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New Reviewer

I payed for rush shipping, it was even finished being made by the day was suppose to get it! Terrible customer service the international number took my call rarely, my email responses were vague as well as the online chatting system and kinda rude. My dress didn't come in time for prom so I was able to get refund after about 6 phone calls of arguing. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS SITE!

New Reviewer

It came on time and the customer service was good! I had a few questions and they answered them all within 24 hours. The quality of the dress is much better than I expected after reading reviews. However, the size was a little large although I had it custom fitted.

New Reviewer

First of all if there was a no star or a negative Star I would have added it
I ordered a dress for 200 dollars with a similar image of the dress in the screen(Royal Blue) ...they told me that it will take them one month to make my dress and ship it ...the month passed by and I received nothing...I contacted them they told me they are doing their best and they wanna make my dress perfect ...bottom line I received my dress after one month and 18 days ...they gave me a tracking number and when I received the dress I was in a complete shock !!!!
the dress was in an ugly shade of red that looks like dirt and the beading were in blue!!!!...the dress was a super ugly mismatch that any sane person wouldn't wear .....when I contacted them they said they gave me my order and sent me a link of what I ordered(also they removed the link of the dress from the entire site) ...Iam 100000000 percent sure that wasn't my order !!!! I said to them like million times but they insisted then I tried to play along with them and said if ur insisting that this is the color I picked how come the beading are blue not red and the beading in the picture match the color of the dress ...if I changed the color u change the beading ...they said no that's personal taste and we followed the taste of our tailors !!.....I said Iam not buying this and I want a full refund and u will pay the shipment back !!!...they said order a new dress and we will offer u a discount (they still have the nerve)...or return the dress and we will refund u...I was I will return and go with a full refund ....they said sorry we wont give u a full refund I contacted my bank and told them abt my issue ...they said ship the item back and make sure to have a tracking no to take the refund (I used my credit card for payment) I shipped it back and cost me 70 $ with the tracking service ..I feel so pissed off ....plz do ur self a favour and dont buy from this site!

New Reviewer

I wish I would have read these reviews before buying a dress from this site. Terrible aweful quality. It looks nothing like the picture. From the sounds if it I may as well not waste my time trying to get my money back out of China. I will only waste more money on shipping. BEWARE! Shop else where.

New Reviewer

I just received my prom dress. It was slow at getting here, but it did get here and I love the dress! It is perfect!

New Reviewer

Great company, they answered to all my questions very promptly and politely, always.
They also had some doubts and they called me so they could solve them. Great customer relationship!
I was a little bit nervous, because I've read some bad reviews about the website, but I couldn't be happier. My dress is just fantastic! It was handmade, so every detail is unique, but it's all very similar to the picture.
The dress came within 10 days earlier, but it came in a very small package, so it will need some laundry service before my wedding - that's the only negative point I have about it.

New Reviewer

Dresses do not look remotely like the pictures they have posted on their website. Horrible work and poor quality. Do not waste your money on this crap. Is not true that they will pay for the alterations, They do not follow the sizes. What a fake job!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a wedding dress, veil and petticoat from this website. When I got this things I was shocked because everything was packed in one small plastic bag..dress fits me but quality was poor, cheap china dress and they send a wrong petticoat to me, they said that this petticoat that they send fits better which I ordered...they refused to return my money back for petticoat. And I paid for shipping charges 26 pounds, although they are saying that shipping is free! don't believe them and don't order anything!

New Reviewer

Do not buy anything from this website. I ordered a wedding dress and it was nothing like the picture. The quality was disgraceful, the lace felt like plastic and the fitting was all over the place! The sequin seam at the front was not sewn in line with the rest of the pattern and looked wobbly. It was absolutely awful! I sent some pictures of the dress as requested by their returns department. In response they told me that the picture looked fine which was a lie because the faults were so obvious. I literally sent about 10 emails back and forth to their returns department about getting a refund but they kept on sending me back outrageous refund offers. I ended up accepting a refund for $60 after paying $260 for the dress in the first place, that did not include the €55 duty fee I had to pay to Customs and Excise when it was delivered which there was no mention of when I made the original payment. The dress is now sitting in a plastic bag, it's so awful that I would be embarrassed to donate it to charity. Do not buy anything off these rip off merchants!

Expert Reviewer

Scraping Website - Illegal, Stolen Trustmarks
- Site Using Fake or Fraudulent Trust Marks and Seals are key indicators of a Scam Site.
- Why trust a site that needs to Steal Trust Seals??? Where is the Trust coming from???
- Use these sites with caution, do not become their next victim.
- Fully read the "Warnings" and "Membership Terms and Conditions"

*=* Note: Major Security/Trust Seals/Icons commonly used by: BBB .org, McAfee, Thawte, TRUSTe, Trustwave, UpFront, VeriSign/Norton, and others should all have URL's linked to those Icon's. When clicked the URL should "Open" the "relevant sites Certificate or verification page"!!! If they don't, they are FAKE!!!

*-* Sites that do not subscribe to the Norton VeriSign, McAfee Secure, or other Trust/Secure services try to fool consumers/visitors by placing a stolen copy of the trustmark/seal on their website in order to give the appearance of "Trust" and "Security". This practice is called “Scraping.”

*~* Why would you trust a site that needs to knowingly Steal Trust Seals? Which of course sounds nothing like how a legitimate and reputable company would do business!

Illegal VeriSign Certificates - Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

Illegal UpFront Merchant Seal - Fake/Forged (site uses a JPG):

Expert Reviewer

Fake Norton logo, most likely a scam.

New Reviewer

Stay away from there people. It's a Chinese website that does everything to make you believe that they are a US website and a reliable company, but they are not. They steel pictures from designers, use them on their website to make you believe it's pictures of their creations and then supply you total crap.

Here is my story:

On the 5th of March I have ordered a ball dress from them for an event I have in June. Since the picture of the dress on the website of the merchant was gorgeous (see by yourself: I couldn't wait to get it and try it on. It arrived on the 11th of April.

When opened my parcel with the dress I have ordered and I was in a total shock. What I have received has nothing to do with the model I saw on the picture on their website.

You can have a look at the pictures and comments I have sent to the seller to judge it by yourself:

Here are the major points:
I have ordered a CUSTOM MADE DRESS, according to my measurements BUT:
- One layer of material is missing completely
- The dress is too small in the bust. I am unable to close the zipper because at least 5 cm are missing
- The dress is too short. Even when I put in on without the pettycoat and barefoot there is a 10 cm space between the skirt and the floor! Once the underskirt and heels are added, the shortage in length will be even higher
- The quality of stitches is also awful, the threads are hanging everywhere
- There are still leftovers from pencil lines on the material
- The drawing made with beads on the bust are not of the same shape as on the picture: they've done it straight whereas on the picture it goes in diagonal, so it looks more like a farmer's clothing then a princess dress.
- The material is shrunken under the beads because they did not stretch the material before putting them on.

The quality of the dress I received has nothing to do with the quality of work they promise on their website and this dress is unusable. I tried to call the customer service number they give, but the number doesn’t work. I wrote them an e-mail, no answer. There was a first reaction only after I wrote a negative comment on their website, they asked for pictures.

I've prepared the file you can download here:

We exchanged e-mails for at least 2 weeks, the merchant tried to persuade me that what I got was normal. I was insisting on full refund, they were refusing and telling me to go to a local tailor. Then I received another e-mail saying that actually the dress was awful but it was not their fault but a fault of a trainee that they charged to select materials. They fired her and will use her salary of 5$ to refund me. Is that some kind of a joke???

I filed a claim by the credit card company and they have refunded me the money. Now they will haunt down this cheaters.

Listen to my advice, don't buy from them!

New Reviewer

Horrible unethical they refuse to refund even though dress was totally wrong.

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