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GolfNow reviews

71 reviews
Categories: Golf, Golf Courses
7580 Golf Channel Dr
Orlando, FL 32819
Tel: 407-355-4653

71 Reviews for GolfNow

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The biggest frustration I have with this site is that it will show a tee time for 1-4 people.


Like the golf channel it is mostly smoke and mirrors


After clicking make a reservation, an error message popped up.

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New Reviewer

I am shocked at the bad reviews. I have been using this site for 5+ years and use it to book almost every tee time I reserve. I have NEVER had a single issue and book 20-30 rounds per year on this site.

I'm sure some of the issues are legit, but I am equally sure that many of the complaints are due to a lack of reading comprehension.

Ask Jeff about GolfNow
New Reviewer

Planted 9 holes fees/prices/tee times among 18 hole tee times/prices, deceiving the buyer (ME). No clear description that either one is 9 or 18 holes. I know the prices, thought it was a discounted rate to 'fill the tee sheet'. Well, I got filled with BS.

Crooks, dishonest practices.

Tip for consumers: stay away. Call the course.

Ask m about GolfNow
New Reviewer

I reserved a tee time at a greens fee GolfNow said was a 59% discount. When I arrived at the course, I learned the price GolfNow charged was the regular greens fee. I was unhappy because intstead of a 59% discount it cost us 35% MORE to use GolfNow.

I contacted Customer Service and requested they refund the GolfNow fees ($2.50/player) since they misrepresented the tee time I reserved as being heavily discounted. I received a nonsensical reply that talked about some courses setting limits on how little GolfNow can charge and that didn't even acknowledge their misrepresentation of what I bought. No refund was granted, and as a result I will avoid GolfNow and use one of the other discount greens fees sites in the future.

Ask Jim about GolfNow
New Reviewer

If you run into a problem with these people, do not expect them to resolve it. They are fine as long as there isn't a clerical problem, but if it happens, they are horrible. They don't deserve your business. Wait until you drive an hour to the course and find out your reservation isn't honored because of some computer glitch. They keep you on the phone and then tell you they can't do anything. They need to learn the customer is always right.

Tip for consumers: Ok unless a problem comes up. Always confirm time with the course before driving. Do not expect the company to resolve an issue. They are the worst.

Ask Marc about GolfNow
New Reviewer

So I was booking a tee time, then right before I paid, I checked out this review site, and saw that some were complaining about showing up to the course, and there being an outing. I called the course I wanted to play, and sure enough, there was an outing. I really would have been irritated if I had paid, booked a tee time, showed up, and couldn't play. I called GolfNow, and let them know, and they said the course did not call to inform of an outing, so that is why they never removed it. I would use golf now to book a tee time, but I would certainly call the course for availability first. Also disappointed that when I went to check out, there were taxes and booking fees, so unless you are getting more than a 30% discount, GolfNow is not worth using.

Tip for consumers: Call the course first to see if that time is really available before booking through GolfNow.

Ask J about GolfNow
New Reviewer

very disappointed with treatment I received after being a longtime customer! Last week I booked my weekly tee time but then had to make a change. I called customer service to say I wanted a different time at same course. I was put on hold for a longtime while the customer service person called the course. He then told me he couldn't book the other time because the course wasn't answering their phone. He told me he would cancel my first reservation then would continue to call the course and try to book the other time. He said he would call me by 5pm. He never called. Now I find out that he never cancelled my first reservation as he said he would. When I called and spoke to a Golf now supervisor she told me sorry, but its not their fault and there is now way I can receive my $107 refund. When I pointed out that I was told it would be cancelled and that I am a longtime customer her response was "one thing has nothing to do with another." Not very good customer service after all!

Tip for consumers: do not pay for anything in advance! If something goes wrong with the reservation you're screwed!

Ask robert about GolfNow
New Reviewer

Took the day off to play golf and booked a tee time on golfnow at a course an hour away from my house. When I got there the course had an outing. Called golfnow for a resolution and was told they already refunded my money and would give me $10 towards a hot deal (which is actually free to them). Explained that I lost a vacation day, a days earnings, my time, and burned 2 hours worth of gas getting to and from the course. The $10 credit for a hot deal is an insulting resolution. Amazingly, they didn't even refund my credit card! Golfnow is more than a scam or rip off with poor service, it's fraud. "Go Play" really means "Go take your chances, waste a day, and we'll keep your money, we don't care".

Tip for consumers: There are now other sites offering the same tee time and booking service, check out:,,, (on the east coast).

Ask Caleb about GolfNow
New Reviewer

I find that although they do not have all courses listed for a given area, we have always managed to find what we need with what's given . Plus if you sign up for their hot deals emails then you may get a hot deal on the day of or next day of your scheduled tee time. That happened today. We had booked Dinosaur Trail, Drumheller, AB, and got an email today which dropped our price in half, instead of paying $48 we are paying roughly $23 with cart. Plus calling their site to cancel one booking and confirm the second was a breeze.

Tip for consumers: Sign up for their hot deals emails.

Ask Melissa about GolfNow
New Reviewer

This has to be the worst website in the world. It simply will not let you create an account. I can drive to the course faster than making a tee time on this site. Will never use again.

Tip for consumers: Don't!!!

Ask Dick about GolfNow
New Reviewer

I booked a tee time via Golf Now for a foursome. Our group wanted to back our tee time up because we were running a little behind and we wanted to catch breakfast. I called the golf course, which will remain unnamed because they ended up making it right in the end. The golf course told me that because I booked through Golf Now I had to call them to change the tee time. I called Golf Now who is essentially a middle man, and told them I wanted to back our tee time up. They put me on hold and called the golf course. Golf Now came back and told me they cancelled my tee time. I told them I DID NOT want to cancel, just back my tee time up. They said the only opening was 2 hours later so I told the lady just to re-book our original tee time. She did so, but booked our foursome as a twosome. When we got to the golf course, they had paired us with another group because their system showed us as a twosome. It turned into a whole fiasco. Long story short, DO NOT USE GOLF NOW!!! Book directly with the golf course!!!!

New Reviewer

Just booked today, it took a few minutes the girl that took the reservation was nice and very polite, I got my reservation and confirmation # through e-mail, overall the savings were worth the few minutes of wait time, thanks

New Reviewer

Stay away from this company. Prices look cheap but after paying their online fees it ends up costing as much as purchasing the round from the course! Terrible customer service been on hold for over 30 minutes and counting because all of their employees give conflicting information about the policies of the company!

New Reviewer

I booked a Makaha Valley CC in Oahu, I was mistakenly charged for a visitor rate for one player even though we are all resident. I called asking for a refund, but the lady told me that due to their POLICY, they can not provide any refund even if this was their mistake. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! Don't even bother booking tee times here.

New Reviewer

Too many 9 hole offerings. Tired of wading thru your website to find 18 hole times and deals. You should provide a category in your selection process for one to pick either 9 or 18 hole offerings. Stop wasting my time on your campaign.

New Reviewer

booked a tee time for Bali Hai in Las Vegas. had to cancel within an hour of booking it online.... which you can't do unless you call the special cancellation phone number. I spoke to a call service rep and they gave me a verbal cancellation #. I asked for an email cancellation receipt...they said they don't send those. (didn't feel right) I felt like I was being scammed. She said not to worry, since she just gave me the cancellation # over the phone. Fast forward, my credit card was charged a booking fee for the round which I never played. I called golf now and they said it was never cancelled and they asked for proof...I gave them the reference number and they said it wasn't in the system. They wouldn't refund the fee. Their website doesn't mention the fees or we don't send cancelation emails. Strange that an internet based company doesn't use email for cancelation confirmations. I run a business and this gives me a SCAM feeling. I'm surprised Golf Channel is associated with this business. Moral of the story...don't waste your time with this website...go to the golf club's website directly and avoid their buried fees for rounds you cancel. Poor business practices.

New Reviewer

had an issue with a tee time I made thru your site.

In short, the course was closed for a tournament. I called Golfnow and was treated very rudely.

Your problem/fault and me - the customer - gets rude treatment. Totally unacceptable!

New Reviewer

Web site is terrible, unresponsive, password reset email very slow, password reset redirect doesn't work, then they lock your account. They can close my account entirely, the site is supposed to be for convenience and speed not frustration.

New Reviewer

Absolutely terrible customer service. I booked a tee time the morning of play, drove myself and a friend an hour to the course only to find that the course did not open that day. When calling their customer service the following day, they acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary and put me on hold for 10 minutes while they called the course to verify that they were closed. Seriously? As if the 2-3 hours wasted wasn't enough... they put me on hold for a fee refund? When the agent finally returned I asked how I could be assured that this error wouldn't happen in the future. Her response was basically, "I don't know." When asked how the error could have happened, she said, "that's with management." GolfNow is a great idea and offers convenience but is clearly being executed poorly (you can only blame management) unfortunately which you will only find out when things don't go well. If you can avoid it, I would at this point.

New Reviewer

My wife and I have booked dozens of rounds through over the past 10 years with virtually no problems that weren't our own fault. It's a very useful service.

New Reviewer

After booking several tee times the company have me a once only discount which I took. From then on I couldn't book a tee times. Every time I tried the discount I wasn't entitled to was calculated but the booking was then rejected saying that my promotion h ad expired. I knew But it their system that showed the promotion eventhough on three separate occasions the supervisor blamed the IT but the problem remains. One supwrv I supervisor told me to delete and then reinstall the app. I d I d and received someone else nAmeane

New Reviewer

we have been using golf now for a few years and have been mainly happy with their products. but, during the past few months, things have gone downhill. we booked a tee time for 4, used our reward for 3 and paid for the other. it cost $189. later we found out that if booked directly with the course, the cost would have been $ 99., in fact the course usually charges only $ 149. what a ripoff. they have not acknowledged our e-mail. also there reward program has now been changed and is giving people less for playing more. golf now blames their reward people, which seems t be a different group. pass the buck and do nothing. we are looking for a better alternative.

New Reviewer

The course had two openings through Golf Now. I booked for the second. Went to course and they had no booking for me at either time. Yet, Golf Now took the money from my account and said through an email to me that there was no refund except for weather. A RIPOFF, for certain.

New Reviewer

Negative reviews are not warranted. Myself and my playing partners have been using golf now for 3 years now without any issue. They have even been nice enough to refund us for hot deal rounds, which is clearly against their policy. Website and app works just fine and I have NEVER had a course lose our reservation/double book. How so many people can complain about discounted golf is beyond me. Learn how to read, then learn how to point and click. Its that simple...

New Reviewer

No problem getting a tee time, but when our foursome arrived to play, the course said they wouldn't honor the golfnow price. They were nice enough to discount our green fees, but said golfnow is a scam.

New Reviewer

Am going to an all inclusive unlimited golf resort in Cancun in January. The Golf course that is associated with the hotel, had only one opening at 2:30 on one of the days we are going to be there, and they said all other tee time were taken. I was looking on just to see if they would come up with a tee time more favorable, and they came up with at least a dozen for that day. I called the golf course, and they said they do not acknowledge reservations and that there was definitely not tee times available. I would warn anyone depending on this site, to check further the correspondence given to the course by

New Reviewer

I had used GolfNow several times throughout the past two years for golf courses down in Florida. Up until now I had never had an issue, but I understand where all these negative reviews are coming from now. After being overcharged more than 20% above the advertised rack rate (my fault for not checking), when I discovered this I called to cancel the reservation and was essentially told to go F myself from the customer service mutant I had the displeasure of speaking to. Screw me once....never again will I patronize the site.

New Reviewer

It was convenient to search and make reservations via my Android phone when I visited Oahu, Hawaii. The discounted tee times were considerably cheaper than what the course charged, considering the courses in Hawaii have different rates for locals, visitors, and international residents. Played Royal Kunia and Makaha Golf Course while paying less!
One fallback was that there were limited tee times with specials.

New Reviewer

If you book a time and the weather is good, there are "some" good deals, but usually at times that I really don't want to play. I've booked twice this year, one time they did not indicate course was being aerated the same day, nor cared when I called. The other time it rained, but since course did not close, they would not refund. Worst customer service, I've ever experienced.

New Reviewer

Golf now app for iphone and ipad will not accept my email address and password. Ready to just throw the towel in and find a app that will work!!!

New Reviewer

for a site this popular they sure dont know how to train their staff in customer service!!!!
yeah sure you get a good deal on some tee time (hint SOME) but when problem occur and you need to cancel or modify your reservation!!!!! go ahead I dare you to call them directly. slow speaking operator i mean i was gona fall to sleep talking to him...if the tee time were free then i would put up with it but golfnow do charge a fee so!! in return i do expect some kind of customer service ......!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

You will understand why all the 1-star ratings are warranted once you have a problem. Terrible customer service, same issue where tee time available and then an error message pops up saying unable to reach the course. Calling their customer service team is pointless. Save the time and frustration and NEVER call them, they will not do anything for you.

New Reviewer

Multiple horrible experiences! Reservations are either not available or there is some "error", but they take your money anyway. And if that one time out of ten that it actually makes a reservation for you, the golf courses in their database do not know when you book a tee time with GolfNow, so you may show up during a huge outing or simply double booked. I strongly advice you to do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY!!!!! Book directly with the course!! You'll thank me later

New Reviewer

First time I used GolfNow was a piece of cake. Paid $17 plus fees ($3) to play a $60 course mid-day on a weekend. Great!

The next time was a waste of my time. Every course I tried to book resulted in "No communication" with the course. So no deal. I called them and they gave me the run-around. They weren't allowed to contact the course. I called the course and they said the tee time was available but at the full rate only.

I tried multiple courses with the same results.


New Reviewer

Book a round at Shadow Glen golf course (in Manor, TX). After driving 40 mins out there to discover 9 of the 18 holes are closed for construction. I contacted golfnow and after they verify with the course, they said I can either just play the 9 hole twice or cancel (they can't refund the money, but will apply the money for the future round!!).. Why would anyone want to book with them again?!? It is complete waste of time and gas to drive out there. Both Golfnow and Shadow Glen Golf didn't bother to disclose an important fact that - half the course is close?! The way Golfnow handle this was ridiculous too!

New Reviewer

I booked a tee time 08/08 and paid online. The golf club never had their booking and payment and I had to pay the course for this round. I received an email from Golfnow on the 11th confirming my teetime for the 8th ! I send them all the details by mail and a copy of my Amex account showing the double payement. I had them on the phone, they acknowledged they went wrong but don't want to refund me. Avoid Golfnow ! Know that if something goes wrong, they are Ok and you are the idiot.

New Reviewer

I recently had a close relative unexpectedly pass away prior to a tee time that I had booked through Golf Now and had to cancel it. I was told that it would only be refunded to me if I scheduled another tee time within 14 days. Well, given the situation, I wasn't in any condition to go out and play again because of everything I had to deal with, and Golf Now still said they weren't going to refund it. Thankfully, I have a very good credit card company who is going to make sure that they don't receive payment. Golf Now has every right as a business to make less money through their cold-hearted practices, so I will never book another tee time through them again.

For those stuck on the Read the Policy narrative, most internet policies such as those are unenforceable in court. In addition to that, Golf Now has to attempt to mitigate damages. I'm betting given the course and price I was scheduled to play at, they could've easily found a replacement player, thus, little to no damages incurred.

If you have a good credit card company, challenge the charge. It'll likely get overturned.

New Reviewer

Gave them one star because there is no zero star rating, horrible customer service, signed up for a tee time paid for it showed up to course to find that it was booked solid with a golf outing, got a refund for the fee but the customer service rep could not have given less of a s)(&t about my wasted time and Saturday. If your looking for an easy way to ruin your day golf now is for you if not stay as far away from this so called service aspossible

New Reviewer

Booked 2 rounds on GolfNow for what was advertised as "SAVE 36%". Later found out the price to book through the course was the exact same.

Actually, it cost me MORE to book through Golf Now once their "fees" were added.

New Reviewer

I have extensively used GolfNow since February 2013 but today was the straw that broke the camel's back. I booked a tee time online two days ago that allegedly included a cart with the round. It was a hot deal rate which meant I had to prepay. The confirmation page that pops up after booking online stated that a cart was included with the round and that no money was due at the course. The email confirmation sent to me shortly after booking did not state this, however. At that point, an inconsistency existed...cart or no cart? When I showed up at the course to play today, the course staff were extremely rude and informed me that they would not honor the tee time with the cart. They tried to charge me $40 for my dad and I to rent a cart for 18 holes. I called GolfNow immediately and spent over thirty minutes with them on the phone when ultimately a supervisor basically told me "tough $#*!" because the courses can do whatever they want. Further, GolfNow would not refund my greens fees or attempt to explain the blatant inconsistency that existed between the confirmation email and GolfNow website confirmation page. Anyone considering using this site beware! Inconsistencies and shoddy, flaky customer service is lurking! I would rather pay full price for greens fees than put up with the bull$#*! I did today. My dad and I drove two hours, played no golf, but came home $50 poorer for the experience. Piss on GolfNow

New Reviewer

Heading to Santa Barbara, and wanted to play Rancho San Marcos. Golf Now had a "Hot Deal" to play at 12:50pm for $60, 1-4 players. Followed the steps, and after putting in my financial info, the site says the time is not avaialbe. The next morning, I bring up the site, and the tee time is still there. Again I try to get the time, with the same results. I call Golf Now, and speak with a representative, who says he will call the golf course, after telling me that my mobile device might need to be redownloaded (I was on my home PC reviewing tee times), or that the tee time was taken. After putting me on hold, he comes back and says no one is answering the phone, and try again later in the day. I hang up, call San Marcos Golf Club, and after 2 rings, a person in the proshop picks up. He tells me the time I am looking at is Golf Now's "Hot Deal", which is not affiliated with the golf course. I would need to talk with Golf Now. Forget it! I booked a tee time through the Pro Shop. Phoney Baloney Golf Now, could they be setting up dummy tee times for marketing purposes? I hope not!

New Reviewer

Tried booking a date and time on Hot deals. Came up 'No longer available". Went back and refreshed and they switched time to another day. Tried to call customer service--- GOOD LUCK. Sent email to their "change of reservation", no response. Dont use this service.

New Reviewer

All good until you need to talk to someone in this miserable organization. I had to cancel a tee time due to rain. Usually, this is not a problem - call the course, they understand, and you go about your day. If booked via Golfnow, you have to call Golfnow, be put on hold for 5 minutes, then you are subjected to some miserable person that is condescending, questions your decision, and then they call the course to cancel. I do not trust these folks at all. I will never book another tee time through

New Reviewer

What a joke. Why pay for rewards that don't start until 10 bookings in??? You can get the same rates and times through the course (which may use golfnow) and not pay the fees. When you try to cancel, they want to still charge you the fee. DON'T USE THIS SITE EVER. NOT SAVING YOU ANYTHING.

New Reviewer

Horrible. I made a tee time, paid with a cc but received no confirmation whether it went through or was denied. They have a wrong phone # on their website. FOUR phone call later I was talking w/someone from Golfnow. Completely confusing as to who is which and are they the same. The automated phone voice asked asked if I would like to answer a survey and even that didn't work. Unbelievable that they're in business. My guess is that the golf courses are loosing $ using them and failing to particiate unless it's in their favor.

New Reviewer

I used Golf Now a few times before today. The website works well most of the time. If you have an issue of any kind then good luck!

Their customer service reps literally sound like they hate their jobs on the phone. I am absolutely amazed that these people get hired for a customer service job.

Their system charged my card 7 times for a transaction when the tee time wasn't available any longer. Why would they charge my card if they didn't check the tee time availability first?

I love the reviews that say the reps are rude and act like the error was the customer's fault. I couldn't agree more. Then I asked for a supervisor and he was just as bad. The funny thing was that I was super nice the entire time just to see how they would react. There must be something in the air at their office!

New Reviewer

I really mean it when I say do not pay attention to "Frank C" and his spiteful rants---I am not a "Kool Aid Drinker", but I know how to judge where people are coming from that use that phrase. We just got back from a Timeshare week in Orlando and booked 2 courses , each in wonderful shape. We were really impressed---for $24 and $25 dollars with a cart---Frank C--go play the Stonegate Course in Kissimee and tell me you can find a better price for any course near equal to that one. We even had to change our day and got very quick and efficient service when we called--as we have in 3 or 4 occasions in the past when we called them about something. We did have to book again somewhere within 2 week, which we gladly did and played Bonita Fairways Executive Course which we use a lot--and got a "hot deal" for $20 and a cart at 10 AM.

We live in a very nice gated golf community in Naples, Fl. I know a good golf deal from a bad one. Golfnow takes a small fee for providing an awesome service.

My guess is that Frank C has a financial interest in competing golf courses that do not use, and he is trying very hard to discredit them.

Anyone who doubts my sincerity or suspects that I have a special interest in golfnow can email me--I will do what I can to prove the genuineness of this review. How can one person have such a bad experience(s) while I have used the site several times with great success??

Just doing my part to give people the most information on this site--we like it.

New Reviewer

They are very deceitful...God help you if you need to deal with their customer many others, I was enticed to play on one of the hot deals...needless to say, it was muddy so we had to walk, course told us to call Golf Now as it was prepaid, When I called, I was told the cart although they advise it is included may not be???What...I only played in the muddy conditions because GN will not give a refund (on prepaid). Fortunately I had a great 25 year relationship with my credit card company and to my surprise, they were happy to reverse the charge!!!!!

New Reviewer

My experience with GolfNow is not good either. I recently booked an indoor tee-time (yes, still have snow up here!) and the discounted advertised price was 57% off. I captured the screen and saved it as an image before booking. When I went to actually go through the booking it allowed me to go until the final step and then I received an error. When I went back to book the same tee-time at the same location, same time, it only showed the discount to be 24% off the regular price. I contacted GolfNow through email and phone and they did absolutely nothing although they indicated that they would look at it. It's too bad, the idea is good, too bad the people behind the website can't deliver what is being advertised. My experience was totally false advertisement to lure you in but they don't deliver what they promise - book directly and DO NOT use GolfNow. Once they have your credit card info you'll never get that money back. Golfers beware, the info they give is not what is actually being presented in their emails or website. If I could give negative stars, I would have!

New Reviewer

I wrote a review critical of the menu choices available on a golfnow "package" deal, and Golfnow would not publish it, saying it was "inappropriate". Our foursome all felt that we were ripped off. I won't use Golfnow again. Another reason is inability to change reservations. I recently booked directly with a course in Palm Desert on what turned out to be a very windy day. The course gladly re-booked our foursome for the same time the next day. Try that with Golfnow!

New Reviewer

Okay, I have used Golfnow for a few years. You sort of figure (see other reviews on it) out that they are not adding more value than booking direct and essentially are brokers in suffering golf courses with over capacity. Everybody that buys last minute knows that. But what is really annoying and frankly fraud in my perspective is the constant changing of reward programs during the year! Last year they forfeited (they called it conversion) your saved rewards and this year they did it again switching from rewards by player book to reservation (regardless of number of players) essentially for most people cutting their status by 50% or more.

It seems their steep rates are no longer enough and now they are robbing their customers too.

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