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Suite 52, Jones Bay Wharf, 26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont, New South Wales 2009 ACN 141 959 042
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New Reviewer

I just completed a +500€ project. When the employer. deposited the money. Freelancer called them to verify etc. So they checked out and freelancer accepted their money. So they could create a milestone. Now the project is finished. And im trying to withdraw the money from the released milestone... They state withdrawl ready for 24apr. Then the morning of 23april i get the fillowing message: withdraw cancelled : Funds originated from an account that is currently under review.

I started emailing them earier today. But they are not replying .

I really dont want to get scammed. If they dont reply asap. I will have the client file a chargeback i guess ...

EDIT: Marcus sent me an email saying he will look into it (that doesnt help me) and they are also trying to 'help'e trough twitter. Pointing me to a support ticket wich i cant seem to get to...??? Cant login to support and not received ticket email???

New Reviewer

Freelancer "support" is pathetic. Their help desk staff copy and paste replies without reading the actual problem. I had my account suspended (no reason given) and had to submit documents to verify myself. Its a ridiculous procedure (google for more info) but seeing that my hard earned money was as stake I complied. They have responded by asking me to resubmit all my documents. My utility bill is a color scan but they bold "color" as if I sent something else. I had to hold my id with a code they sent. Used a 10 megapixel camera and all details are clearly visible yet they want a better copy??? Feel free to search for "account suspended verification freelancer" and you will find tons of similar stories. Have > 10 jobs and > 5 pending milestones which I cant access. Will be updating on here soon as few of my clients are thinking now of filing chargebacks to get back the money meant for me but is now unavailable and to pay me properly.

New Reviewer

they limited my account and detained my money without clear reason!. they ask me to upload some docs to verify my self and asked me about an employee.

there are more than $600 in my account.

I uploaded all documents they required and I answered all questions and they accepted my docs after more than 5 five attempts.

In the end, they stipulated that my employer has to upload his documents to verify their account then they will resolve the limitation for my account!

I told them, this not my problem you can ask my employee to do what you want but this isn't my problem but insisted that.

New Reviewer

Don’t waste your time, defiantly Elance is more responsible. It seems, FREELANCER.COM wants to keep my money in its pocket. I’ve done 3 project there but when I tried to transfer my money, my account was get limited. Funny. I’ve sent all required as they want but they did not answer, I’ve sent more than 24 message to different parts, even Marcus, but NO ANSWER. I've tried to define a project in FREELANCER.COM and spent my blocked money in their site but it was impossible to spent my money. It seems they cheated me. Elance undoubtedly is VERY BETTER.

New Reviewer

oooo censorship about freelancer site :)
Freelance Ltd is supplying people with slaves, so, they they exploit them for one USD per hour. Check this:
Fraud - fake reviews to make influence on beliefs of people/customers in product:

20 hours per week for a monthly salary 250 USD, it is 4 hours per day from monday to friday, 80 hours per month, 3 USD per hour.

There are many more, very often one USD per hour.

New Reviewer

i need to delete my project which was accidentaly created after bidding on the project because of the confusion.
this was the orignal project on which i had done the bid but after bidding due to confusion that project was reposted from my side.
Now i want want to delete the project created accidentally
but freelancer would deduct money from my account
please save my money, this project was created accidentally.
my another problem
our account is : visioninfotech76 . I am very unhappy with freelance its
2nd time my money has been deducted for no reason, i know that last time
you people told that my client account has been closed by you even though
my project was closed. Now again same thing
This guy has given us 195$ amount projects and you had deducted all from
our pocket thats preety unfair. Like this we feel as if we are cheated, our
money is not safe ever. Because of my clients behaviour you would deduct
our money for closed project everytime.
You had taken our transaction money also
Please check the issue i am seriously concern i need money and want my
money to be safe which right now i guess is never safe.
these are the project on which that client has given us the project
Please give my money back

New Reviewer

I'm an employer and think elance is probably better than freelancer. I've contracted about $200,000 in projects over the last 5 years. For new users I'd suggest posting/bidding at both sites instead of trying to read all these reviews of single experiences... it's pretty obvious elance is better after a single bid or job posting in my opinion. If you want my single experience anyway, read on...

Problems with freelancer:
1. Broken escrow system. The majority of developers insist on cash up front ("Milestone Released"). I haven't had a dispute so far (knock on wood), so am not sure why this is exactly. A few of the 1-star reviewers on here seem to have legitimate criticism that may help explain it.
2. Freelancer support has a live chat feature that is offline more than 50% of the time. When talking with a live chat person, they have been proficient in English and try to be helpful, although they are pretty limited in what they can do. When trying to resolve something that I thought would be simple, I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he was too busy.
3. The Freelancer payment system via PayPal is clunky. I'd like to link my bank account instead of using PayPal (to save the 3% fee), but the clumsiness of the payment system has me too scared. In addition to the general clumsiness, the submission page that gives permission to withdraw from paypal always asks for a lesser amount than what is actually taken (I assume due to fees, but so far I haven't been able to reconcile it). If I am clicking Submit on a form saying $25.00 will be withdrawn from my paypal account, it shouldn't be withdrawing $25.61.
4. I don't know why this is exactly, but when posting a job on Freelancer I get many bids that are copy/paste blurbs of text and huge irrelevant portfolios from people who clearly haven't read the job description. On Elance I get very specific questions, often with relevant portfolio work. I have a large number of reviews and am rated 5.0/5.0 on both sites so am not sure why this is.
5. All of the help and form submission pages need to be reviewed by a technical writer. It's frustrating to spend time trying to find an answer to basic question (like What is the Milestone payment system?), only to discover confusing explanations with poor prose. The pages and forms on seem to have been written or edited by different people and they are not as consistent with each other as they could be.

There are many talented designers and developers on Freelancer, and I'd like to have multiple options for finding work like this, but I'm going to stick to elance for anything with complexity or a deadline. Several reviewers of are claiming the company is a complete scam. I don't think that is true - IMO the owners/management of have good intentions. I'm writing a negative review, and have been in contact with the Freelancer staff regarding my review, and do not fear of account retribution or anything crazy like that. is trying to provide a good and fair service, they are just not currently doing it as well as the competition.

If you found this review helpful, please vote it so. You can also message me via sitejabber with any questions (site jabber will email me, even if this review is old).
-Updated April 17, 2014

New Reviewer

This website is a complete SCAM. This is the full story of my experience with this site:

Basically, be aware of section 3.1 of the terms and conditions of this site. It says:

" reserves the right to terminate the participation of any User without reason..."

And that is exactly what happened to me. One day they decided to close my account, without providing any reason for this closure. I've contacted them many times, but everytime I got the same copy paste response:

Thank you for mailing us back.
Unfortunately, the decision regarding the closure of your account was reviewed and final. Note that this has been carefully decided. Also, please note of the site's Terms and Conditions, section 3.1. Please visit

Chase Support


New Reviewer

Hi, I recently made the mistake to use for the first time to hire someone to complete a project for us. The freelancer was a scammer and a very good one. He made me pay a deposit before doing any work and once I had made the payment he disappeared. was very unhelpful and refused to do anything about it. I then posted feedback about the freelancer to at least warn others and this was not posted. He was also wearing a Tshirt in his profile picture, which made me think he was a trustworthy member. Even though I have made a complaint along with several other employers about this specific freelancer he is still verified on I would definitely never use this site again and have asked them to close my account and refund the milestone credit I have.

New Reviewer

When I started on, some 3 years ago, it was a good website to find projects and earn decent money. Now, my latest project was the complete nightmare. Client decided to throw insults as soon as I have completed the work we agreed upon. Then said they won't pay and how I ruined their website.

After trying to calm things down for over a week, which was longer than what project lasted, I decided to go for arbitration and paid $12 in fees just for that. Some 4 days later I got an email saying that client has released the funds (funds were in milestone) and that I have won the dispute. Even got XP for that, which I find extremely useless. Went to withdraw funds, only to receive another email that withdrawal was cancelled. I checked my funds on and it was all there. I have sent an e-mail to their support asking what's going on.

This same day, several hours later, money was gone from my account, with no explanation whatsoever. What's worse I suddenly have a negative balance, so where did that come from? I tried sending another e-mail to support and got no reply. So once this negative balance has been resolved I will most likely close my account there and focus on other sites that give support to both freelancers and employers.

I have contacted live support here is the summary: I won the dispute but due to the payment being made as milestone the client was entitled to get a chargeback. They released money to my account, charged me 10% fee then took money and gave it back to the client. I am done with, cancelled my membership and opened a dispute for arbitration fee. This is beyond belief.

New Reviewer


first of all: You have to differ between the website and what you see there and a project that's gone south. The website can't help you with the latter and it's not their fault.

So I'm using for a few days now, had two jobs and could literally watch how my money dissappeared. This sucks.

I got all my money in USD to send some of it to my PayPal account it had to be exchanged to Euro. Of course to an exchange rate that's not even near the exchange rate a local bank would offer.

After clicking OK I read that my withdrawal has been delayed for 15 days because of reasons for security. Ok, first withdrawal seems to be delayed, I can live with that.

Two days later I had another job and the moment I clicked accept, they collected their project fee which is usually 3 $currency or 10% depending on what is higher.

Sadly the project was in GBP. So they had to exchange some of my money to GBP again and did that. But they didn't use money that was in my funds, they took it from the 60 Euros that have been waiting for withdrawal and to be sent to PayPal. They also took 3.5GBP instead of 3GBP.

So what happened now was:

- I paid 3.5 GBP instead of the 3 GBP that are listed in the terms of service.
- They did an exchange at an exchange rate that's not funny
- They stopped my withdrawal because it had unsufficient funds now

So I had to go back. Stop the withdrawal and ended up with 55.54 Euro. To be able to withdraw the money again I had to exchange it to dollars again to get other money out of my account too because you can't withdraw if the amount of the money that you try to withdraw is below 30 in the currency you like to withdraw it. (Yeah, right ...)

So my money has been exchanged again, again at a rate that isn't funny. Now I have 130 USD left from a starting 185 USD.

I wonder if I'll see any money at all after writing here...

Another interesting thing is: If you take one of those tests it always costs 5 $currency where $currency represents your primary currency set in the settings. So it costs 5 USD or 5 AUD or 5 GBP or 5 EURO. That's scam.

The fact that those tests are just a bunch of $#*! is another scam. In some tests questions have been completely out of context or you had the feeling you're doing an english test during one of the network tests. Really really bad stuff.

After reading a few of the comments here and my own experience in the last 4-5 days I'm not really sure I want to work with this website anymore.

Their user support is kinda non existend. No reply, no questions answered nothing.

You can't even get most information in their help section. It's just not there. And how the rating is done if you possible get the job or not isn't explained anywhere either. It's kinda like somebody throws the dice and that's it.

Let's see if I get my money or if I hit the same sh*t others here did.

At least I'm german and we have insurances for everything. Even for lawyers working abroad :D

New Reviewer

I am using Freelancer for almost a year. I have positive experience as a freelancer. I work as illustrator and graphic designer. I just wanted to see what are experiences of other freelance illustrators and designers on Freelancer, so I just googled the "experiences from Freelancer". I must say I was surprised to see problems people have. Although, I do see what are they talking about. When I started working on Freelancer I've noticed there are "suspicious" projects posted- employers with short/odd briefs, or if they start communication-communications doesn't work. So from this two things- I make some conclusion about employer. Also, I demand from Employer to create the Milestone before I accept the bid-as it only becomes active when I accept the project. From the other side, I see there are freelancer who bid on the project in seconds after the project is posted (i am not sure how).

Regarding employers, I have positive experience. Just a few were "difficult to deal with", but no one was fraudster. So I kept 5 star ratings and I am pretty happy. I've continued to work with about 30% clients outside Freelancer.

I also work on Elance. The difference is there are less those "scam" projects. But I tend to ignore them. Also, as someone mentioned in his review, freelancers on Elance do read their brief- so there are no this "quick" bids.

I am really sorry for bad experiences for both side.

New Reviewer

BAD BAD BAD... I had 2 good projects. I posted a poster. Terrible bids. Nothing worth selecting. So I cancel... no problem. that is a fee. Post another design project - scammers scammers scammers. cancel that one - another fee. BAD BAD Site. Stay away. the prices are not good. the projects are mediocre at best. Not worth the time.

New Reviewer

They allow fraudsters to set up accounts without monitoring. They claim that funds are verified when they are not. And they allow work to be done by honest freelancers, and the other party to "cancel" the project before the worker is paid. They do not respond to emails. I have seen a couple of news stories about them in the US being fraudsters, and they are being investigated now by the FTC and their own government. Stay away!

New Reviewer

Dear Freelancer,

I have send 2 mails to the support desk but no respons in the past weeks. I have made a mistake with publishing a project and so i paid $41.22, accidentally:(! But i have send 2 mails to the support desk to ask for a cash back, because i have canceled that project. But no responsive, very sadly for a big and promising website like

I hope you can solve this problem?

New Reviewer

Extremely bad experience with this site.
I got offered a translation project through their site but it turned out it was a completely fake. took NO PRECAUTIONS to check the validity of the project or the user who posted it. However, they had no problem charging me with 15$ just for clicking accept in order to view project details. When I submitted an issue ticket with them, they COMPLETELY IGNORED IT - I received an automated response acknowledging the receiving of the ticket, then they LIMITED MY ACCOUNT so that I could no longer work on any project (WHY THE HELL DO YOU LIMIT MY ACCOUNT IF I SUBMIT A TICKET WITH YOU??!!!??). I never received a response about my ticket and I found that they just closed it some two weeks later without informing me - I found out because they had audacity to send me another automated email asking me to participate in the survey about their handling of the ticket. YOU DID NOT HANDLE MY TICKET, you ignore it. Please, put that option into your survey and I will maybe participate in it.
Anyway, they completely wash their hands from everything because in their terms it says 'they only help freelancers to meet with employers and for that they take the commission'. Well, guess what, this goes both ways. If you are allowed to take my money for 'helping me to meet an employer' (in reality, tricking me into clicking Accept button on your site in order to view the project details), then YOU ARE ALSO UNDER OBLIGATION, according to your EXACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS, to provide EXACTLY what you PROMISE: putting me in contact with an EMPLOYER, not some random, unchecked user.
Any honest company would simply RETURN the money (what would eBay do if I advertised selling a car and then just emailed buyers with a .jpg image of a Toyota?). This goes double in the case where NO ACTUAL MONEY HAS EVER LEFT THEIR HANDS. What I mean is, there was no money sent to third parties. It was that took money from me (and supposedly also from the fake employer) and said money is still with them. There were no services or costs where that money was spent and is now difficult to return. They could easily say 'sorry for not checking the employers background but since no money ever left our hands and no service was rendered to you (except clicking on a button), we now reimburse you'. But things do not work that way with Please note that the only ones profiting from this system is - initially I thought I was scammed by some other user, but if things are as claims they are, then said employer was also charged with a commission and the only one benefiting is
Another issue, as soon as I submitted a PayPal dispute hoping to block them from taking my money, froze my account saying that now, suddenly, they need to confirm my identity. How will they do that - by me canceling a dispute with Paypal. WARNING: DO NOT CANCEL THE PAYPAL DISPUTE, EVER!! As knows really well, once you cancel a dispute, you acknowledge that the other party is right and you CANNOT AGAIN raise any dispute about the same transaction (PayPal rules). Just another example of how tries to trick the users into renouncing their rights. (Also, please note that once your money has been taken - it happens automatically if you were foolish enough to 'verify your payment method' with as it essentially gives them full access to your paypal account and any connected credit cards - PayPal will not be able to help you as their money back guarantee does not cover virtual goods and services. I submitted my claims but completely ignored them, not even once did they respond to Paypal or to me regarding the case, knowing that they are safe and sound and that they have no intention of giving back my money.)

In conclusion, AVOID like a plague. Even if you had positive experiences till now, the very fact they treat users like scum and ignore all complaints should be warning enough.

New Reviewer

FREELANCER.COM is number 1 scam website
Reversed some payment my client made "60$"
Also can I tell you a little secret? as freelancer you will never win any dispute
The clients will always win

New Reviewer


Update- They still harass me and hadn't give me neither my money to withdrawal nor my account. One good thing is they give the fees back, but about 2 days work on that project was totally wasted. They should give me bonus. But what will I do for any money. They told that money is set in positive balance. Hahaha. I am not laughing, I just got mad. Even if they give me now 1k dollars, what it will worth of. Nothing. The account is still limited. All my employers threatened me for delaying on theirs project. But why I will keep working on any project, as all milestone may also be eaten by this scam site.
Marcus is also doing the formality, he gave me same messages I got remembered by reading everytime sent by every other support member or better say bot. I also gave him my skype to contact, but they wont do so, and few days back one I got a call from them in regards of his employer having assisted projects and my bid was the best one. But they cant even come to anywhere.




My account is get limited and after sending 10 address proof, they still saying that need another utility bill. There standard cant verify it. If freelancers standard is that much low, then why I will suffer from it. Should I have a dozens of utility bill to verify my address. I know that they simply want to steal my money, nothing else. No one is there to contact to me even. Sent multiple tickets also, but all in vain. I will take legal action against this company. All scammed brothers can reach to me by this post and we will unite to give freelancer a big lesson.

New Reviewer

I am very negative on Freelancer after two tries. In the first try my account was automatically upgraded to a paid account without my consent, I started getting a monthly bill for services I wasn’t even using. In the second try I could not manage to reset my password so I started a new account. This triggered a review where I had to verify my identity. I explained to the freelancer folks that I am living in China with all my utility bills under my wife’s Chinese name. I have no mail with my address on it, everything I do is under my company name: bank, credit cards and so on. As a result I have $240 sitting in a locked freelancer account which my freelancer cannot access. The worst part is the freelancer’s account is also locked up, all his carefully built up reputation is wasted.

New Reviewer

I am currently having an urgent issue concerning fees charged to me for projects I never got a chance to work on. Support has been slow and is now completely ignoring me, would love for marcus to give me a holler project numbers are 5731783 and 5727306

New Reviewer

I wish there were a minus 5 stars review option!!! Scam artists abound, and they don't bother to tell you that you will be billed when you bid/accept a project! That is assuming they let you bid... I would look at projects, get a 'you must update profile to bid,' go to profile - 100% complete... ummmmmmmmm, now what? Horrible site - stay away...FAR AWAY!

New Reviewer

This is a place where scam employers are supported by team to take your time and money.
Be careful because Employer has the ability (with the support of the website admins) to take your work and your money. and just enough to say he is not satisfied and the website will give him your money and the work you done. Organized Scam. Try to pick a decent employer which is rare.

If you are a professional freelancer then you better avoid this site, it is ok if you want get experience for free.
Once you accept project you pay 10% and if the buyer of the project cancelled for any reason you will never get any money. (It is familiar there that buyer can take your work and cancel the job and you will never succeed to get any money through dispute or anything)

New Reviewer

Unfortunately supports the scammers.
For instance one the freelancer scammers called “ijustcode” fraud many people and took their money (I’m one of them) and he gave us nothing. knows about this scammer (at least from the review) and they still running his account and some employers were miss-leaded by, as recommended him.
I totally agree and believe that is partner with such scammers by keeping their accounts.
The funny part that rates this scammer as 4.8/5!!

New Reviewer

Hello my account name is codersmaster
I got scammed by hsyygOPLoo with a project. I bidded something about 420$ he accepted and I was about to do the work, but he didnt communicate at all until this date. I want my money back that I had to pay for the Fee! I payed over 42$ for the fee's so I am not willing to pay it because of scam. I hope I can prevent you guys from working on the site to get money, because all they do is getting money from you! I'll share this on different sites so less people get scammed since the support doesn't change anything. I'll let you guys know if my experience with this website changes.

after many days, today i got message from Marcus.
Marcus said "I have already refunded the commission fee charged to your for project ID: 5550333 " themes needed if u have." "

but i received nothing, no money returned to my paypal account

New Reviewer
3/22/14 stole 150 USD from my 1 month old account, The story is, an employer who awarded me his project, Once the project awarded to me; withdrew 150 USD from my account without receiving any money yet from the employer. After that, the employer CANCEL the project, and the only result is that took 10% of a money that I didn't have them yet from this project; because is it cancelled. This is a policy to steal people money and every body should work to help the humanity and Close this website. DO YOU think it is Fair or logic or correct that withdraw 150 USD from me without even starting the project or having any money from the employer in my account ? Of course their support didn't respond to my email, and now I will do my best to close this website, I will complain to the official government driven complaint institute ACCC. For all of you guys interested in filing a complaint, please visit

New Reviewer

Long story short, stole me $2000! I completed 2 big projects, one translation project worth $650 and a fully developed website worth $1350. When the funds were released, I decided to open up another account with, to bid on translation jobs only with one account and development jobs with the other account. 2 days later, closed both of my accounts, explaining me that I breached their Terms and Conditions by opening the other account. I apologized and requested the funds to be released to my paypal account. Below their answer:


Thanks for mailing us back.

Note that in the event of termination, Users found in violation of the User Agreement will not receive any credit or payment from Without limiting's other remedies, to the extent you are in violation of this User Agreement, you must pay for all fees owed to us and reimburse us for all losses and costs (including any and all employee time) and reasonable expenses (including legal fees) related to investigating such breach and collecting such fees. You agree that is entitled to deduct such charges directly from any existing balance in the offending Account, or any other Account owned by you. Kindly review our Terms & Conditions for additional information.

We hope for your understanding.

Chase Support"

They are not only stealing my money, but also send threatening emails. If you read between the lines, they are telling me: "Stop bothering us, or we will send you an invoice even higher than your account balance".

I filed a legal complaint against them.

Folks, do yourself a favor, and never ever use this scam.

UPDATE 20 MAR 2014:
The below response from Marcus ( Staff) is nothing else than a standard canned response by With this kind of response, they want to make the reader of the reviews believe that they actually care, which they don't. After having received this response, I have contacted support (not Marcus, but the normal support mail), where I have been told that Staff is no longer available for discussions with me. Again, nice one guys! I filed an official complaint today with the official government driven complaint institute ACCC. For all of you guys interested in filing a complaint, please visit

This is only the first step I am undertaking, I am also in contact with an Australian attorney and will go the hard way and sue the company. Hopefully we can get enough complaints to get this scam closed down by the Australian government.

New Reviewer

You want to post a project you have to pay tonnes of fees and extra fees just to protect your privacy hide project from search engines which they happily reveal to the rest of the world which looks very bad for the business.

Imagine if everyone knew where you got your logo, site etc by simply searching your brand name.

thats exactly what happened with me and whats worst is other dodgy websites have indexed my project description and now I have to contact them not freelancer as they said they are not affiliated.

Look in conclusion If you want $#*!ty work and pay heaps of fees to get it done use freelancer if not there heaps of other freelancing websites which I will be using in the future.

New Reviewer

Horrible Experience as a Freelancer- Unprofessional Employers and Freelancer STOLE FROM ME- No star at all!

I was happy to find a new opportunity for work on this site and thought all employers are serious and have their own companies. In the first month I have worked for a scam freelancer who was very difficult. I was making articles non-stop and he was asking me every half an hour if I am making progress. After 2 weeks I saw he was receiving great reviews and feedback for my work and was getting 10-20 more times money than I was for my work. So he was only using freelancers to take money.

After 4 tough and sleepless months I have finally made $300 to wake up on Valentine's Day with half of the amount gone and the other pending to a skrill account. I don't know how he did that because I couldn't withdraw any sum and normally it should be pending for 1-2 days. I contacted Freelancer and they haven't responded me for 4 days (!) but closed my account and sent me a message saying it's for security reasons. After that they have blocked my account and asked me different pictures to demonstrate it is my account!! (As it I was complaining of theft if it wasn't!). After more than 50 messages, they didn't respond me what they have done with that email who withdraw my money, they didn't answered at any of my questions and only used a formal message to repeat the verifying process.
Now my account was released, but surprise, I can bid on different jobs but can't receive or send any messages and I already lost 2 jobs because I was informed on my mail that employers messaged me but I couldn't respond.
Do you want to know what is the bigger surprise??? Freelancer doesn't reply at all now :)
They are a bunch of thieves with a phantom business, they haven't got any contact but mail, no phone at all.

New Reviewer

Poorly designed website. Counterintuitive. Add "primitive." You can't contact prospects to make sure they understand your project completely. First project took forever due to "milestones" (now there's a joke) and getting money (well, ensuring that they get THEIR money). Luckily, the supplier was patient and we worked together. Dropdowns don't contain what they say they do. There MUST be better ways to engage freelancers. For a business site, these guys just do not understand business.

New Reviewer

What a service :-D :-D :-D

1. the site is very noob developed ( if u log out ) site still shows u are logged in
2. this site switches random languages :-D
3. if you complain about something, you will get automated response ( then deleted my account ) its easier to delete account then solve a problem
4. pages are not loading properly and shows "old informations"
5. I can continue atleast to number 25, but I am not going to waste my time here

I was complaining about user "jasonluer" , I was trying to get simple task from him, translate few excel files into czech language. He wrote me in chat and even before I could respond to him, he blocked the chat. I was complaining about this with support ticket and my account was deleted.

You can read in reviews, people scam other people on this site and nothing happens. I am so happy, that I didnt put any credit card information while registration, instead used paypal account.


22 minutes after

total summary = not worth 1 minute to spend on

New Reviewer

Hello All, I bid for a IPSec VPN project for 100 USD and I won it. After I successfully complete the project the employer (He had around 15 positive feedbacks) paid the total with 5 star positive feedback. Later I tried to withdraw the funds which I earned from this project and freelancer rejected the withdrawal saying that "Unfortunately we were unable to process your withdrawal request. Decline reason: Funds originated from an account that is currently under review." Therefore I contacted freelancer through their support ticket system and they asked me to contact the employer and ask him to resolve his account issue. So I contacted him and begged him to resolve his account issue because I'm burning for nothing I did. What he said he, Project is over he paid the total. He doesn't want his freelancer account anymore, Simply he left freelancer. Again I contacted freelancer and said what he said. The reply was "For security reasons, the funds on the employer's account has been put on hold until the account issues have been resolved.". I know I will never receive my funds because the employer will never resolve his account asked him to submit. Finally he got what he want, freelancer got what they want (Freelancer fees. They refund the fees but I can't withdraw it because minimal withdrawal amount is 30 USD) and I lost my money. This is for you mates, don't use their site. I don't want to see this thing happen to you. I know they reply some bull$#*! for this feedback as well. But if you want proofs, please type your email address, I will forward what I got.

New Reviewer

The site has its flaws I probably won't use it again because of the issues and the freelance workers. The workers lie about qualifications just to get you to hire them. Im sure it cant be everyone but its a good number. I would suggest they screen the eligible workers on the site to give more security to the buyers. The customer service through email. is good and they tolerate the complaints though they should since its the consumers. I would give them a 3 out of five only because you can't speak to anyone if you are in the united states or canada which is terrible. Because my trust was destroyed by hiring someone I give a 35 percent chance I will give them another try but you can at you own risk. If they improve these things it will be much better. Just be careful who you hire and ask to see what work they've done before hiring. If not for the customer service being through email and bad service throught the freelancers I'd give this site a 3 and a half

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There is no location for the jobs when they are posted. With event photography it is necessary to be in travel distance for the job that needs to get done. I should not have t scroll through multiple pages to research the person who posted the project to find out that they live in Brazil.

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Ticket: #BJO-253-78076: I sent money to this portal for awarding milestone to the company I employed to work - its been 3 days the milestone is not credited with the money. It was a Bank transfer and my bank says they awarded the money to Freelancer in 1 Day - there is also no timelime given on Freelancer website which says how many days will it take to ensure the amount is credited in the milestone account. Highly frustrated on the fact that - "Why did I even bother to spend money via Freelancer" could have done it the other way...

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I have started working on freelancer 1 month ago. Now i have earned approx 250$ and when try withdraw my funds . they are keep shaying in status delay. i have tried to contact support but they did'nt reply. I dnt know why?

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3/3/14 uses many ways to steal the money from freelancers. Here is my story. I worked so hard in 1 month to complete some projects from employers. And i got about $1700 in my balance. I requested the withdrawal and after 2 days, my withdrawal was cancelled. I asked support why and they told me that all my employers 're facing their account issues and ask me to contact them to resolve their account issues, so that i can withdraw my money.
I have tried to contact my employers but no response from them.
Notice that I already delivered the project to them all. I have nothing to do with them. And they have no reasons to come online and take time to resolve this bullsh!t.
In this case, my employers didn't response, i consider my money is lost and steals that money from me. It 's so clear.
I swear to God I never work in anymore.
Question to new freelancers who want to try Do you dare to work if you can't withdraw the money which you spend so much time and effort to have?
Truly has ruined many freelancers 's life. I am one of them.

New Reviewer

I regret my day when i joined this website . They had no problem accepting my project , sucked more than 275 USD from my account , freelancers didn't complete my job and then when it was time for me to raise a dispute , my account was suspended for document verification . My account was put under limitations where i could not create any dispute against freelancer who cheated me and the company itself who limited my account . You won't believe i am still on my way to submit my documents and they have rejected it probably more than 6 times , I don't know what the heck they need from me . I just want my money back ....... and if you are lucky not to join this company .... Never ever try this !!!!!

New Reviewer

I have had a very strange issue with that proves this company is a real scam, they stole $8700 from me, after doing over 100 project and working over 6 years on the same account [ first then it was changed to then later it was purchased by ] they just changed my account status to Limited, accused me or Fraud, Lying , Manipulating Documents [ they accepted same docs later and they tunred out to be original and not manipulated as they said ] and now they said [ Your account limitation will only be lifted once your employer completes the verification process

I Emailed marcus the one who keep answering here and he never replied to me [ only the auto reply ]

I have been going through this issue for 10 days now with nothing but verification center answering $#*!ty unacceptable answers, those guys are real scam and I really don't suggest that anyone uses this scam system.

I am going to hire a lawyer in Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia and will close their company and I need all of you to support me please.

New Reviewer

I am very hopeless.. I have use longtime this account and I have 73 review already, still running work with my client and also has money my account .. but without notice freelancer suspend my account for identity verify, then I have send 2 time national ID card but freelancer not accept they need passport or driving licence , ok then I have done my passport and then I send my passport and bill copy and verify code with photo.. but still not accepted ... now I don't understand what they want? and I can not login my account and can not communicate with live cat and not answer properly.. and I don't know will back my money or not..

This is very very bad there condition... and without notice there suspension..


New Reviewer

Terrible service. The wages to be found on the bids you can actually win are third-world pay rates. It actually costs money to illustrate your proficiency in English (a mandatory for any bid) and when I tried to delete my account I was told "it will not hurt you to stay a bit longer".

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this site bought which was the best freelancing platform online and that was simply a catastrophe to all of those working on
Almost everything is hostile on the support, the rules, money handling and standards.
VWorker we miss you!

New Reviewer

Freelancer - Fraud and Thief company - Please be aware of them..

Your employer, magert, were found to have violated our Terms and Conditions. Their account was closed by our site administrators. The funds that they have used to pay you for your services were returned to their source. In line with this, we have sent them an email asking them to contact you and settle your payments outside of our site. We have included you as a recipient of the email so that you can view their reply. For your reference, their ticket ID is ABH-535-75566. We cannot guarantee a favorable response from them or if they will reply. We encourage you to continue contacting them by any means available to you. You can also respond to the ticket so that they can receive your message.

If you have any other concern, do not hesitate to contact us again.

New Reviewer

After completing over 200 projects and maintaining a 5* rating I have just had a client launch a dispute demanding their money back they lodged as a milestone. They have not complained to me about the work. They stated their reason for launching the dispute was because I agreed to give them their money back, which I didn't. I want to dispute this as they have not mentioned anything was wrong with the work. However, if I refuse to give in, they have to pay a fee to take the dispute further, which I should win. However, assuming that I win, that then allows the employer to leave feedback on my profile and having lost the dispute, plus the dispute fee, do you think they will leave 5* feedback despite Freelancer stating they have no case. I would expect a 1* rating as people are notoriously bad losers. What sort of a dispute system allows feedback to be left after a dispute has been resolved. Freelancer state that they have a blind feedback system to avoid retaliatory feedback, and then create a dispute system which encourages it.

New Reviewer

I think this service is utter garbage for the talent. While you might think it creates a completive market what it really is doing is devaluating the price and skill of a particular job. On average I make $60-80 per hour in my field and I see people offering their services for $9 an hour. Well if you're not not living in a 3rd world country you can't provide a skill for $9 an hour it's outrageous.

New Reviewer

Very serious and responsible I work 120%. On since 2008, but employers were allways happy and my ratings is still 5.0.

Since the site passed into the Australian hands, the strongly degraded. A lot of things changed: the number of projects increased, new functions were added, greed of the grew many times, scam scale increased. The administration isn't capable to control monetary operations. They have no tools for this purpose. It is ok for the site, if after a good review and released payment, reversalt he transaction depriving you earned money. You do not even notified about it. They quietly remove the money from your account. I will say more. can reversal the transaction after the money is withdrawed and keep your balance in a deep minus , and then they demand from you to put the money back on your frelancer account. As a result the will remove from you 110% (10% fees, which were removed at the beginning of a project + 100% of your earned money that were returned to the employer). Sounds absurd? Today it is quite so on the site. To all claims they answer in the manner „We can do nothing. A chargeback has been filed on the employer‘s payment provider. We only take fees. We would recommend that you contact the employer directly and ask to pay again.“ All of these milestones - complete nonsense! An employer can post a project, create a milestone, get the project done, release the money and after get all money back. promotes scam. What milestones for? To give the appearance of reliability? After a project is done, you won‘t see the money anyway. In addition, you pay 10% fees. Cool! Today the is not the guarantor of honest execution of deal. It is just a message board with the job offers, where you take all risks upon yourself. only can guarantee that you will pay them all fees for the opportunity to be deceived! It is a pity to lose rating and reviews, but it is even more a pity for the nerves. There are alternatives and it is time to leave You are sure it is no concern of you? Just type in google „ scam reversal“.

New Reviewer

If you want your work stolen and copied? You will find it done so at They do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at all when you report an entry for stolen work, copied, stock images etc. In the last week I have seen 3 contests reward hundreds of dollars to designers who not only copied similarities of another designers work but took their actual design and submit as their own. Freelancer does NOTHING about this when you report it, post a message and link in the contest thread and if you try to contact their support team, they just refer you back to the "Report" button that does nothing at all. They allow hundred of ILLEGAL TRANSACTIONS on a daily basis and refuse to take any sort of action. Designers work are being stolen and other people making profit off of it and freelancer allows it. Thank god their are sites like 99designs and crowdsrping which allow you to make a real report with links and a description to where they actually have to follow up in 24 hours. Freelancer is just a bunch of thieves and greedy owners. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SITE! STAY AWAY!!!

New Reviewer

Scam Scam Scam ScaScam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam is a scam , hi all my user name is enamulraju there was 250 feedback on my profile with 7.1 earning rate. so think if the site can close my ID for no reason then why they cant close yours? so all the freelancer and the employer on the be careful and leave the site to work on. get some other site and leave the site. they have reversed 6000+$ from my account. and finally they closed my id. they even did not noticed me the reason. leave the site soon. as i have take all my employers to the other site.

New Reviewer

My disappointment with has raised after my withdrawal request was cancelled by because my employer's account was suddenly placed under review.

Their reasoning:
Your funds are temporarily put on-hold while we are verifying details of your employer as they are currently facing some account issues with the site. We do understand that the funds were already released to your account as a payment for the project. However, we have a specific department within our organization that validates user accounts and the transactions made to and from. The funds will only be available for withdrawal once their account issue has been settled. Further details regarding the account issues of your employer can no longer be disclosed as only the proper department conducting the verification process has access to that information. We recommend to contact and advise them to visit the Verification Center for them to settle their account issues. If you are unable to contact your employer, we can also send an email to them upon your request.

My frustration:
Why am I held responsible for my employer's account issues? Am I considered to be guilty for working with them? It's not my business what on earth is wrong with their account. A fat lot I care about it! It's their account! Not mine! I'm not asking why they are currently facing an account issue and I'm not interesting in any further details regarding their account. My honestly-earned funds are put on-hold. That is my only concern! Why are you holding me hostage in this situation? Why do I have to suffer from my employer's own problems? How do their own problems relate to me? They paid me for my programming services. They were happy with the result and gave me a 5-star rating. So, the money is mine now. Not theirs! I've earned that money! So what is all this fuss about? I'm not going to put up with this ignorant attitude towards me. It's against all rules! How can I possibly work under such conditions?

P.S. I've seen similar complains at and at

P.P.S. As stated in their terms and conditions of service:, in its sole discretion, may place a hold on any or all of the payments you receive when believes there may be a high level of risk associated with you, your Account, or any or all of your transactions.

New Reviewer

Proper Department ..................... Proper Department .................. Proper Department ....... And Proper Department .......... You will only hear that from any support whether its Marcus or Matt Barrie ......... You will only Hear ........ Proper Department ...................... is filled with Fools ... who do not know what they have to do ..................... They are just fired up because of the news of merger between Elance and Odesk and they know they are fools who have been trying to fool others in past years since 2009 when the biggest fool or should say the King of fools Matt Barrie overtaken Getafreelancer ......... but Time is near when Matt Barrie and his staff will be thrashed in Streets of Australia ..... Ignition Networks Pty Limited ACN 134 845 748

an Australian Company
5/36 Bayswater Road
Potts Point NSW 2011

New Reviewer

My profile name was akiles99 . Review:4.9/5*****, Earning Rating: 7.6 Project Completed: 255 , Competition Rate: 98% . But they closed my account. I asked them, why? There answer: security reason.
They also cut my balance of ~ $900 and tell you same. So how do you believe this site?
I will suggest you, Don't create an account in
If i had wrong, How could i earn those money, rating and feedback.
The only answer from support was security reason

Update 1:

The reply sent by the freelancer representative is false.
They didnt contact me and inform why my account was closed.

Update 2:

The strange thing is even the chat support member of freelancer not able to say what will happen to the money in the account.

Please find the chat snippet below.

12:09 akiles: I want to know what update u require in that ticket
12:09 Helen E.: You may just indicate your new concerns to that ticket ID.
12:10 akiles: I have only one concern and that has been updated
12:11 Helen E.: With that, please wait for a response.
12:11 akiles: ok , do u know how much amount was in my account in INR?
12:11 akiles: ok , i will wait for their response
12:11 akiles: tell me how much INR was in the akiles99 account
12:12 Helen E.: The akiles99 account has 33236.75 INR.
12:13 akiles: No, i want to know the conversion from both USD and AUD
12:13 akiles: i mean total amount in INR
12:16 Helen E.: One moment please.
12:21 akiles: ok

Then disconnect the chat . I hold 192 USD and 30 AUD apart from INR amount.

I contacted them again

12:23 akiles: I asked how much total amount was in my account
12:23 akiles: As per the screen shot i have it shows 192 USD and 30 AUD
12:24 akiles: so can u convert it and tell me how much total was there in my account
12:24 Helen E.: We cannot further assist you as you have a closed account.
12:24 Helen E.: The proper department will help you on this.
12:24 Helen E.: It would be best to contact them directly through that ticket.
12:25 akiles: How come u see that 33236.75 INR
12:25 Helen E.: That would be all.
12:25 akiles: Definitely not
12:25 akiles: As a support answer the questions properly
12:25 akiles: U are legitimate right
12:26 Helen E.: To clarify, that is all I can help you with regarding details of your account.
12:26 Helen E.: Further information will be coming from the proper department.
12:26 akiles: ok.
12:26 akiles: What happened to the money in my account?
12:27 Helen E.: I am not privy of what will happen to the funds in your account as the proper department is handling it.
12:28 akiles: Oh even support not aware what's happening there
12:28 akiles: Then i'm sorry , u are good .
12:29 akiles: Anyway thanks for checking and told me that i have the amount of 33236.75 INR in my account.
12:29 akiles: Very helpful
12:29 Helen E.: You're welcome.

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