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ideeli reviews

451 reviews
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451 Reviews for ideeli

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They gave me a one-year $25 credit as a "courtesy".


I ordered a 400 something D&G dress for the wedding.


But by then you have passed to the 14 day return date.

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New Reviewer

This is the first time I've ever felt compelled to join one of these groups. With that in mind stay away from IDEELI.COM. Even their own cs representatives expressed disdain with how the company handles itself. Documentation doesn't help and the truth is manipulated to fit their needs. BUYER BEWARE.

New Reviewer

I purchased a Juicy Couture handbag before I came across this site and was extremely worried about my purchase due to all the negative feedback. I actually received the bag much sooner than expected, exactly one week after I made the initial purchase. The bag was in perfect condition, although smaller than I anticipated. I was extremely satisfied with how my buying experience went with them and I will definitely be using them again!

New Reviewer

I really like I look at the sales every day. I've had to return items before because they were the wrong size. Not because ideeli sent the wrong size, but because they just didn't fit me. I have never had trouble returning an item. I buy mainly dresses and a few sweaters. I was really surprised to see the poor reviews. I think the site spells out very explicitly how the sales, shipping, and returns work. I will continue to use ideeli!

New Reviewer

I just received the first (and now only!) item I will buy from Ideeli. They are a pair of boots--expensive at $275 and they have CLEARLY been worn. I would send them back, but frankly I can't risk getting my blood pressure up by shopping for inferior/used products to use up a credit as they won't refund cash. I have shopped Rue La La and Gilt group with no issues. I really feel taken here, but I guess Caveat Emptor--I should have looked for reviews before I made a purchase. I was thinking of buying one of their vacation packages in the Caribbean--no way would I chance it now!

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress and received it within a weeks time.I tried it on it was a little big, I,m not sending it back, i'll have it altered. However, the bead work is a little off center, but i can live with that. maybe thats why the price was so good. But over all my first time ordering from ideeli was pretty good. I'll definitely order again.

New Reviewer

I joined this website last week and when i tried to purchase something was told my address did not match the address on my credit card which is not true. I figured it was just a glitch in the system and never bought anything. Imagine my surprise when I had 20 $1 transactions to my card for no reason. I tried calling their "customer service" line which told me due to the "Holidays" (It is almost March - they must have a huge St. Patricks Day crowd) they have a high call volume and I got transefered to a voicemail telling me to try their live chat. This is the live chat I already tried and when I brought up my issue was disconnected and no can not re-connect using my name and e-mail. So I made up a name and e-mail sh$#*!inly got through but was kept waiting for over oh wait I am still waiting 20 minutes later. So considering I have never used this site and I have still been charged I don't plan on ever using this site.

New Reviewer

I've actually had several good experience with this site. They delivered within the expected time frame as listed on the site. The only iffy part about this store is the return policy. Anything that is returned is given store credit, which prompts you to spend on the site again. But not a problem for me. I like shopping here =)

New Reviewer

it take for ever to get something shipped. it has been one month that I am waiting for a dress. Now I can't even wear the dress because the event already happened.

New Reviewer

This is actually a MESSAGE FOR MR. JASON F.
Mr. F, I want to communicate you that I ordered yesterday a dress, but I just realized that I asked a wrong size. I need the size number 2, which is still available in the web site. I sent an e-mail yesterday night to Ideeli asking for you guys to change the size before to send it to me.

But now, that I already read all these bad reviews about Ideeli I am afraid that I will have a bad experience as well. So, here is my message for you Mr. F: If you really sorry for all the mistakes Ideeli did to all these costumers, here you have the opportunity to fix a problem before it comes. I am sending you this message in a public web because I want make sure that YOU will take care of what I already asked. If Ideeli do not give an answer immediately, I will come to this web again and let people know the continuation of my story.

If something goes wrong, I do not want to see a message from you here saying the same thing you said to all these people: "I apologize, I apologize..." If it happen, then it will be more than clear that you just apologize but you do not really move a finger to help anyone.

That is my order number: 20468415
This is my incidence number:110223-000715

Appreciate any help. Priscila

New Reviewer

This is the worst merchant on the internet today. I have received from ideeli in the past month, one previously worn (and damaged) bracelet and two necklaces that I did not order and do not even remotely resemble what I did order.

The fine folks at ideeli customer service (there are rocks in my front yard with higher intelligence) promised me a full refund - purchase price plus shipping - back to my debit card. I have this agreement in writing.

Today, I get an email from customer service that my purchase price - less shipping - is now available to use as STORE CREDIT.

Hey ideeli, no offense, but I don't want to shop on your website ever again. So I'm going to need you to go ahead and refund the entire amount back to my debit card as you originally promised....

I will post again once I have resolution. Until then, caveat emptor! Or shop with someone else.

New Reviewer

I have been shopping at Ideeli for over a month now and have bought quite a few items.
They have shipped all the items (very carefully packaged to make sure nothing broke) in the timeframe they specified.
Customer service has been excellent - all questions I emailed were answered within a day. Also, one non-returnable item I bought was defective and I emailed them.. they promptly emailed me a return label.
I am a fan.

New Reviewer

I've placed approximately 5 items (handbag, shoes, dresses) from Ideeli. I haven't had any problems. Each item arrived in the timeframe posted on the website and was the correct size/item. The only issue I've had is that some items (1 pair of shoes and handbag) were below the level of quality I expected. However, I have not yet dealt with customer service, so I can't offer an opinion.

New Reviewer

Purchased a pair of boots. Took 1 month to receive. Did not like at all. Returned immediately and then took another month to receive a credit. Now I am forced after 2 months to purchase another item with my credit. Which will take another month to receive. I will NEVER order another thing from this site. There are many other designer discount sites that process you order in a timely fashion as well as your returns. And many offer a credit to your card. Do not order from this site!!!!

New Reviewer

Well, 50-50 review for me. I've had a few good and a few bad experiences. I ordered a spring jacket... Came as promised, great. Then, ordered another, diff style/brand. It came with a small pen mark on the back.I kept anyway as it was barely noticeable. I ordered a came completely frayed at edges...looked used. I've ordered teeshirts, no probes, but boots that smelled and looked worn.
It really is a crap shoot, but fun still the same. I would never order seriously expensive items though..

New Reviewer

I'm ready to throw in the towel on this one...

My first purchase was a dress, it was a fair price, shipping time was okay, and I loved the piece! I was very happy and raved about the company.

My second purchase was a set of lenox towels: the towels arrived but the wash clothes and hand towels did not. The company told me I could return the item for their review -- huh? Let me go out of my way to return an incomplete order for what? Them to tell me I secretly kept the matching wash clothes and hand towels? I counted my losses on this one and didn't fight it.

Then just the other week I decided to buy some lingerie since V day is coming up. I got an email saying they didn't get in one of the items and apologized and gave me a $15 credit. ok, thats fine. Then the other piece came in and it was missing a garder strap. Seriously?! So now I have a non-returnable item that won't even hold up my stockings. Not to mention that I'm also without the very item I wanted to have on Valentines day -- had I received the other item, this wouldn't have been as much of an issue.

Are the deals good? yes.
Are they worth it? probably not.

New Reviewer

I have serious doubts that their products are original, the boots I received today
worth soooooo far less that what I payed for them. They have not quality at all, It is
clear they are not original, so bad I can not return them. Waste of money, do not buy from them

New Reviewer

I saw all of the bad reviews AFTER I had placed my order so I was holding my breath. Then I received my top from MM Couture and it was perfect - exactly as described and the right size. The prices are incredible and the presentation of items on the site is very appealing and easy to use. Perusing the pages is kinda fun. It's true, though, that it takes a couple of months but it tells you before you place the order when you can expect the shipment, so I wasn't surprised about that. Also, since everything was as I had ordered, I didn't have to deal with customer service. SO, so far, in summary, I still consider it a good site for shopping. I'll be back though if I place another order and have another good experience or have a bad one.

New Reviewer

i have placed numerous orders with ideeli and have never encountered a problem. i have returned two items and was credited with the amount of the actual product. i love!

New Reviewer

I read a lot of complains about ideeli business, and I'm one of them :(
It's actually shame business and waste of time, (I'm happy, I didn't give them card no.)

You can see below, my posts, in order to find someone to be nice with me, customer, and final answer was; I'm not gonna comment, it's funny:
"Thank you for being in touch and letting us know your thoughts. As we continue to evolve the ideeli shopping experience to be the best that it can be, your feedback is crucial. We will be taking the most constructive criticism into consideration as we make further improvements. Thanks for being a part of ideeli." :):)

Do not trust to this company, especially if they offer some "promo" and I can tell them now: "I don't like your promo coupon, I don't like to be in business with you ..."

New Reviewer

This company is so shady. First of all, I think some of the merchandise they aseel are counterfeit and "designer" labels were sewn on by Ideeli. Second, do NOT buy into the Free shipping gimmick. TWICE I was promised free shipping and BOTH times I was charged the 9.95 shipping fee. Their customer service is a joke. They do not nothing to help you. You just keep e-mailing back forth with someone who seems to have the intelligence and reasoning capabilities of a $#*!roach. Never again. I am cancelling my membership.

Apprentice Reviewer

I got my 1st order and it was clothes . the wrong size (my fault) they took them back no prob online.
I decided to try them one more time for some brownies for my boyfriend. The sale info said they would not charge my card unless he submitted an order for the brownies..35 dollars later they claim no returns on this item..OK but the shipping is another 20 DOLLARS FOR F@#$ING BROWNIES?? Are they made of iron..why would shipping a few tiny brownies be so high????
I am losing 35 bucks and nobody at ideeli cares!! How are they saving us money? This is flat out robbery!!!!!

New Reviewer

Placed second order on 11/23/10, never received it. Got 5 Day Delay email a month after order, offered a $10 voucher I never received, no response to two separate inquiries, and was just told by the live customer service chat that my order was canceled because my credit card they charged 3 days later for a separate order was somehow declined. Cashing in voucher and checking out.

"customer service" (888-835-1719)
They are apparently still dealing with the holiday season on January 27, 2011. In a word, scam-tastic.

New Reviewer

I placed my 1st order last week. I was reluctant after because I didn't know much about the site other than the great deals you can get. I ordered 2 pairs of black boots (over the knee and knee high). No one I know have used this site. I decided to search the reviews. After reading some of the experiences on here I was expecting the worst. I was told the order would ship between 1-29 and 2-2. I thought that was reasonable. To my pleasant surprise both pairs arrived today and were brand new. Today, when I was shopping Macys on-line I found the exact same pair/brand for $70.00 I paid $35.00!!! You can say i'm in shopping bliss! I will definitely be using this site again!

New Reviewer

I like shopping a lot! But, usually I prefer to shop in actual malls and shopping centers, especially when it comes to clothing. Purchasing a dress online was something new for me. I was really excited to discover ideeli web site - the variety of clothing was awesome and prices were great too. However, I was worried to buy anything, so I decided to go to reviews. And I was shocked - most of the people who had an experience with ideeli weren't happy at all! So, I was thinking to myself, should I really do that, but in the same time I loved the dress that was on the web site, and I decide to give it a shot. I did order my dress, and guess what I didn't have any shipping issues, or my dress was a wrong size or color. It is just perfect! I'm glad that I decided to try ideeli, and I liked it! I think I will use this online store for my future purchases!

New Reviewer

I signed up for ideeli without reading the reviews. Then I saw all of these terrible things about how people hadn't gotten the right product, it had taken forever, yadda yadda yadda.

But...I was hooked by the prices so I tried it anyway. I've bought about 8 things from on 4 separate occaisions. Each time, they have not only gotten my order correct, but it has also come around 4-5 days after I purchased it, which is waaaaaaay before it said it was going to arrive online. I've now decided to only shop at ideeli instead of gilt and hautelook, as I have also ordered items from those sites, and have yet to get them.

Thanks ideeli. :)

New Reviewer

Wow, I wish I have read these reviews before I placed an order. I am just utterly surprised by the WORST customer service I have ever received. I placed an order ONE MONTH ago. I still have not received the item and sent two emails inquiring about the status of my order. I am speechless by the response I have received from them that does not address the issue nor apology for the such delay. The email response stated that it may take longer wait time because they provide high quality items. I have seen the same item on Nordstrom for similar price so they are not selling items for much cheaper price. So what service are they providing better? Longer wait time, not cheaper items, and HORRIBLE customer service. NEVER AGAIN will I place an order from this website. I HIGHLY do not recommend this website, AND I will make sure all my friends know about this clearly.

New Reviewer

This is the second time I have ordered from The first time, I ordered a dress, and it came quick, correct size, and I was thrilled. I have looked at the site periodically throughout the year since then, and right before Christmas found a mirror. I placed my order and thought I was done. Then, a different day, I starting searching for other websites similar to this one, sample sales. In doing this, ic ame across this site- and started reading the HORRIBLE reviews about thesite. I was shocked! I crossed my fingers and paryed my mirror would arrive safe, and in one piece. First, I received the email about the 5 day delay, which I had read about. Of course the 5 days took more like ten. Then, my order finally arrived yesterday, a month after ordering. I carefully laid the box on the floor, and started tp slide my mirror out of the box- and the thing completely fell apart. The glass, surprisinlgy was the ONLY thing intact. The mirror is in shambles. After reading everyone elses reviews abouyt their TERRIBLE customer service, I decided to take it is a $40 loss and lesson learned. I did write the customer service people, but feel it would be more headache, to pay for shipping back, and deal with this company for god knows how long. I choose to maybe fix the mirror with a lot of glue and nails, and never, never, order from this company again.

New Reviewer

Wouldnt recommend. They do cut slack on clothing and accessories, but their service is horrible. They say 14 days return, but read the fine print its from the day they ship.. so by the time it gets to you, 10 days passed..

New Reviewer

BUYER BEWARE. I ordered a hair dryer from Ideeli. It took a little longer to ship then I would have liked but I eventually got it and was happy with it. They then proceeded to ship me two more hair dryers I DIDN'T ORDER. Their customer service has given me the run around and has not reimbursed me for shipping these two items back to avoid being charged. It cost me $26 to ship back these two hair dryers that never should have been sent to me in the first place. This company is not professional and will screw you over!

New Reviewer

Cost $8.00 a month to have the privilage to shop on their site for deals, Puchased something Nov 27 2010 arrived 1/4/2011 ... they charge $9.99 to get you your items 35 days later... avoid

New Reviewer

I have been shopping with them for over 6 months. Great deals and good value. Customer service slow but efficient. I prefer them to all others because of the incredible deals I have been able to get.

New Reviewer

The worst site! Just reserved a hotel, only to discover that it is infested with bed bugs!! Now a nightmare to get a refund as customer service is non existent. Beware of this site.

New Reviewer

Don't use them, they take forever to ship, even miss their own "estimated ship time", they send the wrong items, make mistakes in billing, and have bad customer service. Do not use them because you will spend countless hours trying to resolve your problems with idiots who just don't care!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered from the top 3 sample sites this holiday season (Ideeli, Rue La La, and HauteLook). I ordered from all 3 a couple days before Christmas. Rue La La impressed me the most thus far. I had my package by Christmas Eve! Had my post office been open I would have been able to have the gift for Christmas, but I happily picked it up the next available business day. The dress was great and I was impressed. Ideeli arrived about a week after I placed my order. Not too shabby. Once again, the dress was as described, HOWEVER, I also ordered a watch and the color on the website looked RED. They sent me a PINK watch. I nor my daughter wear pink. So we had to take one for the team on that. As it was non returnable. I have yet to even have my package from HauteLook even shipped! So they come in dead last.

Regarding Ideeli, the fact that their return policy is so strict, I can't continue to be a customer. I am deleting my account as of today. The lessoned I learned is to do business with companies that are about TRULY pleasing their customer base (ie ZAPPOS). While I don't dislike the company I won't be recommending them to my mom, aunt, daughter and girlfriends. All who are bigger shoppers than I am.

New Reviewer

Just received a pair of boots ordered for my wife. The shoes had definitely been worn before. The leather was scuffed and the soles dirty. Selling used items as new is absolutely unacceptable. Am tempted to contact NY Consumer
Protection Bureau.

New Reviewer

I'm beyond pissed. This is my first purchase from this site. I ordered a watch on Dec 10 that was guaranteed to arrive by Dec 23. I received an email last night indicating they need an additional 5 business days which means that it won't arrive until after Christmas. This is a Christmas gift for my husband. I contacted customer service and I sent an email. Anyone have any suggestions? Based on the reviews I see this is typical for this website. After I get this item, I will be deleting this account. Online shopping should be stress free!

New Reviewer


I think we should go on their Facebook page as well and post some comments, because everything is perfect and nice there... maybe in this case they will respond better. My "story" is that I purchsed items from ideeli from a tiziana cervazio that were supposed be "made is Italy". You couln't believe this quality - your cheapest merchandise from Walmart and some 1 dollar store looks better and higher quality. I attempted to return it for money back because I don't trust them any more to buy something else, I don't know where they take their counterfeit to sell...

New Reviewer

This site appears to offer high quality goods at discounted prices. Unfortunatey, their customer service is beyond awful. If there is a problem with an item ordered they qualify themselves up the wazoo in terms of whether they will issue refund for defective merchandise, promise to send return shipping labels, and weeks later they have done nothing. once i WAS able to locate their actual telephone number (888-835-1719), and a harried-sounding gentleman finally answered said they were really swamped... (maybe they should hire more help?) they rarely actually answer the phone. when finally you reach someone, they tell you that they will get to the matter the next day. But they don't. they obviously have a lot of preparation and money invested in setting up this business and site; I hope they got on the ball sooner rather than later with their customer service issues or they will be out of business before they can again say "we'll get on it tomorrow..." too bad. for those they've offended, they should offer future discount coupons or free shipping or some kind of appeasement. but nothing is offered but arrogance. their items look good, but the whole shopping experience with them has been an unneccessarily frustrating and aggravating experience. i .

New Reviewer

I ordered for the first from ideeli. I loved the blouse even more once it was received. It arrived on the expected date. I wore the next day and received lots of compliments; however someone did notive a small tear on one of the sleeves. I was devastated...... Contacted idelli on a Sat.. and left a message and then left an e-mail. By Monday I received an email and also a personal call !!! Ed at customer service was very understanding and told me what I needed to do next;.

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress, and it was shipped very quickly (ahead of schedule). The only problem was that the color was way off than what was pictured on the website. Normally if the color was a little off, it wouldn't bother me, but this was a much darker green instead of a softer, jade green, and green can go horribly wrong!

It was marked as not returnable, as is most of their merchandise. However, I immediately contacted them within a couple hours of it being delivered to me, and the Live Chat member was nice enough to accommodate me and e-mailed me a prepaid return label and I will get a store credit. Sure, it would have been much better to be able to get a refund, but I'll take the credit.

This was my first order, and although it didn't work out, I am willing to give them another shot. My experience with their service wasn't bad. There are many great deals to be found on their site. It's a shame this dress didn't work out, b/c it really is a great dress, but the color is just off.

New Reviewer

I really enjoy shopping on ideeli. Yes there are shipping delays and sometimes an item is out of stock - but their prices are AMAZING - truly the best online. I do agree with the other reviewers but you have to realize that when you get a deal that good that it is going to come with a few strings ie delays and the chance that they had say 50 bags yet 70 people clicked buy it now and at the same time and there systems get overloaded and they can run out of stock. Personally I think some buyers expectations are too high its a bargain website take it for what it is and have fun with it. If your in desperate need of an item - don't use the - they are obviously dropshippers and sometimes lines get crossed - but if your looking for bargains go for it.

New Reviewer

I was worried about the negative reviews at first. But Ideeli did not disappoint me.

I ordered a coat, which was discounted at a great deal as usual.
The estimated delivery date was a week later, but got an e-mail saying the item was shipped the day after I purchased it.
The delivered item was exactly as describe in the website.

Overall, seamless experience!

New Reviewer

I was a little apprehensive after reading people's comments on this site, but I saw a dress I loved and went ahead and gave it a shot- and I'm glad I did! It came less than a week after ordering and was exactly what I wanted. The only thing I can't say I'm a fan of is the shipping charge. At nearly $10, it's kind of pricy if you're just ordering one item, as i did.

New Reviewer

I have been contemplating buying some different things from but after reading all of the reviews I am definitely not going to spend my money on a product that I am not certain I will ever receive. I find it unacceptable to have that many customers unsatisfied with your business.

New Reviewer

Pretty bad, especially when compared with similar sites like Gilt & Rue La La. Ordered an item and was sent the wrong thing, which while I felt was intentional, (as despite item being available on the site, they said my item was 'sold out.' It seemed they thought incorrect item was one I might keep.) I wasn't too worried about, except that they don't offer cash back, and by the time you have the item delivered via ground and then returned, you run the risk of being outside of their window for creating a credit. Additionally, it was pretty terrible customer service and the whole operation seems fairly fly-by-night. Will not try them again.

New Reviewer

I've made a few orders with this website, and have not had any issues. It seems the biggest gripe on here is with shipping; each of my orders have arrived in a timely manner. One took about a couple of weeks, but they didn't charge my card until it shipped. When you place the order in the cart, it tells you the expected ship date people! And even then I still get it before then. I'd hate to see this site go under, because of the opportunity to get such quality designer things at (mostly) reasonable prices. One bag I got for half of the retail price, and before I purchased it I did some research on, and they were selling the exact same bag at the same time at full price! As far as I'm concerned, they're legit.

New Reviewer

I've been an ideeli member for months now. I referred a friend, and got a $25 credit when they purchased something. She said it did take a little while to receive her purchase, but it was clearly marked before she selected her items and paid for them, that it would not be shipped for another 2 weeks. She received her items, as ordered with NO PROBLEMS. I used my $25 credit and made a purchase. It clearly stated before I checked out that the item would not ship for another 2 weeks. I got a notice 2 days later that my item had shipped, and recieved it the VERY NEXT DAY. The item was as I ordered it and I received multiple compliments on it.
I am surprised that so many people are having a bad experience. My same friend also ordered a dress through this site that clearly said no returns, and she had viewed the measurments to make sure she got the right size. Once it came it was clearly too short for her to wear in public and keep her self respect. She called the customer service line, explained that she had checked the measurements, and they allowed her to return the item. I think people reading these comments should keep in mind that normally people don't search for sites to leave comments unless they've had a bad experience. NOT EVERYONE HAS HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE!
A lot of the items you purchase are not returnable and take a while to ship, but it ALWAYS states that before you check out. Keep in mind that you are purchasing designer items at a discounted price, so please understand that they can't just give this stuff away out of the back of a truck.

New Reviewer

I am so grateful for these reviews! Loved the 'deals' but lucky for me nothing caught my eye enough to buy it - then I wanted to check what others were saying and so glad I have - thanks!!

Now to anyone having trouble, not receiving orders, not getting a refund and you paid with a c/c - I have a word to remember when you purchase online REVERSE THE CHARGE!!

Contact your c/c company, let them know what has happened and have the charges reversed. Stores have to play by the rules just like the rest of us - if they will not return your money the c/c will make sure you do.

New Reviewer

Hi you didn't post my first review. So I'm thinking you may only post the negative things, I don't know. If so that is really unfair to ideeli. I happen to like ideeli. I have got some really cool things on there at a deep discount. I've had one mishap and it was resolved quickly.

New Reviewer

ordered from and agree with all the other unhappy buyers. They take FOREVER and then some to mail out items. I've gotten items from china via reg. mail faster than this place. Items aren't even at a good discount. I can get most of that stuff myself for less. I do better on Ebay too.

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