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38 reviews
San Francisco, California, USA
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I tried to place an order, there was an error with Instacart's site, and I got message telling me my payment had failed. (in 20 reviews)


Its been a while since I had any issue, but I do think as a company they have good customer service. (in 9 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Several of my deliveries have had missing/wrong items. I get that this happens...but it is a lot. Today was the last straw. I ordered 23 items, and received about 15 of them. I asked for the remaining items to be delivered (or as they say..."redelivered" LMAO). They screwed that up too, missing 5 items. They then said that they couldn't deliver to me within the next 2 hours...when would I like a "RE"delivery? I told them to chuck it, and reimburse me for the items I had now been waiting 4 hours for. Their remedy? Free delivery on my next order! WooHoo! Obviously there will be no next order.

Ask Suzanne about Instacart
1 review
1 helpful vote

Seeing these reviews and the lack of info on their site before I registered, I hesitated to use Instacart, but my back was acting up and I didn't want to haul groceries from Whole Foods.
I used Instacart through the Whole Foods site and it worked well. I went to the Whole Foods site and clicked on delivery. I registered there and was able to find what I needed. This included packages of different pieces of chicken, and I was able to enter notes describing what I needed.
I received a text saying that my order had been adjusted (uh oh!) and the shopper would call me. He did and he was smart and articulate. No trouble understanding my order. He said they didn't have one of my items. It wasn't urgent, so I told him to forget it. He verified the size and cuts of the packages of chicken - he had gotten it right! I was happy and impressed.
Later I received a text saying my order would be delivered about 7:15. The driver actually came earlier. Even better!
I had been a little concerned about the raw chicken, but they had it in the fridge until delivery. Awesome!
This was the first time I ever had groceries delivered, and it was excellent. :)

Tip for consumers: The reviews here are not great, but I had a good experience going through the store's web site. That might be a better way to use Instacart.

Ask Julia about Instacart
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have no problem paying more for groceries through Instacart. For me, it is very valuable to have groceries delivered to my home. However, Instacart has terrible customer service, unlike Peapod and other food delivery services. If you have any problem with an order they make it very difficult to get "live" help.

They also do a terrible job of updating their site with the current inventory from the stores. I order items on the site, only to be told by my shopper that the items haven't been sold by the store for more than six months. It's a total waste of time to develop a $400 order from Costco only to discover - in a call from your shopper - that more than half of the items are unavailable! Ridiculous!

Get competent Instacart.

Ask edward about Instacart
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was excited to find that Instacart would shop at my favorite local grocery stores however, the uplift they charge on items is atrocious. I pay in store $3.99 for juice and Instacart charged $7.49. Beets were on sale in store for $1.99/bunch (normally $2.99) and Instacart charged $9.29! I will not be placing any orders with them.

Ask Shelley about Instacart
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had no issues with Instacart UNTIL I built my order on a store (where I normally have Instacart shop for me) sale brochure I received in my inbox. Some of the sale prices were amazing, i.e., 18 large eggs for $0.85 and Polish Ham @ $3 lbs. among others. When I unpacked my delivered order I saw that the discount had been applied to the items instore, however, Instacart charged me the FULL price without discount. I inquired and was told "Currently we are unable to honor in-store sales or promotions at this time." So although Instacart received the nearly $15 in promotional discounts they were unable to pass on that savings to me the hapless customer. Seems like that would not be a difficult technological hurdle to overcome in this point and click world.

Ask lorraine about Instacart
1 review
1 helpful vote

On an order with 21 items, 9 of them were not available! I wouldn't have wanted to pay $7.99 delivery for just 11 items! Also, if a sale item is not available, they should replace it for the same price!! I'll think I will go back to shopping myself.

Ask Maria about Instacart
1 review
0 helpful votes

Instacart SUCKS!!! It is very easy to make replacements and buy with someone else's money!!. You guys need to verify with your client before making the replacement. If I don't respond the first time . CALL AGAIN!!!!!!! Granted. I responded 20 min later but still you need to verify with the client before using their money to buy whatever you feel is the best replacement option!! Now I have to go back to Whole Foods to return the freaking order!! money wasted!! would never do this again!!

Ask Michelle about Instacart
1 review
1 helpful vote

When I started using Instacart, I was all about it. They sucked at dealing with replacements pretty bad, but that was just a minor annoyance. It was still so convenient. I payed about $100 for a 1 year membership, if I remember correctly. The price was well worth it to have my groceries delivered in just 2 hours! But now I guess they are so busy that it takes an entire day. Every time I log in to place an order, the delivery time is 11 hours or more, so I just go my groceries myself. My membership is completely worthless to me now. I will not be renewing.

Ask Donna about Instacart
1 review
1 helpful vote

I began using Instacartin June 2015. I selected a specific WF store for my orders. In Jube service was good but beginning in July service was spotty and many items O ordered were not available. Now that I am settled into my apt, my grocery shopping was switched to a different WF, without telling me. Overall, there is poor response time to customers. And the company doesn't want you to call no matter what happened. Also, the up charge is exorbitant on many products and your CC will be charged 10-15% over the actual amount and then adjusted 5 days later. My advice is find another service. In big cities there are alternatives. This company has a lot of kinks to work before it delivers better service.

Ask J about Instacart
1 review
2 helpful votes

I am beyond beyond disappointed in this company. By far on of the worst experiences I have had. It's started out great! No complaints and it was good extra money, between $400-$600 a week. However, everything went wrong about a week ago. I received a delivery only order. Now mind you, when they changed the delivery fee to $1 I asked to be switched to a shopper only but didn't receive a response. Reason being. They have a bad habit of sending you wayyyy outside of your zone despite the fact the team lead in orientation said we would be delivering no more than 15mins from the store we shop at. That was a bold face lie! I was also told I would receive an hourly minimum of $10 hour to compensate for the time spent without an order, another lie! The hourly minimum is only for the first 20 orders. Back to the matter at hand. A week ago I received a delivery only order. I get to the store and half the order has to be redone because all of the frozen stuff had melted. The previous InstaCart member had spent over an hour and fortyfive minutes trying to deliver the order. I get all 11 bags to the customer only to see for myself that there was no parking and the customer was requesting that I park in a tow-away zone were tow trucks were sitting and waiting for unattended cars because according to the tow truck driver it had become a major problem so they were really enforcing the ticket and toe policy that clearly marked by dc government signs. So I call shopper happiness and explain all of this to them. Now I've dealt with them before so I am fully aware of the unprofessionalism. They are the worst group of reps I've ever dealt with and I have been in the customer service field for over 11 years with insurance billing which everyone knows can be terrible. Shopper Happiness is full of disrespectful, snobbish attitudes but I called them anyway because I really didn't have any other options just like the member before me. The first rep said "oh well" and hung up on me. The second rep told me to end my shift and take the reliability issue. The third rep (that was supposed to be a supervisor" told me to take the chance of my car getting towed (no they were not going to reimburse me) or end my shift and she would make sure I got a reliability issue. I told her I would deliver it but the customer would have to come down so I wouldn't have to leave my car. Her response "we offer door to door service, I'm sure that was explained to you in orientation". So I did the most logical thing, I ended my shift and provided a detailed explicit for my team lead. No less that 5 minutes later I received a call stating that my shift was going to be ended because I cursed at a shopper hapless rep. THAT NEVER HAPPENED!!! I never said one profain word to any of the reps I spoke to. I told him this and he told me he was going to disable my account, pull the calls and investigate further. Welp, that never happened! I sent him text, no response. Left him voicemails, no response. Send emails to shopper happiness, no response. I was finally able to obtain an email for "upper management" because of course they don't have a number to call. It took "upper management" two days to respond and once they did it was just a generic message that stated that my account was disabled due to a customer incident. What customer incident??? I didn't have a completed order that day to have a customer incident and the customer in question was very understanding of the situation. According to the "city lead" my account was deactivated due to me using profanity. A prime example that the call wasn't pulled and my email weren't reviewed! I asked them to pull that calls again and three days later I get an email from the city leads "supervisor" stating my account would be deactivated today because I refused to do delivery only orders. Again that wasn't the case and that was yet another LIE!!! So when hoodrats and hoodlums deliver your orders you have every right to complain and please do. They are finding every way possible to replace the loyal manner with newer, younger members. Wayyyyy to many new people and they are not being monitored. They are kicking the good people out and cutting their order. Just order somewhere else, trust me! They over charge customers on everything anyway and they allow us to use coupons but charge you more than the regular price just an FYI! They'll be gone soon!

Ask Keonte about Instacart
2 reviews
26 helpful votes

I don't dislike grocery shopping but am super busy and have 3 kids so I am thrilled about being able to cross it off my list! This review is for the SF bay area - there seem to be large regional differences in how things are run, but I'm a super-happy customer. Tips:

1- only shop where they say the prices are the same as in-store. I shop Whole Foods and Target and am very satisfied about how I can check out with everything I need without overspending. You can easily shop all the sales and avoid impulse buys. I completely avoid the stores with higher prices - there's just no reason to overspend and the difference can be significant.

2- be specific about what you want and your replacements. Leave notes if there's something specific you want or don't want.

3- Choose your communication method - I like to be texted re: replacements. They are generally very helpful shoppers.

4- I use it as my shopping list, dropping items in the cart over a few days so I won't forget.

5- I sometimes order ahead - on my lunch to get dinner groceries or on Saturday evening for Sunday morning breakfast. There are busy times so don't always count on the 2-hr window as time slots sometimes get booked.

6- look at the size of what you want in the description, don't rely on the picture. Occasionally the picture is of the wrong size item.

7- If you don't like something, you can easily shoot a message through their site and they are very good about issuing refunds or credits. Its been a while since I had any issue, but I do think as a company they have good customer service.

I've had a few mistakes (like ordering 1 mushroom or way too many carrots), but I've now learned the system to where I feel like I have my own personal assistant. Wish I could get this kind of help with my other chores!!

Ask Mrs about Instacart
1 review
5 helpful votes

Managed by 20-something bar floozies which is 1/2 their problem (I saw a Twitter post of one). You'll wind up shopping/delivering not necessarily groceries but bulk cargo in your own vehicle for $5 and a tip if you get lucky.

The average customer in Chicago orders multiple 24 roll packs of toilet paper, beer for the year and 5 cases of Ice Mountain water to be delivered to a 35th floor with no parking area (bring lotsa quarters and budget for tickets and maybe even towing). I had to cancel a delivery order from Costco because I wasn't about to break the struts in my newer passenger vehicle (you get like $7 for Costco orders). Promised tips would be split between the actual shopper and driver for the Costco orders and never saw a nickel. The service is abused and the workers are exploited.

Ask Jay about Instacart
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have used Instacart a LOT now. More than 30 times (evidently I am a glutton for punishment or actually crazy expecting the service to miraculously improve somehow). Save yourself. Just go to the damn store, you'll be happier in the long run.

When I first used Instacart, the shoppers were fairly good about communicating changes. My orders were pretty solid. To be fair, I have had one or two shoppers in my long history who were pretty awesome. Apparently they have left, because the shoppers that work now either can't or don't read. Almost every order I have placed as of late has had MAJOR problems (like replacing $8 almond butter with a $27 brand. And yes, I was clear about not wanting to spend more than $8). I order 1/2 pound of lunch meat and end up with 2 pounds, $20 later. Oh - and you want to actually RECEIVE the things you order? Pish-posh! Instacart will charge you for items that don't get delivered. Almost every order is missing something. Even though I am very, very specific about what I want (or don't want), shoppers somehow manage to mangle my orders. Although the shoppers are supposed to offer replacement options, they rarely do. THIS SERVICE IS TERRIBLE.


Ask Gwendolyn about Instacart
1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased for the first time on Instacart and got charged over $89.05 for $63 worth of groceries. I asked customer service for a refund and instead received ONLY $15 worth of store credit towards a future purchase. Furthermore, the total amount that as charged to my credit card ended up being $90. Instacart feels like a complete scam. I will never recommend it to anyone nor will I ever be using it again myself.

Ask Le about Instacart
1 review
5 helpful votes

Worst service in the world! No delivery. Stolen money. Reporting to the FTC.

Ask Leah about Instacart
1 review
4 helpful votes

I had been using Instacart for months and been moderately happy. Why I felt it was rather expensive, clearly the convenience of having someone do the shopping locally was a boon. Also, in the past, I found my shoppers to be excellent. Very aware of changes, very accommodating and following Instacart's promise of contacting the buyer and making sure any replacements were ok. That's what one is tipping 20% for, no? My penultimate order was already a little shaky. The shopper was trying to buy something completely different from what was on my list (ground pork) and which I knew they had at Fairway. There were replacements for "duh" items that I knew they had in the store. And then came yesterday. The shopper, Joy W., half did my order. She didn't do any of the listed replacements, claiming that a bag of popcorn couldn't be replaced (uh huh). She did the same with four other items on a ten item list. She then presented the changes as a fait accompli and when asked to actually replace items, she LIED- yes, lied- and said she was handling it and did not. After she hadn't gotten back to me, I inquired as to what was going on. She first ignored me, and then proceeded to inform me in all caps that she was done with my order. I finally blew and used profanity. Sorry- not good. But in the course of the discourse pretty understandable, and was at home sick and with a sick kid. The upshot- Jen W. in customer service suspended my account, ignored all of my questions, and had to be engaged via email to even deal with any of my concerns. While there is a 1800 number that you can call and the customer service people are lovely, apparently this Jen. W. can make arbitrary decisions, ignore customers, and lie on behalf of employees. The kicker? I can't review Joy for her bad service. Every time I try to click on submit nothing happens. Nice job controlling your ratings, Instacart. The basic line- NOT WORTH THE MONEY. USE FRESHDIRECT. Fresh direct has awesome customer service and amazing workers. Instacart blows.

Ask Judi about Instacart
1 review
4 helpful votes

First two services, incredible...I was amazed with service and how fast the delivery was... I was even promoting Instacart around my neighborhood...
Last two deliveries, awful... Grapes in very bad shape, soggy spinach and broken eggs...
I even specified by text and by phone that if vegetables or fruits where not in optimum shape, not to buy them... What a pity ...

Ask Veronica about Instacart
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

I signed up for Instacart because it said they would deliver in 1 hour, once I signed up, I was then offered a 2-3 hour delivery, now today I ordered at 3:36 and my delivery is set between 8-9. Wow! Now that's 4 1/2- 5 1/2 hours. This company sucks you into being a member and then does not "deliver" what they promised. I hope this company goes under because they are a bunch of liars!

Ask Elisa about Instacart
1 review
5 helpful votes

The Instacart idea is a great one. Too bad the company doesn't take the work seriously. The problem with Instacart is that you can never, ever rely on getting specific groceries so if you're planning on making anything in particular you're better off going to the store yourself. There is a section of the online form that contains the customer's phone number and there's the promise that employees will call you to discuss replacement items. This has happened once to me. Every other time I either didn't receive a call or was told that they had tried to contact me but couldn't get in touch. When I told them about this problem they told me they would get to the bottom of this "miscommunication". Today I placed an order and they couldn't come up with cucumbers, pears, red bell peppers or grape tomatoes. This order was supposed to come from Fairway and I'm sure if I went there now I'd be able to get those things. Instacart gives you the option of helping to pay their employees' salaries by letting you check off what percentage of your bill you would like to tip them and when you say you'll tip later there's a huge reminder on your receipt that you didn't tip.

Ask Jeanne about Instacart
1 review
4 helpful votes

Terrible first experience with this service. I wanted to order some things for a friend and gave his phone number in the order. I immediately sent a message with my phone number for the shopper to contact me. She didn't get the message until she was actually shopping late in the day and called to tell me that nothing I ordered was available. We finally settled on a few items and I thought my friend would at least get something. She called me back 15 minutes later to tell me Instacart canceled the order and she couldn't do anything about it. I was embarrassed because I had told my friend to expect a surprise delivery & very upset with this service. There is no phone support so they rely on !messages that obviously don't get read in a timely manner. I will not be using Instacart in the future and will be telling everyone I know about it.

Ask Francine about Instacart
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

During the interview process and orientation they were always very vague about compensation. You use your own car and gas and not including expenses you'll make about $11.00 ish per hour.
With all the driving and gas they should pay no less then $25.

Ask Sam about Instacart
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I just never can find time to go to the store. Instacart isn't super cheap and I don't really trust them to pick out anything subjective but they are really great for getting the basics that I can't get delivered from Amazon.

Tip for consumers: Same tip as with Munchery: try looking for referral coupons on sites like retailmenot

Ask Wilson about Instacart
1 review
4 helpful votes

This company is full of deceptive business practices on the customer side as well as how they misrepresent how they pay their field staff

Ask Scott about Instacart
1 review
4 helpful votes

Use google shopping express instead!

Instacart, without my permission created multiple accounts using google sign in. Then, they had the nerve to accuse me of creating multiple accounts against their policy. Honest mistake, right? Should be easily clarified. NOPE! Instead, they charged my bank account $35 dollars over the course of two days! When I asked for a refund, the "lovely" manager decided to open an investigation against me and refused to return my money. I have never been so insulted in my life before.

Ask Faatimah about Instacart
1 review
2 helpful votes

Lincoln Park Costco, blonde glasses wearing personal shopper... must be queen of England. Unfamiliar with InstaCart and TRIED to stop her to ask questions.. without a pause, "sorry, I have no time".... lol, really? Hurry up and go wait in Costco line... Nice way to familiarize people with brand! One less potential customer

Ask Mike about Instacart
1 review
1 helpful vote

For the most part Insta car doesn't excellent job Thursday if it's courteous and in fact I've gotten 99% of my orders without incident however if you have items that are out of stock and you don't take substitutions getting your money back can be a bit of a chore in fact when my last order I had $22 and undelivered items customer Service told me I would have a credit to my credit card in three days since I use online banking I have been watching it's been five days and I've received nothing and in fact I just sent him another note I suspect most of you don't check that carefully I also suspect that unless you're aggressive about your tracking this represents another profit source for the company

Ask Brian about Instacart
1 review
2 helpful votes

I sent this request to their support team. Im telling you people now what happened what I said and what I told them.

Since my order was cancelled, and the way the website layout is placed therefore, I can not write a review on cancelled orders. That is a request. But since I ca not I am still writing you now to tell you the experience I have had with this personal shopper Kenyada F.

Order all wrong AGAIN ! :

I was disappointed with the shopper Kenyada F. She was the worst shopper I had with instacart. If their were stars to mark in I would give her a poor. * She called my phone to tell me my food item was not available. And asked if I would like anything else. She suggested a bag of Kirkland chicken. I told her I was looking for 25-50 wings. She asked if I wanted it I said Yes ! She suggested that she take a picture. That was going to be my question. I said yes, take a picture that way I can see what Im purchasing and I can make a final decision. Their was a miscommunication with a bag of Kirkland chicken. An item that I do not purchase at all. She suggested she take a picture of the bag so I could see how it looked. I agreed. I asked her to take another picture of the back of the item to see the chicken more clear or send a picture showing just the wing. She was so sure I was purchasing the item, while we were discussing the chicken and the photographs she took it upon herself to decide what she think I should buy with my money. She did not close the agreement whether or not I would like the food item. I think she was very inconsiderate. She does not care what the customer wants This is the third time someone from your company has screwed with my order. This is ridiculous ! Two items ! I should not have to wait 7 days for a refund of my money because she does not want to get my order done correctly. *

Ask Cindi about Instacart
1 review
3 helpful votes

instacart is not cheap. they regularly mark-up prices. i have received boars head turkey slices with the store deli label on it for $9 and instacart charged me $13.49. thinking it was a mistake, their customer service confirmed it was business as usual. spice mark-ups are often even more.

Ask MITCHELL about Instacart
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

Given that I've had negative interactions with two employees of theirs now in the space of a week, I felt I needed to speak up. The most recent was yesterday afternoon at the Whole Foods in Potrero Hill. While grabbing bananas from the produce section, I ran into a woman blocking a narrow isle with her cart and talking on her phone. When I said "Excuse me" she glanced at me out of the corner of her eye, then proceeded to look away and ignore me as if she hadn't heard. A few minutes later I went to check out in the express lane with my bananas, and box from the salad bar and encountered the same woman again. She tried to push past me with about 20 different items in her cart, which I put a stop to, but rolled her eyes and ignored me when I pointed out the sign that said "8 Items or less". When she got to the next cashier, who politely scanned her goods despite the overloaded cart, I clearly overheard her tell them she was with Instacart.

While the Google Shopping employees I've encountered have always been upbeat and polite, Instacart's employees are as ignorant of proper etiquette when interacting with other shoppers, as Uber drivers are of the rules of the road!

Ask Jiraiya about Instacart
1 review
13 helpful votes

The reason for the "incompetent" service is that Instacart exploits it's workforce and as a former member of said workforce, I can tell you in all honesty that many of us have lost respect for this company. It's focus is on the bottom line for THEM and there is little to no culture of respect for either the workers or the customers. They are the epitome of our current narcissistic culture which puts personal and monetary gain above quality and human values.
Yes if you can afford it, it's convenient but know that there is little integrity in this organization.

Ask Nancy about Instacart
1 review
4 helpful votes

So, I had my first Instacart experience here in Atlanta recently and I'm a bit ticked off.

Now, I know that they have got to make money off more than the delivery fee, so I expect that there is a margin built into the prices I see online. But when I agree to pay $6.99 for a pound of ground beef, and the beef comes marked with a "special price" of $4.99, I send Customer Service a note asking if they are really pocketing the difference, or are going to credit me.

Their rep comes back and says that they can't offer credits for sale prices, so they just made at least a 40% markup on that item. At the end of the day, I know I'm paying for convenience. But that seems a little rich. How many items, without a price marked on them, did I also just get jacked on?

Also, I'm guessing that Instacart pockets the loyalty rewards and discounts from my local Kroger, and that they are somehow getting some of the back-end from the store as well.

Will I use them again? Sparingly, and only in a pinch. Can I wait for Amazon to enter my market? Nope - the sooner the better.

Ask T about Instacart
1 review
3 helpful votes

What seems to have started as a great service has become a nightmare. There shoppers here in Chicago have become increasingly lazy and, well, incompetent. They replace items with anything they think might be close (despite requests for specific replacements); ask for a pound of ham or cheese or anything from the deli and you will probably get some other weight--sometimes 2 pounds; sometimes a quarter of a pound.

When you complain about the service they make false promises of a "free delivery on your next order." SAVE THAT E-MAIL, because when you place your next order they will not only charge you the delivery fee, but then deny they ever told you you were entitled to a free order.

Ask Todd about Instacart
1 review
1 helpful vote

I love instacart !! Follow this link and get 10 dollars off !!

Or use this code : RLARK1 to get 5 dollars off :)

Ask Rosa about Instacart
5 reviews
6 helpful votes

Instacart is great. I love using their product a lot.

Ask AJ about Instacart
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

Instacart is the f'ing tits. I love using their service. It's awesome.

Ask Sam about Instacart
1 review
2 helpful votes

Update: I feel it's fair to add that they did eventually resolve my problem - refunded the charge and issued me a credit for a free delivery. Took about a week to resolve the issue. I've used them a few times since (I guess I don't know when to quit) and haven't had another issue. Still a little bit of an alarming experience.


I want to give Instacart a good review, because when it works it's a great service.

However, I wouldn't recommend giving them your business. I tried to place an order, there was an error with Instacart's site, and I got message telling me my payment had failed.

The charge still posted to my bank account. Never got groceries, never got as far as confirmation screen. Just gave Instacart $176.56 for nothing.

This was three days ago. There is no listed phone number to contact any kind of support for Instacart (go ahead, look for it), only an email address.

In three days, I have only gotten platitudes and put-offs from the customer service reps who answer that email address who seem unwilling or unable to understand the problem and assurances that "they understand my frustrations."

In the meantime, not only do I not have my groceries, I am also missing the money entirely until they get around to canceling the charge, so I can't use it to buy groceries elsewhere.

Great idea completely ruined by poorly tested software.

Ask David about Instacart
1 review
3 helpful votes

Careful using Instacart: it seems like their products are the same price as in the store and then you just pay them for shipping, but it's not always true. I wanted to buy something at Trader Joe's, and I noticed the price seemed a bit high so I decided to call the local store. The local store was 20%+ less. I was planning on buy 10 items, so that would have been an extra $15 I would have had to pay on top of their shipping cost. Instacart is a good idea but I think they should be clearer about their pricing.

Ask Jesse about Instacart
8 reviews
15 helpful votes

Instacart gives you awesome and cheap grocery delivery from major supermarkets. I don't have a car so picking up heavy things like olive oil and bags of potatoes can be a real pain. But with Instacart, if you spend over $35 it's only $3.99 for delivery in under two hours during regular store business hours. And you can get it even faster for more money (I've never done this though). I don't think it's available in every city yet, but if it's available in your city, I'd definitely give it a try.

Ask Hanson about Instacart

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