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Ideeli reviews

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425 Reviews for Ideeli

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They gave me a one-year $25 credit as a "courtesy".

I ordered a 400 something D&G dress for the wedding.

But by then you have passed to the 14 day return date.

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New Reviewer

I ordered a pair of pants & got a lacy dress instead. When I contacted ideeli they said the pants were gone--just return the dress. I asked if they could they give me a small credit ($10 maybe) for my time, effort, and expense in returning it & they said no, just a refund. I was annoyed as I too like other complainers had spent thousands over the last several years shopping at their site. I returned the dress at my own expense (as I did not want to use their label & get a credit & have to shop there again). After weeks of getting no refund I contacted them & they said they never got it! I do not believe that, as the label was clearly typed on my husband's law firm address label, so if they did not get it, it should have come back--which it didn't. I am sure they got the package & just did not give me my money back. Goodbye, ideeli!

New Reviewer

I placed an order and used a promotional coupon they sent me. The cancelled the ordet calling it "fraud" after taking money out of my account. It took me two weeks of corresponding to get no where with them. No resolution came about and by the time the got back to me the items I had originally ordered were sold out. They have no traiming in customer service. I do not recommend.

New Reviewer

I ordered two pairs of designer shoes, one in a smaller size and one in a larger size, with the intention of keeping whichever fit and sending back the other. The smaller size was too small, so I could not keep it, but the larger size I was sent was obviously defective, with several visible issues that affected both the look and the fit. I wrote to the support team and was offered either a free return or a $10 credit. I included photos of the defects and noted that the damage to the shoes was significantly more than $10 worth if I were to keep them, but was told that a $10 credit was the only thing they could offer.

I wrote back at 6:30 pm on Thursday that I would take the credit, then went back on the site to browse. I quickly saw that they still had one more pair of the same shoes available in my larger size! If someone had offered me an exchange, I would have accepted. I went ahead and ordered the other pair of the larger size at 10:20 pm, and IMMEDIATELY THEREAFTER wrote back to support saying to disregard the last email, that I would like to just return the defective pair since I've gone ahead and ordered a replacement. This email was sent at 10:30 pm. Four hours had passed since I said I'd take the credit, and in that time no credit had been issued. Therefore, I expected that - like any other company - they would read my most recent communication and act accordingly.

I did not receive a response the next day, or the next. For reference, ideeli "pledges to respond to your issue or question within 24 hours." This is a lie.

THREE DAYS LATER, I receive an email from Liana (who I had been corresponding with up until this point) that they would no longer accept a return of this item as I had already been issued a credit and had already used it on an order.


The time elapsed between asking for the credit and asking that the credit not be applied so that I could return the item was 4 hours. Nobody communicated anything to me in those four hours, or for three days afterward. The new pair was listed at $49.99 on the website. My order receipt says I paid $49.99. My credit card company lists a charge of $49.99. During the entire exchange, my credits were listed on the website as $0.00.

Where exactly is this mythical credit that was purportedly issued? A credit that I was not informed about, a credit that was not listed on the website, a credit that did not show up when I purchased my new order, a credit that is entirely missing from every financial record of my transaction? Where is this credit that I am supposed to have already used?

I am being told that a credit was issued when it never was, in order for the company to avoid having to accept a return of a defective item.

All emails I sent to the support address were answered by Liana, and as she has proven herself both uncommunicative and not above outright lies, I am not inclined to continue attempting to resolve the issue with her. The live chat is slow and the representatives on it seem to occasionally go MIA for long periods of time without answering a question, so that is also not a good way to resolve a problem that started out very simple but has now become downright ridiculous. Since the company does not list a phone number, I do not know how to contact someone else in order to ensure that I can speak to someone competent and willing to help - if such a person even exists in this company.

In the end, I am stuck with a pair of defective $65 shoes that I cannot return and an alleged $10 credit that I never actually received. This isn't just unacceptable, it's completely dishonest and deceitful and a clear way for the company to keep the money without having to answer for the merchandise. I've purchased items from the site before without incident, but if you ever run into a problem with your order, simply know that their customer service is not above making things up to avoid fixing the issue, even going so far as to backtrack on their own promises. I am out a significant amount of money because I made the mistake of believing this was an honest, above-ground operation. It's not. I advise you to make your purchases elsewhere.

New Reviewer

I've been wanting a Balenciaga purse, saw it on ideeli recently, then showed the page to my husband. He surprised me with the packaged I found on my door way this morning. I'm really happy for this. However, after a whole day of medicating telling myself it must be all good and just stay happy, I simply couldn't. From the way it got shipped to me, the tag, the dust bag and the appear of it, I'm just not 100% confident that it's authentic brand new Balenciaga purse. There was no stuffing to keep the purse in shape and relatively naked straight in the shipping box. The shipping box was crashed and broken (of course). It was in the dust bag, though only half in half out.. The zippers are open. The tag is not on the purse, instead it was stuffed in the front pocket.The hardware on the purse doesn't match the price paid either. The color of the studs look worn-off, while the color of the zipper seems really too yellowish. Unfortunately, almost no-wonderly at the moment I was checking it through , it states as non-returnable.
After a whole day feeling frustrated, my husband got home, took a look and said while this is what happens when buying at discounted price. But really? It is supposed to be like this?
How can I return this one PLEASE?
Thank you for reading and hope it's helpful to you.

New Reviewer

I want to express my love for Ideeli, as well. They're prices are great, quick shipping, friendly staff and trustworthy !

New Reviewer

I placed an order using a promotional discount. Oddly, the order was cancelled due to "fraud". This company took my credit card info, is jamming my inbox with emails, and cancelled my order for no reason other than the item would've been too cheap for them to ship. I think they are "fraud"...

New Reviewer

My mother has been a member if Ideeli for years and they just put out a promo for a free $10. After using the code and still paying money i referred close to a hundred family members and friends to the site. almost 20 of us have received emails saying that they are canceling our orders due to fraud….. I have read their entire terms and conditions and NOTHING that any of us have done was fraudulent. whats funny is the friends and family that made larger purchases weren't cancelled and their orders are on track but the family members and friends that were able to get items for free with the code or nearly free have not only had their orders cancelled, but have also had their accounts closed with them. they will not get back in tough other than an automated response saying that the order was canceled due to fraud. Even finnier, is they will replay with an automated response that doesn't even answer your questions,but the ones that madre large purchases and have tried to cancel because they are disgusted aren't even getting a response. which means that ideeli wants to keep their money and make them pay to return. one of the worst sites possible and will stick with the ones we know from now one. BEWARE to all! DO NOT USE THIS SITE!

New Reviewer

Really I wish I would have read these reviews prior to shopping ideeli. I have made several purchases but quite honestly I will stick with the other reliable sites I have been using. Frustrating as most on here have said lack of communication items not shipping especially when you pay extra for it to ship faster as well as items being canceled without notice. But it's even more frustrating when you order one item and they ship something completely different. There are many other sites that are much more reliable!

New Reviewer

I have recommended this site to friends based upon previous three experiences, but you just need to know what you are in for...don't expect a normal online is no zappos. I am upset and will not use the website again after this last experience. Found a Furla bag that I loved...ordered it immediately when the sale started. When ordering, website stated that the bag was in stock and ready to ship that day. When selecting shipping, the site offered overnight shipping for extra. I upgraded to overnight - thinking great I will receive it tomorrow. My confirmation email stated that it would ship the day I ordered and be delivered the following day. Well, it did not ship that day. The next day, I checked my order, and it had changed and said that the expected shipping date had now changed. I wanted it before Valentine's Day, and now it has not shipped again. Why would I have upgraded to overnight shipping if I knew that there was a possibility that the website was lying and that it was not available to be shipped immediately? I would rather pay full price and know what to expect. Live chat was no help and actually just frustrated me more. I don't have the time for this website. And, the item is now sold out so I'm sure I will soon be told that there was a processing issue and they will cancel my order. Wish I would have found this review site and read reviews before I started spending my money.

New Reviewer

Ideeli is filled with good deals but the customer service when something goes wrong is a bit unreliable. I'd use it again but with some caution.

New Reviewer

Do you like speaking to pre-programmed robots, and being frustrated with the fact that you can't ever reach a human being? If you said yes, is for you! I am a super loyal customer - pay extra for first row, buy tons and tons of merchandise. But be warned the moment you have an issue with their merch. Right now it's been nearly a month that I'm trying to get my $230 back from an item that was the wrong color -- it was THEIR mistake, but of course it's been a total hassle. Their customer service reps feed you complete misinformation and downright lies. They have no info about anything and all you can do is hope that they will pass the information along so you can get your money back. I was told just this past Sunday by "Jose" that a) my $230 would be refunded by Monday, the "5th business day" since it was initiated and b) a manager would CALL ME on the phone (again, it is nearly impossible to speak to a human being from this co! -- horrible). Guess what - Monday arrived, and lo and behold, I'm sent a form email (nothing boils my blood more!) showing that the refund was *just* begun yesterday and of course, no call from a human being, let alone a manager was made to me! So now I'm going to have to wait another 5 business days for my refund. When I spoke with "Esmerelda" today she told me the best she could do was to have a manager call me by 8pm TOMORROW (Wednsday). So again, that means 4 days that I have to wait to speak with someone other than a computer. I have had it with this site. I'm thinking of filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as well as any other consumer affairs site. It's not a surprise they are owned by Groupon now. That company is low budget too.

New Reviewer

I was a very good Ideeli customer until I received notice that I would have to pay for the privelege of seeing their full offering of merchandise. Whuuuu? Granted the fee was very nominal compared to the thousands of dollars I spent on apparel and home goods, but why would anyone PAY TO SPEND THEIR MONEY? I've switched to haute (who I believe delivers via pony express; be warned). No fee, same great discounts and the merchandise is every bit as nice if not nicer. (And you can speak to actual humans on the telephone.) Let me know if you change that policy, Ideeli, and I'll visit your website again.

New Reviewer

REQUEST FOR RMA FOR RETURN OF ORDER #---------; A/K/A SR----------- Customer By Email 02/05/2014
1) I placed an Order on January 18, 2014 and IDEELI represented that the expected ship date was jan 21 or 22 ; Order #:------------.
I received the order almost 3 weeks later which was NOT the time period i expected it should have arrived. The delivery date was important because I needed the clothing on a timely basis for a specific reason and relied on Ideeli's statement to my detriment.

Also, the Order I received was assigned a different Order # than the Order # i was given when i made the Order. This made it difficult to find my Order. In addition, the description of various high quality name brand Suits stated that I needed to order a size 6 which when i tried on the cloths was wholly incorrect and inaccurate as i was a larger size but I followed the sizing guide which was wrong. (As of this writing on SiteJabber, I have noted that Ideeli has now changed the sizing of these vendors items to be in line with the correct sizing). I had other problems with IDEELI, but assumed that i would receive some degree of courtesy due to my frequent and large purchases. I was wrong as the Representative refused to issue me any RMA at all. I then asked the ONLINE chat person if i could have a phone number to be able to speak with someone on the phone. i was unable to speak with anyone, ever. I could no longer use the merchandise due to the protracted dispatch date and the fact that i needed it for a specific purpose which expired due to the delay in the shipping date.

2) Ideeli also refused to honor an advertised 20% off it was advertising despite the fact that I could prove the purchases qualified for the 20%. Since i was only able to "Chat" ONLINE with a "Rep" about these issues, I also requested a phone number of a live person to speak with. The Rep gave me a phone number and I was NEVER able to reach anyone using the phone number she gave me. I left numerous messages, but none ever returned my calls. I wrote back again requesting a phone number which would allow me to talk with someone with authority or anyone for that matter, but was never provided with such a contact number to a live person.

Inter alia, the change in the Order number; no customer service to answer my calls or call me back, the late delivery. and other problems in IDEELI's "service" Is wearing on my patience and is unprofessional. IDEELI doesn't seem to care about customers or their justified complaints which IDEELI declined to properly address by offering up only empty apologies, by passing the blame to its brands vendor whom they claimed provided the sizing, by claiming these items were sold during their "red sale" and therefore not eligible for return (despite the fact that the items did not match their online description), by changing the Order numbers which makes referencing the Order much more difficult because it can't be found under the original Order #, and other reasons described by other customers.

I want an RMA # to return these items and i want IDeeli to honor its 20% as it should. I would also still like to speak with a live person.

New Reviewer

They do not guantee their deliveries. The packages are routed via UPS and then locally delivered via USPS and often times the packages are left outside the mailbox or shoved inside your mailbox. If your mailbox is near main street, you will have to find another shipping address, otherwise you are throwing money away on orders you will never receive. In addition, customer sevice reps (via chat) are RUDE! and supervisors don't bother to return your call if you have issues that need to be addressed. You have to wait at least a 2 weeks average to get your FREE shipping after you have paid $9 for one months worth of free shipping and sizes are often times misrepresented. If I could, I would give this site NO STARS!!!!

New Reviewer

i order jeans from there website you wont believe my sister and there friends love it so much. I also recommend to everyone shop from ideeli only.

New Reviewer

I used to shop on ideeli all the time, but over the past year or so have stayed away and gone to other flash sale sites that are more consistent with the quality of merchandise and customer service. Now my most recent experience reminds me why I stayed away from this site. I purchased a jacket 2 weeks ago and waited patiently for it to ship. Meanwhile, I saw sales for similar jackets elsewhere (online and in stores) but didn't purchase them because I was waiting to receive this one. I get an email saying that due to a computer error, they were out of stock and couldn't complete my order. Now 2 weeks later, I see the same jacket in the same size being offered for sale, but it's sold out by the time I see it. If they had it in stock, why didn't they send me my order? I am beyond pissed by their lack of customer service and their so-called computer errors.

New Reviewer

I've been a loyal customer for two years and spent thousands of dollars on ideeli. But things change my mind from this January!!
I recently ordered LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Alma Satchel (#70992918) and just received it right before my birthday (since it's a gift from my hubby for my 30th birthday this year). Unfortunately it's a used bag where you can see the scratches and spots on the bottom! I tried to contact the customer service livechat. It referred me to the CS team who replied saying it's non-returnable and it's my responsibility to check the photos. Well. It gave me a snapshot which didn't show any pre-owned status- no spot or scratch that you can see!! I was asking for a final solution, not just excuses. Then it didn't even give me any reply after that!! I realized the CS team is NOT to listen to customers or help us, especially when you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars!
Yes. I might not be able to get my money back but as I promised in the messages when dealing with ideeli, I'll start to tell my story honestly to ANY business review and draft a complaint to BBB. So other customers can be aware in such situations! Ideeli, NOT recommended.

New Reviewer

I am beyond disappointed in the products I have received from this website. About a year ago I purchased a pair of boots from ideeli. About 4 or 5 months into owning these shoes I began to notice severe deterioration on the soles. The sole began to become completely detached from the boot and holes began to develop. I equated this to perhaps just getting a faulty product so I decided to just call it a loss. Recently I purchased another pair of boots from the website. I couldn't imagine having the same bad luck! Boy was I wrong. Within five months of owning these new boots I started experiencing the same exact problem!! The sole is completely detaching from the show. I wear these shoes about once every two weeks so this isn't normal wear and tear. These shoes are practically new and they are already falling apart. I wrote to customer service to express how disappointed I was that two pairs of shoes purchased from their website are doing the same exact thing and I was basically given the brush off. Long story short, I wouldn't purchase anything from this website again. Their products are poorly quality and customer service will do nothing to help you. I also have several friends that have experienced problems before as well.

New Reviewer

I ordered a Wall Mural from Ideeli. Instead of the mural, they sent me a different product that was stickered as my item. When I contacted Ideeli, they admitted the mixup and offered to put me on the waitlist for the item I ordered and paid for in good faith. That would be fine, except that I get the same notice of availability as someone who may have waitlisted long after I had already paid for the item. They will also keep my money until they receive the mistaken item back. They did offer a prepaid shipping label but made it seem like they were doing me a favor in doing so. They gave me a $10 voucher but I really would prefer that they fix their mistake!

New Reviewer

I like to buy designer apparel with great discount! So, I decided to try,I've heard about it lot from my friend. I bought 4 items there and I payed the whole amount of money. But next day the returned me some money,less than a half of the sum,as they had sent only two items,and two was in a wait list. But when they charged us,everything was in stock. We had been waiting for a month and finally the sent those two items and they charged me not that sum,which they had returned me,but the whole sum again. I wrote the support team and they promised to help me in 24 hours. It has been already 2 days nobody answers me. It"s awful!!!

New Reviewer

I have been using ideeli for several years now. It the beginning I was pleased. However, the past several orders have been poor experiences so I am not sure what has changed there. The short window for returning an item is not reasonable. I travel for my job and as a result, have missed the ridiculously short time frame for returns. Recently, I bought a set of a luggage that was a killer deal based on the make. Or so I thought. I used the carry on ONE time I did not check it. The wheels broke, the handle unraveled and the piping unraveled. The online chat rep told me that I had to work with the luggage manufacturer to get a replacement set. Uh no thanks, it was junk, I just wanted to return it and get a credit. No, they say. I gave a second piece of luggage from the set a try during a second trip. Hoping it was a fluke. The driver picked the bag up to place it in the trunk and the handle completely broke. At that point it was laughable how bad the product they sold was. Even if I wanted to really shop with them now, I can't as the site is not loading and that's been the case for three days. Glad I am paying a membership fee for poor service and a site that I cant access.

New Reviewer

Wow. The negative comments are shocking to me. I've been a loyal customer since the beginning. I have never had any problems with items or service. I once did not receive an item. I told them and was immediately credited for it. All my purchases were in excellent condition and of very high quality. Maggie London, Desigual, Casual Couture, Hale Bob, Joyous & Free and Sue Wong are just some labels I like and have bought from here. I'm a savvy shopper and can see if the garment is made well. I also care about fabric and look at the photos very well for indications of craftsmanship. Ideeli sells high/medium/lower quality items, as does any company. I get so many compliments on my wardrobe and 75% of my wardrobe is from ideeli. I loathe shopping in stores so ideeli and amazon are my go-to shops.

New Reviewer

I purchased an e-gift card that was supposed to be delivered on Christmas Day. It's now the 28th. Still no confirmation email, and I can't even check my last order. Forget getting customer service. It is either a chat line or an email to which they will promptly "log your complaints in" and get nothing done. STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

I check in on them every now and then for deals, but had to unsubscribe from their email list because I couldn't deal with the barrage of emails I was receiving. I found, for me personally, that the length of time for deals was too short - I felt like I was always being rushed to make a purchasing decision, so I'll come here in the future for when I'm window shopping.

New Reviewer

Ordered an item on 11/23 for my daughters birthday on 12/16. Was told it would ship 12/5. On 12/10 I went online to find out. They claimed they shipped and it was delivered on 12/5 which it was not. They never sent a shipping notice so I had no idea!. Cant get through on the phone and "live chat" tells me we will get back to you. They did not. Live chat again tells me they are 'investigating" and I have to wait 8 days for an answer ! what bull$#*! !! Never order from there again !

New Reviewer

I used to be their customer for three years. Two years ago I ordered a pair of pants and aftre I got different pants that the one I ordered I decided to take a brake from ideeli, but recently I ordered from them again. On the begining of november I ordered an item, I got an email that item was shipped but my truking number doesnt work. I called ups I was to usps and nothing nobody can't tell me where my order is. I contact ideeli x times. Everytime they tell me different stories. To wait 1-2 business days, then they told me they can't find my order and they will return my money , then they never returned my money and when I contact them to ask why a they say to wait 8-10 more days because item my be on it's way. I have no more patiency for that. They are not profesionall at all, and don't give a $#*! about their customers. At their customer service all people lie to you. They tell you different stories and when you ask why your coworker gave me another info they say don't believe him but believe me. It's insane, I will never buy anything from them again. At this point I will probably never see my money nor my item, but people if you care about your money don't buy from

New Reviewer

i'm super disappointed with ideeli they're very unprofessional, it is frustrating to get my orders they take too long to ship and i thought it's maybe because i live in Hawaii but i spend over $4000 since i have been a member with them but on my last order i have spent about over $200 and it took about a month and when i received my order it wasn't even what i've ordered. they mixed up my order with somebody's stuff and when i told them about it they told me to wait 24 hours so they can get back to me but i never heard from them back. it's frustrating i will never shop there again. i just want to say don't waste your money with them.

New Reviewer

Buyer beware. I purchased a travel voucher for $2200 and was unable to travel during the time period due to family medical reasons. When I contacted ideeli they stated they were no longer doing business with the 3rd party travel agency and since they paid them. They were unable to give me a credit!!! I wasn't asking for a refund just a credit. Customer service said there was nothing they could do except offer me a $25 credit which was insulting. I was a loyal customer who spent thousands of dollars but that does not matter to this company. Imagine losing $2200 dollars and see if you'd ever shop here again. If anyone is interested in a class action law suit please contact me if you've had similar experiences. Groupon lost a multi-million dollar lawsuit and now their groupons will retain cash value even if expired. Again I would not recommend ideeli to anyone.

New Reviewer

This site nickels and dimes you. It costs $10 to ship something, and if you decide you want to return it, it's another $9. Most of the products are absolute crap. I tried using them twice, both times I had items shipped to me that were defective. I would strongly suggest shopping at another discount online store- because they are plentiful and are typically much cheaper/better quality.

New Reviewer

I''ve been ordering things online from Ideeli from past two years. Recently they have added this new shipping feature that is if you buy something for the first time, you will have to pay $9.95 once and get free shipping throughout the next 30 days. Few months ago I had ordered a couple of things the first time I received the shipment on time then I wanted to make use of the free shipping feature and ordered something that was delivered after a month of the expected shipping date. I assumed it must be the manufacturer/inventory issue that must have caused the delay so I didn't care much. but then on one of my recent orders Ideeli has shipped the package through UPS which then was delivered to USPS but its been a month since its been with USPS and they haven't delivered it yet, I've contacted Ideeli, UPS, USPS and nobody seems to know the where about the package. I am about to move from my apartment soon so I really don't know when should I expect it t be delivered but I know one thing for sure that henceforth I am not shopping with Ideeli ever again.

New Reviewer

Although there's are a lot of negative reviews about this site, I have nothing but positive things to say. I made my first purchase the other day and just received it in the mail. Throughout the process I also received email updates on the delivery status too. Quick, efficient, and great products for sale. I'll be using this site again!

New Reviewer

Stay away. I seriously hope they go out of business. I wonder how they can even survive in this competitive market. It usually takes about 3 weeks to receive items.
My previous order, which was missing for some reason, arrived at my place after two months. And this last order, which was ordered for my mom, was supposed to be shipped on 10/29 or 10/30, and all of a sudden, the shipment is pending. The customer service representative responded as if it's not their problem, it's more like the manufacturer's problem. And that's the reason why ideeli is able to offer products at such a low price. F--- you. Never going to come back this website ever again in my life.

New Reviewer

I have had what seems to be the common experience with ideeli lately. I have been a loyal customer of ideeli for years and really value the convenience and quality that they have provided in the past. However, I have made three orders in the past 4 months and EVERY order has been a mistake. The wrong item, size, or color. It is not convenient to receive an item just to have to return it. However, I must say that I have had good experiences with their customer service, they always provide me with a full refund, shipping label, and credit to ideeli. Although why I'd want to use a credit to order what will turn out to be the wrong item is beyond me...

New Reviewer

I had posted in the past about an issue with Ideeli. Guess what, I have a similar problem, AGAIN! I ordered a suitcase, did not arrive for 4 months, contacted customer service to find out what's going on. They said they were out of stock, couldn't tell me that for 4 months, could they??? The usual, we will credit your account with $10 bullcrap. I check the website later and find out the bag is in stock again, so I contacted the customer service again. This time they forward me a link to the bag and ask me to reorder it, but the price is almost double the one that I originally ordered at. Nice way to rip off the customer.

Previous review :[I ordered a pair of shoes, the order got cancelled saying that there was an issue with credit card whereas my credit card has been working fine with every other transaction I have made. Then there was this second time when they said there was an inventory problem and the order for a dress got cancelled. I contacted the customer service and the guy was rude. Initially I was a bit heated up and did not engage in common courtesy but I was t quick to apologize. That did not help. Then he went ahead and the wisecrack that he was, he told me how he would just go out and buy a dress if he were me, like I did not think of that.]

New Reviewer

First - i have used ideeli quite a few times to buy merchandise with no problem. My last order, however.....
Bought a pair of boots - size 6 1/2. recv'd said boots, size ELEVEN. Really?
OK, so i returned them (in the meantime, my size sold out, which sucked.)
They recv'd my package on Oct 2. I waited until Oct 13 to inquire. Said they had a warehouse move and would process my refund "soon". So, I inquired AGAIN, on Oct 25. NO REPLY. I sent another email today. I am quite fed up with this company and frankly will not use again but in the meantime i want my money back - BECAUSE I WAS SENT THE WRONG ITEM.

New Reviewer

Three times in the last two weeks they had "an inventory problem". They gave me a $10 credit-but how am I supposed to use a credit if they don't ever seem to have the merchandise I want/ordered?? Don't waste your time.

New Reviewer

Really horrible customer service ! I was their customer over 2 years. In August this year I bought a watch and this dispatch was delayed for > 2 weeks. When I finally got it I found a creme in a box.
Now they offers me 25 USD refund only. Even not the cost difference between creme & watches. Amazing scorn. I will stop my purchases from this site.

New Reviewer

Two of my last few orders - received wrong merchandise. Ideeli does not have a telephone number on their site, you need to Google for it. Then try getting through to a human -- impossible. Had to contact my credit card company to dispute the charge and make sure I was not charged their exorbitant return shipping fees as this was their mistake. Learned from my credit card company that Ideeli never bothered to refund me for the last item I returned and had I not had a new problem, I probably wouldn't have realized it. Also placed an order with them several months ago that remained an open order waiting for them to receive the merchandise. They never once contacted me to tell me there was a delay and ultimately they closed the order without even letting me know. The only reason I got a response from anyone at Ideeli is because I posted on their Facebook page and I was among many with issues. I have removed myself from their mailing list. Their quality control is horrible and customer service horrific.

New Reviewer

Recently this company has been horrible to deal with. I have had two returns not credited to my account. Both times I had to call to initiate a return payment and told that "human error happens sometimes." I have had orders cancelled even though the item is still listed for sale on their website as well. It is almost impossible to speak to someone...everything is done through email...which is usually dealing with someone who is snippy in their replies. I won't be ordering from them again!

New Reviewer

I have shopped from Ideeli in the past and had a decent experience. However, I recently order 2 suits from Ideeli. One suit was shipped with the jacket only - no skirt. There is no phone # to be found on the website or the web in general. I went onto their chat 4 times and was told I was #1 in the queue but no one ever responds. I sent 2 emails from 2 different email accounts. They did respond to the gmail account and I was told they would look into it and get back to me by 8:00 the next day. Still waiting to get a reply. They have the absolute worst customer service. I can only hope to cancel my credit card charge since they don't seem to care about fixing a problem.

New Reviewer

I have been ideeli customer for a long time but recently I had a lot of problem with this company. HORRIBLE customer service and they messed up a few orders sending me the wrong items or used items. I have never got response form the customer service even they promised to get back to me on the next day. Also, there is always problem with the return process. They cant find item or process partially. So, I need to contact them every time and ask to resolve the problem and waiting for their respionse for ever. You need to watch to make sure that you get your refund back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have been ordering from ideeli for over 3 years and just over a year ago my orders have started to get mixed up or items missing from the order. I placed two different orders within the last month and both have been really messed up. The first order was missing a dress and the second order for two pair of shoes came with one pair and a purse in a shoe box.
Each time that I contact their customer service I receive the same response. The item is no longer available and we will give you a store credit of $25. When I shop, I shop for items that will compliment other items I already own. It really angers me when I'm expecting an item and I don't get it. I did my part, but ideeli has issues with providing follow through.
Unfortunately, I have referred friends and coworkers to this site. I can view those invitations and warn others of how careless this company is with providing correct orders to customers but they always get their money and offer store credit.

Be warned! Any company that does NOT provide a phone number for customer service or calls you from a blocked number is definitely trying to hide something!

New Reviewer

I finally stopped shopping from them. Initially, they weren't so bad but over the past year, every item I have bought from them has been defective. I bought a watch in Dec 2012 that stopped working by March. I recently had the time to take it in, thinking it was the battery to find out it is completely broken and it would cost me more than the price of the watch to get it fixed. Every single item I've bought from them has ended up falling apart in no time -- a complete waste of money.

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Horrible customer service. They sent me the item in the wrong color, and even though they still have the item in the right color, they are not willing to put it aside for me, until the return reaches them, even though they can run out of it.

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I had the same experience as other reviewers. I purchased several items that were shown as returnable but when I went to return them, they popped up as non-returnable items. I did contact customer service to ask if I could at least return the items for a store credit which they did. I would have preferred a refund which I didn't ask for as I was worried I would be stuck with the items. I thought there would be a better chance of a store credit than a refund. After reading some of these reviews, I will be following up today to verify that I received my credit. I recently ordered a pair of non-returnable shorts in a brand I am familiar with. I ordered the size I usually wear in that brand but they didn't fit. Since I knew they couldn't be returned, I'm stuck with a $50 pair of shorts (plus $10 for shipping) that I can't wear. Probably won't be ordering from Ideeli again. There are too many other good options.

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Two bad experiences.

First experience - I ordered a Valentino handbag that was gorgeous on the website. I received it and it felt and looked like crap. I took it to the Valentino store and they confirmed it was NOT an authentic Valentino bag. I'm not sure how they can get away with selling fake bags when I paid almost $500 for this item.

Second - I should have learned from my first experience, but I bought a jacket and a few other items from them. They lost the package. Somehow they don't require a signature on the package and the package was claimed to be delivered. It was never delivered, as my doorman can vouch for that. They log every package that comes into the building and this package from ideeli never came.

Ideeli seemed like a great website, but unfortunatey I would stay away.

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I shop on a number of ecommerce sites and the customer service here is the absolute worst, assuming you can even get anyone to respond. They take forever to ship, it's prices are substantially higher that competitors prices for same items and the customer service staff all seem to only know one word and it is "no". I am afraid I have to give up on this site and stick with Gilt, Rue la la, Haute, One Kings Lane and Josh.

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I bought a handbag which was claimed as 100% authentic Valentino bag.

It was Mario Valentino bag. It is worth anywhere from $50 to $100 and I paid almost $500 for it.

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I have not used ideeli for over a year because of my disappointment with my last order where every single piece I ordered was defective (shoes were smaller than the stated size, skirt had a button missing, and the handbag had creases on it which are still there a year later). However, as I was in the middle of the move, I didn't have time to return them.

The items that I had ordered before that were also defective and I ended up returning them. I still have balance in my account in Ideeli from that transaction and I was thinking of closing my account and getting my money back. When I checked my account, I realized that the amount that's showing up in my account looks less than what I was expecting. I send them an email asking if there is a chance that they deducted the money from my account because of inactivity, which would be unethical if they did without my knowledge. I also requested them to close my account and return my money ($140). It took two more emails to finally a get a response, which was "canned" and did not answer my first question.

But here is something they said about returning my money which blew my mind. "It has been over a year that the credit was processed under your account. Unfortunately, we no longer use the system we had a year ago to refund the credits back to your credit card. " What kind of unethical business refuses to credit customers their money because of their own business practices. I am furious and just want them to return my money as well as provide an account of my money so i know why they deducted money from my balance without my knowledge.

I am giving them a chance to resolve this or I will have to share this story on social media sites. [Incident: 130913-000010]

An update: They continue to refuse to credit my amount. Here is their response, "Due to the extended period of time in which you received the credit, we're no longer able to issue these credits to you in the form of cash, as they do not exist in that fashion. "

Basically, the money that I have in Ideeli account as credit will not be refunded to me. I am being forced to spend my hard earned money buying their low quality items. Of note, they still haven't provided me with a statement about the money in my account to explain the remaining balance.

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Today I had reviewed another site '' because i was so disappointing experiences. And it just suddenly hit me that we only tend to review or rather complain when we have bad experiences. SO I decided to submit my reviews for those that i like too.

I have bought items from Ideeli for over 5 months now. Good deals and most importantly quality products. My experience with the customer service has been great. I like that if you pay shipping on your first purchase, you will get free shipping for the entire month.
I noticed shipments can take a while to arrive and that is the only reason i gave it 4 stars. So make sure to order items early if you are buying them for special event.

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