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587 reviews
620 8th Ave, 45th Floor
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I had my first encounter with a relatively condescending customer service rep. (in 268 reviews)


Overall, I'm very happy with and will order again! (in 376 reviews)


I returned the dress expecting money credited back on my card but they gave only store credit. (in 52 reviews)

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3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I was so excited to use ideeli because I have had such great experiences with Rue La La and ideeli seemed to have more options and more daily "boutiques". So when I ordered my first purchase, I didn't expect to have a negative experience.

I ordered this transformer dress and I was so excited for it, until it came. The material of the dress is horrid (which I can't really blame ideeli for since they didn't make it, but they are selling it), but more frustrating is that they didn't include instructions on how to tie the dress to make the abundant styles that were shown on the website. Without instructions, I have absolutely no idea how to make any styles with this dress. I looked on the website and saw that previous buyers had also requested instructions months ago, and yet there are still no instructions. Further, the dress is just kind of crappy. Not only the material, but since I got a patterned version of the dress, many of the styles I've attempted to make mean that the panels look awful since the pattern is only one-sided. And, the dress is see-through.

I've decided to return the dress, which means I'll get store credit and which means that ideeli gets a $10 donation of my money (used for shipping), that I don't get back. Now, I know that shipping a dress does not cost $10. I have paid that much for shipping on Rue La La but was never bothered because I've never returned anything because everything I have ordered was WELL MADE (because, if this transformer dress were made really well - I would probably keep it, even without the instructions). I've never been dissatisfied with Rue.

Add to that, the friend that recommended ideeli to me recently bought a watch on the site. Within 2 weeks, that watch had fallen apart. So now I'm extremely hesitant to order anything from the site except that they will only give me store credit for the return. Ugh. Well, I've learned my lesson. I get to spend $50 credit on something I don't really want (because, if I wait, I'll forget about the site and the credit) and ideeli gets a $10 donation of my money because they sell a crappy product. Awesome. Definitely would not recommend ideeli.

Ask Stef about ideeli
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

You can get better deals elsewhere. Many times the $9 shipping isn't worth the deal you can get at another site that offers free shipping or less shipping. Also Not to crazy about this site because many items on here I've found at Burlington or Dd's Discount for less. Perhaps if they offered members free shipping.

Ask kim about ideeli
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I loved shopping with ideeli... I got myself a gorge pair of oscar de la renta sunbglasses.. i ordered them on a thursday and received them in a week... There shipping was less than hautelook... and arrived right on time. I also got to speak to someone on livechat because i had concerns about the fit of the sunglasses... afyter explaining that my face was round and i wanted to malke sure they were oversized sunglasses that would fit my face ( i gave her a good idea of the size and hsape of my face and she did the best she could do with that).. she took her time and gave me her honest oppinion.. i got the sunglasses and they fit perfectly. I honestly had a great experience with them.

Ask Danielle about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I love this site! I have never had an issue with any purchases, no snags in shipping, and only received top quality items.

Every order made has been processed and shipped very quickly. The prices are amazing for top quality, genuine items.

I've been shopping with ideeli for years and never had an issue. Most recently, I bought three dresses and a pair of shoes valued at a total of $650 for $80 plus shipping. Great items from the Red Sale and Thinkfast Sale and super amazing prices!

Shipping has never been a problem and Jason F. is super helpful at answering my dumb questions.

Great job ideeli!

Ask Joy about ideeli
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have a friend who orders a ton on ideeli and is very satisfied with them. I'm been a member for a while but it took me a while to purchase something. Then I finally did and so far I'm very happy - all items but one fit and I was contemplating sending it back but then ended up altering it.I had 3 orders so far, still waiting on the last 2 items, but the rest is perfect! The shipping was exactly according to the guidelines posted for the item - all items were new, correct size and very good quality. Overall, I'm very happy with and will order again! Too bad my 1st row membership expired :(.

Ask Oxana about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

IDEELI IS THE WORSE SCAM ON EARTH!!!! 10 days ago i purchased a dress and everything seemed to run smoothly - it was immediately shipped and arrived on time. i open the box this a joke? the dress was labeled as the one i bought but was not at all the one i ordered. i send email immediately to customer service and also contact them via i copy the conversation so that you can judge yourself what a SCAM this company is.

Karen: Welcome to ideeli
Anna: hello
Anna: i received an item whoch is not what i ordered
Karen: I am sorry to hear you received the wrong item. I will be glad to check on it for you. May I have the order number, please?
Anna: 32036706
Karen: Thanks. One moment, please.
Karen: That was for the ABS COLLECTION Sheer Tiered Sleeveless Dress, right?
Anna: yes
Karen: I'm sorry—I checked with our warehouse and we unfortunately no longer have that item in stock. Due to the nature of our site we have a very limited inventory, which is how we keep our prices so low.
Anna: this is ridicolous
Anna: it's like a scam
Anna: you send an item which i do not want
Anna: and u tell me that the item i paid for
Anna: is not available
Karen: I'm so sorry to hear that you received the wrong item. Be on the lookout for an email from us with a pre-paid UPS return shipping label. Just print out that label, attach it to your package, and drop it off at UPS. Once we receive the item at our warehouse we will exchange it for what you ordered if we have it in stock. If the item is no longer available, we will issue a refund to the original method of payment.
Anna: i want a refund now
Anna: i don't care if u send a wrong item
Anna: you ahve no right of taking my money
Anna: and send me an item which i never wanted
Anna: when u kept my money for 10 days now for an item which u probably never had
Karen: We will be happy to refund your original method of payment once we receive the item back at the warehouse. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience which this has caused you.
Anna: idelii is the worse scam ever
Anna: i will make sure all websites know it
Anna: so that people are aware
Anna: i purchased an item and ideeli must send me that item
Anna: i do not care its not in stock
Anna: if it was out of stock
Anna: u should have not sold it to me
Anna: how can the item not be in stock
Anna: if i bought it
Karen: Again, I am very sorry. Unfortunately, we no longer have that item in stock, so we are unable to send it to you. We sent you the wrong item, and I am extremely sorry for all the frustration this has caused you. We will be happy to issue a refund if you would like to send us the incorrect item back, but since we do not have any more of that dress, it would be impossible for us to send it to you.
Anna: why do you sell items which u do not have in stock
Anna: this is called scam
Anna: and i will sue you
Anna: this is my first and last experience with your website
Anna: but i will make sure this does not end here
Anna: you fool people unaware
Anna: i will make sure more people will be aware
Anna: moreover
Karen: Anna, I understand that this has been a very unsatisfying experience for you. I am very sorry for that. We are happy to receive the incorrect item and refund your original method of payment as well as the shipping charge; unfortunately, since the dress is no longer available, we have no way of sending it to you.
Anna: i want the refund immediawely
Anna: i will send the item back
Anna: but i want the refund immediately
Anna: i NEVER wanted this item u sent
Anna: so i do not see why i should wait for my moeny back
Karen: We are unable to issue the refund until we receive the return at the warehouse. I apologize for the inconvenience.\
Anna: what a scam
Anna: ideeli is worse than a joke
Anna: u r not providing the item i bought
Anna: and on top of it i have to wait that an itwm i never ordered gets back
Anna: i don't have time
Anna: to print labels drive to ups etc etc
Anna: who reimburses me for the wasted time and effort
Karen: I would be happy to issue a discount credit in the amount of $15 for your inconvenience.
Anna: i don't care about any store credit!!! i do not want to buy anything from ur scam store
Anna: i will copy this conversation and publish it on all the websites so that people know what to expect

Ask Anna about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

Unfortunately, I have not had a good experience with this place. It's actually a bit of a joke. You order something, you pay for it, plus you pay shipping then you may or may not get it!!?? I ordered a dress and a pair of flats to go with it. ONE month later I get an email that first: I will not be receiving the flats, and second my dress has finally shipped! Why would I want anything a month later especially after I was told that is was on its way weeks ago? They must be making a huge profit on shipping because it always takes 6-10 Business Days, so when the item ships you will still have to wait 1-2 weeks for the delivery. If I paid Fed Ex 10 dollars I would have the item in 3 business day! Ideeli claims they use UPS but they don't, you get a message saying "delivered to a local post office". Each time I get a UPS tracking number and USPS ends up delivering the item a week or two weeks later. I finally got fed up with this and contacted customer service. Her response was a shrug; sorry we cannot do anything about our vendors. This is unacceptable. I paid for shipping I should get the item in a timely manner or at least my money back because it did not come when it was supposed to. I recommend dealing with a place that can stand behind their products and service. The products are rarely correct with their sizing charts and you can find the same products in any Macys or Nordstrom on sale for a less expensive price.

Ask Danielle about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been a member of this site for a little over a year now and have found the customer service to be horrendous! When you reach out to them for assistance they either ignore your emails or don't have the answer to your question. If you have to return an item for a problem, that was no fault of yours, they will not replace the item with the correct/undamaged item. They fail to see that there was a reason for ordering the item in the first place---you wanted it! I have discovered that they only give you an e-mail address so they can ignore you when they feel the need to. I believe the procedure they have in place is: whoever gets an e-mail, answers the e-mail; so you will often get different answers for one problem if you're not satisfied with their answer. They had an area on their web site called "discussion" where you could ask a question or post a review about an item on sale. I found this to be helpful because, quite often, other customers would answer your question based on: 1) buying the item in the past or, 2) having knowledge about the brand. Some customers used it as a way to express their dissatisfaction with Ideeli and, believe me, there were a lot of dissatisfied customers so they did away with it for fear of losing customers. Yes, the shipping can be slow so you have to really pay attention to the return date, if the item is returnable. If you need an item right away, you might not want to place an order with them. Another thing worth mentioning is that you only get a credit for a return; you have to place another order because you won't get your money back! I have had it with them and plan to take my business elsewhere. There are other sites that I have used and have found them capable and willing to resolve an issue/problem. Ideeli, needs to overhaul their customer service department and adopt the customer service policies that Nordstrom has in place.

Ask TL about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

i love ordering through internet since i don't like the inconvenience of going to the store and trying to find a parking not to mention the cost of the gas. so far so good until i have encountered this site. my order took forever to come for onething. if you like to spend so much time trying to figure out on how to return item,this is a perfect site. they don't make it easy at all. and do keep in mind your credit card will not be credited for your return item,you will have credit with their store. i am stuck and had to buy something from aideel. i had to read other people's comment trying to find the phone number where i can talk to someone because i needed help. no phone no. on the packing slip whatsoever.... i was ready to call bbb for this. terrible experience. i will just try to use my credit from my return since it 's their policy to keep peolple's money for return and not ever ever will use this site ever again.......

Ask pamela about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

They have terrible customer service, you can't get anyone on the phone. I ordered 2 sweaters and they were never delivered. Terrible!

Ask michelle about ideeli
9 reviews
23 helpful votes

I have been shopping on ideeli for months now and generally the experience was ok, they have pretty good selection of stuff, eventhough like some of the reviewers here mentioned, the sizes are not always consistent, but that is more the brand's fault for not giving them the right size charts.

On the whole they are a little slow in shipping and I didn't like the fact that one time I paid for shipping on different days of shopping, but they lump the shipments together when sending it out to me, meaning they saved one shipping fee on the order and yet did not pass that savings on to me. I do not think it is right to stiff someone on their shipping fees when they try to save money by lumping all your orders together.

But apart from that, the biggest problems I have to date are their customer service. They are very slow in processing returns, the customer service people can basically tell you nothing if it has not been 10 business days after they receive the items, not even an update. And when I was chatting with a customer service rep the first time, they actually disconnected on me the minute I wrote 'that is it for today.', chat etiquette is such that you never disconnect on the customer.

Now the biggest and latest problem I have to date : A few weeks ago I bought a pair of Dr Scholl's boots.. the shipping was delayed, for which they apologized, but when it did finally arrive a few days ago, it was the wrong color!

I immediately went online to tell the customer service that and unfortunately now my size and color is out of stock! So I even told them I will accept 1/2 size up, figuring I could just put some padding in the shoes, and at that time, that size was still in stock. I asked the customer service rep if she/he could hold it for me while I make the purchase or if I can just make a new purchase then and there, and they said no, they will send me a special link in the email to 'repurchase' it. Of course, then it took the email one day to arrive, and by the time the link arrived, the shoes were completely out of stock! I have never seen a company been so stingy with helping the customer before, how hard is it to reserve the pair of shoes or to even process the exchange then and there?! Express shop had sent me a pair of wrong size pants and when I called their customer service, she immediately had the correct size pants shipped out to me there and then on the phone, just to make sure it didn't run out. And I returned the wrong pair of pants the next day. That is a so much more efficient way of handling things. And when I email to complain about the problem, they just said there is nothing they can do (in a nice way of course), and that 'their products is on first come first serve basis'. Come on! If they had let me buy the next half size up when I first contacted them about the problem, I would have been first in line too! But they won't let me, i had to wait for that slow email and click on the 'special link' and they didn't even have the courtesy to 'reserve' the shoes for me for that link!

I have spent a lot of money in ideeli for the past few months and now I am so angry I am not going to buy their stuff anymore, their customer service has to be overhauled and they have to change the way they do exchanges, instead of the inefficient, roundabout way they do now. I am going to see now how long it takes for the money to be returned to me, since it is completely not my fault the wrong shoes were sent to me.

Ask s about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought a dress from this website... What a disappointing experience so far.
At first, I was hesitant to purchase from it cause it look to good to be true... I thought the shipping and handling was expensive, but I said what the hell... I purchase my item last month and still has not arrive ... I been keeping an eye on the tracking number ,... I even purchase something from eBay two weeks later since my purchase from ideeli and Ebay arrived today... status on tracking number seems to be stuck god knows where... Chat room asked me that it was in transit .. they did not specify exactly the day of arrival... Message from USPS says the same thing for over 5 days .... People do not buy anything from they suck at customer service... I have been in marketing for several years never in my life experience anything like this... I will spread the word with family and friends beware people

Ask jessica about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've generally had good experiences with Ideeli. They are sometimes slow to ship something but they at least warn you at the time or purchase how long it will take to ship. What I *HATE* about Ideeli is the shipping charge. $10 shipping on a $40 shirt? Sorry, no sale. Even worse, $10 shipping on a $500 suit?!!? I'm sorry folks but when you spend $500 you should get FREE SHIPPING. In case Ideeli missed it, new deal-a-day shopping sites like MyHabit are sprouting like weeds and they generally have either free or cheaper shipping than Ideeli. Get with the program, Ideeli!

Ask Jeff about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a boot that was said to be "leather" upon receiving the item it said and look like "all manmade items". I was highly disappointed. I contacted customer support and got a robot answer twice. It wasn't there fault the make of the boot was advertising the boot quailty wrong however I did not want a credit back, I want my $ back for mis-advertised item. Unfortunately I will probably have to put in a dispute with my credit card issuer.

Ask d about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've had 2 out of 3 orders delayed. This is on top of their already slow delivery system which usually takes an order about 2-3+ weeks for it to be delivered.

To give you an idea:
I made an order on 9/5 with expected shipping between 9/23-29. When I checked UPS tracking number, it seems they shipped the items on 9/29 with delivery either today, 10/5 or tomorrow. Wasn't I supposed to receive the items (at latest) the day they shipped it???

So I have two complaints:
1. Why is their delivery system so freaking slow??? Other online flash sale sites ship and deliver within a week.
2. Why is it delayed even further???

I understand that they have vendors who ship the items. But it's ideeli who is ultimately responsible for the delivery as I am purchasing these items from them.

Although they have some great sales, it's not worth the time and money. And forget about buying items as gifts, unless that person's birthday is a year away.

Ask sarah about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have purchased Ongossamer bra from ideeli. I just received it today and it has black stain on it. It is non-returnable so hopefully it will come off after it has been washed. Dr Scholl's tan suede boots in the same order had a stain (or discoloration) on the front too. I love the comfort of these boots but have yet to decide if I should return them. I received this order within a week.
Another order in March was shipped more than a week after than expected delivery date but the product was perfect and worth the wait.

Ask An about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I'm annoyed with Ideeli. Their return policy isn't very good - if you don't like something then usually you just get ideeli credit. I ordered two Calvin Dresses on there and it took a while to get them, and then one didn't fit. Of course, I got an excellent deal on it and it was unreturnable. That's disappointing.

And, I just ordered three toys for my nephews birthday (two weeks in advance!) and they aren't going to be shipped until October 6th! That is 5 entire days after his second birthday party. Great, now who looks like the bad Aunt just because she wanted to save some cash on Melissa and Doug stuff.

Anyway, I think I'm done with Ideeli for a while. I'm just not impressed with the savings I get for the amount of hassle it is to actually receive my packages.

Order #31717658

Ask J about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've never experienced an issue with this website. In fact, it's one of my favorite flash-sale sites around! They have the best brands and selections available. Sure, you may not get your order for at least two weeks, but that is the only "complaint" I have ever had. When I did experience an issue, I addressed it on both twitter and through email, and received a response in a reasonable amount of time. I always recommend this website to friends! A plus is they offer a $10 credit every once in a while! They aren't perfect, but for the products and prices they offer, you can't beat it!

Ask Ashley about ideeli
1 review
5 helpful votes

I am disgusted with the poor customer service, the long shipping times and the lost packages from Every order takes one month or longer to receive (ridiculous! - I pay the same amount as other customers but have to have my shipment delivered by UPS ground then transfered to USPS package services which ships my item to me via BOAT, wth?) At least offer the option of sending via faster shipping with higher cost-geez. But the worst thing is that after waiting a month, they lose my packageS - yes 2 of them, from the same order?!!! One was delivered to an address in another state and the other package was marked "moved left no forwarding address" I have lived in the house for over 4 years. Unbelievable. So I chat for about 20 minutes with the customer agent who barely speaks or spells proper English and request that all of my orders not yet shipped be cancelled and any credit due should be refunded to my credit card. She tells me only $48 can be returned to my card out of $500+ What?! She says that unless it is the fault of Ideeli that they will only issue refunds in form of credit. I told her that this entire mess was because of Ideeli and aske that they issue me a refund not only for the order that is over one month old, sent in two shipments (why?) and BOTH lost but also for all of the orders not yet shipped which I do not want to wait over a month for. She said she could not.

To date, I got $10 credit for my inconvenience. I plan to open a BBB claim and file a case with the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Protection Agency.

IDEELI is terrible.

Ask Shoppingsmy about ideeli
1 review
4 helpful votes

" Horrible customer service!

I make a purchase on July 31, 2011. The order was sent in two packages. The first package had a ship date of August 1 - 3. I did not receive an email confirmation so I emailed them on August 8 to inquire. I was told that Ideeli just started to use a combination of sending packages USPS and UPS (to save money) so it may take longer.The first package tracking indicated it reached the sorting facility in San Pablo, CA on August 8, 2011 (not final destination); the second package reached San Pablo on August 18. I emailed again on Sept 25 stating I still have not received the package. The response is that the shipping does take longer and sorry for the confusion.

On August 30, I receive the SECOND package and I emailed Ideeli again about the first package and asked if they can refund my money. Their response was that they cannot cancel my order but will start an investigation that will be resolved within 8 days.

On Sept 8, I emailed idelli again for the results of their investigation. Their response was that the package is at a sorting facility and will be delivered within 4 - 6 weeks from when it first arrived there.

On Sept 12 (6 weeks from when it first arrived in San Pablo), I chat online with one of the ideeli representatives. She was very nice and asked if I could wait for another week. If there was no movement on the tracking number she would refund my money.

Today, Sept 21, I chatted online with another representative. I explained everything that happened and she told me that she cannot do anything but will send an email to the technical group to look into this further. She also stated that the order can be refunded when the package is deemed lost (when the tracking states delivered, but you have not received it.) When I asked what happens if it never gets delivered, she had no answer for me.

Ask Priscilla about ideeli
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I order from Ideeli all the time and I LOVE them. They have great deals, awesome customer service and their shipping is always on time! So far so good!

Ask Neelie about ideeli
1 review
4 helpful votes

I'm a relatively long time repeat customer of ideeli, so I can see the pros and cons. If you love every single thing you order and never have to experience their return process then they're a great site. I love the amazing deals you can find. I love the variety. I love a lot of the things I've ordered from them...


In order of worst to least worst:
* Returns are a bigger pain in the as$ than an anal fissure. I've often had to wait 2-3 weeks after ideeli received my return before the credit is posted to my account (they don't offer refunds). My biggest problem with their returns department to date is that at the start of August I ordered two handbags and both turned out to be faulty. Ideeli kindly agreed to refund me the cost of the order plus shipping. I returned the bags over 3 weeks ago (separately because they broke at different times) and the tracking numbers show that the returns were received around Sept 1st, yet somehow I've only been refunded for one of the bags. I've emailed support and tried to get to the bottom of this, but I really feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. I don't understand why, when someone is inquiring into the status of two returns amounting to a total of $99.95, anyone would think that telling them that ONE return for $45 had been processed would solve the problem. I KNOW that one of the returns has been refunded to me – THAT'S WHY I'M CONTACTING YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE! What I really want to know is what happened to the other one? Where is the rest of my money?

[deep breath] – other comments:

* Their flat rate shipping is expensive. C'mon guys - $9.95 to ship one dress?
* You often have to wait 2-3 weeks between placing the order and receiving it. This is partially due to the fact that they use UPS sure-post, which transfers the package to the local post office at the end of the delivery. My local post office tends to be quite sh*t, so even after the tracking number says a package was delivered I don't tend to see it for another 3-4 days.
* Some of the sizing information is off. I'm definitely not a size 0, but if I order my normal size (2-4) I tend to be swimming in all the items.

All up, I used to love ideeli, but I'm so jaded by the lack of responsiveness by their returns and support departments that I just can't bring myself to shop there anymore. I'm totally, completely, utterly sick to death of having to battle to get a refund or credit. All the while they have my money, but I have no product because it's either in the mail on it's way to me, in the mail on it's way back to them, or their returns department is sitting in a circle twiddling their thumbs and looking at my return, but not actually doing anything about it. Sort it out guys!

Ask Rachel about ideeli
7 reviews
31 helpful votes

After reading all the reviews, I totally expected to be disappointed with my purchases. I expected the shipping to be slow. I expected the products to be irregular/floor samples/incorrect sizes. I took the risk because it was so dirt cheap. I was nervous because I was ordering 3 pairs of shoes, and you are never sure how they will fit! They were also non-refundable because of the extreme discount. My boyfriend told me to just gamble and do it. I'm so glad I took his advice!
First, the shoes fit PERFECTLY.
Second, the shoes were absolutely brand new and probably never have been removed from the packaging/box ever before.
Third, the shipment came in FOUR days.
Fourth, the shipment arrived safely at the post office and not left at my apartment door to be stolen.

Ask Vy about ideeli
1 review
4 helpful votes

The Problem:
1) I never received my package
2) My package was sent from UPS to a random local post office without any notice
3) Complained to "ideeli Customer Service" and didn't get a response back

This my first time and probably my last time shopping at ideeli.
I ordered a watch THREE WEEKS ago (also additional 2 weeks for the product to actually ship out) and still have not received any package.
The following shipment said it was delivered by a local post office but
haven't received anything from the mail. I am extremely frustrated and upset to have paid so much on my first product ever bought on ideeli and to found that UPS decides to send it to a local post office... who probably has lost the item or cannot be found. Who knows?
I have no contact on how to contact the random local post office to retrieve
my item since ideeli is terrible at giving us any information or acknowledgment but the acceptance of our credit card numbers.

Now I'm just finding ways to file a complaint to ideeli for it's irresponsible shipping
handling. DO NOT USE THIS SITE to buy anything from them. It won't be worth the hassle.

Ask sara about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

Wow! I am blown away by the negative reviews on idelli. I actually just googled idelli reviews because idelli is my favorite on-line shopping EVER! I used to love eBay. I do well with Ruelala and, but idelli is hands down the best for many reasons. In no particular order, here's why: Firstly, when you buy higher end clothing, the sizes are TRUE TO SIZE. Oh my God, I have spent a ton of money on idelli in the past two years and I think only 3-4 things didn't fit (the ones I kept I simply will take to a tailor). GO to a department store, try on the brand you'd like to buy and trust me, for the higher end clothing, the sizings are extremely consistent. EXTREMELY. The dresses I have purchased for work - I've never been so well dressed in my life. And I get compliments daily. Never got them before like this. The prices are incredible. The fact that you can pick out multiple items and it's only $9.95 s&H total is incredible. and the return policy (I only had one dress I spaced out and waited too long), but the 14 days, - hey I am a procrastinator, so for me, some time constraints are a blessing. And no tax! The return policy is a piece of cake - piece of cake - but I have UPS at my office so that helps.
The end of summer sale they had today was fabulous. And the fact that they offer the same clothes a couple of times - God I love that. There have been a few items I was too slow on and missed out on. When they relisted them later (many times heck - a $130 dress for $18!!), I was elated.

Enough said. LOVE IDELLI!!! Love it - I could never, ever have been this well dressed on my income without you. xxoooxxx

Ask Kathy about ideeli
1 review
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My issue with Ideeli is a technical one but I won't start on a sour note: Ideeli has some fabulous deals and I think their return policy is reasonable and fairly easy. One time I needed to return an item, I had exceeded the amount of days allowed to return because I was out of town. I will say that they were not responsive over email. I googled "ideeli" and "phone number" to find their actual customer service line. After leaving a few messages, someone got back to me and they happily agreed to take back the return as a one time courtesy. Now if I have issues or questions I just use their "chat" option. Someone is always available w/ an answer. I think customers have to realize this isn't a huge operation like Gilt where you might get a response more quickly but the items are more expensive. Now for my real gripe. One day I logged on and the images just didn't show up when I clicked products. The "chat" rep informed me that the site does not work w/ any search engines out of date. At work we have to use IE 7 because some of the apps we use are not yet compatible w/ IE 8. To me it's ridiculous to have a site that goes on sale at 11:00 and not make your site accessible to many who are at work and have locked down settings. I really hope Ideeli fixes this soon because I won't be buying anything from them until then.

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When they said you should listen to your first instinct they were right. I HATE HATE HATE to shop at places that only offer store credit for items returned because no matter what the store does or how they're at fault they force you to keep a relationship with them that way. Ideeli is such a place. I order about 300 in merchandise which all have a very different ship date than when they actually did ship. (Very inconvenient) The funds are deducted from my account and I receive my items. Then low and behold the shirts are a completely different size than what the chart says, great I have to deal with returns and store credits now when getting my money back would've been a better option for us all. The shirts I order for my job are tents and theres no way that even with a belt I can style these into being cute. The material of the shirts also grate my skin which is what I really look for when ordering shirts. So I find a winter coat I like to spend the money I got in store credit on. Here come the next set of issues instead of using my store credit ideeli tries to use my card and it gets declined of course because I wasn't expecting to need to keep that balance on that particular card. Then I'm told there is nothing they can or will do about it and that I just have to pony up the amount when I had nearly 200 in credits to use. I tell them that I think this is ridiculous and that I didn't want to do that because I'd rather not give a store with such rigid policies more of my money. Then the customer service team by email tells me they could simply reset the order and apply the credit that way. Confused at the difference in treatment by customer service reps I tell the rep to do that and confirm that my personal account would not be affected by putting in a different card number. Then I get no answer for three days until I send another email and find a chat specialist. Finally I get the orders taken care of or so I think and the amount owed on the order is changed to 0.00. I think I'm done and reauthorize my card. Then I go to buy a plane ticket for an impending trip and am declined because low and behold my account has been charged for the item I purchased. Contact customer service told its not a charge it's a hold! Theres nothing we can do about it the other rep shouldn't have told you your account wouldn't be affected. That will be on there for 3-5 business days and guess whats we're about to have a long weekend. Goodbye plane ticket and trip because you will surely be cost prohibitive by the time I get my funds back! The rep continues to tell me that at the point of purchase my card needs to be authorized to verify my account. Hmmm….wouldn't the point of purchase be when the goods are exchanged for tender?? That point would have been when my store credits (which are basically my cash that's already being held captive by ideeli for a purchase gone) were exchanged internally for the items I purchase would it not? So why is my account even being mentioned in the same order when it's been paid for and internally at that. After speaking with a rep and having my intelligence insulted when she tried to explain a point of purchase and the differences between giftcards and store credits I got on the horn and decided I'd rather spend my money on attorney's fees so they can spend their time and energy on drafting a letter to the better business bureau and I can get some much needed rest and relaxation. Thanks Ideeli! One good turn deserves another.

Ask Milan about ideeli
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I love Ideeli. They have great deals on items I actually want. I haven't had to return anything yet, so I don't know how that works. I'm very careful of what I buy online because it's always a hassle trying to return it, what with the shipping and all.
They're customer service seems good to me. I ordered a 10 dollar pair of sandals once, and I got an email about a week later informing me that the manufacturer had not delivered those sandals. It wasn't a big deal, but they refunded my money and gave me a $25 credit. I've ordered many items from them, and this has only happened once.
My only criticism is that they do tend to take a long time to ship. Not a problem usually, but don't try to but a new pair of shoes for an even next week or something. You will almost certainly not receive them in time.

Ask Kris about ideeli
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I ordered from this site and was actually pleased with the shipping, the product and the prices. My issues began when I received a new debit card from the bank. I tried to update my credit card information on the site and the authorization was kicked back by my bank. I called my bank and found out that the bank will not accept transacations unless there is an amount charged to the transacation. I understand that this is not a run of the mill problem. But my customer service experience has been horrible, I am to the point of wondering if they are messing with me on purpose at this point. The first piece of advice I received was to cahnge my browser to Mozilla Firefox. Even though I couldnt' see how my browser was going to fix the sites authorization problem, I went home and changed my browser. I still could not update my card, why, well because when the site went to authorize the card there was no charge associated with the transaction. So I e-mailed them and told them that I tried the new browser and that it didn't work. So Customer Service sent me the link to update my card, this link took me to the exact same page as before and I could not, of course update my credit card. So I e-mailed again an I was told to change my browser, again. When I explained that I had updated my browswer and that I need to have a charge associated with the transacation authorizing my card, customer service tried to run a transacation on my old card that was registered with the site (the one that was no longer valid.. the one for which I have a replacement that I am trying to register .. ie. the cause of the problem in the first place). When I e-mailed them and told them that the card that they tried to authorize was the old card and I needed them to authorize the new card I once again got the link to the update the credit card information page and once again could not update my credit card information. I e-mailed Ideeli again and was told that someone would call me. No one did. I e-mailed again and was told that they would bump the issue up to technical support. They did. Technical support sent me the link to the page to update my card. Again. I tried again. It didn't work again. I e-mailed Ideeli and told them that it didn't work. Guess what they told me to do.... wait for it .. yep .. change my browser to Mozilla firefox. I give up. No person there is actually looking at and trying to resolve the problem.

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In the past month, I've acquired a nearly $10,000 fall/winter wardrobe from ideeli for under grand. that being said, you get what you pay for. while all clothes are brand new with original tags, and often with hangers (:D), it can take over a month to recieve some items. each sale does say when the date items are expected to ship, but 10 days to receive items is absolutely ridiculous. As far as fit, I've only sent two things back so far. My advice is to double check each designer's size chart as then one on ideeli is often incorrect or lacking information.

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OMG! I had the worst experience ever! You can't get anyone on the phone and live chat it not even a person. Sound like some kind of bot and they disconnected because "it" was done with me. How rude!

Company placed an incorrect credit on my account. I had no idea, thought I won something and used it. Then they called and I was fine with sending it back. They even sent me an e-mail with the return shipping label. All was fine, then out of nowhere they reported me for fraud! Ummm...excuse me! You guys were the ones that made the mistake in the first place. I just thought I was lucky and won and used the credit. Now you have to nerve to call me on fraud? Shame! Shame!

To add insult to injury, they won't even let me have the correct credit put back on my account. I was told someone will get back to me as soon as possible..whatever that means. Tried to ask the rep time frame and "it" just decided the conversation has ended because other customers are in need of help. Well, I guess I am just not important enough for them!

Buy from other sites, better shipping and prices. I have bought from Gilt, HauteLook, Modnique, Beyond The Rack, and Rue La La and Ideeli is the worst to me. Highest shipping price and totally riduculous care in customer service. They don't have customer serviice...more like customer disservice.

Don't go slandering your customers when you guys are the ones who made the mistake! Never again! Just stay away from them, not worth the time or the trouble. You would think a company with all that it has going for it and being on top in the flash site industry would value their customers more and not lie about their own mistakes and placing blame on others.

Mr. Paul Hurley, CEO and founder of, if you are out there looking at this...make sure your reps are properly trained and that your business standards is not about covering your own ass by throwing your customers under the bus. This is one IPO I will not look forward to or place any stock in.

Ask F about ideeli
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I ordered jewelry from ideeli for the first time in the summer. It was a great price so I decided to give it a try. It took me a while to receive my order but the page did say on the side the expected ship date. I was informed when my items were shipped and they were just as described and in great condition! I would order from them again if I found something else.

Ask Stephanie about ideeli
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So far it was not bad, I received the right orders and on time, till very a 1st row member, I tried to get an item and it was showing sold out BEFORE the sale started, is there a point in being a 1st row?>>> After that - a fur hooded coat arrived WITHOUT the hood! I got nothing, but lame apolgies and an offer to re-purchase the item, what???!!! Of course, after you sent it without an important part let me give you more of my money! I requested a return label, which from past experiences will amount to driving to UPS store, standing in line, returning the package and waiting 2-3 billing periods for a credit...oh wait, that was not a refund to my card, but a store credit to spend MORE $ on this unreliable website! :(

Ask yelena about ideeli
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I ordered a 400 something D&G dress for the wedding. I was collecting money for this event for one year. When the dress arrived I was shocked. It had tiny hole on the back next to the zipper. I tried to wear it but you could see flesh through. I had to run and buy an new dress which cost me another 300 dollars. I returned the dress expecting money credited back on my card but they gave only store credit. I contacted customer service and the lade kept repeating " unfortunately we cannot do anything except give you store credit, the at the end she told me we can only credit if it was iddeli's fault. But how it's not iddeli's fault they I got damaged dress?
She said ok, I will send a request and that was the end of it. Today I emailed iddeli again practically begging and telling how this caused me so much stress. I cannot afford purchases again, I don't need store credit. I paid for two dresses already, I have son to feed and cannot spend money that I don't have. I am waiting and hoping that it will workout. I will keep updated, but I will not give this up, I feel like I got scammed, they took my money, send me bad product, and want me to make more purchases. It's like a punishment for something they did wrong. Please, please iddeli have some decency and return my money back to my credit card, I am exhausted to beg and cry and I don't believe this should happen to anyone. I will keep you post it on what happens. UPDATE!!!! IDDELI CONTACTED ME WITH A GOOD NEWS, THEY APPOLOGIZED ABOUT A DELAY AND THAT THEY WILL CREDIT MY MONEY BACK!!!! YAY!!! WILL UPDATE WHEN IT ACTUALY HAPPENS!!!!

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I have only had wonderful experiences with Ideeli!!! I started ordering from them about six months ago. I think the fact they tell you how long it will take to get your items and I have never been disappointed!!! I usually order one item once a week:-)

Ask Mia about ideeli
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DO NOT PURCHASE CLOTHES FROM THIS WEBSITE. I ordered a dress from the site and it showed that it had been shipped to a different location. The woman I contacted via customer service said that they didn't know what happened to the package and now I have to wait an additional 8 days to get my package while they investigate why it got sent to the wrong address.

Ask Brielle about ideeli
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I've been a member and have bought several items and have recommend it to friends as well. For the most part they've been good until I had to return some earrings I bought for $54. The earrings were broken. Of course I was going to send them back. So they issue me a credit. I would have preffered my money back but okay they want to keep you purchasing from them. So with my credit I buy some shoes that were $38. I get them and they run too small so I have to return them. They issue me a $29 credit. I finally go check my account with Ideeli only to come to find that my original purchase of $54 CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD and paid... has only granted me a $35 of credit with Ideeli!!! So I paid in full $54 and have not kept any merchandise and have returned everything due to damage or wrong size only to get NOTHING and have only $35 in credit. Is this ROBBERY? YES. Is it illegal to take my money and have no goods exchanged? YES!! Will they at least return my $35 as a refund, NO!! I must and have to keep my money (so called Credit) with them in their account. For what? So I can purchase something else and give them another $10 in shipping.. where in the end the $54 I spent ..$30 of it has been spent on shipping and I've received and kept nothing. Why not just refund my money and stop ROBBING your loyal customers????????????????? I'm so disgusted with their so called policy. I have a credit account that slowly diminishing and I get nothing in return. GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!

Ask Maria about ideeli
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i would like to say that this is my first time ordering from this website and i had been planning to order more but as of right now, i'm not really planning to order anymore just in case my luck turns crappy and all those bad things that other reviewers stated starts to happen to me. The shipping date was earlier than anticipated but paying $9 for shipping and making me wait a week to get my package is like, 'what? even ebay sellers ship faster.' i would actually expect for ups to ship faster. customer service was great and easy to contact though. hopefully my items are right.

Ask Livia about ideeli
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I have purchased four times from ideeli. I am addicted to their site. But they need a huge improvement to their shipping times. Take notes from zappos. People want instant gratification or close...3 weeks for a product mailed USPS is not going to keep you guys in business for matter the price. Build shipping cost into your prices and use UPS not snail mail. Do that and your sales will triple.

Ask Ann about ideeli
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I ordered a nice dress for homecoming on July 29 and got it today, August 9th. The time it took to get here was great! However the box was badly beaten up and dented and the dress...first it was wayyyy darker than the picture on ideeli showed. Things were hanging by threads and the hanger was broken. Needless to say, I am returning it tomorrow and hoping to get store credit. I will use up my store credit if I get it and never go back to ideeli again.

Ask Rachael about ideeli
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Ideeli has cool stuff, however I ordered 2 items and 1 shipped right away (3 weeks ago) and the other just shipped this week. We just moved into a new house and now that my item is finally shipping it is going to my old address. When I contacted Ideeli to update my shipping address for this item they said they could not change the address because the order has to go to the same address and the first part of the order already shipped! We have renters moving into our old house, so now I have to arrange to get my package when it comes in. And the jeans I got that shipped right away did not fit, so I returned now I have a credit and I have not desire to buy anything. Do not recommend buying from them, the whole process and policies are a hassle.

Ask Marissa about ideeli
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Though I have accounts with other sale sites as well, I usually end up ordering items I see from ideeli because they tend to have the lowest sale prices. However, they also take the longest to actually ship after an order is placed (at least a week if not a bit longer), shipping costs $9, and they ask UPS to ship your package to your local post office which then takes another 2 days to ship the package to you. My last purchase was ordered July 10, was not shipped until July 25, and I did not receive it until August 4. To be fair, when an order is placed, the website does tell you the expected ship date - and it is pretty accurate. Even though the merchandise is usually a good deal, paying $9 for shipping that takes forever is frustrating. I would only recommend ordering things from ideeli that you don't need to have immediately.

As for sizing issues - it is very hit or miss. I ordered 2 dresses, both smalls, and only one fit when they arrived. It makes me wonder if the sizing chart is really from the clothing manufacturer or a generic sizing table from ideeli.

My conclusion is this - you get what you pay for. I have always received my orders, and the merchandise has always been intact and new, but I'm not sure that is really cause for praise - that's just saying the site isn't a scam. Thus my rating of 2 stars out of 5.

Ask Christine about ideeli
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I have been a member of this site for a few years. I pay the extra $88 a year! BIG MISTAKE! The last 4out of 5 orders have been a disaster! I have been sent defective items- clothes with stains, completely wrong items, and no items at all~ They just did not send my order! Each time I spent about 25- 30 mins talking with a representative that really had no answers and bascically accused me of making the mistakes~ I am so frustrated with this company. No one ever has a straight answer and "new" clothes should never be stained and soiled! "New" clothes should be inspected and not shipped out DEFECTED! Customer service is a joke- no help at all! I would discourage anyone from spending money with this company!

Ask amy about ideeli
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I had a wonderful shopping experience with Ideeli--great product, great price, and the items were shipped and arrived within the week I ordered them. Very pleased overall!

Ask Aimee about ideeli
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I've ordered from this site at least 4 times over the past year and have been satisfied each and every time. Have gotten great quality clothes at discount prices...which is my goal in life! Have not had to return anything, which after reading these reviews, I'm extremely grateful! It's one of my favorite sites...

Ask Anita about ideeli
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I do love ideeli b/c they have great deals and amazing merchandise, however, it seems like they don't keep up with their inventory as frequently as they should. I bought two pairs of the same shoes in brown and black which was listed as running "true to size." Upon receiving the shoes I was disappointed to find out that they ran about a half size smaller than normal and b/c shipping took so long I only had a day to return it. I consulted with a customer service representative b/c I really loved the shoes and would rather exchange them for the size I needed than return them all together, but was told neither color of shoes was in stock...BUT just a few days later the same shoe in black magically appeared in another sale available in all sizes including the one I needed. By this time my one day to return had already passed and I ended up repurchasing the same shoe in black a second time in the size I needed. Now I have 2 pairs of shoes sitting in my closet collecting dust and have been waiting for the other pair to arrive that I can actually wear. In another situation I placed an order for a shaper I needed for a bridesmaid's dress for a wedding this Saturday the 30th...I placed that order on June 26th, exactly a month ago today, according to my tracking info it's supposed to arrive's still not here. I think ideeli's customer service is fast and convenient, but they need to do a better job with keeping up with their inventory for exchange purposes. Their biggest and most frustrating problem has got to be their horrendous processing and shipping time!!!!!! I am a first row member and I shop on the website almost everyday...there is absolutely no reason a shirt or two can't be processed in a reasonable amount of time and shipped to arrive to me w/in a week or two...I still have items in my orders that are from 2 weeks ago that still have a "in process" status. Ideeli, come on you really need to get with it and do something about's absolutely unacceptable to have your customers wait a month for a product to arrive. I will say honestly I would have given 5 stars had I not been so frustrated with the wait time for my purchases. It is most def worth it to buy from ideeli as you will save and you will be satisfied with the products...just don't expect to received them in a decent amount of time.

Ask Emily about ideeli
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OMG! I am so frustrated and disappointed. have never been given the run around like this company in my life. They lost my package and won't refund me my money until they find the package. It has been two months!

Ask maria about ideeli
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DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!!!! I placed an order on this scam website and it never arrived but they still charged my credit card!!!! When I tried to contact them I realized there was not a phone number where you can reach them, only an email. When I submitted my complain, I got an email back from them saying they were going to reply within 24 hours, but they "take pride in replying within 4 hours to all emails" Bulls%&t!!!!!! I got a reply 3 days after and with no help at all...the worst service out there!!!! DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!!!

Ask ILEANA about ideeli
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I ordered a dress from ideeli and received the package very quickly. However, it was someone else's order! I sent an email describing what I ordered along with the order number, as well as the other person's information. I received an email back from ideeli's customer service saying that my original message to them was "scrambled" and if they did not have a response in 24 hours from me, they would close the issue. I did email back, and they have not responded in their own 24 hour time frame.

1. it is their mistake
2. what if I did not check my email for 24 hours b/c it was the weekend?
3. why is there not a phone number listed on their website?
4. WTF

Ask Lesley about ideeli
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Did not like the quality of the clothing I received. Size chart is not accurate. No way to know. The worst part is the return policy. No refunds. Meh. I will pass on this one.

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A: They are the absolute worst about answering customer service complaints. They will lie, they literally told me customer service reps were out sick, thus no answer to my emails for about 2 weeks. But, don't loose hope, the DAY I posted a review on this site, they answered AND gave me a 25.00 credit for my trouble. So write a review on Site Jabber with all the details and a bet a manager will answer promptly. As this is their way, I NEVER ordered from the site again after at least 3 years of orders. Good Luck and don't leave a sordid detail out of your complaint.
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