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Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009 ACN 141 959 042

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New Reviewer

STAY away from - They will do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to rob you from your money. I made the biggest mistake of awarding a project from their site & the freelancer turned out to be a fraud. Freelancer support has been pathetic with responses we cannot do anything. Hey, you took the money, charged your commission, how can you just limit your liability? You have users listed as "VERIFIED" What does verified mean if you cannot get my money back. It is so better to pay directly with PayPal as they can get your finds back. If you care about your money, do NOT ever register on their site. They will ensure you loose your money & time.

New Reviewer

This site is horrible. If you're a quality freelancer looking to find jobs, don't go here if you live in the U.S. Most of the jobs here are employers (who clearly don't understand the need for quality) looking to hire people from India, Asia, or the Philippines with 'passable' knowledge of the English language. If you want a job that pays more than $2/hr you have to literally sift through hundreds of crap jobs. Their search functionality is lacking and clearly they didn't care about user experience when building the site. They probably used one of the $2/hour people to build their site. Complete waste of time.

New Reviewer

Have you been victim of Me too :( I have the case opened .... with no response from Do you know that: “Freelancer founder earns $235 million – while customers of the site are ripped off “ Freelancer, an Australian registered Internet company makes millions while abusing Australian consumer laws. Caution – use this site at your own risk as Freelancer takes no responsibility. If you want to try to contact the management team:

1. File a government internet crime complaint with:

2. Report fraud, visit:

3. File an online complaint with State Attorney General:

4. File a government consumer complaint with

5. Report to Australian Competition Consumer Commission:

6. Report to Law Enforcement:

7. Report to Scam watch:

8. Report computer, internet-related, or intellectual property crime:

9. File a complaint with Office of Fair Trading: also: action/Complaints

10. Contact investigative reporters from TV Channels and Newspapers / magazines and all you guys will provide evidences to them. Please save all your email received from

11. Register complaints with as many review sites as you can "Google Reviews, Yelp, Business reporters and other private organizations .... etc"

12. Post Blogs. Minimum 1 SEO article per day till you will see the result on google, yahoo and Spread the word by posting on your blogs, create new blogs, Blog Comments, Guess Posts and invite others to share their similar stories they faced with etc. Please keep posting on all social media.... - See more at:

New Reviewer

I wish I had googled before... So here comes my personal horror story:
I just finished my first 200$ project and requested a withdrawel. For some "security issue" the first payout is delayed for 3 weeks (although it doesn't seem to be an issue to take my money immediately). Ha, of course, it got cancelled! I didn't even requested everything and left a bit, but won two big projects, wich freelancer booked from my account, so there was not enough left to make the withdrawel (remember: it's only a "security issue" to PAY you, TAKING your money is no problem). However, the projects were payed, i get 5-star ratings by my customers, but freelancer of course did not activated the old withdrawel, I needed to make a new one, again delayed for 3 weeks. So I am yet not paid for my first project wich was finished 5 weeks ago now.

But it could get even worse: On the billing site I saw an advertise, that users should verificate their account. As an honest freelancer that seemed legit to me and I started the verification process voluntary.
They have been sent 6 (in words: SIX!!!) photos of letters, wich do all apply to their terms, showing all my as well as the senders information. But guess what? That is not enough, although in their FAQ and their terms&conditions is stated that this is enough! It is nowhere mentioned, so I say thats a lie, but they insist they need to see the full documents, which are (in the first try) my bank statement and a letter from my healthinsurance. Are they INSANE? By the way: they never tell you why they reject it and just send you a $#*!ty auto-reply with no informations leaving you clueless, as long as you don't ask at least 4 times to give you a hint, what the problem is.
They further rejected: full document photos from letters of my bank, one with no private information, one with a pencil covering the part after the "THIS IS YOUR PIN: " (yeah, for sure, I will just give you my online-banking pin, I just read all this positive feedback here and totally trust you...), a full letter from my landlord (ha, no proof! your landlord doesn't know for sure where you are living! You just rented that appartment to fool us!).
They recommend to send some bills from utility services, but seriously: are they living in the 1990's? None of them, not a single one, absolutly no one of my utility services send printed out letters! Most of them even made the contract via mail.

I wonder that they approved my mug-shot with the ID and did not request some naked photos "to make sure my head is not photoshoped on" (come on, be creative! you can invent some additional requirements spontaneously whenever you want!) as they are so very interested in the most private things.

Now I'm stuck in an endless loop with morons from the so called "support", wich obviously can't read and just closed the ticket. Okay, to be fair: maybe they can read, but just not explain, why freelancer is violating their own terms and conditions.

Problem solved: I'm finally verificated with a pdf. That is just grotesque, because that would be, compared to all the photos mentioned above, really easy to fake. The FAQ says clearly scan or photo. Too, this secret (?) solution came just when it was too late anyway to request a withdrawel before that delayed first one... Wich wasn't even my main intention, but it's a bit to bearish, don't you think? This is long enough, but there are some more details that clearly shows it's to get a runaround. More than two weeks in wich I spent hours on that, countless mails to your support and at last a solution that could have been given in answer to my very first mail?

As long as you can't refund stolen time or compensate it with my usual hourly fee I will not revoke that voting. And don't tell the feedback is "appreciated", when it's obviously the same problem for years! Shouldn't you just improve the customer service for every user of your site, than wasting time by searching the web and only react to those who complain in public? Btw: it's too late, when customers are already really angry and felt to be taken for a fool, that's not a very smart strategy...
But to point out fairly: I don't say scam (yet, let's see, if I get my money...), that customer-service is just unacceptable!

New Reviewer

Why do we HAVE to put a star here? Why not a hammer or something?

Anyways, this website, is one of the most intelligent hoaxes and scams ever to happen. They help themselves to take away as much money from you as they need, consider themselves God according to Section 20 of their "License Agreement", and of course, you accept it if you're still talking.

Go figure, ridiculous people, of course happy to invite you and as soon as you get some cash, bang. It happened, it happened, it happened, I worked there since 2012, and everytime I get 10 dollars deduces 9. So I accumulated like 12 dollars, and so the rules say you can't withdraw them until you reach 30, and wait for 15 days, to pay the rent, the electricity for the computer you're using, and food, if you're not a robot. In the meantime, I hear their people get 2 to 3000 dollars a month?

Nice, cute, amazing, $#*!ING THIEVES?

I'm contacting my lawyer as we speak, who's in Canada, because $#*! it. I worked for two weeks doing freelance work with my car and got 5 grand. In three years on I haven't made a single cent.

Only article needers who want to make more spam to clog the internet or steal people's money by lying about products and reviews and so on,...

Or people who want to crack program or make their assignment for University so they can get a good diploma from a US University and you get to do their work on later on because they know the "secret", and even though you're good at it, they know how to lie better.

And of course, let's not mention the fees. And the tricky "stuff" you shouldn't do if you don't want to lose.

I guess we're all just a bunch of sorry ass losers then, hein?

Freelancers. They should all be $#*!ing shot is my opinion. Either you know how to $#*!ing do the job and work for the government or you're a shmuck who was copying answers off my paper in exam day. At any rate, fair is fair. If that's what people want, I'm a trickster.

So, let's see.

Any people interested in doing something about this?

I'm going official to make sure such websites don't ever get a chance to ruin my breakfast again. $#*! these people looking for easy money.

New Reviewer

I represent a group of companies that used, under the same account, for 2 years. All this 2 years we find many professionals, where we work with and we spend money to several projects.

First of all in every transaction the freelancer keeps a big percent of your money and when you ask to send your money, the time period can be up to 30 days!!! The reason for this late, it is that is for your safe!!! (???)

Our story start when we send 500 euros, to our account, for a project, via Bank transfer, and after the project cancellation, before we start, we asked the money back, but this time, via our pay pal account.

The freelancer, blocked our money, after 2 years, cooperation, as an suspected money laundering, because, we send money via bank transfer, and after cancelation, of the project, we ask the money back.
(we speak about, for only 500 euros...Imagine, money laundering with 500 euros, is just ridiculous).

Now, for unblock our account, the, ask to us, to send photo with an number that they send to us (like a prisoner - photo with mumber),my identity ( ID), my drive license, billing phone account, to show my address, etc.

Also we must explain why we sent the money via Bank transfer and why we asked to take it back... those money,from paypal, our answers was, "ok you can sending it back to our bank, where they came from, no problem",
Note, that they don’t accept the cancelation reason…(project cancellation)
So, with goodwill, we sent all these information requested...
The was not accepted any of these documents, that we send, and they asked to sending again, New photo, My ID ( again), official translate from my phone account (with official translator) etc…etc…I repeate, that all this was for 500 euros... The "suspected money laundering"was for ONLY 500 euros....

- Today, I went and I spoke with the police (cybercriminal department, in Greece) to complaint against, those scammers.(
The police told me that they use the law of their country (Australia) and they cannot do something.
Eventually, simple we will waste 500 euros, that we had in our account, because we are not Australian citizen, and we can't do NOTHING.

So, what you should be aware of, is that if you dispute with them (,and your are NOT Australian citizen, simple, you will lose your money.
They are scammers and what they do, is to use the Australian laws to rob our money...legally...
So be carefully, and you must not trust them, they can keep your money for any reason and you can't do NOTHING!!

New Reviewer

I recently did a lot of work for this employer on The work consisted of designing and modeling a very difficult and pretentious house. The project was for 1000 USD. I did all the comunication and payments through as any well intended freelance would. 4 milestone payments of 200 USD each were made and released from my employer and ended up in my account. The day before project completion all funds were retracted from my account by because the employer's account was "questionable" I could not contact my employer, because he had terminated all chanels of comunication. I adressed the problem to freelancer support team, and they responded very fast, but there was nothing they could do except refund me the 100 USD (10% freelancer fee for accepting the project).

I believe that freelancer people are well intentioned, but professional con artists, like this guy i worked for, can break their system regardless of all the precautions they take.

Mr. Marcus C. please be so kind and take a look at ticket CXX-985-43626. I hope that you will find the crack in your system that allows people to do this kind of scams.

Sorry for my bad english spelling, but i am from Romania, and i am a bit out of practice.

New Reviewer

Hi Marcus,
I feel the site is very useful. But the problem with me was, when I was talking with a client, by mistake I provided him my mail id. It was not at all intentionally. What are the steps freelancer can take in this case? I am from last 6 years with the site and this is the first time I commit this mistake.

New Reviewer

My advice to everyone will be to do not get involved with this company. If you are then terminate your account ASAP !

Believe what people are complaining about this company everybody is right on. This site is a partial or complete scam, have a lot of hidden fees and god knows how many complexities which they will throw upon you sooner or later.

Read their User agreement thoroughly before signing up and you will find that

Under Funds (

V. the amount of funds showing in your Account is not insured and is not a guaranteed deposit; "

Vii. we will hold funds in respect of the amount of your Account (including Milestone Payments) in an account held by us with a financial institution (or in any manner that we decide in our sole discretion from time to time) and such funds are not segregated into a separate account; and

Viii. we may commingle your funds with funds of other User's and our own funds and such commingled funds could be used to pay other Users or for our general corporate purposes .


New Reviewer

I just visited this site first time and I see there are many users who got their account suspended. I am not happy and more shocked that many users un-happy

I am one of users from since last 8 years and I would like to know from Marcus if by mistake I posted email ID in chat board before project awarded to me will my account suspended?

I am just asking this as Intentionally I did not post email ID to client but by mistakes as that client was with us in communication in past and I just mentioned in chat window like this "I have send email to you with ID: XYZ@XYZ.COM" and he replied back yes received mail and then I mentioned to client that we will deal through only for this project and he agree also.
But my concern with my account after checking so many users review
I know is not allowing posting contacts and I agree with that too but I made a mistake so want to know will my account suspend.

Thank you

New Reviewer

My account was limited after l accepted a project from a user that the site had verified, the user asked for my skype i.d to make the conversation easier, l provided it and customer released funds a day after employing me, freelancer revoked this and said it looked fradulant, l was shocked because my work was gone just like that, but contacted client on Skype, since project was on going, client assured me they were taking the issue out with freelancer then created a new project for me using a new account VERlFlED again. And now l have been limited and its virtually impossible to get anyone to answer my emails. l get automated responses, and even help desk beats about and never answer me directly. Such kind of treatment can really make someone break mentally.Why does freelancer do such to their clients?

New Reviewer

Contrary to some of the comments below. I have found to be a great marketplace for finding workers with great skills in developing economies.

I have used multiple freelancers on a number of projects for web design, creative, Seo and virtual assistant.

It's a great portal for connecting with keen, motivated and hungry talent. Like all sites, they're will be problems from time to time - but the responsibility should be on the individuals judgement in finding the right person for your job.

New Reviewer

Horrible horrible website. A guy first posted a job and I bid on it, after that he says he will pay me only Inr 30 on each article and I was like hell no, I'm not working for you then so he goes on to abuse me, use crass language and I can't block him, nothing. I reported him to Freelancer and his a/c is still active and he keeps posting jobs.
Another a/c got me to work for him and refused to make an initial payment and then he made me write for him and refused to pay for it! He just blocked me off and now there is no way I can take any compensation.
Another freelancer gave me a job, I got charged 10% and then he makes me write one and later says that this was not what we were looking for (without giving me any prior info) and then he offers to pay for the freelance fee and not for the work I did.
My advise, keep away from this website, it's bad news people!

New Reviewer

It is SCAM. Freelancers lack any experience and expertise. They are actually can provide nothing. Do not go to them

New Reviewer

I have just started to use this website, thinking it would be good for getting projects. Unfortunately, I won a big, and $13 were deducted immediately from my account. I worked on the project hoping to receive payment and good reviews. I finished 6 articles and asked for milestone payment. I did not get the payment and my $13 were wasted. Even worse, the employer is not responding at all. He had asked me to connect with another person for work while he will take care of only payments but now none of them are responding. I have messaged the employer several times but without any response. Would freelancer return the deducted money if the employer doesn't pay? Why is freelancer deducting money from freelancers accounts when they haven't earn a penny. I feel like cheated. I thought it was free to bid as was written all over but if the employer is the actual payer, shouldn't freelancer take initial deduction from them rather than from a freelancer who hasn't even earned a penny? I am really frustrated with the system even at start. There is no way a freelancer gets security? Now launching a dispute is the option suggest but with a precaution that it should be last resort. Now how long should a freelancer wait for it to become last resort? If employer is not responding, how long should one wait? What about the money already deducted? Will they credit it back? First experience, worst experience. I shouldn't have started working without getting any payment.

New Reviewer
again I lost another 1100 USD, an outcome of 1 month working for one of my clients. professional thieves is this website I could reach key persons in Australia who can close this website. I'm preparing to file lawsuit against them, what is requested is just 20 Cases who was under scam of this website, I'm collecting the cases now, please send your case to this email:

---------------- withdrew 500 USD from my account without my knowledge and after the client agreed to pay it to me as an initial payment. delayed my project and putted me in bottleneck, Now my client is complaining and dispute.. You have no right to withdraw money from my account after the client Release it to me. why you withdrew those 500 USD the initial payment which made from my client to me???. I should use that initial payment to find people supporting me in doing few tasks related to the project I'm doing, it wasn't for my pocket. You are putting a system of payment that you don't respect it and you don't follow it, you break it whenever you want and play with it whenever you want. You have a bad website that I regret to be subscribed to.. You wasted my time and effort and money too. ooooh my GODDDDDD mmmm incredible you are.. I don't advise anyone to come near this website, THEY KNOW HOW TO STEAL YOU IN LEGAL AND ILLEGAL ways too.

New Reviewer

Hi Mr Marcusc,

Yes please proceed the 40000/-inr to billing department to proceed on Monday but i am getting another mail form freelancer when i request withdrawal to verify my identity when i already verified it successfully and when i am seeing it into my account yzqtech it not showing id verified please correct this error from your system also so that i continue to serve my clients best


New Reviewer

MY Account is suspended for some reasons and its been 2 weeks that i ddint get any response from them, when even i contact them over chat, i get only one response that they are working and their Bloody Tier 2 team is resolving the issue, I dont know whether they are working on not but they always give false update on the issues. this is really not trust worthy and i didnt notice in any of the other freelance sites.

New Reviewer

Yes, I created an account with them about 1 year ago (sort of) and I've never used, for most of my freelance jobs are here in the UK; Until the other week when I decided to give it a go and try the web site.
I have to say it's very cool how it resembles a video game, with all the achievements, badges and many interesting items like exams and other things.
I've noticed that they charge you fees for almost everything (that is ok, it's business after all) but right now, I'm having some problems with my first costumer as he is relinquish to pay me even the first milestone, even though is just the 40% ahead.
It put me off the fact that this guys are not even "fully verify" and I reckon is just another bloody "thief" who wants the work for free. Don't get me wrong, I know that 70% of the people out there are the same (its a tough world) but I find frustrating that even with all those gadgets of yours, you cannot give me protection in this case. Not here just to criticise but I would like to give some suggestions, for example:
1.- should not allow an "unverified" client to even create a bid on the first place.
2.- As soon as I accepted the bid, these guys took my money from my Pay-pal account, It would be just fear if you develop some kind of gadget that also takes the first milestone from the client into the freelancer account. That would make me feel more protected/secured. but regardless all the cool gadgets they've got, is not offering me much more security that the average freelance job I can find on the streets…

Seems to me that all this game works out nicely for them, but for us is the same battle as always. I really wish you could come back to me with some ideas or advises so I can keep your account, hoping to have an easier/Safe journey with you guys.
(after I sent this email to Freelance, they answer me back with a very polite email as they are "very happy to keep me account" but no answer regarding my issues, not sure what to do)

New Reviewer

F*ck this site.. eaten up my $954 and saying due to security issues.. I will make sure all my clients charges back... A^sholes are earning money in these ways. Stop cheating and send ur daughters sisters and moms to whores den and earn money in a better way

New Reviewer


I got bills for about 1350eur and I don't know why since the site says my expenses amount to 890.

Furthermore, two weeks ago I had to have a refund for 200$. Never got that money.

New Reviewer

The website blocks the funds of the service provider / freelancer only if a single client / employer files a reversal of a 'released' milestone. The client does not get anything but the freelancer is deprived of what he had earned from project. In addition, the website had already charged 10% which do not get refunded. This is exactly how it happened:

1. The project was under dispute, but I had won it and received the funds corresponding to the project value.
2. We closed the project, and the funds were added to the account.
3. A few days later, the funds corresponding to that project (around 130) were deducted from my account. I filed half a dozen complaint. Every time, I get the same response - 'The employer has filed a reversal, and she is the only one who can reverse it. We are not involved in your mutual business.'

That practically means that the buyer thinks he has the right to get the work done, and then file a reversal to get 100% refund of what he had earlier paid - even ages after project was done.However, even he does not get the funds. This eventually results in buyer and seller thinking that the other has funds, while it is the website which gets away with the funds.

I joined the website in 2011. By 2012 end, I was so much fed up with the website that I started using elance instead. I had lost around $600 (this is direct loss, indirect was that of cancellation of $2,500 project because I had stopped working on

Later, I started getting mails and remainders that they miss me, there are new security features and improvements etc., and finally I again joined in 2014. It turned out to be the old wine in new bottle.

I do not understand the following:

1. What is the purpose of this 'reversal' feature? Is it to help increase its profits through reversed funds (which are neither with contractor nor client)?

2. From my point-of-view, I delivered a service to a client, who has completed the payment. What he had paid is now my money. Is it reasonable for to expect its members to chase their past clients to be able to recover the funds?

3. The only reason why I use is that it is supposed provide a milestone service which ensures that the website will ensure clients' funds are paid to service provider if he delivers the project properly. However, if there is no reliability of milestones or account balance, what is the benefit of using the website?

4. Is it legal for a website to deduct the balances of its members on the basis of some 'reversal' feature? (To this, I got the answer that the website reserves the right to reverse any transaction between buyers and sellers. It is similar to justifying the buyer's act of buying something from, using it and then claiming a refund from seller. Having such terms and conditions is not a legal practice)

5. The client does not have the funds because she has already released them. I do not have the funds. So, where is the money?

I never got the answer to these questions (except for q4, but again it was not justified).

New Reviewer

I have used Freelancer on and off for a while now, at first i had a very negative attitude due to the way the employers behaved, they never seemed to ever be serious with their projects. Because i was a free user i thought they couldn't trust me with their projects, so i decided to upgrade my account...I promise you i see no difference.
Truth be told i haven't been cheated directly but due to the vibe i get from these employers. i decided to look for people with similar views and those that had got here i am.

New Reviewer

So I've created a contest on with prize for over 700EUR. When submitting the contest it told me I would get 180+ submits, I got 17. The quality was absolutely crap, so I've asked for refund. The money got deposited into my freelancer 'wallet' - after I tried to withdraw them, I was told I can withdraw them only onto the credit card that I've used to make payment before - I told them the card no longer exists and I was issued a new one. The customer support was and still is unable to help me with this. So my money is stuck in my freelancer account. I absolutely do NOT recommend - crappy quality, crappy customer support. AVOID

New Reviewer

I just accepted a $250-contract unknowing that the employer is a bogus one. After accepting it, that's when I noticed that it has been posted by another person since this person offered the same job to me. The supposed-to-be employer is not responding anymore. What's worst - Freelancer has already deducted a fee of $25. Really frustrating. I've been working in Odesk for 4 years now and they only deduct fees for a certain contract/job from that contract itself - not from other contract's earnings.

This is what Freelancer management has responded with regard to the issue - the $25 isn't refundable! Really really frustrating. It's okay to get fees if nly they have deducted it from that particular contract. Really really frustrated to the Freelancer management. I was really hoping I could get a refund! Who else would benefit from the unrefundable payments - hmmmmm???

New Reviewer

Completely not trustworthy.. They closed my account saying that we issued warning and I already gave them reasons and lifted warnings. But now they are saying we are going to close your account. They steal my $400 as well. Marcus from there support just saying follow ... tickets and there is no response for 20 days. He is just saying that your case is under review and we will reply but I did not receive any reply yet.. I don't how they can do with people who spend day and night and give them business. I will must recommend to you people to work on other freelancing website and do not work on because they do what they want they have 0 freelancing care. And I am going to Sui them in the court next week as I have discussed with my lawyer already.

New Reviewer

EDIT: The freelancer support personnel were very helpful and quickly refunded to me the money that had been charged. I was expecting it to be a pain to get assistance after having read earlier reviews; but i personally cannot fault the support they gave.

I've been using freelancer on and off for a while with no problems. Today though i found that I had been bumped onto a paid membership and my paypal account had already been charged. At no point did I give them permission to do that, and they sent no email to tell me that they'd done it. My first clue was when the money was deducted from my paypal account.

Edit, they got back to me very quickly to offer to refund the charge. I cannot fault their service. The real test will now be whether the money actually makes it back to me.
My issue seems a lot smaller than that of the other reviews that I have read but is no less frustrating. This is a devious tactic which I was lucky to have noticed. I have emailed to ask for my money to be returned, but time will tell. Clearly the fact that this is necessary shows that there is something very wrong about the way that they do business.

New Reviewer

UPDATE: Finally I got response from and I got the project fees refunded, however I lost 280 EURO

I am using since last three years. It is great website for online work. Easy to get client but sometimes you feel like i do and then you write a review here.

Have done a lot business. But two days back I experienced strange outcome. I got one hourly project and worked hard whole night to finish it. Client was happy and I got my money and great feedback. I went to sleep 0400 am in the morning after placing the withdraw request.

But when I wake up in the morning, a email from came in and said the money request is declined because the user is triggered. what does this mean, I don't know.

I contacted customer support and asked for the clarification and more info but I got answer of what I knew.

I don't have any negativity except the customer service I got response after 3 days.

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE! Do NOT work with through this website. I've been waiting for a $500 payment to come through for over a month after it was supposed to. They have canceled it without me knowing six times, lied to me and said the buyer had issued a challenge on his card which NEVER happened. Terrible to work with with horrible customer service.

New Reviewer

wow - these reviews are eye openers. I just created an account with them - haven't given them any money - didn't know that appeared to be necessary, but I sure won't now. I really dislike them. Who ever heard of a freelancer site not providing a way to attach writing samples? Or even put them on your profile?

Why do they need to know my birthday? My phone number? Their profile compilation is limiting and short sighted.

I'm totally blowing them off. I HAD to do one star - it won't let me leave them blank

New Reviewer

I have been with for many years (since vworker time), but actively been working there for the last 10 months or so. They seem to be worried about their commission only. The help desk is taking easy ways out instead of reviewing a matter in a fair and objective way. My personal experience is getting bitter and bitter day by day. An employer is cheating me not paying the major part of the fee (but freelancer had their share already and they are happy and not caring us anymore after), but after reporting this matter and even after several weeks, both the employer and the help desk is not responding. When asked the last time, only then they sent me an email saying I have exchanged my contact details and have completed the transactions outside the freelancer system, so this is not out of their authority. This is insane and gross careless statement. I have not done both, and they can verify this very easily by reading the chat between the employer and me, if they want (I had asked to do so too) My problem was how they could come to such wrong conclusions and be so stupid. I am looking for contact details of higher authorities to report this type of harassing behavior. Because it's now a quoted company, authorities must regulate this kind of injustices as I think.

New Reviewer

Where should i start...1st. About nonreturnable fee is just one of stupid "hole" in policy. As i suggested i can simply create a fake account and then post a project for $2000-$3000 and go away. Result - freelancer looses $100-$150 ( if he has a standard membership) . Why would i do that to someone -could be simple reasons like i don't like a competitor . Would i do or done this personally on - NO!! Was this done to me - YES!! and 4-5 times now. Thankfully it wasn't for that much and only lost $10,$20 and $5....
Here comes number 2 ! 1 week ago i was scammed out of $600 and got even paid for it $30 fee, which they did not refund! Here is how it happened....As usual i posted a bid on one of projects and got contacted by client. He explained everything , but said that needs to get files from designer and then i can complete the job. Without any back thought i agreed to pay their designer through Skrill system and in return client paid in on . Seemed nothing wrong. Next day my account goes -$600 and that money were returned to original client. Why?? As i found out later he was a fraudster and stole that money by hacking or whatever someone on support from Freelancer decided to take my money and give it back to fraudster and closed his account. Then they kept writing to me things like - contact your employer to get your money back, because i did supply them with all evidence of our conversations and all transactions through Skrill and Freelancer. The question is HOW THE HELL I CAN CONTACT HIM if you blocked and closed his account and what good it will do to me. YOU reversed supposedly irreversible payment and gave it back to him ( my honestly earned money) and most funny thing - you DID NOT refund my fee. So in the end i paid to get scammed on looking very thoroughly in their policy and rules i sure can see that us freelancers are not protected in any way and all and we can get scamed or ripped off at any time and only winner here will be
Well, i can tell you without hesitation - YOU A DISGRACE TO HUMANITY! You protect fraudsters and scamers and don't care about any of us - freelancers. Freelancer - people who make your site possible and who making you millions of $$$ by paying monthly fees and project fees and what you did in return to protect those very same people - NOTHING!! Your policy is a joke and has so many "holes" that for fraudsters this is like a heaven. I wish i was one of them myself now and did not have to work so hard every day.
I don't want to paste here all your " stupid" responses from tier 2 management - too long, but i can see that some of those people got that job not through brain in their head for sure ! It may sound a bit rude , but its a fact and i am sure after reading this , you will realize that i have full right to say that.
In the end your support still did not even refund $30 fee from fraud project, so you getting paid for this is actually making you an Accessory to Fraud, because you GOT paid for someone scamming me out of $600 and thanks to your "stupid" and full of "holes" policy he even got his money back for it.
In the end - i worked through for 1.5 years and already have a nice profile with a lot of reviews, because i don't sit around. I managed to get over 40 regular clients, who i may add i made pay always through freelancer system - wanted to be honest, but of cause could get paid through many other means and wouldn't have to pay 5% fees!!! Now, i will go to a different site and take all my clients with me - very disappointed in . I am not going to scream that they are cheaters and scamers, but in my case they are accessory to fraud. Will i sue them - don't know yet, will have to figure out the costs and other things 1st. In the end fact is - they sure not preventing any type of fraud to happen to any of us .... So, think twice before you get yourself set up on and be sure you ready to get stressed and cheated out one way or another. is a paradise for fraudsters - FACT!!! Be aware - be VERy aware of this site !!!

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I had nearly 800 reviews, and suddenly they closed my account, saying the reason was I failed to deliver quality work to client 1 time. Oh yes, 1 time. And I had competed 800 projects with 5 stars.
So what was that? Some new way to scam me Marcus? Is this what you people do?
You people are Einstein? When someone do not even work and get vanished after deadline pass, you people tell, it is solely our decision whom we hire and this is just a venue to work. Am I wrong Marcus?
Is this what you people are doing?
Just see the negative feedbacks here and see how many here. Just see how many here. So don’t say here all people are fraud and you people are only the good one.
Even for your checking I gave you my ticket number via which you people sent me message saying, I failed to deliver work that client was expecting and for this my account is closed.
800 reviews I had. 800.
So don’t even bother to say sorry. You people destroyed my life without any fault. God will teach you people a lesson. That’s for sure.
I verified my account 4 times. So obviously I am not a fraud. So seriously, I don’t even know why you people destroyed my life and my family’s life.
Don’t you people ever think to solve this mistake and to open my account, so again me and my family can feed?

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This website smells like a scam. Employers can post jobs without revealing their true identity. The website does not make employers have payment information on file before they post projects. Workers can start work without employer milestones. Employers are not required to fund the project, once it has been accepted. There are no internal controls! Avoid this website at all costs. Find a reputable website to do freelance work! There is and These sites have integrity.

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I'm an employer and have contracted about $200,000 in projects over the last 5 years with several Freelance sites. For new users I'd suggest posting/bidding at both and instead of trying to read all the reviews of single user experiences... it's pretty obvious elance is better after a single bid or job posting in my opinion. If you want my single experience anyway, read on...

Problems with freelancer:
1. Poor escrow system. The majority of developers insist on cash up front ("Milestone Released"). I haven't had a dispute so far and don't know why this is the case.
2. Freelancer "live chat" is offline more than half the time. When talking with a live chat person, they have been proficient in English, but are limited in what they can do. When trying to resolve something that I thought would be simple, I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he was too busy.
3. The Freelancer payment system is clunky and confusing. The submission page that gives permission to withdraw from paypal always asks for a lesser amount than what is actually taken (I assume due to fees, but so far I haven't been able to reconcile it). If I am clicking Submit on a form saying $25.00 will be withdrawn from my paypal account, it shouldn't be withdrawing $25.61. I've also had small charges pulled, without warning, from my Paypal account when releasing an escrow payment to the employee. No warning is given that money is about to be withdrawn from my account.
4. I don't know why this is exactly, but when posting a job on Freelancer I get many bids that are copy/paste blurbs of text and huge irrelevant portfolios from people who clearly haven't read the job description. On Elance I get very specific questions, often with relevant portfolio work. I have a large number of reviews and am rated 5.0/5.0 on both sites so am not sure why this is.
5. All of the help and form submission pages on Freelancer could be improved by having an editor or technical writer review them. It's frustrating to spend time trying to find an answer to basic question (like What is the Milestone payment system?), only to discover confusing explanations with poor and inconsistent prose across the site.

All that said, several reviewers on SiteJabber have claimed is a complete scam. I don't think that is true - in my opinion the owners/management of have good intentions. I'm writing a negative review, and have been in contact with the Freelancer staff regarding my review, and do not fear of account retribution or anything crazy like that. I've always been able to get any issue or confusion resolved, although so far it's generally been a slower and more annoying process with versus eLance.

If you found this review helpful, please vote it so. You can also message me via sitejabber with any questions (site jabber will email me, even if this review is old).
-Updated June 9, 2014

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An ignorant employer did a direct hire on the website for USD2000 and i accepted. My fees of USD200 was deducted then the employer cancels and does not honour the payment saying that they are not liable to bear these charges as they are unable of such terms. In the end, i lose USD200 for nothing just like that and i approached the customer service and they say they cant do anything about it! Why do i have to bear such cost when the employer is unreasonable! Super cheated. Freelancer earns at my cost and my cash just gets deducted like that. Scam!

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Our record shows that the payment that your employer released to you for the projects was reversed because they are currently having issues with their account. As per protocol, we have reversed the transactions that your employer have made to its original source. We are unable to provide you with further information regard this issue because of our Privacy Policy.

So the gist of this is 'employers come find work for free over freelancer'??
If it is the employer's fault why penalize the freelancer?

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I have used them for many projects and spent $5000 plus on the site, then they rip me off completely. As soon as my current project finishes I WILL NEVER use them again. The freelancer doing a job was incompetent and did 5% of the job I under the advice of freelancer customer support cancelled the job...FREELANCER DID NOT RETURN THE MONEY, the freelancer appealed me sacking him but because I WOULD NOT PAY FREELANCER MONEY to appeal the case they gave the freelancer $147 despite the fact he only wanted $100.... STAY AWAY FROM THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE, My feedback from all other freelancers is 5 stars but it seems they protect even the dodgy freelancers because if they dont then they dont get paid

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I have read each and every response. While at first I just figured a lot of people were disgruntled or since their grasp on the English language was not 100% there was just individual errors. Then I kept reading. WOW! Thank you so much to all of you. Has anyone else noticed that when "Marcus C." Responds to a review it is one of two exactly the same canned responses? If that does not scream scam, nothing will

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Cant I give 0 stars ?

Whenever I try to do some work on Freelancer, something nasty happens.
I had a person who wanted some work done.
I did the work for him, he paid me the money.

Now after around 30 days Freelancer realises that the money was from a account which was fake so they just reverse the money back to the employers account.

Why should the employer get back the money ? I worked for him, he paid me now its me who should get the money, but no, the money goes back to him.

Freelancer's useless STAFF says that the account is closed and that I should contact the employer directly to receive money from him. Why will the employer pay me if he is getting the work done for FREE ?

They say their STUPID POLICY states that if the account cannot be verified then the money goes back to the employers card. IS FREELANCER for us or for EMPLOYERS ?
Why dont you create a website instead ?

They say Freelancer money system is the best and most trusted, my foot i think its the worst system. Even paypal listens to disputes more clearly and gives a decision which is technically right.

What does FREELANCER do ?
What will they Do ? Do they have BRAINS ? NOPE.


I certainly think that BANKS should CALL Freelancer and see what their standards are and then start issuing Bank Statements to their consumers , so there wont be a problem.

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I was writing a review yesterday and power fluctuation happened and I could not submit.

Got my all money refund for monthly fee and suddenly membership without my prior notice or usage or applying.

Anyway I was so surprised to see my money was taken as a monthly account dormant fee ( are we using a bank to use bank balance? )
anyway I was not using freelancer since the day my account was shifted from website with balance 89 usd
I reported them account sign up date as anyone could see on my profile.
If an account is signed up in 2010or something then how can you do a job in 2006 and onward? which is a big LOL

They did not fixed they told they have no option to change ( being e a developer and working as self employed ) I know and people there also know that you can change the date.

Anyway I posted the matter again few months back ( as I never knew my amount was being deducted suddenly ) I only got to know a day ago when an email received.
Note: In between time period I did not received any alert for payment deduction.
Point 4 I was checking their invoices and none of the invoice got opened, it was error error error on each invoice, it was around 5 invoice

Point 5 I was also charged membership fees around 25USD a month which is more than weired, why a membership fee when free account ? more when not using it?
Anyway I had only 14.01 usd left hahahahaha

I reported them yesterday date 1 June 2014
and without any delays or getting response my money was refunded completely.

I was there on website I was getting one by one amount and all the invoices were removed from my account, I have screenshot all this process of invoices and no invoices, amount one by one and also charged amount.

Anyway I have received the money back but they still did not fix my account date
I have the newsletter says
When you signed up on 11th Feb 2010 you were the 404,760th person to join us.
Rermember the first project? you started "TellAFriend/Newsletter Subscribe Form" back on 14th June 2008?

First mistake no one can join after the first project which is almost 2 and half year back LOL
And also my first project is wrong I never did that, first project was
create 2 login buttons, and the date was May 7, 2006
so what to say? they still can not fix

But I am happy that they did refund my all amount around 75USD which is awesome.

I would like to upload screens but no idea how to as there is no option here to upload.

Raj kumar
Zero 360 Web Technologies

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Third update----
Marcus, why are you lieing here, you hadnt solved my issue. Until you give my payment, I wont leave you guys. You cant steal my money.

Second UPDATE----
Marcus is doing nothing here just showing off that site is genuine. But he says same thing what others. So dont think your issue will be solved here..
I havent any contact detail of employer except email. And after sending seven emails in 14 days, not a single reply. And cheater freelancer says they dont have money with him. I need my money MARCUS. Read it with open eyes. I already contacted my lawyer and he says it is a very tough case to sue such a company outside of INDIA. But I already swear that I will teach you a lesson.
I AM WARNING you last time that if you wont credit my account for that project, get ready to see the result. You have to pay me at any cost.

LOOK ALL REVIEWER. MARCUS HADNT EVEN REPLIED TO MY MESSAGE. BECAUSE HE DONT HAVE ANY EXCUSE. is now trying to steal your money. I had completed a job few days before and employer completed the review too. Then next day suddenly my account balance goes -272$. Review is also deleted from the profile. That is not the matter.

Main issue is there is milestone created since 3 days and they dont have time to review the card details, and when project is done, they simply reverse the amount(OR MAYBE THEY EAT THAT THEMSELVES and no notification at all for this non-sense.

HEY MARCUS, WHAT IS THIS? YOU HADN'T EVEN REFUND MY FEES UNTIL I ASKED THAT. And also there is no notification for this. I just saw that and busted you thieves.

And when asked for refund, you said we cant do that. Contact employer. It is 3 days he hadnt replied too.


Also I told that give me one month golden membership instead.

SO, I hadnt left any option for them, till now they saying same thing - To contact employer. I wont left you cheater.

It may be small amount for you, but I need full amount refunded. It is our hard earned money.

And MARCUS-- If you cant give any solution than same robotic reply and sympathy, give me the freelancer address. I will file a dispute against you guys. This time I wont left you......

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freelancer start cheating with the freelancer now. he suspend account of users and delete milestone created most freelancer home runs by this website but freelancer come on cheating now you can see below link

In my case he suspend my account on freelancer and not replying i am totally dependent on freelancer after 10-15 days i am very frusted now and complaint here
he suspend my account and always say contact to you client and when he will reply to us then we will unsuspend your account but not giving any reason to suspend. this is wrong with freelancer so please dont use freelancer
I am hoping i will get some help by you

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I bidded and then got offered a job, I accepted. The employer then cancelled! Over £35.00 was taken from my account, because apparently once you accept a job, the commission is not returnable non negiotable!. I have also spent monies on exams, extra bids etc. I keep getting turned down for other bids so I was excited for this! Wish I had seen this site first! Just looking at the comments just shows how unreputable they are!

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You can find some legit gigs on here, but you have to be careful because there are a lot of scams. I've started using, which I like because it is solely based out of the US. You don't have to worry about being out bided by someone in a different country, plus it's just a clearer site. Less is more.

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This is really frustrating and very irritating issue with freelancer which I recently faced.

They simply deducted payment done by an employer earlier for some project and on top of that they did not even care to notify me for this deduction. I was one day just looking on my transactions when I saw that reversal transaction. I would have lost that money altogether if I would not have looked at my transactions. And the reason given was that my employer who had already paid me earlier, now has some issues with their account because of which my money is deducted now. Isn't it frustrating? Why do I have to care about issues with other people's account? Now, these guys are even not telling me what issue that other guy has with their account because of which my money is deducted. They just say: "Your employer has some issues with their account, so we deducted your money". Why? It sounds like, they are punishing me for somebody else's mistake. This is the whole case step by step:
1. I worked for some employer.
2. Employer was happy with my work.
3. So he gave me good rating and released the payment in around march.
4. Now in April, I was just going through my transaction.
5. I came across this weird transaction: Reversal of money was done.
6. I asked support people. First of all their support desk is really pathetic. They are just sitting there to waste your time. They do not know anything. They will simply ask you to ask someone ask for your problem. Finally, after much of problem, what I finally got is:
They: "Your employer now has some issues with their account"
Me: I asked what issues do they have:
They: "This we can not tell you".
Me: "Then I said that this is wrong. You guys took my money without any notification, you should atleast give me proper reason."
They: Sorry, if you want to get your money back, then ask your employer to resolve issue with their account.

So basically it meant that I have to now beg my employer to resolve issue with their account so that I can get my money back which I earned by working hard on a project and Freelancer just took it without any $#*!ing issue from my side and even without giving any $#*!ing notification.

Now, somehow I managed to convince my employer to resolve issue with their account. He said he did that. But I have not received my money back still. Freelancer so called support people still say that employer has not resolved issue with their account and employer says that he resolved.
I just do not understand why the $#*! I am in this issue and why my money is taken.

Because of this I really wonder how many times these guys might have done this earlier. I dont have any idea how much money I lost this way.

I have many other issues which I would like everyone to know, so that other people do not fall in their trap. is really a big fraud. They will just take your money which you earned by working hard on projects without any reason. I will highly recommend everyone, please not to use this website. They are $#*!ing fraud.

I am in the process of setting up a blog to write all the frauds by If anyone want to contribute to the blog and want to escalate the issues, please contact me.
I want to take this to some serious people and I want to escalate these issues. We should really do something to stop this SCAM. I have lost money so times on this site. This is just of the frauds I have faced. I have many more to discuss.
PS: you can contact me at

New Reviewer

These guys are total fraud. I have been trying to take my money out for about one month. I have tried for about 4-5 times and each time they create some issue and then they cancel my withdrawal.

I am already in loss of around 500$ because of these guys. I will not recommend anyone to use this site to get work. I am thinking of writing a big blog post regarding the problems that I have faced with and I will also put at least 100$ in promoting that blog post so that this cheater site do not cheat other people. I have faced tons of problems on this site.

Their support is the useless support I have faced till date. They never know anything. It is really very very frustrating working on this site.

This company is really a big SCAM. They simply withhold your money for no reasons and then no one knows if you ever will cash on your earnings or not.
This company should be closed down for fraud as soon as possible so that other future frauds can be prevented.

New Reviewer
5/23/14 withholds my money for 3 weeks already.
The payment was scheduled to 22/may/2014, today is the 24/may/2014 and they still did not process my request. I wonder if they ever will….
Their support does not know what to say.

This company seemed like a big SCAM. They simply withhold your money for no reasons and then no one knows if you ever will cash on your earnings or not.
This company should closed down for fraud.

New Reviewer

UPDATE: I was finally able to get reply from a client for this project. They say they did not receive their money back, so where is it then? Also one of support workers at told me that they had to give a chargeback because it was an hourly project. What a joke.

When I started on, some 3 years ago, it was a good website to find projects and earn decent money. Now, my latest project was the complete nightmare. Client decided to throw insults as soon as I have completed the work we agreed upon. Then said they won't pay and how I ruined their website.

After trying to calm things down for over a week, which was longer than what project lasted, I decided to go for arbitration and paid $12 in fees just for that. Some 4 days later I got an email saying that client has released the funds (funds were in milestone) and that I have won the dispute. Even got XP for that, which I find extremely useless. Went to withdraw funds, only to receive another email that withdrawal was cancelled. I checked my funds on and it was all there. I have sent an e-mail to their support asking what's going on.

This same day, several hours later, money was gone from my account, with no explanation whatsoever. What's worse I suddenly have a negative balance, so where did that come from? I tried sending another e-mail to support and got no reply. So once this negative balance has been resolved I will most likely close my account there and focus on other sites that give support to both freelancers and employers.

I have contacted live support here is the summary: I won the dispute but due to the payment being made as milestone the client was entitled to get a chargeback. They released money to my account, charged me 10% fee then took money and gave it back to the client. I am done with, cancelled my membership and opened a dispute for arbitration fee. This is beyond belief.

New Reviewer

Horrible site. They have buttons after you post a project to trick you into posting it again (and pay again). And they charge you without letting you know for every tiny thing you do (sometimes even without me actually entering the site at all).

After I filed disputes with PayPal they froze my account and say that there's a problem with my identity. But they are not telling me what's wrong, bacause it isn't. I have registered with my real name, my phone number and my real address. Never entered anything that is incorrect.

So that's bull$#*!.

I will contact a lawyer, since I'm not able to pay the freelancers that have done work for me. Fraudulent site.

Do not enter your credit card or PayPal at this site!

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