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ideeli reviews

634 reviews
620 8th Ave, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10018, US
Tel: .

634 Reviews From Our Community

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No customer service and their product low quality. (in 279 reviews)


I've had an order cancelled once because it wasn't available but received a $25 credit. (in 396 reviews)


I always opt for the store credit unless it was a very expensive item. (in 54 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

It`s a scam!
I was hunting down a handbag I wanted, but it was always sold out.
I bought 1st row membership.
Page says :"sale starts in 4 minutes"
If you push on " add to bag" button
It says :" we just ran out of this item"
But sale did not even start yet

BEWARE!!! Some of the items on those sales are don`t exist. I guess they are trying to attract more customers this way.

I`ve joined the wait list on some of the items. Since my membership fee is non-refundable, I`ll try to buy them anyway next time. Will be back with update.

Ask Irene about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered 3 clothing items at once from Ideeli, and they all arrived in one bulk shipment in perfect condition. Tracking of the package was from the exact date projected on the site. It took under a week to arrive, so I was quite impressed.

I just booked a 2-night stay at a London hotel (complete with daily breakfast and tickets to a nearby attraction) through Ideeli travel. I'm a little nervous about how the whole package will pan out, but I figured with such a seamless first experience, it was worth a shot.

Ask Lauren about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have mixed reviews. At first I bought a few item and I loved them. Then I had to return some items and I realized what a nightmare it is. I shipped all the items I was returning in one box. it was the same way I had received them. I followed the return procedure as directed. Then I got an email that only indicated two of the items i sent back were returned. The other two items that were in SAME box were not listed as returned. I sent an email right away asking what happened to the other items and received what appeared to be an automated response about when i would receive my credit. I could not find a customer service number to contact anyone and am very frustrated right now. If this isn't resolved I will NEVER shop there again. I have never had this type of problem shopping online.

Ask Mariam about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I thought I was placing an order in order to use a $58 credit that I had available. I even got an order number. When I went to check the website for order delivery information it showed that my order did not go through and I had a balance of $58. It showed me my order and asked if I wanted to reorder. Of course I said yes, because I wanted to use my credit. The website then asked for my credit card info. I thought to myself why when I have more than enough credit to cover the order in full. I decided to "speak" to a representative. I spoke to Esther. The entire "conversation" was confusing. Esther didn't know if she was coming or going. She gave me so much misinformation and blamed it on the computer system. She asked if she could call and I said yes. Over the phone she told me that according to Ideeli's policy I must give credit card information even if I had sufficient credit. I informed Esther that I did not trust Ideeli's system enough to given my credit card info because I might get charged and Ideeli may issue me another unusable credit. She tried to understand my misgivings with Ideeli's system but reiterated the policy. I asked why I just couldn't order the merchandise with her on the phone using my available credit and she stated she could not do that and I must give my credit card info. I refused to do that and she stated there was nothing she could do for me. She wouldn't get anyone else on the phone because no one could do anything for me. So, even though I already took a $10 hit on the shipping the entire amount is now a bust because Ideeli will not allow me to order merchandise without using a credit card! What a shame! Ideeli should be very ashamed of their policy. I would understand if I owed a balance, but that was not the case. I will have to agree with order negative reviews. I am happy that some people are comfortable inputting their credit card info. That is not a chance I am willing to make with a company that refuses to work with me. I have learned my lesson and will ensure that all the women I know, which are a lot because I am a nurse at a major teaching hospital, know not to shop with Ideeli unless they are willing to risk losing all their money.

Ask Barbara about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ok, I have been a customer for a very long time and have purchassed MANY items, 3-4x they have canceled my order because item unavailable and many times they have shipped me WRONG item for a very coveted purchase but now after being a LOYAL customer for over 3 years they omitted an item from my shipment, on a purchsse of 4 items and have not refunded me as promised in many documented e-mails. They are unavailable by phone, ALL calls go straight to voicemail and have not responded to 4th email when resoultion by date certain passed. HORRIBLE customer service, had to contact credit card company for charge back.

Ask lori about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is my 3rd Order with ideeli... I love the idea of membership discounted shopping sites. The product and pricing that they offer is amazing, but compared to there competitors GILT and Rue LaLa they've got a lot to learn about customer service. I know that the only way most of these sites are able to offer such a deep discount is by cutting overhead, but when you'er frustrated the last thing you want to do is speak with someone via a chat, or email! It may be antiquated but having a customer service phone number would probably add half a star to your rating.
It also would hurt if the service reps that you did speak with via chat / email were empathetic to your issues. No once during my 15min chat did my rep take ownership for their substandard service.... Unfortunately this will be my last order from this site... GILT & Rue La La have me for LIFE!!!!!!

Ask B about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've ordered a couple items from here and it is the WORST customer service when dealing with credits and returns. I had exchanged emails with them regarding a small credit and they kept messing it up even after saying they were going to fix it. Because I recently had a credit I decided to use it (I wish I just bought something for the same price of my credit and not more).
I decided to return the items (I wish I didnt have to do this) and went to their site to let them know I was wanting to return them.
They make it a really miserable experience by charging you for return shipping.
I figured I didnt want to pay for the return shipping since I already paid 9.95 to ship it to begin with. I clicked "credit" instead of "return" and saw that some was going to credit (from the previous credit) and the rest to refund. WHY??????
So I just emailed to put it all on credit. But actually, after reading these reviews I want my money back.
I havent heard back yet, since I just emailed today-but honestly it isnt worth the hassle.I just want my money back and will be happy doing my shopping at the other sites I have had easier experiences with. I have purchased from Ruelala and it is WAY more professional, and helpful. I dont want to pay for shipping if many other sites offer it at no cost, low cost, or is hassle free.

Ask Lisa about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I can only agree with just about everything everyone is saying here. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE ERROR. I currently live in Denmark and had to come home for a family emergency and had a package from ideeli at home waiting for my dad to ship for me home to Copenhagen good thing he hadn't as it would have been a waste of his time and mine. These jokers first of marked on their site that both of my items were shipped as I ordered two of the same item so when I opened my package and saw only one was in there I was pissed to say the least. Why didn't the bother to send me an email or even mark on their site I only got one? Then to make things worse they tried to pull a bait and switch on me sending the mini back up I luv battery and not the large I ordered. Really like I wouldn't notice? It doesn't even work for my iPad and to boot it was a cheaper item. Not a happy camper. So I tried to call no phone number listed more red flags. Then I get someone on iChat who was no help. Offered me store credit I said um no as I will never use you again and I want a full refund. He said ok but I had to send the item back which also came in a damaged box btw. I said sure but I wanted the item I never got credited now and said no, other item had to be returned first. That makes no sense I never got the item so give me my money back. I got the return label on the product I did get and I will return but these jokers labeled it as the product I should have gotten and not what I actually got. To make matters worse the only reason I,placed the order was because I got an an email saying that my wait list was over and item became available when it apparently never was. So sure you want my money and don't want to give me the product nice sceme you have going. Off to the media and better business bureau I go stopping at some friends along the way to stop even looking at their site. Oh and ps I got a number that no one bothers to answer lovely.

Ask Brenda about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ideeli sucks. Bottom line. I had to contact customer service several times about an item that I was charged for, but never received. After several weeks I contacted them again about a refund. 2 weeks later received refund for the item only - no shipping not even tax. I will not buy from them again. It's just too hard to get good customer service.

Ask C about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am extremely happy with my first purchase and surprised to see so many irate customers in these reviews. I got a gorgeous L.A.M.B. wallet for $59.99 which I had seen at Nordstroms Rack for $100. Yes, the shipping seemed a little expensive BUT even with the shipping I was still getting something I wanted for cheaper than I could get it anywhere else!

Shipping took about a week with great communication during that time about the processing and shipping and tracking info for my order. When the box arrived, my item was well-packed with some bubble packing and pretty red tissue paper. What a nice touch!

The wallet itself was pristine, and I am so glad to share this site with everyone who compliments me on my new wallet.

Plus, I got a $25 credit since a friend ended up ordering something after I referred her to the site. So far, I have had a great experience with this company and think fashionistas looking for a bargain should give it a try for themselves as I am surprised by the experiences posted here....hopefully for every negative nancy writing a review there are 10 content customers (who are keeping this great website to themselves) because I love and want it to stick around!

Ask steph about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am actually pretty surprised at the number of negative reviews of the site...I use ideeli quite religiously, and have had some issuesbut nothing that wasn't easily resolved after a quick online chat with one of the customer representatives. Of course I can't speak for anyone else, but the service provided by the website in my experience has been above and beyond. I love that you only pay once for shipping no matter how many times you check out during the day. And that you can edit your purchase upto an hour and half after making it. The time frame for returns could be slightly more lenient, but it shouldn't be a problem, as long as you can make a decision whether you want it within the first few days of having it. I have not had issues with not being refunded my money when I have made returns, and they always send confirmation emails to notify that they've received the shipment. Moreover since its a ups label, you can track the package until it arrives at the ideeli warehouse. As to ideeli running out of stock, this has happened to me once or twice, but I've never been charged for any item they could not ship to me, and have always received a 25 dollar store credit, which I find makes up for the inconvenience. All in all, I recommend ideeli to all my friends--its a great, simple way to find bargain pieces that are unique.

Ask Tania about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

i live in NJ. NJ does not charge tax on clothes. i purchased clothes from ideeli, shipping to NJ. no taxes should be charged. i was charged for taxes. i had "live chat" conversation with a customer service rep. first, she just said they charge taxes in NJ. um, well, that's not OK. when i persisted and asked why, she had no explanation, but offered me a $10 credit to shut me up. all good and well, i'll take the $10 credit, but why are you charging me tax on exempt items and are you going to continue to charge taxes, particularly when i go to redeem my credit? her answer was to ignore my first question and pretty much confirm that they will continue to charge taxes on clothes to NJ shoppers, including myself. she told me my only recourse was to basically complain every time it happens. at least, she was honest. sure enough, when i went to redeem my credits, i was charged taxes. i will now go to complain.

moral of the story: if you live in a state that does not charge taxes or does not charge taxes on particular items and you make a purchase at ideeli, pay attention to your invoice to see if you were charge taxes. if you were charged taxes, complain until they give you a credit. otherwise, you can wait until down the line there is a class action lawsuit and get some minute fraction of a huge settlement. #shrug

Ask Shana about ideeli
21 reviews
37 helpful votes

I put myself on a waiting list for a dress and they emailed me to tell me that they have it back in stock. I placed the order right away along with some other items. Well everything shipped but the dress. I was planning to wear this dress for New Years Eve and I placed the order on Dec 6th.

A week later I contacted them they said that they were waiting for the vendor to ship them the dress. Why would you sell a dress that you don't have in stock? And why would you email me to tell me that you do have it in stock.

I checked again 2 weeks later and they told me that they aren't shipping the dress because it didn't pass quality inspection. They were apologetic and gave me a $25 credit.

The $10 shipping is pretty steep. I don't know why they ship it to the post office and then have them deliver it to me.

I probably would use them again but only if I see something I really like.

Ask Daisy about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

although I have purchased from their site . Their customer service is HORRIBLE. The whole referral credit is bs also. I have referred 3 sibling but bc their credit card has the same billing address they refuse to credit me, other sites did not have an issue with this. Instead they were arguing with me and being very rude.

Ask Marina about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I tried to make a purchase using a 15% off offer. When I made the purchase, the percentage didn't come off my order. I tried to get someone at ideeli to fix it. Nobody seemed to read my emails. They cancelled the order. I've been going back and forth. As of today, a supervisor told me the best they would do is give me $15 off. Although I have the transcripts of the whole thing, and it was ideeli's fault that my percentage never came off, they will not honor their initial offer. This has been going on for weeks. The way they didn't handle this sucks! I would advise others to find other places to shop.

Ask Maxine about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ideeli sold me a voucher for custom artwork that did not work and they are refusing to refund me. "You have requested for a refund yesterday, December 28, 2011. Unfortunately, our accounting team refused to honor the request. As per their advise, you have the entire year to use the voucher but only decided to use recently. We will contact for you and arrange a week or two extension for you voucher but a refund will no longer be an option." DID THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THAT AN EXTRA 2 WEEKS MEANS NOTHING IF THE VOUCHER DOESN'T WORK!!!! Nothing but the run-around from their inept customer service department...

Ask sabrina about ideeli
76 reviews
169 helpful votes

Ideeli sent me what they had on hand as opposed to the exact item I ordered. They pictured one thing and mailed me a completely different item. I called, e-mailed (pictures of what was order and the botched item sent), and chatted. They rarely answer the phone, and chat stated they are sorry I "felt" I was sent the wrong item. If I order a black pant and was sent a hot pink mini I did not feel I got the wrong thing...I did get the wrong thing. In Desperation to get the right item I tried again. Ideeli can not be compared to similar sites as it is clear they have no idea of what is being sent to customers, and they do not seem capable of understanding bait and switch is illegal and bad business. Ideeli is not interested in sending the items pictured- they will send what they "feel" is the item posted for sale. It only took me weeks to get my refund, and this last order will be just that if they send me the wrong item again. I wish I read these reviews before I shopped with them.

Ask Lane about ideeli
11 reviews
8 helpful votes

I order TONS from Ideeli and am usually pleased with my purchases. But when things go wrong, it's hard to make them right without a lot of effort. For example, they only sent me one label even though I was returning multiple items that didn't fit in one box. Hassle. Why not just inc a return label in all boxes like other sites do?

But MORE IMPORTANT, they haven't responded to my email about a return they claim they never got (it was def in a box with other returns). AND NOW THE SAME thing happened again: I sent back multiple items, but one is listed as not having been received.

This concerns me. I spend a lot of money with Ideeli, But their customer account system is messed up!

Ask Rosemary about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am long-time Ideeli shopper who is about to throw in the towel. This time last year, the monthly red sales were the highlight of my weekend; I looked forward to them during the week and spent a ton of money every time they rolled around. The first few purchases went incredibly smoothly and I was very pleased with the site. The problems started happening about 8 months ago. I purchased a beautiful Calvin Klein suit that was covered in small dirt spots upon receipt; it appeared to have been dropped into mud and not cleaned. I bought another suit at an amazing discount that I was very excited to wear. When I received the suit, it was not anything like what was pictured. I emailed customer service (who always has responded to my inquiries without problem) and was sent a return label and told that I would either be sent the suit I purchased if it was in stock or given a refund. I was disappointed when my money was refunded, but I completely understand some small mishaps (not as many I have now experienced) and limited quantities on sample sale sites. To my chagrin, the exact same suit was then offered on the next red sale after I was told it was no longer in stock.

On top of these, I bought a pair of jeans and received the wrong size, bought two Sue Wong dresses that turned out not to be Sue Wong at all, but the value brand of her line, Studio SW, bought two of the exact same Jessica Simpson dresses and was sent the exact same wrong one with both purchases, and received two dresses with defective zippers.

Though all of these are disappointing, I can expect some disappointment when you can get things like Jessica Simpson dresses for $8-20. But when you add to these disappointments an increasing stock of decreasing clothing quality plus much higher prices, the incentive to shop on Ideeli is diminishing. Ideeli used to have tons of dresses with MSRPs between $130-170 on sale for as cheap as $6. Now, more often than not you see dresses priced between $60-$80 for $25-35 on the red sales and think fast sales. The quality of the clothes on Ideeli is way down, yet the price is up. However, other sites offer better quality clothes at much greater discounts weekly without the need to pay $80 a year.

I really enjoyed shopping on Ideeli and would love to see it return to its former glory. It used to be a wonderful site, but now it just brings along disappointment. Furthermore, if a customer service rep replies to this, instead of just telling me that you are sorry about my disappointment, please do something to fix it because Ideeli used to be my go-to site and I would like it to be again.

Ask Courtney about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

My niece saw boots that she absolutely loved They were labeled as Matisse Becky boots in black. I decided that I was going to buy them for her for Christmas. I had plenty of time. However when the boots arrived on the December 17th they were not the boots I had ordered from the photo on the site. Having no customer service number to call I had to contact them via chat. The first person I was chatting with could not answer my questions and blamed the vendor for putting the wrong boots in the box. I tried to tell her that my internet research showed that the boot I ordered was indeed called the Matisse Becky boot that their site posted the wrong photo, resulting in me buying a mislabeled product and not having a gift for my niece. She would not give me a number to call or transfer me to a supervisor and proceeded to 'disconnect' when I asked her what was the real name of the boot in the picture they posted. At this point I am fuming. I reconnect to a different chat and explain the issue all over again. She apologized for the 'inconvenience' and said she sees a return label was already issued. Yet still could not direct me to anyone who knows what boot they took a picture of. Thanks ideeli for taking my money, mislabeling a product, leaving me with no gift for my niece and no answer to my question.

Ask M about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Know what would make the company Ideeli great? If they'd live up to their promises of packages getting to you in time for the holidays as they had promised on their website & some decent customer service. Ordering on 12/14 & not getting deliveries when promised is considered false advertising. Unhelpful "chat" customer service telling you that this is all in the hands of the US Postal Service when order was shipped UPS doesnt help; in addition to customer service consisting of only being able to leave a message on voicemail promising a call back by the end of the day & then not getting a call back either. Not Good Policy. Now I'm out FOUR gifts for 4 people... Thanks Ideeli! Happy Holidays!

Ask Vanessa about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

This site is absolutely unprofessional and disappointing. Their delivery is a joke. What is that bs they are doing with transfering packages from UPS to USPS. If I wanted a $#*!ty USPS delivery I would not pay a whopping $10 for it. My package was scheduled to arrive on Dec 15th, sure enough it got transfered to my local post office. Christmas and Hannukah are here and I have no package. Is it lost, stolen, never sent? Who knows! The live chat people over on ideeli don't know anything and can't locate my package! What did I pay $10 delivery charge for? So it can get lost? On the holidays no less? And it's not the first time either. Ideeli either needs to change the way they do business/delivery or they will be fast out of business! By the way, I live in NYC, there is no reason a packge should take two weeks to get delivered after being sent!

Ask Fashion about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Hi, sorry my Englis writing is not that good but i will try to explain to you what happend.
I order jeans as a christmas present for my husband, I recive them yesterday 12/20 they send me wrong size ,I try to call them but you get only answering mashine, and you don't have option to wait on a line ???????? I left 2 massage at @ 6;30 and 7;30 and of course nobody did'n call me back ,I try this morning too same thing, since I am more comfotable to talk english than write i try to get somebody on a phone . So my other optin was to try to live chat and I got Robert on chat, so i ask him to call me witch he did.He exsplain that chats are priority ??????? and he told me that i need to leave a message to get sombody to call me,???????? i told him that i left 2 , but his answer was that they are close a that time, OK i said but whay u didnt call me this morning, and of course no answer. So on the end it was their mistake to send me wrong size, BUT they can't do anything, just send me return labels and $ 25 gift card. So 3-4 days before chrisymas because their mistake i am without gift and they can't send me overnite new jeans.This was my first and last order with them, this days you have so many diferent sites with big discounts. Very bad exspirience.

Ask Tatjana about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

This shopping venue is very so-so at best.

It has a nice selection and at fairly good prices, and so I find myself looking at the selection frequently, and yet I rarely purchase. Why? Because shipping is $10 and takes a month or longer.

Since shipping is so expensive, I'll find a product for a good price but then think "oh yeah, add $10, and the price is no longer so great..." And then the fact that the shipping is so unreliable and takes so long, you can never really shop for a specific occasion, like a party, because you can't count on the dress arriving on time.

Not only that, but always check for the item, particularly the home good items, on other sites first. I frequently find them offered on also, by doing a simple search on (a shopping comparison search engine) and find the product offered for roughly the same price. And of course then I have better shipping options.

Ask Laura about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm going to go ahead and echo the remarks about the customer service being absolutely awful at ideeli. If you choose to shop there, you are taking a big risk. It's great if everything with your order goes fine, but if something goes wrong, be prepared for a giant nightmare.

I have had to return half of the items that ideeli has sent me because I am continuously sent the wrong items. In fact, I have actually been sent the EXACT SAME wrong item TWICE. Ideeli will try to charge you for shipping for their error, and they will try to only give you store credit. When it's the company that makes the error, you'd imagine they'd be bending over backwards to apologize and keep you as their customer. NOT SO with ideeli.

For me, it's gotten to the point where it's just not worth the risk anymore. There are plenty of other websites just like this one that I can use and I don't have to worry about getting screwed over yet again. And, as an additional bonus, I will actually get the items I ordered!


Ask Chelsea about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

They have the WORST costumer service EVER. Every time I order from the... I either NEVER even get it and have to dispute with my bank. Or it takes 3 weeks to ship when their return policy says you have 14 days to return FROM SHIP DATE-makes no sense. Never return requests. STAY AWAY THEY JUST WANT YOU MONEY!

Ask Julia about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ideeli has poor customer service. They lost my package that was a holiday gift, and instead of sending me a new one, they told me it would take 8 business days until they could even begin issuing a refund. What's the point of a holiday gift if it comes after the holidays? They sent my package surepost, which gives you absolutely no way of tracking it and I had to be the one trying to track it down. You would think they would be more considerate of the fact that it's a holiday gift and at least issue an instant refund so I could get a gift somewhere else. Also, it's a little ridiculous to spend 10 dollars on shipping for a method which doesn't allow you to track it.

Ask Emily about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes


Writing here hoping that SOMEONE (hopefully YOU, Jason F!) will finally answer me. I have been trying to get in contact with someone from for the past week to no avail. Over 10 Voice Messages on their Customer Service hotline, several emails to Support, and 5 "live-chat" conversations. My shipment was sent to the wrong address (Ideeli's fault, not my own, as I had the correct address on my account), and then returned to Ideeli's port at 300 Nixon Lane in Edison, NJ. No one via "Live Chat" will reship my order or issue me a refund, but they promise that someone will "call me right away" (which of course, 7 days later, still has not happened). These were CHRISTMAS GIFTS that I needed to receive by 12/21, They have been sitting at 330 Nixon Lane for a week now, and I will not receive them by 12/21 unless they are RUSH SHIPPED. If I cannot receive them by 12/21, I want a full refund (NOT a credit), as this is Ideeli's mistake. I also am disgusted by the lack of customer service, and I am about to report this business to the BBB. There is no reason your customers should not be answered, or have to spend this much of their time trying to get a hold of someone from your company. Completely unacceptable.

Jason Faria - if you are truly the Sr. Manager of Customer Service, can you PLEASE help me? I can send you a private message with my order/tracking information.

I am running out of patience.


Ask Lauren about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

My first shopping experience went well (bridesmaid dress), my second shopping experience was ok (decent $#*!tail dress that was not nearly as cute in person), and my third shopping experience (2 shirts, 1 necklace) was a disaster. It looked like cheap $#*! that was made in a sweat shop. One of the shirts had crooked stitching. And to say it was a $100 shirt on sale for $20 was bull$#*! because truly it was a $3 shirt sold for $20. I feel like such a sucker. I contacted customer service 1 week ago and no one has responded even though their website promises an answer in 24 hours. I'm done with ideeli and moving on to Gilt and Rue La La.

Ask Sara about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I joined ideeli a while ago and also sent invitations to my husband and my mother-in-law. Both of them placed orders, and while they did not receive the merchandise in a very timely fashion - both were satisfied with their purchases. Last week I placed an order with ideeli and received a a confirmation receipt. The next day I got an e-mail from ideeli saying my order had been cancelled due to "fraud". No explanation, just a curt, rather rude e-mail notice accusing me of fraud! When I inquired via e-mail I was told that there were 3 accounts at my address (yes, there ARE 3 people that live at my home...) and that was fraudulent practice. I sent an e-mail back explaining the circumstances and never received a reply. I think it is very bad customer service to just send an e-mail cancelling an order and accusing the customer of "fraud". I will cancel all three of our accounts and continue to use sites that have excellent customer service such as Rue La La and MyHabit. Al 3 of us that live at the same address are allowed to have acccounts - and believe me, we use them frequently. I will NEVER use ideeli, or refer to them again. Oh, and by the way... I found the item I tried to purchase from them (and they cancelled) at a much better price with free shipping on another site! UPDATE**I thought I would e-mail ideeli customer service one more time to give them a chance to make things right. Sent them an in depth e-mail describing my experience. I got back a one-line response... Thanks for contacting us, we'll cancel your accounts... No apology or attempt to retain me as a customer, yikes!! With service like this (and sites that review it), I doubt they will be around to alienate customers for much longer!

Ask TC about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I'm writing this minutes after receiving my package. I have to admit, I was extremely skeptical of my transaction after reading this site last week. I had a full order placed in the shopping cart and then chose to abandon it after reading numerous bad reviews. BUT, a few days later I found two items that were must-haves and I was willing to take my own risk.

I order a sweater that I've always wanted, and boots that I've owned previously but wore them to the brim! I was even more skeptical because my order would be non-returnable--fearing that something could be wrong with the product since I subjected myself to read multiple bad reviews.

BUT ALAS! Items shipped in 6 days... I'm wearing them... no explosions yet. The boots fit differently than the ones I owned last year (which makes me speculate maybe Ideeli gets the WOMP overstock of brands) but that's okay. The sweater is warm and stylish.

All in all, I've had a great experience. I enjoy their website, I think graphically it has a better lay-out than Rue La La. I will definitely shop there again.

Ask Tee about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've spent over $1500 on nearly 40 items over the last year from Ideeli. The more I deal with them, the less satisfied I am.

To begin, the site has a lot of label overlap with other sites like Hautelook, but without the value. You can expect to pay at least 30-50% more for the same item at Ideeli. Also, there's a lot of redundancy. I've seen items regurgitated several times over the course of a few weeks with little to no price change.

Quality control is horrible from site presentation to shipping and customer service. I could go into a lot of detail concerning the fidelity of the images on the web-site (color, sizing, etc.), packaging (ripped, destroyed packages really; inadequate tape; bundling items to skim on shipping charges; dumping to Post Office for delivery; high $10 initial shipping charge), slow response to e-mail inquiries, failure to respond accurately to return requests, inadequate inspection of merchandise for sale (like delivering pink underwear that's described and shown as very red), damaged items, wrong items, mis-labled items.

In particular, my last return involved several of the above issues all rolled into a prime example of how poorly this company executes. I ended up paying $40 in shipping for return items that didn't fit, were damaged, or not what I ordered.

The bottom line is that this company doesn't measure up to the competition, and there's no reason to do business with them. Once my store credit is used, I'll be adding them to the spam filter.

Ask Dave about ideeli
1 review
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Generally have good experiences here, I buy somewhat often from here. Recently had a negative experience - I bought a wool winter coat. Waited about a month for it to be delivered, shipping times always take forever! When I got it I tried it on, it fit great, decided I wanted to keep it, so I cut the tags off and hung it up.
First time I wore it, the buttons popped off. So I sewed them back on and continued to wear it. Two weeks later, more buttons pop off.
I understand the occasional mishap, but there's no reason a $130 coat should be so flimsy and falling apart when it's brand new.
Contacted customer service to see if it was possible to return due to poor quality. Was given a $15 voucher to buy my own buttons!! WTF?
Now I look like a bum wearing a coat with mismatched buttons that is supposedly designer and of the highest quality...
I will think twice about purchasing anything from them from now on.

Ask Lauren about ideeli
1 review
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I have to say, pretty poor experience. My package was "delivered" when it was not actually delivered, and the response from customer service was to contact the USPS 800 number and give them my tracking number. Great. So someone in some call center nowhere nearby will tell me it was delivered, just like the notification says...even though it wasn't ($75 dollars later....). Pretty poor. Probably going to cancel my membership.

Ask Rick about ideeli
1 review
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Stay away my next move is to bring News Help Me Howard into my experience with company of a FRAUD and some way some how get my money back on a order that was never received and is now going on 3 weeks nonexistence also file with the BBB.....

Ask Christie about ideeli
129 reviews
585 helpful votes

I've never dealt with Ideeli's customer service department so I cannot confirm or deny the issues raised by other reviewers. However, my friend used Ideeli to book for me an amazingly discounted hotel room in Las Vegas for a weekend. Ideeli's discount personally saved me a few hundred dollars, which in my book is pretty good. And this didn't factor into my review, but almost all my female friends are big Ideeli fans.

Ask Jeremy about ideeli
1 review
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Don't understand the negative reviews. I think only the angry people which are few and far between make an effort to review the site while the happy people don't bother but I have to give my opinion. First, I looooooooooove Ideeli. My items are normally received the next week as indicated by the shipping. Some items take longer as they have to wait to get them from the manufacturer and the time varies. I think the negative people don't read the shipping guidelines and just think it's Ideeli's fault. All of my items were of great quality and at fabulous prices. I googled the itmes and I save big time. I even see a BCBG dress that I bought from Ideeli being sold on Hautelook a few times at 3 times what I paid for from Ideeli. Their red sales are epic but you have to be fast. It is frustrating when something you want sells out quickly especially during one of their red sales but the prices are very competitive and the quantities are limited in the red sale. So don't let these negative reviews deter you. Shop at Ideeeli!

Ask Kandice about ideeli
1 review
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Here is the problem I have with Ideeli...
*First you pay a monthly membership fee.
*Then you are given only 15 minutes to make up your mind if you want to buy an item.
*But most all you pay $9.95 for shipping and anything I have ever order from this web site takes 10 days before if reaches your door step.
It's a rip off folks. Don't be fooled!

Ask Shon about ideeli
1 review
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I've been ordering from Ideeli for quite some time, and spent hundreds of dollars on items that never quite seemed up-to-par in quality. However, my last order was the final nail in the coffin. Ideeli has firmly cemeted itself as an unreliable company with shoddy customer service that makes shopping online a far more difficult and frustrating process than it ought to be, especially when there are amazing alternatives with superior service including Rue La La, Gilt Group, and The Outnet.

I purchased from Ideeli a Dolce and Gabbana dress on final sale, knowing there was likely only one dress available in stock that I was happy to nab. The shipping time was slow, but when I finally received the box, I opened it to find a completely different item that I did not order but was labeled incorrectly in the plastic casing.

Ideeli has no telephone customer service available, so I sent an email and received no respsonse whatsoever. Then when I chatted online with a representative, she basically just said that the shipping team makes mistakes and sends out wrong items on occasion. I asked if they knew where my dress that I actually ordered and paid for was, and she said there was no way for them to track it down. I asked her how they would know if they sent it to the wrong customer, and she said they didn't know. Um, excuse me? She only offered me a $10 credit to make it right. 10 whole dollars for their sorry excuse of service? No thanks.

I sent the mistaken package back to them, and never received an update on my order even after tracking the package showed it was received by their warehouse. I online chatted again with a different represetnative, who only said I would receive a refund and could not answer any questions I had about the original item purchased. I really just wanted my dress, but apparently expecting to receive what you paid for is too high of an expectation at Ideeli.

Their representatives make it sound like its such a rarity and that mistakes happen but they don't even come close to making it right for customers. I'll be sticking with tried and true sites that have always been amazing with service and quality like Gilt and RueLaLa and ending my membership with Ideeli. Shopping online really shouldn't have to be so frustrating.

Do yourself a favor, take your money and your time elsewhere from Ideeli. It's just not worth the frustration. My co-workers and friends have seen all the time and angst I've had to spend on this stupid order, and have followed suit in shopping at better sites.

Ask Xenia about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

The selection is great and sometimes you can find some really good deals. I ordered two sweaters and a tube scarf, which was shipped pretty promptly- however, my local post office lost the packages somehow, so now I am dealing with trying to find them or get my money back (personally I would really like to somehow get the items I ordered over getting my money back because I know I got great deals.) I spoke with an ideeli customer service representative online who put in a claim to the post office and I also talked to the post office multiple times. Everyone has been really nice, but over a week later I still have no idea what happened to my packages (isn't it weird that both disappeared?) and have not received a refund.

Ask Jen about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I read all the reviews here and I feel for Jason F! Hang-in-there Jason.

I'm a member since 2010. Please know that I had my fair share of issues with The way I look at it, this is a young company with tonnes of potential and all the "kinks" we are experiencing right now is common with new business. The most important thing is continues to evolve and takes customers' comments and feedbacks seriously. I suggested an idea and I see changes made. That's what keeps me going back to the site.

Yesterday I received a pair of boots I ordered from Item arrived with a defect on which the decorative pull on the heels was broken. I love the boot so much and I sent in an email enquiring for a replacement instead of being on a waitlist for the next sale. Jessica from the customer service team sent back a very nice reply advising that they don't store item in stock. I should be mad because I'm expecting a brand new merchandise free of defect which I can enjoy this Thanksgiving right?...but...Jessica and the entire customer service team at shock and humbled me with their unexpected solution. They refunded my entire purchase price to my credit card (note that they divert from their normal return policy, they are not offering me store credit but refunded my monies!). To top it off they let me keep the the boots. I know a lot of you may not think that it is a great solution since it is a defective merchandise...but for myself...I did not expect that answer at all. The fact that they try all within their means to make me a happy customer is enough to make me a loyal customer for life.

The effort counts the rest is only things we have hanging around! To team keep up the good work!

Ask Lily about ideeli
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I never received my shipment from ideeli, even though it was 'delivered' according to UPS tracking. The customer service gave me generic responses for nine days and in the end, all I receive after a "technical team investigation" is that the order was delivered - "Please let us know if you want us to contact the shipping company". Seems like they did not see my complaint at all - the shipping company should've been contacted a week ago!
I have bought from ideeli before and have received shipments on time and the products were satisfactory too. This is the first time I had to contact their customer service and they were very slow and unsatisfactory.

Ask Aashka about ideeli
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have ordered three times from this site. Apparently, that was two too many. My first ordered went fine. I then ordered a sweater and sunglasses from the site, and it has been well over a month. Still the items have not been delivered. The delivery was suppose to be completed by now, but the status simply says that UPS was directed by to hand over the shipment to the US postal service. How can that possibly make sense? has no way to actually speak to a customer service representative, the live chat support is useless, rude and not helpful, and I've sent an email which has yet to receive a response. I made a third order shortly after the second, and neither order has shipped. I do a lot of on-line shopping and will not use this site again. A customer should have the ability to speak to someone live if necessary. A customer should also be able to get items on-time, as promised, especially since its the customer who is paying to ship the items. The only reason this site got two stars is because the selection and prices are great. However, you purchase items at the risk of getting them whenever they want to ship them, with no recourse whatsoever, or not getting them at all and having to deal with your credit card company. Overall, its a huge disappointment.

Ask Venessa about ideeli
14 reviews
48 helpful votes

UPDATE - I changed my rating to a 1-star. Worst customer service ever. DO NOt WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE.

I've ordered quite a bit from Ideeli in the past 18 months. I've purchased women's clothing, men's/boys' clothing, and home goods. For the most part, I've had good experiences. but at the end of the day, a bad experience or two poorly handled by the Ideeli team has left me just not too interested in returning.

Generally speaking, the clothing items i've ordered have been good to excellent quality, excellent to *amazing* deals, and mostly true to size. i've had a few items tailored after arrival (no returns allowed on those), but I have things tailored often, so I was not dismayed by this.

Most of the home items I've ordered have been good. However, I ordered a pair of soup tureens and one was completely broken. I never heard back from CS on this. Around the same time I orderd about three sets of highballs and an equal number of lowball glassware sets. there were broken glasses in each, and again.., no response from CS. I also ordered two cake plates (that match the style of the soup tureens) and was broken. guessed response from CS.

In truth I've spent over $10k on the ideeli site, and most everything has been good. Do i think they should be responsive to product issues? yes. should I have been provided replacements? of course. But i was not. The loss is overall a small % of what I've spent, so I cannot rate my overall experience too poorly. In fact, I've clearly loved Ideeli for the most part. i've not stopped shopping there entirely, but I'm now more prone to visiting other sites first. The damaged items not replaced really bothered me.

Shipping is pretty quick, or at least within the timeframe provided. I've had one item cancelled, and I received a $25 credit. I've also receivede credits for slow-to-ship items. which i appreciated. I urge caution that items are usually NOT returnable; I've never returned an item so I cannot comment here. I do know they emails to CS about damagaed items were dead in the water.

Will I shop again here? Likely....on the more equitable sales. Do I have low expectations of this site now? Absolutely. Will I refer to friends? nope. I think my bad experiences have trumped the good.

Ideeli needs to realize when you offer high-quality items, your client base expects more than dead-in-the-water emails to CS. I'll NEVER buy anything that can break (so shoes and clothing it will be). And over time i'll stop popping in to look at deals. their loss.

Ask Heather about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered two coats on 9/30/11 which was charged to my credit card but untill today there is no sign of package being delivered. I contacted Ideeli on 10/23/11, first the CS Rep stated that the package had been delivered. When I gave her the tracking number, she stated that the package had been delivered in July. Wake up! I ordered the coats in September.
Apparently the tracking number Ideeli provided was not correct.
It is a nightmare, I have wasted hours calling UPS and USPS to track the package, but in vain. Both tell me to contact Ideeli, when I call Ideeli, they tell me to call UPS.
Facts: 1. I was charged $289.93 was a product that still has not been delivered.
2. I was promised delivery within 10 Days for which I paid $9.95.

This is not acceptable.

Ask gunjan about ideeli
1 review
2 helpful votes

I would not recommend Ideeli to anyone. Customer Service who seem to be hired guns, with polite typical answers. They email you to let you know they're working on your issue... then, you just don't hear from them. my package is lost in the mail, and even with a tracking number, no one seems to have ever heard of it... not even the usps. I simply want a refund for my items, but wouldn't you know I'd have to return them... well that would be hard considering I never received them. This website seems to be a scam and I am horribly disappointed that I didn't receive my items. I wanted to like Ideeli and give them my business... but if I were you, I'd stay away. There's a reason there are so many issues below.

Ask Angela about ideeli
1 review
3 helpful votes

All of the dresses that are advertised for on Pandora (when i am listening to it) or impossible to find. Why do they advertise such nice dresses that are not actually sold by Ideeli?

Ask Kimi about ideeli
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I was so excited to use ideeli because I have had such great experiences with Rue La La and ideeli seemed to have more options and more daily "boutiques". So when I ordered my first purchase, I didn't expect to have a negative experience.

I ordered this transformer dress and I was so excited for it, until it came. The material of the dress is horrid (which I can't really blame ideeli for since they didn't make it, but they are selling it), but more frustrating is that they didn't include instructions on how to tie the dress to make the abundant styles that were shown on the website. Without instructions, I have absolutely no idea how to make any styles with this dress. I looked on the website and saw that previous buyers had also requested instructions months ago, and yet there are still no instructions. Further, the dress is just kind of crappy. Not only the material, but since I got a patterned version of the dress, many of the styles I've attempted to make mean that the panels look awful since the pattern is only one-sided. And, the dress is see-through.

I've decided to return the dress, which means I'll get store credit and which means that ideeli gets a $10 donation of my money (used for shipping), that I don't get back. Now, I know that shipping a dress does not cost $10. I have paid that much for shipping on Rue La La but was never bothered because I've never returned anything because everything I have ordered was WELL MADE (because, if this transformer dress were made really well - I would probably keep it, even without the instructions). I've never been dissatisfied with Rue.

Add to that, the friend that recommended ideeli to me recently bought a watch on the site. Within 2 weeks, that watch had fallen apart. So now I'm extremely hesitant to order anything from the site except that they will only give me store credit for the return. Ugh. Well, I've learned my lesson. I get to spend $50 credit on something I don't really want (because, if I wait, I'll forget about the site and the credit) and ideeli gets a $10 donation of my money because they sell a crappy product. Awesome. Definitely would not recommend ideeli.

Ask Stef about ideeli
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

You can get better deals elsewhere. Many times the $9 shipping isn't worth the deal you can get at another site that offers free shipping or less shipping. Also Not to crazy about this site because many items on here I've found at Burlington or Dd's Discount for less. Perhaps if they offered members free shipping.

Ask kim about ideeli
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I loved shopping with ideeli... I got myself a gorge pair of oscar de la renta sunbglasses.. i ordered them on a thursday and received them in a week... There shipping was less than hautelook... and arrived right on time. I also got to speak to someone on livechat because i had concerns about the fit of the sunglasses... afyter explaining that my face was round and i wanted to malke sure they were oversized sunglasses that would fit my face ( i gave her a good idea of the size and hsape of my face and she did the best she could do with that).. she took her time and gave me her honest oppinion.. i got the sunglasses and they fit perfectly. I honestly had a great experience with them.

Ask Danielle about ideeli

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