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624 reviews
Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009, Australia

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624 Reviews From Our Community

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I found out someone was trying to withdraw the money I earned, good thing they saw it and I was informed. (in 349 reviews)


As long as you learn to manage your account, everything will be alright. (in 338 reviews)


I add two hundred dollars into the account, then my project stalls. (in 290 reviews)

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1 review
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I began as a novice this week and was happily bombed with jobs, perhaps due to the 100% scores in language etc - or maybe the creative blurb I posted. That's where my novice glare - shone through. I accepted two jobs from two 'employers' to write articles.

Simple enough for those of us, already blooded on this field......

The hard part is getting a brief, I mean a brief, a brief my kingdom for a brief! All I got at most was 5 words about a story I had to craft from a blank word doc.

I assumed the initial $2 per article would rise after my obvious brilliance shone right through.....nah! just an idiot to assume there are true to life honest people posing as something else. Oh and know what a brief is. (ps. Frank James or your other 3 id's brief is not the singular to men's underwear). Just pointing out.

So far I'm 2 from 2 in terms of douche-bags. I'm not so jaded that I understand my role in this. I was a newbie, ravaged by predators.

Okay rant over - then franklijamessr7 or Rick Varghese aka someone else. Had the audacity to raise a dispute versus paying me! The mad thing was he claimed I dumped free content as files - problem being I had them verified as 100% original content and submitted them as content to the dispute.

He had a point I'm not that bloody minded, two of the ten articles weren't on the mark - I admit, but when a scribe is given 5 words as a brief - I defy Hemingway to do better. He probably could btw - joke.

Conclusion - I'm a few days into my membership teetering over the delete profile key. I've been burned because of my sheer naivety and dough eyes. The message is to new folk - be suspicious until you know who the 'employers' really are. They seem to be allowed on without any credible vetting system.

The jokes on me, I get that.

Ask koba about Freelancer
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Hi , i am one of the preferred freelancer on
I been working with since an year and i would love to say that ,they are just Awesome, specially their Supports system are prompt , you do not have to email them , you can directly chat with them by log on to .

Lets talk about the Recruitment Staff {only applicable if you are Preferred freelancer }
if you are working nature ,quality of the works are really good and high ratings , you can apply for the preferred freelancer program , once your application has been approved , you will get the projects updates from executives/Representative.

i have had done several projects with Marcus,Alejendra , bryndis and Summer , these are among the highly motivated , Love able and skilled staff i ever seen ,Marcus who is one of the best and friendly guy too ,Yes they do laugh sometimes with a professional talk and what is amazing is . if you are able to finish the projects and able to satisfy the clients needs ,you are always on the top race to get the huge amounts of the projects.

Generally you have to bid on 30 projects to get the job that worth somewhat 200 USD and its adorable ,so you can daily wake up to getta the work finished that worth 200 $ and you can do it in max 2 days of time.

Regarding the Disputes , i m lil bit negative through the site , most of time decision in the favor of the employer even you met the criteria but some time not , this is aviodable , they are few odds employers who come for free stuff and might be they are getting , but if you are strong and delivered the exact work ,you can win dispute too.

Nothing to comment on people who around here and filing the false reviews/negative reviews , i must say , you do not have the right skill set to get the job or may be you are not too smart :P lol .

Just kidding , trust me spend one month on and Analise the site , take a look at some bid , In the bid proposal you can ask you employer thing like "i wanted to get started with your task right away , as a noob freelancer over here , getting work is too hard , so i can promise about the deliverable and does not need to have the milestone , pay only after successfully getting the files over here " BAM !! , if you are too good at work , you will receive the money and good ratings too and YOU START.

Try to place the bid , when there is less numbers of Dedicated/highly rated freelancers are off line so you will have more chances to get the job .

**I m not the neither wordsmith nor English speakers but you better understand what i am try to laid out


Tip for consumers: Focus on quality of the work , Put some portfolio , build your site and showcase them in the bid .
Thats it and you will have that adorable sounds of Tungggg ...

Ask Vikram about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

I feel this is a scam. I have never gotten 1 job but have wasted HOURS reviewing jobs, placing bids and taking tests that just cost me more money. I believe the site is posting fake jobs to lure people into thinking there is plenty of work. They post that taking tests will increase your odds of winning a job, but all it did was cost me more money. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!! It is one huge scam.

Ask tammy about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm a freelance graphic designer. On Freelancers I get to bid on jobs and then maybe I'll get the job. I just submitted a ticket on their website because I found out they allow any business there, not just freelancers. Right now it's almost my only chance of getting work, but to give you an idea what you're up against, here's the text from my "support" ticket:
"I just had a chat with a support rep. on your website and I found out that Freelancers is not for freelancers. Apparently ANY BUSINESS CAN REPRESENT THEMSELVES AS FREELANCERS. I can't tell you how wrong that is. It's DISHONEST and unfair. Yeah, I know, fair is just another four letter word, but in this case Freelancers is the four letter word. I found out I'm competing with LARGE businesses with teams of people assigned to bid on projects. The main business in question is Atari Bros., a graphic design MOB. It doesn't matter what I want to bid on, either they have already bid, or they will bid within minutes, and they ALWAYS bid low. I sit and watch for the pop-ups so I can be the first to bid, but it doesn't matter because they are ALWAYS THERE. How is this fair? How is this a website for freelancers? Yeah, I can't wait for your answer to this one. You PREACH a good sermon, but you're just as avaricious as Monsanto or any other large corporation trying to make a profit at anyone's and everyone's expense. I guess I'll just have to deal with it, eh?"

Ask Harley about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

i try to withdraw my funds one time, but it was in pending, and i contact them to ask why, they tell me great stupid reason that my employer was not update them phone number. and they wan me to contact my employer to tell his phone number update. it is great stupid and unwanted thing keep and killing freelancers. WTF and why should i care about my freelancer profile update ? we have no deal after done the project.

Ask Surendhra about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm very disapointed about this website. Then I started work here It was everything good, But then I done secont project I got worst review 1 star for nothing. The employee always right? So I wrote to freelancher support and I not getting answer one week they don't remove project and rating I with this rating I don't get any project in the future,,, For employee mistake... And second I accepted fake project which has two account then I accept I got -27$ for taxes. But this project is fake so I wrote again to support and again nothing. I lost my time and lost my money. With fake project. Iwill wait your message admin!.

Ask Zilvinas about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

Where do I start. First off they scam people left and right. This morning I woke up to my bank account having a transaction of over $261 dollars taken from my account by these people. I signed up to be a freelancer to EARN money and they stole money from me. Thankfully my bank is disputing the transaction, I closed my freelancer account, and will warn everyone and anyone of this company. The people there are fishy too. I spent 4 days writing a 10,000 Ebook exactly as the outline was and in the end the client said that it "wasn't following the outline" basically got a free ebook from me in the end. Do not trust this site, don't do it. Stay away look for freelance work elsewhere

Ask Cara about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

When you sign up, you're automatically signed up for a Plus plan and you get billed after a month if you don't notice. If you delete a project you get charged $5 (wtf?). I'm afraid to use the stupid site because everything I click costs me money

Ask No about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

worst website
they closed my account and they are not giving me my money
this website is so fake with worst support system

Ask nishnat about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Submitted many bids, every time freelancer is asking for $ to move your bid higher up. Now I finally got the first "Job", an impossible job to complete: Transcript of a miserable audio tape with an interpreter talking over it. After I tried I turned the job down, but my paypal account was already charged from freelancer w/o any notice or mail for what the charge is. I guess it's a rip off site, typical crook business. Lots of promises and lots of crap on this site.

Ask Manu about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

He is made a website for me. It was just awesome. I will to fire him in future.

Ask Suman about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

I publish a five figures project, I made the payment with paypal and freelance cash their percentage, the guy who accept the project wasn't able to finish. Well at the end, after a short discussion I paid 0$ to the freelancer, I found out that he didn't had the expertise he listed, well. I ask to refund the entire amount, they refund me the money to paypal, 3 1/2 weeks later. They refuse to send me the whole amount, they took a big bite from the amount because I post the project on the site, and that has a cost, the percentage was gone, project wasn't finish. A complete waste of time. And I'm paying a Lawyer in Sidney now to sue them, if that fails I will speak with the locals.. I will personally enter in their offices and offer them a bunch of flowers.

Ask Tristan about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hi there I'm a freelancer. The user with the name : ww55qhx is impersonating someone. He has owed me money for a while and I found out he told me his name and everyhting about him was a lie. He said his name was Jonathan and all these things in my messages but when I went to send a final invoice I found his name is Jordan Ragsdale and he lives in alabama. He refuses to pay me the money he owes me! please at least delete him so this doesnt happen to anyone else!

Ask Erin about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

i have completed a project months ago and got the payment for that around 30$ out of which i got 25$ ( 5 $ deduction for fee but thats not the issue )
but now after months ago suddnly my account was deducted with 30$ and got the info about some reverse transaction after which i check the client id which was deleted till then . now the totally 35$ was taken from me when i got only 25$ from the project
I got no email no confirmation no news about that reverse transaction
. now i wanna know that why that money was deducted after months .
our agrement does not contain this info that if a employer will change his or her site after years or decades then also we have to pay for them .
They are simply doing fraud
0 satisfaction
0 cstmer support

I will prefer every one of you to go for UPWORK or elance as freelancer will only eat your money which you have earned from hard work .
till now they are not replying and saying me to contact directly to the employer when i even dont have his contact details ( which was their terms and condition )

Ask Jatin about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I got one review and 5 star rating in my project (first project)
I cant see them now while bidding , my review and stars while biding are gone, while they are still there on my front page .

What to do?? How itt happend??

Ask Aditya about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

I posted a project to develop an iphone application. Got number of automatic bids. As time was running out, I selected a bid and talked to the developer. He agreed to everything in the chat to win the bid. Once I awarded the bid, the real situation kicked in. The developer who promised to finish the project in 10 days worked on it for 6 weeks. To get the second milestone paid he gave me a crappy UI. When asked to make it as per design document, he started to ask for more money. And finally made all sorts of excuses and closed his account.

At the end of 6 weeks, I have paid out $550, have leaked my UI design and have crappy code which is worth nothing.

@Freelancer: Good job guys. Way to go.

Tip for consumers: Caution: Risk of loosing time, money and information.

Ask Vishal about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was recently paid for a project I've done and yesterday, i saw the funds but when i checked today, it says under the field USD $-4.81. May I know what the negative $4.81 is?

Ask Fang about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Excellency of service provided

Ask deep about Freelancer
1 review
6 helpful votes

I accepted a project worth $1250 on and $125 was deducted from my account to accept the project as per freelancer policy ( I am okay with this charge as I have been using freelancer for a long time now and I respect their policy.

The issue arise when the employer went unresponsive after me accepting the project and I contacted chat support to cancel the project and refund the $125 that they deducted for this project's fee. They simply denied to provide me a refund by saying that they will not refund as it was deducted as a fee to their that they provide to the employer and the freelancer.

I am shocked on hearing this and lost $125 just for accepting a project where the employer is not going to pay me anything as he is no more responding.

Now I am going to ask my bank for the chargeback.

Ask Nikhil about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes


Ask michael about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

I got 2 Freelance Jobs in with easy bid.

Tip for consumers: Create your profile and post the bid in your skills

Ask John about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

1) I have had 3 different kob posters abandone their projects halfway through, just disappear. So I get stuck with incomplete projects, which drag my rep down, make it look like I am already working on two large projects, etc. Freelancer refuses to remove them!!! They hurt my ability to win bids and its not my fault those $#*! job posters just left and abandoned their projects midway through it! Now I have a guy I completed his project and he just disappeared and hasn't paid me a dime. Freelancer offers NO REAL way to get support! They side with project posters ALL THE TIME and I have had MANY project posters rip me off and try to. Freelancer is unreasonable and tries to make tons of money offf people with stupid pay exams!!! If my $60k college degree doesnt tell someone I know what I am doing then thats just too bad for them, 200 different $5 cheapass exams is not going to show them different!!! Oh, and I cant dispute the job poster hasn't paid me yet because you cant dispute without a single milestone being paid. MAKES NO DAMN SENSE AT ALL!!!!!

Ask Rj about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Everything the negative reports on the site have confirmed are true. I was only on the site for a week and I was happy to get offered a position until a few hours ago. Twice in a $#*!ing day, people tried to scam me. One guy sent me a link for what was most likely a virus riddled site to begin with, sent login credentials that didn't even work, didn't respond to emails and the site actual site saying directly that they had no association with people who hire through emails.

Then a second time when some guy from India tried to scam me and get access/ information to my paypal account, even going out of his way to show me a fake document to prove who he was. (a U.S. passport and it was HORRIBLY photoshopped, his picture wasn't even inside the margins). If you receive a job that includes this email: please don't follow through with it.

Freelancer is partially responsible for this. They need to start screening employers, someone is going to sue the crap out of them one day.

I'll say this in advance NO Lara or anyone else associated with, I don't want to contact you and see how it can be a fixed, or talk about what happened as you've asked others on the site.

Ask J about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

ince my account suspended due to some reasons. I just submit the ticket the first email was responded about 7 days and again when reply since I'm waiting 6 days they are not replying me
or giving me the reason. They just told due to some employer complain but where is the name of employer. The account was Limited Before but about an hour it got suspended all the clients are in skype list and I asked them that did you complained about me they said no then why the hell freelancer
in putting me in trouble with out any reason. Freelancer always have scams like reversal extra why they don't solve that matter instead of making fake money and putting person in trouble I do have proof for all. No 1 : Freelancer TIER-2 Department is the slowest service I have ever seen in my life
No 2 : They try to take money for the freelancer account to grow their market shares
No 3 : They don't let us know that account will be closed if you did this mistake again.
No 4 : Please check the proof attached below
No 5 : Account verification was giving error due to I can't login and they where asking for login

They play a game after suspending the account they give us the link to upload the document where they ask login and when you login you are shifted to suspended page if the person can't verify the document so how can they solve it. they play game like this please check the guys support me need your support.

Tip for consumers: Just open the account that you guys are not bad because you have not provided any valid reason of closing account thank you

Ask Naish about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes

I used site for a period of one year with a user name and password. I did my best to make a good profile at I did six projects and got 5-star ratings. All of a sudden, I witnessed some illegal activity at my account with having a user name and password only with me. I reviewed bids were posted, projects were created and my total money available on my account was illegally used. I had this bad bad experience in this month and on July 8, 2015 I was told my account was closed due to illegal activities. How is this possible for such an account which lasted for one year and had a balance of $120 with a good reputation of five star could be closed without any notice, without warning. Even I asked them to investigate what this site is, are they doing it at their own and illegally grasping all of my earned amount at my account at freelancer.

I faced this very bad experience at and request to other freelancers please be careful because is a big fraud. They are making money from illegal means. I paid all fees, charges of projects completed then why they closed my account and how they can do it without any inquiry. They held all the amount at my account and replied me today

Hi Touqeer,

Thank you for contacting Support.

We regret to inform you that your account has been closed by administration. We offer no recourse or rebuttal for this penalty.

It is stated in our Terms & Conditions that may terminate the participation of a User if we think that they are creating problems, legal liabilities (actual or potential), infringing someone else's intellectual property rights, engaging in fraudulent, immoral or illegal activities, or for other similar reasons.

In the event of termination, Users found in violation of the User Agreement will not receive any credit or payment from

Without limiting's other remedies, to the extent you are in violation of this User Agreement, you must pay for all fees owed to us and reimburse us for all losses and costs (including any and all employee time) and reasonable expenses (including legal fees) related to investigating such breach and collecting such fees.

You agree that is entitled to deduct such charges directly from any existing balance in the offending Account, or any other Account owned by you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,
Derek Support

Need help? Check out our help page:

After getting such a bad experience and losing my money which I earned for my work hard, will you like to join this site which is a complete scam and fraud people are running it. I request to everybody please think 100 times before joining to this website because these bloody fool freelancer people are a complete scam.


Touqeer Khan
Islamabad Pakistan

Ask Tauqeer about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been using for 10 months and never had a bad experience with But recently I realised that all the reviews (poor reviews) are RIGHT!

I recently withdraw money which I had in my account.
However, I received the amount of $100 missing. Then I have contacted support centre.
I was told that there has account issue.

"Since the employer has not complete the profile, the amount is currently hold. I suggest you to contact the employer and complete the profile"

This is JOKE!!! It says the project has completed and it shows the payment is "RECEIVED". But I am unable to withdraw...! (So basically is having this amount unless the employer completes the profile)

I have asked support so what does employer needs to do in order to complete his profile or how do I know if the profile is completed.
The answer is.... "unable to give information as Privacy Policy. Please ask employer..."

So the project will continue and shows the payment is received. But there are NO WAY to know if the profile is complete or not and this result "hold" payment and unable to withdraw unless you ask the employer...

If you are tying to use, I don't say do not use but I do not suggest to do big project AT ALL! - The employer might not complete their profile and at the end, you will work for free.

* Support Centre is useless!!! - All they say is "Ask employer."

They really need to change some system... Well, as I have experienced this, I rate with one star.

Ask Kimi about Freelancer
1 review
4 helpful votes

So we only joined Freelancer yesterday and already it has been a terrible experience.

We were looking to get a mobile app built and with it came a healthy enough USD budget. When putting up the job spec we hoped to attract some great freelancers that we could do repeat business with. Unfortunately not, the bulk of them look like spam and bad spam at that.

Today after 100 applications that we cannot trust we have decided to close our Freelancer account.

Here's why:

* Automatic Applications - allows freelancers to automatically apply. Means no one is reading your job spec. Within 5 minutes we had over 40 applications. One of our requirements to applicants was to download our current app and thoroughly review before applying.
* No personalised responses - Over 100 applications so far and only 2 were personalised about the job itself (even then they copied and pasted from our job spec)
* Fake Profile Images - High percentage of applications had profiles pictures of young asian girls? Extremely bizarre if you are a real developer or company. Quick search in google saw the same images on Ebay shops etc.
* Fake feedback - very easy to spot that multiple accounts have been set up giving each other feedback
* Too many emails - I have received over 20 emails in my inbox from Freelancer in under 24 hours
* Contact outside of Freelancer - 2 applicants contacted our company directly by email to beg us to hire them
* Upselling - Have too many emails or applications? Its fine you can pay Freelancer to search through the crap. There should be no crap in the first place. It seems that freelancer encourages spam.
* Customer service - Robotic answers. When I emailed to ask why the majority of my applicants had automatic responses and fake images of young asian girls, their response was that they can assure me all applicants go through a verification process. Not really a good answer is it?

The above leads me to believe that really don't care about the quality of their freelancers and only want to make money. As an employer with limited time on my hands I cannot believe they think this business model would work for anyone who is looking to hire.

I was looking for serious freelancers and got nothing of the sort. I feel sorry for the genuine developers on this site as employers will not know who is real or not. As a first time experience I would be suggesting to other employers to stay away from the site and not waste your time.

Hopefully take these suggestion on board. My guess though is that a robotic answer will follow.

Ask John about Freelancer
1 review
4 helpful votes

Hi. I'm a freelancer and about a week ago a finished a project called "Ceiling lamp" for 200$. Contest holder payed me and left me a feedback but yesterday all my money was tooken from me. On the transaction history I've read that the prize for the contest was Reverse.
It says "Reversal of Prize Awarded for Ceiling Lamp"
Why? What's happening? Who took my money, How and Why?

Ask Dejan about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes
7/3/15 is a scam!!!! They take money from your paypal account fraudulently. Do not do business with Horrible, horrible company. Just read the rest of the reviews as well. SCAM!!

Ask a about Freelancer
1 review
8 helpful votes

Hello there!
I am working on freelancer for 6 years, I want to bring your attention towards a very serious issue.
I am a top designer at freelancer, and this issue has happened for the 2nd time with me. Here are the details of issue,
I have recently worked for a buyer who had good ratings with 24 reviews, i charged him 170 GBP for the work, i delivered him the designs with all the files, project was completed in a pleasant manner, he was satisfied, gave me payments and good ratings. Now, after few months he reversed the payments from his paypal (he used paypal to deposit funds to freelancer account) and deleted his freelancer account, as a result an amount of 170 pounds deducted from my freelancer account and reversed completely to the buyer. All the project fees went to my side. Now, i want to ask that what is my fault here? i work hard to make top designs, i work without pause just to ensure timely delivery to the clients, even sometimes my health was very down, but still i managed to work for the satisfaction of the buyer. My livings depends on earnings from, i strive to keep my up the good work.
I want to ask from the freelancer officials, what is security for a freelancer? What are you doing for this? if i do a $1000 work and after a year client clicks on reverse payments then a $1000 amount will be deducted from my account? how can you justify this thing as fair?
It is totally an injustice being done with us, i have a humble request to freelancer officials please do something for this issue. We work on your site, we are the reason that you are growing and you must have to do something for our payments security. Please pay attention to my query.

Thanks very much

Ask Zaid about Freelancer
1 review
7 helpful votes

As I read about the so many complaints of people who had lost their earnings from using, I feel relieved and feel lucky because compared to most of them I didn't lose so much, just a significant amount of time and a few $. Anyways, I was hired by two employers; one suddenly cancelled after accepting the milestone and even had the guts to leave an obnoxious comment which I was charged $ for nothing, the other one I was able to finish the work but the employer didn't want to release my request for the milestone which prompted me to file a dispute and which of course I was charged $ for another project for nothing ( I actually used the site to make some cash not to lose some ). So my advice to the people who haven't experienced anything like this yet is "to trust NO ONE" even, as a freelancer you have no security and for as long as they get the $ project fee, all they can do is send you e-mails with NO CONCRETE solution to your problem...Well, for me I JUST CLOSED MY ACCOUNT AND WILL NEVER EVER THINK OF GOING BACK and go on with my life. I just hope someone will read this and learn a thing or two from my experience, that's all.

Ask Led about Freelancer
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

user hawks9i8 asked advanced payment but no work has done.
then he asked another direct payment and also nothing.
after many support tickets the website didn't want to refund nothing because advanced payments are not in the rules,
conclusion: no protection for honest people.
waste of time, money and health
my opinion is negative for the website that don't protect users from scammers and must provide an exthended protection for advanced payments.

Ask gab about Freelancer
1 review
4 helpful votes

I just saw a posting on there for a TOPLESS virtual assistant. The description reads as follows: "I need a woman to research topics of my interests such as stocks, precious metals, sports, foreign currency, and more and read me reports topless on Skype".

I mean really? did they really allow this individual to post for this on their site? very disrespectful to all those out there attempting to use this site for professional purposes. I realize now what a complete and total joke this site is. Very unprofessional.

Tip for consumers: Use another site.

Ask anonymous about Freelancer
1 review
7 helpful votes

I joined in 2007. It was then and charging just $6 for gold membership. Later they increased few dollars. But everything was free once you pay for that gold membership including payment received. Site was provider friendly.I worked hard and got top 5 rank in provider list.

Then it changed its name and owner and suddenly everything became very costly. Now it has a premium membership for $199.95 per month still you have to pay 3% project fee from every earning. I don't think anybody can earn such a big amount from this site every month because there huge number of bidder in each project and chances of earning good number of project every month is very low. I never won any case against a buyer in though I provided client approval and other proofs.

I read a lot about payment reversal and other scam in but never believed these till a morning when I opened my account and found balance - $ 350. Fund of $90 which was in my account also transferred to so total $446 was debited from account. Next day again they changed Indian rupee and AUD to dollar and withdrew $120. So all amount with gone from account and it was still showing balance -$270.

When I contacted freelancer support about it they replied that one of my clients who paid to me had some dispute with someone so to recover payment from this client they reversed all payment which he paid to workers including mine. But never informed me that this client had any dispute with someone. I received payment and reviews so everything seems fine for me. I can’t check other accounts so how could I knew whether a client had some dispute with others or not. I lost $446 without and fault. Now freelancer .com has stopped my premium membership so I can’t bid in more than a 10 projects in a month. They are sending email to deposit money so they could renew membership but I don’t know my mistake and reason for this reverse transaction.

Here is my chat with support staff-

00:42 Dave S.: It appears that your employer is experiencing issues with their account.

00:43 Me: but I received payment through milestone

00:43 Me: and I received feedback

00:43 Dave S.: You will need to contact your employer regarding the payments for
these projects.

00:43 Me: I didnt know about any issue

00:43 Me: but he says that he already paid to me

00:45 Dave S.: Please contact them directly to discuss your payment.

00:45 Dave S.: The funds have been reversed to their account.

00:46 Me: but my account which has some indian currency and aud yesterday
also changed tousd today

00:47 Me: I dont have balance to renew my membership

00:47 Dave S.: Your INR funds were converted into USD since your USD funds does not
have sufficient funds when the reversal was processed.

00:50 Me: but is it possible for me to work as general member and earn
$250 and deposit it to

00:51 Dave S.: Yes,

00:51 Me: Do you want me to stop working at

00:51 Dave S.: Please contact your employer directly,
00:52 Me: I am not satisfied with your reply. I am afraid that it will
be repeated in future

00:53 Me: Fund from my account can be withdraw using any excuse

00:54 Dave S.: You may consult Sections 18-22 of our User Agreement page for an
explanation on this:

00:54 Dave S.:

00:55 Me: Can you help me to recover payment from this buyer

00:55 Me: He may have balance in future but he will not pay again

00:56 Dave S.: I can send an email to your employer.

00:56 Dave S.: However, I cannot guarantee their quick and positive response.

This is not single case, I know many worker who face same fate earlier. Be alert while using

Ask Sunil about Freelancer
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It's almost impossible to bid on a real project without sifting through PAGES of spam projects; people promoting themselves, posting generic job descriptions and then messaging you to go to another side. Why are people who have NOT verified their payment method, let alone their EMAIL ADDRESS, allowed to post projects? Is there no QA team to vet these? Not impressed.

Ask Andrew about Freelancer
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i love looking at the contests on freelancer. Con and sometimes participating, however bidding on jobs is really hard. I believe if they had a breakdown for new freelancers that cost less than veterans, newbies could then get their foot in the door easier.

Ask Michelle about Freelancer
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The following site is the definitive expose of the iWriter scam and the information there applies to many other freelance writing sites as well.


One of the biggest online scams right now is in the "freelance writing" area.
The biggest company in this area is called iWriter and it is maybe the biggest online scam period.

Ignore all the fake positive reviews and fake websites recommending iWriter while pretending to be independent, they are all a part of the scam.

 Iwriter is not just a huge scam, it is maybe the biggest of all the online scams.

There is an awesome website that uncovers the whole iWriter scam in great detail. The site is hilarious and extremely well-written.

It's also very thorough and comprehensive, maybe the best resource available yet on the iWriter scam. 

That website shows clearly how fraud is not just peripheral to iWriter, but on the contrary, EVERYTHING at iWriter is fraud and scamming. 

iWriter needs to be exposed to everyone until the iWriter scam is finally shut down.

Ask Grey about Freelancer
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Every single thing you are all complaining about is not "hidden" it is not "underhanded" it is plainly spelled out. By "plainly" I mean HUGE bullet points before you ever have to delve into the ToS. They take a %, from any and every project. It is clearly listed the amount and when they will take it.
It is also clearly stated that "people are bastards". There are scammers that will take your work and refuse to pay. There are contests, where they won't award a winner and take your idea anyway.
It is simple: Work with high rated employers or freelancers, bid on guaranteed contests/projects(the money is deposited already, it's not disappearing), set milestones(as an employer OR a freelancer) and don't budge until those milestones are completed,
It may be a hard concept to grasp, so after all that :Don't be stupid.
This is essentially "ebay" for freelance work. Same thing on ebay, you can buy something, get crap, be pissed and fight about it. I've had more issues with ebay and their resolution system, and shady dealers than I've had on freelancer. Is it perfect? No. The mobile site is worthless, and the app is just okay.

Ask Phil about Freelancer
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I participated in the contest for about six months ago and won it. For some reason, the customer's account, which organized the contest, has been blocked for violation of terms of use, and my reward (100USD) was returned back to the client is blocked, although I honestly transferred all rights to the logo.

3 days technical support tells me that the client sent a request to the fraud and he was silent. Then he said it was for security and the protection of freelancers. Now I have a debt of $ -99.

So, I did the work, the customer has paid it to me, I gave the right, and after half a year, the site stole my honestly earned me $ 100!

Ask Natterum about Freelancer
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I complete one product upload project and I got 250 AUD from buyer, I see that my accounts shows funds. Now at time for Withdrawal It is cancel by freelancer because buyer is under review.

I think it is not a valid Reason Because:

When Buyer posting project and deposit milestone freelancer allows them to do it.
Then after one month Byer release that payment and when Funds shows in my account and when I withdraw funds, Freelancer cancel that fund with the reason buyer is under review.

Now Few Wondering Questions here:

Is freelancer trying to making us fool?
Do they people want to eat our hard work money?
If Buyer is under review then why they allow them to post project and deposit money?
Though Byer Deposit money then Why Not shows some Notification or Some ratings on his profile?
And suppose if freelancer is really review that account then how much time and what is procedure for that, and why Freelancer team asking Provider to contact buyer to review his account.

Ohh.. Finally there are more possible chance it look like hidden scam.

Ask Smit about Freelancer
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How do I get payment for a completed project if the employer has been blocked by Freelancer awhile after I have done the work? I won a bid to do some excel work by cheafrou. I followed instructions and completed the work only to go back to Freelancer and get info that I can no longer contact cheafrou. This has happened with another job I did before for a different employer. Who's fault is it when an employer is blocked by Freelancer and yet I have completed work?

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These guys are a joke. First they upgraded my free account to a premium one without permission then they took money out of my bank account to pay for it. Once I found it, I did an ACH dispute and another one with paypal, receiving my money back from the bank. After this, even though I disputed this with freelancer as well and requested that my account be closed, they tried to get me to do a 'verification' even though I received multiple emails from them responding to my initial ticket. I've since had to close my bank account and open a new one, plus put a permanent block on both and paypal to stop this from happening again. I also turned them into the US Embassy in Australia asking them to investigate this company for international wire fraud. So STAY AWAY, deal with them at your own risk!

Tip for consumers: Cancel your service as soon as possible and change your bank account. They will keep coming back for more even though you dispute them!!!

Ask Mike about Freelancer
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Elance- oDesk is far good and professional than
I already done job and client release money but when i withdraw my money than they are showing $0 in my account. After that i know that they refund money to employer.
So, what about our investment and time ??? have no professionalism. post project on Elance- oDesk and working also on Elance-oDesk.

Ask Piyush about Freelancer
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I joined a contest to design a logo, the fastest way to build a reputation and to work hard for free. I proposed a stylized kiwi bird, all the other designers proposed variations of human heads and cogs. One "head & cog" logo was choosen as the winner. Now the contest holder's site displays a stylized kiwi bird as logo. No fraud, no scam, no disputes, no money stolen, just a complete waste of time

Ask Corrado about Freelancer
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6/3/15 is the best place on the internet to make real money, It provides you with tens of thousands of projects that needs to be done.
But freelancer is a risky place, you have to be aware of the scammers that will waste your time and money. but once you make the deal and take the money from the employer then you're safe. freelancer WILL send you the money.
The first payment is a little hard, and as some of you said, They will take every chance to delay your payment. But if you did everything right they will pay you on time and with no delay.
I got my first payment a couple of days ago and I'm waiting for my second payment now, I made about 1000 USD this month and work requests are still coming. I'm seriously thinking about quitting my job and start to be a full time freelancer.
The customer service is good too,They are nice and helpful.
The only disadvantage is that dealing with the site is really hard, you can be scammed (by other users) easily, your first payment can be delayed easily. But this site is about making money and it's doing its job perfectly.
Good job

Tip for consumers: * Don't waste your Bids on non-verified employers.
* Don't work on the site while your first payment is in process.
* Stay a free user for the beginning but not for too long, invest in a paid membership, you're the winner after all.
* DON'T, I repeat DON'T accept a project until you are 100% agreed with the employer about everything. because the 10% fee will be taken directly from you, even if the job is not complete. (I wish reconsider this policy).

Ask Mohammad about Freelancer
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In two chat sessions with support and more than 2 hours in chat time total we were still unable to come to a resolution of the issue at hand.
For some reason my credit card provider would not allow payment of services to Freelancer. I took the next step and attempted to get a Skrill account to handle the payment issue only to find out that because of where I live Skrill wont work with me.
Upon reporting this to the staff of Freelancer they stated perhaps I should try another payment gateway service. Now its clear I made multiple attempts to pay for services and they even attested to that, but they were not willing to do whatever it takes to fix the issue.
A freelancer had accepted my project and I had tried to pay this person only to fail because of some policy between my card provider and Freelancer. The only solid resolution I could see is that in order to maintain my professional reputation and ensure the freelancer is taken care of is to have bitten the bullet and credit the freelancer on my behalf for the project as it was accepted and they had already begun work on it.
Yes that would have cost them but now it will cost them more because I have closed my account and had another 4 to 6 projects with this specific freelancer in the pipeline.
I have had to bite the bullet a few times as a business owner myself, but by doing so I have made more money than I have ever lost, and its my belief the customer is always right even if they are wrong!

Ask John about Freelancer
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These guys are like those clowns that call from Jamaica claiming you won something.
And by by the prices I seen, there is no difference be freelancer.x ( don't want to give them back links)$100 was stolen from my account by sachinsam, I absolutely got nothing and felt like a donation or robbery, and I had to pay a fee to freelancer.$#*! for (1)$5 fee to add money (2) $5 fee to dispute(3) $5 fee to close account. Patricia was not caring and summarily gave sachinsam my hard earned $$. sachinsam is in India. $100 in India is probably rent money. Unprofessionals gathered together. there are other website out ther .

Ask brian about Freelancer
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Not that it happened to me before but now i am done.
I have been active on the site , working hard for money, working for peanuts thinking it will all turn out to be good once i have the ratings and review to get big projects, turns out
the bigger the project , the chances are MY COMPLETED PROJECT PAYMENT gets reversed.
All i have many efforts , time and negative balance. Can anyone do that ?
I challenge you.
Try . You will definitely hail me.

Ask abhishek about Freelancer
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I tried to withdraw the money ($400) twice. The first time the amount was changed to $40, and this time it was turned into $38. Of course, I did not change the amount, so they clearly changed the amount and did it twice intentionally. Beside numerous problems about security risks and prioritizing of illegal users doing dirty businesses from third countries as pointed out by many users, you cannot even withdraw the money you earned on this site. Laura at You have many more things to do before patrolling other company sites to justify your company's dreadful credit rating. It is funny to see you write as if you are supportive and sincere, while your supporting staff has never actually responded to important client's inquiries. All I received from Laura's company supporting team has been fixed sentences without describing any informative solution. Respond and handle issues quickly on your customer site in the manner you pretend to do on this site, and don't steal somebody's money. All in all, this is the worst site. Customers are the worst, and the services they provide are also the worst. This site is a clear scam site, aiming to rob money from uninformed, new comers. So stay away.

Ask Takashi about Freelancer
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Alright, the people who are claiming to be a scam site obviously dont care about the terms and conditions of the job. The majority of the people ranting here are the people who have bid on money exchange project "150 Eur here , 90 on Skrill" those people are frauds. They steal credit cards and then they get the money and they chargeback. My advice is to stay away from such shady clients. best way to do business is to make sure that the employer understands what he is doing and you as well. Support staff sucks major balls though, cant deny that.

Ask Abhishek about Freelancer

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Q: is it worth to appear in tests ?? is it safe to pay test fees through debit card?
A: I think , here the question is how to get Varun money first , there are 100s of things to be discussed but let us all try to find solution
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Q: I registered on the website under free membership, and was just about to upgrade the membership but thankfully i saw these reviews. At first instance, I was very happy and excited to see the projects on the site.

Can you please explain the feedbacks and also Can i still trust on you and upgrade my membership.
A: I must say that I agree; you just have to be careful. Safeguard yourself by making sure that the person has been on the site for a long time and that they have deposited money or that they do a milestone payment upfront before you start on the projects. Also, I did upgrade from the free membership but after 3 months of paying have gone back to a the free membership as there is really no need to have to bid on that many projects per month if you are good you will get repeat work from employers. I also always withdraw all my funds asap and only leave small amounts in my Freelancer account.
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