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478 reviews
620 8th Ave, 45th Floor, 45th Floor
New York, NY 10018, US
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478 Reviews From Our Community

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I had my first encounter with a relatively condescending customer service rep. (in 223 reviews)


Overall, I'm very happy with and will order again! (in 319 reviews)


Anything that is returned is given store credit, which prompts you to spend on the site again. (in 45 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Been a customer of Ideeli now Ideel since 2008 and had few issues with returns or quality of merchandise until recently. On Oct 6 I placed a small order less than $30.00 to be billed to my paypal account. I had $50.00 cash available in that account and my bank account and 2 credit cards for backup. On Oct 7 at 2:14 am I got an email that they were unable to process my payment and that I had 48 hours to update my info and if questions contact customer support. At 5:22 am I emailed customer service questioning the problem, and did update with an additional credit card. Monique from customer service responded at 1:13 pm and in less than 48 hours the item that should have been on hold for me is gone. The order still shows as pending on my account and paypal is still holding my cash with my order set to expire Jan 4, 2015. I have emailed Ideel 3 more times now because I would like my cash released and a $10.00 credit returned to my account and my emails are ignored. No response in 24 hours as they promote on their website. Recommend this site? - NO, and it's a shame because they do get some great merchandise. But what good is that if you can't even get customer service to do their job when problems arise.

UPDATE: I was contacted by a supervisor in Ideel's customer service department in regards to my order/payment issue. Jessica, who is a supervisor in the customer service department, explained that there were technical issues involving paypal authorizations and she was able to my satisfaction clear the hold on my money. Ideel has just started using paypal as an option for payment so as with any new procedures I should have expected there to be bumps in the road. Unfortunately, I hit the bump. On the positive side, Jessica will bring this issue to the attention of the appropriate department so future purchases for customers hopefully won't have this problem.

I have upgraded my rating to 5 stars, which is what I would have given it had I not been so frustrated in trying to get this resolved. I will continue to shop at this site and have done so even while this issue was ongoing. I have been a customer for so long, always satisfied with the quality and quick shipping of merchandise, ease of return, that I just couldn't believe this was happening to me.

Thank you Jessica for handling this for me and promising to address the issues I experienced with the appropriate departments.

New Reviewer

BEWARE! I am 99% sure this site is a scam. I placed an order at the beginning of the week and was called to 'verify' the order. They left a voicemail with instructions. I called back and followed the instructions within a couple of hours. The next day, I get a call to verify my order from Shayna with Loss Prevention who says there was no record of my confirming the order the day before. She says that they only have a recording of a different order #-- one I had canceled. She lied to me completely and refused to play back the recording for me. The outfits I had ordered were time sensitive and I had chosen 2 day shipping so they wouldn't get to me til after the weekend I needed them. I asked her who was doing the shipping and she hesitated before saying UPS. It was like she was trying to come up with an answer. Pathetic. I had them cancel the order because I caught on to their scam. I warn others to do the same!!

Ask Bonnie about ideeli
New Reviewer

I don't understand how this website can have such bad reviews? I'm from Southern California & I ordered my ray bans September 22nd and received them today which is September 26!!! Less than a week! Unbelievable. Such awesome service and fast shipping. I'm so pleased with my order. I really hope that the bad reviews will not affect your thoughts about ordering. Thank you so much ideel!

Ask Tiffany- about ideeli
New Reviewer

Horrible customer service! I was appalled by the way they handled my inquiry. I was trying to buy a dress on the Ideeli app that was listed for $119.99. When I got to checkout, the price went up to $189.99. After I contacted customer service, via online chat because no one is available ever by phone, and proved to them that the listed price and the checkout price were different, they told me that someone would contact me within 24 hours, which they never did. The customer service agents are worthless. They just tell you a supervisor will call you. Do not ever shop here!!!

New Reviewer

BEWARE! I've purchased a number of items from Ideeli, some were fine and others looked cheap. I'm livid because: a couple of weeks ago, after I'd placed an order, Ideeli charged my debit card TWICE. I then spoke to them via their online chat, and they told me they never charged me twice! I was livid. I called Bank of America and had them take off the second charge. However, that second charge had put my acct. into overdrawn status! Also, one isn't allowed to call Ideeli customer service. I was told a number of times by online chat, that customer service would call me. Two out of three times they never called! There is much more to this story, but I'm exhausted even thinking about it, let alone having to write about it. I'd already had to contact their chat numerous times about some other problems with the order mentioned above, and I'd had enough with their companies horrible policies.

New Reviewer

I had good experiences with the site at first. The shipping was fast. However, after one incident I decided to never shop there again. They have lost my trust.

I ordered from Ideeli a while back. The first orders were free shipping. Then I got emails saying I get 1 month of free shipping. So when I tried to order again I kept on getting shipping charges. So I contacted Ideeli about it before ordering, and they told me I can place the order and someone will help me remove the cost after. Unfortunately I believed them and since it's international shipping I had to deal with another company i-Parcel. After weeks of email exchanges the said they would refund the money. It has been more than a month now and I still haven't gotten a refund.

Ask Ying about ideeli
New Reviewer

Reading the other reviews, I hope this one doesn't jinx me to get some bad service in the future. However, I just have to say that I've been shopping with Ideeli/Ideel for many years now and have made literally hundreds of purchases from them. They have always been prompt, returns have always been easy, and the quality of the garments has never been in question. Recently, I was emailed a 30% off and free shipping promotion. There was no code, it was just supposed to be applied if you purchased within the promo period. Well, I purchased and did not receive a discount. I emailed customer service and in 12 hours was emailed by a representative who created an individual coupon code for me to use on my next order that would generate 30% off and a $9.95 shipping credit. I have always been very satisfied with Ideel/Ideeli and this instance was no exception.

Tip for consumers: Makes sure you know if the item you're purchasing is returnable!

Ask Alison about ideeli
New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of "blue leather loafers" for my husband as a gift! To my surprise the order received had two different shoes, one blue suede, and one blue leather! Who does that? Trying to get in contact with Ideel has been a job in itself. Can't get them on live Chat and cannot even get a return slip! Never again, the customers service sucks!! It has not been a good shopping experience, awful!

Ask Debi about ideeli
New Reviewer

The worst customer service experience I have ever had. A lot of these complaints are similar, not just coincidence I presume. My order was also cancelled because I was told there was an issue with my credit card. Although my card was charged weeks prior for the product. I too, paid partially for my order using a promotion code, oddly familiar with these other bad reviews that were also cancelled using promo codes.They never contacted me to inform me of this, they just sent me an email telling me it was cancelled.
They told me I could reorder the item but they would not honor my promo code anymore.
I received robot like responses from customer service, they didn't care that I wanted to end my membership and that I was very dissatisfied and never answered my last email.
Avoid them at all costs. There are so many other great shopping sites of this kind. I have received excellent customer service from sites like Gilt, Rue La La & Beyond the Rack.

New Reviewer

I have to wonder if these folks want my money. My first experience happened a few weeks ago. I ordered and paid for a multiple piece order. Two items were missing and I contacted CS. They said they would credit my account but I told them the same items I ordered at the same price were on their site and why couldn't they just send them to me. Nope...they had to credit my account and then I had to place another order and pay the additional shipping. I tried to reason with the CS rep but she was having none of it. She told me "That is the way it is done." came through for me and I got what I needed in couple of days.

Today I tried to purchase 15 items for a closet I am redoing. I could only get 12 to go in my basket. I paid and then tried to create another order for the remaining three I needed. Nope....the web site said I was at my limit though I see nowhere that a limit is placed. I again contacted CS and was told I had hit my limit. I explained the issue and asked if she could help me as I needed these last three items. Nope....she is going to escalate it to someone else and I will hear in 24 hours. Seriously????

I shop with Gilt, Haute, One Kings Lane, Ruelala, and Joss and Main. I have had more troubles with simple issues with Ideeli than I have with all these other ecommerce sites combined.

I really needed these last three totes. They are still available hours later and I am willing to pay for them. Why isn't Ideeli willing to sell them to me? Why isn't anyone in CS willing to think outside the box? Why isn't Ideeli management empowering their front line staff to fulfill simple requests? Why are these people still in business?

Update on 9/4/14......Jason is correct. ideeli did all that he said in his email. Once I know the transaction has been completed successfully then my confidence will be partially restored and I will amend my review to reflect that. Until the products are in my hand I can't assume anything given the first issue I ran into with items . And, Jessica is the best. She was the first person I spoke to that genuinely wanted to help me. Jason, you are lucky yo have her.

Ideeli, I am pulling for you. Please don't let me down.

Tip for consumers: Avoid unless you want to experience a level of frustration that will make your nightmares seem like a happy place.

Ask Patricia about ideeli
New Reviewer

Worst shopping experience ever. I order sheets and a set of drinking glasses. My item was returned to ideeli by UPS three times because it was sent damaged, with the glasses broken. I complained to customer service each time, and all they did was try to resend the order. They never offered better shipping or anything. Not worth the headache.

New Reviewer

UPDATE: Please ignore my 5 star review below and save yourself the hassle of being incredibly frustrated by avoiding ideeli. I was a huge fan of this site until they sent me wrong items that were of lesser value than what I paid - TWICE IN A ROW.

When I first contacted them about them sending me the wrong item, they said I had to ship it back to get a refund. Fine, but they should have given me a refund the second I shipped it back, especially seeing as how I used their shipping label and they can track shipping that way and oh yeah, that little part about sending me the wrong item. Secondly, I sent the product back and didn't receive a refund for three weeks until I wrote an angry email to customer service.

Now I just received a pair of pants that look nothing like the picture and are clearly of much lesser value than what I paid. This is ridiculous - it honestly feels like a scam. Last time I will be shopping there - I mean, the last two times I ordered one thing and got something completely different. So unless you're into that sort of thing, AVOID IDEELI.



I'm going to break down my rating by a few key categories. This is just the experience I've had using ideeli since around April 2014.

MERCHANDISE: The products (the ones I have purchased, at least) are good quality, authentic, designer pieces. They fit well and look like the pictures on the site. The prices are awesome - so awesome that a lot of times when I get around to checking the site by mid morning-noon, a lot of pieces are sold out. That's one downfall of a "flash sale" site, but that's to be expected.

PRICES: I'd say their pricing is very similar to TJ Maxx/Nordstrom Rack. Their sales are insanely good - I'm talking Free People pieces for $10!

DELIVERY: I have always received my deliveries within a week. This last delivery came within 3 days!

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I did receive an item with a small ink stain on the back. I emailed them and they emailed me back within a day, saying they would refund my credit card immediately and to dispose/donate the top as I saw fit. I thought that was pretty nice - a lot of companies won't refund you until they've even received the defective item back.

To sum it up, great customer service, great deals, great site. It's awful that other people have had bad experiences - like I mentioned, I've been using ideeli since April 2014, so hopefully they've really improved their processes since previous incidents. Hope this helps :)

New Reviewer

I just got off the phone with a sales rep by name of Jessica regarding a return. I had tried within a 3 month period to return items for store credit. I was out of the country and was unable to do so earlier. Upon making a recent move and coming across the unused items, one of which was a wrong item and not what I ordered, I thought I would try again. I did this as respectfully as possible and still got a very rude and disrespectful tone in return. Here is an except from my live chat.
"Jessica: However, if you insist on returning them, I will see if we're able to fully refund you - there would be no need to return - and we would close your account as it appears you are not happy with our return policy. "
me: It's unfortunate given the situation and my long time patronage of ideeli
me: i'm surprised you're offering to close my account. the issue at hand is returning items and i've been polite in my request
me: offering to close my account when i have not suggested that says you don't appreciate my business Jessica
Jessica: Yes, but you are not willing to comply with our policies
The rep offered to take my items but they would close my account. I was completely surprised since I had not asked for my account to be closed. I'm happy to share the whole transcript. But I was completely shocked by the tone of the rep in question especially after being a customer for almost 5 years now. I have ignored their cancelled orders, cancelled account and mistakes in orders. Merchandise is usually as shown but customer service is a hit and miss.

New Reviewer

I put in an order, then get an email saying they cancelled it because they thought it was fraud... I waste my time.. Very bad service! They don't want my money. I wish you to splurged quickly!

New Reviewer

Some updates to my review:
Eventually Jessica - Customer Service Supervisor (many thanks to her) answered and resolved my issue. Before that 2 or 3 of my messages to customer service were ignored and live chat managers were not able to answer me correctly.
I hope IDEELI will make some changes in their customer service and billing politics.

Hi! The worst Customer Service and my shopping experience ever.

I made an order on May 17, 2014 for the amount of 194.98 USD.
Transaction for the order was charged on June 02, 2014

Moreover, the company made 2 authorization holds on my credit card dated on 05/17/14, 05/20/14. When i wrote to customer service they told me that the holds will be removed in 2-3 days. Some of the holds were released, but for 1 hold i needed to wait for 1 month while my bank cancelled it.
Customer service representative Ed didn't give me any reasonable explanation for these 2(!!!!) unauthorised holds. But they confirmed that the funds were eventually collected on 2d June 2014.

Ok, i thought that i finished with ideeli, but on June 24, 2014 my card account was debited with the transaction for the amount of 194.98 USD again! My bank confirmed that the transaction was CHARGED (not blocked).

I again wrote to customer service and i was promised to get an answer next day. But i didn't get any answer at all. They just ignored me.

BUT THEY CHARGED ME 2 times for the one order (and they also did 2 additional pre-authorisation holds) and just disappeared.
I am lucky it wasn't the purchase for $1000, otherwise i will be charged for $2000.

I already called to my bank so they can investigate and cancel this fraud transaction.

And i will escalate my complaint to as i am really tired to email complaints to their horrible customer service!!

Stay away from purchasing in

New Reviewer


I put in an order, then get an email saying they cancelled it because they thought it was fraud. The email said "If you believe this order was incorrectly identified as fraud or you have any questions please reply to this note or email us at" but gave no phone number. I replied to the email, saying it was incorrect and stupid me, I placed another order, even changing the credit card I used. THEN I get ANOTHER email saying my order was identified as fraud, and was cancelled. Ok, so I am glad that they are weary of fraud, but RESPOND TO THE EMAILS I SEND BACK!!! Horrid customer service!! These items I ordered are limited time offers (if you know the site, this is old news) so I'm so disappointed and upset. Needless to say, I will not be spending any more time or money on this site.

New Reviewer

-0 stars. WORST customer service EVER. They do not know the first thing about this industry and have no etiquette. They bump you up to first row access for months and months at a time and then suddenly take it away! Not only that, but for several months I never had to pay shipping (who pays shipping anymore!??) and suddenly I had to pay. They made a mistake, and wouldn't even refund the shipping. I told them im never shopping with them again and they said "sorry mam we can't waive shipping" I'll pay the extra and shop / amazon. We are in 2014, this is nonsense. I am going to ruin their name among ALL of my circles. And TRUST me I've referred a boat load of people to them. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars and have been a devout shopper since their inception. I have never been more disappointed with a company.

This industry is BOOMING right now, and with the competition, Ideeli wont last very long with the attitude they have. I am a nordys and bloomys type of gal, and customer service to me is of UTMOST importance to me. I've worked in retail for a good portion of my younger years as well and I know exactly how people SHOULD be treated. They are giving everyone else out there free shipping for 30 days, I'm pretty sure waiving a $10 shipping charge ISN'T going to break their bank. They also REFUSED to honor their recent coupon code over the phone since the site wasn't accepting it.

As soon as I receive my last pending to be shipped item, I am cancelling my account.

New Reviewer

Placed an order on 5 June for delivery to Australia. Advised that order would arrive by 19 June at the latest. Contact them for a tracking number and find the order hasn't even been sent on 12 June. Get the run around. Eventually advised that the order has shipped on 13 June to I-parcel and provided with a tracking number. Order delivered on 25 June - only one item was shipped and the rest of my $500 order (5 items) is missing and was never sent. Trying to find out where the rest is as it was all supposed to be delivered 10 days ago. Never ever again!!! Stay away.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!I order a pair of shoes and got a totally different pair then I order and they will not send me the right shoes nor let me return them. I will never use this site again and will tell everybody I know to never use this site. I buy a lot things offline and this is by far the worst site.

New Reviewer

I would give 0 stars if that even was possible. Do NOT use this site as it has the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
I bought my dad samsonite luggage and was very excited since it would be a father's day gift. Received a vmail 2 days ago saying I needed to call back and confirm my order to avoid fraud. Ok, sure. No other site requires this but I'm all for extra security. So I call back the number given to me and leave a message with my name and number since no one picks up. Then I receive a message today saying that my order has been cancelled. What?! Emailed the company asking why it's been cancelled since I called and got a snarky response back that they never received a message on their loss prevention number. Too bad the original representative who called gave me her number instead of loss prevention but then didn't have the decency to call me back and follow up to give me the right number or fix the order. Not only that, but the company doesn't even have the decency to try and reach out to Samsonite to place the order again for me. Just said that the sale was closed and that was it. So thanks, ideeli, for leaving me 3 days before father's day with no gift and terrible customer experience. Will be sure to never use your site ever again and recommend everyone else to stay away.

New Reviewer

I was excited to try ideeli, since I LOVE groupon and buy stuff from them all the time. Don't. First, I bought a three items, WOO HOO! Free shipping? The items came and I chose to only keep one of the items. The item I kept wasn't great quality but I figured it still looked cute. The other ones: one was extremely poor quality and the other just looked cheap. These days, returns are so easy, I thought. Well, it was, but they either give you full store credit or you have to pay for shipping if you want a refund. Sneaky; I was not happy. But I opted for the store credit hoping to give them one more try. I ordered a dress and decided if this wasn't good, I just wanted a refund. I didn't like it, did not look as advertised at all, but since I used store credit, and the amount I paid in addition wasn't greater than the shipping costs, I have no choice but to take store credit. When will this relationship end? I just want my money back!!! Now I don't even get the choice!

New Reviewer

Received my ferragamo wallet and it was very different from what was pictured on the site. I did the live chat to tell them my merchandise was different. Got Tricia, she was the most unhelpful rep I've had the displeasure of live chatting with. She told me to review my order and come back later. I wanted my wallet issue taken care of first because on the site I bought it as as a final sale. No where during the entire conversation I had with her she told me Ideeli would take the return. Just kept telling me to go back and review my order and then come back to talk to them. What the.... I firmly asked to speak with her supervisor and for her give me time frame of call back. She didn't , she just hung up on me. Some lady supervisor called me, didn't bother telling me her name, she told me she wasn't sure what was going with the order and told me hold while she got caught up. (Really? How unprofessional. At least know what's going on before you call) I told the story myself, then she started schooling me about when I should speak.... yeah right lady. I'm calling because I'm dissatisfied with a $400 wallet. Do you think I care about the other merchandise right now???? In the end, I read her the transcript of my conversation with Tricia and even she admitted her rep had made a mistake. I asked her, what are you going to do about my wallet. She nonchalantly replied, sorry we probably don't' have any of those available so only a return. The way the supervisor handled that conversation was atrocious. Honestly, I knew I was shopping at a bargain site and probably should have stopped me right there and then. I'm not expecting nordstrom or bloomingdale's level of service here but at least try to address the point the customer is trying to make and don't assume we can read your mind. Also train your managers and reps better. I could hear her groaning, sighing, and expressing her frustration at me because I was making legitimate points about what was wrong with her rep's way of handling my transaction. I wash my hands of this site. I thought with ideeli getting someone from bloomingdale's to head their business they would improve; sadly that doesn't seem to be the case. STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of pants & got a lacy dress instead. When I contacted ideeli they said the pants were gone--just return the dress. I asked if they could they give me a small credit ($10 maybe) for my time, effort, and expense in returning it & they said no, just a refund. I was annoyed as I too like other complainers had spent thousands over the last several years shopping at their site. I returned the dress at my own expense (as I did not want to use their label & get a credit & have to shop there again). After weeks of getting no refund I contacted them & they said they never got it! I do not believe that, as the label was clearly typed on my husband's law firm address label, so if they did not get it, it should have come back--which it didn't. I am sure they got the package & just did not give me my money back. Goodbye, ideeli! 5/25/14: I want to thank Sitejabber for its help in my contacting ideeli for a previous problem (returning a product and getting no credit back). After posting, Ideeli did in fact contact me and explained what happened and now, months later, they have fixed the problem and issued my credit! So I have to reverse my prior post that this company did not do right by me, as now they have. Thanks, Sitejabber; thanks Ideeli!

New Reviewer

My first experience was great! I don't really understand the negative comments. Love my shoes! Plus shipment was super fast! I'm glad I saw for myself and gave the site a chance. Happy Customer!

New Reviewer

I wish I could leave -5 stars , because it was THE WORST online shopping (if you can call it this way) experience ever!
I ordered $320 shoes (it was my first time ordering from this website), waited for a week to get it shipped, but... after a week I received an email saying that my order was canceled because of the fraud! I reach out to them the same day, and customer service representative Edward told me that it's TOO LATE (!) and the reason they cancelled an order is they called (when they didn't!) and that I didn't answer. First of all, I have been shopping online for 10 years and no other site called me to confirm my order!
After that I confirmed all my information by email, my shipping address, billing address (because it was different) and the phone numbers, I told his that they can call me anytime. Also I explained that I am US resident, my credit card is US credit card and I am visiting Canada for a month, that's why I asked it to ship to my friends address. He told me that my account was cancelled because I can't order anything if I am not in USA resident! Are you serious? I just told him that I AM! If I am visiting another country so that means I live there?? What's the difference where I am at the moment??? They have deals lasting just a day or two. I told representative that they can ship it to my billing address where I live, if that's less confusing for them. Or my friend can reorder it for me with her credit card. I just want my item. He didn't tell me anything how to reorder or how to get my item. Was simply useless and didn't answer to any questions! I asked 5 times to give me a customer service phone number, and he always skipped the question.
The most disappointing and the most trustless website ever.
Sadly I read all the reviews just after I had this experience myself.
I would honestly just suggest everybody don't deal with this fake website.

New Reviewer

The bodum bistro double wall cup 15oz is listed at originally $58 and they are selling for $40... After doing some online research I have yet to find an original price of $58 even on the bodum website the mug goes for $40.. so it is a little fishy that their original price is $58, when that price doesn't exist anywhere.. I even found them for $40 with a 15% discount on another site... I contacted the chat now crew and the representative was just dismissive, no help at all.. I thought ideeli was supposed to be a discounted site with the best prices.. not the original ones..

New Reviewer

A month ago I bought a Prada handbag from Neimen Marcus, but when I saw the same bag was on sale here on Ideeli, I immediately placed the order and returned the one from NM. I was so excited that I told everyone about the new site I found. The expected shipping date for my new bag was May 2-6, however, my bag is still not shipped after several days passing the date. I contacted the customer service about the delayed shipping date, and they said it might take ADDITIONAL 2 weeks for them to ship the item! It is unethical to put INACCURATE information on the site just to attract customers, especially when I returned my NM bag just to buy from their site! I was not that angry until I read some posts on this site about Ideeli. I’m very concerned if they are going to ship my item after 2 months or cancel my order for no reason due to their FAKE INVENTORY. I am not asking for a customer service as good as Nordstrom, but I expect to at least get my authentic item on time without dealing with all kinds of troubles or lies. I really hope they can ship my bag as soon as possible, since I already sent back the one I got from other store, and missed all other promotions while waiting for this Ideeli shipment. If they waste my money I will spare no effort to deal with it and warn other consumers!

New Reviewer

I bought a $30 dree from ideeli and was charged $10 for shipping. When the dress arrived it did not appear as the photo showed. When I went online to get my return lable from ideeli I learned I would have to pay $10 for their return shipping if I did not want a credit. I spent $40 and am being refunded $20 for a dress they did not present correctly. The material was nothing like it looked online.Very disappointing.

New Reviewer

After my account got flagged by IDEELI as fraud and got cancelled by them, they also had removed my previous $200 store credit. Worst than that I had an incoming 4 returned items worth of $129 also got confiscated after they received them (my account got cancelled AFTER my returned items received by IDEELI). I am still waiting for the remaining 12 items that I had placed on other orders and since they were already shipped (in transit till May) that they told I can no longer have the option to return for any reason because my account has been closed.

I am very very very disappointed, appalled by what they did to me. I now tell my friends to stay away from this site even though I was the one who highly recommended them before my account got closed. As a retail company, Word of Mouth Advertising is the most effective marketing strategy and way cheaper than any other methods. I am sad that they don't realize that 1 unhappy customer would cost them far more future customers that they could have gained to make one happy.

Goodbye, IDEELI!

New Reviewer

I bought a night suit which was labelled as Josie by Natori. When it arrived, it was labeled just 'Josie'; there was nothing about Natori about it.. The fabric is cheap as is the design.. From what I remember everything was returnable. Suddenly these pajamas are labeled not-returnable. If I had know that I would never have bought them. They were not cheap either, cost me 50 bucks.

New Reviewer

I wish I could give 0 stars. I work the night shift so I usually shop online. I've shopped at Ruelala, Gilt, Hautelook and I understand that the 9.95 shipping fee is the price I pay for convenience. But this site is unreasonable.

I ordered something to give to a friend of mine for her birthday. I ordered it 3 weeks before the party since I figured that would buy me enough time and the last day of the "estimated date of delivery" window was 2 days before the party so I thought I was in good shape. A week later, the tracking number they gave me still didn't work so I used the live chat and they said sometimes it's not updated so give it some time and they weren't able to track it without the tracking number. While waiting, I ended up buying something else since I had the free shipping for 30 days and that package came quickly, a week after ordering it while I still didn't have tracking info for my first order. 2 days before the party, I finally get a working tracking saying it just left their place 3 weeks after I made the order. So I was livid, since that was supposed to be a present for a party happening in 2 days... It gets worse. My order finally gets to New Jersey, to a different city (which is normal) but then the next day, it goes back to Maryland... Then back to North Carolina? You would think there was something wrong with the address I gave but they had gotten it right one time already!!!! Why make the mistake now so I spoke to someone again and she gives me $10 credit for my inconvenience? Are you serious, what am I gonna do with that? I had to buy another present, then the stress that it brings is ridiculous.

Worst is, my sister ordered something with my account because of the free shipping and the same thing happened. It went to New Jersey then was sent back to Maryland. As we speak, I am on a live chat with them and it's just so unreasonable. I don't understand how a company could thrive while messing up this much. They should just have free shipping then it would be worth the wait. I might as well order from Asia, it will come sooner than theirs.

Ridiculous! I would say IT IS NOT WORTH IT! The things they sell are the same as Ruelala and Hautelook, just wait til they put out the sales.

New Reviewer

I placed an order and used a promotional coupon they sent me. The cancelled the ordet calling it "fraud" after taking money out of my account. It took me two weeks of corresponding to get no where with them. No resolution came about and by the time the got back to me the items I had originally ordered were sold out. They have no traiming in customer service. I do not recommend.

New Reviewer

I ordered two pairs of designer shoes, one in a smaller size and one in a larger size, with the intention of keeping whichever fit and sending back the other. The smaller size was too small, so I could not keep it, but the larger size I was sent was obviously defective, with several visible issues that affected both the look and the fit. I wrote to the support team and was offered either a free return or a $10 credit. I included photos of the defects and noted that the damage to the shoes was significantly more than $10 worth if I were to keep them, but was told that a $10 credit was the only thing they could offer.

I wrote back at 6:30 pm on Thursday that I would take the credit, then went back on the site to browse. I quickly saw that they still had one more pair of the same shoes available in my larger size! If someone had offered me an exchange, I would have accepted. I went ahead and ordered the other pair of the larger size at 10:20 pm, and IMMEDIATELY THEREAFTER wrote back to support saying to disregard the last email, that I would like to just return the defective pair since I've gone ahead and ordered a replacement. This email was sent at 10:30 pm. Four hours had passed since I said I'd take the credit, and in that time no credit had been issued. Therefore, I expected that - like any other company - they would read my most recent communication and act accordingly.

I did not receive a response the next day, or the next. For reference, ideeli "pledges to respond to your issue or question within 24 hours." This is a lie.

THREE DAYS LATER, I receive an email from Liana (who I had been corresponding with up until this point) that they would no longer accept a return of this item as I had already been issued a credit and had already used it on an order.


The time elapsed between asking for the credit and asking that the credit not be applied so that I could return the item was 4 hours. Nobody communicated anything to me in those four hours, or for three days afterward. The new pair was listed at $49.99 on the website. My order receipt says I paid $49.99. My credit card company lists a charge of $49.99. During the entire exchange, my credits were listed on the website as $0.00.

Where exactly is this mythical credit that was purportedly issued? A credit that I was not informed about, a credit that was not listed on the website, a credit that did not show up when I purchased my new order, a credit that is entirely missing from every financial record of my transaction? Where is this credit that I am supposed to have already used?

I am being told that a credit was issued when it never was, in order for the company to avoid having to accept a return of a defective item.

All emails I sent to the support address were answered by Liana, and as she has proven herself both uncommunicative and not above outright lies, I am not inclined to continue attempting to resolve the issue with her. The live chat is slow and the representatives on it seem to occasionally go MIA for long periods of time without answering a question, so that is also not a good way to resolve a problem that started out very simple but has now become downright ridiculous. Since the company does not list a phone number, I do not know how to contact someone else in order to ensure that I can speak to someone competent and willing to help - if such a person even exists in this company.

In the end, I am stuck with a pair of defective $65 shoes that I cannot return and an alleged $10 credit that I never actually received. This isn't just unacceptable, it's completely dishonest and deceitful and a clear way for the company to keep the money without having to answer for the merchandise. I've purchased items from the site before without incident, but if you ever run into a problem with your order, simply know that their customer service is not above making things up to avoid fixing the issue, even going so far as to backtrack on their own promises. I am out a significant amount of money because I made the mistake of believing this was an honest, above-ground operation. It's not. I advise you to make your purchases elsewhere.

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I've been wanting a Balenciaga purse, saw it on ideeli recently, then showed the page to my husband. He surprised me with the packaged I found on my door way this morning. I'm really happy for this. However, after a whole day of medicating telling myself it must be all good and just stay happy, I simply couldn't. From the way it got shipped to me, the tag, the dust bag and the appear of it, I'm just not 100% confident that it's authentic brand new Balenciaga purse. There was no stuffing to keep the purse in shape and relatively naked straight in the shipping box. The shipping box was crashed and broken (of course). It was in the dust bag, though only half in half out.. The zippers are open. The tag is not on the purse, instead it was stuffed in the front pocket.The hardware on the purse doesn't match the price paid either. The color of the studs look worn-off, while the color of the zipper seems really too yellowish. Unfortunately, almost no-wonderly at the moment I was checking it through , it states as non-returnable.
After a whole day feeling frustrated, my husband got home, took a look and said while this is what happens when buying at discounted price. But really? It is supposed to be like this?
How can I return this one PLEASE?
Thank you for reading and hope it's helpful to you.

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I want to express my love for Ideeli, as well. They're prices are great, quick shipping, friendly staff and trustworthy !

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I placed an order using a promotional discount. Oddly, the order was cancelled due to "fraud". This company took my credit card info, is jamming my inbox with emails, and cancelled my order for no reason other than the item would've been too cheap for them to ship. I think they are "fraud"...

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My mother has been a member if Ideeli for years and they just put out a promo for a free $10. After using the code and still paying money i referred close to a hundred family members and friends to the site. almost 20 of us have received emails saying that they are canceling our orders due to fraud….. I have read their entire terms and conditions and NOTHING that any of us have done was fraudulent. whats funny is the friends and family that made larger purchases weren't cancelled and their orders are on track but the family members and friends that were able to get items for free with the code or nearly free have not only had their orders cancelled, but have also had their accounts closed with them. they will not get back in tough other than an automated response saying that the order was canceled due to fraud. Even finnier, is they will replay with an automated response that doesn't even answer your questions,but the ones that madre large purchases and have tried to cancel because they are disgusted aren't even getting a response. which means that ideeli wants to keep their money and make them pay to return. one of the worst sites possible and will stick with the ones we know from now one. BEWARE to all! DO NOT USE THIS SITE!

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Really I wish I would have read these reviews prior to shopping ideeli. I have made several purchases but quite honestly I will stick with the other reliable sites I have been using. Frustrating as most on here have said lack of communication items not shipping especially when you pay extra for it to ship faster as well as items being canceled without notice. But it's even more frustrating when you order one item and they ship something completely different. There are many other sites that are much more reliable!

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I have recommended this site to friends based upon previous three experiences, but you just need to know what you are in for...don't expect a normal online is no zappos. I am upset and will not use the website again after this last experience. Found a Furla bag that I loved...ordered it immediately when the sale started. When ordering, website stated that the bag was in stock and ready to ship that day. When selecting shipping, the site offered overnight shipping for extra. I upgraded to overnight - thinking great I will receive it tomorrow. My confirmation email stated that it would ship the day I ordered and be delivered the following day. Well, it did not ship that day. The next day, I checked my order, and it had changed and said that the expected shipping date had now changed. I wanted it before Valentine's Day, and now it has not shipped again. Why would I have upgraded to overnight shipping if I knew that there was a possibility that the website was lying and that it was not available to be shipped immediately? I would rather pay full price and know what to expect. Live chat was no help and actually just frustrated me more. I don't have the time for this website. And, the item is now sold out so I'm sure I will soon be told that there was a processing issue and they will cancel my order. Wish I would have found this review site and read reviews before I started spending my money.

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Ideeli is filled with good deals but the customer service when something goes wrong is a bit unreliable. I'd use it again but with some caution.

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Do you like speaking to pre-programmed robots, and being frustrated with the fact that you can't ever reach a human being? If you said yes, is for you! I am a super loyal customer - pay extra for first row, buy tons and tons of merchandise. But be warned the moment you have an issue with their merch. Right now it's been nearly a month that I'm trying to get my $230 back from an item that was the wrong color -- it was THEIR mistake, but of course it's been a total hassle. Their customer service reps feed you complete misinformation and downright lies. They have no info about anything and all you can do is hope that they will pass the information along so you can get your money back. I was told just this past Sunday by "Jose" that a) my $230 would be refunded by Monday, the "5th business day" since it was initiated and b) a manager would CALL ME on the phone (again, it is nearly impossible to speak to a human being from this co! -- horrible). Guess what - Monday arrived, and lo and behold, I'm sent a form email (nothing boils my blood more!) showing that the refund was *just* begun yesterday and of course, no call from a human being, let alone a manager was made to me! So now I'm going to have to wait another 5 business days for my refund. When I spoke with "Esmerelda" today she told me the best she could do was to have a manager call me by 8pm TOMORROW (Wednsday). So again, that means 4 days that I have to wait to speak with someone other than a computer. I have had it with this site. I'm thinking of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as well as any other consumer affairs site. It's not a surprise they are owned by Groupon now. That company is low budget too.

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I was a very good Ideeli customer until I received notice that I would have to pay for the privelege of seeing their full offering of merchandise. Whuuuu? Granted the fee was very nominal compared to the thousands of dollars I spent on apparel and home goods, but why would anyone PAY TO SPEND THEIR MONEY? I've switched to haute (who I believe delivers via pony express; be warned). No fee, same great discounts and the merchandise is every bit as nice if not nicer. (And you can speak to actual humans on the telephone.) Let me know if you change that policy, Ideeli, and I'll visit your website again.

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REQUEST FOR RMA FOR RETURN OF ORDER #---------; A/K/A SR----------- Customer By Email 02/05/2014
1) I placed an Order on January 18, 2014 and IDEELI represented that the expected ship date was jan 21 or 22 ; Order #:------------.
I received the order almost 3 weeks later which was NOT the time period i expected it should have arrived. The delivery date was important because I needed the clothing on a timely basis for a specific reason and relied on Ideeli's statement to my detriment.

Also, the Order I received was assigned a different Order # than the Order # i was given when i made the Order. This made it difficult to find my Order. In addition, the description of various high quality name brand Suits stated that I needed to order a size 6 which when i tried on the cloths was wholly incorrect and inaccurate as i was a larger size but I followed the sizing guide which was wrong. (As of this writing on SiteJabber, I have noted that Ideeli has now changed the sizing of these vendors items to be in line with the correct sizing). I had other problems with IDEELI, but assumed that i would receive some degree of courtesy due to my frequent and large purchases. I was wrong as the Representative refused to issue me any RMA at all. I then asked the ONLINE chat person if i could have a phone number to be able to speak with someone on the phone. i was unable to speak with anyone, ever. I could no longer use the merchandise due to the protracted dispatch date and the fact that i needed it for a specific purpose which expired due to the delay in the shipping date.

2) Ideeli also refused to honor an advertised 20% off it was advertising despite the fact that I could prove the purchases qualified for the 20%. Since i was only able to "Chat" ONLINE with a "Rep" about these issues, I also requested a phone number of a live person to speak with. The Rep gave me a phone number and I was NEVER able to reach anyone using the phone number she gave me. I left numerous messages, but none ever returned my calls. I wrote back again requesting a phone number which would allow me to talk with someone with authority or anyone for that matter, but was never provided with such a contact number to a live person.

Inter alia, the change in the Order number; no customer service to answer my calls or call me back, the late delivery. and other problems in IDEELI's "service" Is wearing on my patience and is unprofessional. IDEELI doesn't seem to care about customers or their justified complaints which IDEELI declined to properly address by offering up only empty apologies, by passing the blame to its brands vendor whom they claimed provided the sizing, by claiming these items were sold during their "red sale" and therefore not eligible for return (despite the fact that the items did not match their online description), by changing the Order numbers which makes referencing the Order much more difficult because it can't be found under the original Order #, and other reasons described by other customers.

I want an RMA # to return these items and i want IDeeli to honor its 20% as it should. I would also still like to speak with a live person.

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They do not guantee their deliveries. The packages are routed via UPS and then locally delivered via USPS and often times the packages are left outside the mailbox or shoved inside your mailbox. If your mailbox is near main street, you will have to find another shipping address, otherwise you are throwing money away on orders you will never receive. In addition, customer sevice reps (via chat) are RUDE! and supervisors don't bother to return your call if you have issues that need to be addressed. You have to wait at least a 2 weeks average to get your FREE shipping after you have paid $9 for one months worth of free shipping and sizes are often times misrepresented. If I could, I would give this site NO STARS!!!!

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i order jeans from there website you wont believe my sister and there friends love it so much. I also recommend to everyone shop from ideeli only.

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I used to shop on ideeli all the time, but over the past year or so have stayed away and gone to other flash sale sites that are more consistent with the quality of merchandise and customer service. Now my most recent experience reminds me why I stayed away from this site. I purchased a jacket 2 weeks ago and waited patiently for it to ship. Meanwhile, I saw sales for similar jackets elsewhere (online and in stores) but didn't purchase them because I was waiting to receive this one. I get an email saying that due to a computer error, they were out of stock and couldn't complete my order. Now 2 weeks later, I see the same jacket in the same size being offered for sale, but it's sold out by the time I see it. If they had it in stock, why didn't they send me my order? I am beyond pissed by their lack of customer service and their so-called computer errors.

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I've been a loyal customer for two years and spent thousands of dollars on ideeli. But things change my mind from this January!!
I recently ordered LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Alma Satchel (#70992918) and just received it right before my birthday (since it's a gift from my hubby for my 30th birthday this year). Unfortunately it's a used bag where you can see the scratches and spots on the bottom! I tried to contact the customer service livechat. It referred me to the CS team who replied saying it's non-returnable and it's my responsibility to check the photos. Well. It gave me a snapshot which didn't show any pre-owned status- no spot or scratch that you can see!! I was asking for a final solution, not just excuses. Then it didn't even give me any reply after that!! I realized the CS team is NOT to listen to customers or help us, especially when you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars!
Yes. I might not be able to get my money back but as I promised in the messages when dealing with ideeli, I'll start to tell my story honestly to ANY business review and draft a complaint to BBB. So other customers can be aware in such situations! Ideeli, NOT recommended.

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I am beyond disappointed in the products I have received from this website. About a year ago I purchased a pair of boots from ideeli. About 4 or 5 months into owning these shoes I began to notice severe deterioration on the soles. The sole began to become completely detached from the boot and holes began to develop. I equated this to perhaps just getting a faulty product so I decided to just call it a loss. Recently I purchased another pair of boots from the website. I couldn't imagine having the same bad luck! Boy was I wrong. Within five months of owning these new boots I started experiencing the same exact problem!! The sole is completely detaching from the show. I wear these shoes about once every two weeks so this isn't normal wear and tear. These shoes are practically new and they are already falling apart. I wrote to customer service to express how disappointed I was that two pairs of shoes purchased from their website are doing the same exact thing and I was basically given the brush off. Long story short, I wouldn't purchase anything from this website again. Their products are poorly quality and customer service will do nothing to help you. I also have several friends that have experienced problems before as well.

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I ordered a Wall Mural from Ideeli. Instead of the mural, they sent me a different product that was stickered as my item. When I contacted Ideeli, they admitted the mixup and offered to put me on the waitlist for the item I ordered and paid for in good faith. That would be fine, except that I get the same notice of availability as someone who may have waitlisted long after I had already paid for the item. They will also keep my money until they receive the mistaken item back. They did offer a prepaid shipping label but made it seem like they were doing me a favor in doing so. They gave me a $10 voucher but I really would prefer that they fix their mistake!

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I like to buy designer apparel with great discount! So, I decided to try,I've heard about it lot from my friend. I bought 4 items there and I payed the whole amount of money. But next day the returned me some money,less than a half of the sum,as they had sent only two items,and two was in a wait list. But when they charged us,everything was in stock. We had been waiting for a month and finally the sent those two items and they charged me not that sum,which they had returned me,but the whole sum again. I wrote the support team and they promised to help me in 24 hours. It has been already 2 days nobody answers me. It"s awful!!!

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