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ideeli reviews

548 reviews
620 8th Ave, 45th Floor, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10018, US
Tel: .

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I had my first encounter with a relatively condescending customer service rep. (in 249 reviews)


Overall, I'm very happy with and will order again! (in 351 reviews)


I returned the dress expecting money credited back on my card but they gave only store credit. (in 47 reviews)

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1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a nice dress for homecoming on July 29 and got it today, August 9th. The time it took to get here was great! However the box was badly beaten up and dented and the dress...first it was wayyyy darker than the picture on ideeli showed. Things were hanging by threads and the hanger was broken. Needless to say, I am returning it tomorrow and hoping to get store credit. I will use up my store credit if I get it and never go back to ideeli again.

Ask Rachael about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ideeli has cool stuff, however I ordered 2 items and 1 shipped right away (3 weeks ago) and the other just shipped this week. We just moved into a new house and now that my item is finally shipping it is going to my old address. When I contacted Ideeli to update my shipping address for this item they said they could not change the address because the order has to go to the same address and the first part of the order already shipped! We have renters moving into our old house, so now I have to arrange to get my package when it comes in. And the jeans I got that shipped right away did not fit, so I returned now I have a credit and I have not desire to buy anything. Do not recommend buying from them, the whole process and policies are a hassle.

Ask Marissa about ideeli
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Though I have accounts with other sale sites as well, I usually end up ordering items I see from ideeli because they tend to have the lowest sale prices. However, they also take the longest to actually ship after an order is placed (at least a week if not a bit longer), shipping costs $9, and they ask UPS to ship your package to your local post office which then takes another 2 days to ship the package to you. My last purchase was ordered July 10, was not shipped until July 25, and I did not receive it until August 4. To be fair, when an order is placed, the website does tell you the expected ship date - and it is pretty accurate. Even though the merchandise is usually a good deal, paying $9 for shipping that takes forever is frustrating. I would only recommend ordering things from ideeli that you don't need to have immediately.

As for sizing issues - it is very hit or miss. I ordered 2 dresses, both smalls, and only one fit when they arrived. It makes me wonder if the sizing chart is really from the clothing manufacturer or a generic sizing table from ideeli.

My conclusion is this - you get what you pay for. I have always received my orders, and the merchandise has always been intact and new, but I'm not sure that is really cause for praise - that's just saying the site isn't a scam. Thus my rating of 2 stars out of 5.

Ask Christine about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been a member of this site for a few years. I pay the extra $88 a year! BIG MISTAKE! The last 4out of 5 orders have been a disaster! I have been sent defective items- clothes with stains, completely wrong items, and no items at all~ They just did not send my order! Each time I spent about 25- 30 mins talking with a representative that really had no answers and bascically accused me of making the mistakes~ I am so frustrated with this company. No one ever has a straight answer and "new" clothes should never be stained and soiled! "New" clothes should be inspected and not shipped out DEFECTED! Customer service is a joke- no help at all! I would discourage anyone from spending money with this company!

Ask amy about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had a wonderful shopping experience with Ideeli--great product, great price, and the items were shipped and arrived within the week I ordered them. Very pleased overall!

Ask Aimee about ideeli
5 reviews
13 helpful votes

I've ordered from this site at least 4 times over the past year and have been satisfied each and every time. Have gotten great quality clothes at discount prices...which is my goal in life! Have not had to return anything, which after reading these reviews, I'm extremely grateful! It's one of my favorite sites...

Ask Anita about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I do love ideeli b/c they have great deals and amazing merchandise, however, it seems like they don't keep up with their inventory as frequently as they should. I bought two pairs of the same shoes in brown and black which was listed as running "true to size." Upon receiving the shoes I was disappointed to find out that they ran about a half size smaller than normal and b/c shipping took so long I only had a day to return it. I consulted with a customer service representative b/c I really loved the shoes and would rather exchange them for the size I needed than return them all together, but was told neither color of shoes was in stock...BUT just a few days later the same shoe in black magically appeared in another sale available in all sizes including the one I needed. By this time my one day to return had already passed and I ended up repurchasing the same shoe in black a second time in the size I needed. Now I have 2 pairs of shoes sitting in my closet collecting dust and have been waiting for the other pair to arrive that I can actually wear. In another situation I placed an order for a shaper I needed for a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding this Saturday the 30th...I placed that order on June 26th, exactly a month ago today, according to my tracking info it's supposed to arrive's still not here. I think ideeli's customer service is fast and convenient, but they need to do a better job with keeping up with their inventory for exchange purposes. Their biggest and most frustrating problem has got to be their horrendous processing and shipping time!!!!!! I am a first row member and I shop on the website almost everyday...there is absolutely no reason a shirt or two can't be processed in a reasonable amount of time and shipped to arrive to me w/in a week or two...I still have items in my orders that are from 2 weeks ago that still have a "in process" status. Ideeli, come on you really need to get with it and do something about's absolutely unacceptable to have your customers wait a month for a product to arrive. I will say honestly I would have given 5 stars had I not been so frustrated with the wait time for my purchases. It is most def worth it to buy from ideeli as you will save and you will be satisfied with the products...just don't expect to received them in a decent amount of time.

Ask Emily about ideeli
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

OMG! I am so frustrated and disappointed. have never been given the run around like this company in my life. They lost my package and won't refund me my money until they find the package. It has been two months!

Ask maria about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!!!! I placed an order on this scam website and it never arrived but they still charged my credit card!!!! When I tried to contact them I realized there was not a phone number where you can reach them, only an email. When I submitted my complain, I got an email back from them saying they were going to reply within 24 hours, but they "take pride in replying within 4 hours to all emails" Bulls%&t!!!!!! I got a reply 3 days after and with no help at all...the worst service out there!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!!!

Ask ILEANA about ideeli
19 reviews
293 helpful votes

I ordered a dress from ideeli and received the package very quickly. However, it was someone else's order! I sent an email describing what I ordered along with the order number, as well as the other person's information. I received an email back from ideeli's customer service saying that my original message to them was "scrambled" and if they did not have a response in 24 hours from me, they would close the issue. I did email back, and they have not responded in their own 24 hour time frame.

1. it is their mistake
2. what if I did not check my email for 24 hours b/c it was the weekend?
3. why is there not a phone number listed on their website?
4. WTF

Ask Lesley about ideeli
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Did not like the quality of the clothing I received. Size chart is not accurate. No way to know. The worst part is the return policy. No refunds. Meh. I will pass on this one.

Ask Golden about ideeli
1 review
4 helpful votes

The estimated delivery date was way off. I was expecting a package to come in two weeks, rather than one week. this would seem like a good thing, except I didn't keep my eye out for it, and my package was left at the post office for about a week and a half. Additionally, the website promises UPS shipping, which is not true. UPS ships it to the post office. In my case they shipped it to a post office about an hour away. (very inconvenient.) I contacted the post office, and they did not even have my package! When I contacted customer service, they just said "sorry", and told me some BS about how they tried to use the postal service to deliver the packages so that it is delivered by "the men and women who know you and deliver your mail everyday". Hello!!! I live in New York, no one, let alone the mail man give a crap about who I am and what mail I get. ridiculous. very disappointing. unprofessional, and customer service was unhelpful.

Ask Khana about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

i needed to return two items to ideeli. Before I shipped them out, I called ideeli customer service to see whether I can ship them both using one shipping label. The lady who answered the phone said yes, so I did. After a week, I got an email saying that they have received my ITEM (singular). I logged into my ideeli account and also saw that only one item was received by ideeli warehouse.

I used ideeli online chat to talk to a customer service rep who just couldn't seem to understand my point. After 10 minutes of chatting, I had to repeat for the 10th time that I shipped both one single shipping label, and she finally got it. I asked whether she could check the warehouse, she told me she has no access to it.

I decided to call their customer service. No one answered. I called again and left a message. The customer service voice recording said that they'll reply to all messages within the same business day. It's almost 24 hours, still haven't heard back from them.

After I called the customer service, I decided to use the chat again just in case the first rep was not properly trained. I was told by this new rep that multiple returns that used one single shipping label takes more time to process. Really? Why? Shouldn't the warehouse staff scan both items upon receiving them?? This just doesn't make sense.

I never thought the return process of ideeli would be such a hassle. I shipped my returns using one single label to save THEM money! In the end, I'm the one who's suffering……….!!!

Ask Tiffany about ideeli
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

I wish I was allowed to give this site less than 1 star. They don't even deserve the one. Total waste of my time...

Not sure what the policy is with ideeli's shipping, but they just lost a customer because of it. Ordered some dresses and a top a couple of weeks ago and noticed that only one of the items was shipped. True, they give an estimated date for shipment and don't charge your credit card until after the shipment has occurred, but still so slow...goodness!!!

The item shipped was routed from UPS to USPS, which rejected the order (what sense does it make to use UPS and then USPS??? at the same time? The shipping charge I paid on this outfit was way too high to allow the unnecessary confusion and inconvenience that ensued). I was on live chat for over an hour trying to ensure I got the outfit before this Saturday, but of course, I got no where with that. For those of you who do not know this, Ideeli does not offer a number through which to get to a human being that you can speak to and who can use their vocal chords to audibly speak to you, so trying to reason with the person I was forced to chat with was virtually impossible…..person to person verbal communication was created for a reason, ideeli. Finally got a customer service number from the live chat person, but as suspected, I had to leave a message because no one picked up the phone. I was told that someone would be contacting me within 24 hours, but alas, that was not the case….I finally just got a call from a "supervisor" a few minutes ago, but it was an utter waste of time. Anyways, back to the horrible experience....the live chat person said that the order could not be sent directly to my home (huh? I would think that after paying $9.95 for shipping, receiving this item wouldn't be an issue) and that I would have to order another dress and have that shipped out again? What is the guarantee that the same thing won't happen with the new outfit? To add insult to injury, I was told that I would have to place the order myself and pay for the new price of the outfit. I then took the initiative to call UPS who was willing to put the outfit on hold if ideeli would call them and tell them to do so, but as usual and OF COURSE, they did not do so. Well, I want to thank ideeli for the great INCONVENIENCE they have caused me. I ordered this particular dress for a wedding slated to take place this Saturday and guess what? I won't be wearing it now.

Be rest assured that I will NEVER EVER patronize ideeli again and I will start spreading the word about my experience on this site. I expect to receive a FULL refund---and this was confirmed by the "supervisor" I spoke to---once they receive the outfit that UPS had no choice but to re-send to them. UPS is less than 5 minutes from my office….it would have been really easy to run to the store and pick up the package if they would have been willing to make that call.

P.S. Think of this.....Why isn't there an option for customers to give complaints and "send"? Where is the send button? Is this a clear indication that they could care less about their customer's satisfaction? Just as an FYI, no business can ever survive for long if the customer's needs are not catered to.

Ask Ju about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been ordering from Ideeli for almost a year now and generally had a good experience. I've always loved the stuff I've ordered, returns have been fairly easy, etc. The first thing that made me go "WTF?" was when they emailed me and said that a pair of jeans I had ordered from them could not be obtained, yet they proceeded to put those same jeans in the same size up for sale twice after telling me that. I didn't want to try to reorder them. Regardless, up until last month, I was a satisfied customer of theirs. So much so that when I saw the Ravon convertible dress sale, I encouraged my best friend who is getting married this summer to consider those dresses as bridesmaid dresses for us since we were less than two months to her wedding and didn't have our dresses figured out yet. She agreed, so we all ordered our dresses on the same day (6/8) and they were to ship before 6/30. Well, on the 1st of July, mine finally shipped. One of the other girls had gotten hers the week prior. About a week passed from that, and my best friend was starting to wonder where the other two girls' dresses were. She contacted Ideeli on live chat, and they essentially told her something like, there are no more, we can't get them, and definitely not before the 30th (her wedding date). She was SO upset and she was freaking out about what we were supposed to do for bridesmaid dresses for two of her bridesmaids now. So I got on Ideeli's Facebook page, thinking I could ask them on there and they could give me some insight as to how this could happen. I saw that they quickly responded to all things posted on their wall. Turns out, they responded to everyone else's inane and pointless posts but never addressed my question to them, which I found ridiculous. So basically, we had to find two other dresses, that will not match as well, for the other two bridesmaids. Now I'm wishing that I would not have suggested Ideeli in the first place, since placing an order with them apparently means you may or may not get your item, which is unacceptable when it's something as important as a bridesmaid dress. Oh, and I saw on their Facebook page that they're having another Ravon sale later this month (I thought there were no more Ravon dresses left?). So that's cute. Based on the above, I'm not planning on buying from Ideeli anytime in the near future.

Ask Tassi about ideeli
7 reviews
19 helpful votes

I have one word for ApPaLLING...... APPaLLiNG, APpalLING.... APPAlling,...... ApPAlling...(sombody stop me).....appaLLING..... APPALLing.......A,,,,P....P.....A,,,,L,,,,L....i....N.......G...........! ahaaa that feels better.

Ask BEN about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes


This is a second review, about tips for sample sites.

I posted a review alittle earlier about a problem that I'm having, but that problem couldn't have been avoided. I gave this review 2 stars because while the problem I have puts ideeli at a 0, my past experiences have been a 4. So. 2 is a happy in between.

Here's some tips

Yeah, it sucks you only have an hr to cancel an item. But I mean.. no big deal, you can return it. If you have a problem, you should have read the order confirmation where it says YOU HAVE AN HOUR TO CANCEL THE ORDER. Sure you lost 10 bucks for the shipping/tax fee, but maybe that will teach you to pay attention next time. Another thing; will you guys stop crying about the "$10 shipping fee"? It includes tax, and you can shop all day and they will all be in the same order so you're only being charged one time. Isn't that better than paying individual tax on the items?

Ok guys.. first you need to understand how a sample sale works. Sample sales are usually when a retailer has items they want to get rid of, and so they first sell as many as they want, and then sell in bulk to these sample sale sites. So while they purchase said items, they won't have a confirmed amount or date for them to sell them until they have sole all the ones they want to. ideeli has to wait until retailers sends them the items before they say they can repackage them themselves, and ship them. That's... responsible? How would you feel if they said it'd ship in the regular 5-7 business, days, only to get it 2 weeks later because they didn't receive the merch from the retailers until a week prior?
I'ts comical to read some of these reviews saying "I ordered on July 4th, and it's the 11th and I haven't gotten anything." First of all, it's 5-7 business days. Saturday and Sunday are not business days. Second, they let you know the expected ship date (READ THE ORDER INFORMATION!!!) ; most times it won't ship until that date. If you have a problem waiting a month for an item; easy solution: DON'T ORDER IT? They have always shipped in in the expected date window, and most of the time, it's been before. You have to understand how sample sales work.

I've had a couple problems with receiving products (lost by the post office, totally not ideeli's fault), but they've always taken care of it (issued a full refund back to my card). If your package gets lost, they're very helpful as well. Contact them by the live chat, and at the end of the convo, ask for an email containing of the reference number of the claim, a transcript of the convo for your reference, and save the conversation yourself just incase. That way they can't say "we don't have records of your previous inquiry. They have a 8day policy for claiming a lost package, and by the end, they will refund your item back to your card. This has happened to me a couple times. You have to follow up alot, but in the end it gets taken care of.

As far as returning, they have a very small window to do so; 14 days after the SHIP date, not the ARRIVAL date. So what I do is, if I am unsure an item will fit, or if I'll like it or not, I go ahead and start processing the return, before I've received it; this gives you more time just in case because you have already started processing, and have the label, ect. And if you end up changing your mind, no worries, just keep the item.

Ok.. it's a sample sale guys.. because the prices are so low, and they have a limited amount, items go fast. They don't have the luxury of making merchandise; they get surplus from retailers. So it's common sense that they'll not have a size or item for you to exchange. However, every once in a while, they have blowout sales, that have repeat items (I'm thinking these are items that have been returned, were on wait/hold list but never purchased, or just items that weren't sold). Check those out; usually they have the same items even discounted more; but they go quick

Get it. They have sales not available to regular non paying members, you get to shop an hour early.. ect. If I can get it transferred to my new account (hintJASONhint) that'd be nice.

Ok guys.. this is self explanatory. "You catch more flies with honey". I wish you guys realized how easy it is for someone to give you the run around and not help you if you're rude. You need to be assertive, but polite. Please and thank you go a long way, and try not to talk down. Remember: they're helping you. Make sure you ask for an email of the transcript of the convo, and then make sure you save it yourself. I learned this very quickly; otherwise, they won't document your claim, and you'll have nothing to show for your conversation. Stay on their asses. They won't follow up with you, you have to do so with them. Sucks, but what are you going to do.

So all in all I've had good experiences with them, it's just this past one that's alittle enfuriating, but Jason seems to be taking care of it. Hope this helps.

Ask loop about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

The return policy. I need to return an item but it's day 15 on a 14 day return policy. And they only give store credit!!! Horrible. I thought I had more time but they only allow 14 days from SHIP DATE!, not delivery date. So, the longer it takes to arrive, the shorter the time to return. This REEKS.

Ask Becki about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

A couple weeks ago I contacted their live chat correspondents to delete an extra account I have with them. They deleted the wrong one. I figured no big deal, since I figured it out appx. 30 secs after talking with support. But when I contact them right back to open it up, they say it would be too complicated, and that they can transfer my info (including a $38 dollar VIP membership fee) to the other account. I also had processed returns ($500+), that I had yet to receive on my other account. I brought that up to them AGAIN, and the rep wants to know what the order numbers are.. I DON'T KNOW BECAUSE YOU NEVER TRANSFERRED MY INFORMATION OVER. Fast forward a couple weeks later and STILL NO VIP MEMBERSHIP FEE, AND I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE ANY INFO ON MY RETURNS.

As someone that has spent $2000+ on merch from this site, and someone that understands $hit happens, this is utterly ridiculous, and as soon as I am compensated, I am closing my account indefinitely.

Ask chrystal about ideeli
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a dress 14 days back. I have not got any shipping information. I had not seen these reviews before, although wish I had.
I am so worried right now about getting the product or getting my money back if I don't get the dress.

Ask Krithi about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 2 items on June 20th. The first item is expected to ship on July 14th & the other on July 20th. Those are ideeli's guesstimates, trust me they don't have a clue. Please beware that you will not receive your items until approx a month later. They do not divulge this info to you anywhere on their site. Their FAQ page says "Items typically ship within 14 days of when the sale closed" I emailed them & their customer service reps are inept and very contradictory. as well They then told me that he 14 days are so called "business days", unreal & unacceptable period. They also insulted my intelligence by offering me a $15 voucher, what a joke. Bottom line, BUYER BEWARE! You can find tons of other great deep discount sites tout there Several have been mentioned on this thread. If you are on the fence about ordering from ideeli yourself a favor, DON"T. It's not worth the frustration. I am already feed up & I haven't even received my order. I can't wait to see what I actually get if & when I get them.

Ask Diane about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

I use to have great service from this site until recently. I ordered some shoes and hadn't received them. Finally tracked them down and they were returned as undeliverable. Normally they ship UPS but they changed their policy, they now use USPS. I don't have my regular mail delivered to my home, I use a po box. On their site, you have to use a street address and they don't allow PO boxes. I contacted Ideeli and I was told to have my deliveries sent to a friend or relatives house. I explaned I live 30 minutes away from my nearest friend or relative. What sense does that make? Ideeli is using USPS for shipping, why not allow the customer to use their PO Box as a shipping address? I was told, they would refund my membership money but they weren't going to change their policy to allow shipments to a PO box. What an inconvenience and a stupid policy change. I know I'm not the only one who this will effect. Unless it is something I truly want, I will probably never shop their again. Too bad, I really liked the site


Ask Mary about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes


ideeli Member Specialist: Welcome to ideeli – how can I help you today?
ME: Hi
ME: i keep getting emails saying that my payment isn't processing
ME: but I called my credit card
ME: and they said they authorized a charge on monday
Communication with the RightNow Chat service has been lost. Please
wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
Disconnection in 240 seconds.
Connection resumed.
ideeli Member Specialist: Is regarding a specific order?
ME: yes
ideeli Member Specialist: May I have the order number so I can look
into this for you?
ME: one sec
ME: 22933830
ideeli Member Specialist: Yes it looks as though the order has failed
authorization and the order needs to be updated
ME: ok but, the credit card said it authorized the payment
ideeli Member Specialist: When? The last attempt at authorizing the
card was today at 11:03
ME: it said on 4/25
ideeli Member Specialist: And that authorization failed
ME: a payment was authorized for 255.95
ideeli Member Specialist: Since a item was closed from the order, a
new amount was needed to be authorized and that is when it failed
ME: an item was closed?
ideeli Member Specialist: yes
ideeli Member Specialist: SASAKI Kyoto 12" Hors Doeurves I
ME: so, the order is now lower?
ME: the total amount?
ME: can you please refund the earlier charge?
ideeli Member Specialist: You were never charged
ME: that is not what my credit card says.
ideeli Member Specialist: Only authorized
ME: ok- when will that be removed
ideeli Member Specialist: Did the amount say "Pending" next to it?
ideeli Member Specialist: On your card
ME: yes
ME: but that affects my available credit
ME: which is why the lower amount cannot go through
ideeli Member Specialist: It will be restored
ME: when
ideeli Member Specialist: You can let your bank know they can drop it
ME: umm
ME: that sounds unreliable
ideeli Member Specialist: It normally takes 3 to 5 business days
ME: ok well this is incedibly annoying
ME: since i paid the full amount
ME: why can't you guys just refund the amount of the
item that was dropped?
ME: and also, why was it dropped?
ideeli Member Specialist: You have not been charged so you have not
paid anything as of yet
ME: well, the pending amount could have been cancelled
by you guys.
ME: i shouldn't have to do that
ME: nor do i expect they will take it off b/c i say so,
unless the merchant verifies that it is no longer holding those funds.
ideeli Member Specialist: Its all don't automatically we do not
manually authorize cards
ideeli Member Specialist: done
ME: well, all i can tell you is, i paid the order, then
i got another email saying an item was no longer available, then i got
another email saying my card had been declined
ME: with no explanation
ME: of why it was now declined after being approved.
ME: that's pretty terrible customer service from my standpoint
ME: b/c now i had to call my credit card, now you guys,
and now i will have to call them again
ideeli Member Specialist: I do apologize but the card information must
be updated before the order can be processed completely
ME: it doesn't need to be updated, the pending charge
needs to drop
ME: so it would have been nice if ideeli had informed
me what was happening
ME: rather than assuming i would know that the original
charge was voided and then i was recharged the new total
ME: which i have never seen before from a retailer
ideeli Member Specialist: I do apologize for any confusion
ME: Here is what it says in the email:
ME: Please note we don't charge your credit card until
your order actually ships, so you were not billed for this product.
ME: that couldn't be less informative
ME: it doesn't indicate any of what happened
ideeli Member Specialist: The card was declined
ME: b/c you were already holding the charge once
ME: may i speak with a manager please?
ME: hello?
ideeli Member Specialist: There is not one available, but you may
certainly call us at 1-888-835-1719
ME: you saying "the card was declined" as though you
had no understanding of what i was saying was really unhelpful, thank
ideeli Member Specialist: Thank you for using ideeli's Live Chat today
—if you ever have any other questions, feel free to email us at Thanks for being a part of ideeli!
ideeli Member Specialist has disconnected.

Ask Jennifer about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes


Sent me a damaged dress. Told me I could exchange it, and then by the time they got back to me they told me they ran out. How could they run out when the sale has been over for weeks? I SMELL BS!! Unless other people are trying to exchange their damaged dresses. It wouldn't surprise me. BAD QUALITY CONTROL

Plus, I always feel like I'm getting some generic run-around response from them. They never put their name on their e-mails, so I am probably talking to several different reps that don't even read the previous e-mails, nor do they give a sh^t. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Ask Nina about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

For the most part I've been satisfied with my purchases. That being said, I have had a few unpleasant purchases as well! Most recently I purchased a Bamboo shoe rack. Was so excited when it arrived, that is until I opened it! Clearly this item was previously purchased and returned damaged and missing instructions as well as hardware needed to put it together! It was a non returnable item! I can see why! My advice is be careful of what you purchase especially non returnable items!

Ask Bridgette about ideeli
1 review
4 helpful votes

At first glance this website seems a dream come true and I guess if I had read the reviews before ordering something from this website I would just have decided not to... Well I've learned my lesson and never again...

1. Order 2 dresses in early May did not received it till late June
2. Dresses were way to big than advertised
3. I cannot exchange the items to a smaller size
4. I cannot get a refund store credit only
5. Brand names...???? Quality Low the only high quality are the price tags
6. Paid for shipping & handling.....(endless is Free shipping, arrives within 2-3 business days and we can receive a full refund for any item)

Yes I would not recommend this site to anyone unless you don't mind the above...

Ask Mon about ideeli
1 review
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in-$#*!ing-credible. not just terrible service, but DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS.

so, i purchase a bag from ideeli, and it arrives with the purse strap attached backwards. i like the bag overall, but i don't want a defective bag, so i contact them asking if they will send me a new, non-defective bag if i send back the defective one. they tell me that in order for me to get a non-defective replacement bag, i have to buy a new bag with my credit card - they claimed that once I sent them back the defective bag, they would issue me a refund to my card. i'm not too thrilled about putting another $65 on my credit card, but at this point i naively trust that they will do what they say, so i go ahead and buy a second bag. i mail the first defective bag back to them, and after a few days, they issue STORE CREDIT to my card. for a defective bag. i email them about it, and after a mess of emails (completely incompetent customer service that doesn't seem to understand regular english) they inform me that because i initially bought the bag with store credit, they could only give me store credit back. NEVER MIND THAT I ALREADY PAID AN EXTRA $65 ON MY CREDIT CARD TO OBTAIN A REPLACEMENT BAG. i bring their attention to this fact, and they FINALLY agree to issue me a refund, but claim that it is a ~one time special deal~ because i am a ~valuable customer~ NOT BECAUSE THEY MESSED UP THE FIRST TIME. today, i received the new bag that i purchased with my credit card. IT HAS A DEFECTIVE STRAP ON IT.

1. i haven't gotten the refund that they promised
2. i've emailed them about the SECOND defective bag and they haven't even had the decency to generate an automatic reply acknowledging that they received my email.

like i said, IN-$#*!ING-CREDIBLE. i am definitely never shopping there again, and am very sad about the hundreds of dollars i've pumped into their scam. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

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I have had multiple issues with this site and thought at last the issues had been resolved, but they keep happening. Where do I begin? First of all, a dormant site which had not been used in a year was opened when I logged in (not by any prompting of mine) and then placed an order not realizing it was my "real" account. The account was closed after I received the order and alerted customer service I wanted to return the items. However, when I sent the dresses back, they sent them back to me as I don't have access to re-print the return label anymore.
Also, I was just charged an additional $9.00 for shipping on one item that was backordered and should have been shipped on the initial order. Now I feel I have to go back and check each order to see if I have been double/triple billed on the shipping charges!!

Get it together Ideeli!! Giltgroupe charges $5.95 for shipping all the time, once per order!!!


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I ordered 3 shirts a pair of jeans and my wedding gown big mistake of my life. The quality of all the items was so poor that I could have gone to Walmart and found better. The shirts were paper thin and wedding gown was the same and it was supposed to be a 300 dollars gown. Should have known better when cost of gown was only $79 dollars. Jeans were wrong size. This company is the worst online shopping experience I have ever had. They won't refund my money. They want to give me store credit now why would I want store credit when their clothes are such poor quality and I will NEVER shop with them again. Their shipping is a scam they charge you UPS rates but it gets delivered by USPS on top of that it takes them months to get your order. Stay away from this company very far away!!!

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If i could give them 0 stars...i would.

I have ordered a pair of sandals from on May 1st, 2011 -- It is not June 9, 2011 & I still have not received my sandals. I contacted their customer service through that chat, the 1st person I spoke to just kept replying "i'm sorry, i understand your concerns" to my question when am I going to receive my order??

Their policy is, you may return an item within 14 days from the day it shipped. Well...I placed my order on May 1, it was never actually shipped until May 11th, & has been sitting in California since May 18th (& is still there to this day).

I don't want a credit. I just want my money back. What makes them think I want a credit & go through this hassle again?? I dont. It's ridiculous.

I don't care that I live in Hawaii. Any other place you order something online, it does not take over a month to receive!!

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I purchased through Ideeli only to find that the item I wanted was no longer available. I emailed Ideeli and got a NON-RESPONSe that simply reiterated the policies. In other words, I was screwed. And, NO, I did not want anything else on the vendor site.

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Firstly, i used to have a great experience with IDEELI until yesterday.

#26395659: I receieved this package and something is missing. I reported it, i still havent heard from them yet.

#26719627: This was cancelled due to failure to authorize since i am overseas, i cannot get my card at home in the USA to authorize it. I am on a business trip right now, so i didnt realize what was happening to my ideeli account.

The online chat staff Jessica has an attitude and after talking to her for 15 mins (very frustrating convo), all i got was sorry the items are not available anymore. WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME IN THE FIRST PLACE!?
Aren't the staff suppose to help u buy things and not trying to stop you or making it REALLY difficult? AND the online staff blamed it on "the situation being confusing".. NOW THAT- is confusing!
I really like the stuff on that order and it just make me angry because I am a customer and a fly to be shooed off.
I wish there is MORE flexibility and understanding. More listening then trying to NOT help customers and stop being robotic and have some human element and compassion in their customer service.
I work for a magazine and i will make sure this is told to other ppl. i found this site and it is great research.

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they have cool stuff, but their return policy isn't very good.

Ask Lola about ideeli
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STAY AWAY FROM IDEELI.COM!!! Ideeli is an unorganized and potentially dishonest business, stay away! Not only did it take a month for my 4 items to arrive, then they were such poor quality and not as shown on the site. I immediately returned all 4 and I've only been credited for 2 of the items!!! I've followed up on this issue five times over the last month and a half, and still no credit for the other 2 items! They say they are investigating the shipping, however all 4 items were shipped back to them in one package, and they clearly received the package because they have refunded me for 2 of the returned items! Ideeli is completely unorganized and slow and so poor on customer service that I will NEVER use them again and hope you don't either. The horrible customer service is enough reason not to promote such businesses, not to mention the major delay in shipping you items and poor quality of many of their clothing items.

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Let me begin by saying I have NEVER had a more horrible experience with an Internet merchant than the one I had with ideeli. I recently joined the site after watching my girlfriend buy from ideeli a few times. Last Wednesday (05/18), I placed 2 orders: the first was a Kosta Boda vase for my sister's 30th b-day, and a second order for gifts I had to make in the coming weeks (weddings and b-days). This 2nd order had 4 items in it (2 Kosta Boda items and 2 Oggi items). The 1st order was to be shipped to Phoenix directly and the 2nd one was to be shipped to me in Atlanta.

Lets start with order #1. On Thursday (05/19), I received an email from ideeli saying one of the items for order #2 had shipped. I went to the website to check the status of the package. To my surprise, order #2 was shown as cancelled. I never received an email telling me this. I then tried to open order #2 in my account. What did I find? Of 4 items I ordered, 3 of them had been removed from the order. The only thing that was shown was the item they had shipped (a Kosta Boda item).

I contacted Customer Service via chat on Saturday (05/21) for the first time. They couldn't help me, so my issue was referred to a supervisor. I was told I would get an email explaining everything ASAP. On Monday (05/23) in the afternoon, I tried the live chat again to get an update. No update was available. I decided to send an email, as they claim they respond within 4 hours (on average!). On Tuesday (05/24), I tried the chat yet again. This time the agent told me he was going to forward my problem to a supervisor . . . wait what??? Wasn't that done already 3 days ago?

When I got home Tuesday night, the package that was sent on the 19th had arrived. What did I find when I opened it? A broken Kosta Boda glass figure. I swear, at this point, I wanted to punch a wall. I tried calling the number the agent had given me earlier. What a joke! It went to a voicemail. I didn't bother leaving a message. I got back on the live chat, but this time I just let the agent know what a horrible service ideeli provided. He/she told me how sorry he/she was about everything (bla bla bla!) and told me I would be getting a return label for my broken item. All I had to do was put everything in the box again, tape it, drive to the post office and spend my gas money, wait in the eternal line there, and ship it back to them. After 4-5 days, I would be getting my refund. Sure, why wouldn't I do all this for ideeli, considering how great they have been to me throughout this whole experience?

ideeli, you are by far the WORST merchant I have dealt with in the last 15 years. Oh wait, I did get $35 to spend on a future order. Let me think about that one for a second . . .

At the end of the day, I have spent close to 8 hours dealing with this @#$%. What do I have to show for it? Absolutely nothing! Every product I ordered was cancelled or removed from my orders. And now I have to drive to the post office (on my time and dime!) so that I can get credit for an item they shipped and that was broken. Please, stay away from ideeli. My girlfriend, after watching me go thru this, has sweared she will never order from the again. Same thing with my 2 sisters. And you know what? They will get more of their friends to stop ordering from this website. Again, stay away! Customer service sucks! I even ask their agent to pass along my phone number to one of their supervisors/managers so that I could really tell him/her how I feel about this whole situation. I wonder what will happen next . . .

Boycott ideeli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Waldemar about ideeli
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Here's my experience.
My teenage daughter got taken in with the pictures of pretty dresses and the reasonable prices. We ordered 2 dresses and it would be about 3 weeks before we received them. She was very excited to receive them but we noticed right away that the cardboard box was damaged. What is the worst that could happen to the dresses, we thought and opened them only to find that the dresses had little holes in them and one of them had a stain. These were at best seconds!
She was quite heartbroken as she had saved up for these summer dresses and was looking forward to wearing them to school.
We called and set up a return which was painless but now we see that all we got was a store credit even though the items we received were defective.
I filled out their Ask A Question form asking for a full refund and got acknowledgement but nothing more since then.
My option at this point seems to be to dispute the charge on my credit card.
Let this be a warning to everyone - It is easy to set up a website with pretty pictures but you never know who you are dealing with or what you are buying. Our only defense is the credit card companies.

Ask V about ideeli
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same as others. the WORST WORST experience in my entire online shopping experience. Order an item on March 10, today March 26, still no sight of it. And just learnt from other reviewers that I might have another couple weeks to wait for. I feel very sorry for whoever work in their CS department. Don't go near the site.

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I have purchased many things from Ideeli. In general having to wait about a month for products is really annoying. Only having 14 days (SINCE THE DAY THEY SAY THEY SHIP, not since the day you get it) is another super annoying thing.

But obviously those annoyances hadn't stopped me from shopping from them until now.

It's been over a week, and I have sent several emails and talked to at least 5 people on their chat about an order. They say it takes 1-2 days to produce a return label... well a week and several emails and chat sessions with their customer service later I still don't have one. Someone even called me on Saturday to say they will escalate this issue and nothing yet. I have spent at least 2 hours with the chat representatives in the past week - and what's worse is that they just LIE to you! They keep saying we emailed you the return label and if you haven't received it, it's probably due to filtering in YOUR email inbox. But I found out on Saturday talking to the person on the phone that they just can't generate the UPS return label! This is SO EMBARRASSING for a company in the e-commerce business not being able to generate a return label after a week (when they promise 1-2 days) and lying to the customer and blaming them for their inbox settings!!!

I also am waiting for an order I have placed about 6 weeks ago. Part of the order has shipped a while back. One item was shipped separately and appears to be LOST! I keep checking the UPS tracking and it seems 12 days ago it was being delivered in Seattle and there was an issue with the address! I live in San Francisco, so I am not sure why it was sent to Seattle in the first place. I keep contacting them about it and they say it's on its way! Well even if it was walking from Seattle, after 12 days it would have got here!!!!

Ideeli obviously hasn't got their act together and does not care about their customers after their credit cards have been charged!

Ask M about ideeli
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This message s for Jason, Customer Service Manager. I got your message on 5/18
about someone calling me. She did call and left a message. I call her back within the hour and left her a message. I have not heard from her since. I have been constant daily contact with your customer service dept, and all I get is a message telling me that if I do not respond within 24 hrs, my issue will have a resolved status.

DON'T SEND ME ANYMORE OF THESE_________!! MESSAGES. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!! ISSUE # [110331-000281] You people are just giiving me the royal round around.

Calvert S. Peterson

Ask Calvert about ideeli
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Ideeli sent me a completely different item from what I ordered so when returning the products, I was told that I would receive a refund on my shipping. 3 things that show what HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE Ideeli has:
1. When I returned the items, they claimed that one of them was not in the package....absolute lie
2. I had to email/go on live chat More than 10 times and have STILL YET TO RECEIVE A REFUND.
3. No one EVER follows up and returns my emails.

If I do not receive my RIGHTFULLY due refund, I will be initiating a chargeback for the full amount. I SUGGEST EVERYONE INITIATE A CHARGE BACK for what Ideeli Stole from you....if you do not know how, let me know and I will show you. This is the worst site ever and considering how Ecommerce stores thrive on customer service, Ideeli is for sure doomed.

Ask Jaimmy about ideeli
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I had a great experience with this site. I was reticent at first to order anything because I had never heard of it before- I kept seeing the banner ads on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I looked at a lot of consumer review sites before ordering just to make sure it wasn't a scam because I am old and afraid of technology. There were some mixed reviews but they were generally favorable so I decided to try it and see what was the what.

I originally went on looking for a cute dress but ended up getting a really gorgeous turquoise and gold necklace. It was very easy to order, the sites rules and regulations were clearly outlined and the ship dates were clearly listed on the receipt. I was bummed a bit that I had to wait but getting a $200 necklace for $30 was worth it! I even got it a bit sooner than anticiapted! I love the necklave and get compliments on it whenever I wear it. I will definitely use ideeli again for future purchases. :)

Ask Michelle about ideeli
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at first i got my order but then they sent my order it was delivered but i didnt get it i don't know who got it second i ordered shoes they were worn i swear it looked like someone went out in the shoes lol third its been 15 days since i returned the order of the shoes and no money back into my i do not want any ideli credits as i don't plan on shopping their ever again...2 i returned a second order of two dresses that was my size but they were to big and they credit my account i don't want an ideeli credit like i said as i do not plan on shopping their again. so i will be calling my bank and putting in a claim with the better business B.....thank you very much ideeli for a disgusting experience.

Ask Kimalia about ideeli
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I understand the type of business ideeli is in - limited supply, long shipping windows, restrictive return policy. Get it. My order actually shipped much earlier than stated so kudos for that. Unfortunately I received the wrong dress. I am in the distribution business so I understand a lot about orders and mispulls/shorts. That being said - since this was my first order from ideeli, I've received a 100% service failure. In my business 100% service failure equals permanent loss of business.

I logged in this morning and chatted with a customer service rep who was accommodating but in my opinion you could tell they handle issues like mine all the time and this wasn't something new. (Jason - incident #110505-000​138).

The return UPS label was emailed immediately (kudos again) but I still want my dress and I want ideeli to make this right. I'm eligible for a full credit card refund but I hope I receive my product. The quality assurance process is lacking and needs to be redone. I personally have a 98% operational service level with my customers and I expect nothing less from the companies I buy from. We'll see how this ends...

Ask Ashley about ideeli
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While I have had some success with orders, they are usually very late and they make it very difficult to return. They give you 14 days from shipping date to return, but it takes a week to ten days to get it. By the time you have tried numerous times to find out print out the label they tell you that you can use to return it, yougive up and send it back yourself. But by then you have passed to the 14 day return date. Not worth it.

Ask Gayle about ideeli
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This is one of the most horrible internet shopping sites!!!! Beware!!!

First experience happened with my return. I returned an item and on their website, it stated that it will take 7-10 business days. However, package was sent nearly a month and no credits or notice via email. So I contacted the customer service dept and they had mentioned that it will take a little longer, but didn't know how long. Well, it was about a month. I sent a nasty email to CSR and a rep happily accepted my return right away. It was only after that nasty email.

Second experience happened when I tried purchasing items from a new sale that started at 4:00 pm. I logged on at 3:40 pm just surfing to see what was on sale. Well, right at 3:55 pm, I got kicked out of the website. So I closed my browser and tried re-opening it. Ideeli page came up with the site is busy, please re-visit the website in a few minutes. That few minutes turned into an hour and half after trying to open the website 20-30 times. It just kept going to that page stating that their website is busy at the time, to come back in a few minutes. By that time, all the items I had wanted to purchase were sold out. RIDICULOUS!!!

Third experience was when they sent me an email stating that they are going to give me 3 free months of First Row Membership. So the very next morning, I woke up extra early to log on. Well, I tried purchasing items during the the 'First Row Member' time and it stated that during that time was only for First Row Members only. I clicked on My Account and it stated that I CURRENTLY have first row member that it expired July. So of course, I tried going back to the sales and purchasing other items and it kept giving me the message saying I'm not a first row member. How frustrating is that?

I don't mind not being First Row, however, if you give me that perk, please accommodate. How could Ideeli be a business when all these things have gone wrong and they're CSR dept has just given me an email stating they will get back to me while they fix this error. Now AFTER I had threatened to cancel my account and give them a bad review, their CSR dept had replied right away giving me a $15.00 credit. Wow, $15 bucks!!!! Really?!!!! Is that all you can do after these horrible horrible horrible experiences!! Not just once, but 3 TIMES!!!!

Ask Helen about ideeli
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Hello !
The return policy of the site is awful! I bought the item (in its description was mentioned - unreturnable ) BUT! They have sent me a wrong size. Customer service representative told me to sent it back by their prepaid shipping label. Thanks God I did not have problem with it! HOWEVER!!!!!! The site DOES NOT SEND YOUR MONEY BACK TO YOUR CREDIT CARD!!!!!! THEY PUT IT ON THEIR CREDIT for your further purchases!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never got this kind of experience with this site before. Now I will think twice to buy something from them!

Ask yla about ideeli
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I have been a shopper with Hautelook for what feels like forever, however, i decided to try just for a change.
I ordered something online on the 8th of April, i received an shipment email on the 17th and the money subsequently debited from my account on the 18th. It is now the 28th, UPS say they delivered the package to a post office in the next county on the 22nd to be delivered to me via USPS as requested by ideeli. I still have not received the package. I emailed customer service twice to no response despite their 24 hour response promise, i then resorted to their online chat as no telephone number is listed. Customer representative Jessica informed me that as i have not received the package a claim would be made which will take a further 5 days, i just hope i get fully refunded and not given store credit. Considering the error is on their end i would like to be given the choice to shop there again instead of pushy store credit.

Ask emma about ideeli
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I have to agree with some of the reviews here about how it takes Ideeli a really long time to deliver merchandise. But the last purchase I made, I ordered a beige dress and it was gorgeous. When I received it, it wasn't was a light grey color. I reviewed my order and saw that I did, indeed, order the beige color dress. The light grey color wasn't awful, it just wasn't what I ordered. By that point I had already removed the tag and I thought it would just a big hassle to return and I needed a dress for an occasion. I think the site has really great deals and some of the things are really nice....but I may use it less frequently.

Ask Olympia about ideeli
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Ideeli has got to be the dumbest company ever, regarding customer service.
I have spent $15,000.00 since Jan (that's $5,000 a mth). They sent me a size 10 boot, instead of what I ordered a size 6.5. I sent them an email, they said return the item (even though it said non-refundable/ because it was the wrong size sent)
Greatly appreciated & what they should say since it was IDEELI's mistake.
I've returned the item (THEY HAVE IT NOW) and they won't credit me. So it's a $49 boot, I've spent $15,000 in under 4 months and they are arguing with me over the $49 credit.
Risk loosing a $15,000 customer over a $49 boot, you betcha. I returned the boot, and yes I will take my business else where this is ridiculous. It's about customer service, and I DID what I was suppose to do. IDEELI CAN"T/ OR WON'T.

Ask TN about ideeli
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I was expecting the worse after reading these reviews. However, my experience was positive. My email to customer service was responded to within 24 hrs and a UPS return label sent shortly after. Their instructions were clear and I'm expecting them to follow through on the promised refund. Thanks, ideeli!

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Q: How many days does it take to get a refund? I cancelled an order before it was shipped
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Q: today i did my first order on Ideeli. At first, i saw i got 20 % off for the first purchase and freeshipping. then after several " continue shopping" , i didn't get any offer for my order, even 10 % off for first order when i checked out. and i immediately cancelled my order. who can tell me what happened?
A: I also got an email of 20% off, i tried to purchase but on submission of payment, there's no 20% so I cancelled it.. Whenever i received that email again, i just trash it because it's not true!
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