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Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009 ACN 141 959 042

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New Reviewer

Wow.. this company should be listed in the top ten WWW scammers! And give them first place!

I helped pay off a friend's freelancer account which was in arrears by $16.00. Two weeks later another charge appears on my credit card for 4.65 for who knows what..

I checked my freelancer account and did not see any charges, only on my card.

So I contacted to cancel my account since they are charging me fees for no services or reason. they cancelled my account August 24 and guess what? I just now found another charge on my card for September 9th for $10.65.

I contact my credit card company (payoneer) who states that they will not file a dispute for anything less than 20.00. Freelancer more than likely knows this and will continue to bill my card since they know payoneer cards cannot be disputed for anything under 20.00.

This means Payoneer system will allow freelnacer to continue stealing low amounts of funds from my payoneer card with no recourse! For that reason, I am forced to close my payoneer account of get constantly ripped off from Unbelievable how a company like this can still exist!

Tip for consumers: Do not give this company your credit card or any financial informatio or they will steal your funds. They are pure scum.

Ask Bryan about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I was awarded a project on 02 Jul 2014 and my total bid was 2631$ for this project. I accepted offer and start working on this as client created milestone funds in 100% Advanced.{till now no issues and all was going fine}

Client was in rush so I with my 2 developers competed this project within 2-3 days. We worked daily 18+ hours daily even we cancelled our weekends vacations due to this project.

After that i tried to withdrawal my fund as this clients paid us some upfront amount. I was shocked when i see email that my withdrawal request is cancelled. I write for this support desk and they told me that "Your employer accounts is under verification and he have to his account first with freelancer".HERE FREELANCER TEAM WAS UNABLE TO EXPLAIN WHICH KIND OF VERIFICATION THEY ARE DOING.


I send lots of tickets to freelancer team but i am getting same reply each time. THEY ARE JUST COPY AND PASTE MESSAGES TO USERS AND MESSAGE IS.

"Payment can be reinstated only after client have settled their account issues"

My client is hiding from me after receiving all files from me.

I am trying to contact my client daily but he is hiding from me.He always online at skype,vk,email but he is not responding me.I do lots of extra work for him and after getting project files from me he is invisible from me.He is not willing to pay me and he want take project free and he already have it.I do R&D my self and find out his contact details like vk and another details, but he is not responding me.This is really very very sad for us.

I submit dispute for rest amount and it was in my favour but holds all my funds.

I got Marcus email id from site as someone told me that he can help me.


I am sending emails to Marcus from 12th August daily and he is replying same things Just copy paste messages.

After thousand of ping's ,this Saturday client reply me over vk and he said me that he is not going to settle his account with told him that i am in your shoes, he told me that he will dispute this amount by charge back.I do lots of request but he never listen me.He also told me that he also do same with another guys here at freelancer, guys done his projects and they are waiting for funds in their account. After that he block me and said if i ever try to contact him again in emails,Skype,or vk he will file a legal case against me for harassment.

**This is 2+moth month finished and my client is not responding not me and not team and.

Right now only have my 2600$.I worked for my client and freelancer is holding my all funds without any reason.

For Marcus : If you cant send back my fund. I am not begging you, this is my hard earned amount and i only deserve this. please do not contact me,I am not here to listen your lectures. You guys are saying me to keep patience.guys listen me 2+ months is not enough for patience???

You are repeating same lines and copy paste messages to me.You steel my funds, God is watching all Mr. Marcus.

Ticket : #ZXX-817-24105

Ask coder about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Am not sure why my withdrawal is taking so much time to reach my Paypal because of this I have not been able to work properly. I tried contacting the support like 3-4 times and they just replied each time I have to wait its almost 4 days now and no reply yet this really poor piece of work? I did my work well and my clients appreciated that as well and they paid me back and when am trying to withdraw they are delaying it? Finally when I contacted them they are saying there is some Engineering problem with withdrawal request??

Tip for consumers: Guys am not yet sure what is happening but once I get a confirmation about this will definitely give you my tips about this site already 350$ stuck in this site lets see what happens.

Ask Vishnu about Freelancer
New Reviewer

HELP! I am new to the site and now I am now really worried. I have agreed to a few projects and now I am not sure that I will be paid. One is me doing drop shipping for someone in another country. It sounds like freelancer does not background check or pay according to the terms a freelancer believes that they are working within. I am also now concerned with safety issues. Any problems with that?

New Reviewer

vWorker veteran here. (2005-2012 rip. last rating: top 300)

I am staying away from after they acquired vWorker. Firstly, I don't understand the reason why they acquired vWorker, almost all of the freelancers knew about but they didn't use it. It's reason may be various: policies, bidding structure, arbitration, support etc... A lot of people chose vWorker and vWorker really had it's own culture of freelancing.

Once acquired any other already running business, they SHOULD respect the other culture which directly affects thousands of people.

One simple example, I have tons of successfully completed projects and I kept hidden the information about project prices. I have my own reasons to keep it hidden. What happened in All of my projects' prices are now public and support service says it's impossible to hide them.

If they are not supporting old work culture of vWorker, why did they acquire it?

This is why I quit working with, they think they can force people work with them.

Tip for consumers: vWorkers of the world, unite. (and build another vWorker!)

Ask David about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Your Question: payment
Operator: Helen E.
12:49 * Your Question: payment
12:49 * Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
12:49 * You are now chatting with Helen E. (Email and Chat Support) - General
12:49 Helen E.: Hi, this is Helen. Welcome to Support Desk. How may I help you?
12:49 Dxx: Hi
12:49 Helen E.: Hello, Dxx.
12:49 Dxx: I saw now that my account is on -
12:49 Dxx: how that is possible ?
12:50 Helen E.: May I have your username so I can look into your concern?
12:50 Dxx: also I saw that a transfer was reversed
12:50 Dxx: dxxx
12:50 Helen E.: Thank you for that information.
12:50 Helen E.: One moment please.
12:52 Dxx: ok
12:53 Helen E.: Thank you for waiting.
12:53 Helen E.: The funds that were used by your employer "dmxxx" to pay for your services were disputed through their payment source.
12:53 Dxx: and ?
12:53 Dxx: how can I know that ?
12:53 Helen E.: This is the reason why the funds that were already transferred to your account were reversed.

12:54 Helen E.: To set your expectations, the only way that you can retrieve the payment is if your employer recreates the payment for you.
12:54 Dxx: I have worked for him
12:54 Helen E.: We recommend that you continue contacting your employer to settle the payments for your services.
12:54 Dxx: so it is not my responsibility to check their record
12:54 Dxx: and payment
12:55 Dxx: so please ...
12:55 Helen E.: Be informed that as per section 21 of our Terms and Conditions: "You agree that we may reverse any such payments made to you, which are subject to chargeback or reversal instruction via your payment product issuer or third parties (such as payment processors)." This also means that the funds are no longer in our system.
12:55 Helen E.: With this, we are asking for your permission to send an email on your behalf if you do not have other means of communicating with them.
12:55 Dxx: I also have contacted him several times
12:55 Dxx: directly and trough the suport team
12:55 Dxx: it is poitless
12:56 Helen E.: On the email, we will inform them of your concern and to settle their payment to you outside of the site, and communicate with you at the soonest possible time.
12:56 Dxx: ....
12:56 Dxx: you are going against yourself
12:57 Dxx: if I can settle the payment outside the site then why should I use the site ?
12:57 Helen E.: Note that when a chargeback is filed, we are bound to follow their instructions.
12:57 Dxx: it was not my fault
12:57 Helen E.: It is because the employer's account has been closed by site administrators due to their violation.
12:57 Dxx: k
12:57 Dxx: but I had that money
12:58 Dxx: you can check the tickets I have done to contact him
12:58 Dxx: more than 4
12:58 Dxx: and now you are asking me to try to contact him and ask to pay me outside the site ?
12:58 Dxx: I hope you are joking ....
12:59 Helen E.: This is if you do not have other means of communicating with them.
12:59 Dxx: I have paid the fees accepting the work
12:59 Helen E.: Note that since their account is already closed, their payment cannot be made within the site.
13:00 Dxx: and now I'm ripped of the money I got ...
13:00 Helen E.: The funds are also no longer in our site.
13:00 Dxx: I WAS RIPPED
13:00 Dxx: and you have done nothing to prevent that
13:00 Dxx: so what makes this site different as working outside it ?
13:00 Dxx: ... nothing
13:01 Helen E.: I respect your opinion.
13:01 Dxx: it is not about respect ...
13:01 Dxx: it is about fairness
13:02 Helen E.: Correction: We can send an email to your employer and ask them to settle their account with us so that they can settle their payments to you.
13:02 Helen E.: Would you like to proceed with this?
13:03 Dxx: it is pointless
13:03 Dxx: as you already know
13:03 Dxx: so ... if I won't have that amount in my account back
13:03 Dxx: this conversation will go viral !
13:03 Dxx: bye

Ask Fre about Freelancer
New Reviewer

After many years on they way they do business has changed. They currently stole over $450+ from my account and other freelancers who had worked for me. Blaming it on a chargeback that never went through. Freelancer just kept the money. I hired someone to do some work they didn't do anything and were ill qualified. I went to go file a dispute and their system asked "how much do you want to pay the freelancer?" I entered $0 and it told me I must enter a value less then 100%, so they forced me to not enter in a full dispute amount. I entred $1 their system gave me $1 and sent $86 to the freelancer. I then contacted and the freelancer neither one of them would give me my money back after a purposeful deceptive dispute process had tricked me and robbed me of the money. I then field a paypal chargeback at that time deducted $86 from my account and $105 from a milestone I had in escrow for another user. I lost the paypal chargeback and they didnt reflect the money back into my account at this point I had lost $190 and freelancer employess continually put my account at $0 while taking escrow in and prior payment made to other freelancer directly from the freelancers. They never returned the money to me or the freelancers. All in all at the end I had lost $450 directly from accounting employees manually manipulating and altering my account balance data in addition to that I had 2 duplicate charges from thier system on a deposit that was caught later puting a chargeback on that resulted in the same accounting system flaws and theft behavior towards its freelancers and its custoemers that happend prior.

At this time owes me $450 , they will not respond to my tickets in their system. They are blatan criminals the evidence is solid and Im filing a police report against them in their home town.

This company should be removed from the face of the internet, they are a deceptive, criminal organization filed with fraud. Do not do business with this company. Its the company that is the thieves not the freelancers.

Tip for consumers: Do not use this company.

Ask Jason about Freelancer
New Reviewer

This not a review but a request to those whom Marcus has contacted. Please share the outcomes of your issues with us? Thanks!

New Reviewer

Be Carefull , Be away from

recently , they steal over USD1500 from our account , our profile is mxicoders

They said that our employer charged back , but it is not possible to charge back after 2months

they have deducted over commision of USD3000 even our employer never paid us

AWAY from

Tip for consumers: PLEASE BE CAREFUL

Ask Ashok about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Hey guys I am the most recent person who has been repeatedly scammed by this site. Again reversal of money! these freaks have no control on whats happening and their pathetic support.

Ask Amna about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I feel scammed, i started working for an employeer who released the first milestone of 100 usd, well, to my surprise keep 43% of my money in fees

14$ for money conversion (the must have an unicorn magically changing the currency)

27$ for "clicking on i accept this project button" wich is by far the most expensive click on a website button i´ve ever freaking made

I know taht this sites live on fees, bu THE BLOODY 43%, isn´t that thievery? i only received 57$ for MY WORK, from the 100$ the employer released, cause of that i had to quit this proyect, i don´t want a scamming website like steal my money

PS: check the photo for details

Ask Xavi about Freelancer
New Reviewer
9/1/14 is a fraud company . they stole your money using chargeback term .. they can even stole your payment year back project .

Freelancer is the worst company ever. They truly are the worst. I feel like shooting them . They have blocked my money because my Employer didn't verify his residence address. WHAT!!?? What the hell!!

You bloody scammers why didn't you verify him before he was able to post a job and accept bid for it and even award the project? You are verifying him now when he has paid me you bloody retard scams. Why did you hold me for that? I verified my self what is my fault??

Are you really honest about verifying him or more interested about blocking some $$$?

Tip for consumers: use elance or vworker are much more help

Ask realde about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I have been with Freelancer for a bit now and have had a horrible experience. I have been designing for 10 years and have done a lot of real world work, but the only real work I had on freelancer required me to contact the person outside of Other than that all it is are people who want stunning designs for 25-50 dollars, and then say things like "stupid American" I have had a contest holder choose another design then use my png anyway. I will not be using this service OR recommend it.

Tip for consumers: Leave now,

Ask john about Freelancer
New Reviewer

I don' suppose I can select a negative star. Site not operable on 10 computers I have access to between win xp,7 I submitted for refund of serI don' suppose I can select a negative star. Site not operable on 10 computers I have access to between win xp,7 I submitted for refund of services they emailed me said they know the site doesn't work on many computers refused to refund paypal also decided to side with them on membership fee as the fee has nothing to do with them being able to provide a service as advertisedvices they emailed me said they know the site doesn't work on many computers refused to refund paypal also decided to side with them on membership fee as the fee has nothing to do with them being able to provide a service as advertised

Tip for consumers: Stay away these people are crooks

Ask ken about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Terrible company, no support, basically stole money from me. Everyone be careful - they are it thief's.

Tip for consumers: Don't use them.

Ask Ruth about Freelancer
New Reviewer

My username on is Alexod Scammed about 600$ from me. They did a reversal of the completed project. I spent $25 from my own budget to complete this project. They did a reversal of the money paid for completed project, but they did not made a reversal for their fee taken for this project. unbelievable !

I can tell you more, I have passed many Exams on their website, some of my exams are on TOP 100% completed, about 10 exams, a lot of skills.

Do not work on because If somebody will pay you for completed project, then can easily take back that money.

I have contacted them , and all they said was: the buyer has issue with payment method and closed his account. But note that i was already paid, milestone relased and they take my money $555 , left me with $-15 , and I spent $25 of my money.

Look at the images.

I will not use them anymore, and never will use their products from thief called Matt Barrie

Tip for consumers: Do not use. Developers are not protected ! Buyers can be scammed. so nobody is protected there.

Ask sergiu about Freelancer
New Reviewer

Here it comes, from a 4 year veteran at! As every of these website lives from fees taken from employers and employees. I never had anything against this as I understand how these sites work and I was very grateful that they exist. I've been freelancering on other sites as well and had very successful careers, on all of them. With over 400 projects completed (and 400 highly paid projects, not $30 projects with a team to pay) as an individual and a 5 star rating I had it all. Then, the greed started rolling in. Initially they started boosting up the prices and lowering what they offered in return. They started re-doing the website, for the worse, adding new unnecessary features just to attract people to bid on projects. They focused on QUANTITY over QUALITY. The website turned in a market, a wild chaotic market where you just had to PAY in order to have greater chances to win a project. The prices of the packages rose incredibly fast and the changes from 2 months ago made me quit, transfer all of my 40+ STANDARD CLIENTS that had opened jobs with me, that paid ~300-400$ per month, each to direct payment via PayPal or to other oursourcing websites. It's drastic how they want to enforce a "cleaner, professional, bla bla" website, and how they want to steal money off us like we're stupid and don't notice anything. First of all, if you had the notification e-mail off: YOU WERE NOT NOTIFIED ABOUT ANY CHANGES, so my membership price jumped from ~$50 -> $200 without me knowing. I had a lot of money on the account and didn't even notice at that time, it was just now when I emptied my account that I noticed it authorized PayPal to charge me $200. I was in shock and disbelief, angry and disappointed. I went and disputed, managing to take the last $200 back but not for the previous months that I unknowingly paid. They used to have people "check your projects" before they go live, but since they don't want to invest in a better community they're getting ~500 spam projects EVERY DAY and TONS of projects where the users are trying to scam you into paying them via PayPal/Moneybookers. I've been reporting these projects as crazy but they go out after a hour or so, so the scammers have enough time to scam innocent people. All of this could improve by hiring people to check the projects, after 1 month they'd have 50% less projects but they'd have a better community. Is this what they want? NO! They want numbers and numbers only. Well, good luck, I know I earned a lot using your website and thank you for that, but never again will I or my clients give you money. Sincere regards and best of luck.

Tip for consumers: Go to Elance, oDesk. These are the alternatives where you can meet professionals. Good luck!

Ask Jak about Freelancer
New Reviewer

i was working on, and we never had any problem. they had Phone support, email support as well as group discussion support with client. specially arbitration.

now when acured vworker then we become in problem. we never worked on

first thing we found that. they dont have phone support???
what the hell.
ok. may be their support team is good. Oh dear, there are some Child with lollipop. they even dont read the text. they just copy and paste some text and thats it.
oh forgot to mention about PROPER DEPARTMENT. i dont know what is that.

My account age is 5 year. right now they are harassing me with residential address. I sent them several documents, even bank statement. and they still saying its not standard.
i really dont know what to say.

they eat my more than 7000 usd without notify me. they suddenly refund money without notify us. and when we asked for that money. they said to contact with buyer.
hahah. if buyer get the work and refund the money as well then what is left dear???

Ok. any buyer can ask for refund even work done. and they will limit your account for that.
and they will say to contact with buyer.
So, here what will happen actually??? buyer tell us that ok ok you no need to refund. lol...
Of-course they want the fund. and what we have to do?? we need to refund it to remove limitation??? great freelancer.

MATT BARRIE is a business man. he dont care about all this. he can sell the site to else for money. but here victim is US/WORKER/FREELANCER

And this is not far way that freelancer staff also going to switch their job soon, when they will become adult :)

there is no solution of this. so lets stop here.

do something else. do other marketing to get work. make your own world.

all the best people.

New Reviewer

Yesterday I awarded a project to freelancer. His requirement was to set a 50% milestone and release before he starts. Based on his reputation I decided it is safe to proceed, so I released the milestone payment. Today when I try to login I see that my account is closed?? Doesn't this look very suspicious...I award the project. I release the milestone. My account is closed. I am out of the system and of my money!!
On what ground? What is the reason to be closed? No answer - just some vague "for security reasons". Stay AWAY from FREELANCER.COM = SCAM

New Reviewer

I had some complication on
I was sharing my email address with clients (in private messaging box)
for them to send me their files as they can not send files in the contest handover.

Would that cost me a problem like suspension?
to be taken in consideration that I necessarily need my funds to be withdrawn within 3 weeks for living purposes.
How can I prevent my account from suspension?

New Reviewer

Incredibly stupid. Asks me to choose computer skills which I do not have. No other option. Complete waste of time!!

New Reviewer
8/11/14 is Dangerous - Terms/Requirements change at a moments notice in order to keep your money.

I am a Doctoral Student. After I did my first project, I terminated the agreement I had between PayPal and Freelancer. What Freelancer does not tell you is that they will hit your PayPal account with a "Project Fee" after the client has paid the money (which includes the project fee) into the Freelancer's "Escrow Account."

So now controls all of the money in the Freelancer's Escrow account, and has removed ten percent of the project fees from his or her PayPal account. And that fact is not made known to the customer from the beginning. That is never disclosed to the Freelancer.

When I contacted customer service with Freelancer, they told me not to worry, future funds would be deducted from the escrow account on Freelancer - but they failed to tell me why the "project fee" from the client would be removed from my PayPal if the fee was already in Escrow. is scammy, because they take all of the money for your project and lock it down for two weeks (in the beginning) AND charge you the 10% project fee. So for the first two to three weeks, you lose all of your time, you lose 10% of the project(s) value from your PayPal - and when you want to take out your money (transfer to PayPal) you are hit with secondary and tertiary requirements which were NOT part of the original agreement.

Since I had money in my Freelancer Escrow account to cover any future projects, I cancelled the PayPal agreement with them - for protection. But then you lose your "verified" status - and until Freelancer "verifies" you, they keep your money.

WHAT IS VERIFICATION? ALMOST EVERY PIECE OF PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION YOU OWN. asks for enough information to commit identity theft in your name. My Bank, the local Law Enforcement and my attorney all said "THIS IS NOT VERIFICATION, THIS IS AN IDENTITY HARVESTING TECHNIQUE."

So now I have $500 locked down in escrow, another $375 inbound - which I cancelled, and I am out more than a week of work.

As soon as you get your first project - they will nail your PayPal account for the 10% Fee. If you terminate the PayPal agreement with Freelancer - even though they can still deposit your funds - you go through another process which will ask you for just about every single personal identity feature you have:

Current photos of you, scans of ID with birthdate, national identity numbers and addresses visible. Utility bills and bank statements are also requested.

The manager at my bank in the US said "This is a joke. Who do these people think they are fooling - this goes far beyond identity verification." He told me that Freelancer would have enough information to remove money from my bank account within a matter of minutes.

And if you read the stories on the internet - many people have had their bank account hit by Freelancer - and the same goes with PayPal.


Recognize that while you think you are giving your PayPal or Bank Account number to Freelancer for verification, they are going to include all of your personal information as part of your "user agreement" with them.

They are going to claim that you submitting all of your personal information substantiates the fact that you entered an agreement with them to remove money from your Bank Account and/or PayPal Account. This is not disclosed in to new Freelancers.

If you think you are going to cancel your PayPal "agreement" with them (whether you knew you "agreed" or not) and still have them deposit the money they owe you - Forget it.

Whatever you have earned and have in escrow (a fancy name for your hard-earned money which they are holding from you) - will not be deposited into your PayPal account until you give them ALL of your personal information (which includes all of the info needed to now start nailing your bank account for how much ever they want.

And this is where the dilemma arises. Do you give them all of your valuable ID (some of which your bank does not even have) in order to get your "funds" released from Freelancer "escrow?"

The other thing is that they will accept money for a project from an unverified employer. You accept the project, they hit your PayPal account for 10% if they can - and you will never receive a penny - until the unverified employer verifies himself.

So while it is okay for to charge your PayPal account 10% for the work you do, and it is okay for them to take money from an "unverified" employer and hold it in your "escrow (LOL)," they will never release the funds to you from an "unverified" employer - the funds are held for "security" issues.

So while Freelancer feels "secure" enough to take money from unverified employers and to charge your PayPal account 10% for the "project fee" for the unverified employer, you will never see a penny of that money unless the employer self-verifies.

If you contact customer service (after Freelancer has charged your PayPal 10%) they will claim that the problem needs to be resolved between the unverified employer and you - the Freelancer. And all the while they have the money you earned - plus the 10% they removed from your PayPal account. If the employer does not self-verify - you lose the money you earned - plus the 10% Project Fee and all of the time you put into completing the project.

In the US we call this "Bait and Switch." changes the terms of service (or hides them from the Freelancers) once money has been received. If Freelancer ran their business the way it looks on the surface, it would be awesome. has their system set up to make the inflow of money very easy, but forget about taking the money out of your "escrow" without giving them every single personal identity detail about yourself.

As a world traveler - their "verification" requirements constitute a huge security risk to me. Photos of myself, holding my ID, scans of my ID's and photocopies of my bank statements?

E-Bay and PayPal have a pretty efficient verification system. But it appears that waits until your "escrow" account is built up with them, and then they hit you with additional requirements to get the money you earned (while it generates interest for them). And those requirements are so detailed that the average person will forgo receiving their hard-earned money in order to maintain some level of privacy with their personal information. is very well set up and thought out - for the Freelancer executives who want to get ahold of your hard-earned money. It looks great at the beginning, but good luck retrieving any of the money you made while simultaneously preserving the security of your personal information.

In a way it is like blackmail. Freelancer basically says "give us all of your personal information or we keep your money."

Freelancer just set up shop in Canada - so hopefully Canadian authorities will look into this b/c Bait and Switch with TOS is illegal in North America. There is no disclosure with The true TOS emerges when they have the funds from a few of your projects tucked neatly into your "escrow" account.

When you log into your Freelancer account, look at the balance at the top of your Profile Page. That amount in "escrow" is really the amount of money you lost for doing those projects (in addition to the 10%).

UPDATE: August 10 - I filed complaints with scamwatch of Australia and in the USA. This company has just opened a branch in SW Canada and are now under jurisdiction of Canadian Law.

The way changed their TOS with Freelance workers AFTER funds have been deposited in their accounts is against US and Canadian Law.

New Reviewer

LocalVox Media is a relatively new start-up. I say 'relatively', because they've been around for about 5 years and they have a great idea and a great focus, but what they've ended up with is more of the same.
They sell access to an online interface that allows small to mid-size businesses to manage all their social media accounts and their blog from a main directory that is very well-indexed with all the SEO bells and whistles. Sounds great, right?
Yes and no.
First, a lot of how they attract their clients is through cold calling small businesses and trying to sell them subscriptions, which isn't bad - have to get the word out somehow - but it definitely colors this business more on the customer service/sales side of the tech spectrum.
The other thing about this business is their wacky way of hiring writers.
The company sells subscriptions that include two articles per month, hand-written by a writer, according to their specifications, for which the client pays $100 p/article (the writer gets $20 per).
Writers are treated like short-order cooks in this scenario. If the client doesn't like an article, it can get sent back, for which the writer DOES NOT GET PAID. Or, they can ask for edits, for which the writer DOES NOT GET PAID.
I'm a writer, and I've worked for radio and newspapers and have gone through editing processes before, and I don't know what to say about this place, because there is NO PROOFREADING PROCESS. So, if you have grammatical errors, the article is not long enough or there is some other error (especially if the writer is available and can fix it) - THE WRITER DOES NOT GET PAID.
To make matters worse, the woman assigning me the work was very uncommunicative, writing me one or two words when she could have been working with me to build a long-term freelance relationship. As such, I often didn't know I was doing anything wrong until invoice day WHEN I WOULD NOT GET PAID!
The worst thing is - they are actually not the worse for this kind of writing, only heart-breakingly NORMAL.

New Reviewer

Is there any Negative star i can give ? coz they don't even deserve 1 star to be honest.
i am extremely disappointed by the process of this website. i have worked so hard and worked on a project for 1052$. Client was very happy with the project and gave me positive feedback with 5 ratings. Now when i tried to withdraw my earned funds i got message from support that there is an issue with my client's account so that withdrawal can not be processed. Are you kidding me ? is that my responsibility to check all the accounts of my client before go into a project with him? Or why support didn't intimate me when i was working on this project for weeks? why they only intimate me when i delivered all the source files to my client.? Now that client is not replying to my messages and i am here with this Poor POOR POOR support system they containing with them.. Everytime a new person reply to my same concern with his or her own philosophy and that person having few knowledge about my concern..

Some pre-written sentences copy pasted by support.. that's really painful and frustrating.. Seriously thinking of leaving this website.. That is not my duty to verify or resolve the issues of my client.. that's support's duty that why the charged us heavy fees and commissions.

I am not going to be silent if i did not get my withdrawal.. i didn't worked so hard on my profile to face such situations.

New Reviewer

They said that the employer has an issue in his payment source [$#*! is that they discovered that after +45days] then deduced the money from my balance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what my relation with that all $#*!s????????????

POOR support copying stupid answers from sheet like robots - not understanding any of what I said - then asking me to contact the employer to contact them !! ARE YOU DISABLED ???

My advice to not deal with kids/robbers

New Reviewer

I am a member of since 5 years when it was getafreelancer. Now I moved to another site. I suggest try using You can outsource anything. No fee no commission.

New Reviewer

Terrible site. I joined hoping it would be better than Elance, but it's possibly worse. Bottom-of-the-barrel job prices, you have to pay to do skills testing, and if you want to bid on jobs within more than one category, you need to pay for that 'privilege.' They obviously don't care about attracting or retaining professionals because of the awfulness of the jobs posted.

Freelancer isn't concerned with providing safe, secured, reputable employment to professionals at all. Instead, they only care about scraping their percentage off of the millions of poor-paying jobs that do go through their site. Like "$20 for writing 150 300-word articles. If I don't like your writing, I fire you."

Uhh, gee. What a great working environment! Don't you want to pay for the privilege of bidding on that fruitful opportunity?

There are so many unserious clients looking to pay nothing for professional-level work and so many people who are asking for spec work, and from what I know about the site, Freelancer does nothing to deter this.

After I signed up, I immediately started receiving emails almost hourly from them and because this was annoying, I wanted to change my email settings, but Freelancer doesn't let you do this unless you verify your phone number. I didn't want to give them my phone number so I emailed them, and they pressed for my phone number. I said I now wanted to cancel my account.

Guess what? You can't! There is no way to delete my account and after multiple emails to freelancer staff, they are still refusing to do so, and telling me that they'll "keep it open in case you want to return."

It's an unprofessional site that wastes your time and money. Avoid.

New Reviewer

Since one year I was registered on this site that allows you to earn with a pay per project system. This website ( is managed by such a Matt Barrie, Australian entrepreneur. At the end of a project, the employee receives the money in his account, less a percentage retained on the site. I made in a year and a half 3 projects in my spare time, for a total of 710$ dollars and with the 3rd project I got the possibility to withdraw the money (lower limit is 500$).

First withdrawal request was delayed of 15 days by default and was canceled. Before making the second request I asked precise details to freelancer because I wanted to use the wire transfer.

After I sent the request freelancer found a reason to cancel it: missing informations. When I sent all informations correctly my account has been limited due to 'security reason', for 'antiterrorism' and 'anti-money laundering' fraud. It required me to pass a security document review process.Procedure was suspected, because for sending money on the platform there is no verification. Money come in easily but does not come out from the platform.

In full confidence, I have uploaded the scan of ID card, copy of the contract with my bank to proof my address, a photo of me with the identity card in my hand in high resolution and I also answered to a question: why I connect from a different location respect to my address written on the document: Simply, I'm in vacation, and I use a different connection.

After a few hours I received an email inviting me to send further informations, as well as the information of my profile have to march with my profile (they match, just Country is different due to my old mobile number), a coloured copy of the bank contract (the bank is online and they sent to me just a black and white copy, they can't do more). I'm a student and I do not have any bills with my name and address, I live with my parents. They asked me why I'm connecting with proxy or VPS, they want another hi-res photo and contract with my bank has to be 'coloured'. Very good in fantasy stories. Despite my e-mails to customer service, everything was designed to block the withdrawal.

After a quick search on the internet, I've found a lot of cheated persons. Identity theft, theft of banking data extremely sensitive, high-resolution pictures with ID card in my hand and over $700 of mine unlawfully retained without permission or license granted by a credit institution or financial intermediation. I gave them 24 hours to solve the problem but they didn't care of my mail so I got to the police of my country and opened a law proceeding. I also advised mastercard, visa, paypal and skrill payment processors of the fraud by attaching the law proceeding and advised my bank of the fraud, filing a report with all data sent. Next step will be an enquiry to the international credit institutions for stopping this not-legal fraud (contract they show on website is not valid and full of illegal statements, they are not a bank).

New Reviewer

I had hired an app developer off the website “ “ to design an iPhone gaming application. She said she would finish the project in a 7 days but she would always never respond to me and when she did she would continue to procrastinate I already payed her 200 as a down payment and 200 more for the . Its already been 3 weeks past the date that she said she would have it completed by. I emailed Freelancer support and they only told me to “keep waiting,” which i have been doing for the past 3 weeks. I do not recommend this website to anyone, because you’ll be lied to and scummed of your money.
Jin Ge can't be trusted. She is a liar. But on top of that is a bad programmer. She makes mistakes and it will screw your program. Stay away from her.and from the site that pretends that they monitor their programmers.

New Reviewer

I'm recently opened my account, I want to try it first and it is free for thirty days but when I get project then they tell first deposit some amount but how can I believe that it will success or not or they will give me project, I feared that I invest or not, if I will invest money after can they give me project really?
Please Give me suggestion...

New Reviewer

Respected Sir,
Today, I am feeling shame to complain even i earned 550 reviews. I am working in since 5 years, but why they try to cover their loss from service provider. We are providing E-book writing services in We are working in because it is regulated by ACCC. Now a days is technically stopped people payments to cover their own loss. We wrote book and handover it to our client from message box.
I want to withdraw my $800 that earned from this book that we have written for our client and client also paid via But stopped our payment even project was closed and they cancelled our withdrawal of $800 because is saying that we have the issue with your client credit card company.
Is it my duty to verify the client identity and credit card extra? Why stopped our $800 and refused to pay us. We are students and writing to collect our fee and also compromise in our studies. After putting too much effort then nothing in our hand. holds our $800.
Please it is requested to strictly discuss these payments issue with Why they are transferring their loss in service provider. Why they charge too much gold membership fee if they cannot secure our payments. Is it not a mental torture? I have also sent an email to ACCC.

Looking for positive feedback asap.. Thanks

New Reviewer

I am really sorry to say I lost value of my time and now building awareness agonist I lost value of my time which has been robbery by stolen my money by following ways:

1. post big amount project and influence to accept it without milestone. When you accept the project the employer will stay unresponsive and they will get deduct large amount as project fee. I lost about thousand dollar in this way.
2. reverse earned amount and advice to directly contact with employer to get payment. This is a kind of robbery I lost couple of hundred dollar in this way. Few days they says employer is under review now they closed employer account and taken my earned money. This kind of project and employer actually itself.

New Reviewer

I wouldn't rate freelancer there good scam artist. I used them for a upgrade for my mobile site, I made the mistake of uploading through PayPal all the money for the job. Halfway through the job they suspended the guy and when I went to withdraw the money they suspended me. I followed all there request including the verification number and the drivers licence with my photo and all and they still refused to return my money. This one small job cost me a thousand and more. I would not use them ever again.

New Reviewer

I would like to tell you. I was user of and I had 200+ Feedback on My profile. 1-2 time they email me but unfortunately that was in spam and I didn't see. Suddenly they Closed my account and get my funds as well. I have about $1700 USD and 200-250 Pounds. I was keep requesting them to forgive me and give me another chance but they didn't. I am really dissapointed. They took not only my money even my account and 1 1/2 year hard working and my time. I even offer them to get my money just allow me only 1 chance. I even told them to discuss with Matt Berry if they want and He is good person and I was thinking that they will give me a last chance. I was begging in front of them to give me just a last chance and I will correct my each and every mistake right now. But they snatched my job and honestly I am poor now. I have my family and we are facing job crisis in Pakistan and I founded a way of earning through my skill but they didn't listen a single word.

One more thing I would like to mention here that when (Moneybookers) closed account they return your money but robbed and they will always support Employer no value of employee.

It would be good If they will read my comments and response. I would love to work with my account again. Please It's request. Again I am ready to correct mistakes whatever they want me to do.

My username is: KatieHammond

New Reviewer

I've work with and I have huge project there. I hire the people around the world. Just searching about perfect person! I'm satisfied person who work with People use to complain about everything through the net without email to company directly! I don't know why?! I have a question and sent an email to and they replied soon and their words was very supportive and kind as well!

New Reviewer

I have been freelancer working through for several years now. I have been robbed a few times, and did nothing to help me. They basically told me that there is nothing they can do. Earnings are ridiculously low. I quit looking for work there because it is really demeaning.

It is website that exploits poor Indian and Philippine freelancers who are cheap and under educated.
If you need quality, do not go there.

New Reviewer

Hey, I've been using almost 3 years now, at first you really need to be patient and I know how painful it is to lose something valuable to you. Though negative for others, my experience with is great, I won several web designing contest, and received my payment in full. Had recent web designing project worth over $500 with no problems at all. Being extra careful pays off. Maybe try these tips, they might help you:

1. First, before accepting a project, make sure the client has a verified payment method and created a milestone so that it will cover the fees that charges, this will also protect you from being scammed as would be in the middle.

2. Investigate - Don't get too excited when someone finds and hires you (because I don't, I investigate first), don't click that "ACCEPT" button yet!!! Investigate first before accepting it. An example would be what mentioned in no.1.

3. Negotiate - Don't be shy, your profile speaks for you (tell the client about your feedbacks and previous projects), this will gain trust of the employer. Ask for milestone payment before accepting the project (explain fees), do a counter offer if you feel like you are doing a tough job and paid less.

4. Regarding contest, I make sure that the contest price is guaranteed. Meaning I get the assurance that I will get paid for it. I also observe the client's behavior when it comes to his judgments in the contest entries, when I see creative designs being rejected (e.g. poorly designed entries chosen instead of quality entries), that's when I back out.

Hope this helps you out. Cheers!

Below is my account:

New Reviewer

Freelancer is not a scam but not a friendly place either, their strategies the freelancer is always the victim.

1. They never guarantee that you can get paid by the employer but they take the commission regardless you take the money or not. Odesk on the other hand guarantees.
2. If the employer pays up, they might not let you withdraw the money because there's an mysterious issue with the employer's account (although they can notify you before being rewarded but they dont, to take the commission); and put pressure on you to put pressure on the client so that he would resolve the issue with them (the most disrespectful way i have ever seen in my life)
3. Customer service reply after ages, giving a routine answer and obviously not caring about anything you have to say, you will feel no appreciation in

So no i'm out of freelancer, and I can safely say that it is NOT a website you can rely on for a living; other websites like Odesk and Elance are actually more respectable and have better quality customer service.
I am now on and my life is much better.

New Reviewer

Freelancer you have junk $#*!s and thieves yourselves claiming its credibility here. NONSENSE!!! every morning i wake i find one of my employers account has been suspended and the only time you do so is when my account has been loaded or milestone created. common guyz we are not eating stones. or have you guyz become broke to the that you want to use that money to last you a couple of nights.

New Reviewer

I lost $1000 and 3 weeks of my work because of this website. I suggest to NEVER use this website if you want to freelance and intend to earn money.

I have an account on this website for almost a year, used it to freelance and to work with freelancers.

The last job I did was for $1000, I was hired as a web developer for 3 weeks, developed a web shop for a client.

I completed the project and the client released the money on 19th of July. It became available on my account, so I passed all the source files of the webshop to a client.

Straightaway I submitted $1300 (had $1350 on my account) for the withdrawal which was supposed to happen on Monday (21st of July). I was on the Freelancer website on Sunday, had $1350 as before, but when I logged in on Monday, I realized that $1000 just vanished from my account. All signs of the project were deleted, the account of the employer closed.

I wrote to the support and they told me that the money my employer used came from a questionable source, so they were returned to the originator.

The project was initiated by the employer on the 30th of June, the money ($1000) were submitted as a milestone payment THE SAME day. Freelancer decided that money came from a questionable source the moment when money were supposed to be withdrawn. So they were very comfortable to use them for 3 weeks and when it came to paying, they decided to question the employer and blocked his account...Now they suggest to contact employer, os that he pays outside the website! Seriously? When THEY allowed the milestone to be submitted and the project to be finished, the source files submitted to the employer?!

Thank you for using 3 weeks of my life, charging me $100 and taking $1000 from my account!

I suggest to NEVER use their service, there are a lot of other Freelance websites, is the one that should NEVER be used, you work for FREE and their milestone system does NOT protect you from anything, the money can be taken from your account by FREELANCER at ANY time without ANY notice.

New Reviewer

STAY away from - They will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to rob you from your money. I made the biggest mistake of awarding a project from their site & the freelancer turned out to be a fraud. Freelancer support has been pathetic with responses we cannot do anything. Hey, you took the money, charged your commission, how can you just limit your liability? You have users listed as "VERIFIED" What does verified mean if you cannot get my money back. It is so better to pay directly with PayPal as they can get your finds back. If you care about your money, do NOT ever register on their site. They will ensure you loose your money & time.

New Reviewer

This site is horrible. If you're a quality freelancer looking to find jobs, don't go here if you live in the U.S. Most of the jobs here are employers (who clearly don't understand the need for quality) looking to hire people from India, Asia, or the Philippines with 'passable' knowledge of the English language. If you want a job that pays more than $2/hr you have to literally sift through hundreds of crap jobs. Their search functionality is lacking and clearly they didn't care about user experience when building the site. They probably used one of the $2/hour people to build their site. Complete waste of time.

New Reviewer

Have you been victim of Me too :( I have the case opened .... with no response from Do you know that: “Freelancer founder earns $235 million – while customers of the site are ripped off “ Freelancer, an Australian registered Internet company makes millions while abusing Australian consumer laws. Caution – use this site at your own risk as Freelancer takes no responsibility. If you want to try to contact the management team:

1. File a government internet crime complaint with:

2. Report fraud, visit:

3. File an online complaint with State Attorney General:

4. File a government consumer complaint with

5. Report to Australian Competition Consumer Commission:

6. Report to Law Enforcement:

7. Report to Scam watch:

8. Report computer, internet-related, or intellectual property crime:

9. File a complaint with Office of Fair Trading: also: action/Complaints

10. Contact investigative reporters from TV Channels and Newspapers / magazines and all you guys will provide evidences to them. Please save all your email received from

11. Register complaints with as many review sites as you can "Google Reviews, Yelp, Business reporters and other private organizations .... etc"

12. Post Blogs. Minimum 1 SEO article per day till you will see the result on google, yahoo and Spread the word by posting on your blogs, create new blogs, Blog Comments, Guess Posts and invite others to share their similar stories they faced with etc. Please keep posting on all social media.... - See more at:

New Reviewer

I wish I had googled before... So here comes my personal horror story:
I just finished my first 200$ project and requested a withdrawel. For some "security issue" the first payout is delayed for 3 weeks (although it doesn't seem to be an issue to take my money immediately). Ha, of course, it got cancelled! I didn't even requested everything and left a bit, but won two big projects, wich freelancer booked from my account, so there was not enough left to make the withdrawel (remember: it's only a "security issue" to PAY you, TAKING your money is no problem). However, the projects were payed, i get 5-star ratings by my customers, but freelancer of course did not activated the old withdrawel, I needed to make a new one, again delayed for 3 weeks. So I am yet not paid for my first project wich was finished 5 weeks ago now.

But it could get even worse: On the billing site I saw an advertise, that users should verificate their account. As an honest freelancer that seemed legit to me and I started the verification process voluntary.
They have been sent 6 (in words: SIX!!!) photos of letters, wich do all apply to their terms, showing all my as well as the senders information. But guess what? That is not enough, although in their FAQ and their terms&conditions is stated that this is enough! It is nowhere mentioned, so I say thats a lie, but they insist they need to see the full documents, which are (in the first try) my bank statement and a letter from my healthinsurance. Are they INSANE? By the way: they never tell you why they reject it and just send you a $#*!ty auto-reply with no informations leaving you clueless, as long as you don't ask at least 4 times to give you a hint, what the problem is.
They further rejected: full document photos from letters of my bank, one with no private information, one with a pencil covering the part after the "THIS IS YOUR PIN: " (yeah, for sure, I will just give you my online-banking pin, I just read all this positive feedback here and totally trust you...), a full letter from my landlord (ha, no proof! your landlord doesn't know for sure where you are living! You just rented that appartment to fool us!).
They recommend to send some bills from utility services, but seriously: are they living in the 1990's? None of them, not a single one, absolutly no one of my utility services send printed out letters! Most of them even made the contract via mail.

I wonder that they approved my mug-shot with the ID and did not request some naked photos "to make sure my head is not photoshoped on" (come on, be creative! you can invent some additional requirements spontaneously whenever you want!) as they are so very interested in the most private things.

Now I'm stuck in an endless loop with morons from the so called "support", wich obviously can't read and just closed the ticket. Okay, to be fair: maybe they can read, but just not explain, why freelancer is violating their own terms and conditions.

Problem solved: I'm finally verificated with a pdf. That is just grotesque, because that would be, compared to all the photos mentioned above, really easy to fake. The FAQ says clearly scan or photo. Too, this secret (?) solution came just when it was too late anyway to request a withdrawel before that delayed first one... Wich wasn't even my main intention, but it's a bit to bearish, don't you think? This is long enough, but there are some more details that clearly shows it's to get a runaround. More than two weeks in wich I spent hours on that, countless mails to your support and at last a solution that could have been given in answer to my very first mail?

As long as you can't refund stolen time or compensate it with my usual hourly fee I will not revoke that voting. And don't tell the feedback is "appreciated", when it's obviously the same problem for years! Shouldn't you just improve the customer service for every user of your site, than wasting time by searching the web and only react to those who complain in public? Btw: it's too late, when customers are already really angry and felt to be taken for a fool, that's not a very smart strategy...
But to point out fairly: I don't say scam (yet, let's see, if I get my money...), that customer-service is just unacceptable!

New Reviewer

Why do we HAVE to put a star here? Why not a hammer or something?

Anyways, this website, is one of the most intelligent hoaxes and scams ever to happen. They help themselves to take away as much money from you as they need, consider themselves God according to Section 20 of their "License Agreement", and of course, you accept it if you're still talking.

Go figure, ridiculous people, of course happy to invite you and as soon as you get some cash, bang. It happened, it happened, it happened, I worked there since 2012, and everytime I get 10 dollars deduces 9. So I accumulated like 12 dollars, and so the rules say you can't withdraw them until you reach 30, and wait for 15 days, to pay the rent, the electricity for the computer you're using, and food, if you're not a robot. In the meantime, I hear their people get 2 to 3000 dollars a month?

Nice, cute, amazing, $#*!ING THIEVES?

I'm contacting my lawyer as we speak, who's in Canada, because $#*! it. I worked for two weeks doing freelance work with my car and got 5 grand. In three years on I haven't made a single cent.

Only article needers who want to make more spam to clog the internet or steal people's money by lying about products and reviews and so on,...

Or people who want to crack program or make their assignment for University so they can get a good diploma from a US University and you get to do their work on later on because they know the "secret", and even though you're good at it, they know how to lie better.

And of course, let's not mention the fees. And the tricky "stuff" you shouldn't do if you don't want to lose.

I guess we're all just a bunch of sorry ass losers then, hein?

Freelancers. They should all be $#*!ing shot is my opinion. Either you know how to $#*!ing do the job and work for the government or you're a shmuck who was copying answers off my paper in exam day. At any rate, fair is fair. If that's what people want, I'm a trickster.

So, let's see.

Any people interested in doing something about this?

I'm going official to make sure such websites don't ever get a chance to ruin my breakfast again. $#*! these people looking for easy money.

New Reviewer

I represent a group of companies that used, under the same account, for 2 years. All this 2 years we find many professionals, where we work with and we spend money to several projects.

First of all in every transaction the freelancer keeps a big percent of your money and when you ask to send your money, the time period can be up to 30 days!!! The reason for this late, it is that is for your safe!!! (???)

Our story start when we send 500 euros, to our account, for a project, via Bank transfer, and after the project cancellation, before we start, we asked the money back, but this time, via our pay pal account.

The freelancer, blocked our money, after 2 years, cooperation, as an suspected money laundering, because, we send money via bank transfer, and after cancelation, of the project, we ask the money back.
(we speak about, for only 500 euros...Imagine, money laundering with 500 euros, is just ridiculous).

Now, for unblock our account, the, ask to us, to send photo with an number that they send to us (like a prisoner - photo with mumber),my identity ( ID), my drive license, billing phone account, to show my address, etc.

Also we must explain why we sent the money via Bank transfer and why we asked to take it back... those money,from paypal, our answers was, "ok you can sending it back to our bank, where they came from, no problem",
Note, that they don’t accept the cancelation reason…(project cancellation)
So, with goodwill, we sent all these information requested...
The was not accepted any of these documents, that we send, and they asked to sending again, New photo, My ID ( again), official translate from my phone account (with official translator) etc…etc…I repeate, that all this was for 500 euros... The "suspected money laundering"was for ONLY 500 euros....

- Today, I went and I spoke with the police (cybercriminal department, in Greece) to complaint against, those scammers.(
The police told me that they use the law of their country (Australia) and they cannot do something.
Eventually, simple we will waste 500 euros, that we had in our account, because we are not Australian citizen, and we can't do NOTHING.

So, what you should be aware of, is that if you dispute with them (,and your are NOT Australian citizen, simple, you will lose your money.
They are scammers and what they do, is to use the Australian laws to rob our money...legally...
So be carefully, and you must not trust them, they can keep your money for any reason and you can't do NOTHING!!

New Reviewer

I recently did a lot of work for this employer on The work consisted of designing and modeling a very difficult and pretentious house. The project was for 1000 USD. I did all the comunication and payments through as any well intended freelance would. 4 milestone payments of 200 USD each were made and released from my employer and ended up in my account. The day before project completion all funds were retracted from my account by because the employer's account was "questionable" I could not contact my employer, because he had terminated all chanels of comunication. I adressed the problem to freelancer support team, and they responded very fast, but there was nothing they could do except refund me the 100 USD (10% freelancer fee for accepting the project).

I believe that freelancer people are well intentioned, but professional con artists, like this guy i worked for, can break their system regardless of all the precautions they take.

Mr. Marcus C. please be so kind and take a look at ticket CXX-985-43626. I hope that you will find the crack in your system that allows people to do this kind of scams.

Sorry for my bad english spelling, but i am from Romania, and i am a bit out of practice.

New Reviewer

Hi Marcus,
I feel the site is very useful. But the problem with me was, when I was talking with a client, by mistake I provided him my mail id. It was not at all intentionally. What are the steps freelancer can take in this case? I am from last 6 years with the site and this is the first time I commit this mistake.

New Reviewer

My advice to everyone will be to do not get involved with this company. If you are then terminate your account ASAP !

Believe what people are complaining about this company everybody is right on. This site is a partial or complete scam, have a lot of hidden fees and god knows how many complexities which they will throw upon you sooner or later.

Read their User agreement thoroughly before signing up and you will find that

Under Funds (

V. the amount of funds showing in your Account is not insured and is not a guaranteed deposit; "

Vii. we will hold funds in respect of the amount of your Account (including Milestone Payments) in an account held by us with a financial institution (or in any manner that we decide in our sole discretion from time to time) and such funds are not segregated into a separate account; and

Viii. we may commingle your funds with funds of other User's and our own funds and such commingled funds could be used to pay other Users or for our general corporate purposes .


New Reviewer

I just visited this site first time and I see there are many users who got their account suspended. I am not happy and more shocked that many users un-happy

I am one of users from since last 8 years and I would like to know from Marcus if by mistake I posted email ID in chat board before project awarded to me will my account suspended?

I am just asking this as Intentionally I did not post email ID to client but by mistakes as that client was with us in communication in past and I just mentioned in chat window like this "I have send email to you with ID: XYZ@XYZ.COM" and he replied back yes received mail and then I mentioned to client that we will deal through only for this project and he agree also.
But my concern with my account after checking so many users review
I know is not allowing posting contacts and I agree with that too but I made a mistake so want to know will my account suspend.

Thank you

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