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675 reviews
620 8th Ave, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10018, US
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No customer service and their product low quality. (in 287 reviews)


I am extremely upset that I cannot order items directly from Ideeli. (in 400 reviews)


I had over $200 in store credit at Ideeli and called Groupon customer service today to inquire about it. (in 57 reviews)

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3 reviews
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Ask Dorathy about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a dress from ideeli and they sent me an email saying they were unable to complete the order. They issued a $10 voucher and promised free shipping on the next order I place. I talked to a woman on their chat service, and she was nice while I was obviously frustrated. I asked why the vendor couldn't fill the order and was told first that they didn't send the item and later when I pried a bit more, that the item "wouldn't pass ideeli's standards for quality." Ok. Fine.

That being said, I find it absolutely ridiculous, especially with the way the site is structured, that when an item is listed as "in stock" that they cannot complete my order do to "an inventory problem." I also understand that there is a quality standard, but why would you evaluate an item after you already decided to sell it.

Then, I get on here and a few other sites, and oh my gosh the reviews... The fact is that a website that clearly needs to function on efficiency is obviously lack just that. I also work in customer service. If I had to apologize as many times as the rep Jason Faria from does, then I feel like I would have to bring that to my superiors. Maybe that has happened, but ideeli has no improvements to show for it.

I do not think I will be using either the $10 voucher or the free shipping as I just cannot trust a company that says "we're always looking for ways to improve our members' shopping experiences and are very open to feedback and suggestions" and "our number one priority is providing great service to you" and there are no obvious markers of improvement.

I was really looking forward to wearing that dress.

Ask Evelyn about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

recently bought a flat iron from right away I noticed it was fake, its pretty obvious. we sent it to the company and they confirmed that it was a counterfeit. Ideeli customer service is non existent. I rather the service at the dmv on a busy day.

Ask tru about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Took a month to get the item. Decided to return it. Since return was only authorized for 14 days from SHIP DATE I could not process it online. Live chatted with 4 different customer service reps over a period of 2 days - all nice but giving me erroneous information. Finally received 2 return authorizations for the same item but its been a week since first contact and still don't have the promised email with my prepaid return label. I did receive an email stating it would take several days to process the return label - really? why? Now I have to contact them again because those several days have passed with nothing (not even in my spam folder)! I will never order from them again!! What a hassle

Ask Marcia about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst shopping experience ever!!
I bought a set of luggage a few days ago. The next day it emailed me said the order was canceled, and asked me to contact them if I believed my order had been incorrectly identified as fraud. Then I found out not only my order was canceled, my account was also deleted! When I contact them, they said the reason was because they called me but couldn't reach me.

I strongly doubt this is the correct way to identify a fraud and treat a customer. I've met the same situation before. I was at work and couldn't pick up the phone, but the other place only canceled my order, which I can totally understand. What had done is super irrational and disrespectful to customers. I feel insulted and very angry about it.

Ask Ariel about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I wish I could give this site NO STARS. I have had serious problems with this site. I ordered pants in FEBRUARY and to this date 4/25 have not received them. Every time I complain, they tell it will get shipped. I received credit once but I'm hesitate to use it now that I know it takes 3 months to get something. The pants first got "lost in transit" then were "pending shipment".

Please safe yourself the trouble and agony and do not order from this site. If you have problems, you need to "chat online" with a Representative who will give you attitude and are not sympathetic of their mistakes. There is also no phone number listed.


Ask krista about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Just got my first order in the mail. Everything was there and it came right on time, as they said. Plus I had been tracking the packages constantly due to the poor reviews. It took a month to get here,which I knew would happen at the time of purchase,but that's still a while for a bowl and some utensils. And $9.95 for shipping each time definitely keeps me from buying more.
However, I absolutely love my items! They're exactly as the website described, and very unique.
I just ordered a pair of shoes as well,which were wonderfully discounted. It's already being shipped, according to the website, but this tracking number cannot be found. I'll wait a couple days and see if the item ends up at my door. Hopefully.

Ask b about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Since I joined ideeli, I have purchased wwell over $1000 worth of merchandise and I have rarely been disappointed with what I received. I made the mistake of ordering a bathing and didn't pay close enough attention to the non-refundable line. I cannot even get it over my head it is so tiny. It is so small even if I lost 10-15 pounds it wouldn't fit! I asked them to make an exception just this once and they wouldn't budge. So I am returning everything else that was on the order and I am discontinuing my membership with ideeli!

Ask Sally about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

THIS SITE CREATE SCAM. @ first they ship ur order really fast. AFTER...they use your payment(money) for couple weeks "laundry your money". However: they will return ur payment, but your order "lost forever". Wanna play? place order!

Ask el about ideeli
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

If you enjoy paying $18.00 for the privilege of trying on ill-fitting merchandise, then returning it at your own expense, this may be the place for you. But I'd have to be a masochist to continue shopping here, when I can go to a great discount retailer near where I live and try on as many items as I want for FREE. Just received two uncomfortable not well tailored items; paid $10 for shipping and was forced to pay $8.00 to return, since you cannot return the way you choose, and you only receive a free return if you agree to park your money at Ideeli (how convenient for them!) in the hope of repeating the process some time in the future. Never again!

Ask Dee about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've ordered from them twice. Shipping was a little slow but otherwise the clothes were great and the customer service was brilliant. One of my returns was delayed but I still received a credit. I had to contact customer service a couple of times and on both occasions their responses were immediate. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Ask Dharshini about ideeli
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I purchased a lovely pair of BCBG shoes. I placed my order on Sunday and had my shoes by Thursday! I was surprised with the quick delivery and I can`t complain about shipping , however I noticed that some items are being shipped for a long time. I guess you need to check the shipping dates before you place your order. It might be a problem for some people to wait that long but since you pay less for the product it`s shouldn`t be a big deal.

It was my first item purchased through this website and I can honestly say i was satisfied and would recommend it as well as use it again.

Ask Agnieszka about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I keep having the worse experience ever with this website. Twice I bought products that ran out...well it can happens....but I wasn't noticed until I received the package and their was a pencil note on my invoice. Really? Another time I had to return a product, I used the credit I had to purchase something later on, and was supposed to still have 20$ in credit, which disappeared. I had to argue with customer service so much over email. And after 2 weeks they credited it back, without even an apology. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL! There are better similar sites out there with better service, and deals which are as good if not better! I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM AGAIN, AND WILL TELL MY FRIENDS TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM IT TOO!

Ask Deborah about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I never had a problem with Ideeli until I mistakenly mailed them an item that I mean to return to another site. Getting anyone to tell me where this item might be in the warehouse would probably take an act of God. Countless emails and requests for assistance have gone ignored. Their "customer service" telephone number is an answering machine that is ignored. I can only imagine where my $400+ item is, but I would not be surprised if someone took it home with them.

Ask Jessica about ideeli
3 reviews
8 helpful votes

I thought that this was a great site. I ordered a lot of clothing and had to return a great deal of it because it was either unexpectedly poor quality (paper-thin cashmere), or too big or too small. Even though I had never once opted for the store credit option, and had always opted for a refund, they are holding on to $1200 of my money!!!!! I have sent them an email about this a month ago and only after I sent a repeat email did they send a note saying they would be replying within a couple of days. More than a week later, still no reply and still no refund.

In many ways, I get the feeling that the customer service dept is trying, but when they actually steal $1200 of your money, it is so over-the-top. I was hoping that they would come through so that I don't have to start figuring out how to get my money back by what? reporting them to the attorney general? Taking them to small claims court? It will take a lot of effort to even figure out what to do and I totally resent it.

By the way, their online record of one's account is completely bollixed up. It says that things have shipped when they have been cancelled, and many other problems. It is completely unreliable in terms of reflecting what is actually going on in your account.

It is really confusing. I was so appreciative when they allowed me to return things that had been termed "nonreturnable", but it turns out to not be much of a favor if they get their merchandise back but they keep your money.

Ask Kristina about ideeli
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have to agree with other reviewers....sometimes great products and good prices, but what does it matter when you never receive the item you ordered?!! I ordered a watch that was for some reason the picture, it looked small, was not listed as a man's watch....on a site that sells mostly womens things, i never thought that what i received would be this large, bulky mans watch that I will never wear!!! When I inquired about returning it as it was not properly labeled, I was told it was non- returnable! $160 down the drain!! In 2010 I ordered a set of bamboo bowls...two or the five bowls arrived, after quite a delay. I waited awhile to see if the others would come before contacting customer "service". When I finally did, I was told I had to return the bowls I had received to receive a refund...they were out of stock of the other items I had ordered. But I wanted the bowls, I'd ordered them for a reason! Despite being on the phone w the cs woman for quite awhile, she still couldn't understand the concept of refunding me for what I didn't receive. I was flabbergasted when she said that I would only be refunded for the portion of the order that I sent back!!! I yelled How can I send you things I never received!!!! What an idiot!!! I ended up keeping the 2 bowls & eating my loss. Incredibly terrible customer "service". I'm SO glad to see I'm not alone...if I had known it wasn't just my bad luck with ideeli I would've made a bigger stink!!!

Ask Minka about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst online site EVER! Save your money and spend it anywhere else but here. Most of the women "styles" are hideous, trampy and last years, you can get better deals at your local stores from the clearance rack, plus you can try them on. They have such a short return policy that by the time your purchase actually arrives (weeks or longer) you've just about missed the return date. I have so much CRAP that I could not return it's really sad. I had a credit balance and I really think their computer system is not right. I would buy less than what my credit balance was but yet my credit balance would go to zero! Yes I did send an email, NO response. There have been a few times I never even received credit for something I returned. I would have to check on it and then email to find out what the problem was. I was always told, "Sorry, we had a kink in our system." Makes me wonder what if I didn't check and send the email, would they ever have credited me back? I have wasted so much money on not being able to return things that didn't fit correctly or I didn't like. You have something like 14 days from the day THEY SHIP from their warehouse, so you don't actually have 14 days from when you actually get the items. I really wish I would have read the reviews before I joined.

Ask C about ideeli
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ideeli's the best!
It never fails to disappoint me!
you guys rock! :)

Ask Yesenia about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Wow I bought a bunch of things on ideeli, but do not plan to do so anymore!
I bought a Jessica Howard dress for $74.94. It took AN ETERTNITY to arrive, and when the damaged, opened box finally arrived, it was 2 SIZES SMALLER than i odered! I immediately contacted live chat who was of no help, and then i tried calling and got a phony "everyone is helping other customers" lie of an answering machine. I do not want a refund - i want my dress! And i ordered it to wear to a function in 2 weeks, so I really want it soon. This is rediculous. I want to speak to a real person on the phone.

Ask celia about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ideeli is VERY hit and miss. Their customer service is NONEXISTANT and they never seem to know what is really going on when you contact them. On a recent order this month, they took money out of my account and I have yet to receive a tracking number. When they first opened they were actually falsely representing items, for example they had a Michael Kors Kind Duvet set they were selling which I ordered and I only received the duvet no shams, which a set normally consist of. They later told me they were always only selling the duvet. Well Ideeli, why would you advertise it as a duvet set? It's things like this that give the site such an element of shadiness. Despite that incident, I continued to shop there and 75% of the time they get it right, but their margin of error is getting larger. I would not recommend this site to my worse enemy and after this last fiasco of my money being taken with no tracking number and no product in hand, i'm finished with them!

Ask Nikki about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I cannot cancel an order, or use "Live Chat" to contact a rep. It only gives me an error page saying "Illegal Parameter"????

Emailed and am waiting for reply. After reading all the negative posts on here, I am worried that I will be billed for this item, and will not be able to reach anyone. Ugh.

Ask moira about ideeli
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Ideeli offers excellent items at greatly discounted prices. I have always found my items to be as described on the website, and any problem I have with (typically a garment) is usually due to my personal preference, not with the item itself. I have returned one garment, and the process was very simple. A shipping label was provided, and all I had to do was drop it off. I recommend this site to anyone looking to get high-end products at a reasonable cost.

Ask Leah about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I agree with the above sentiments! DO NOT order from here! you will be disappointed. I ordered two shirts from a sale they were running and just found out that they are not coming and are considered"lost" and I had the same nearly impossible to reach customer service as well as the "i don't really care" attitude from the CS department overall. I had read these reviews before looking for a resolution to my missing order and it sounds like a pattern. The last order I placed with them a pair of boots I ordered were suddenly sold out and they gave me the same $25 credit. So I went to use it on the 2 shirts that I ordered, I used the credit and had a balance of about $63. Granted, they are refunding me the $63 but now I have no site credit and no shirts. My inner gut is telling me the whole site is a scam. They lure you in on your first order, and everything goes well and it ships quickly, save one item, so they keep your membership by apologizing and giving you a $25 credit. Then comes the second order where you actually USE the $25 credit and mysteriously the order doesn't arrive because it's "lost" Which is ironic given that UPS had no record of the tracking number I was given. If they lost it, at some point the would have had to posses the package !! I think they only sell actual items to paying tier 1 customers and lure people in with the free intial membership. SO as a tier 2 member you can order it, and pay for it but may not get it. Don't believe their hype. Go to or reputable big box retailers like Marshall's.

Ask Morgan about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I get the sense Ideeli has a huge shipping problem. TWO out of my FOUR items have been "lost." They blame UPS.

However, neither of my "lost" items had working tracking numbers. I was cordial with customer service and politely asked when I would get my order and why the tracking number wasn't working. They replied it is a KNOWN PROBLEM and it shouldn't affect my delivery.

Hmm. Well, I don't think the packages actually existed. Ideeli couldn't give me a working tracking number or an ETA. After FIVE e-mails (no phone number), the customer service rep just said it's lost and I'd get a refund!

I'm irate I won't be getting my items I was dying to get. But, I'm more upset I didn't get a more honest answer. Ideeli lost it--not UPS.

Ordering from Ideeli is like playing the lottery.

Use RueLaLa, HauteLook, or Gilt instead. Ideeli doesn't have their stuff together.

Ask Gina about ideeli
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

I was a member of the ideeli website from 9/26/10 to 3/3/12. My loyalty was not rewarded. Although I was happy with ideeli for the most part during this time period, you never know about a company until you experience your 1st major problem. Unfortunately ideeli would rather sacrifice a client that purchases on the site on a weekly basis and pays for 1st row membership than do the right thing.

The problem I encountered is a result of a shipping issue which ideeli has been aware of for months but has not resolved. Some items are shipped with a tracking number but the link does not provide any tracking information and the shipping service instructs the customer to contact the shipper. When you contact Ideeli they explain they are unable to track certain shipments. The customer is instructed to recontact them if the item is not received after 10 business days. At this point they will initiate an investigation which will resolve in another 8 business days and based on the outcome the customer may or may not receive a refund. This tracking issue happened to me once before but I received the item so my trust in purchasing from Ideeli was maintained.

Back to incident at hand.. I received an email with a tracking number indicating my package shipped on 2/16/12, but as of 3/3/12 there is still no tracking information available and I have not received my item. I was charged $39.99 for the item plus $9.95 for shipping.

Now I am waiting for an additional investigation over the next 8 business days to find out if Ideeli decides to issue me a credit for the item I haven't received.

I live in a house in a well to do neighborhood in Boca Raton and I have never experienced a delivery issue (mind you I shop online almost daily).

I can't believe I am waiting for an investigation from the shipper that never provided tracking information in the first place. It is shady and what is worse is that Ideeli continues to use this shipping practice on certain orders fully aware of the tracking issue. Even worse is that when an item is not received Ideeli penalizes the customer and does not refund the purchase. I am beyond disgusted and disappointed.

If my item is not delivered or refunded after the end of the 8 business days I will file dispute with the better business bureau, post on every blog site I can find, and open a dispute with my credit card company. It is unacceptable to charge a customer for an item not received. In fairness the charge should be changed to pending until the matter is fully investigated. I can't believe my long and steady purchase history did not result in better service. Ultimately Ideeli should offer excellent service to everyone, but one would hope established loyalty would be worth preserving as well.

Due to this terrible experience I have 5 items received over the last week, all being returned. Another on the way (with tracking) which will be returned. Another 3 items that haven't shipped, will also be returned- assuming I actually receive them! And of course the 1st row membership scheduled for renewal tomorrow has been terminated.
I will never give Ideeli the opportunity to treat me this way again and I will do my best to warn others.

Ask Melissa about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a skirt and top from Desigual on January 27th (Order Reference: 38955622) as a gift for my daughter for Valentines day. After I ordered I saw the ship date was February 13th. I was disappointed that it wouldn't arrive in time but I told my daughter her gift would be late this year. Well, its March 3rd and I still don't have it. I received a message on February 15th that it shipped with a tracking number. I tried tracking the package but each time received a message that there was no tracking information on this package. On Feb 23rd I wrote talked to someone by live chat. The person I talked to by live chat told me that the problem with the tracking numbers is a "known" issue that Ideeli has with their shipping company. She said to wait 10 business days and contact them again if the package didn't arrive. When I complained that it had been a month since I ordered it she gave me a $10 credit to a future purchase. I waited the 10 business days and contacted customer service again Feb 29th asking for a full refund on my purchase. They said they would open an investigation into what happened with my package and get back to me in 8 business days!!! That will be March 12th. So I have been charged 100 bucks for merchandise I order January 27th and I'm to wait until March 12th? I am a frequent online shopper and frequently order from Rue La La, Gilt Group, Bluefly, Shopbop, etc. I have never ordered anything where I was billed and 6 weeks later had no merchandise. I will not be ordering with ideeli again.

Ask Nancy about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered two items from which were supposedly shipped on 02/21. I checked the UPS tracking number and UPS has no record of the item being shipped. After emailing ideeli (there's no phone number) I was sent a canned response which was equivalent to no response at all. Basically, I was told to check the shipping policy, wait ten days more, and then put in a claim with ideeli. Then the items would be shipped. This just doesn't make any sense. They have my money, and I have no hope of getting the items any time soon. This site has good stuff and good prices, but their shipping procedures and customer service has a lot to be desired. I have made several purchases from the site in the last six months and this is the third such problem with shipping. I have never encountered anything like it on other websites (ebay, overstock, ect.). Three strikes and they are out. Apparently they do not care whether I remain a customer or not.

Ask Venessa about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am beyond frustrated with this site. I should have read the reviews from purchasing not one but two items from them. I just completed by second on line chat with a customer service representative who happened to use what I call a script in her response! I have learned to print out my chats with agents to refer back to especially when I have a concern. On 2/17 I purchased a top, it was shipped on 2/20 and i have yet to receive it. I understand now that it takes "ten business days" for the shipment however, why isn't the tracking number working? I should be able to view where the package is and its estimated date of delivery. I was told and I quote "We are experiencing a known issue with our shippers' tracking information not reflecting. We are working diligently to correct this as soon as possible." Same comment from the last time. The agent more or less said I don't know what the problem is and we apologize. While you have my money for not one but two items. Unbelieveable. I ended my conversation by stating if I do not receive the item I will (and I will) go to the Better Business Bureau file and complaint and in turn go to my bank cancel all charges and never ever deal with them again. Please do not use this site they are a complete and utter rip-off. Cute clothes but they arent' cute if I can't wear them. Fraudulent service.

Ask Christine about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I placed an order with Ideeli and was very excited to receive it, as I really really wanted those items.
When I finally got the package, 4 out of the 5 items on the packing list included in the package were missing!!! Ideeli said that my package got lost in transit, and all they did was refund me the money for the items that did not arrive, but my funds were blocked for over 3 weeks. I was very disappointed with this experience, since it was obviously a packing employee that did not place the items in the box. They did not offer any store credit and were very slow to respond.
I used to be a loyal customer, and have placed over 40 orders in the past 2 years. Most orders arrived as expected, althought they did send me wrong colors in the past, but were helpful in refunding me the shipping cost as well. I was hoping that they'd compensate me forthe huge invonvenience they have caused with this last order, but they failed to do so. They claimed that everything in their inventory matches up, so all they can do is refund me the price ofthe items that were missing. Really? What if the items ended up in a different package by accident? Why do I have to suffer because of an Ideeli employee's mistake? I'll stick to from now on, they have even offered me 20% refund if I agreed to keep items they sent in the wrong color, and their customer service is great! On my last two orders they even combined the shipping charges!

Ask S about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

SO disappointed!! I have been with Ideeli for awhile now, but it's only recently that I've had issues with them. This latest problem is what really made me mad, and I will never shop from them again, no matter how tantalizing their prices are. I placed two orders fairly recently. I had used a $25 credit on my first purchase, but then the order was canceled. I spoke to an Ideeli representative who assured me that I still had a $25 credit in my account, even though it did not show up visually in my account. I MADE CERTAIN that I still had the credit - I asked him how I should place my order, if my credit card would be charged $25 less - basically, I had to make sure that nothing would go wrong, especially since I had seen this site before and all the bad reviews. (I just didn't really believe them, since most of my previous orders had gone smoothly.) But then I placed my order, WHILE IN CORRESPONDENCE with the sales representative, and waited for the charge to show up a couple days later. The sales representative did not reply to my last message, which, AS REQUESTED BY THE SALES REPRESENTATIVE, stated that I had placed the order, and could someone refund me the $25 back? I should have expected then that I was charged the full price of the order. I wrote back to Ideeli, using the same thread in which I had been speaking to the representative on the day of my last order, and they asked for my order number. There is no response from them now. I am so, so irritated - and yes, $25 isn't an insanely large sum, but as a college student....I have to make do with a scrappy student income. And I'm just so frustrated with the customer service, which outright lied to me.

Ask Josephine about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I thought this site was awesome , UNTIL, I had to return an oder . Finally had to callmy credit card company and disput the charge . Thank goodnes I am an excellent credit card customer and Mastercard values its customers not like ideeli. I ordered two dresses , didnt like them , got a return label , sent them back . Got an email stating one dress was credited . After many many LIVE CHATs ( because there is no phone number) I still cant get a credit . They say only one item was in the box . No one wil cal and i gt a canned response every live chat . Never agaain . WARNING! if a site does not have a live customer suuport number where you can place orders and talkto a human do not use them . And do not order anything that you ar enot certain you will keep !!!

Ask rita about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

hmmm.... was just about to place my 1st order, but thought I'd check reviews first. Doesn't look good... I've considered that most bad experiences are posted, and everyone has their own opinion. What got me is the response to these reviews have come MONTHS later!!! Poor reflection of customer service, and an inferior company who needs to establish better social media performance. My time is too valuable...

Ask C about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am a big time online shopper. I can tell i've shopped almost all major online clothing companies for last 10 years. Ideeli website is the best clothing store you can imagine. The customer service is also very good. First i thought chatting customer service was a little lame but actually it works better than phone. the reps know what they are doing. email replied within same day. i stop shopping nordstrom or macys or bloomingdales. I saw a number of bad reviews and i decided to write a real review for when you order online you have to know very well about your body since you buy items without trying them. you have to be savvy to be a successful online shopper. I've order items from ideeli at least 3 times per month. I never disappointed with my purchase. yes shipping is sometimes very slow but the price incredibly inexpensive for the brand names! if you need awesome dress for $50, you should be is worth it. if you are looking for a gorgeous dress and cheap and it should be delivered fast???come on! then go to neiman marcus and spend $300 for the dress you could get at ideeli for $50.

Ask Soo about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've purchased on this website very often. The reason I continue to come back is because their prices are hands down the best of all of the flash sale sites that I've shopped at--especially their red sales which are fantastic if you are a bargain hunter. However, if it weren't for the great prices I have to be honest and say that I would not shop here nearly as much mostly because of the quality control. I'd say about 25% of the orders I place end with me receiving the wrong item or the wrong size--I'm not even exaggerating that number. On 3 separate occasions, I've reordered items that I had returned only to receive the exact same item I had just returned to them. One time I received the wrong skirt--but ended up liking it better than the one I purchased! I'm pretty sure that they do not check what you mail back to them before shipping it back out to the next unwitting customer. Live Help is a toss up--I've received extremely nice and helpful agents and not so nice ones--so if you aren't helped with one person try again. There definitely are people who care that work here--you just have to find them. If you have an issue that prompts live help agents to say they will get back to you--ALWAYS follow up with the same question to their support email--because I never tend to receive follow up from Live help agents whereas I always do from email. I have had orders canceled also and have received $25, $15 or $10 vouchers as an apology-- not quite sure how they decide which vouchers you will get. Although I am disappointed--their vouchers keep me coming back to order something else that I like and I find that most things that end up canceled show up on their site at some later date so you have to keep checking back. Regarding shipping--9.95 is steep if you only want some small item but it really is great that they let you shop all day with the flat price where most sites only let you purchase so many items at a time. Plus, you get 2 hours from the time you purchase to change your order--no other site does that. BOTTOM LINE: The best site for deals, the worst for quality control so if you go in knowing that you may not always get what you paid for but are very grateful when you do (I've scored some awesome items for practically nothing) then you will enjoy ideeli. If youre willing to pay more for better service--Gilt may be more your thing. Orders will be canceled and wrong items will be sent, but you'll always get your money back with a little persistence with customer service. They really need a phone number--I think that would go a long way.

Ask Jonna about ideeli
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I wouldn't count on them at all. I purchased an item 29 of Jan, and I supposed to receive it at 3 of Feb. I bought it as a Valentine's day gift. Today is 13 of Feb and I still didn't receive it. I communicated with them three times. First time, they promised that I will receive it soon. Second time, they said they don't know where is my package. After all, they send me an email with this respond
"We have notified the shipping company and they will be starting an investigation into the issue within 24 hours. Their investigation should be resolved within 8 business days and they may contact you via phone during that time." !!!!!!!!
Tomorrow is Valentine's day and they want to investigate and resolve the problem within 8 days!!!!! So I should tell to my boyfriend that he will receive his Valentine's day gift within 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is unacceptable for the online purchase site, which their commitment to on time shipping is the first rule to be successful.

Ask Baharak about ideeli
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It was great to browse the website after receiving emails about their "sales." A lot of the clothing seemed a little expensive when you consider that a lot of it is not returnable, despite not being able to try it on. Then there was an offer for a two-month membership in a wine club, that would yield 6 bottles of wine for $79, so I decided to try it. Turned out, that club didn't deliver to MA, where I live. I contacted them and they said I needed to get the refund from Ideeli.
Upon my first request, about two months ago, I got an apology and a promise of a refund within 5 days. No refund was ever posted to my account. I have wasted much precious time sending more messages to their customer service, including two "live chats," with no result. The last "chat" received a response that I would be contacted again within 24 hours, only that was over a week ago.

No company should be allowed to (1) misrepresent an item as for sale if one cannot receive it in the state from which it is ordered. The original ad should have listed the states where the company will deliver, and (2) ignore a reasonable request for a refund. It's not that I didn't like the wine, it's that I never received any! I wouldn't buy anything from this company!

Ask Ellen about ideeli
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I ordered a T. Hillfiger down coat using the web sites size chart. The coat arrived and was too tight. There is no telephone number customer service and attempts to communicate with live chat rep. "Angie" only confused the issue. So, unless someone checks this message, I'm stuck with an unwearable coat and I'm not happy.

Ther chat representative wanted me

I used the web site to find out what sizeIcoat should order, and of course I am between and medium & large, but usually fix a small.
The coat is tootight, thwe chat specialist u. em

Ask CB about ideeli
5 reviews
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Nice website, completely useful and safe

Ask stacey about ideeli
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SO FAR THE "BIGGEST SCAM" I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCE.. they charge u a feed to be a "FIRST ROW" custumer so u can have access to the sales 1 hour earlier than other people, well happens that as soon as the sale start the website dropdown and send u an error saying that the website is busy, try again later, meanwhile that item u have been waiting on is gone because they overload the site with custumers their network can't handle, over 4 millions to be exactly, but theres no such capacity for that amount, that why the website drops all the time as soon as the sales start. Then if u try to complaint with a customer rep they would tell u that is not their fault and theres nothing they can do for u.. ARE U KIDDING ME?? so is my fault the u have more custumerst on ur website than the network can actually handle just to charge a feed? thats BS. Horrible customer service, and horrible buying experience. I do not recomend this website!

Ask kimberly about ideeli
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I've been a member of this site for over 2 years now and have spent thousands of dollars, but no more. I will never make another purchase at this site. In the beginning I liked the prices and choices, but now after receiving crappy quality clothing marked as brand names and horrible customer service, I am done with this site! I bought a pair of Amrita Singh earrings for my sister for Christmas, they fell apart as she opened the package. So embarrassing! I bought a dress to wear at a wedding in one occasion, as I sitting down at the table I could hear the material ripping, again very embarrassing. I was sent the wrong size in one occasion, and turns out I have to pay for shipping when it's their fault. Then, I've had at least two friends who have purchased from the site and I was given the credit to then have the credit taken away from me because of "fraud suspicion". I've had two orders canceled where I attempted to use the credits. But if I put in a new order without using the credit, it is surprisingly not fraud. Unbelievable! I'm so sick of this company, and its horrible merchandise and customer service!

Ask Angela about ideeli
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I ordered 5 Tart Inifinity Maxi dresses in black for my bridesmaids from When they arrived the one medium sized dress was the exact dress I ordered, the other 4 (size small for all of them) were knee length versions of the dress. I attempted to email and live chat with and couldn't get a response. Upon further research I found a phone number and finally got an answer after two phone calls - they sold out of the maxi length and found it an okay substitution to send me these knee length dresses instead. I had no prior warning or notification. The person I spoke with made it sound like he was doing me a favor by providing free return shipping on the items he sent me that were wrong and coudln't understand why it was an issue. I would absolutely NEVER shop with ideeli again and would highly recommend anyone considering it to ponder if they care if they get the exact product they ordered or something ideeli independently deems an okay "substitution".

Ask Elizabeth about ideeli
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It`s a scam!
I was hunting down a handbag I wanted, but it was always sold out.
I bought 1st row membership.
Page says :"sale starts in 4 minutes"
If you push on " add to bag" button
It says :" we just ran out of this item"
But sale did not even start yet

BEWARE!!! Some of the items on those sales are don`t exist. I guess they are trying to attract more customers this way.

I`ve joined the wait list on some of the items. Since my membership fee is non-refundable, I`ll try to buy them anyway next time. Will be back with update.

Ask Irene about ideeli
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I ordered 3 clothing items at once from Ideeli, and they all arrived in one bulk shipment in perfect condition. Tracking of the package was from the exact date projected on the site. It took under a week to arrive, so I was quite impressed.

I just booked a 2-night stay at a London hotel (complete with daily breakfast and tickets to a nearby attraction) through Ideeli travel. I'm a little nervous about how the whole package will pan out, but I figured with such a seamless first experience, it was worth a shot.

Ask Lauren about ideeli
1 review
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I have mixed reviews. At first I bought a few item and I loved them. Then I had to return some items and I realized what a nightmare it is. I shipped all the items I was returning in one box. it was the same way I had received them. I followed the return procedure as directed. Then I got an email that only indicated two of the items i sent back were returned. The other two items that were in SAME box were not listed as returned. I sent an email right away asking what happened to the other items and received what appeared to be an automated response about when i would receive my credit. I could not find a customer service number to contact anyone and am very frustrated right now. If this isn't resolved I will NEVER shop there again. I have never had this type of problem shopping online.

Ask Mariam about ideeli
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I thought I was placing an order in order to use a $58 credit that I had available. I even got an order number. When I went to check the website for order delivery information it showed that my order did not go through and I had a balance of $58. It showed me my order and asked if I wanted to reorder. Of course I said yes, because I wanted to use my credit. The website then asked for my credit card info. I thought to myself why when I have more than enough credit to cover the order in full. I decided to "speak" to a representative. I spoke to Esther. The entire "conversation" was confusing. Esther didn't know if she was coming or going. She gave me so much misinformation and blamed it on the computer system. She asked if she could call and I said yes. Over the phone she told me that according to Ideeli's policy I must give credit card information even if I had sufficient credit. I informed Esther that I did not trust Ideeli's system enough to given my credit card info because I might get charged and Ideeli may issue me another unusable credit. She tried to understand my misgivings with Ideeli's system but reiterated the policy. I asked why I just couldn't order the merchandise with her on the phone using my available credit and she stated she could not do that and I must give my credit card info. I refused to do that and she stated there was nothing she could do for me. She wouldn't get anyone else on the phone because no one could do anything for me. So, even though I already took a $10 hit on the shipping the entire amount is now a bust because Ideeli will not allow me to order merchandise without using a credit card! What a shame! Ideeli should be very ashamed of their policy. I would understand if I owed a balance, but that was not the case. I will have to agree with order negative reviews. I am happy that some people are comfortable inputting their credit card info. That is not a chance I am willing to make with a company that refuses to work with me. I have learned my lesson and will ensure that all the women I know, which are a lot because I am a nurse at a major teaching hospital, know not to shop with Ideeli unless they are willing to risk losing all their money.

Ask Barbara about ideeli
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Ok, I have been a customer for a very long time and have purchassed MANY items, 3-4x they have canceled my order because item unavailable and many times they have shipped me WRONG item for a very coveted purchase but now after being a LOYAL customer for over 3 years they omitted an item from my shipment, on a purchsse of 4 items and have not refunded me as promised in many documented e-mails. They are unavailable by phone, ALL calls go straight to voicemail and have not responded to 4th email when resoultion by date certain passed. HORRIBLE customer service, had to contact credit card company for charge back.

Ask lori about ideeli
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This is my 3rd Order with ideeli... I love the idea of membership discounted shopping sites. The product and pricing that they offer is amazing, but compared to there competitors GILT and Rue LaLa they've got a lot to learn about customer service. I know that the only way most of these sites are able to offer such a deep discount is by cutting overhead, but when you'er frustrated the last thing you want to do is speak with someone via a chat, or email! It may be antiquated but having a customer service phone number would probably add half a star to your rating.
It also would hurt if the service reps that you did speak with via chat / email were empathetic to your issues. No once during my 15min chat did my rep take ownership for their substandard service.... Unfortunately this will be my last order from this site... GILT & Rue La La have me for LIFE!!!!!!

Ask B about ideeli
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I've ordered a couple items from here and it is the WORST customer service when dealing with credits and returns. I had exchanged emails with them regarding a small credit and they kept messing it up even after saying they were going to fix it. Because I recently had a credit I decided to use it (I wish I just bought something for the same price of my credit and not more).
I decided to return the items (I wish I didnt have to do this) and went to their site to let them know I was wanting to return them.
They make it a really miserable experience by charging you for return shipping.
I figured I didnt want to pay for the return shipping since I already paid 9.95 to ship it to begin with. I clicked "credit" instead of "return" and saw that some was going to credit (from the previous credit) and the rest to refund. WHY??????
So I just emailed to put it all on credit. But actually, after reading these reviews I want my money back.
I havent heard back yet, since I just emailed today-but honestly it isnt worth the hassle.I just want my money back and will be happy doing my shopping at the other sites I have had easier experiences with. I have purchased from Ruelala and it is WAY more professional, and helpful. I dont want to pay for shipping if many other sites offer it at no cost, low cost, or is hassle free.

Ask Lisa about ideeli
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I can only agree with just about everything everyone is saying here. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ERROR. I currently live in Denmark and had to come home for a family emergency and had a package from ideeli at home waiting for my dad to ship for me home to Copenhagen good thing he hadn't as it would have been a waste of his time and mine. These jokers first of marked on their site that both of my items were shipped as I ordered two of the same item so when I opened my package and saw only one was in there I was pissed to say the least. Why didn't the bother to send me an email or even mark on their site I only got one? Then to make things worse they tried to pull a bait and switch on me sending the mini back up I luv battery and not the large I ordered. Really like I wouldn't notice? It doesn't even work for my iPad and to boot it was a cheaper item. Not a happy camper. So I tried to call no phone number listed more red flags. Then I get someone on iChat who was no help. Offered me store credit I said um no as I will never use you again and I want a full refund. He said ok but I had to send the item back which also came in a damaged box btw. I said sure but I wanted the item I never got credited now and said no, other item had to be returned first. That makes no sense I never got the item so give me my money back. I got the return label on the product I did get and I will return but these jokers labeled it as the product I should have gotten and not what I actually got. To make matters worse the only reason I,placed the order was because I got an an email saying that my wait list was over and item became available when it apparently never was. So sure you want my money and don't want to give me the product nice sceme you have going. Off to the media and better business bureau I go stopping at some friends along the way to stop even looking at their site. Oh and ps I got a number that no one bothers to answer lovely.

Ask Brenda about ideeli
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Ideeli sucks. Bottom line. I had to contact customer service several times about an item that I was charged for, but never received. After several weeks I contacted them again about a refund. 2 weeks later received refund for the item only - no shipping not even tax. I will not buy from them again. It's just too hard to get good customer service.

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