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Fabletics reviews

39 reviews
2301 Rosecrans Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tel: 1-855-202-3570

39 Reviews for

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New Reviewer

so, i just wanted to get rid of my account... i decided after looking around that i'd never want this style of clothing, and i don't like just having open accounts (also, getting a buttload of unwanted emails). so, actual chat log. and yes... they did hang up on me.
Your chat number is 142-1B5C7C67-0336
S: want to know how to delete account/name/email address. have ordered nothing, never plan to
S: i emailed asking this like a week ago, no response.
Jade: Hello and thank you for contacting Fabletics. My name is Jade.
Jade: Unfortunately we do not have a way to delete any information from the site, this information had been stored so now you can only update. We have a very secured site, no issues with information being used unlawfully.
Jade: Is there anything else that I can assist you with today?
S: no, but i want to make sure no one can ever use the account. and i'm tired of the emails and don't like having accounts on sites i don't use. this has to be like 1 of 2 sites on the entire internet that don't have a cancel button. it definitely seems like a scam.
Jade: Please be assured that your account will be safe. We hope that you will stay in touch and visit us on Facebook.
This live chat session is no longer active

New Reviewer

did anyone disputing the monthly charges actually get their money back??

New Reviewer

Horrible manipulative site!!! It is not clear in their advertisements that there will be a memebership fee. I read the fine print when my order came and wanted to return my item. First I had to call and talk to someone about the return process. They spent 15 minutes trying to convince me not cancel my membership and then they finally emailed me the return information. Three months later after I returned my items I had to call again bcz I still hadnt received my refund. They gave some excuse about processing and said i should have my refund withn 7-14 days. Still waiting on my refund after they stated that they received the items 3 months ago!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!!! Horrible clothing and off trying to get people for a monthly membership for horrible workout clothes!!!!

New Reviewer

Are you people serious? How is it the company's fault that you CAN'T READ?? I got my outfit for 50% off, loved it and knew exactly what I was signing up for when I bought it. I now regularly get athletic clothes from them and find them to be extremely competitive in price and quality with brands like lululemon. If you don't want to pay the $50 on any particular month, you can easily go online and skip a month and returns are easy, same thing, go online and just return stuff. The people giving this site 1 star ratings need a reading course and a class on how the internet works. I love my fabletics, 5 stars all the way!

New Reviewer

This website is a complete scam!
Like many others, I made ONE order.
I did not agree to pay for a subscription for $50/month that is non-refundable (but you can use it as store credit). They conveniently have this "agreement" in very fine print at the very bottom of the page, where they know no one will read/see it.
Also, good luck trying to cancel your subscription! If you want to get anything accomplished you have to call them and listen to someone babble on about how great their company is and why you should stay with the subscription.
HORRIBLE company. This company won't last very long, it's only pissing off a lot of people that are being screwed out of their money!

New Reviewer

My first order was delivered just fine. I tried them out and found out that the pants are too long so I want to return or exchange online, BUT they don't allow me to do online meaning that I have to call them. I haven't call them because I was thinking to just let it goes, then my friend told me that her account was charged automatically without knowing about this VIP membership program. Don't fall into their trick. Don't try the first outfit for $25. They are not worth your money and you are locked to pay $49.95 a month for their VIP membership.

New Reviewer

I agree with everyone else! totally a scam!! I have to know dispute several charges of $50 a month!! very deceptive.

New Reviewer

EXTREMELY deceptive! You think that they are offering you a 'introductory' offer to try their clothing. Little do you know that you are actually signing up for a membership. I got my initial purchase and thought that the quality was so-so. I would NEVER pay their regular prices. Later, I was charged $49.95 for my alleged VIP Membership fee when I didn't make my monthly required purchase. Their email communications, etc. don't clearly explain that little detail. VERY UNHAPPY with this deceptive business!!! NEVER use this company!

New Reviewer

I don't care that a few of you gave them a good review, I don't believe you. This company is a scam and the quality of their clothing is poor. I am in the process of disputing about 6 months of charges with my credit card, and pray I succeed. I use this credit card a lot and usually just pay the bill but today I downloaded all my activity and see all these charges of $50/month. And I have ever only ordered one thing from them. I don't know what happened to me, because I am usually very savvy and suspicious and read reviews. all I can say to you is: STAY AWAY.

New Reviewer

They signed me up for VIP without my knowledge, with only the promise that my first outift is $25. I prdered it in march, the prodect was okay but since then they've charged me $50 a month! Dont do it!!

New Reviewer

I felt totally scammed by this company!! I was not aware that i signed up for VIP and that it meant that I would have to pay $50 PER MONTH!!! to get discounts...its very sneaky and i will never order anything form them again. I also tried to unsubscribe from their emails months ago but they still continue to send them.

New Reviewer

Let me begin by saying Fabletics is very clear with the "terms" of their VIP membership from the very beginning. We all have seen the ads for a screaming deal on our first outfit, and frankly that is how they got me! As an informed consumer I knew that I would need to buy and outfit, or skip each month before the 5th in order to not be charged $49.95. The charge will be applied to your Fabletics account for you to use any time. Just as with any "subscription" membership it is up to us to remember to buy or skip each month. I have had my membership for about 3 months, and I have bought an outfit each month because I was so happy with the price and quality. They have great rewards for referring a friend, and reviewing your purchases on their site. I have earned enough points in three months to get a free outfit! Final thoughts...Know what you are signing up for, utilize the sizing chart to reduce return/exchange hassles, and CHECK your email so you don't get charged without you knowing it. Happy shopping:)

New Reviewer

i recently ordered from fabletics. my package arrived open, torn and held together with a rubber band--more than half of the items i ordered were missing. i ordered clothing so that i could have it on a particular date. i contacted the customer service reps who processed a reorder, assuring me that the clothing shipment would expedited. i contacted two different reps to confirm this. i logged into my account to find that the order is being shipped via standard shipping. not only is this RIDICULOUS because two different people assured me that this would not be the case, but i am beyond livid that i now have to wait for items that i already paid for and previously waited for AGAIN for the full time. additionally it is in my opinion very poor form that my account was not credited to compensate for the extra wait and the HOUR spent trying to get clothing i already ordered shipped to me. i told the customer service rep this and she replied that fedex was their courier as if they were not at all responsible which is insane as they should guarantee that their items arrive on time and in tact. i also asked that given this horrible experience that they immediately discontinue my VIP membership. they would not do this and referred me to a call center. i will never again order through this company and strongly advise that you save yourself a giant hassle. no clothing is worth this aggravation.

New Reviewer

As someone who reads BEFORE I sign up, I knew the first outfit would be 50% off and that I would be signing up for a VIP membership, so I don't have any gripes about that ^.^ Lesson to all those one-star reviews: Read carefully before you click, as with many things in life ;)

I run/yoga/climb regularly, and was looking cute things I could wear, mostly to yoga and climbing. Although I have drawers full of technical apparel, I was specifically looking for cute and fun things to wear in addition to name-brand, "high-tech" things.

I've been a member for about three months now, and have overall been pleased with the products received. They're cute and fun and are plenty technical for moderate activity. I might not wear the short shorts for 10 mile runs, but none of my other clothes are a fraction as cute, so they are what I was looking for.

In one order I had a pair of shorts start to unravel along the leg seam after a single wash. I called customer service and they set up an exchange immediately without any trouble.

New Reviewer

I was excited to try this company out. Received my products last night, quality is absolutely crap. If you are looking for workout gear for any type of moderate training and beyond, LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE because the fabric they use will probably only be ok for brisk walking and beginning yoga.

Also, called to change color for one of the products the next morning after the order is places, I was told they can NOT do that even though the order has not been processed, the shipment has to come and I have to call and do an exchange after.

Customer service is not that great and there is a restocking fee for returning items. I will give zero star if I could.

New Reviewer

so i don't think that this website is a scam, but the fact that they just state "get you're first outfit for 25$" an no mention that you have to sign up for a monthly VIP membership is pretty crappy. the material of the clothing seem legit, they sale nice things just way overpriced i'd go to Nike/or the outlet malls for gym clothes instead of paying 76 dollars for one pair of pants.

New Reviewer

Signed up to get the 50% off the first outfit. I noticed the charge wasn't taken from my account, yet the order has shipped? I called to find out what was going on, and the woman that answered was in The Philippines, and basically just repeated everything I asked or said. NOT answering my question at all. So I told her to forget it and I hung up. Then, looked up the reviews and found all of these. I completely get how these subscription boxes work, I knew what the process was when I signed up, I just do not agree with how difficult it is to work with their customer service. I called back to cancel. The man that answered was completely ridiculous. "Oh, can I just have you verify your beautiful first name and beautiful last name for me?" Really?? Anyways, I verified everything, and explained that I wanted to cancel. In no way was I rude, exasperated, nothing. Just a normal conversation, yet, he said "I'm sorry you're not in a good mood and want to cancel." WHAT?! Then he goes into this super long saccharine sweet spiel about how he would hate to see me miss out on all the VIP perks, and he will give me this and give me that if I don't cancel. I had to tell him at least 3x - no, please just cancel my account. He said it was cancelled, but I'm still waiting for the confirmation email before I truly believe it was cancelled.

New Reviewer

this website is to die for they have really good stuff to exercise and I got some yoga capris and it is true to its size. they are soo comfy I just love them

New Reviewer

First mistake, signing up for this. I do not need a dozen exercise outfits. Then they make u phone and listen to their spiel before they will cancel account. Done and thankful to be rid of them!

New Reviewer

Read the fine print and know what you sign up for exactly before making a purchase. I knew exactly what i was getting into when I made the first purchase. I am very satisfied with the products and don't have problems with exchanges because i order my size and not one smaller or bigger. =D

New Reviewer

When I was ordering my first Fabletics outfit, I was sure that the promo price was to get out the Fabletics name. I didn't see that I was signing up for a subscription. Then I clicked that I didn't want promotional emails from Fabletics, so I wasn't getting any information that I was part of a subscription (HINT for NON-SCAMMY companies- the email section would be a great place to make sure subscribers know that they are subscribing). I didn't love the outfit. The pants were okay, but the top was ill-fitting and unflattering. I was just working on the budget for the last few months (I'm behind), and I realized that I'd been getting charged $50 every month. I called to cancel immediately, and was granted a $100 refund (two months), but he said he couldn't refund me the rest. I used the rest of my credit and will be canceling immediately. This felt like a scam. I didn't feel that it was clear that I would be enrolling in a membership that cost $50 a month.

New Reviewer

This is a trick to sign you up for a subscription that they charge you $50 (49.95) a month for. I'd consider myself a pretty savvy and intelligent person and I was unaware or else not given clear warning that I was signing up for subscription. All over my facebook Fabletics was advertising a $25 outfit and I thought "wow! What a great deal!" but lo and behold I was BABOOZLED! That $25 dollar outfit that did not even look good signed me up for a monthly fee. :(

New Reviewer

You can't get any info about how the company works until after you sign up. After then you have to call a customer agent in order to get anything resolved. They refuse to do anything by email, doesn't matter where you are located in the world.
Any company that makes it so difficult to get anything done are not interested in providing any kind of good customer service.
Stay far away from this company.

New Reviewer

The outfit fit wonderfully! However, They say you get 50% off your first outfit but you unknowingly are being signed up for a VIP membership which charges you $49.95 in one one week from your purchase. So it defeats the purpose of receiving 50% off. They make you call their customer service center to cancel where you speak with a representative who is clearly not in or from America and then that person hassles you for canceling and makes you feel like an idiot. This is a Horrible way of doing business! Kate Hudson should take her name off this label...embarrassing!!

New Reviewer

Don't do it! They suck you in with a good deal and discounted workout outfit of mediocre quality. Then they hit your credit card with a monthly charge that is not reimbursable and the mediocre quality items are no longer available so you're forced to buy cheap crap with the balance of your credits.

New Reviewer

SO clothes are good quality, prices are alright, return and exchange takes FOREVER, butttt the hammer in the nail! If you want to cancel they make you call, then you sit for 5 minutes listening to an ignorant women on the other line trying every way possible to talk you into not cancelling! So irritating! I say if a site doesn't have a cancel button and you have to sign up for auto ship steeeeer clear!!! Such a waste of time!

New Reviewer

Their products are OK at best. If you want any kind of customer service forget it! I called to cancel my membership, and the man wouldn't even let me talk before he finished his spiel. I asked him to cancel my membership and then he ignored me, explaining all the perks of FABLETICS, and why I shouldn't cancel. I asked him to send me confirmation of my canceling and hung up. They still have not canceled my membership after emailing them and calling them!

New Reviewer

This website is only a scam IF you let it scam you.
When signing up for the VIP membership underneath the perks of the membership, there is a how it works section.
Bullet 1 tells you when your outfits are available and that they will be $49.95 each month.
Bullet 2 states that you can buy the outfit you want or skip that month. which you have to do by the 5th.
Bullet 3 states that you will accrue a store credit of $49.95 if you do not skip by the 5th or forget to.

These are are very clearly stated on the website before you purchase your first outfit. if you choose to sign up and get your $25 first outfit - awesome. just remember to skip the next month, or cancel so that you don't get charged. If you check your email daily (as most people do) you shouldn't have an issue remembering to skip. It is only your fault if you forget to skip (canceling is a different story - as I have not worked with their customer service) since it's stated and you should know what you sign up for before you do it. There is no reason why you should sign up for a company without reading all of the terms, and unfortunately I don't understand those who have said that they don't understand why they are being charged the $49.95. It's stated for you, it's up to you to read it.

I have had no issues with Fabletics, I think it's great to get new pieces of athletic clothing each month or skip if I don't want it. If you are interested in signing up for the VIP membership, just make sure that you read through all of the rules before you toss your credit card their way.

New Reviewer

I liked the quality of the actual clothing I received. However, their customer support is severely lacking.

New Reviewer

This is the actual conversation that just took place via live chat. I want to rip my hair out! Employee
Your chat number is 1BF-1AFA6B7D-03FD
Jill: Hello, I have emailed numerous times and its really hard to get a reply. I made a return and on the return form I selected a credit to avoid the restocking fee. After I sent the package back I notified the customer service via email and told them what form of refund Id selected and stated I only wanted a refund if I would not be charged a restocking fee but otherwise keep it as Id selected (account credit) on the return form. OK so no one responded but then I noticed I was charged a 5.95 restocking fee. I emailed CS again and instead of fixing the problem the reply was merely a confirmation that I was charged a resocking fee. FOr some crazy reason, 1 item was credited tot eh account andthe other was refunded to my card minus the restocking fee. Actually;y I never saw the item appear on my credit card statement so Ill have to follow up wiht that as well. Anyway that was a lazy response since obviously I was looking for assistance as welll as a solution to the problem but here I am again spending more time trying to resolve this. I would like the 5.95 credited to my account since I did not even choose refund on the form. I am hoping today is the end of this
You are now chatting with Connie.
Connie: Hello and thank you for contacting FabLetics, my name is Connie.
Connie: I have verified your information in our system Ms. Danilewicz, and thank you for being our valued VIP member. Again this is Connie.
Connie: I understand that you would like assistance with your return. Is that correct Ms. Danilewicz?
Jill: hello
Jill: yes
Connie: Upon checking it you process the return for store credit and the other one is for refund.
Connie: Please be informed that there will be a restocking fee for $5.95 if you will return it for a refund on your card.
Jill: NO I wanted ONLY store credit. WHy would I ask for credit for one thing and a refund for another? That is senseless.
Connie: I am sorry but it was already processed.
Jill: Yes, I know this. It was processed incorrectly and because of this I am asking you to credit the restocking fee to my account.
Connie: I am sorry but we can no longer refund it.
Connie: And there will always be a restocking fee if you return it for a refund.
Jill: OK so Fabletics makes a mistake and that refuse to fix it? I DID NOT RETURN FOR REFUND. HAVE YOU READ ANYTHING IVE BEEN SAYING?
Connie: I am sorry but you are the one who processed it.

New Reviewer

I am a very savvy internet shopper & I absolutely did NOT see where I was agreeing to a monthly fee unless I "decline" every month. Didn't love the first outfit, felt kinda cheesy, so I forgot about the company. Every month a "get charged or decline" email has apparently been going to my spam filter, so I have been charged an additional $50 for 3 MONTHS with absolutely no clue this was happening!! (husband reviews cc statement, finally asked). I called after hours, no way to leave a voice mail!
THIS IS LIKE THE OLD "MUSIC CLUB" where they would send/charge you for the monthly item unless you declined it in time - STAY AWAY FROM IT - QUALITY MEDIOCRE, NOT WORTH THIS MONTHLY CHARGE CRAP - better to just buy workout outfits at even WalMart, Target or Costco as you wish!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered one outfit and it was crap. Polyester 1970s style crap. Don't even try it. And now, I want to cancel and they make you call them to cancel. Shame on you, Kate Hudson, for representing such a shady business.

New Reviewer

Do NOT spend a penny here unless you want to be tricked into paying $49.99 every month for no apparent reason. They make it very unclear that they'll charge you every month unless you tell them not to and you can't cancel your membership online. Ridiculous, awful company.

New Reviewer

I wouldn't call it a total scam but they are not very clear on what is it about and they don't display clearly that you will be charge 50 dollars if you don't skip every month. You cannot cancel the account via internet you have to call them too. My opinion, it is so not worth it! They charge you 50 dollars monthly even if you don't purchased anything. They should change their payments policies immediately if they want a successful business. Graded: F-

New Reviewer

i bought one of their outfits for the $25 intro price. A month later they charged my card $49.95 and that charge was labeled as recurring. When I called they immediately agreed to reverse the charge. I think it's a scam - they are betting that people will not call dispute the charges.

New Reviewer

The site forced me to call customer service to get a return label which took 3 days to arrive via email. I was told I would receive a full refund store credit for 59.92. They gave me a credit for 9.97. I have emailed them twice but no explanation yet. It has been nearly a week!

Expert Reviewer

Site is safe to use as long as you fully understand their membership/site terms.

This type of site is also called a "Credit Card Recurring Payment Scheme" and has mixed reviews as do most sites conducting business on the internet using a Recurring Payment Scheme.

I give two out of five stars due to the "forced" membership imposed on a visitor who is just trying to make a good purchase or get what they see as a great deal. Even for me just to view the site I kept being "forced" through a pop-up to join their site's membership and was only able to view some of the items after reloading several different pages. For me, a site which needs to "force" membership on a visitor who is still "thinking" or just wants to view their site is not a good business practice. The merchandise should be "easily" available for viewing/searching by anyone.

And the practice of "forcing" a visitor who just wants to make a "single purchase" to see if the quality of the merchandise and how the site will treat them prior to being "forced" into their "Monthly Automatic Purchase Feature" AKA: Recurring Credit Card Payment Membership is not a site I wish to often use.

No, I do not need to be a "site member" or have made a purchase from them to write a review as I am not reviewing their products/merchandise, I am review the website!

- Do not use these sites without Fully Reading and Understanding every aspect of their site, even the fine print in any "Membership Terms and Conditions" as you may meet with some unexpected financial headaches.
- If you make a purchase you "will" be automatically enrolled in their "VIP Member Program" (including the monthly, automatic purchase feature) where you are agreeing to be charged a "monthly fee" for the membership and your credit card will be billed automatically. This is typical for any "membership" type site.
- YOU MUST SIGN INTO THE SITE "MONTHLY" and do your account maintenance or your credit card will be billed automatically if you don't. IE: a "Credit Card Recurring Payment Scheme".
- Site text - If you're not ready to make a purchase, simply "Skip The Month" by the "5th" and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you'd like. """If you do not take action by the 5th""", you will be charged $39.95 for a member credit on the 6th. Each credit can be redeemed for 1 JustFab style.
- Reviews do state that the site does make it VERY clear that if you don't "skip" the month you will be charged a credit and they will even remind you in their emails and on the site. YOU just need to remember to visit the site for your monthly account maintenance...
- Refunds - items purchased or acquired with their credit can only be exchanged or returned for a credit. And "credits" have no cash value and can only be redeemed toward purchasing an item from the site.
- Their business model is such that when you have "1 credit" ($39.95 monthly membership charge = 1 credit) in your "account", you cannot cancel that account as it is still active with the 1 credit and they can continue to charge you the monthly fee if you do not visit the site to postpone it in the given time frame (see their terms).
Note: It may take more than 1 credit to get another item (postage), so really they are looking to get an additional month's worth of membership fee's from you if you have only one credit.
- Reviews made suggest that there is no need to e-mail them to cancel the membership as these will be unanswered. As you are required to "call them" to cancel your membership, and wait, and wait, and wait... while they try to convince you not to cancel, and when you finally get off hold... you may encounter rude customer service, as they will try to hinder the canceling of the account. Remember; "credits" have no cash value and can only be redeemed toward purchasing an item from the site.

As with anyone, people sometimes forget. The sites business practice is like a bank and their service/late fee's. They are "counting" on you to be negligent in maintaining or visiting your account before the "5th of each month" so they can charge you with the "Monthly Automatic Purchase Feature" (monthly membership fee) and apply it toward a "credit" to your account, which "have no cash value and can only be redeemed toward purchasing an item from the site." This is called "I got you!"

Good luck!!! Happy shopping!

There are more reviews posted, just search for their site name's'.

JustFab @ PissedConsumer reviews:

Just Fabulous reviews: (best overall reviews made)

New Reviewer

This Is A Complete Scam!!!!!! You Buy One Thing And They Sign You Up For Monthly $49.95 Subscriptions!!!!! Total Fraud And Liars

New Reviewer

Excited to write the first review for this company, they are AWESOME! It's a new company that carries AMAZING quality sports apparel. I got my three piece set and I'm so pleased! I really like the Suki cycle shorts I got, I intentionally wore them for my run in the morning yesterday, washed them and then wore them to bed. I basically wanted to see how they held their compression and shape after long wear, and I'm impressed! They didn't feel one inch loose in the morning, they didn't roll up on the leg or down on the waist. They have enough compression but they are not uncomfortable at all. Those and the sports bra are really the same quality as a pair of leggings and a sports bra I have from a ‘citrusy site’ that is about 4 times the price of Fabletics! . Oh and when I woke up this morning I went straight for a 2 mile run, changed out of them, set them aside went back to try them again later in the day and I feel the same compression as when they arrived brand new (time to wash them again and have them ready for next wear). I know you will not be doing what I did, but I wanted to try if their quality was really that great, and it surpassed my expectations. I’M HOOKED!!!

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