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New Reviewer

I am really happy with this store. I have had a few bad experiences before with these kind of stores, but this store was perfect. I got my game within 15 minutes of ordering it through PayPal and the advisor I spoke to on live chat was called Shirley Mitchell. She was very helpful and guided me through the payment process and I would like to thank her one more time for the help she has given me.

Tip for consumers: use coupon code for saving money

Ask Gracy about IGXE
New Reviewer

Have bought wow gold from these guys twice and fast and smooth service both times, a bit higher price than other websites but since they acctually do their job I don't mind.

Ask Oskar about IGXE
New Reviewer

hmm, i use for my VR10 weapons and armors. personal think this site is fit for me in anytime when i need. of course, i used their free coupon code to save much money. No banned my account, cool.

Tip for consumers: use coupon code to save much money

Ask Micheal about IGXE
New Reviewer

This service is the worst.
24 hours later and still no delivery.
Then when I tell them to refund my money they would not do it.

This place is a rip off!

Tip for consumers: You should chose a different service.

Ask Bill about IGXE
New Reviewer

Terrible/non-existant service. 2 days and not a word on my order. It was listed as "Processing" the entire time even though they have an out of stock status. After talking to them they told me that they did not have the items I ordered.

Selling items that they do not have is not good business. And it took almost an hour for them to agree to refund my order. They tried offering me a lousy extra 5% currency coupon to try to placate me.


Tip for consumers: Avoid this site.

Ask John about IGXE
New Reviewer

This is the best site for to get the cheapest gold/credits, items, power leveling and CDKeys. You can get the largest discount. You don't need to worry about your security when you buy products from it. It is trustworthy. Trust me!

New Reviewer

I have been using this company for all my external games need to power level to gold. They've never failed me, and if they made a small mishap, they compensate it with something. Prices are always low and trusted name in the business. The customer support reps are probably the best I have ever had a chat with their nice and not robots for sure. I bought bulk of WOW gold from them though they were dry on my server it took them 1-2 hours and sent me my gold. Worth the investment to this company.

New Reviewer

Went to purchase a 50$ prepaid card, asked if it was in stock before hand and was told it was, then after my purchase I waited an hour (Well pass the promised 10-15 minute delivery time) I started up an after-sale chat and ended up waiting another 30 minutes to get a response only to be told they were out of stock.
I waited two days, periodically contacting them and asking how much longer it'd be and kept getting the run around. Finally I started a Dispute on their site asking for a refund and got it with little fuss. That's about the only good thing I can say about them.
IF you buy from them I strongly suggest using Paypal just for a little extra protection.

New Reviewer

FRAUDULENT SITE: I ordered 200k for The Elder Scrolls Online. They did not deliver for 4days then I contacted them. They then sent me 88k and changed the status to complete. I spoke to Ronnie and he said not to worry, they will send the rest. 4 days later I contacted them again. Now they say the order is complete, but I still did not receive the 112k they still owe me.

I friend of mine ordered 200k, he did not receive anything and they are telling him the same thing "The order is complete".

New Reviewer

just bad stay away i order some madden 25 money they said i will get it in 10mins when i order so i order got the phone call then boom got nun said they can not do the order so i ask for a full Refund in chat all they say is wait waut wait been 4 days so i had to go thur paypal and then i got my money back stay away from them to much Bs

New Reviewer

This is 100% scam website. Don't have any expectations to get what your ordered. STAY AWAY!!

New Reviewer

I have used igxe for roughly 7 years when I need to buy stuff for my gaming the issue ive had in the past is VERY slow delivery of product. I have purchased items for COH, SWG WOW

New Reviewer

I've used this site for many years, i've only ever had one issue with them and they refunded my money within 24 hours. The best way i have found with them is to contact them via chat and verify the stock before you purchase, the Person will give you a direct link, make your purchase and then tell them the order number. The only time i had an issue i did not do it like this.

New Reviewer

avoid these scammers! i tried to buy a $50 ukash voucher - payment from my debit card processed fine, they then telephoned me to confirm details. and then for some reason needed me to to photograph my passport and drivers licence. i obviously told them where to go and cancel my order. still waiting for refund.

New Reviewer

They called me asking for my address, paypal account, credit card number, and everything. Sketchy as hell.

They will steal your money!!!

New Reviewer

at this time I share you guys 2 coupons 8% --->IGXECODE777
10%--->COUPON10%need up to 60
you can remember the coupon so that you can input by yourself it can save your time
there are lots of coupons on igxe that with fake discription , just 6% were written by 8% ,8% were witten by 10% etc dont use it
mostly igxe deliver gold quickly especially wow gold gw2 gold , swtor credits but
when it comes to d3 eu , it will be out of stock and will delay you so much time what a pity

New Reviewer

site is a scam.

they will process one order. then if you place a second they will try and get personal information. I have screen shots of them asking of a photo of my credit card.

stay away these guys are $#*!ed and will scam you. still trying to get refund out of these pricks

New Reviewer

I thought I might snuff out all of you illiterate $#*!s with a bit of factual information. IGXE has provided me with a very large sum of game currency over the years; however, the problem arises when I purchase something other than game currency. The first time I purchased a power leveling, problems quickly arose with the timing and delivery guarantee. The leveling didn't actually start until 3 days after the order was "estimated" to be completed. Now, I have ordered another power leveling order (after many successful currency orders), and once again, it has been 3 days with no movement on the order. I messaged through chat, emailed, and even called to try to get a refund, but nothing is heard. It seems as if they are just ignoring me completely now. My advice is, if you are ordering currency, use IGXE, but if you are wanting power leveling, go somewhere else. This website is definitely a scam.

New Reviewer

Hackers and liars they hack your visa and dont give you the product and dont give refunds thats what happend to me

New Reviewer

I ordered gold from them 4 days ago, asked for a refund they phoned me to give them some more time, how much time do hey need??? never again will I do business with them. I will wait until tomorrow and put in a claim to paypal.
Did the same with u7bye with the same problem, still wait for a refund.

New Reviewer

slow delivery. i bought 2 things, and they took a few hours to deliver. i then tried to buy another thing, and when i typed in my credit card, it asked for the last 4 digits of my social security number. no way. SCAM!!!

New Reviewer

Got a great response the first time and after that. Forget it. You will not get anything out these guys. I have tried to get a refund and nothing. Having to do a Paypal refund. Go with never had a problem.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY!! HUGE SCAM!! I ordered from them several days ago, they told me they were out of stock and will contact me when they have my order. I have e-mailed them many times, talked to their terrible customer service several times. I've gotten the same run around story and I doubt I will ever get my purchase! They are based out of China and will try to deceive will false names and products. DO NOT give them your credit card, e-mail or any personal information! Do not believe their fake reviews and false website. Shop else where!!!

New Reviewer

Tried to buy 20K from them, they called twice saying that they were ready to do the transaction and then hung up and nothing happened. When I contacted their customer service to see what was going on they said that we needed to put an item in the AH and they would buy it. I had requested a face-to-face transaction because I am very cautious. 11 hours later they are still telling me that they are having "problems with the account". I have been hung up on numerous times, the "supervisor" was extremely rude to me and my husband. Stay as far away from this site as you possibly can!!

New Reviewer

Hacked my world of warcraft account and stole from it a couple years ago.
Actually, no, the gold wasn't the bad part. They stole thousands of high quality resources that I gathered for years and stored in my bank (I was planning on using them to level my crafting and sell them). $#*! them all, $#*!ing typical chinese hackers. I thought they were the only ones who could've done it since no one else had my password yet I used the same password from my wow account on their site (Yeah I know I shouldn't have done that), but after reading reports of trojans and keyloggers I realized that making it a different password might not have made any difference.

Yeah, I shouldn't have bought gold (Although i didn't know how to buy the expensive abilities back in the day like flying mount ability since i never knew how to be good at selling crafting), but..dang..

New Reviewer

Purchased some wow gold, and it was taken back by game support saying it was stolen. Their site claims it is all 100% legit farmed by their own people and none comes from cheats, hacks, etc. After talking to them, I was basically told they wouldn't help me because they finished the delivery and I got it stolen from me.

New Reviewer

Bought ISK for EVE online. Order was late but whtever. Then i receive en email from a GM from EVE telling me the money came from a hacked account and he took my isk away.
igxe is a great way to get banned.

New Reviewer

Another company that spams everywhere. Sick and tired of it. Avoid.

New Reviewer

Lol i harass this company through chat every hour waiting for my gold, so far i recieved a third of my purchase, still waiting for it all. It got to the point to where they get pushy with me, all i want is my dam gold. I did once buy a cd key and got it within an hour, but selling gold isn't there cup of tea

New Reviewer

Basically a scam... they take the real money from you with promises of a firm timeframe of delivery of your gold, then delay after delay, excuses after excuses....

In the end, real money out of your pocket and no delivery of anything, even though they make you do "this and that" like placing items on neutral auction house, placing another item on horde/alliance auction house etc etc...

DO NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY on these scammers.

New Reviewer

I came across a review about IGXE that stated that they ask too much personal information. I want to make a request to those people who spread false details like this. This platform asks the minimal details just like any other website would do if they are involved in the virtual money transfer. Anyhow, this does not matter as the information that you give is secure here. As a regular user of this platform, I know that they are accredited and certified by Trustwave and GEOTrust. Anything that we provide here is absolutely safe.

New Reviewer

I just did business around 2 years, every times just worked very well, 20mins delivery and the customer Rep is pretty profession

New Reviewer

So i bought about 500 mil of EVE Online ISK from this website. Everything was fine and dandy, the support was a bit slow, but i got my ingame currency in about 30 minutes. I wake up the next day to find a message from the EVE GM saying that i recently recieved In game assests from someone (an account) who has been verified as a gold basically i was never going to get my Isk, because they are using a flagged account. I contacted thier live support, who can barely freaking speak english, and reply like every $#*!ing 30 minutes, and told them what happened. They asked for screenshots of the GM's message and the transaction page ingame of the money being added and taken away and i did everything they said. Although i wasnt actually going ingame, i was using an app on my phone for EVE to get the screenshots, they still refused to give me a refund after HOUUUURS of $#*!ing doing all that they said. And now they just stop talking to me in live chat once they realize who i am. They have stolen from me and i have no idea what to do to get my money back. WORST $#*!ING WEBSITE EVER. DONT BUY!!!!!! Use MOGS.

New Reviewer


I have bought 40U$ in gold, and they did not deliver the order.
I have contacted them for 5 days, and they did not solve the issue.

Don't buy with them.

New Reviewer

I have recently bought Tera Gold- 2000 and I'm very happy with IGXE. I know some reviews are paid but not mine, and I have to say that it was extremely fast, in 5 hours I got my gold. I recommend this page. I think I will buy from there again.

New Reviewer

This service was brilliant, the Path of Exile Items was cheap! there customer service was the best ive seen!

New Reviewer

Absolutely terrible. Asking for personal information. Where I work, where I live, address and everything! Proceeded to ask me for a copy of government issued ID. Preferable a Drivers License. STAY AWAY FROM THEM. They look to commit Identity Fraud and Account Stealing. ASKED FOR REFUND, THEY LEFT THE CHAT.

This was all for a $20 purchase of 1 item. Lesson learned.. AVOID IGXE!

New Reviewer
9/9/12 is a good site which we can trust,my friends and i have bought some times,we all love it and their staff.
Sometimes the currency was delivered quickly, but sometimes the delivery took more than 5 hours.How ever i have got the compensate that is 5% of the order which for the delay.
So cool,i love you

New Reviewer

DO NOT USE IGXE. I ordered 40k, it took them over 3 days. I tried asking for a refund, they refused it. They told me they would compensate me for more gold. I waited. They paid me what I ordered, no extra. When I asked about it they told me to buy more and they would include it. Bad service. I was hung up on three times. They told me 'it was just 5 percent more gold'... The bottom line is, they promised me it. Do not use it. Go to guy4game.

New Reviewer

I bought 20 K wow gold on for the first time, i got my gold in 15 minutes and all went smoothly without any problems. Then I bought wow gold on igxe some times, it always goes well. And the customer service is great. They give me an 8% coupon code: IGXEPPSD10453 to get 8% free more gold. Really thanks!!

New Reviewer

Ok honestly, look @ the majority of the positive reviews for IGXE they read like they were written by someone who can't speak english. I bet you 70% of them are written by a employee or affiliate of IGXE.

"but PL is slower because they worry that pl too fast will lead my account be banned"
"Every time they can make me feel satisfied."
"On all questions her gives an answer and he doesnt need a long time for that."

Those are quotes from the first 3 5star reviews for this company on this very page. Look through them they are all broken english. Anyways I have had alot of good experiences with IGXE but a few very bad ones. Just recently though, I bought 50k plat on EQ classic cost about $300 because it was on a progression server. They said they needed a copy of my ID to confirm my identity. I said I've never heard of that before and i refuse to do it. So I asked them to cancel the order, they said it ha never been charged because it wasn't a confirmed ordered. I go look on my online banking the money had been taken. Go back and talk to the customer rep, they were very short with me told me outright they didn't remove any money and told me to take it to my credit card issuer or some Global Credit company... I had my online banking open the entire time without question they took the money now they refuse to return it. Sadly consumers like us have little protection against this because what we are paying for isn't tangible goods.

ANYWAYS I'm not one to write in the forums normally but, this is such a big scam be very leery do not use this site.

New Reviewer

They are selling illegal goods ( they do not have the owner's approval to sell virtual items, so once you buy from them you will have them removed or worse, your existing account will be suspended ).

Once you contacted them also your email will be spammed forever. Obviously as it is the case with such filth, the unsubscribe option does not work, and nobody will ever reply to your emails unless you buy something.

New Reviewer

They are a terrible company. I asked a question about a bonus amount they promised on the site, and they said no.. and then proceeded to say:
if you don't want to buy
charles wayne Say:(2012-03-25 21:02:33)
we will just trade for others
charles wayne Say:(2012-03-25 21:02:36)
charles wayne Say:(2012-03-25 21:02:42)
they need it atm

Then I was like hold on.. who is the customer.. me or you.. he then proceeded to say:
charles wayne Say:(2012-03-25 21:05:12)
we don't need a poor man like you

Wow.. good luck doing business with a site like this......

New Reviewer

I purchased PL, gold and blacksmithing. I get a call at 4am to log in and receive blacksmithing items. I explain power leveling is currently happening and lets wait unitl that is completed. Igxe did not listen to me. My account was banned, account was changed. I had to recover the account and reviewed the items. Did receive everything I purchased. Contacted Igxe and requested refunds on both order 1470999 and 1471606. I have been hung up on twice and online support does delays stating need to get with developer or power leverler. This has been going on for a week. I filed a complaint with BBB and disputed charges with credit card company. Now my account is permanently banned. Not safe or secure. BUYER BEWARE. Unethical business

New Reviewer

I ordered 1.5bil ISK for EVE online through this company. The delivery was fast, I will give them that. But mere hours after receiving the ISK I was notified that it was sent to me from a hacked account and the GM removed the ISK putting me in the negative. I attempted to resolve this with the company, but to no avail. They at first said that there was nothing that they could do for me, and after further dialog they said they would send me 1/3 of the amount ordered as "fulfillment of the order." I scheduled a delivery and then they attempted to deliver it right away anyways, and would not stop calling me telling me to log in or I would not receive the reimbursement at all.

I have filed a complaint at the Better Business Bureau and recommend anyone else who has a problem with this company to do the same. I am going to file a charge back as well, as this company does not deliver on their promised product. (Promised product being ISK in my game, and not a negative balance because they decided to give me money from a hacked account.)

To file a complaint with the BBB go to the following link:

New Reviewer

Dont Ever ORDER anything from them!!! just don't do it! pls find somewhere else!
Dont ask why...just don't if you want to save your money and time

New Reviewer

My experience with IGXE has been mostly good, but the two bad incidents were so bad that I will never use them again.

A little background: I played an MMO for several years, before quitting from 2008 to 2010 for work reasons. When I picked the game back up, I had found that there was a lot of content and player development that I had missed I made a couple of currency purchases to help gear up my character, and those were straightforward. Never any problems with delivery time, or stock, or anything.

I then retained IGXE to perform a small powerleveling service for me while I was away one weekend. At the time, I was in a guild, and had several friends with whom I chatted with when I was on. So I was obviously nervous about it getting out that I used a PL service, and I was also nervous about giving out my account information. On that time, everything went smoothly, the PL was performed quickly and without issue and I was happy enough to make a slightly larger PL purchase.

This is where it gets bad. I made my second PL purchase, after being told in chat that I could leave specific instructions such as "only perform the PL between 2a.m. and 7 a.m. local time" and "put AFK tag up and do not respond to any tells." At the same time, I also made another currency purchase. Regarding the currency purchase, I used a different credit card and began getting the same requests for personal information that others got. They wanted me to photograph my license or passport and e-mail it to them. I refused, asked them to cancel the order and told them I would use my other card, which had been processed no problem a few times before. They insisted and said that using the other card would only cause the same problem. So I did as they asked, and emailed a copy of my license with all information covered up except my photo and address, and they said it wasn't good enough. They asked for my passport information, at which point I said absolutely not and told them to cancel the order.

In addition to that, the PL service ignored every one of my requests. They logged in during the evening, at peak hours. My guild had a raid scheduled for that night, which I had purposely not signed up for. However, out of reflex my GL sent my toon an invite when it logged. Instead of declining and performing the PL service, the PLer WENT ON THE RAID, played like crap (obviously) and then /quit when the guild wiped on a named pull two times. Needless to say, a lot of people were really pissed and I was very embarrassed. The PLer also apparently gave out the guild's vent info, and spammers attacked the ventrilo server. All in all, a nightmare of a cleanup that was very embarrassing and taught me a serious lesson about trusting account information to an overseas company.

I will never, ever use them again for anything.

New Reviewer

The service provided was extremely quick and reliable. Shine, my live customer service represenative was able to assist me with all of my questions and answered them with precision and professionalism that I have not experienced in the past from other sites. I will continue to use this company for services that are required and would certainly reccommend IGXE to my friends or anyone that may need such services.

New Reviewer

These guys are trying to knock off the real IGE site. see article here

New Reviewer

It took around 3 hours for delivery of my 16k gold and the livehcat i traced there ip was in america but the phone call is from some1 in china, so they could be bouncing the ip address but very unlikly. anyways good

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