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HomePerfect reviews

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43 reviews
261 West 35th Street Suite 504
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 1-888-850-3999
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I called to check availability for my item and proceeded to order it per telephone. (in 19 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered a Blanco 441464 kitchen sink on Sat. it shipped on Mon. I received it on Thur. as promised. On top of that I saved $120 from the next lowest price. What more could you ask for?

Ask Russ about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was very worried when I read all of the negative reviews about home perfect. I ordered a blanco sink on Saturday, had tracking info on following Tuesday, delivery on Wednesday. Sink was in perfect condition.....No problems and less than a week from order to receiving.

Ask Karen about HomePerfect
1 review
1 helpful vote

Recently underwent a kitchen remodel very close to the holidays, on top of upgrading my water heater. Christy Landry at Home Perfect was good to work with, she was easy to reach and did the necessary follow up. Everything came in on time which was very critical due to the time constraints. I would work with them again.

Ask Paula about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

We ordered a black pedestal sink set for our bathroom. The picture on the website clearly shows both the pedestal and the sink, and the description would lead you to believe that's what you're purchasing. However, apparently you're just purchasing the pedestal, or the sink - whatever they decide to ship. And the ironic thing is: the sink and the pedestal aren't universal and can only be used if both pieces are purchased together. So, why would one only buy the pedestal (or the sink as a woman described in the site reviews) if they can only be used together? So, we ask to return the item since the product description was misleading... It was almost impossible to get a live person (had to leave several messages and not once were our calls returned), and when we finally did get through, they could barely speak English. Not only that, but we asked three times for them to email us the return label. Its been over a week and still no return label. I doubt we'll ever be able to send back and be refunded for the useless pedestal sitting in our closet taking up space. Hands down, WORST, most unprofessional "company" ever. Trust your instinct and do not spend a dime on any merchandise these clowns have to offer. Such a waste of hard-earned money and time.

Ask Shelley about HomePerfect
1 review
1 helpful vote

Having a horrible time receiving (2) Blanco sinks ordered on 7/24/2015. When I placed the order, the back order was 2 weeks, then it crept to 3 weeks, now we're at 4 weeks with no guarantee. Oh, and meanwhile, my American Express was charged immediately on 7/24/15.
Wish I had Googled for reviews before giving them my order!
All one star reviews are true. Beware!

Ask J about HomePerfect
1 review
1 helpful vote

On 3/11 I ordered 2 items from homeperfect as they had the lowest price for some pretty standard items. 3 weeks later I still hadn't received anything and had no reply to my emails asking about the items. I called customer service and spoke to someone at a call center in a foreign country who informed me that 1 of the items was backordered. I had not been informed of this at all previously. I cancelled that item (thank goodness they did do a quick refund for it) and told them to send the other item. Now it is 4/7 and I still have not received my order. I looked at the site to track it and it says it WAS delivered and the date is 4/8, tomorrow?!
Hopefully that is prophetic & It arrives and I can never deal with this place again. Next time, all the way!

Ask C about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered 4 Items from this company... Only received one item, company refuses to credit or replace... Customer Service - Christy Landry is horrible!!! Stay Away from this company... now need to fight them with my credit...

Stay Away!!!

Ask Mike about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a toilet from and a couple of days later I called to cancel the order because we decided to order a different toilet. They said no problem as the item probably had not shipped yet but if it did ship they said to refuse delivery. One month later they finally issued a refund for 52% of the price I paid for the toilet. I told them that their restocking fee was unreasonable as it was significantly higher than any other site I have ever ordered from and requested that the refund be adjusted. They declined to adjust the refund. They clearly do not want repeat customers. Buy from them at your own risk....buyer beware.

Ask Bruce about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Home Perfect has TERRIBLE customer service. I placed an order on-line over 3 weeks ago. It is impossible to get a straight answer regarding the status of the order. All I know is that it has not shipped. Their customer service team WILL NOT help you if you order on-line. You should call to place your order if you intend to order from this merchant and want to follow up on the status of your order. We ended up canceling our order and buying from another retailer. They will NEVER have our business or recommendation after the terrible treatment we received.

Ask LeaveMe about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

"This is a horrible company.
I ordered for $1000 two hansgrohe items as they had competitive pricing on Feb 7th.
On Feb 11th I send them an e-mail to cancel it as the item was back ordered, although they charged my credit card immediately for the full amount.
I called them on Feb.12 to make sure the order was cancelled and after several attempts to find out what was going on they told me the day after I called that I cant cancel it as it has just shipped from Hansgrohe directly.
I just got the package today and surprise, they sent the wrong item and the second item I ordered is missing altogether.
I sent an e-mail to their service and I am waiting for an answer but already expect the worst, I am contemplating taking legal action.
Lesson learned, don't get tempted by the cheap prices they post on their web site, they will ruin your project and cost you more."

Ask steff about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

HomePerfect is the WORST business I've ever dealt with.
They take $150 for delivery (of a toilet) and the process
lasts for 3 weeks at least. When you have bought something
online from them it becomes almost impossible to get any information
from them; instead they always try to sell you something else.

Ask Thomas about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Whatever you order, make certain you have the instruction manual and all the parts before you rip out your old toilet. We got ours ripped out and found we didn't have two bolts. HomePerfect required that the manufacturer had to send THEM the part then they would send us the part. I ordered it through a supplier who is mailing it overnight. Needed just bolts, had to get a $15 kit, overnight mail, $44! Also the toilet was supposed to be a standard 12 inch size and turned out to be a new design that required new holes for the bolts.

Ask JoAnn about HomePerfect
1 review
4 helpful votes

This company does not respect their customers.

I ordered a faucet online, the product was backordered. When I finally did received the order, it was an older model that did not have the features listed on the webpage. I told HomePerfect of their mistake and I would need to return the product. HomePerfect informed me it was my mistake and I could pay restocking, return postage and some other bogus fee. I declined their insult of an offer and contacted PayPal. I then get a phone call from HomePerfect, maybe there was a warehouse mistake. Too late HomePerfect, I want my money back and PayPal agrees with me. I get my money back and you pay for return postage.

Ask Tracy about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Lost the heater I ordered in transit and did not try to fix things until 4 weeks later, after numerous emails and phone calls, by re-shipping another. This heater was also bungled by Home Perfect's shipper, AM Trucking. Home Perfect's response to me this time was to just cancel the order and refund my money which I did not ask for. I needed this heater and their service to me was just terrible. Do not do business with this company. They have no idea want customer service means.

Ask Ron about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

Just like everyone elses -- can't get ahold of anyone, no emails returned, and even though I had send their service tickets in to cancel order they sent package now they claim I will be charged a restocking fee -- I refused delivery with FED EX and am disputing charge with AMEX rude awful customer service

Ask karen about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

DODGY!! NON-PROFESSIONAL SERVICE & RIP-OFF - Ordered 3 products and waited a few weeks and heard nothing. When I enquired I was told they weren't going to ship unless I paid extra in shipping - or I had option to cancel the order. I cancelled and was mad that I had to initiate contact with them about this matter in the first place.
THEN... I get an email saying that my item was SHIPPED!! And... that they WERE NOT going to charge me extra for shipping. HOWEVER, then I learned that they DID CHARGE ME EXTRA. I wrote to them complaining and asked them to recall my order or at least refund all shipping costs - since IT STILL HADN'T arrived yet. They did NOTHING. I was ultimately charged DOUBLE the cost of my 3 products in shipping WITHOUT my consent. I am in the process of appealing but so far... NO RESPONSE.. I rarely have poor buying experiences online but this has been terrible.

Ask soo about HomePerfect
1 review
4 helpful votes

BUYER BEWARE. This website is a NON-AUTHORIZED DEALER. What does this mean to you? You WILL NOT get a valid manufacturers warranty on your purchases though they will advertise such. Most likely you are getting a damaged item, missing parts, second hand merchandise, bait and switch, or fake items. I have confirmed with several manufacturers that they are a NON-AUTHORIZED dealer.

Ask cory about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

Online search should tell you all you need regarding this company's business practices.My experience ,order not shipped when promised,unable to get thru to customer service,unreturned phone and email messages and when I finally called to concell my order they repeated hung up on me and are attempting to collect $650.00 in cancellation fees.This company has been using a less known identity of "" seems very shady to me.

Ask kevin about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have read all the complaints about Home Perfect and I am NOT surprised.This is what happens when you have INCOMPETENT children running what was once a LUCRATIVE and LEGITIMATE business, I for one should know, I was an employee there 4 years ago and have asked the authorities time and time again to investigate the business practices of this company.

There is a President of Kovid Faria, who hides behind Alex Teller making everyone believe teller is the President because Faria has stakes in other businesses, Then there is the real owner, AF Supply, an industry wholesaler who uses this site to rid itself of unwanted, used, returned and outdated products.

Some may say I am a disgruntled past employee when in fact I am not.I left this company after i realized what the business practices had become after Faria took over.

Ask Natalia about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Purchased light fixtures online and my credit card was charged immediately. However, the items are not in stock and my request to cancel the order has not been acknowledged. I have tried several times to contact their customer's service but cannot reach anyone and emails are not answered as well. I am in the process of disputing the charge with my credit card company.

Ask Vincent about HomePerfect
1 review
4 helpful votes

This company lacks any customer service at all. Do not buy anything from them.

I ordered a sink, when I finally got it, it was the wrong sink. I wanted a bar sink, they send a full size sink.

i requested a return authorization and then the hell started.

Their return policy is a 25% stocking fee of the total purchase price, which is just a total rip off to the unsuspecting consumer.

I did not read there return policy, and that is my fault. I order stuff all the time online, and have never experienced such a poor policy and poor service.

They also tried to scam me saying they didn't receive the return after 4 weeks. Thank god for FedEx tracking or I'd of lost even more money.

I made several emails, and they ignored requests and stated they didn't get the return.

This company makes a mockery of online shopping and i hope and pray they go bankrupt.

Ask Ron about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Bought several thousand dollars worth of products from the site, and worked with Christy. She's great, answered all emails (which was a lot because this was my first remodel) and she called me after the products were installed to make sure everything was working great. I saw a lot of negative reviews but decided to take the chance. After this test run, I'm about to spend another $3000-$4000 on my kitchen and other bathroom remodel with Home Perfect.

Ask William about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Worst experience ever in dealing with an online purchase. Adam was great at first when taking the order, but would never call back when i had questions. Bought a Toto freestanding tub and 3 Toto toilets. The wrong drain kit and overflow valve shipped with the tub and they never took care of it. Adam said to go find it and buy it and they would credit us back. We researched and found it, but they never gave us the credit back. This delayed our bath remodel for 2 weeks. The tub was also received Damaged and took forever to get them to agree to anything. We found out that they tried to repair it and sell it as new. I finally had to have the tub repaired and sent them an invoice. I didn't like having to repair a tub I just spent thousands of dollars on. It will never be the same." They say they will help at first but never return calls or do what they say. They offered no other compensation for all the hassle and delays we encountered.

Ask Terri about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

The site has the best prices out there and normally if items is in stock it arrives in good condition and quickly. If you do need to return something though, that is another story. First, there is a 25% restocking fee, it will take forever to get money back and they have absolute morans working as customer service reps. Their communication skills are absolutely horrible and they hardly speak english! Welcome to the world of outsourcing!

So, only buy if you know exactly what you need and expect no service if anything goes wrong with the order.

Ask Alex about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes
6/20/12 has a low price guarantee on their website but after talking to a sales manager, he said that they don't always honor it. He also said the marketing department doesn't always know what they are doing. Homeperfect if you want to be around in the furture than do not allow everyone that answers the phone their to determine company policy. Anymore one star reviews and you will be out of business. Go to Homedepot and see how they handle their low price guarantee. No Hassle. You lost my business now try to learn from this and make the necessary changes that are needed.

Ask Tony about HomePerfect
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

deceptive , misleading listings, the worst customer service ever!! thank God for Paypal. I had to file dispute to get my money back for discontinued item that was shipped minus enough parts (no longer available) to make the enitr purchase unuseable. never again, EVER!!!

Ask JoJo about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Listen to the other reviewers - we are having the EXACT SAME issues! Ordered three items that were "in stock, and 1-2 days ship". Guess what?? Its been TWO WEEKS and no word from anyone, have sent atleast one email. Like the previous person said, we were charged instantly - and found out immediately after that "the items weren't available in their warehouse". WTF?!!

We do lots of online business every month, and so far this has been the worst. Stay the h3ll away from these guys!

Ask Kyle about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

Homeperfect is easily the WORST online company that I have ever dealt with. I ordered a shower from them specifically because their site stated that the item would be shipped in "24-48
business hours" which was faster than other online stores offering the same product. A couple days later a brief email was sent by homeperfect stating that the shower I purchased was now back ordered. I immediately called the company with the intentions of cancelling my order, but was persuaded to wait a couple of days because I was assured that they could contact the supplier and ship the item within a week so consequently I made scheduling arrangements with my contractor for this estimated ship date. Another two weeks came and went and I still didn't have the shower. I sent emails (because I could not get through to anyone on the customer service phone lines) and didn't receive a response until a week later and it was a useless one sentence response stating that my order would be shipped in 24 hrs, LIES. Bottom line the customer service reps should have just told me that they could not get the shower delivered in a timely fashion instead of exaggerating about the ship date. I ordered on MARCH 8th and didn't get the shower until APRIL 16TH!!! and this whole time the product page on their site still stated that the item would be shipped within 48 business hours.
I ordered everything else for my renovation at other online stores that were efficient and pleasant to deal with, Homeperfect could use some business lessons from them.

Ask Frances about HomePerfect
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

We called in and ordered a Grohe Faucet, The customer rep.informed us that we needed to get the valve too, She place both the orders over the phone. When we got the product, we installed the Valve. Upon final install of Trim, the product was not right. HomePerfect will not replace the trim, but offered to replace the valve, if we prepaid for the new valve and sent back the incorrect valve after it was pulled out by the plumber.. HomePerfect agreed that they will credit us for the incorrect valve once the valve was received. Now they are refusing us the credit for the return. It is almost 6 months now and they will not even respond our emails. The Sales manager agrees it was their fault but donot want to take ownership of the issue.We have paid the plumber now 2 times, 1st to install the 1st valve, then to pull it out and replace it with the correct valve. A reputed company would have actually even paid for the plumber cost, we are not asking for this. All we need for HomePerfect to do is to credit us for the incorrect valve which they have in their possession. Thank you.

Ask himanshu about HomePerfect
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

We looked at several comparison shopping sites on line and Home Perfect was the lowest price. They also delivered immediately via FedEx at no additional cost. Outstanding site!

Ask james about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

bad site. they do not stock anything as they are drop shippers. they lie to you about items being in stock, then cgharge the credit card right away. Wait a few weeks and then tell you it is back ordered and wait another 2-3 weeks.
NO customer support. They also refuse to cancel orders even before they ship it.
You have to go through the credit card company to get your money back.

Ask Mike about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

I did ordered items in December with 2-3 weeks delivery. One month later the status still shows 2-3 weeks. Customer service is usless.

Ask Valerie about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Home Perfect has great prices. If you never need to get a damaged part replaced or return something, you'll be ok. But if you ever have to interact with customer service, look out. I had a damaged Cifial drain, damaged in such a way that you wouldn't notice it until you went to install it. Cifial says you have to go through the retailer; Home Perfect says it's Cifial's problem. So, after everything's installed, all Home Perfect can offer is to have the _whole_ faucet assembly shipped back, wait for a replacement, and install the whole thing again. Rotten customer service. I guess you get what you pay for.

Ask Jeff about HomePerfect
1 review
4 helpful votes

I had a terrible experience with I ordered a house air cleaner for a furnace installation because of the low price and free shipping. Web site stated product was in stock and ready to ship. 1 week later hadn't recieved a shipping notice. Had to e-mail to check. Was told the product is back ordered 4 weeks!. Project now on hold. Yet still, the web site states that the product is in stock. E-mailed a question back and couldn't get a response. Since the order was "processing" it wouldnt let me cancel. My card was charged the instant I orderd the item eventhough it was not in stock. This is highly irregular for any online business. Check the web for reviews. Lots of similar complaints and very poor customer service. Return and restocking fees are outragious and far out of line of most legitamite business policies. I have a strong suspicion that this is a pyrimid scheme. I feel they take money from recent orders to pay for previous orders then tell you your item is backordered until they can collect from others to then fill your order. Very bad business nothing I have ever seen in my entire life on internet shopping. You may get lucky but I suggest paying a bit more than taking a risk with

Ask Nathan about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

placed a large order, items came fast. best prices, would use again

Ask alain about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

The company is going under. All complaints are within the last twelve months. Stay away. Don't count on their past performance. They do not deliver what you order and spend months doing nothing. I still have not received my order and it has been three months. Yes they charged my account immediately.

Ask Jerry about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

item was in stock, great price, came fast. would definitely use again.

Ask brian about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a Delta kitchen 9192-DST Addison Venetian Bronze faucet after searching online and finding Home Perfect to have the best price with the most "overall good ratings" My experience was excellent. I called to check availability for my item and proceeded to order it per telephone. The representative was courteous, pleasant and efficient. They sent an email confirmation and my item arrived in two days via FedEx as promised. (this is particularly impressive given the weather issues in the East) Everything was as expected. It was a new item in the original Delta box with all of the components present. I will definitely shop with Home Perfect again. The price was one of the lowest and with free shipping and no sales tax I saved about $50.00 on this item.

Ask Jean about HomePerfect
1 review
4 helpful votes

Dishonest company. Cancelled order the day after I ordered because product was not in stock and it took them over 3 weeks to credit my account back the money. There is no customer service if you have a problem. They will only respond by email. Cancellation phone number tells you to write an email. Filed a claim against them with PayPal and they even lied to PayPal that I received the product. Had the packing slip to prove they were lying. If product is not in stock watch out. They immediately charge your credit card and don't like giving you back your money in a timely fashion. Same week ordered from another merchant. They called me the following day after I ordered to say the product was not available and refunded my money the same day. That's customer service! Don't be sorry like so many other people are. The few dollars you will save are not worth the worry and aggravation.

Ask Julie about HomePerfect
1 review
5 helpful votes

We bought a $400 Blanco double basin undermount sink from Within a month of it being installed under our granite counters it began to rust! We contacted customer service, sent photos of the rusted sink and asked if this product was a knock off or just defective and what we can do. They took weeks to reply, were completely unhelpful and rude and basically told us we needed to remove the sink (would ruin the granite & cost thousands of $$$$) no offer of a discount refund or anything. Bad products, horrible customer service. Buyers Beware!!!

Ask mary about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

I appreciate having a site where the consuming public can review dishonest/poor customer service online businesses.

Ask Peg about HomePerfect
1 review
2 helpful votes

this site has low prices and the low prices come with zero customer service. i ordered my items via a sales "adviser" and he was super responsive before i paid for my purchase; after they took my money, it was difficult to get anyone on the phone. their advisers are nothing but a bunch of sales people, don't take any advice from them because they are not very knowledgeable. If you order the wrong item, good luck getting them to own up to their mistake. If you call customer service and leave them a message, no one will call you back. You have to keep calling them like a stalker until you get someone on the phone.

PROS: prices are lower than the competition
CONS: zero customer service, poor communication, 25% restocking fee for returns

Ask stephanie about HomePerfect
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered a vanity Mar 3, 2010. Received a non-detailed confirmation. 10 days went by, no communication. I called them 3 times with no answer and emailed them twice for a tracking number. They were completely unresponsive. Finally in frustration on March 13th I contacted Paypal and filed a dispute. It seemed odd that there was no way to contact Home Perfect. On Mar. 17 Paypal contacted me that the dispute was closed and refunded my money. Apparently Paypal couldn't get a response from them either because Home Perfect didn't even know that my money was refunded and delivered the wrong vanity on Mar. 23. They called me on April 8 and said they wanted to pick up the vanity and make sure it wasn't damaged. Very insulting and not in the least apologetic. Were they the best deal, yes. Was it worth all this, absolutely not. Sometimes it's worth a few extra dollars for peace of mind. The whole experience was a nightmare and hopefully people will heed my warning!!!!

Ask Lauretta about HomePerfect

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