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Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009, Australia

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I found out someone was trying to withdraw the money I earned, good thing they saw it and I was informed. (in 333 reviews)


As long as you learn to manage your account, everything will be alright. (in 325 reviews)


I add two hundred dollars into the account, then my project stalls. (in 273 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes
7/3/15 is a scam!!!! They take money from your paypal account fraudulently. Do not do business with Horrible, horrible company. Just read the rest of the reviews as well. SCAM!!

Ask a about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

Hello there!
I am working on freelancer for 6 years, I want to bring your attention towards a very serious issue.
I am a top designer at freelancer, and this issue has happened for the 2nd time with me. Here are the details of issue,
I have recently worked for a buyer who had good ratings with 24 reviews, i charged him 170 GBP for the work, i delivered him the designs with all the files, project was completed in a pleasant manner, he was satisfied, gave me payments and good ratings. Now, after few months he reversed the payments from his paypal (he used paypal to deposit funds to freelancer account) and deleted his freelancer account, as a result an amount of 170 pounds deducted from my freelancer account and reversed completely to the buyer. All the project fees went to my side. Now, i want to ask that what is my fault here? i work hard to make top designs, i work without pause just to ensure timely delivery to the clients, even sometimes my health was very down, but still i managed to work for the satisfaction of the buyer. My livings depends on earnings from, i strive to keep my up the good work.
I want to ask from the freelancer officials, what is security for a freelancer? What are you doing for this? if i do a $1000 work and after a year client clicks on reverse payments then a $1000 amount will be deducted from my account? how can you justify this thing as fair?
It is totally an injustice being done with us, i have a humble request to freelancer officials please do something for this issue. We work on your site, we are the reason that you are growing and you must have to do something for our payments security. Please pay attention to my query.

Thanks very much

Ask Zaid about Freelancer
1 review
4 helpful votes

As I read about the so many complaints of people who had lost their earnings from using, I feel relieved and feel lucky because compared to most of them I didn't lose so much, just a significant amount of time and a few $. Anyways, I was hired by two employers; one suddenly cancelled after accepting the milestone and even had the guts to leave an obnoxious comment which I was charged $ for nothing, the other one I was able to finish the work but the employer didn't want to release my request for the milestone which prompted me to file a dispute and which of course I was charged $ for another project for nothing ( I actually used the site to make some cash not to lose some ). So my advice to the people who haven't experienced anything like this yet is "to trust NO ONE" even, as a freelancer you have no security and for as long as they get the $ project fee, all they can do is send you e-mails with NO CONCRETE solution to your problem...Well, for me I JUST CLOSED MY ACCOUNT AND WILL NEVER EVER THINK OF GOING BACK and go on with my life. I just hope someone will read this and learn a thing or two from my experience, that's all.

Ask Led about Freelancer
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

user hawks9i8 asked advanced payment but no work has done.
then he asked another direct payment and also nothing.
after many support tickets the website didn't want to refund nothing because advanced payments are not in the rules,
conclusion: no protection for honest people.
waste of time, money and health
my opinion is negative for the website that don't protect users from scammers and must provide an exthended protection for advanced payments.

Ask gab about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

I just saw a posting on there for a TOPLESS virtual assistant. The description reads as follows: "I need a woman to research topics of my interests such as stocks, precious metals, sports, foreign currency, and more and read me reports topless on Skype".

I mean really? did they really allow this individual to post for this on their site? very disrespectful to all those out there attempting to use this site for professional purposes. I realize now what a complete and total joke this site is. Very unprofessional.

Tip for consumers: Use another site.

Ask anonymous about Freelancer
1 review
4 helpful votes

I joined in 2007. It was then and charging just $6 for gold membership. Later they increased few dollars. But everything was free once you pay for that gold membership including payment received. Site was provider friendly.I worked hard and got top 5 rank in provider list.

Then it changed its name and owner and suddenly everything became very costly. Now it has a premium membership for $199.95 per month still you have to pay 3% project fee from every earning. I don't think anybody can earn such a big amount from this site every month because there huge number of bidder in each project and chances of earning good number of project every month is very low. I never won any case against a buyer in though I provided client approval and other proofs.

I read a lot about payment reversal and other scam in but never believed these till a morning when I opened my account and found balance - $ 350. Fund of $90 which was in my account also transferred to so total $446 was debited from account. Next day again they changed Indian rupee and AUD to dollar and withdrew $120. So all amount with gone from account and it was still showing balance -$270.

When I contacted freelancer support about it they replied that one of my clients who paid to me had some dispute with someone so to recover payment from this client they reversed all payment which he paid to workers including mine. But never informed me that this client had any dispute with someone. I received payment and reviews so everything seems fine for me. I can’t check other accounts so how could I knew whether a client had some dispute with others or not. I lost $446 without and fault. Now freelancer .com has stopped my premium membership so I can’t bid in more than a 10 projects in a month. They are sending email to deposit money so they could renew membership but I don’t know my mistake and reason for this reverse transaction.

Here is my chat with support staff-

00:42 Dave S.: It appears that your employer is experiencing issues with their account.

00:43 Me: but I received payment through milestone

00:43 Me: and I received feedback

00:43 Dave S.: You will need to contact your employer regarding the payments for
these projects.

00:43 Me: I didnt know about any issue

00:43 Me: but he says that he already paid to me

00:45 Dave S.: Please contact them directly to discuss your payment.

00:45 Dave S.: The funds have been reversed to their account.

00:46 Me: but my account which has some indian currency and aud yesterday
also changed tousd today

00:47 Me: I dont have balance to renew my membership

00:47 Dave S.: Your INR funds were converted into USD since your USD funds does not
have sufficient funds when the reversal was processed.

00:50 Me: but is it possible for me to work as general member and earn
$250 and deposit it to

00:51 Dave S.: Yes,

00:51 Me: Do you want me to stop working at

00:51 Dave S.: Please contact your employer directly,
00:52 Me: I am not satisfied with your reply. I am afraid that it will
be repeated in future

00:53 Me: Fund from my account can be withdraw using any excuse

00:54 Dave S.: You may consult Sections 18-22 of our User Agreement page for an
explanation on this:

00:54 Dave S.:

00:55 Me: Can you help me to recover payment from this buyer

00:55 Me: He may have balance in future but he will not pay again

00:56 Dave S.: I can send an email to your employer.

00:56 Dave S.: However, I cannot guarantee their quick and positive response.

This is not single case, I know many worker who face same fate earlier. Be alert while using

Ask Sunil about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

It's almost impossible to bid on a real project without sifting through PAGES of spam projects; people promoting themselves, posting generic job descriptions and then messaging you to go to another side. Why are people who have NOT verified their payment method, let alone their EMAIL ADDRESS, allowed to post projects? Is there no QA team to vet these? Not impressed.

Ask Andrew about Freelancer
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

i love looking at the contests on freelancer. Con and sometimes participating, however bidding on jobs is really hard. I believe if they had a breakdown for new freelancers that cost less than veterans, newbies could then get their foot in the door easier.

Ask Michelle about Freelancer
6 reviews
1 helpful vote

The following site is the definitive expose of the iWriter scam and the information there applies to many other freelance writing sites as well.


One of the biggest online scams right now is in the "freelance writing" area.
The biggest company in this area is called iWriter and it is maybe the biggest online scam period.

Ignore all the fake positive reviews and fake websites recommending iWriter while pretending to be independent, they are all a part of the scam.

 Iwriter is not just a huge scam, it is maybe the biggest of all the online scams.

There is an awesome website that uncovers the whole iWriter scam in great detail. The site is hilarious and extremely well-written.

It's also very thorough and comprehensive, maybe the best resource available yet on the iWriter scam. 

That website shows clearly how fraud is not just peripheral to iWriter, but on the contrary, EVERYTHING at iWriter is fraud and scamming. 

iWriter needs to be exposed to everyone until the iWriter scam is finally shut down.

Ask Grey about Freelancer
1 review
1 helpful vote

Every single thing you are all complaining about is not "hidden" it is not "underhanded" it is plainly spelled out. By "plainly" I mean HUGE bullet points before you ever have to delve into the ToS. They take a %, from any and every project. It is clearly listed the amount and when they will take it.
It is also clearly stated that "people are bastards". There are scammers that will take your work and refuse to pay. There are contests, where they won't award a winner and take your idea anyway.
It is simple: Work with high rated employers or freelancers, bid on guaranteed contests/projects(the money is deposited already, it's not disappearing), set milestones(as an employer OR a freelancer) and don't budge until those milestones are completed,
It may be a hard concept to grasp, so after all that :Don't be stupid.
This is essentially "ebay" for freelance work. Same thing on ebay, you can buy something, get crap, be pissed and fight about it. I've had more issues with ebay and their resolution system, and shady dealers than I've had on freelancer. Is it perfect? No. The mobile site is worthless, and the app is just okay.

Ask Phil about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes

I participated in the contest for about six months ago and won it. For some reason, the customer's account, which organized the contest, has been blocked for violation of terms of use, and my reward (100USD) was returned back to the client is blocked, although I honestly transferred all rights to the logo.

3 days technical support tells me that the client sent a request to the fraud and he was silent. Then he said it was for security and the protection of freelancers. Now I have a debt of $ -99.

So, I did the work, the customer has paid it to me, I gave the right, and after half a year, the site stole my honestly earned me $ 100!

Ask Natterum about Freelancer
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I complete one product upload project and I got 250 AUD from buyer, I see that my accounts shows funds. Now at time for Withdrawal It is cancel by freelancer because buyer is under review.

I think it is not a valid Reason Because:

When Buyer posting project and deposit milestone freelancer allows them to do it.
Then after one month Byer release that payment and when Funds shows in my account and when I withdraw funds, Freelancer cancel that fund with the reason buyer is under review.

Now Few Wondering Questions here:

Is freelancer trying to making us fool?
Do they people want to eat our hard work money?
If Buyer is under review then why they allow them to post project and deposit money?
Though Byer Deposit money then Why Not shows some Notification or Some ratings on his profile?
And suppose if freelancer is really review that account then how much time and what is procedure for that, and why Freelancer team asking Provider to contact buyer to review his account.

Ohh.. Finally there are more possible chance it look like hidden scam.

Ask Smit about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes

How do I get payment for a completed project if the employer has been blocked by Freelancer awhile after I have done the work? I won a bid to do some excel work by cheafrou. I followed instructions and completed the work only to go back to Freelancer and get info that I can no longer contact cheafrou. This has happened with another job I did before for a different employer. Who's fault is it when an employer is blocked by Freelancer and yet I have completed work?

Ask Celestine about Freelancer
1 review
10 helpful votes

These guys are a joke. First they upgraded my free account to a premium one without permission then they took money out of my bank account to pay for it. Once I found it, I did an ACH dispute and another one with paypal, receiving my money back from the bank. After this, even though I disputed this with freelancer as well and requested that my account be closed, they tried to get me to do a 'verification' even though I received multiple emails from them responding to my initial ticket. I've since had to close my bank account and open a new one, plus put a permanent block on both and paypal to stop this from happening again. I also turned them into the US Embassy in Australia asking them to investigate this company for international wire fraud. So STAY AWAY, deal with them at your own risk!

Tip for consumers: Cancel your service as soon as possible and change your bank account. They will keep coming back for more even though you dispute them!!!

Ask Mike about Freelancer
1 review
9 helpful votes

Elance- oDesk is far good and professional than
I already done job and client release money but when i withdraw my money than they are showing $0 in my account. After that i know that they refund money to employer.
So, what about our investment and time ??? have no professionalism. post project on Elance- oDesk and working also on Elance-oDesk.

Ask Piyush about Freelancer
1 review
7 helpful votes

I joined a contest to design a logo, the fastest way to build a reputation and to work hard for free. I proposed a stylized kiwi bird, all the other designers proposed variations of human heads and cogs. One "head & cog" logo was choosen as the winner. Now the contest holder's site displays a stylized kiwi bird as logo. No fraud, no scam, no disputes, no money stolen, just a complete waste of time

Ask Corrado about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes
6/3/15 is the best place on the internet to make real money, It provides you with tens of thousands of projects that needs to be done.
But freelancer is a risky place, you have to be aware of the scammers that will waste your time and money. but once you make the deal and take the money from the employer then you're safe. freelancer WILL send you the money.
The first payment is a little hard, and as some of you said, They will take every chance to delay your payment. But if you did everything right they will pay you on time and with no delay.
I got my first payment a couple of days ago and I'm waiting for my second payment now, I made about 1000 USD this month and work requests are still coming. I'm seriously thinking about quitting my job and start to be a full time freelancer.
The customer service is good too,They are nice and helpful.
The only disadvantage is that dealing with the site is really hard, you can be scammed (by other users) easily, your first payment can be delayed easily. But this site is about making money and it's doing its job perfectly.
Good job

Tip for consumers: * Don't waste your Bids on non-verified employers.
* Don't work on the site while your first payment is in process.
* Stay a free user for the beginning but not for too long, invest in a paid membership, you're the winner after all.
* DON'T, I repeat DON'T accept a project until you are 100% agreed with the employer about everything. because the 10% fee will be taken directly from you, even if the job is not complete. (I wish reconsider this policy).

Ask Mohammad about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

In two chat sessions with support and more than 2 hours in chat time total we were still unable to come to a resolution of the issue at hand.
For some reason my credit card provider would not allow payment of services to Freelancer. I took the next step and attempted to get a Skrill account to handle the payment issue only to find out that because of where I live Skrill wont work with me.
Upon reporting this to the staff of Freelancer they stated perhaps I should try another payment gateway service. Now its clear I made multiple attempts to pay for services and they even attested to that, but they were not willing to do whatever it takes to fix the issue.
A freelancer had accepted my project and I had tried to pay this person only to fail because of some policy between my card provider and Freelancer. The only solid resolution I could see is that in order to maintain my professional reputation and ensure the freelancer is taken care of is to have bitten the bullet and credit the freelancer on my behalf for the project as it was accepted and they had already begun work on it.
Yes that would have cost them but now it will cost them more because I have closed my account and had another 4 to 6 projects with this specific freelancer in the pipeline.
I have had to bite the bullet a few times as a business owner myself, but by doing so I have made more money than I have ever lost, and its my belief the customer is always right even if they are wrong!

Ask John about Freelancer
4 reviews
7 helpful votes

These guys are like those clowns that call from Jamaica claiming you won something.
And by by the prices I seen, there is no difference be freelancer.x ( don't want to give them back links)$100 was stolen from my account by sachinsam, I absolutely got nothing and felt like a donation or robbery, and I had to pay a fee to freelancer.$#*! for (1)$5 fee to add money (2) $5 fee to dispute(3) $5 fee to close account. Patricia was not caring and summarily gave sachinsam my hard earned $$. sachinsam is in India. $100 in India is probably rent money. Unprofessionals gathered together. there are other website out ther .

Ask brian about Freelancer
1 review
7 helpful votes

Not that it happened to me before but now i am done.
I have been active on the site , working hard for money, working for peanuts thinking it will all turn out to be good once i have the ratings and review to get big projects, turns out
the bigger the project , the chances are MY COMPLETED PROJECT PAYMENT gets reversed.
All i have many efforts , time and negative balance. Can anyone do that ?
I challenge you.
Try . You will definitely hail me.

Ask abhishek about Freelancer
1 review
7 helpful votes

I tried to withdraw the money ($400) twice. The first time the amount was changed to $40, and this time it was turned into $38. Of course, I did not change the amount, so they clearly changed the amount and did it twice intentionally. Beside numerous problems about security risks and prioritizing of illegal users doing dirty businesses from third countries as pointed out by many users, you cannot even withdraw the money you earned on this site. Laura at You have many more things to do before patrolling other company sites to justify your company's dreadful credit rating. It is funny to see you write as if you are supportive and sincere, while your supporting staff has never actually responded to important client's inquiries. All I received from Laura's company supporting team has been fixed sentences without describing any informative solution. Respond and handle issues quickly on your customer site in the manner you pretend to do on this site, and don't steal somebody's money. All in all, this is the worst site. Customers are the worst, and the services they provide are also the worst. This site is a clear scam site, aiming to rob money from uninformed, new comers. So stay away.

Ask Takashi about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

Alright, the people who are claiming to be a scam site obviously dont care about the terms and conditions of the job. The majority of the people ranting here are the people who have bid on money exchange project "150 Eur here , 90 on Skrill" those people are frauds. They steal credit cards and then they get the money and they chargeback. My advice is to stay away from such shady clients. best way to do business is to make sure that the employer understands what he is doing and you as well. Support staff sucks major balls though, cant deny that.

Ask Abhishek about Freelancer
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have one question that if i want to send some sample work to the employer in order to make trust on him while bidding than where is the option of attachment option because i do not see any option like that ? . I asked this question because i used this site 3 years before but on that time this site was completely different and any one could send sample by private message box but after 3 years i do not see any option like that . Please solve my problem.


Ask Haroon about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes

i awarded a freelancer my project - a couple of days later he showed me his progress and as agreed i released a milestone i had created.

He then did not reply to my messages for several days - then showed his progress again.

The first progress report was the login and registration of the site, while the second was about the completion of a video upload feature.

The freelancer then disappeared and does not reply to my messages.

I ask freelancer for a refund but they say i should not have released the milestone.

So what is the point of a milestone - they expect me to have know that the freelancer would not complete the work.

This site is a scum and i pray that its owners choke on my stolen money and die - they deserve alot worse than just choking and dying.

Ask Kamal about Freelancer
1 review
10 helpful votes

I got so low-paying projects here, which is way below the market. Recently I got a 150 euros project which employer paid for in advance, but when I tried withdrawing the money: surprise. Money no longer available, milestone was reversed (presumably on the cause of account issues with employer). Honestly?? Now I have -13 euros in my balance and my entire payment disappeared. Here is my conversation with their live support:

Your Question: issue with milestone
Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
You are now chatting with Richard O. (Email and Chat Support) - General
18:08Richard O.: Hi, this is Richard. Welcome to Support Desk. How may I help you?
18:08Andrei Dima: hi
18:08Andrei Dima: I have an issue with a milestone I received
18:08Richard O.: Hi, Andrei.
18:08Andrei Dima: it's been reversed and I don't know why
18:08Richard O.: How may I help you?
18:08Richard O.: Can I have your username so I can take a look at your account?
18:09Andrei Dima: andreyrlz
18:10Richard O.: Please provide me several minutes to check your account.
18:12Richard O.: Thank you for waiting.
18:12Richard O.: Our record shows the payment you received from FreddieReuben was reversed as they had issues with their accouunt.
18:12Richard O.: *account
18:13Richard O.: This is also the reason why the project "IMMOBILIENSCOUT JOB (ID: 7690240)" was deleted.
18:13Andrei Dima: what do you mean issues with account?
18:13Richard O.: The payment can no longer be transferred through the site.
18:14Andrei Dima: I have did the coding for that client in exchange for payment
18:14Richard O.: The violated the site's Terms and Conditions.
18:14Andrei Dima: please elaborate
18:14Richard O.: Further details regarding their violations is no longer available on my end.
18:14Richard O.: *are
18:14Andrei Dima: yes but this is not fair, because I did the work for money
18:15Andrei Dima: now I also have -13 euros in my account
18:15Andrei Dima: how is that fair?
Richard O. (Email and Chat Support) has joined the conversation.
18:16Andrei Dima: I will print this conversation and show it to the world to prove you are scammers, anyway no one trusts your site anymore
18:16Andrei Dima: bye

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all costs. Just do business with Elance or reputable sites out there, not this.

Ask Andrei about Freelancer
1 review
6 helpful votes

I suggest to all user here to start an Avaaz campaign to the Australian authorities to close this site.

Ask Antonis about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

Among a myriad of other problems, I find the most absurd thing about this site, for BOTH freelancers and people looking for translations, are the fees. They take add 10% to what freelancers offer, increasing the price for the purchaser, and require ridiculous fees for freelancers for "premium access", which is code for more silly apps that have nothing to do with translation.

They even have the nerve to charge for transfers to paypal!

If you're looking for good translators, or to translator, try or, both sites have none of these ridiculous fees and you can find just as high quality translators (if not higher).

Ask Cameron about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

Never link your PayPal account if you use it. Because they withdraw money with any little thing you do on this site! Full of scams they do not finish the projects but suck your blood. I wish the site will be blocked even forbidden.

Check what they say when I contact them:

timradcliffe 2 months ago
Per checking, all upgrade options are non-refundable.

By upgrade they mean clicking a button without warning about the cost on a linked paypal account!

Ask Cuneyt about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

Costumer service is inexistent. I will never use this site again!

Ask margot about Freelancer
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was really disappointed to pay for this website. It's not enough to pay the monthly paymen. You will find 10$ fees to make your bids appear first, 5$ tests, $1 to highlight your bid etc.... No tô mention that I was contacted by one potential client that turned out to used my information available on the website in their website. Hate it!

Ask Flavia about Freelancer
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I posted a project to get a simple flower website to portray my floral work. It was a great experience.

Ask Patricia about Freelancer
1 review
4 helpful votes

To (Freelancer Rep) Lara,
well, its time to take the control on the contests if want to see good reviews, and i know you can make it better and fair at least like freezing the CH balance and do some investigation. Replies with justifications is not enough, we need actions. Thanks
As a graphic designer, destroyed me psychologically, maybe i'm not the best designer in the world but almost all clients i dealt with approved my first preview design without revisions needed.
If you have a large capacity of good luck then might be useful for you, and you don't have to be a pro or work hard at all, cause in most cases keep in mind that:

1- the contest holder will pick a design which is opposite to the brief.
2- the CH will pick a stock design or something stolen from previous ideas.
3- the CH will reject your hard work design without any feedback or rating.
4- the CH will pick himself!, by making another account as a designer, and this will give him a lot of logos and concepts for FREE.
5- the winner is picked before the contest ends, and you'll discover this either after announcing the winner and when the contest become unsealed, or while it's running, there was an agreement reached while the poor designers still working hard.
6- you will find cheap designers offering the CH an extra designs like business card or a letterhead and even a full stationary at the private message under their entries (which's actually not private).
7- at some point you'll feel like & contest holders are the masters and you're the slave, when there's a lot of entries, a lot of new modifications, a lot of rejection, a lot of hidden agreements.
8- do not give a damn about the points above ( i made a lot of reports and messaged them on FB).
*if you need my advice try to find clients for you own, open your company, or change your field like i did cause this will not make you rich as you thought!...
UPDATE: to Lara

Ask Abed about Freelancer
1 review
2 helpful votes

freelancer gave zero security of website, and no security for freelancers. People can easily reverse their money and all efforts done by freelancer are meaningless. i was having this problem and i also won dispute against my employer via tier 2 specialist and my payment was in my account when i gave a project to someone, freelancer reversed my payment and said me that your employer violates our rule, why they did`t check this at the time of dispute are they not looking disputes clearly? yes i think they did`t because they are scammers when i asked them to give my money back at any coast they did`t replying me because they are scammers

Ask nooran about Freelancer
1 review
9 helpful votes

I see that many of the reviews on here have a comment from Freelancer saying the issue has been resolved.

I have contacted Lara or Laura or whoever it is, they take more than 24 hours to reply to each message, they do not read what you tell them and their responses are completely off track from what you need.

My £200 has still not been refunded despite them owning up to errors on the site allowing paid "clients" to reverse payments.

Freelancer themselves appear to be heavily involved in the scams, what other reason would they have for turning such a blind eye to them and still allowing illegal practices to take place on their website?

They also allow some seriously messed up people to use their website, see attached screenshot of recent project posted.

Ask Adam about Freelancer
1 review
5 helpful votes

This portal was very awesome some years ago. Now it is full of scammers that are posting their projects, and that are always asking for your skype or e-mail, even if this violates the rules. Plus, most of people post projects about data entry, internet research, or blogging, but if they choose you, they ask for pornographic tasks. Serious works (those posted by verified users) are full of requests, so they will never choose a newbie, and without a good number of reviews it is impossible to jet a job. I would suggest to limit scammers by imposing a payment verification when employers join, and to help newbies by allowing a decent number of free exams.

Ask alessia about Freelancer
1 review
3 helpful votes

The site is full of bugs when uploading samples. And slooowwww. I tried to upload bid specific samples on 3 different browsers (with brand new Mac & completely up to date software) and my uploads would disappear after an "invalid" notice. So many freelance sites are scams though, just praying on getting "bid money" from people who want work. This one offered a trial period so I thought I'd give it a shot, but if a site wants me to spend $5 to prove I can speak English well, and increase my bid odds of "370%" I'm suspicious.

Number one if they were catering to artists, there'd be an option to do a folder upload like Flicker or Facebook.

Ask Linda about Freelancer
1 review
6 helpful votes

They block you from being able to remove your money. They do not screen employers or freelancers. They have the balls to ask you for gov. id. I would not put it past these guys to be selling your identities. They take their commission before you get paid. If you dont get paid in full they do not refund the difference. They are a scam do not fall for it.

If you look at the replies from freelancer rep Lara on here you will see the typical regurgitated canned responses that they give you when you try to contact them about a problem. Their idea of support is to do nothing except send you links and they will literally insult your intelligence by attempting to redirect or handle you. And good luck on talking to anyone, no phone no skype and their chat kicks you off after waiting 5 min to talk to them.

The site and the app are buggy I would not be surprised if some guy in his basement built this and is scamming the users.

I have filled an international complaint and contacted CIRA to find out how to remove their .CA they should not be allowed to look like a Canadian company and not be held accountable to act like one. I'm not reliant on their income but I sure will not work for free for anyone.

Tip for consumers: Find a site or a company that will showcase your work stay away from Freelancer you will loose time and money.

Ask Yaman about Freelancer
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I joined site 10 days ago and in 10 days i completed 4 projects with all 5 star rating from clients, i love the site, many people saying that freelancer.i is bad but i think you need to check their FEE/CHARGES page for learn more about how your CC or PayPal will charge or when will charge, i completed 4 project and i gave 1800 INR as fees which is their policy and we need to pay then why you all saying that they are charging without permission, I give them 8/10 marks.

However Payment system is still not Good they says that we need to wait for 15 days to receive our first payment, I'm waiting for my first payment but problem is that i withdrawel money on 28th April now i'm seeing a message tell that your money will be transfer on
20th May, which always changes, i mena son 28th April date was 15th may to get money but now it's changing and now showing 20th May, which is not good, all other thinks are good and powerful.

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freelancer is an online business the most widely occupied by those who are fond of blogging. I was one of them. we can get paid to write, because a lot of people who need our services to write articles or rewriting articles. we must find and bid on projects that we will work on. by working on the proposal. This work could be considered very profitable, yes because there is no risk of deception.

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I had around 200$ in my freelancer account. They closed my account for no particular reason. When I ask them, they give canned response.
These people are getting on my nerves.

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Hi. I joined Freelancer about a year ago, and I did that “open eyed” - means, I read the different opinions of people all over the web. Of course they were mostly negative. (Very few people take the time to think, even less write, about positive experiences. That's, how we apes tick.)
Anyway – I am a paying member. And before I joined as a “premium” member, of course I read the TOS. I'm longer in business than most of the people active with “web businesses” are alive, and I feel better if I know, what's going on.
I don't “employ” at Freelancer, I bid on projects to sell my services. Freelancer is not of special importance for my income, I use the site as a gap filler, but I admit that I had some real fun projects here and met some actually great people. My set of skills is a rather unusual combination, and through Freelancer I have the occasion to do things, I am not required to do for my regular customer base.
I have a 5/5 rating for the 24 projects I made, and I had to kick out just one customer who constantly increased his demands up to a not longer acceptable point.

So, last week, I made a bid on an offer by one user Dom1000 (posted in lousy German) which translated would read
“Writing of a Blog Text”

The bid was 88EUR, I demanded 2 milestones, I got the job and Freelancer cashed their 11.1%
I delivered, as agreed, the first half of my work. A couple of hours later the “employer” contacted me from a second account he had opened – hkayso2s – and informed me that his original account was blocked by Freelancer. If I understood the scat-German he used right, this was because he issued a cash-back through PayPal, obviously for the only other project he ran through Freelancer.
The “employer” now wanted to use the second account to offer me 44 US-Dollars (remember: is was Euros first...) to pay me the first milestone.


I told him to wait till his original account is either back open or deleted, because I would not work for him until I got my original, first milestone. Because – what is an agreement good for, if it is not kept.

I also used the FL ticket system to inform them about the case, the multiple accounts, and told them, I want the project to be cancelled WITHOUT A NEGATIVE EFFECT TO MY STATS.
My good right, I think, as I was not the one who did not deliver – the “employer” was the one who did not pay as agreed. I even told them, they could keep the 8.80EUR they took from me.

I received a canned response, mainly telling me: We are unable to discuss any information regarding your employer's account.
I didn't want to discuss any accounts: I wanted the project to be cancelled, remember?

During some unwanted “chat” with the employer, he now offered to pay me outside Freelancer. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF FREELANCERs TOS.
He also tried to lure me in additional (probably unpaid?) work and gave me a link to a website, where he and his partner (with a near-east migration background like my original contact) openly offer the delivery of fake scientific work for schools and academical institutions. IN GERMANY, THIS IS A CRIME, and not long ago it costed two German politicians their jobs.
So before continuing with discussions with FL and the “employer”, I took appropriate actions. As of now, I am not allowed to talk about those, I will do so, when I get the green light from the authorities.

Again, I wrote to FL, and explained (again) that I want the project to be cancelled. Again, I got a canned text back, containing, if anything, the same information I already had. And Freelancer RE-OPENED THE “EMPLOYERS” ACCOUNT. This makes me believe, that the service personal either did not have the time to read my eMail, or wasn't able to by other reasons.

To the “employer” I insisted to get my first payment. And he (now, after first accepting the work) wanted additional work to be done to “even be able to accept it” - two days, after he got the first delivery and liked it.

Because the “employer” saw his prey swim away, they filed a dispute.

Again, I wrote to FL, letting them know that I won't accept any negative effects to my reputation.
FL made their job easy this time – they did not respond.


This time, he writes right into the projects headline, “Hausarbeit” (homework, a term for an academical paper to be done by a student, personally...) to make clear that he not only wants somebody to help him break the law, but also that

So, obviously, an “employer” requesting criminal activities for Freelancer is more important than a competent freelancer with obvious success and and also obvious very high quality of work.

Quo vadis,

For me, the problem will be quickly solved: if the “dispute” is not solved exactly the way I want it, means, with no negative outcome for me, just a cancellation of the project, this was it. I don't need, but they urgently need more honest people on both sides of the cash-flow.

(typo edited)

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people get money back through reversal after completing the project, if we report to freelancer , they don't take any action against them, we lost lot of money regarding this issue. if freelancer can't control this then they need to shut his website.

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They gave zero security of website, and no security for freelancers. People can easily reverse their money and all efforts done by freelancer are meaningless. I faced this problem many times, and I asked to their support desk to resolve this issue but they did nothing for me.

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I was scammed too. I gave tham proof that my money missing and as reward got account closed

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I recently opened an account on for expand my visibility. I was happy to had found a work provided from a user nearby my working place. I completed the the first milestone, the user unlocked the money and freelancer took their fee. When i tried to move the money in my bank account, they delayed the transfer of 20 days. At the end of the 20 days they blocked my account telling me i need to explain my situation. After 4 days of continuos questions they said: its better if you ask for the money directly to the user, outside I lost 1 month working to the project, freelancer gave me no insurance to get paid and now i must go directly to the customer for get paid!

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I was scammed by a freelancer hired on who did not provide me with original design work (they copied it from the net). Upon reporting this to their help desk, they encouraged me to try and sort of out with the freelancer. The freelancer refused to give the money back and closed their account. I then contacted the help desk asking what to do next. They again told me to try and contact the freelancer off site and that there's nothing they can do. An utter disgrace!! Freelancer do not take responsibility for fraudulent activity or copyright infringement. The freelancer clearly breached the sites code of conduct and the site takes no accountability. Run a mile from these crooks!

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Hi All,
I recently placed a review about Freelancer and not being paid for services; to date I have still not heard back from Freelancer staff (and Lara I immediately replied to both Miguel and Joe's emails regarding NON PAYMENT OF SERVICES) and of course have heard nothing back! I am still missing $1680 payment and the Freelance Employer who scammed me has a total of 9 active projects on the site and has 14 past projects under the name Kathleen Cloeffle!!! Although I have done several other projects on the site and been paid for all of them I cannot sit idly by while I know that this person is still thinking that "FREE" in FREElancer means they get people to work for them at no charge!! ELANCE at least protects their users from scum like this!!! Truly annoyed!!!

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Lara, by the way what the f** is tier 2 support. Just like people have lever 2 technicians in Bpo's wherein, another person will be sitting next to you of the same level still will say that we are level 2 technicians. Also I have one question is it only you which gives answers to all the questions of people facing issues with your website. Stop playing with people. Please do something in order to make this website more happening and trustworthy. Or else I might have to report this to Ombudsman.

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Freelancer is a big and famous website that offers freelancer services to hire for business purposes. I had hired a freelancer to Design a logo for my company. I hired him and had to pay him ₹1500($25 approx). I selected the payment method as Paypal which was accepted on their website, a receipt was generated for ₹1500($25 approx) and I paid. After the payment was successful suddenly I realised that ₹100000($1534.80) were debited from my account instead of ₹1500($25 approx).

I immediately emailed and chatted with the customer service of Freelancer and they said they will refund, but after 2 days had passed nothing happened. I again contacted them and they said that they have refunded the amount back to my Paypal account and even gave me a receipt for the refund. After another 2 days the balance dint show on my Paypal account, I again contacted Freelancer and they said that the fault is because of the Paypal service. I contacted Paypal and they said that no refund was initiated from Freelancer and if they do have refunded they(Freelancer) have to call Paypal and sort the matter. I told the incident to Freelancer and they then agreed that they had held up my payment and wont give it back until I called Paypal and tell them that I dont want a refund as it makes 'matter complicated'. I called Paypal again letting them know that Freelancer wants to me close the dispute. Paypal strictly advised not to close the dispute as then refunding my money will be next to impossible.

I have till now mailed Freelancer over 25 times and every time they blackmail me by saying closed the dispute and then we will see how much and when to refund. I gave them a warning that Ill go to court and still they dint agree, after I was adamant that I will not close the dispute and will move to court, they are now for over 4 days keep replying me the message saying that my case has been transferred to another department and I will hear from them within 48hours. Its been many days now and since the start I have been jumping from talking to their department to department (chat, refund, Verification, billing and more).

Freelancer has now even limited my account and are threatening to block it and not refund the money at all. After searching on the net I found thousands of other similar cases where Freelancer debits money or doesnt refund the left balance of a customer back to them. Freelancer even agreed to the mistake of by fault debiting $1500 instead of ₹1500, but isnt refunding.

Iam a very small man compared to this billion dollar company and I dont know what to do. These guys dont have any phone number\email of management\Address in my country. Please help me, I can provide with any proof you like. I even have saved all the chats and emails.

Thank You
Varun Anand

Tip for consumers: Never ever trust this site.

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i been stolen from 40 or 45 dollar i not remember exactly because i was so angry that time that support could not send me back my money i have to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks she says... i that i try to get back from freelancers money account money that i was get back from a not finished project. i was talk with same girl on this support and she tell me i have to wait long time before i get my money they can not send me them quickly. and still after 2 month i was never get them back to my pay pal account that i was use to pay for all projects with. this site is a totaly scam and the women in support disapear when she feels she no have any good answer back to her customers, and i know now this site only have people from india and bangladesh like 90% and they have friends in other countrys like usa and england and make accounts from thoes countrys or they use VPN and look same as it is not from bangladesh or india. and they always tell this big india team and bangladesh team they experts.let me tell more and when you talk with one of these experts it is always same person they send for chatting the customer for make the deal and he to busy sometimes talk with many people same time. i no stupid but i understand freelancer business it is use poor countrys people for make money experts or not they not care they will get there money. and they make big networks give them good reviews to each other look same he have many good reviews it is to easy fake this reviews on freelancer. and if you no happy with the project they can tell you i give you money back if you give me a good review i heard this at least 3 or 5 times when i did project on freelancer. i would say 90% i scam people work on there site and try look experts with they big network and freelancer help them...why not help them they get money from people make projects on the website last word is the not care anything they just care money and see now how many people start complaining about there site and i wish i could tell police about my money i never get back but i live in norway and they live in australia and safe from justice there and i think they would never do that to a australin man or girl because they now that to big risk to do. stay away from this australian scam company if you have money in they account get back from not finished project freelancer will never pay you back them. i wait 2 month i was never get any and now my account stands 0 like i have no money on freelancer so now i can not tell them again send me back my money i never see something like this in my life its totaly scam they make a good story to protect they website but i not lie i no reason to do that i just want people see it is many who have bad experience about this website...i would call it bangladesh and india big network site bee careful he looks like he from usa but he not from usa or annother country look he or she review if bangldesh review him or she or india review him then he is a scam and no expert they will do the work but they no experts and they like make fake facebook likes and profiles bee careful this to if you want marketing you site or seo it they know exactly how scam people on seo marketing this big bangladesh network and india network look reviews see any india or bangladesh man give them good reviews they are scam last thing this poor country team is alwasy try to get higher bid after they bid they put a low bid for you project then when you start talk with them they want more money. this is they daily work so they know how to try get money from normal people and freelancer get rich from this people to but in long time i think freelancer will lose and short time they win ok that would bee my last words shame on this site shame shame

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Q: is it worth to appear in tests ?? is it safe to pay test fees through debit card?
A: I think , here the question is how to get Varun money first , there are 100s of things to be discussed but let us all try to find solution
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Q: I registered on the website under free membership, and was just about to upgrade the membership but thankfully i saw these reviews. At first instance, I was very happy and excited to see the projects on the site.

Can you please explain the feedbacks and also Can i still trust on you and upgrade my membership.
A: I can honestly say that is ok with me... in the beginning I did have an issue with an employer who scammed me, but this was my fault.. I reported it to freelancer and it was handled... there are things in life that go well for us and others that don't.. all we can do is be more carefull.. been active as a freelancer since last year - nov - and still going strong.. and as soon as I get my money from the employer, I withdraw it.. ;)
3 weeks ago
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