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GuruAid reviews

57 reviews
Categories: Tech Support
19 Business Park Drive
Branford, CT 06405
Tel: 855 575 5140

57 Reviews for GuruAid

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New Reviewer


Firstly I thought they were Kasperskys technical support line as they are advertised - this is incorrect. After failing to connect with my computer (which I'm now glad they couldnt) they advised me that I would need to pay their 'Microsoft Expert' nearly £200 for a years service contract with them just to sort out which in the end was the removal of simple adware that was stopping the installation of the new Internet Security Package.

The female technician was pushy and insisted she knew better than me which was interresting as I told her exactly what the problem was (NSIS Error) and if she had any knowledge whatsoever she would have known how to fix the issue. After telling me it would cost nearly £200 to fix the issue, In short, I told her to 'poke it'. After a little bit of research on NSIS Errors and installation of free malware removal, I solved the issue and installed Kasperskys new Pure 3.0 package without needing Guruaid to take £200 from me for a years servicing.

I wonder how may elderly or computer illiterate people fall for this companies apparent wealth of knowledge and expertise?? There is a name for people like this - Scammers!



Ask Stuart about GuruAid
New Reviewer

This was the worst customer experience I have ever had. For starters I could barely understand Faisal (the man I spoke with) due to a thick accent. He was very impatient, told me that he had wasted his time in helping me, and was reluctant to get my computer back to the way that it was when we first started. I had to ask him to restore my computer to it's original state 5 times before he finally restored it to the way it was. I kept asking him to stop the fluff and get to the point, 75 minutes later he told me it would be a charge of $120 bucks. The only catch is that before installing MacAfee there wasn't an issue on my computer. Terrible customer experience. I would never go back to them and I'm reluctant to use MacAfee again if they use this kind of service organization to handle their support.

Ask Richard about GuruAid
New Reviewer

Having seen mixed reviews before I contacted them I was unsure but went ahead, like many others I was kept on the phone for hours (yes hours) and talked into having a 'clean' in order to sorts out my computer. Yes asked the usual questions hold old are you, have you ever been to India and much more.

I was told that I could stop the download anytime by pressing on a certain logo - After almost 2 hours I wanted to stop as getting worried about possible scan - I was told I could not stop and they charged me a total of £119.99.

Having a sleepless night I contacted my bank to cancel my credit card to stop any further
possible use. Then sent a strong message to them and managed to get full rebate about 2 weeks later. So was I lucky or over worried about nothing - leave you to decide but I will keep to branded security systems in future.

New Reviewer

We were not impressed, we felt that the 'Senior' technician tried to frighten us in to buying their services, and after giving us some unnecessary and complicated information tried to convince us that we needed over £500 pounds of work, to be done remotely. We took his number and put down the phone at that point. We shut down the computer and the next morning when we tried again the problem had been resolved, presumably by the server. Our own virus protection told us that we had NOT been invaded by spyware as we had been told. A lot of worry for us and anxiety caused by what amounted to a scam.

New Reviewer

friendly staff , works to do the best for every customer , kind thoughtful helpful people , act more like a brotherhood of a community rather than a money making business, the even help to keep the prices so low, the best bargain any computer user could use , with wonderful warmth of staff that act almost like your family members. they aim to give not just value for money , but there to understand all computer problems you have with a fast pace stressful lifestyle.

New Reviewer

I called and said I wanted Avast fixed. The technician told me that the reason that Avast would not install was that I needed a computer clean up that cost $100. I realized then that this was a scam and hung up. During the session with the technician I found an email from registration email from Avast. After the session I just went to the registration email from Avast and clicked on the connect link and Avast works perfectly. GuruAid is just a scam to get you to pay $100 for a computer clean up. The technician didn't have any idea how to get Avast running. He was just a salesperson for this computer clean up that had nothing to do with the problem I was having.

New Reviewer

they are very slow in performing requested tasks. You become uncomfortable and imagine this stall is giving them sufficient time to acquire your personal information. My request for a description of steps required to defrage my computer resulted in a discussion of how my day was going, how old I was and what kind of work did I do? When they obtained control of my computer they told me my request would require considerable time I replied that I had witnessed the procedure in the past and that it took less than 5 minutes.I had a doctors appointment and needed prompt, efficient and professional service. After 45 minutes I cancelled any further efforts by the tech rep and closed the session. The experience left me so uncomfortable that I am going to cancel my contract.

New Reviewer

although I was surprised to get the call my computer was serviced with speed and confidence thank you

New Reviewer

Called AVAST for technical support. Operator answered stating 'Guru AID'. I asked if this was Avast and they said they could help. Unfortunately allowed them access to computer. After an hour they hit me with charges to clean up computer. I said no, all I wanted was the Avast fixed. They continued to try and I again said I would not purchase their package, I purchased Avast for two years and they should fix the problem free. Then obtained phone number for Avast and they fixed the problem with Avast on my computer. It sounds like they now have all of the information I had on my computer. What a SCAM.

Expert Reviewer

Avoid tech support scams - Why would anyone allow a website other than an "official software distributor/company" "remote" access to their computer??

hxxp:// - an Indian outsourced technical support service company, an affiliate/owned service from hxxp://

Sites has numerous internet reviews/complaints saying they are engaged in the selling or distribution of bogus or fraudulent applications (which they install/infect your computer with through remote desktop), then they find hundreds/thousands of things wrong with your computer (which they installed), then charge you a fee/subscription to fix them. Most of which can be fixed/prevented for "Free" just by "searching the problem"!

BBB Internet Complaint Information for hxxp://

"GuruAid advertises computer support services on popular online search engines like Google where, for example, its prominently featured links entitled “Customer Service for AVG” or "Support for Trend Micro" appear directly beneath the link to AVG's and Micro Trend's websites. BBB has received ongoing customer complaints stating that the composition of such ads is deceptive, as it misleads consumers into believing they are being connected to the computer or software manufacturer’s site when, in fact, they are directed to the website of GuruAid."

BBB's final comment after contacting the company to have the BBB complaints resolved - "Despite changes the company has implemented, complaints to BBB have not declined"

From the Microsoft forum:

Hoaxes and scams - "GuruAid is NOT the Official Microsoft Support no matter what they claim."

Scams that use Microsoft’s name or product names. Phishing scams often include the names of well-known companies to convince you to visit spoofed Web sites or click on dangerous links.

They represent themselves as Microsoft support and charge for a subscription. Use logmein to "fix" the computer and load it up with malware and then charge you to fix it.

They might offer to help solve your computer problems or sell you a software license. Once they have access to your computer, they can do the following:

◾Trick you into installing malicious software that could capture sensitive data, such as online banking user names and passwords. They might also then charge you to remove this software.
◾Take control of your computer remotely and adjust settings to leave your computer vulnerable.
◾Request credit card information so they can bill you for phony services.
◾Direct you to fraudulent websites and ask you to enter credit card and other personal or financial information there.

Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently - Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls or emails to help you fix your computer:

You can also check their site rating here:

New Reviewer

I get annoyed at people that fall for obvious scams but i fell for this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Norton protection was playing up and i thought i was calling Norton with my issues but nooo it was these scammers.Anyway thinking am through to norton and guru are who they use for technical issues i allowed them remote access of my PC.Whilst remotely accessing my PC there were certain issues i was not to happy with but let go due to the fact that i thought i was dealing with Norton.
Anyway to cut long story short as soon as i was able to gain access to the internet i looked these folk up and panicked at the reviews.Seeing as i was now able to go online i actually got through to the real folk at Norton and explained and asked if these people were anything to do with them which of course they replied no to and gave me a reference number to state once i had contacted my bank to delete cards etc.I have managed to cancel cards thankfully but unfortunately their fraud department is shut for the night so will have to try again tomorrow to try to cancel the payment.
They are scammers and i am amazed that they are still able to function online as such.
I am very up on scammers but this one seemed so legit as in i thought i was calling Norton.

Do not be fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am posting this review in the vain hope that it will save at least one person being scammed by them.

New Reviewer

Treated with much patience and dignity. The job got finished in no time and I thank you all. So glad I happened upon you guys!!!

New Reviewer

Professional and friendly help when you need it most.The technicians have the utmost patience and have never let me down.

New Reviewer

I have no complaints in fact I was well pleased. My pc is running well after tune. all personell were courteous.

New Reviewer

I had a very bad experience with this company. Right now I'm trying to cancel my credit cards so they can't get into my accounts. Has anyone had this problem with them? Please let me know

New Reviewer

I called looking for someone to speak with that deals with McAfee. I recently paid for the software thinking that it would resolve some issues but it did not. I notified the representative that this was my purpose for calling. She then told me they do not do the refunds part but could transfer me to someone who could help. She placed me on hold momentarily and said she could get the process started. My computer was acting up and the desktop was not loading so she walked me through the steps.

Once getting to my desktop she told me to go to internet explorer and type in ""
The website looked fishy to me and then I started thinking.... 'why in the hell does she need to access my computer' and 'didnt she say that she doesnt even deal with the refunds.'
I kept trying to tell her that I would have to call back tomorrow because my computer was taking forever to reboot. She kept insisting she would wait on the line (which was also very strange). She placed me on hold again and I decided to Google the company. I found all these bad reviews about how its a scam and hung up the phone. She tried to call back and I did not answer. Hopefully they do not call back and I am so glad that I didnt give them any access!

Lesson Learned: Always look at reviews before talking to an unknown company!

New Reviewer

This is the first thing that comes up under a search for "Itunes customer service" DO NOT CALL THEM! I asked them for a refund on an app that was a mistake that I had purchased and they tried to convince me that my IPad had a virus on it that it had recieved through my home wi-fi connection!!!!! They offier me a monthly package of $50 a month to install "lock software" on my IPad. No way! I received an actual phone number from the Apple helpdesk at, and they were wonderful, they called me in a matter of minutes and were able to walk me through the steps in the settings with no charges..... it's a miracle!

New Reviewer

I contacted who I thought was MacAfee to sort a refund on my autorenewal and got these guys. All they were bothered about was accessing my computer. When I queried why they need to do this, they said it was so they could sort the refund out. I explained I am a financial adviser with many client details on my system so under data protection rules, I couldn't do this, I again asked why they needed to access my laptop to sort a refund, surely all that was required was my ref. number and they can put the money back into my paypal account, at this they disconnected the call. I called MacAfee direct who told me they have NO AFFILIATON with MacAfee at all........
Absolutley, do not trust these guys at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I thought I was working with McAfee to resolve a problem with the virus installation.
Next thing I know .I have a Guruaid on line trying to sell me a service contact. Who are these guys and are they to be trusted to take over my computer?

New Reviewer

Cousin called up the guruaid guys saying screen was fuzzy and the system was behaving all weird n slow. They fixed it like new. Till date, there are no problems. Very happy…

New Reviewer

This is a complete scam. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, unless you want all your bank and credit card info stolen. Don't pay attention to any of the reviews, they are all spam and untrue, and they were all done by the person. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD!!!!

New Reviewer

They are very helpful and resolved my issue in a timely manner

New Reviewer

This company is a piece of Sh-t. The only thing they are competent at is lying and stealing your money! This company is the lowest form of competence, lower than whale sh-t and that lays on the bottom of the ocean! If you really want pain and suffering take a hammer and hit yourself in the head.

New Reviewer

From beginning to end my representatives were polite, efficient, professional, and effective. I highly recommend Amit Pawar was the same.

New Reviewer

I have used the services provided by this site on three occasions and have been very satisfied all three times. The staff is patient, polite, and thorough. They have even initiated follow-up to make sure things were okay. My subscription allows me access to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so I don't have to disrupt my office or routine to carry my computer to a remote technician. I would recommend them without reservation to anyone. R. Donnell in Florida.

New Reviewer

guruaid has done execellent job forme and fixed my problems in a very professional way
mausami nath had done good job for me

New Reviewer

My computer was totally useless . I called guruaid and they fixed it for me and I have not had any issues since. Great job by your team
Mausami nath

New Reviewer

They are prompt and helpful. They cleaned up my computer and have been available for issues that I have had.

New Reviewer

as very good . The gentleman was professional and seemed to do a quality job''J Gulick
mausami nath

New Reviewer

Very good and quick service as usual. Mausami Nath Is very helpful

New Reviewer

Anjala Green has been very thoughtful and helphful with me. She is a blessing.

New Reviewer

Excellent service. All the reps are very, very patient and helpful. What I especially like is the follow-up. Once the chat is finished, they don't just disappear, but call back in a few days to see how things are going. Great customer service in a time when that is not so common.

New Reviewer

Tec's are very courteous and knowledgable and patient. They keep working with the problem until it is resolved to my satisfaction. I appreciate that all very much

New Reviewer

i have only been a client for about a week. we are still resolving some issues with the computer and access speed but so far everyone has been very helpful
jayarani biswas

New Reviewer

VIcky was extremely helpful in resolving all of my computer problems. I am very satisfied with the experience!

New Reviewer

I would be totally lost without guruaid. Just knowing that I can call anytime and the phone call will be answered immediately is a great perk, Everyone should try them out and they will be sure to keep them every year. Everyone is very professional and

New Reviewer

Today and as in the past all my problems have been resolved.
Mausami Nath has

New Reviewer

Solved my problem and went the extra mile by changing the hated Windows 8 layout to Classic. Really impressed with: professionalism, courtesy, skill and patience with a semi-skilled luddite!

New Reviewer

All my question and problems are quickly corrected and i am happy with the speed of the answers and you guys are very helpfull.

New Reviewer

they made everything easy for me such a great help since I purchased this plan the best iv dealth with to date

New Reviewer

Vikram Danene worked on my computer for hours until it was the way I wanted it. This company and his services deserve to be commended. All of the Guru people are worthy and very good in the service, and Vikram was the same only possibly a step above going the extra mile to ensure my satisfaction. Thank you Guru and thank you Vidram

New Reviewer

I was having a major problem with installing Norton 360 so called guruaid. It took them a while cause my computer was a mess but thankfully it ds doing better now!!!

New Reviewer

very good service
I file comfortable with the service.

New Reviewer

I have used GuruAid for many months and confirm that, overall, my experience has been positive and problems have been resolved. I do and have recommended the service to others.

New Reviewer

orks fine now. And I have a guarentee.

New Reviewer

Harmeet Nagi was extremely competent and helpful. She quickly determined my difficulty and displayed the solution for me in a cogent and professional manner. I greatly appreciate GuruAid and such stellar help. We will be signing up our other work computers with them. Thanks again!

New Reviewer

I don't know,yet. This is my first time. So, far the tech's. who I spoke to and who's helped me they have been very nice. I want to see how good they really are. And, the are w/ Norton Symantec. I've been w/ Norton for awhile now. So, far I trust them.

New Reviewer

Service from your company has always been great!!and is well worth the money I spent for the service..
Thank you for someone who finally fixes the computer when I screw it up.

New Reviewer

I want to thank Harmeet Nagi and Meera Mohideen (Tech) for the excellent service that I received on fixing my computer. They were friendly and professional and your people always know how to fix the problem. Thank you. Bob G.

New Reviewer

To Whom it May Concern:

Today was the most pleasant experience I had Vikram Davane as my tech. He as been the 1st tech that has left my CPU as he found it! He was quite conscious in his problem solving. To me he is an excellent employee!

Libby Sosa
(aka Jane E. Sosa

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