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453 reviews
Categories: Freelancing
Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009, Australia

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I found out someone was trying to withdraw the money I earned, good thing they saw it and I was informed. (in 257 reviews)


As long as you learn to manage your account, everything will be alright. (in 264 reviews)


I add two hundred dollars into the account, then my project stalls. (in 207 reviews)

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New Reviewer

OK, i have used freelancer a few times and have been ripped off by a number of freelancers on here.
First time i wanted a redevelopment of my website, he did it but i was unhappy with the progress so i pulled out and paid him for his time and apologised. He hacked my server and took my existing website off line and changed all the passwords. Managed to get it back online eventually,.
Second another freelancer, for the same website redevelopment kept demanding extra money, the work was shabby so i pulled out as it was costing me a fortune all these hidden costs. The work was slow and did not listen to what i wanted. Took over 3000 gbp from me, i complained and freelancer did absolutely nothing about it.
So, months later i decided ok il give it another go and advertised my website again for redevelopment. Chose one guy and all seemed good and he understood. I payed him half and the rest on completion. Did not hear from the guy for weeks and messages ignored. I set up a dispute and was awarded half of the money back. I have received nothing from the guy in terms of work and took my money.. over 1000 usd... wtf? I have complained to freelancer and waiting for a reply. I feel robbed and used again. Im staying clear of this website from now on, they all want to take your money. Be warned stay the hell away!

Tip for consumers: lol

Ask Andy about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I thought I would correct some of the bad reviews as I am receiving such great business from this site. Maybe you need to be soooo careful who you choose like I did... and only start with a small milestone payment .. But if you are making sure the Freelancer has delivered a lot of work with a lot of positive reviews.... then use them...
If no reviews, new joined... then be cautious and send small milestones... making payment once your goods are received.
The case of only people with bad experiences writing the reviews is the case here and it is very sad so many people have received a bad experience ....
I used one freelancer and started off small.... now we both trust each other... and his work is so creative, so affordable and I just received the files and I am so excited!
I also have used some of his work on the signage of my car as indication of just how good his work is!
If you are interested ... search for vladspataroiu work. You will not be disappointed

Tip for consumers: Make sure the freelancer has done work before..
Has not just joined
and has a lot of positive reviews..
and that their prior work is your taste
Use vladspataroiu - Now that he has done 2 projects for me, I will not use anyone else... and I will be referring him on for his hardwork

Ask Julie about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I have been got disappointed by .I would like to explain my complaint against and team .

Issue no.1--- Ticket ID (BWG-596-81615) Since 2 month ago eaten my 995euro . client paid me (995euro) for project "CHAT Script" (ID: 6497203). And project was completed . so there was no way to refund money back to client account untill he paid me to work but suddenly limited his account and they refunded 995 euro from my account without any notification . when i contacted with the support in this regards they advised me to contact with direct to client which was not required by me ..because we have been completed the project and we were not a part of this issues with employer account . if he was unable to verify his identity this is not my fault .

Well, they have been cut amount from profile and newer refunded to employer .i want to get back my fund .its like a robbery :(

i have read about freelancer policy , there is no way to refund amount after project completed and does not include in any of matter .

Please refund my money back now .

Tip for consumers: I newer recommended

Ask Nasir about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Ticket ID: WVP-290-50181 OLD ,
ID: EDA-536-25317 NEW ,
without any confermation withdraw 1,300/- INR debited my A/c.
refund my amount .1,202.24/- .Account No:911010015042293.

Tip for consumers: first you can do solve this problem.

Ask SHERAZEKHAN about Freelancer
New Reviewer

$#*!ing Rubbish Freelancer is a junk recently i have face a problem.. i done a project and client didn't pay me.. i also contact freelancer support but they $#*!ing admins are sleeping... don't join freelancer.. its a fraud.. freelancer is a name of fraud

Tip for consumers: Don't Use Freelancer.. i recommend it to report this site to FBI that is sucking peoples money and time with return of nothing..

Ask IT about Freelancer
New Reviewer

from 16 Nov 2014 to till date whatever I have earned is removed by and they have given some bull$#*! reasons like thatr the Employer whoi hired me have done some voilation..,for few projects they informed me that Employer have posted a Invalid project.

They Have removed approximately 320 EUR from my account..,

Please find the below conversatio n with representative ...

09:09 * Your Question: Why all My money is deducted ?
09:09 * Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
09:09 Dorothy B: Hi, this is Dorothy. Welcome to Support Desk.
09:09 * You are now chatting with Dorothy B (Email and Chat Representative) - General
09:09 Manish: hello ...
09:10 Dorothy B: Hello, Manish.
09:10 Dorothy B: How can I help you?
09:10 Manish: why from last 10 days freelancer is deducting money from my account ?
09:10 Dorothy B: May I know your username so I could assist you further?
09:10 Manish: ?
09:10 Manish: *a******@o****.com
09:11 Dorothy B: Thanks for the information, Manish.
09:11 Dorothy B: Please give me a moment to review your concern.
09:11 Manish: please help
09:12 Manish: yes I am waiting..
09:14 Dorothy B: Thanks for waiting, Manish.
09:14 Manish: yes
09:15 Manish: pleases tell me ? what is the reason ?
09:16 Dorothy B: It appears that the transactions were reversed for the projects "account creation for several download a music track" and 'account creation.'
09:16 Dorothy B: The project was deleted by the admin so all the payments were reversed.
09:16 Manish: freelancer is responsible for my money which is given by my employer...
09:17 Manish: it was in my account..,
09:17 Manish: no I dont trust you...,
09:17 Manish: than why you are noty allowing me to chat with my employer ?
09:18 Manish: he is saying that he have not done anything from his side...
09:18 Manish: his payment was in my account....
09:18 Manish: so how he can remove ?
09:18 Manish: payment ?
09:18 Dorothy B: You were issued a warning regarding this matter, Manish.
09:18 Manish: why u are allowing somebody after completing the project ?
09:19 Manish: no...I have not recieved any warning..,
09:19 Manish: my employer was warned about this project..,
09:19 Manish: why you are sending warning to me ?
09:19 Manish: what I have done wrong ?
09:20 Manish: I have spend my money to purchase songs
09:20 Manish: for my employer
09:20 Manish: and he paid
09:20 Dorothy B: The warning was sent to you for you have participated on invalid projects are previously said.
09:20 Manish: I will give very bad review on all the social media pages about
09:21 Manish: hello ?
09:21 Dorothy B: You won't be able to contact your employer on the said projects anymore for the projects were deleted.
09:21 Manish: than why did you allowed such a project to
09:21 Manish: get
09:21 Manish: awarded to me ?
09:21 Manish: it is your fault ...
09:21 Manish: now
09:21 Manish: so why you are deducting money..,
09:21 Manish: seee
09:21 Manish: i am very clear towards this
09:22 Manish: you have not even returned the money to my employer..
09:22 Manish: you have taken all money of my lasty 3 projects..,
09:22 Manish: or send me a proof...
09:22 Manish: you have cheated me with 3 project..
09:23 Dorothy B: We did not cheated you, Manish.
09:23 Manish: so where is my money gone ?
09:23 Dorothy B: The payments for the said project was reversed for the said project was invalid.
09:23 Manish: why they post this project continuesly 2 times ?
09:23 Dorothy B: I recommend that you communicate with your former employer regarding this matter.
09:23 Manish: to whom the money is reversed ?
09:23 Manish: ok..,
09:24 Manish: so can you please give me there all the contact details ?
09:24 Dorothy B: I am unable to provide the contact details, Manish.
09:24 Manish: why did hyou took money earned by me ?
09:24 Manish: when my employer was satisfied ?
09:24 Dorothy B: That would be a breach of our Privacy policy.
09:25 Manish: ohhh
09:25 Manish: breach of polocy ?
09:25 Dorothy B: As previously said, the payments were reversed because the projects were invalid.
09:25 Manish: why are you asking in your email to contact the employer out of freelancerr ?
09:26 Manish: Who decikdes if the project is vallid or Invalid ?
09:26 Manish: why i was not informed before accepting the project ?
09:26 Manish: its your fault...
09:26 Manish: I have used my money to purchase songs fhim
09:26 Dorothy B: I understand, Manish.
09:27 Manish: so hopw i will pay them now ?
09:27 Manish: how i will pay my crfedit card ?
09:27 Manish: where i will find employer now ?
09:27 Dorothy B: As previously said, please contact your employer regarding this matter.
09:27 Manish: why are you stealing money from my account?
09:27 Manish: please give complete contact details so that i can contact them ?
09:28 Manish: you are also not allowing me to chat with employer
09:28 Dorothy B: I am unable to provide the contact details, Manish.
09:28 Manish: can you please tell me how to find those employer outside freelancer ?
09:28 Manish: why did you removed money which i kept in my account ?
09:29 Manish: why are you taking it from my account ?
09:29 Dorothy B: It was reversed because the projects were invalid, Manish.
09:29 Manish: please give me all the data ... where this money is gone ?
09:29 Manish: from my account ..
09:30 Manish: reversed ? which account ?
09:30 Manish: is it taken by freelancer ?
09:33 Dorothy B: It was not taken by, Manish.
09:33 Dorothy B: As previously said, it was reversed for the projects were deemed as invalid.
09:33 Dorothy B: I suggest that you contact your former employer regarding this matter.
09:34 Manish: please give me a written information that you have reversed this payment..,I will also send 1 email to your CEO Matt regarding this
09:34 Manish: Dorothy B are you gone insane ?
09:34 Manish: I said I only know
09:34 Manish:
09:34 Dorothy B: No, Manish.
09:34 Manish: who is a mediater between me and employer
09:35 Manish: and money was ,with
09:35 Manish: freelancer escrow
09:35 Manish: and it is stolen now..,
09:35 Manish: who is responsible ?
09:35 Manish: escrow account holder...
09:35 Manish: who didn't even informed me
09:35 Dorothy B: I recommend that you create a ticket regarding this matter, Manish.
09:36 Manish: before removing the money from my account
09:36 Manish: see, yesterday I requested to release $300+
09:36 Manish: i should have recieved the money by tomarrow
09:36 Manish: I have to pay
09:36 Manish: my credit card bills
09:36 Dorothy B: The payments you received from the said projects were reversed as the projects are considered invalid.
09:37 Dorothy B: This is also the reason why you have received an email warning.
09:37 Dorothy B: For your reference, projects that involve the creation of accounts are not allowed on our site.
09:37 Manish: which i have used to complete the project taken from
09:37 Dorothy B: You will have to directly contact your employer as the payment cannot be transferred through the site.
09:37 Manish: so it means the money is stolen by
09:37 Manish:
09:38 Dorothy B: It was not stolen by, Manish.
09:38 Manish: where is the money ?
09:38 Manish: who have taken the all the money from my account ?
09:38 Dorothy B: As said previously, it was reversed back to your employer the projects were invalid.
09:38 Manish: I am not that rich ...
09:39 Manish: you have directly removed money from my account ?
09:39 Manish: also i spend 10% for accepting projects...
09:39 Manish: why didn't you checked ?
09:40 Manish: where it is written that creation of accounts for a employer are not allowed ?
09:40 Manish: please tell me right away in
09:40 Manish: u TOS ?
09:40 Manish: if you cant show me ?
09:40 Manish: I will sue your company...
09:40 Manish: i swear..
09:41 Dorothy B: Here's our Terms and Conditions, Manish:
09:41 Dorothy B:
09:41 Manish: which line states that I am not allowed to create the account for my employer ?
09:42 Dorothy B: Also, the projects which are known as invalid can be seen on our Frequently Asked Questions.
09:42 Manish: if it is mentioned than again I will again sue yourf company ..,
09:42 Dorothy B: Kindly click on the link provided:
09:42 Dorothy B:
09:42 Manish: why you are aloowing so many people to create email etc for websites..,
09:42 Manish: wait I am checking..
09:43 Dorothy B: At the bottom of the page, you'll see why the projects you completed were invalid that's why the payments were reversed.
09:43 Dorothy B: Alright, Manish.
09:43 Manish: what is this ?
09:43 Manish: I know
09:43 Manish: i dont know
09:43 Manish: now again I will sue your company
09:43 Manish: for giving me wrong url..,
09:43 Manish: which was not mentioned in the TOS.
09:44 Dorothy B: Here's the correct URL then, Manish:
09:44 Manish: I will not read this
09:44 Manish: now..,
09:44 Dorothy B: Alright, Manish.
09:44 Manish: you are also not sure about what to show...
09:44 Dorothy B: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
09:44 Manish: I am reading all from
09:44 Manish: please dont show me a url which is .ph
09:45 Manish: beacuae
09:45 Dorothy B: Okay, Manish.
09:45 Manish: i never signed up on
09:45 Dorothy B: I understand, Manish.
09:45 Manish: so please confirm that you are misguiding and trying to cheat me by providing a wrong website TOS or
09:45 Manish: page url
09:45 Manish: which i dont know..,
09:46 Dorothy B: I am not misguiding nor trying to cheat you, Manish.
09:47 Manish: if this are your tos ?
09:47 Manish: I will send all this conversation to company head..if i will not get my money as I was promised yesterday..,
09:47 Manish: than why did you allowed me to remove money yestrday and sent an email to my employer saying that " Ciao marcog1,
Stai per essere avvertito formalmente a causa di participating in invalid projects 6696190 and 6744576."
09:48 Manish: I can see that
09:49 Manish: freelancer cancelled the withdrawal tomarrow...,
09:51 Manish: so many freelancer are increasing facebook likes, why dont you stop them ?
09:51 Manish: why you are aloowing so many people to increase facebook likes everyday ?
09:51 Manish: I will send this conversation to Matt for sure..,and post wherever possible..
09:51 Manish: how they are doing this ?
09:51 Manish: aare they not creating accounts ?
09:51 Dorothy B: Your withdrawal request was canceled for the payments you've received for the said projects were reversed, Manish.
09:51 Dorothy B: Alright, Manish.
09:51 Manish: why it was reversed
09:51 Manish: ?
09:52 Dorothy B: Because the projects were invalid, Manish.
09:52 Manish: my employer dont have any issue with project he paid me happily and he was satisfied with my work..
09:52 Manish: he paid me through freelancer why did you removed money from my account..?
09:52 Manish: how I will find him now ?
09:52 Dorothy B: has the right to delete invalid projects and later on reverse the payments.
09:53 Dorothy B: As previously said, we do not allow projects whose content may create liability.
09:55 Dorothy B: Are you still there?
09:55 Manish: that 9000 was from my pocket..
09:55 Manish: i have paid from my pocket ..
09:55 Manish: already your employers from freelancer was cheating me...
09:55 Manish: by not paying complete money
09:55 Manish: but now you have removed my money directly from my account and
09:55 Manish: i dont have any contact information of those employers
09:55 Manish: myes
09:55 Manish: yes
09:55 Manish: i am here..
09:56 Manish: you should do that...
09:56 Dorothy B: We can refund the projects fees for you, Manish.
09:56 Manish: but you should tell me also that the project which i am
09:56 Manish: because i already paid lot of money for his project to complete ...
09:57 Manish: no i want all my money including those i have lost for the previouse project ID
09:57 Manish: who are you to remove money which I have earned ?
09:57 Manish: why you have reversed ?
09:58 Manish: when they confirm the project is completed ?
09:58 Dorothy B: I'll be refunding your project fees for " account creation for several download a music track" and "account creation."
09:58 Manish: why did you deleted the project ?
09:58 Manish: and what about the project ID 6738046 ?
09:59 Dorothy B: As previously said, the projects were deleted because they were invalid.
09:59 Manish: freelancer have eaten payment of 3 projects ..
09:59 Manish: so you can send my earned money and than you can warn if there was issue with the project..
09:59 Manish: why you are telling me after completion of the project ?
09:59 Manish: why ?
10:00 Manish: why you are telling me now after stealing money from my account
10:00 Dorothy B: The project "uk email list 1" was deleted because your employer pieremacor have violations.
10:00 Dorothy B: His account was also closed.
10:00 Manish: how you are saying me to contact the employer out of
10:00 Manish: when your terms doesn't allow
10:01 Manish: to contact outside the
10:01 Manish: IO have all the proof of this...
10:01 Manish: in my email and today I was asked by the and you to contact the employer outside the
10:01 Dorothy B: I'll send an email for your employer marcog1 regarding this matter, Manish.
10:02 Manish: to get the money..isn't it violation ?
10:02 Manish: you are directly telling me to voilate your terms now
10:02 Dorothy B: No, Manish.
10:02 Manish: after stealing my money which was kept to my account
10:02 Dorothy B: I'll be requesting your employer to communicate with you regarding the said projects.
10:03 Manish: now you are saying that you will be requesting my employer to reverse the payment.
10:03 Dorothy B: I will be requesting your employer to contact you, Manish.
10:03 Dorothy B: Kindly give me a moment to send the email to your employer regarding this matter.
10:04 Manish: just before few minutes you said that i will have to contact Employer..
10:04 Manish: pleasae be on your words..dont change your statement...
10:04 Manish: why are you saying this now ?
10:05 Manish: why everyday freelancer is wasting my valuable time ?
10:05 Dorothy B: I am helping you in initiating contact with your employer, Manish.
10:05 Manish: I want all compansation If i will prove that you are a real scam on Internet or else return all my money on the time which was promised yesterday
10:06 Dorothy B: I can only return your project fees for these invalid projects, Manish.
10:07 Manish: yes, now i was informed by your automated system that I will get my money tomarrow by maximum 25th Nov 2014
10:07 Manish: so I want all my money on the time which was promised..,
10:09 Dorothy B: I have refunded your project fees, Manish.
10:09 Manish: in case i will not get all my money on time which was informed to me when i send the withdraw request tomarrow I will post this conversation to CEO and post it to 1000 social media site, youtube, as many as place i can find on Internet,
10:09 Dorothy B: You may check it on your Transaction History for verification.
10:09 Manish: what about money stolen from my account ?
10:10 Manish: i am not concerned about project fee I pay you...
10:10 Manish: i am concerned about where is the money what I earned.
10:11 Dorothy B: I have also sent an email to your employer, marcog1.
10:11 Dorothy B: Here's the ticket ID for your reference: QHA-383-26158.
10:11 Manish: I will make sure that I am sending this conversation to CEO and
10:12 Dorothy B: You can contact us back to know its status.
10:12 Manish: see I want resolution right now..,
10:12 Dorothy B: Alright, Manish.
10:12 Manish: in case my employer doenst checks emails than ?
10:12 Manish: how he will pay me now ?
10:12 Manish: what is the guarantee ?
10:12 Manish: now ?
10:13 Manish: that my employer will pay again, becuase for me he have already paid via freelancer and i recieved also but this money was stolen from my account..
10:14 Manish: it is your responsibility
10:14 Manish: as you dont allow me to communicate with the employer
10:14 Dorothy B: It is your responsibility, Manish.
10:14 Manish: and everyime you removed money after completing the project, when employer released..
10:16 Manish: money was kept in escrow owned by, my money was in my freelancer account on 24th November 2014 in the morning 8 IST and when I checked in the evening it is gone from the account and now you are saying that it is my responsibility..
10:16 Manish: do you know what are you talking ?
10:17 Dorothy B: Yes, Manish.
10:17 Manish: how, it is my responsibility when money was with you ?
10:17 Manish: how, it is my responsibility when money was with you ?
10:17 Manish: how, it is my responsibility when money was kept with you ?
10:17 Dorothy B: As previously said, the money was reversed into your employer's account.
10:18 Dorothy B: That's why I suggested that you contact him.
10:18 Dorothy B: But since you won't be able to contact him anymore, I created an email sent to your employer requesting him to communicate with you regarding this matter.
10:18 Dorothy B: The money was not stolen from you, Manish.
10:19 Manish: okay, so finaly you confirm that money was reversed to employer.
10:19 Manish: alright, agreed on this
10:19 Manish: so now is asking me to contact employer without giving any contact information from last 3-4 days...
10:20 Manish: please keep me in cc
10:20 Manish: in all your email
10:20 Manish: which you are sending to my employers.
10:20 Dorothy B: That's why I have sent an email to your employer, Manish.
10:20 Manish: why you have not included me in CC (email) when you wrote to my employer ? are you a thief ?
10:20 Dorothy B: For you won't be able to contact him anymore since the invalid projects were deleted.
10:21 Manish: ok..,
10:21 Dorothy B: No I'm certainly not, Manish.
10:21 Dorothy B: You can contact us back regarding the status of the email, Manish.
10:21 Manish: so why didn't you kept me in CC (email) to keep me updated on this issue ?
10:22 Dorothy B: You can only ask for its updates through the Support Desk, Manish.
10:22 Dorothy B: You can contact us back and provide the reference ticket ID that I've given you.
10:23 Manish: see the money was removed from my account and it should be back to my account..,I dont know what you are going to do...I cant see what you are doing now to resolve this issue, you said you send an email to my employer but where is the proof of the email? I dont trust anymore
10:23 Dorothy B: The proof is the ticket ID that I 've given you, Manish.
10:24 Manish: tomarrow i was going to get my money as per the withdriwn reciept email recieved from the
10:24 Dorothy B: I understand, Manish.
10:24 Manish: but in the ticket ID there is no copy of the email are attached
10:24 Dorothy B: But your withdrawal request was canceled for the funds were reversed to your employer's account.
10:24 Manish: please include me in cc for my reference
10:25 Dorothy B: I cannot do that for that would also be a breach of Privacy Policy.
10:26 Manish: see this is totaly your fault, two times you have done this with my account I am not going to keep Quite I am going to highlight this issue to highest level..
10:26 Dorothy B: For you to be able to know the status of the email sent to your employer, you may contact us back and provide the ticket ID.
10:26 Dorothy B: Alright, Manish.
10:26 Manish: you have already asked me to breach the privacy policy in the conversation in the
10:27 Dorothy B: No, Manish.
10:27 Manish: what is the update on the ticket ID
10:27 Manish: 6738046
10:27 Dorothy B: Your employer haven't replied to the email yet.
10:28 Manish: what is the update on ticket ID:- UDL-620-97382
10:28 Dorothy B: Regarding the project "uk email list 1," it was deleted for your employer pieremacor has account violations.
10:28 Dorothy B: Therefore, his account was closed.
10:29 Manish: meanwhile I asked my lawyer to study all the Terms on the site
10:29 Dorothy B: Alright, Manish.
10:29 Manish: and we have not found anything related to account creation on the site mentioned by my freelancer
10:30 Manish: can you please highlight the lines which describe the same ?
10:30 Dorothy B: Again, it was stated on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, Manish.
10:30 Manish: so many times you have changed the statement ...
10:30 Manish: right ?
10:30 Dorothy B: No, Manish.
10:30 Dorothy B: I have stated it clearly to you awhile ago.
10:30 Dorothy B: As previously said, we do not allow projects whose content may create liability for, harm its business operation or reputation, or cause to lose the services of its suppliers.
10:32 Manish: ohhh...,but that doesn't mean ...project which was awarded to my was similar to that..,
10:32 Manish: it was just my clients wish which I was fulfilling...
10:32 Manish: and he was Happy also..,he gave me good feedback
10:33 Dorothy B: That's why you have to check whether the project is valid or not before accepting and completing it, Manish.
10:33 Manish: see
10:33 Manish: what you have asked to my Employer ?
10:33 Manish: can you tell me ?
10:34 Dorothy B: I requested him to contact you regarding the projects reversed payments, Manish.
10:34 Manish: did you provide them my contact information lol ?
10:34 Manish: tell me ?
10:34 Manish: yes...
10:34 Manish: now can you answer.., fast
10:34 Dorothy B: No, Manish.
10:35 Manish: you are wasting my time
10:35 Manish: so how my employer will contact me ?
10:35 Manish: when you have not provided my contact number ?
10:35 Dorothy B: We'll provide him ways on how he'll be able to contact you.
10:35 Manish: and as i said you have already disabled my messaging with boith of those clients..
10:35 Manish: ohhh
10:36 Dorothy B: Once he replies to the email sent to him, we'll guide him on how he'll be able to pay you.
10:36 Manish: when you will provide him ways ?
10:36 Manish: you have sent him email already but you have not provided ways ?
10:36 Manish: what are you wwating for ?
10:36 Dorothy B: Of course I did, Manish.
10:37 Dorothy B: I have provided him with the initial steps on how he could settle this matter.
10:37 Manish: yes you have already sent the email to my employer saying to contact me..,
10:37 Manish: in that email you have not mentioned my contact details
10:37 Manish: you have not asked to reply to that email
10:37 Manish: are you seriously into a legit business ?
10:37 Dorothy B: As previously said, we are not allowed to provide contact details for that would be a breach of Privacy policy.
10:38 Dorothy B: Yes, Manish.
10:38 Manish: now i have sufficient stuffs to prove you are wrong..,
10:38 Manish: why you are just doing copy pest evertime ?
10:38 Manish: your statement :- Dorothy B: As previously said, we are not allowed to provide contact details for that would be a breach of Privacy policy.
10:39 Dorothy B: I am providing answers for the questions you keep on asking, Manish.
10:40 Manish: so why did you said that you will provide him ways on how he'll be able to contact you.
10:40 Manish: when it is breach of Privacy policy ?
10:40 Manish: are a representative,
10:41 Manish: i have a doubt on you, beacause i know freelancer is a reputed company and your answers are very much fake..
10:41 Dorothy B: We will provide him ways to communicate with you again that does not need the exchange of contact details.
10:42 Manish: if I will not get my payment gurantee and withdrown successfully than i will publish this conversation everywhere
10:42 Dorothy B: I did not say that I will provide him your contact details so that he'll be able to contact you, Manish.
10:42 Dorothy B: Alright, Manish.
10:42 Dorothy B: Will that be all for now?
10:43 Manish: so how my employer will contact me ?
10:43 Manish: how i will get the money which was there in my account ?
10:44 Dorothy B: He'll be able to contact you still through, Manish.
10:44 Dorothy B: I will be refunding your project fees for the project "uk email list 1" as bonus credits.
10:44 Manish: now im not able to send him message
10:45 Manish: no i should get money..,
10:45 Manish: these was taken by freelancer...
10:45 Dorothy B: Alright, I'll be refunding the project fees for it as normal funds.
10:45 Manish: i dont know if somebody as a employer was came on freelancer to post a project like that ?
10:46 Dorothy B: The payments for the invalid projects were reversed to your employer's account.
10:46 Dorothy B: It was not taken by
10:46 Manish: what about the payment done by that employer (this is the employer for whom freelancer removed money 2-3 days bfore) ?
10:47 Manish: I dont know who have taken this money ...
10:47 Manish: but i know it was with
10:47 Manish: i recieved in my escrow account and now it is gone from freelancer account..,
10:47 Manish: so what was the issue with that project ?
10:48 Dorothy B: For the project "uk email list 1," your employer pieremacor have account violations that's why his account was closed.
10:49 Manish: so is that my fault ?
10:49 Dorothy B: Therefore, the projects he created were deleted too.
10:49 Dorothy B: No, Manish.
10:49 Manish: why you removed from my account
10:49 Manish: but that project was already completed and i recieved payment with good feedback
10:49 Dorothy B: Because the payments he made might create a liability to
10:50 Manish: if my employer is voilating your terms so why are you removing money from my account ?
10:50 Manish: how i will know if somebody (Employer ) is (have ) voilating your terms etc ?
10:51 Dorothy B: You may check the employer's validity by running a background check.
10:51 Manish: please answer this is very seriouse i was not saying anything after you removed money from my account with this project ...,but when you removed money from second project also than I am asking ?
10:51 Manish: ohhh ?
10:51 Dorothy B: You can check by reviewing their rating, feedback, as well as if they already have a verified payment method.
10:51 Manish: M i suppose to do background check ?
10:52 Dorothy B: You can also check the projects he created whether it is valid or not.
10:52 Manish: why ?
10:52 Dorothy B: That is, before bidding on the employer's projects.
10:52 Manish: this is so weired answer
10:52 Dorothy B: That way, you get to avoid situations like this.
10:52 Manish: yes
10:52 Manish: i check there was no positive feedback mentioned on the profile..
10:54 Manish: I checked the profile and the employer was not listed or flagged as he have voilated the freelancer terms
10:54 Dorothy B: Then, you have the option to report the user if you feel that he has violated our Terms and Conditions.
10:54 Dorothy B: * a user
10:55 Manish: if had voilated any terms than, was freelancer waiting for me to accept his project ?
10:55 Manish: why didn't you banned him ?
10:55 Manish: if had voilated any terms than, was freelancer waiting for me to accept his project ?why didn't you banned him when you know he will voilate ?
10:55 Dorothy B: We can only ban a user once he ignored warnings of violations and also if he did a serious offense.
10:56 Manish: by checking all this background..,but from myside I checked everything and that employer was clean
10:56 Dorothy B: Alright, Manish.
10:57 Dorothy B: Do you have other concerns that I can clarify for you?
10:57 Manish: so it means you don't have answers on this..right ?
10:58 Manish: first clarify this one...
10:58 Dorothy B: Have you checked whether their projects were valid or not?
10:58 Manish: you have not resolved this problem and asking to resolve the others ?
10:59 Manish: for which project ?
10:59 Manish: you are saying me to check if the project is valid or invalid ?
10:59 Manish: how to check ?
10:59 Dorothy B: Your concern regarding the reversed payments will only be resolved once your employer marcog1 responds to the email sent to him.
10:59 Manish: is there any online system to verify ?
10:59 Manish: ok..,
10:59 Manish: please answer above question..
11:00 Dorothy B: You can check whether the project is invalid if it has to do with:
11:00 Dorothy B: Advertising services
11:00 Dorothy B: Buying/Selling of Accounts
11:00 Dorothy B: Captcha Projects
11:00 Dorothy B: Cheating on school homework or exam
11:00 Dorothy B: Cloning of websites
11:00 Dorothy B: Craigslist Projects
11:00 Dorothy B: eBay account creation
11:00 Dorothy B: eBay Scam Projects
11:00 Dorothy B: Email account creations - includes social network accounts, etc.
11:00 Dorothy B: Generation of fake reviews
11:01 Dorothy B: Hacking
11:01 Manish: okay where it is mentioned ?
11:01 Dorothy B: Money transfer and exchange
11:01 Dorothy B: PVA related projects
11:01 Manish: okay where it was mentioned ?
11:01 Dorothy B: Selling of end products
11:01 Dorothy B: Selling of stolen scripts
11:01 Manish: please give me a link ?
11:01 Dorothy B: It is on our FAQ page, Manish.
11:01 Manish: where all this is mentioned ?
11:01 Manish: i dont see...
11:01 Dorothy B: Here's the link, Manish:
11:02 Dorothy B: You'll be able to see under the section, "Why is my project invalid?"
11:03 Manish: ok when did you updated this information ?
11:03 Manish: and this FAQ is for Employers not for freelancers.
11:04 Manish: why you are cheating me ? by showing a faq for Employers...
11:04 Manish: ?
11:04 Dorothy B: But still once you accepted an invalid project, the payments will be reversed.
11:05 Manish: who accepts it as invalid project ?
11:05 Manish: i dont accept it as Invalid project..
11:05 Dorothy B: It is, Manish.
11:05 Manish: as a freelancer i was never given a FAQ or terms section to read where it was mentioned ...,
11:06 Dorothy B: The projects you accepted has to do with account creations, that's why the payments you received were reversed.
11:06 Manish: this FAQ is for Employers not for freelancers...I am a freelancer, worker
11:06 Dorothy B: That's why it is suggested that a user should read all the entries on the FAQ page.
11:06 Dorothy B: Even though you are a freelancer, you should be wary of Invalid projects.\
11:06 Manish: but how i will know that those projects are listed as invalid projects.. ?
11:07 Manish: but I have never been given this list...
11:07 Manish: now after removing money from my account you are telling me that the project which i completed was invalid..
11:07 Dorothy B: That's why we recommend that our users should read all the entries on the FAQ page, Manish.
11:08 Manish: this is not fare..
11:08 Dorothy B: Yes, Manish.
11:08 Dorothy B: Because it has something to do with account creation.
11:08 Manish: ok..,
11:08 Dorothy B: So in order for you to get paid, we contacted your employer.
11:09 Manish: so if a developer is creating a website where he will have to create many accounts than that will also get marked as Invalid project ?
11:09 Dorothy B: Once your employer responds to the email sent to him, we'll provide him with the procedures on how he'll be able to pay you.
11:12 Dorothy B: Are you still there?
11:12 Manish: I dont know how you are dealing with this issue, but I know in the morning there was more than $300 and in the evening also my Employer paid me 40Euro which is removed by the freelancer. I mean it is not thiere in my account now..,and I cant withdraw it now..
11:15 Dorothy B: You won't be able to withdraw the funds for it was reversed to your employer's account, Manish.
11:15 Manish: please send the email to other employer also to contact me to pay..,
11:16 Manish: if you will resolve this issue I will never disclose this conversation with anyone..or else I will tell the world..
11:17 Dorothy B: We are doing our best to resolve issues like this, Manish.
11:17 Manish: ok..,
11:18 Dorothy B: Kindly wait for your employer to respond to our email.
11:18 Manish: because you also know..,
11:18 Dorothy B: You can contact us back regarding the status of the email sent to your employer.
11:18 Manish: can you please email me this conversation ?
11:20 Dorothy B: You have the option to upload our conversation, Manish.
11:20 Manish: ok..,
11:20 Manish: why my account is showing -988 Rs ?
11:22 Dorothy B: You incurred a negative balance because the payments you received for the invalid projects were reversed.
11:22 Manish: so what is my fault in that..,
11:23 Manish: please make it positive...
11:23 Manish: you have reversed it, before it was positive...
11:23 Manish: see my employer is ready to pay me help me right now..,
11:24 Dorothy B: It'll be positive once the payments that were reversed were reinstated to your account.
11:24 Manish: ok..,my employer is ready to pay the ammount right now..,
11:25 Manish: my employer marcog1 is saying that he want to pay me for my hard work which i have done...tell me what he will have to do ? so i can get the payment from him ?
11:26 Manish: he said the money is in his account..,tell me the procedure now to come out of this..,
11:27 Manish: my employer is ready..
11:27 Manish: to pay..
11:29 Dorothy B: Yes, Manish.
11:30 Dorothy B: I have seen your employer's response to the email I've sent to him.
11:30 Manish: what i can do to get the money
11:30 Dorothy B: I will be escalating your concern to the proper department.
11:30 Manish: from him
11:30 Manish: see
11:30 Dorothy B: Kindly wait for this issue to be settled.
11:30 Manish: the money was in my account and ready to transferred in my account tomarrow morning after few hrs
11:31 Dorothy B: But then, you still have the option to contact us regarding its status.
11:31 Manish: but you have removed
11:31 Manish: it..,
11:31 Manish: do you know, I have promised my daddy \
11:32 Manish: that i will pay the money of credit card which i have used by tomarrow in the morning..,
11:32 Manish: please resolve this issue ..,
11:32 Manish: or I dont have any more trust on
11:32 Dorothy B: Yes we will, Manish.
11:32 Manish: I can trust Employers more than
11:33 Manish: What we will ?
11:33 Manish: please show me the status of my withdraw ready to transferred tomarrow
11:34 Dorothy B: Your withdrawal was canceled for you have no funds left in your account because the payments for the invalid projects were reversed.
11:35 Dorothy B: Once this issue has been settled, the funds will be reinstated to your account and you can proceed in filing your withdrawal request.
11:35 Manish: ok..,
11:35 Manish: so why it is getting delayed ?
11:35 Manish: what is the reason ? my employer is ready to pay me..
11:36 Manish: Will you be able to pay me all money taken from my account which was paid by marcog1? because my employer says he is ready to pay me..
11:37 Dorothy B: We are now coordinating with your employer regarding this matter, Manish.
11:37 Manish: yes
11:37 Manish: he is online now...
11:38 Manish: talk to him..,
11:38 Dorothy B: I'll be creating a ticket for you as well regarding this concern.
11:38 Dorothy B: That way, you'll be updated.
11:39 Manish: see my employer is waiting for your message..,
11:39 Dorothy B: I understand, Manish.
11:39 Manish: you have returne him E285
11:39 Manish: from my account
11:39 Dorothy B: Our Tier 2 Support will reply to him.
11:40 Manish: no..,
11:40 Manish: when ?
11:40 Manish: he is waiting for me ...
11:40 Manish: he is my employer...
11:41 Dorothy B: I understand, Manish.
11:41 Dorothy B: Rest assured that this concern will be handled at the soonest possible time.
11:42 Manish: please take my messages seriously ...
11:43 Manish: he is online now..,
11:44 Manish: can you please make sure that my money will come within next 24 Hrs ? because i have to show my face to my parents..,you see this month I have not earned anything..,I have paid from my pocket..,
11:44 Manish: I am married and I have lot of responsibility
11:44 Manish: I am from very poor family
11:44 Dorothy B: I cannot assure you that will happen right away, Manish.
11:45 Dorothy B: But we will resolve your concern at the soonest possible time.
11:45 Manish: I used my money 9000+ Rs to complete the project..,
11:45 Manish: but now I am feeling unsecured..
11:45 Manish: so what should I do ?
11:46 Manish: how much hours you want me to wait for the payment to my local bank account ?
11:46 Dorothy B: We will let you know the update for this concern through this ticket ID: ANO-969-68618.
11:46 Dorothy B: We will update you with its progress, Manish.
11:49 Dorothy B: Are you still there?
11:49 Manish: yes
11:49 Manish: when you will update me ?
11:50 Dorothy B: Once it has been resolved, Manish.
11:50 Dorothy B: That way you'll be able to lodge another withdrawal request.
11:50 Manish: so how i will get my money ?
11:51 Dorothy B: Again, we will update you regarding the reversed payments, Manish.
11:51 Manish: so you accept that you are going to get me the reversed by ... right ?
11:51 Dorothy B: Yes, Manish.
11:51 Dorothy B: Once this issue has been settled, the payments will be reinstated to your account.
11:52 Manish: so you accept that you are going to get me the money reversed the money taken by ... right ?
11:52 Manish: any turn around time for this ?
11:52 Dorothy B: Again, it was not taken by rather it was reversed to your employers account.
11:52 Dorothy B: *employer's
11:53 Manish: ok..,
11:53 Dorothy B: I am unable to provide on how long this issue will be resolved.
11:53 Manish: it is still in the escrow account ?
11:53 Manish: because till than i cant go home...
11:54 Manish: because till than i cant go home...
11:54 Dorothy B: I understand, Manish.
11:54 Manish: it is very seriouse issue for me ...
11:54 Dorothy B: The funds will be returned into your account once your employer settles this issue.
11:55 Manish: he is already ready to pay..
11:56 Manish: whats the issue than ?
11:56 Dorothy B: The issue is that the projects were invalid, Manish.
11:56 Manish: ok...,
11:56 Manish: so emploer is ready to pay...,
11:57 Manish: now who is not ready to pay ?
11:57 Manish: are u ?
11:57 Dorothy B: I have escalated your concern regarding the payments for the invalid projects.
11:57 Manish: ?
11:57 Dorothy B: Kindly wait for the response.
11:57 Manish: who ?
11:57 Manish: im waiting...
11:58 Manish: my employer is also waiting...
11:58 Dorothy B: Manish, your concern is already escalated to our Ties 2 Support.
11:58 Manish: ok im waiting...
11:58 Dorothy B: Since the project is invalid, we cannot allow you to make the payments within the site.
11:59 Manish: so how i will get the money ?
11:59 Dorothy B: You will be advised on what to do through the ticket that we have created.
11:59 Manish: can u tell me in chat ?
11:59 Dorothy B: you will be advised on what to do on the ticket that we have created.
12:00 Dorothy B: I apologize, but only our Tier 2 Support can give you the proper recommendations.
12:00 Manish: wait checking emaILS
12:00 Dorothy B: They will be contacting you on your ticket.
12:01 Dorothy B: your patience is highly appreciated at the moment.
12:01 Manish: i haven't recieved any far
12:01 Dorothy B: Yes, as this is still being reviewed.
12:01 Manish: my daddy dont understand all this
12:02 Dorothy B: I understand, Manish.
12:02 Manish: he says that Internet is full of scams and frauds ... and work from home workers get cheated a lot...
12:02 Dorothy B: I also recommend that you continue to communicate with your employer until the issue is resolved.
12:03 Manish: what i should communicate to him ?
12:03 Manish: i never thought freelancer will do this to me...
12:03 Dorothy B: You may inform them, that they will wait for the response from our Tier 2 Support.
12:03 Dorothy B: Both of you will be guided on the tickets I have sent.
12:04 Dorothy B: Please be aware for invalid projects posted on the site.
12:04 Manish: do you want me to send this communication to ur CEO via email ?
12:05 Manish: from next time i will be...
12:05 Dorothy B: You have the option to report this by using the Report Project on the project page.
12:05 Dorothy B: Here's the link for your reference:
12:05 Manish: but for this time was not clearly mentioned FAQ for freelancer
12:06 Dorothy B: Please not the we only serve as an online venue.
12:07 Dorothy B: You will be guided, both employers and freelancers, through our FAQs and terms and Conditions.
12:07 Dorothy B: I recommend that you also take a part of your time to review this.
12:08 Dorothy B: Is there anything else I can help you with?
12:08 Manish: ok
12:10 Manish: i will get paid throgh right...,
12:11 Dorothy B: For now, I recommend that you wait for any response on the ticket I have made for you.
12:11 Manish: ok...,
12:11 Dorothy B: This is being handled now by our Tier 2 Support and you will be guided accordingly.
12:11 Dorothy B: Please keep your line open for any emails.
12:11 Dorothy B: Will that be all for now?
12:11 Manish: ok...,
12:11 Manish: you tell me ?
12:12 Dorothy B: You will received an email, Manish, on your ticket.
12:12 Manish: ok...,
12:13 Dorothy B: Is there anything else I can help you with for today?
12:13 Manish: please resolve that issue fast...,
12:13 Dorothy B: We will, Manish.
12:14 Manish: ok..,
12:14 Dorothy B: you do not have to worry about that.
12:14 Dorothy B: Will this be all for today?
12:14 Manish: ok thanks...,
12:14 Dorothy B: Thank you for contacting our Support Desk.
12:14 Dorothy B: Have a good day.
12:15 * Dorothy B has left the conversation. Click here to leave a message.

Tip for consumers: second day chat...,

worst customer service, they are thief, dont trust them about $400. They have stolen my $400 and they dont answer anything all the proof here ..., so many things i dont have time to write..,they are just 100% organized scam....

10:22 Manish: what is update on other employers whose funds, have reversed ?
10:23 Manish: I have not captured any contact details of those employer ...
10:23 Manish: whose money you have returned...
10:23 Manish: so I want freel

Ask Maneesh about Freelancer
New Reviewer

This is one of the few sites out there where freelancers actually get scammed. Many projects are fake and requesters simply disappear after posting projects. You will pay 10% of your money upfront for any project awarded, whether it is a scam or not. My advice: stay away. Just stick to Elance, ODesk or other sites which are actually serious

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all costs.

Ask Dima about Freelancer
New Reviewer

they will set your account directly to the payment version and the payment is auto approved without any warning...very professional.

Tip for consumers: avoid it.

Ask g about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I have used freelancer for 5 years for various projects always been happy. Over the past 3 months they have frozen my clients accounts with no provocation. No ability to negotiate and have suspended accounts with hundreds of dollars in milestones. This action has caused frustration for both clients, freelancers that were hired and myself. I will no longer be using the service.

I am not rating the freelancers themselves I am rating the company freelancer. Who refuses to communicate to resolve issues or notify my clients why their accounts have been suspended and funds held.

Tip for consumers: avoid using this site.

Ask Heidi about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Ive never had a more unpleasant experience with, the freelancers themselves are often quite professional. But heres what happened:

I paid someone to do a job for me. They did it, they were paid for it. I in turn did business with the same individual, they paid me for it. ALL through freelancer. I come to take the funds out and they say the want private documents from me. I said no, and asked WHY I needed to provide these when Ive already provided proof of phone number, email, social security even for the company. Instead of responding, they close my account. I try to contact and never hear back. They have my money and I HAVE NO WAY of getting it out. No one to call or email anything. No one will respond back.

Tip for consumers: Dont use them.

Ask Mike about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I get a project for 500 EUR
I worked hard ever day 10 hour for one week
and after 3 month i found my account -500 EUR ,

They say that the user account is suspended
i don't care about the user or any one just want my money
FREELANCER,com you don't have the right to take my many , and many hour of working

my email

Ask Anas about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Freelancer has always had a problem with anyone I have talked to in regards to validating your account, bullying others and overcharging.

Here's a new low though, they TOOK over $500 for a project that was done over 4 months ago and never notified me! This is a very new low and we are now working on federal actions as we have heard this happening to 20 other freelancers. is 100% unethical and doing ILLEGAL actions. Why else would they do it in a sneaky way?

Again, we have had to use countless measures and assistance from my lawyer to deal with other issues but this issue right here is an all time low! If there was a problem with the employee's account and they tricked in regards to money, freelancers should not have to carry the financial burden and loose the money 4 MONTHS LATER!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT EVER USE FREELANCER.COM! There are plenty of better sites like and!

Ask Mercy about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Freelancer is one of the worst freelancing companies I have ever worked with as an employer. I am spending a lot of money outsourcing projects and I thought I could try outsource some tasks on Freelancer too.

Bad Idea..

Freelancer is full of hidden fees and they charge you $2 here and $2 there..

One of the freelancers failed to deliver the task I've assigned to him.. wanted me to actually pay them a small amount of money to resolve this issue. Note that the task cost was $25. I gave $10 upfront and charged me another $3 as a fee for the job( !? ) WTF??

In total I was charged $13 and my task is not completed yet.

I contact about this, but, nothing..

They are not answering my messages

Stay away from them..

Tip for consumers: Test other outsourcing website like or instead of

Ask Pavlos about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Unfortunately my experience with Freelancer was more than a couple of years ago and all I can remember is the shock when I found all these ridiculous fees on my credit card that caught completely off guard. When I contacted Freelancer (e-mail only) all they told me was that these fees were something I had had supposedly agreed to (to put my job needs up front or on the fast track, whatever…) by clicking on one thing another.

I told that I felt they were guilty of deceptive practices or at best, of not providing full disclosure, especially with the added fees which were all but completely hidden by a very confusing set of options and pricing (which in hindsight seemed very deliberate).
I came away with the very strong feeling that the Freelancer site at that time (don't know what it's like now) was setup to milk as much money as possible out of the person looking to hire.
I had NO problem with the person who actually did the work (the freelancer himself), in fact I paid him a little extra, just to show my appreciation but as for I don’t think I’ll ever use their services again unless I’m desperate and can’t find any other such online service. Will be looking into Elance and other such services (you can check out
I'm in Canada and might have actually used but it's still the same deceptive and greedy company.

Ask Rui about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I joined them about a month ago and bid on a number of projects and now I realize why I have never been awarded anything. I have never 'deposited' any money for them to steal.

Thanks for all the reviews and letting people know. I suspected they were scammers.

I am closing my account once they confirm they have not put any charges on my credit card.

They seem to be taking very high fees PLUS charging 7.95 per month.

I will avoid using them like the plague.

Ask Hillary about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I created an account after recieving good word about the company. I added my PayPal account to my profile and once I learned how the site worked, I removed my PayPal and never logged in again. Today I received a call from my bank informing me that my debit card has been cancelled because of 4 $15.64 charges from I would not put your financial information on your profile.

New Reviewer

It seems we have something more than just bad business. The company blackmailed me after I published two articles criticizing them and published my personal data (there goes their privacy policy). They know about all the bad karma, but prefer to pretend nothing happens. In my opinion they have something ugly to hide. If you are their customer, just delete your account. If you are considering joining them, just read all the reviews about them and then decide.

New Reviewer

I didn't have any bad experience with until 2 weeks ago when they declined my withdrawal request. I was awarded a project, worked for the employer and received milestone payment of $5000 USD. After that when I attempted to withdraw my money, they declined my withdrawal, worst of all, my account was limited. I submitted all necessary documents. Funny thing is that though they accepted all my documents, my account is still limited so that I cannot withdraw my money. Now they are saying, there are issues with milestone payment of my employer.So my account remains LIMITED for their apparently funny MILESTONE PAYMENT which means nothing at all. I cannot really trust anymore and recommend anyone. They can make you suffer with your hard earned money, Customer support is slow resolving issues. Anyways, I will see the END of it and update you guys, still hoping they will realize their wrong business model.

Tip for consumers: NOT Recommended for Freelancers.

Ask ForexCraze about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Worst site I have ever seen regarding Freelancing business. Have been there for quite long time, Very soon going to leave it.

Two recent scenarios

1. Just recently one of my project payment has been reversed due to reason that client did violation of TOS of FL. It happened after around 14 days of project completion and even Feedback was also provided . All money was taken back from my account. I lost the Project Fee as well in this case.

2. I was awarded a project by a client and Project fee was taken from my account, but then client became unresponsive, and I have not received any reply from them for around 10 days now. Here again, I have lost the project award fee.

FL reversed the payment which has been made to my Account, and It was my money and without my consent, it was taken out, that is really great.

FL really need to improve its site structure otherwise its going to loose market very soon with all these loop holes, which favors employers and nothing for Freelancers.

Proof also attached.

Tip for consumers: Just start finding other Freelancing sites, So many fake projects and no payments for clients at all.

Ask Dan about Freelancer
New Reviewer

never trust their support team they are so non professional and sick
2 worst i am telling you from huge mis behaves form freelancer by the time Australia owned it before that they are much professional
First scene:
i worked for employer in USA California.......he made 2 milestones a $100 and then 200+USD milestones .one he paid me after first demo ...second he paid me then ....client said that work is not that worth so i want almost $100 back to my account and rest you keep and i will email freelancer to limit the budget to that amount i agreed i returned his amount on freelancer and wrote freelancer support in reply what happened my account is limited and suspended and my client all $300+ he paid me reversed to his account and i left with 0 amount plus project fee on that ......still it never come to me even i asked help many times. freelancer help keep on replying client account issue
Second Scene:
Second time an aussie client double cheat me and asked freelancer after he made the payment that devloper worked with me tries to hack my site and then he made it all okay after i asked him so i donot trust devloper( means me) and i want freelancer to block the devloper profile and reverse my money
now sad and pathetic freelancer blocked my profile and wihtou any investigation and without my intent they reverse amount from my account and ask me for 1 month suspended account
is this Fair?
One thing more Yearly i am giving freelancer almost 20000USD to 30000USD work
and they done this to me
above all their special dept person called me and he is father of all mis behaves and not to understand person
Bad--- Worst site but i spent over it now 5 years and i want to leave site like anything but which site i join can any one tell me

Tip for consumers: as soon as withdraw your amount and never trust their support team they are so non professional

Ask arustu about Freelancer
New Reviewer

We hate these guys with a passion, and we've been with them since they were out of Scandinavia (and decent - at that time they were GAF) - BEFORE they became Aussie owned and decided to see how much money they can screw out of everybody. Their fees are to the point of ridiculous (another site that we use charges a FLAT RATE OF $6.95 PER MONTH and there's no draconian escrow system - how you get paid is between YOU and the CLIENT, like grown ups.) and they keep going up, and the hoops you have to jump through FOR EVERYTHING is even more ridiculous. I spend more time explaining to clients HOW to make and release payments through them than I do actually working.

Now in the last couple of months, as if their fees and hoops aren't bad enough, they've decided freelancers can't ask for their initial milestone deposits (our initial milestones are a 33% deposit to cover things like software we have to buy for the client up front) to be released up front, they have to leave them in escrow. So, basically if the client stalls the project - we're out of pocket.

Their latest control freak trip - is they're complaining about everybody's profile pic/logo - and threatening to terminate our accounts if we don't "upgrade" our look. FYI - OURS IS OUR COMPANY LOGO!

Thank goodness we only use them to pick up an occasional job maybe twice a year. I really need to take the time and find another site to replace this one...

Tip for consumers: AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Ask Lydia about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I am a employer that was also duped by freelancer. They will not refund the closing balance that was in my account after I requested them to close my account because of their fraudulent practices. After 4 months they reverse the payment if an employee I paid for their hard work. How does this work after an account has been closed. I did not request for this to be done and I saw in one of the complaints below that a Freelancer employee is claiming that the employer requested it. Now this is one big LIE. I wonder why will they reverse a payment when it was not requested by the employer. And if the account of the employer is closed where does this money goes. Does it just devolve to matter? They are claiming terms and conditions but they are forgetting terms and conditions and any consumer agreement has to be according to law. And the law clearly describe this practice as stealing.
We have to unite and come as one to make this case stinger to put a stop to the illegal, fraudulent practices of

I advise all the people here with complaints to start an investigation as I did to

More info can be found on


Tip for consumers: Do not keep any funds in your freelancer account if you do decide to use their services. I would urge designers to withdraw earned money immediately after they receive payments from employers to play it safe. There are far better platforms than freelancer to be used.

Ask Hank about Freelancer
New Reviewer

complete $#*!s! they charged me $400 as project fee then £49 for my gold membership... top of this they charged me $150 for converting $ to INR and the transaction was declined, I asked them to revert back to USD. I'm sure we all know this is cryptocurrency not actual currency is converted! they should have easily convert back to USD if they really cared about customers, but they being $#*!s and focus on money! I HATE freelancer DONT work with them, they charge for every single thing... no customer loyalty.

Tip for consumers: DO not use their site, they charge for every single thing - no customer loyalty... we work really hard and at the end when I calculate I paid almost 20% of my earning to them by fee!!

Ask Niran about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I would like Marcus C. [Freelancer Rep] to respond on the following question:
What's this new stupid policy that is forcing users to put their own images (face) on their profile photos? No logos or other images allowed otherwise your bid amount will be lowered and after that the account closed / suspended.
Do you think that is normal to get my bids restricted while I have my ongoing paid premium subscription? Meaning you're lowering my bid amount (because I do not have my face photo on my profile) which I'm PAYING for every month!!!
And do not bother to respond that other images might be subject to copyright, this would be silly response.
Also, you well know Freelancer is running a kind of survey on the dashboard that you will be pointed to every time you log in. General questions like "how you like freelancer" or bla la bla - seem acceptable but this new question I see now on the screen "WHAT'S YOUR SKYPE USERNAME?"
Are you kidding me? How far can you go with these nonsenses?
ASX listed company should act "friendlier" than you do.

New Reviewer

I am out of pocket by nearly $150 due to this scam website. They say they are legit employers who pay a milestone, but then you have to wait 2 week to receive that milestone, by that time you have payed the money out yourself and the employers account is on hold and being investigated so the money that is there waiting for you is frozen.

Lots of rubbish about specialist teams involved in dealing with said employer but is a lot of lies and the employer doesn't reply and the situation is never resolved.

Do not use this company, it does not work and is a complete scam. I am not out of pocket and will not get any sort of refund. Marcus their only person who replies on here will no doubt say please contact me.. complete scam!

Tip for consumers: Do not use this site

Ask Sophia about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I started working on 2 months ago (graphic design), and after 7 completed projects (about $400 in various currencies), i decided to make a withdrawal. I requested a withdrawal, but i also left about $100 to make sure i'll have enough for commissions.I was requested su submit some copies of various papers (including drivers license or passport), to verify my identity.during the withdrawal process i was really scared of losing my money(i read a lot of bad reviews, including on this website). After about a week the money i requested was sent to my paypal account.

Tip for consumers: Don't try to withdraw all the money from your account, because if you need to pay a commission for a project, you will have a negative balance and the withdraw request will be cancelled!

Make sure your personal information is correct, and use ONLY UNEDITED COLOR SCANS of your papers. do not even crop them in photoshop!

Ask santa about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Working on Freelancer is like dealing with the devil. You sign up, fill out your skills, bid on some projects, make some money, and everything seems great. But it's not until you start using it that you find out how they take advantage of you.

I've been using it now for a couple of years, and while the site's front-end design has gotten snazzier, the service has gotten more and more exploitative.

Firstly, whenever you win and accept a project, YOU the freelancer, have to pay's share of the commission UPFRONT. That fee is immediately taken out of whatever payment method you've linked to your account, rather than more reasonable sites do by taking the money out of what you get paid when it's paid.

What's more, those fees a NONREFUNDABLE. Meaning, if the employer has you accept the project, and then they cancel for some reason, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with you, you aren't entitled to a refund. I spoke to them and managed to get a refund when this happened to me once, but I suspect it's not something that's designed to happen regularly.

Currency conversion--Freelancer ROUTINELY gives me around 5% less for currency conversions than I can get by transferring the money to PayPal and then having them convert it. Really sleazy.

Freelancer makes it painful to get your money out once you've gotten paid. Withdrawals only happen twice per week, rather than on-demand. You can submit a withdrawal request, but it won't be fulfilled for several days. They actually recommend that you keep as much money as possible on your balance as possible, to make it "convenient" to pay project fees when they are awarded to you. Yeah, no. When you carry the money as a balance on the site, they keep it in their bank where it earns interest.

Finally, just to show how much contempt they have for their freelancers, has this incredibly stupid "experience point" system put in place. You earn "experience points" just like in a video game, and these experience points translate into levels, and gaining levels allows you to unlock more features on the site. They even have little graphic symbols for these various actions, just like a real-life MMORPG.

Seriously, find work through someone else. I'm finding much better prices and fairer workloads on other sites.

Tip for consumers: Don't use this site. They take advantage of you, and that's kind of what you expect. It's a tit-for-tat relationship and there's nothing wrong with that. What really gets to me is the contempt they have for you while doing it. You can find much better work on other freelancing sites.

Ask Charles about Freelancer
New Reviewer

A SCAM IF I'VE EVER SEEN ONE, AND I MEAN IT. (Explanation below)

Earlier, I was attempting to take exams on the site as a means of making myself more attractive to employers. After getting a 98% on my English exam, I decided to try and get a 100%, just because. Well, there are a few problems.

1. All questions are submitted by users when they have made a high enough score on any exam. There is no guarantee the questions are accurate. I've ran into plenty of unanswerable questions ranging from simple spelling errors to flat-out inaccurate questions with wrong answers flagged as correct. There are even questions that technically have no right answer.

2. When reaching the exam screen for an exam you've already taken, there is a hyperlink next to your previous score that says "Let's beat it!" At the bottom of the page there is also a buy option for the exam. Click "Let's beat it!" takes you directly to your exam to attempt to beat your own score. Just one problem: YOU ARE CHARGED FOR THE EXAM AGAIN, WITHOUT ANY PAGE OR WARNING IN BETWEEN YOU CLICKING THE LINK AND TAKING THE EXAM. I racked up $20 worth of charges before realizing that I was being charged.

3. After realizing this, their support has yet to contact me about their effectively rigged exams AND the money they took from me.

There is zero transparency about how the site handles your money, and reviewing the site further, they seem to charge many users with tons of different fees.

The moment I receive my payment, I'm removing my personal info, delinking my Paypal, and never looking back. (And should they decide to deny me a refund, I plan on disputing it through Paypal.)


Update: After putting in a second ticket, it was effectively thrown out because it had a similar title to a previous ticket I opened, and that thrown out ticket had all of the details about my issue regarding my recent money mishap. The support team member has yet to reply to my email or my new ticket. Still waiting.

Second update: Was just officially denied a refund. A bunch of conniving crooks.

Third update: In Freelancer's defense, after a few more replies to my tickets, I was eventually given a refund for the exams I was charged for. I am willing to give the site a second chance and will suspend my review until further notice. I will say I like the site layout, so I will be giving the site a second chance, but I tread lightly.

New Reviewer

Cheater site.
One user abused me for 6 times continuously, and I kept complaining. Last they told me , they can not od anything. When it wad for 7th time, they replied, with same cap copy paste reply of some $#*! up rule email.
Stay away from this site.
The CEO is the biggest mother$#*!er.

Ask Lisa about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I had in my account 26000 inr and when i withdrawal my payment freelancer cancel the payment process and limited my account by saying that i linked two un known accounts while i never worked with them and do not know them and when i provided all documents as they asked the not activated the account as they want to cheat me with my approx 400 usd ..Any body tell me how to take legal action against them so that i get my my 400 usd???Specially about that guy of customer support as he giving me harassment since 2 weeks and not giving any solution and each day he coming with new excuses of limited it and not ready to send me my earning.Too bad service of freelancer i recommend never work on this site they are fraud will eat your hard work's earning,.

Ask payal about Freelancer
New Reviewer

IT Useless
i am start work on and i complete 10 job, and i also got payment from my client. but now i my all money reverse .
it not happened one it continue one bye one and reverse my money same replay from freelance support team "YOUR CLIENT account issue "
be careful ,

if you work one day your money are reverse from you. so why you work here.

stop work here , is Dangerous ,
stop, stop stop STOP , STOP WORK NOW.
here "Marcus"

please stop command here,
,I am not here to listen your lectures.

Tip for consumers: stop work now

Ask ranjit about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I have account on I had completed some projects successfully there. But now I understand that they are not considering employee members.
In my case, they just took back the whole amount after the 2 weeks from the successful completion of the project. When I contacted customer support, they said that it was due to problem with employers payment .

If you are an employer, you can choose to cheat employees. It is a good choice for you.
If you are an employee, think twice before moving forward. or, deliver products only after the fund-transfer from

Tip for consumers: If you are an employer, you can choose to cheat employees. It is a good choice for you.
If you are an employee, think twice before moving forward. or, deliver products only after the fund-transfer from

Ask new about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Only at
Providers bidding on projects,
Almost all providers hire boys to do bidding on their behalf, these boys job is to copy a pre written text and posted on as a bid on every project.
If you ever see any one of these bidders online try to ask him any technical question, you will see that either he will logout or will not answer you or will talk to you but will try to change the topic in anyway, and that is why because he does not know anything his job is just to copy some text and paste it in the bid.
We have made a test you too can try it, we posted insult to someone, the title was just insult and the project description also, the funny thing that in seconds there was many bids, also they mentioned in their bid descriptions: we studied your requirement we ….. try it yourself its fun.
We knew that Freelancer reached its 1 million members, a year a go that is after over 15 years of existence, now in one year they reached 13.5 millions that increment 12.5 millions in about a year time, these figures for sure are correct but how?
Because Every provider create 3 to 5 different ids, and why they are doing that?
They bid with all these ids on each project means on one project they very same person will have 5 different bid with 5 different names ids and of course with 5 different bid amounts, they do this to increase their chances to win a project. Also they do this to give their selves reviews .
So when you post a project if you see 50 bids do not be surprise if they are actually just 10 bidders, but each one has made a bid from 5 different ids.
Providers Reviews:
Every providers create about 5 different ids, then they use some of them to post project with a minimum value, which he win it from his other id and give to himself a review, with 5 ids he can guarantee himself lots of reviews that look like they are from different people.
Bidders morals and behaviors:
If you talk or ask any question to any bidder, then say sorry you are not fit for my job, or you stop talking to him, he will shower you with insults. Its like you talk to me you must hire me.
The end result is is the worst place ever for anyone wants to get his job done.
their true name is ScamLancers, and the bidders to beggars, and the providers to brokers,
Because who bids and who talk to you is brokering the work, and has no idea about what you are talking about.

Tip for consumers: Use ODesk or Guru they are totally free

Ask Ed about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Signed up and saw they only want to pay McDonald's wages to engineers so I never used them and never gave them any credit card information.

Last month there were four charges amounting to more than $1,300 made. There was also another fraud charge so it could have been someone else using my info to charge Freelancer but still, I don't trust them.

Tip for consumers: Cancel and don't use it.

Ask Ernest about Freelancer
New Reviewer

What happened, in short, is: I have accepted a project. The 10% commission was charged against my account straight away. The next day client fails to provide materials for me to work on and the following day he says that he needs to cancel the project. He cancels the project and here's a fragment of the discussion that followed with chat support:

05:18 Rose D: It shows that the project "Write a script for a live bettering website" has indeed been cancelled.
05:18 Rose D: What I can do for you is contact your employer ******** about this project if they are still interested in working with you. Would you like me to do so?
05:19 [user]: What??
05:20 [user]: Why would I want you to do that?
05:20 [user]: The client told me alredy he can not supply the materials required and is thus cancelling.
05:20 [user]: Have you seen my question? I have asked when are the $20 that were taken from my account when I accepted the project going to be refunded to me?
05:23 Rose D: Generally our project fees are non-refundable, regardless of the completion of the project.

What followed next is freelancer told me they would refund my $20 as an exception.

This is just one of my many disappointments with them regarding a lot of different issues.

New Reviewer

They are the biggest scammer. We just signed in on Sept 19 and by Sept 25 they have taken over $250 in fees. Every hour if they can they will charge $20 for something or the other. They make sure that your account is always at zero. Do NOT waste your time with them. They will never give you a phone number and the person who talks to you never knows anything abt finance. She always has to get back to you. There is no escrow acct setup, the money you give them just disappears. My account is always at zero balance. You pay fees when you give them the funds and when they refund the funds you pay fees again. SCAMMER!!!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE THEM

Ask Pramila about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Wow.. this company should be listed in the top ten WWW scammers! And give them first place!

I helped pay off a friend's freelancer account which was in arrears by $16.00. Two weeks later another charge appears on my credit card for 4.65 for who knows what..

I checked my freelancer account and did not see any charges, only on my card.

So I contacted to cancel my account since they are charging me fees for no services or reason. they cancelled my account August 24 and guess what? I just now found another charge on my card for September 9th for $10.65.

I contact my credit card company (payoneer) who states that they will not file a dispute for anything less than 20.00. Freelancer more than likely knows this and will continue to bill my card since they know payoneer cards cannot be disputed for anything under 20.00.

This means Payoneer system will allow freelnacer to continue stealing low amounts of funds from my payoneer card with no recourse! For that reason, I am forced to close my payoneer account of get constantly ripped off from Unbelievable how a company like this can still exist!

Tip for consumers: Do not give this company your credit card or any financial informatio or they will steal your funds. They are pure scum.

PS. Marcus, you offered to help, but there was never no refund and my dispute with freelancer was closed. Your comments here are nothing but fluff. You are truly a jerk!

Ask Bryan about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Freelancer refused my PayPal refund of $247.89. The programmer's work got me PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED FROM MY AMAZON. I CANNOT USE THE PROJECT I PAID FOR!

You also changed the information ON MY ORIGINAL JOB:

It now appears that the work was never done!

You refused the PayPal refund AND you took the funds from my programmer and are keeping them. WHY DIDN'T YOU REFUND ME?

The four payments I made to Freelancer are as follows:

diddy1040@xxx.xom $3.37 $56.57 $1.08 $186.87

Total refund is: $247.89

Beverly Wolf


Tip for consumers: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE FREELANCER.COM! They refused my refund, reversed the payment to the programmer AND HAVE KEPT THE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES!

Ask Beverly about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I've been the CEO of two small advertising agencies, VP of marketing for a contracting firm that made me personally responsible for $millions in contracts; and a well established radio talk show host. In over 40 years I HAVE NEVER HAD A WORSE EXPERIENCE THAN THAT INFLICTED ON OUR FIRM BY

At first I was pleased because of the quality of the work by the artist selected for our project. Then the unauthorized charges started hitting our account.

I notified PayPal, they are very legitimate, and they worked with us to get at least a partial refund. There were over $900 in unauthorized charges when I filed a dispute. The minute the dispute was filed our account with Freelancer was "limited." That led to a cut off in communication with the artist. The project (which was time sensitive) ground to a halt.

The damage is done. We will never be able to complete the project by the Christmas season. And we LOVED THE ARTIST's WORK. We may have lost $thousands, and in good conscience we will honor our commitment to that artist which will cost even more; but the least we can do is warn you that our experience was horrendous! It's a bloody shame; because if they had dealt ethically we would have continued working with them for years.

Oh yes, don't pay any attention to the "good reviews" that appear below. I can't prove it but I suspect that they were written by the creeps who are running this scam (my opinion) or by some hack flack, paid to polish up the image they have destroyed by their actions.

By the way, I gave Freelancer a One Star rating only because Sitejabber doesn't have 1/4 of one star options,

Tip for consumers: Run, do not walk away from the website. If you don't you may well repeat our experience.

Ask Mills about Freelancer
New Reviewer
9/21/14 simply refusing to refund project fees for an abandoned project. I was charged USD 311.08 as project fees for a project. Then client released 850 GBP as milestones. But after that client abandoned the project after filing a dispute. Now I am asking support staffs to refund me USD 241.73 as the project fees should now be calculated on milestones released, not on project amount as the project is now abandoned. But they all reply with me same old logic that they don't refund any project fees. And I did worked for this client earlier and got very good reviews from him. So its not a introduction fees any more, its project commission. We already knew each other very well. But support staffs don't understand this and keeps replying me same old statements. I am quite frustrated with this.

So if you accept a project and paid project fees.But after that client does not want to proceed for whatever reason, freelancer won't refund you!!! This is really surprising and surely not a fair practice. I am also surprised that they don't have any such clause in their TOS.

New Reviewer

I was awarded a project on 02 Jul 2014 and my total bid was 2631$ for this project. I accepted offer and start working on this as client created milestone funds in 100% Advanced.{till now no issues and all was going fine}

Client was in rush so I with my 2 developers competed this project within 2-3 days. We worked daily 18+ hours daily even we cancelled our weekends vacations due to this project.

After that i tried to withdrawal my fund as this clients paid us some upfront amount. I was shocked when i see email that my withdrawal request is cancelled. I write for this support desk and they told me that "Your employer accounts is under verification and he have to his account first with freelancer".HERE FREELANCER TEAM WAS UNABLE TO EXPLAIN WHICH KIND OF VERIFICATION THEY ARE DOING.


I send lots of tickets to freelancer team but i am getting same reply each time. THEY ARE JUST COPY AND PASTE MESSAGES TO USERS AND MESSAGE IS.

"Payment can be reinstated only after client have settled their account issues"

My client is hiding from me after receiving all files from me.

I am trying to contact my client daily but he is hiding from me.He always online at skype,vk,email but he is not responding me.I do lots of extra work for him and after getting project files from me he is invisible from me.He is not willing to pay me and he want take project free and he already have it.I do R&D my self and find out his contact details like vk and another details, but he is not responding me.This is really very very sad for us.

I submit dispute for rest amount and it was in my favour but holds all my funds.

I got Marcus email id from site as someone told me that he can help me.


I am sending emails to Marcus from 12th August daily and he is replying same things Just copy paste messages.

After thousand of ping's ,this Saturday client reply me over vk and he said me that he is not going to settle his account with told him that i am in your shoes, he told me that he will dispute this amount by charge back.I do lots of request but he never listen me.He also told me that he also do same with another guys here at freelancer, guys done his projects and they are waiting for funds in their account. After that he block me and said if i ever try to contact him again in emails,Skype,or vk he will file a legal case against me for harassment.

**This is 2+moth month finished and my client is not responding not me and not team and.

Right now only have my 2600$.I worked for my client and freelancer is holding my all funds without any reason.

For Marcus : If you cant send back my fund. I am not begging you, this is my hard earned amount and i only deserve this. please do not contact me,I am not here to listen your lectures. You guys are saying me to keep patience.guys listen me 2+ months is not enough for patience???

You are repeating same lines and copy paste messages to me.You steel my funds, God is watching all Mr. Marcus.

Ticket : #ZXX-817-24105

Ask coder about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Am not sure why my withdrawal is taking so much time to reach my Paypal because of this I have not been able to work properly. I tried contacting the support like 3-4 times and they just replied each time I have to wait its almost 4 days now and no reply yet this really poor piece of work? I did my work well and my clients appreciated that as well and they paid me back and when am trying to withdraw they are delaying it? Finally when I contacted them they are saying there is some Engineering problem with withdrawal request??

Tip for consumers: Guys am not yet sure what is happening but once I get a confirmation about this will definitely give you my tips about this site already 350$ stuck in this site lets see what happens.

Ask Vishnu about Freelancer
New Reviewer

HELP! I am new to the site and now I am now really worried. I have agreed to a few projects and now I am not sure that I will be paid. One is me doing drop shipping for someone in another country. It sounds like freelancer does not background check or pay according to the terms a freelancer believes that they are working within. I am also now concerned with safety issues. Any problems with that?

New Reviewer

vWorker veteran here. (2005-2012 rip. last rating: top 300)

I am staying away from after they acquired vWorker. Firstly, I don't understand the reason why they acquired vWorker, almost all of the freelancers knew about but they didn't use it. It's reason may be various: policies, bidding structure, arbitration, support etc... A lot of people chose vWorker and vWorker really had it's own culture of freelancing.

Once acquired any other already running business, they SHOULD respect the other culture which directly affects thousands of people.

One simple example, I have tons of successfully completed projects and I kept hidden the information about project prices. I have my own reasons to keep it hidden. What happened in All of my projects' prices are now public and support service says it's impossible to hide them.

If they are not supporting old work culture of vWorker, why did they acquire it?

This is why I quit working with, they think they can force people work with them.

Tip for consumers: vWorkers of the world, unite. (and build another vWorker!)

Ask David about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Your Question: payment
Operator: Helen E.
12:49 * Your Question: payment
12:49 * Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
12:49 * You are now chatting with Helen E. (Email and Chat Support) - General
12:49 Helen E.: Hi, this is Helen. Welcome to Support Desk. How may I help you?
12:49 Dxx: Hi
12:49 Helen E.: Hello, Dxx.
12:49 Dxx: I saw now that my account is on -
12:49 Dxx: how that is possible ?
12:50 Helen E.: May I have your username so I can look into your concern?
12:50 Dxx: also I saw that a transfer was reversed
12:50 Dxx: dxxx
12:50 Helen E.: Thank you for that information.
12:50 Helen E.: One moment please.
12:52 Dxx: ok
12:53 Helen E.: Thank you for waiting.
12:53 Helen E.: The funds that were used by your employer "dmxxx" to pay for your services were disputed through their payment source.
12:53 Dxx: and ?
12:53 Dxx: how can I know that ?
12:53 Helen E.: This is the reason why the funds that were already transferred to your account were reversed.

12:54 Helen E.: To set your expectations, the only way that you can retrieve the payment is if your employer recreates the payment for you.
12:54 Dxx: I have worked for him
12:54 Helen E.: We recommend that you continue contacting your employer to settle the payments for your services.
12:54 Dxx: so it is not my responsibility to check their record
12:54 Dxx: and payment
12:55 Dxx: so please ...
12:55 Helen E.: Be informed that as per section 21 of our Terms and Conditions: "You agree that we may reverse any such payments made to you, which are subject to chargeback or reversal instruction via your payment product issuer or third parties (such as payment processors)." This also means that the funds are no longer in our system.
12:55 Helen E.: With this, we are asking for your permission to send an email on your behalf if you do not have other means of communicating with them.
12:55 Dxx: I also have contacted him several times
12:55 Dxx: directly and trough the suport team
12:55 Dxx: it is poitless
12:56 Helen E.: On the email, we will inform them of your concern and to settle their payment to you outside of the site, and communicate with you at the soonest possible time.
12:56 Dxx: ....
12:56 Dxx: you are going against yourself
12:57 Dxx: if I can settle the payment outside the site then why should I use the site ?
12:57 Helen E.: Note that when a chargeback is filed, we are bound to follow their instructions.
12:57 Dxx: it was not my fault
12:57 Helen E.: It is because the employer's account has been closed by site administrators due to their violation.
12:57 Dxx: k
12:57 Dxx: but I had that money
12:58 Dxx: you can check the tickets I have done to contact him
12:58 Dxx: more than 4
12:58 Dxx: and now you are asking me to try to contact him and ask to pay me outside the site ?
12:58 Dxx: I hope you are joking ....
12:59 Helen E.: This is if you do not have other means of communicating with them.
12:59 Dxx: I have paid the fees accepting the work
12:59 Helen E.: Note that since their account is already closed, their payment cannot be made within the site.
13:00 Dxx: and now I'm ripped of the money I got ...
13:00 Helen E.: The funds are also no longer in our site.
13:00 Dxx: I WAS RIPPED
13:00 Dxx: and you have done nothing to prevent that
13:00 Dxx: so what makes this site different as working outside it ?
13:00 Dxx: ... nothing
13:01 Helen E.: I respect your opinion.
13:01 Dxx: it is not about respect ...
13:01 Dxx: it is about fairness
13:02 Helen E.: Correction: We can send an email to your employer and ask them to settle their account with us so that they can settle their payments to you.
13:02 Helen E.: Would you like to proceed with this?
13:03 Dxx: it is pointless
13:03 Dxx: as you already know
13:03 Dxx: so ... if I won't have that amount in my account back
13:03 Dxx: this conversation will go viral !
13:03 Dxx: bye

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After many years on they way they do business has changed. They currently stole over $450+ from my account and other freelancers who had worked for me. Blaming it on a chargeback that never went through. Freelancer just kept the money. I hired someone to do some work they didn't do anything and were ill qualified. I went to go file a dispute and their system asked "how much do you want to pay the freelancer?" I entered $0 and it told me I must enter a value less then 100%, so they forced me to not enter in a full dispute amount. I entred $1 their system gave me $1 and sent $86 to the freelancer. I then contacted and the freelancer neither one of them would give me my money back after a purposeful deceptive dispute process had tricked me and robbed me of the money. I then field a paypal chargeback at that time deducted $86 from my account and $105 from a milestone I had in escrow for another user. I lost the paypal chargeback and they didnt reflect the money back into my account at this point I had lost $190 and freelancer employess continually put my account at $0 while taking escrow in and prior payment made to other freelancer directly from the freelancers. They never returned the money to me or the freelancers. All in all at the end I had lost $450 directly from accounting employees manually manipulating and altering my account balance data in addition to that I had 2 duplicate charges from thier system on a deposit that was caught later puting a chargeback on that resulted in the same accounting system flaws and theft behavior towards its freelancers and its custoemers that happend prior.

At this time owes me $450 , they will not respond to my tickets in their system. They are blatan criminals the evidence is solid and Im filing a police report against them in their home town.

This company should be removed from the face of the internet, they are a deceptive, criminal organization filed with fraud. Do not do business with this company. Its the company that is the thieves not the freelancers.

Tip for consumers: Do not use this company.

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This not a review but a request to those whom Marcus has contacted. Please share the outcomes of your issues with us? Thanks!

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Be Carefull , Be away from

recently , they steal over USD1500 from our account , our profile is mxicoders

They said that our employer charged back , but it is not possible to charge back after 2months

they have deducted over commision of USD3000 even our employer never paid us

AWAY from

Tip for consumers: PLEASE BE CAREFUL

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Hey guys I am the most recent person who has been repeatedly scammed by this site. Again reversal of money! these freaks have no control on whats happening and their pathetic support.

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I feel scammed, i started working for an employeer who released the first milestone of 100 usd, well, to my surprise keep 43% of my money in fees

14$ for money conversion (the must have an unicorn magically changing the currency)

27$ for "clicking on i accept this project button" wich is by far the most expensive click on a website button i´ve ever freaking made

I know taht this sites live on fees, bu THE BLOODY 43%, isn´t that thievery? i only received 57$ for MY WORK, from the 100$ the employer released, cause of that i had to quit this proyect, i don´t want a scamming website like steal my money

PS: check the photo for details

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