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ILoveYourAccent reviews

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57 Reviews for ILoveYourAccent

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New Reviewer

When josephine met Alex
Nothing to say but thankyou, i've got my soul mate.

New Reviewer

Love my Brit guy, not a bad deal for $30, found him in 2 months!

Never had any problems here, would be happy to recommend
Good luck

Tip for consumers: Make sure you flirt if you see someone who takes your fancy lol

Ask esther about ILoveYourAccent
New Reviewer

My testimonial.
Hi there
I just wanted to thank you for putting up this site. I joined in 2012 Gabby (GabbyH) and met Alan (ALUK) within 3 weeks.
We chatted on your messenger and then the phone and then skype, after 6 months we met in person and that was it!
It has been almost 2 years now , Alan moved to the States, we welcomed our first child, a baby boy in June and we were finally married last week.he's my perfect love match, I'll love him forever and he feels the same, without your site I would never have found him and wouldn't have my precious baby boy.
Thank you forever.

New Reviewer

I met my British husband here a year ago, since then a friend of his has started dating a girl he met on the site.
They asked me for a testimonial so here it is ...... Love you guys.

New Reviewer

Last attempt guys, you are making this pretty tough.
my name is Angelique , I met my guy on this site a year ago .
We instant messaged and then used viber to chat, I went to see him in Yorkshire Englandafter 2 months.
fast forward, we were married August 3.
thanks ilya, without ya we would not be together.

New Reviewer

I met my American wife here 18 months ago. Thought it was pretty cool, have recommended to friends.

New Reviewer

I wish I had checked the reviews before I signed up. It just sounded like fun and the price was reasonable. After receiving messages from several men who expressed deep interest in taking a step forward they all suddenly stopped sending messages. I thought that was a little UNUSUAL!. Also, I could never upload additional photos, only the one profile photo. I sent numerous messages to "administration" asking for assistance but never received a reply. I had signed up for 3 months and decided that it was not working out so I checked to be sure that my account was not set to auto renew. I it was not and there was a notice that my subscription was due to expire August 12. So I was quite surprised on August 12th to see that my bank account was debited for another 3 months. I notified Pay Pal that this was not authorized and now I am receiving daily rude emails from "administration" saying that I lied to Pay Pal etc... very, very rude and unprofessional. They said they are blocking my account (ok, I didn't want it anyway) and that Pay Pal is holding my money. Who are these crazy people!!! I hope Pay Pal realizes that they are just a great big FRAUD!!!


Ask Kimberly about ILoveYourAccent
New Reviewer

OK so I did not meet Prince Charming but I did meet 3 guys from this site when I visited the UK earlier this year. They were all pretty real!
Sometimes you get back what you give out, and as a business owner myself I hate that anyone can leave an anonymous bad review whether true or not, be cool people and say what you have to say and sign your good name to it.
Who really runs here and says hey I love that dating site..? The site out there that masquerades as a higher power finding love for you is the worst for fakes, blame God I guess.
Anyway, that is my input and my name is here for all of you to see. I ain't hiding from nothing just telling it like I see it. Still single but still trying.

New Reviewer

Have you noticed how all the positive reviews are on the same day, Of course its the staff writing the good reviews. Totally fake site, dreadful experience.

New Reviewer

AWFUL! They cut my account off in February after I claimed their site was fake and they didn't refund a dime of my money even after I filed with PayPal. The automatic payment of $30.00 was then deducted a few days back even though it was cancelled with PayPal and so I filed another claim and they are fighting back on not returning my money. If my money is not returned to me I will be filling with them in court in Florida and will need other people like everyone below to back me up. If this gets big enough we can all sue them for what belongs to us. In the event this happens I will be contacting some people below. Thank you so much! And good luck with these people. I hope they get shutdown soon.

New Reviewer

Very bad experience and scared by some of the other reviews. I get the distinct impression that many of the profiles are fake (and they all seem to be too good-looking). Nobody replies to you more than once or twice, if they send you an email address it doesn't work, the video uploader on the site does not work. I haven't been able to "chat" to anyone and now I have read on one of the reviews that they keep on billing you and you can't get out of it, which has scared me. I will warn the bank not to make any payments to them via PayPal or I will take my bank account off of PayPal, at least temporarily. The only contact address is an email address. I don't think I have any chance of meeting anyone genuine on this site because I'm not sure if there are any genuine people on it.

New Reviewer

DO NOT sign up this website. The content is ok however as I have seen I am not the only person to be scammed by the automatic repayment. I sent an email to the site on the same day as my renewal to cancel it ( a legally binding email)) which was ignored and got very rude unprofessionsl one line answers as another reviewer has noted. I am taking this further as obviously it is not just myself who has encountered problems. Use the free site but DO NOT sign up!! SCAM

New Reviewer

Guys run! Do not sign in there do not subscribe!!! Profiles are fake!! People talk to you once a week and never ever want to exchange email or Skype etc! I been on many social sites and fair enough some people not want to connect for a while unti l they get to know other person. But here they 'll express interest like once a week but never want to speak outside the site! If it was 2-3 people I understand but not all of them!!
Plus admin answered my message to certain member and then pretend that it was just a online misteake?!

New Reviewer

There should be a no star for this dating site. I cannot believe that this site has not been shut down already. Half the profiles there are fake and the every time the admin is on the same profiles pop up and will send you a one line email. Total waste of time and money. You cannot delete your profile from this site and it is a nightmare to get a cancellation done. Stay clear everyone ! Good reviews are from the admin team. FAKE ! FAKE ! FAKE !

New Reviewer

I feel like any positive reviews here are probably planted by the staff! Almost no one is online at any given time and heaven forbid you want to try and cancel your account or take down your profile - BECAUSE YOU CAN'T. Run. Run now. These people are frauds. Once you create a profile, you can't delete it or discontinue payments to them. You have to contact PayPal (I don't even have a PayPal account!) and force a stop further payment request. When I contacted the ILYA web team on that email address that they provide, the staff (and owner!) were hostile and rude and threatening and refused to take down my profile! I'm pretty sure they only want to keep it so they can pathetically and fraudulently boast more numbers than they really have - a bit of a digital hostage-taking. Also, it appears that the owner takes to posting private information about paying customers on the internet when she's angry about their complaints (I've seen this after Googling other reviews). YIKES.

New Reviewer

I think the only good reviews for this site must come from the staff itself. A one star review is too good for them. I emailed them about cancelling my membership and received a completely rude response,....especially after trying to dispute my charge via PayPal (which is when they actually responded to my initial email about cancelling). We are paying them OUR money to keep them employed, so you the least they can do is respond as if they have any customer service skills at all. AVOID WEBSITE AT ALL COST!! THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO WOULD LIKE HELP DATING VIA A WEBSITE!!!!

New Reviewer

Every bad thing you've ever read about this site is true. There is no way to cancel membership on the web site, they suggest rather that you discontinue payments via PayPal. The problem with that is that people who don't have a PayPal account can't login and do this. PayPal told me that ILYA had to cancel my membership and discontinue payments from their end and they refuse to do it. I started this process weeks ago as my 3 month membership is up on the 15th of November. The first response I got from ILYA was immediate telling me to go through PayPal. My response informing ILYA of what PayPal said got no reply...ever. I resent it a few days later and still nothing. Resent it the next day, no response. Sent the same email 20 (yes) 20 times to irritate them into responding to me. I got a reply saying "Why have you sent the same email 20 times?" but nothing on my actual problem. I've now reported them to the BBB, Attorney General of Florida and Illinois. They are total scam artists and the site itself is horrid. The layout is awful, there aren't many members at all, and it looks more like an AOL personal page from 1997 than it does a 'professional' web site. I can't wait until they're shut down.

New Reviewer

This website is a total FRAUD! Avoid! There are other dating sites (that are real and have legit members on them) that are actually free of charge like POF. The owners of I Love Your Accent are malicious and greedy. They make up a bunch of fake profiles on there. It is laughable. Everytime Rochelle, the owner, is logged in, all her fake little troll profiles are logged in too. What's even more disgusting is they will send messages to members from the fake profiles acting interested. Then when the conversation rolls around to exchanging numbers or email addresses, the fake profile goes silent. It's obvious they're fake because they only have 1 pic and all the fake profiles are written the same way. Rochelle is very rude and so are her "staff" members, but it's possible that she is making up a bunch of various different names when replying to emails.. I can't imagine that this company has many employees working for it! It's such a flop! This website is bogus. I actually felt violated being a member because I kept getting the fake emails from the fake profiles that they have on their site.. asking me questions about myself, etc. If you contact customer care, they are very nasty and defensive if you ask them about why the reviews say their site has fake profiles on it. They are extremely RUDE, unkind, and are just flat out liars. This site should be taken down. It is a fraud, PERIOD!

New Reviewer

This website has been the best speed dating experience I've run into.

New Reviewer

Just wanted to let you know I had a blast on this site. It was much more fun than I expected.

New Reviewer

I was so skeptical about this website at first, but this was truly great!

New Reviewer

Deserve 5 Star

New Reviewer

This is a cool site to rate and meet people. And now it has an iPhone app to have all your hotties right at your fingertips. Worth checking it out!

Apprentice Reviewer

I am realistic enough to know that guys telling you you are pretty does not necessarily mean any more than "you are pretty enough for me to sleep with" which does not mean much.

New Reviewer

It has the same drawbacks of a lot of sites but since it was very focused on the U.K./U.S. connection, it did produce results faster. What's with all the angry reviews below? Someone didn't find a date! :)

New Reviewer

I joined the site to meet an american...guess what...I'm to be married to a bloke from the "estate" I grew up in.

New Reviewer

I like the people I met but the navigation of the site is a little clunky. Still, although skeptical at first, it's a darn good dating site if you like the accent thing!

New Reviewer

Went to London on business. This site made it A LOT more fun.

New Reviewer

Good site. A little too much sometimes.

New Reviewer

Love this site. My american accent makes me feel SO stupid around brits but here I am!

New Reviewer

I was very impressed with this site compared to others and made many happy connections in the U.S.

Apprentice Reviewer

As the name of this site suggests, it is OK. After having to browse through many photos and profiles of girls, I finally stumble upon one that I like

Apprentice Reviewer

Signed up, thought it was very well designed and easy to use......

Apprentice Reviewer

I have actually met some really awesome people from OKC. :)) One of which i am currently seeing.

Apprentice Reviewer

A good free dating site, nice features and easy to use. Good 'quality' of active members.

Apprentice Reviewer

Really Cool dating website.

New Reviewer

I've met my American princess who is sitting here laughing at me. I met almost the perfect's just her talking...and that accent! Just having a laugh. For all the others boast, things worked like one would hope here now.

New Reviewer

Met a nice far so good. Meeting him in NYC in Jan.

New Reviewer

Similar experience to everyone else really....the company employees are rude and verbally abuse you when you report them to PayPal as being fraudulent. The messages you rarely do receive are dull one liners from I am guessing fake profiles, never any more than 160 people online whatever time of the day or night you log in. Total crap!

New Reviewer

Worst dating website ever, complete scam and waste of money!!!

The owner is seriously rude and unprofessional it is almost shocking and the site is full of fake profiles.

Stay clear!!

New Reviewer

Worst site ever!
Eurotrash thieves,
Their new contact info is:
Accent Publishing Inc.
7512 Dr Phillips Blvd Ste 50 # 215
Orlando FL 32819-5420

Be sure and contact the Orlando BBB, and the Florida Atty General's Office .
These people have to be stopped!

New Reviewer

Very similar experience like all the others. The lengths Rochelle goes to get your money is criminal. I suggest you report them to the Florida Attorney General for fraud as I did. They are based out of Florida and the scam continues!

New Reviewer

I paid for a subscription and inthe middle of contact withthree men I was suddenly disconnected. When I called up the website, before even logging in the server says403 Forbidden. After numerous requests to the Iloveyour accent admin, I was told that my account was still up and running from their side so I have to sort it out on my side. Then on fine day, after not being able to go on for almost a month. I tried yet again and it worked. I connected with one of the men and we are now chatting on skype. I want to dcancel this subscription, but it is sad because the other two men were nice. What gives with this website?

New Reviewer

I agree with so many people who registered on iloveyouraccent dating site. I joined with Being a British guy i was looking to find a Genuine American woman.
Now I think it is a con and wrong that you have to pay in order to read other members messages sent to you and you get some with no photo or one photo.
Also after joining i found that i was getting more and more fraudulent e-mails from people in Nigeria trying to scam me to give them money in exchange for millions of dollars to be deposited into my account, if i was stupid enough to have gave them all my details...
I am very suspicious of this site and like so many other dating sites, some fake, just set up in order to make lots of money out of vulnerable people looking for Relationships.

New Reviewer

Who wouldn't love a dating site that promises to hookup US boys and girls to the British boys and girls who love them? So...some friends and I decided to do some investigation into I Love Your Accent, or Accent Publishing's
And what an eye opener it was.

First off, all of my friends and I are genuinely single and looking. And that, true believers, is where the genuineness of ends.

How many people sign up for a dating website and immediately, I mean within just a few minutes, get a response? Hands please. one. Just as I thought; but I digress.

Looks like works like this:
First, you create a profile.
Next you add some interesting tidbits about yourself and maybe add a photo or two.
Finally, you wait.

But on, you don't have to wait long.

Almost immediately, I got a response from Andyboy.
Next I got a response from Eyeofthebeholder. (All correspondence was copied and documented.)

Re: beautiful Sheri

Re: Evening to you

Profiles meant to get people t

Undelivered IM messages

Re: Re: Re: beautiful Sheri


Re: Re: Profiles meant to get

Re: Tell me

Re: Re: Re: Re: Profiles meant

At this point, my friends and I are thinking “C’mon. Get real.” We took the bait.
And what bait it was.
Eyeofthebeholder described himself as a 6’2” London born guy living in NYC. While he was what my friends deemed "very handsome," his second photo looked totally photo shopped to my eyes. But then, that photo shop thing, maybe that’s all in the eye of the beholder.

Moving on. At this point, I email “Rochelle,” the perky Brit who sings the praises of her site right from the front steps of her webpage.
I asked Rochelle a question. I wanted her to respond to the criticism that her site uses fake profile in order to entice people into upgrading (paying the $20 fee) to become premium members. (Unless you pay the fee, you cannot connect with "members.")
Rochelle vehemently denied ever haven taken part in any such actions. She offered that her site cannot be held responsible for vetting $20 members. That was the first day.
The next day, I received a message from TerryUK. How’s this for irony boys and girls- the person who later responded to me from’s admin email address, was also named Terry. I am sure it was just a coincidence.
TerryUk responded to my profile with a single question: How are you still single?
I responded back quite honestly that I was busy with work. I also disclosed to him that I was doing research on dating sites and wondered if he might want to answer a few questions. That one question unleashed a maelstrom of activity from the admin team.
Within just a few minutes of posing the question to TerryUK, my profile was deleted. removed my picture, inbox messages, ability to send messages, etc. The whole shebang. Gone. Gone. Gone.

It seems that the admin team at doesn’t take kindly to any sort of questions about their business practices. They went from “we can’t be held responsible to verify $20 memberships” to “you posted on our website under false pretenses.” What a difference a day makes.
So, all you US and Brit boys and girls looking for love, what's a guy to make of all of this?
I’ll leave you to decide.
Did I mention that I'm a guy and that I did this with female friends who assured me that was a fake? They warned me- fake profiles with crazy hair, immediate answers in order to entice you to upgrade, always the same people in the chat rooms, never more than 100 or so people in the chat rooms, irregular billing practices…you name it.
Dang, I hate to be proven wrong. And I was so looking forward to my own personal Brit girl with a “posh” accent like the queen.
Oh well… back to the bars and the gyms for real life ladies without the $20 buck entry fee.
Beer anyone?

New Reviewer

I think it's terrible, because one cannot even read a single message from any of the other hopefuls, without upgrading to a premium membership. How in the world are you supposed to determine whether or not you want to become a premium member, if you can't even initially connect with anybody? And how are we supposed to know that all those "messages from another member" we're getting in the iloveyouraccent inbox, are from actual people, or from employees of the site trying to make us buy a membership just to read what their messages have to say? It's not like I expect free service from everywhere/ everything, but, standards and rules should be reasonable. Iloveyouraccent is definitely not reasonable in it's expectations of people and in its willingness/unwillingness to bring singles together; it comes across as ONLY a business, with no heart in the business, whatsoever! Terrible. We can feel more heart in a bottle of Heinz Ketchup, than in this place! Avoid it, go somewhere else!

New Reviewer

on paying my membership for a single month a while ago, I found it strange that some of those who contacted me initially seemed not to reply even when a telephone number and email address is presented...what does that lead me to believe ?...perhaps the individuals who 'appear' legitimate are in fact not. Understandably that may just be apathy on the part of the so called person.Now a few months go by,without being a paid member and once again I receive messages and possibly being interested I have no other option but to pay the $20 for the month to read the email message. Again, I see shallow and nondescript replies so I have to consider that this might just be a way of 'artificially' coercing and enticing a person to make payment for what I see is a poorly executed dating site.
I am now in dispute with Paypal claim (having paid through that medium) and the administrator would not refund the $20.Their attitude is abysmal. They even had the audacity to suggest I should be auditing their site and informing them.

They have a BBB rating of "F" so that might just give you a hint as to their approach to customer issues.AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!

New Reviewer

I thought I was just being paranoid in thinking that the men on this site are fake... but if others felt it too, then it's likely true. I had a feeling I shouldn't sign up for this site, and I wish I would have followed my gut.

New Reviewer

I had CHARLES harassing me about me calling FRAUD on the company... I call fraud when u do not authorize automatic payments... Paypal did put a stop to that. So he deleted my profile. Also would not stop emailing me every day about going to a different dating site, which I will do. I could NOT log in... but he lied and said i was a premium member... WTF?

New Reviewer

I paid them their $20 for a month's membership. It automatically set me up in a Recurring Payment Plan on Paypal. I cancelled the recurring payment immediately, upon which they did not allow me the "premium membership" access that the $20 is supposed to grant. I felt this was a scam and went back on paypal and cancelled the entire transaction. Here is our conversation. Note their amateurish and unprofessional attitudes..

From Buyer - lynne 7/13/2012 08:05 PDT
I supposedly paid for a month's membership with use of premium features. There are denying me premium features. I did cancel the recurring payment that is automatically signs u up for, but this should not cancel my use of 30 days of the premium features that i paid for.

I want to cancel this bull$#*! pronto.

From Seller - Accent Publishing Inc, dba I Love Your Accent7/13/2012 09:28 PDT
There is nothing with your account, it clearly shows you as a premium member. You can access all features within the site.

I have sent Paypal screenshots of your working profile and the date showing your premium membership ending on August 13, what is your problem?

From Seller - Accent Publishing Inc, dba I Love Your Accent7/13/2012 09:29 PDT
There is nothing wrong with your account, you have premium membership for one month.

From Buyer - lynne 7/13/2012 10:30 PDT
I just tried to log in and I cannot. How is that a membership? You must have cancelled me now. If I had a premium membership, how come when I went to the voice section, it told me to pay? How come it told me I cannot receive messages until I pay?

From Buyer - lynne 7/13/2012 10:34 PDT
I cannot even log in now. Your lack of professionalism in the email you sent me and the above message reflects poorly upon you.

From Seller - Accent Publishing Inc, dba I Love Your Accent7/13/2012 12:10 PDT
of course you cannot log in now. Until you retract your claim why should you be allowed to access the site for free?

Your vile profile and vulgar language in your email to us are obviously a true insight to who you are, please don't mention our lack of anything!

From Buyer - lynne 7/14/2012 10:10 PDT
In your previous post, you mentioned that you showed Paypal a screenshot of "my working profile". I was disputing that as you just confirmed, it is not a "working profile".

I will mention what ever I deem appropriate. You are still lacking in professionalism.

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