

And there's a good response, because the economy is so depressed that we need cheering up but retail therapy is getting to be too expensive a fix for many of us. What better solution then, than to sport an almost-genuine article even for just a month or two, before it falls apart? That's a month or two of renewed self-esteem in troubled times and we don't have to spend more than we would at Sears.

Now as you may have already realized, the vast majority of these websites offer little by way of promise that the quality of their products, even assuming you do receive them, is remotely reliable. In truth you'll have no idea whether your item will resemble the photos in any way, nor will there be any certainty that you can get your money back if it doesn't, regardless of what the terms and conditions of the sale were. The market can be about as comfortable a place to trade as a fence's back-alley hideout and about as safe if you feel like complaining.

iOffer is the exception to the rule, providing, as AM A explains, you use commonsense in choosing whom you want to trade with. I've dabbled a bit here now and again and not had a bad experience, but you do need to be well-informed about what the original product looks like before you jump in and buy an expensive fake.

For example, there are a number of small ways that a real Rolex watch can be identified, and some of them are either too challenging or too expensive for the repro market to copy successfully. Quite often their product is otherwise pretty good, but it won't fool anyone who owns a real one and that's really the person you'd like to fool the most. Likewise embroidered and sewn products, when genuine, will often display a distinctive stitch style which a repro manufacturer can't waste time copying accurately.

Newbies should do their homework, it isn't too hard to find resources on the web which will give you clues to identifying genuine designer products. Asking a seller, in public, "is this a real one", is *not* a substitute and not at all recommended! And yes, believe it or not, people do ask. Bear in mind even so that the photo you are shown may well be a photo of the genuine article, copied from the manufacturer's website. Asking whether the photo is of the article you're buying or not, is a valid question but you'll have to judge the honesty of the answer for yourself.

The big advantage of iOffer over most of the independent traders who've sprung up recently is being able to choose who you trade with, as AM A mentioned. Do look at feedback, don't rush into a sale and do consider talking with more than one supplier of the same products. If you've gone all starry-eyed at the prospect of a $60 Rolex or Coach handbag, go off and do something else and then come back tomorrow when you've sobered up. There will be endless products like this every day for years, so don't rush into something just because it looks so good.

While it may not be so critical for an iOffer trader to get into trouble as it is for an Ebay seller, nevertheless I've found that they do want to protect their feedback and reputation and so far, I've not been ripped off. And ... well yes, I'll admit that the almost-Rolex did fool the boss. But don't tell anyone I said that.

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