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186 reviews
Categories: Auction, Classifieds, Clothing
82 S Park St
San Francisco, CA 94107-1807
Tel: (415) 431-3344
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186 Reviews From Our Community

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Asking a seller, in public, "is this a real one", is *not* a substitute and not at all recommended! (in 111 reviews)




Personally, I am glad to see someone giving them a run for the money. (in 64 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I am a seller on I Offer and have been for a long time I Offer is a very unt rusting company 000000000 customer support and their poor poor customer support hurts me all the time they have charged me so much in $$$$$$$ for seller fees on items I never was paid for by a buyer and then I get neg feedback from buyers most outside the USA that think I as a seller will ship and get paid later I Offer has no customer support at all if I have a problem good luck its my problem for good I Offer away's gets their fees they could care less about their sellers its a wonder they still are in business after all this time

Ask c about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered Mister Ed--The Complete Series from (seller name: avantgarde101) and it was missing the first 2 episodes from season 4. The seller claimed they got the series from someone else and refused to take any responsibility for the missing episodes. Beware--this is NOT the complete Mister Ed series and the seller couldn't care less.

Ask j about iOffer
1 review
6 helpful votes

Filed complaint with paypal and they put item in dispute and I get refund many cases.
Beware this sellers:
luckkyyy(send item, but different(cheaper)than pics)
jiameng2013(send item, but different(cheaper)than pics)
I just leave negative transaction for 366xiha and when I go to look it-It`s suddenly good transaction!!!I write that I get nothing and beware, paypal refund me-and suddenly it`s 4-stars rate!!!!
Now I learned that you can`t trust ratings!!!!They change it!I`m angry because I never left positive if I get nothing and dispute a claim!

Ask someone about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ioffer is a scam for some sellers but not all of them. I ordered a bag Sept. 23 from selanr which is a scam. I ordered a wallet Sept 28 and never received it, this is from huanghe88688. I didn't get my dress from bmw2588. I did have a good experience with haney2011, kennysky, and feelgood1025

Ask Brenda about iOffer
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Scam Alert I wasted time and money. Don't even bother.

Ask Alana about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ioffer is as safe as gambling in Vegas, you spin the wheel and you takes your chances. My dvd Man Without A Star was most likely copied from a VHS tape. My second disappointment was, I am unable to rate ioffer with a lower rating.

Ask Aaron about iOffer
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Do not buy on Ioffer from these sellers:

Yapaa (gongfu2012) sold me a belt, but never send it. I never received it. He gived me false trackingnumbers etc... He told me everytime to send me an onother one. After 5 months still waiting. Watch out for this seller. He is a scam.

longfeiyanwu sold me a pair of shoes. After payment he said that he does not has these shoes anymore, he asked if i wanted another pair of shoes. I said no, i want my money back. He told me several times that he would pay me back. I never received the money. Watch out for this seller. He is a scam.

Ask Katrien about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have purchase several pairs of Beats by Dre, Uggs, Louis Vuitton belts, etc etc they have just about everything you could think of for very very cheap. keep in mind it comes from China so the clothing is cut very small . And the shipping could takes forever ! So my advice, don't buy clothes for heavy set people. Order 1-3 months in advance. And the more you spend the better the quality. Read ALL reviews and order from sellers with high ranked stars. Only finalize your transaction via PayPal and PayPal ONLY!! ioffer is pretty legit to me . Go check it out. Keep it a secret thou.

Ask Jane about iOffer
1 review
2 helpful votes

I questioned the seller before I placed my order of the 15-20 day delivery time. He confirmed that it would be 20 days from the day I placed my order. I was concerned about this as it was a wedding present for my husband on August 31 and I was placing my order on August 17 but I decided it would be okay. I placed my order on August 17, we had our wedding and we went on our 2 week honeymoon. I fully expected it to be here when we returned. It was not. I contacted the seller and requested a tracking number so I could track my order. He replied back with "it shipped and you should have your purchase by September 20. September 20 rolled around and we still did not have the order. He informed me that it entered my country on September 29 and that we should have it by October 10. It is now October 30 and I still have not received my order. I have purchased many items from his country as well as Taiwan, Japan, Europe ect... and not one of them has taken longer than 3 weeks. In addition, I placed an order on October 1 from China and received them 12 days later. It has now been 77 days and 2 and a half months since I placed my order. This is unacceptable! I am at this point convinced my order was never shipped. The seller has always been great with communicating back to me but NEVER with any solid information AND I have requested a VALID tracking number numerous times and he always gives me the same one which doesn't work. I tried to get my money back and no one will help AND Paypal only gives you 45 days to dispute an order and get a refund... Past that they won't help you either! Just a heads up. I DO NOT recommend this site to anyone!

Ask N about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

IOffer leaves you on your own if there is a problem with the seller. When you complain to IOffer they tell you that the seller has been suspended because they violated their policies and yet they ask you to contact the seller, who by now does not respond to any requests. In addition,the site is confusing and not user friendly.
After several weeks and many e-mails to the seller, to IOffer and to Paypal I would never use this site again or recommend it to anyone. In addition the sellers use several names and email addresses so its almost impossible to recognize who you are dealing with.

Ask Diana about iOffer
144 reviews
1,016 helpful votes

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this but this is the way I feel....

If you buy from websites based in China, Nigeria, Congo, Namibia, Iran, Syria, etc etc... a good rule of thumb is don't buy technology (phones, computers, cars etc...) and food (baby food, formula etc...).
If you buy anything at cheap plastic things like cd holders and make sure they aren't priced over $5. This goes for palm reading too.
Also when you order from places like this don't give them a credit card number otherwise you will be overcharged. Use something safer like a disposable credit card that only has $5 of credit.

PS. Don't order more than one item at a time that way your never out more than $5.

Ask Michael about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

This site is full of Chinese scammers. Period.

You've been warned

Ask David about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

ordered and paid for item. Thought I would never received item, which was paid for thru paypal. Filed complaint with paypal and they put item in dispute. Seller finally sent item but it did take roughly 25 days to get. Now that I know it can take a very long time to receive, I may order again. Item was beautiful and exactly as I had ordered. ioffer has many many different sellers and I may have happened to get a very average one, I don't know, but I was very surprised after thinking I had lost my money and would not receive item. I did contact paypal and updated them on the arrival of the purchase.

Ask e about iOffer
1 review
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Ask FED about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Every single experience, 9 in total, has been a nightmare. I have bought boots and was sent a clock, I have paid and seller is removed from site and I have to fight to have my money returned, I have been shipped the wrong sizes of items and lose money returning them even though it is not my fault, I have been sent felt when its supposed to be leather. Many sellers claim to be in USA and the package comes from China or Korea and when you have to return it, you have to pay absurd shipping. Overall it is a site with way too many con-artists and not worth the trouble. If you want to try it it at least make sure to use PayPal so you have a pretty decent shot at getting your money back when disaster strikes. I also find their rating system to be pretty much useless. I leave negative feedback and it shows up with 5 stars when my only options are positive, neutral, or negative - not a good rating system at all.

Ask Keri about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

i have good experience buying from ioffer , in general all transactions were perfect , sellers. items . no problems at all except sometimes the sellers too slow to respond or they sometimes do not answer your question as you sent it to them !

Ask mohamed about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was a seller on ioffer and I found that someone used my debit card and made purchases on it from Bulgaria. It is amazing how a few days before this happened I was chatting with ioffer support and the same debit card gets used and all of a sudden my bank blocks the transactions suspecting fraudulent activity.

I would say never trust ioffer as they are a fraud company and their employees can steal your card information if they know you are not US based or are otherwise a sucker for cyber crime.

I did get my money back (approx $300) from my bank but I swear I will never use ioffer again.

Ask Vikramjit about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

Not all sellers are terrible on Ioffer. I've only had 2 bad experiences and that was cause they took forever to ship something. Also I only buy dvds.

Ask Angie about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

This site is full of con artist and thieves. I have had two recent dealings with sellers on this site, one argued with me that I never paid him, once I sent him proof of his cashing money order, then he would not even return my emails. The other seller has taken payment from PayPal and that is the last I heard from him, Would not respond to email request , nothing. Highly recommend if you are addicted to this site and can not stay away at least do the following. Never, ever pay with anything but PayPal. They will stand behind you. I know from personal experience.
Thieves are offering these great deals just hoping you give them your credit card information. The only thing you will get is your credit card billed to the limit !
Next, do not send personal check, they also would love to have the account number and bank sending numbers on your check, And last, here is where I got it. Do not send a money order. Once cashed you have no recourse other to take to court and these thieves know how hard and expensive it is for you to get them there.
Again, shop Ebay and other sources. Stay far away from Ioffer.

Ask JERRY about iOffer
1 review
2 helpful votes

Hi I have bought about ten items from Ioffer.most of them have been very good value for the price paid,all have been as described.All have been fakes,but any one who thinks they are buying the real thing at the prices asked is a bit misguided.The best items I have bought have been polo shirts tee shirts pullovers ect. Some have been very good quality indeed makes me wonder how much better the real thing can be.All in all I like Ioffer yes it can be frustrating,and you do get some strange answers to questions asked but it is up to the buyer to make the right judgement pay his or her money and take their chances so far I have been very lucky.

Ask Ian about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased a Tracy Chapman DVD from seller Angeloflove33 for US$16.00.
The DVD arrived but never worked
Seller promised to replace but never did and does not reply to emails.

Don't deal with this Seller

Just a Rip Off!!

Ask Kimbo about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a DVD of the 1935 film "Crime and Punishment" with Peter Lorre. It was sent from Greece. The DVD box and the DVD itself had the correct image of the 1935 film, HOWEVER, the DVD is actually a 2002 film with Crispin Glover. The "sellers" address is, I don't know any name or firm.
iOffer will not help me and tells me I must contact the seller. I have emailed them dozens of times with no response. iOffer does not deserve this one star!
Charles H. Winecoff - 8/26/13

Ask Charles about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm a seller on iOffer and, yes, sometimes it isn't perfect, but, I have had mainly good experiences in my 5 years. I sell nothing but DVD's, I'm located in the U.S. and NEVER would buy a product from a dealer in Asia! Yes, I accept only Paypal so if a buyer has an issue, it can quickly be resolved (Thank goodness, that hasn't happened yet with me!). So, PLEASE....don't put ALL sellers on iOffer in the "ripoff, scam artist" category. Believe it or not, but, there are a lot of honest dealers on iOffer.

Ask Bruce about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased an item via ioffer for $550 and the seller, IRONMAN2010, cancelled the transaction right after it was paid for via Amazon Payments. He even acknowledged receipt of the payment.

He had a decent feedback rating so I felt safe dealing with him despite another complaint similar to this one. I think ioffer feedback is rigged. He never communicated with me after acknowledging receipt of my payment and ioffer won't do anything about it. All they did was kick the seller out, but they didn't care at all about me and will do nothing to help me track him down. I will try and take him to small claims court.

I tried many options but am just screwed. What a scam!!!!!!!! NEVER, EVER use ioffer!! You'll most likely get scammed and ioffer couldn't care less.

Stick to Ebay.This won't happen with them.

Ask Robert about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Seller Flagdealer is a thief! I purchased a ring in October 2012, it is now July 2013, nothing ever received, seller won't respond, ioffer customer service is non existent and PayPal will not help as they don't protect you if using ioffer! Stay away for sure, I threw 80.00 in the trash to a criminal in Flagdealer

Ask Stuart about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I thought about buying an item on iOffer and was in contact with seller. He and I both agreed not to complete the transaction. No transaction ever took place. Ioffer kept sending me invoices for the transaction anyway. The would-be seller sent me emails with copies of the invoices on which he had marked the transaction canceled. Nevertheless, ioffer marked me as a "nonpaying buyer" and threatened to damage my reputation on their site.

Also, on most shopping websites, you can put an item in the cart and until you make it absolutely clear that you are buying the item, there is no transaction. DO NOT PUT ITEMS IN YOUR IOFFER CART. IF YOU DO, THEY WILL IMMEDIATELY SEND YOU AN INVOICE BEFORE ANY TRANSACTION HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Several years ago, I had a few good transactions with them. But I will NEVER go near that site again.

Ask kat about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

In March of this year I order a keyboard from oldtaxstore located on the iOffer website. I had tried several other more popular sites but my computer is quite old and finding parts are not always that easy. So when I saw that Mr. Davidson (oldtaxstore) had the keyboard I needed, I ordered it. Yes, I checked into his reviews but on the iOffer site, had I checked elsewhere then I would have known not to order from this website.
It is now July and I have never received the keyboard nor has he returned the $25.29 I paid. In the four months since I paid for my order, I have sent him several emails and I got a couple replies with excuses. I have tried to file a complaint with iOffer which turned out to be a joke. I have a filed a complaint with the BBB and internet crime complaint center(ic3). I figure if enough people who have been scammed by this website, file complaints then maybe it will get looked into or maybe shut down.

In the meantime, if your thinking about ordering from oldtaxstore or iOffer, don't.

Ask Mori about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Signing up to Ioffer in the first place was a disaster waiting to happen.
They keep depulicating the same invoice for an item.
They charged me an extra item but gave me back my money for it.
They have taken money and given me invoice.
Seller is not being helpful now.
Still have not recieved tracking number they said they would give me.
The package is now a week late.
Not to mention it is my first time buying something over the net.
I hope they haven't taken my money.
Well I'm sick of waiting and sick of talking about the issues. I'm taking action.
I'll spread bad news everywhere possible, blow up the werehouse and drain them.

Ask Lucy about iOffer
4 reviews
11 helpful votes

I have been shopping on Ioffer like forever years like bought multiple items site is great the majority of products are counterfeit but its awesome so I don`t know what the hell all these comments are complaining about, Oh and this is a real comment believe it or not

Ask Ahmed about iOffer
55 reviews
111 helpful votes

To be quite honest i am very pissed at this site.
I started selling on there and then my account was suspended FOR NO REASON. i msged them asking why it has been suspended and they reply saying "we are sorry you are having troubles with an order please contact the seller"
considering the answer had nothing to do with my question. the next reply i got was it saying something about fees and credit cards. I have paid all my fees and everything...

stupid company that cant even read

Ask Sarah about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

the products sold on this site are great and the value is perfect. The orders take a while to arrive, but never have problems

Ask ana about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

They charge you non refundable fees to approve your account. That's probably how they make money, the website looks more like a giant scam than a real trading platform.

Ask Stefano about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ask Spazzz about iOffer
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Okay i will give it to you straight forward... this site is a piece of $#*!. all of the sellers never respond too you and and products are banged up and broke by the time they get to your house. Stay away from this site its garbage.

Ask Dont about iOffer
1 review
2 helpful votes


I paid $26 for a Gucci Belt in Nov. of 2012 and followed up with the Seller in Dec to find out where it was. She just kept saying Be Patient - It is the Holiday. Guess what - still no item in Jan.

I filed a dispute with both PayPal and iOffer - neither did anything to assist.
Seller said if I cancelled my order via iOffer, she would then refund the $26. I was able to cancel the order and now I don't get any response whatsoever from the seller.


Ask Kyrene about iOffer
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

This is a great place to buy things cheaper. Fake things are really like real ones, can't see any difference. Didn't have any bad issues with ioffer still.

Ask Wojciech about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've bought good quality handbags, electronics (Beats Studios and Pros), quality LV scarves/Luggages/handbags (knock offs of course) ect, jewelry, Uggs, sunglasses...some of everything from this site and only encountered 1 bad seller (I paid for expressed shipping but he sent it China Post. I still received my item). I guess I've been fortunate. My tip is to ALWAYS USE PAYPAL, and if you can spend the extra buck, express ship it. On the norm my items arrived 7-10 days (weekends included) and that's w/o express shipping. But I ave received items 3-5 days (and I live in GA) which is pretty good coming from china.

Ask JazzyD about iOffer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm surprised with all the negative reviews on this site.

I've purchased 2 products via this website, both DVD complete series. I've received both of them promptly, and the quality has been impressive (considering I knew they'd be imports). There weren't any commercials on them, the picture quality has been just about crystal clear on all episodes, the audio quality is excellent and one of the 2 sellers even provided the DVD cases with artwork.

The only advice I can think to give about this site is just research all the possible sellers and message them any questions you'd have before purchasing. Also, pay with PayPal. They protect your money and get it back for you if your item never comes (I've had that problem more with eBay than any other site honestly).

Ask Summer about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought an item from ioffer and it has been 2-3months and the item has still not arrived.
Worst website ever!! dont trust. items are fake!!!
Tryed to contact seller with no reply. iOffer isnt bothered to do anything either to reslove my problem.

Ask Sunny about iOffer
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I read the reviews on this site and I must write with honesty. I made a purchase and within 5 minutes after my purchase I read reviews. I was a new member and I did not see the "customers review" tag. Well, I clicked and I learned I most likely was not purchasing an authentic item. I quickly contacted the seller and I asked about the authenticity of the merchandise I had just purchased. The seller responded promptly and told me. I requested a refund - I did not want to purchase irregular/not authentic merchandise and I explained that to the seller. The seller promptly returned my money (I paid by PayPal) and the transaction was cancelled. I am sorry for those who had bad experiences with IOffer - I guess I was one of the few fortunate ones whose monies were returned without any hassles. Although my monies were returned without any hassles, I must give it a one star because of the fact the quality of the merchandise was not stated and it really made me believe I had found the deal of the century. I will not purchase anything from this site only because the sellers do not tell you about the merchandise they are REALLY selling - to be more specific, the sellers are not totally honest with their ads. I wish the sellers would be more up front letting the buyer know EXACTLY what they are spending their hard earned money on and I wish the sellers were not deceitful in their advertising.

Ask Knowthetruth about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

This website straight SUCKS. Signed up yesterday, made my first purchase and their checkout process won't even redirect me to a place to make a payment. Sent a bug report to the morons running the thing and they replied as if I was the problem. A group of brain-damaged lab monkeys could do a better job of running a website than the idiots that are at the wheel now. Would'nt even give them a quarter of a star...but have to give them one to post this.

Ask Brad about iOffer
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

They are all scammers!!! we are talking about 100k sellers that are stealing your money legit and there are 20-30 real sellers that left that Ioffer place long time ago because its known for stealing peoples money! TRUTH!!!!!

Ask katia about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Never Ever Buy From Those Scammers

To make a long story short and after 45 days...
I purchase a Lego Star Wars 76$, after 45 days i received an Envelope"20 gr." with a Plastic Ring " i think it costs 5 cent max.". I open a case with Paypal against the seller, hope i will get my money back.
The website does not protect you, not even care about you as a buyer.

People, Don’t buy any thing from them.
Look what they sent me instead of Lego Star Wars!!!

Ask Andrei about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

This website is a rip off. Now I know the shoes I ordered were a replica but I was sent a totally different shoe for the opposite sex. The seller ignored me after he/she/it verified the funds availability. I was ripped off and I warn anyone that wants to order from this site. Never again.

Ask Djon about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered an item after receiving assurances from seller it would be the exact item in the ad. it wasn't. Not only won't the seller correct the obvious act of dishonesty, IOFFER itself doesn't care. Look at the website. You can't contact them by email, only by snailmail. IOFFER itself could care less if you get your item or if its the correct item.

Ask M about iOffer
1 review
3 helpful votes

I just want to let anyone who has been scammed recently that you CAN get your money back if you paid with paypal. Do not be foold by a sellers "no return" policy, or believe them when they say you must return an item in order to get your refund. You are protected by paypal for all your transactions. Just open a dispute and make sure to write that the seller sold you a replica bag on ioffer. Paypal usually bans ioffer replica sellers, thatis why they ask you not to mention the brand name of the replica or ioffer on the paypal comments page when paying. Once you open the dispute, most sellers will issue you a refund right away because they don't want paypal to review thecase and find out they sell replicas and restict their account.

A few sellers to watch out for:

Zhonghuashop- i recently purchased something, paid $20 extra for EMS and for 5 days after I paid, the seller insisted that the reason I could not track the itemwas some malfunction with the post office. I opened a dispute after 3 days of no tracking, but the seller kept insisting. After the 5 days when i told him ai was reporting him, he said something in broken english about not sending because he got hit by a car. He also said he would find a new post office to ship out of because the one he used was bad (5 days after he had been telling me the system just wasnt updating tracking info) and then said it had shipped but can take up to a week to show tracking. Everything was a contradiction. Avoid at all costs.

Greatwall.lucky228- paid extra for ems shipping, they assured they would ship same day and give me tracking info. Once i paid i disnt hear from the, for 2 days when they messaged me with a bogus tracking number, something like ee224466887cn hich of course want trackable. They ignored me again, the only time they messaged me was to ask why i had cancelled the payment through paypal!

Bestgoodforsale- pretty much same as greatwall.

Only other seller ive had a problem with was removed for violating ioffer policies, though i am sure they just opened up a new store and are continuing to scam people from there.

Hope this helped some of you and I hope you can now get your money back from these scammers.

Oh, and never EVER pay by bank transfer or western union, you are not protected at all. As much as I hate paypal sometimes it can be a buyers best friend.

Sorry for any typos, i typed all this on an ipad...

Ask Jen about iOffer
1 review
3 helpful votes

I was doing my homework before buying an item at ioffer and message several sellers asking recommended questions about the item as in: Is the item I will receive exactly the same as the pictured item?
I quickly learned all sellers were giving me incoherent answers and so I changed the way I asked the questions- Please answer me yes or no to the following question: Is the item on picture # 1 the exact same item I will receive if I buy it?
Some sellers would answer as requested some would still answer whatever they wanted to (example: "takes 3-4 weeks to get to you".
Once I had a sellection of sellers capable of answering my questions I started to check ALL of their feedbacks and rattings and learned a few interesting things.
1) the last review pages featured are the negative feedbacks
2) Although all the sellers I checked had thousands of sales and were on ioffer for more than a year, yet the VAST MAJORITY of their sales were "NOT RATTED YET" making their overall rattings look good.

So I decided to approach one of the sellers (the one that gave me the best answers on previous questions) about that:
ME: " Why is the majority of your transactions not rated?"
SELLER: "All the seller's comments are the same (only some of the comments)"
ME: "Are you saying I cannot trust what I see on ioffer?"
SELLER: "You can get the picture, like bags"
Then I said that I wanted to know more than the picture could show me, I wanted to know if buyers received the item in the time predicted by seller/ If buyers received the item as pictured or described/ How was the quality of the item/ etc...

And I am glad I spend time researching before I purchased because although the seller profile looked great and I was receiving prompt replies from him/her, after me last message he/she just deleted my question and never replyed. I bet that would be exactly what would happen if I contacted the seller with a problem with my purchase.
BE EXTRA CARFULL if you decide to risk!

Ask R about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought some stuff from this site (but only b/c didn't find them at any other site), some of the items were value for the money paid but some were bad quality. The biggest problem with iOffer is that it feels like there is no support team, no parents to this site. I tried contact them several times and never got response. Most of the sellers there (if not all) don't speak English and don't answer your questions. Also there is not enough details on every item and the whole procedure of buying is very clumsy.
I try buying from there as less as possible.

Ask Revush about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

You will hear more people complain about $#*! than praise it. I got what paid for 3x. Like some stupid idiots here I'm not going to spend $100 or $1000 of dollars on something I can't see in real life. If you compare the prices of the products on ioffer to what you purchase in a highly marked up product in a western country you are paying peanuts. Just remember most things are made at low cost in china now like iPods iPhones and designer clothes (American Olympic Uniforms) and then sold in your country by huge western corporations with a huge profits by marking the prices up 100 to 1000%. Which I think is a rip off. So I'm fine with buying low cost items here. Just be aware who you deal with.

Ask Elan about iOffer
1 review
1 helpful vote

the currency calculator/estimator on the site is wildly inaccurate, I think it may be rigged to show a lower converted purchase price than you will actually pay, the difference between what their currency calculator shows in your countries currency and what you actually pay when converting your currency is in my case a difference of some £450 more expensive.
Its OK for buyers in the US but any person from another country I advise STAY WELL CLEAR OF IOFFER!!

Ask uhappy about iOffer

8 Questions & Answers

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Ask a question
Q: I've ordered and paid for 4 items using PayPal on 15/5/13 using 3 different sellers. I've got tracking numbers but sellers don't respond when I ask what shipment company they used. Each as given a delivery date but 2 items should of been here by now but I've received nothing! Should I be concerned or wait a bit longer and see if they arrive? Surely a month is long enough to send parcels from china to uk.
A: Yes I do use PayPal it is the best way to do business cause if you don't get your stuff from the seller you can claim it back off PayPal but it has to be within 45 days of the order please do your research first on sellers hope this helps you
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Q: do you use paypal
A: What's anyone's time worth that they want to take a high probability risk of not getting what they ordered. It takes time to order, your money is tied up with PayPal, then you have to take the time to file a claim with PayPal.

I LIVE in China and I just got product samples from factories that I visit and some of my samples don't work! I ordered 1,000 screws of a certain specification and I got 1,000 of something that I can't use because it wasn't what I ordered. It was a SAMPLE designed to get business and they didn't get THAT right.

Waste your time if you want to, but if "I" have to go through that, I'm getting PAID to do it, you aren't.
3 days ago
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