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EverSave reviews

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40 reviews
Categories: Coupons, Daily Deals
40 Harvard Mills Square, Suite 1
Wakefield, MA 01880
Tel: +1.7813052100
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40 Reviews From Our Community

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I also had to return a voucher once because i couldn't use it- and had no issue getting a reply...maybe I was lucky. (in 9 reviews)

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5 reviews
1 helpful vote

I am so happy for my experience with everbuying

Ask Rafik about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased a Voucher for use as a gift. America's Best Value was the Hotel that was booked by Eversave. I was sent pictures of the Hotel Room. There were holes in the wall, duct tape was holding up the bathroom mirror. I was told that the rooms were dirty and smelly. My friend had to buy cleaning supplies in order to stay for one night. They incurred extra expense by having to leave the Hotel and pay for other accommodations. I have contacted Eversave to see what they're going to do about this.

Ask Terry about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

Wish I'd read the reviews first. I ordered a sewing kit that looked exactly like one I'd had in the 70s and loved. I received a scaled down toy that no one who ever threaded a needle would call a sewing kit. I gave it to my American Girl doll. It makes a nice display in my sewing room.

Ask Susan about EverSave
1 review
0 helpful votes

I paid 119.00 for a drone with a camera. I have not received the item and cannot get any response from the company. Can someone please tell me if you have had success getting your money back. I cannot fathom just losing 119.00 from my pocket to theirs. Please help!

Ask Victoria about EverSave
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Try unsubscribibg to their get nothing. Sort of tells you how honest these people are. They haven't responded to any of these complains after being informed that they can.

Ask Rae about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered an item from eversave weeks ag . I have yet to receive it. Called the company. Only get voicemail. I haven't heard from them yet. I'm afraid that my money is long gon . Do not buy anything from this company.

Tip for consumers: DON'T DO IT!!!!!

Ask Johnnie about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered 3 battery chgs. I did receive them BUT....I ordered these for my 3 teenagers
As their phones need charging quite often! Anyway I decided I would charge
All 3 before giving them. I charged each 1 while charging 2nd one I noticed it was getting
Very warm! Then with the 3rd charging light continually blinked ( suppose to be
solid light while charging) then light is suppose to change colors when charged.
I sent 5 e-mails before I receive a call from them (I threatened to call BBB)
I explained what was happening, was told they would send me a return label and would refund money or replace. I chose refund... Still no return label...have sent 2 more emails... NO RESPONSE!! Bull$#*! that these people are still selling their crap online! We need to spread the word and shut this company down! Use social media!

Tip for consumers: Wish there was a Negitive rating! I'd give a -5

Ask Kim about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

Notified I had won a $50.00 Staples Gift Card. Responded to Eversave as directed. Still waiting for the gift card to arrivei

Ask David about EverSave
2 reviews
18 helpful votes

I never signed up for Eversave and have tried to unsubscribe 5 times! I am unable to do so. I have contacted the company twice and twice I've been assured I would be unsubscribed. Still, week after week, I get these irritating emails every day. I would never do business with such a disreputable company.

Ask Lise about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

Like so many others, I'm getting ripped off by Eversave. I ordered the TOCC iPad case and never got it. Have called TOCC several times, emailed and called Eversave, all to no avail. I am now going to contact my credit card company to lodge a complaint against Eversave and see if I can get a refund of the $16 I paid. Beware of this company....they will take your money and you will get nothing in return.

Ask Jocelyne about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible...I ordered a childs magazine subscription for my son before Christmas 2013, I told him about it and he was very excited. Well, now it is June, and guess what? Not 1 issue has arrived. I tried probably 50 times to contact the company to no avail. They should be ashamed. How is this legal?

Ask Tom about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have purchased 2 items from Eversave. I did receive both item, but each took more than 30 days to arrive. After second purchase, I began "price shopping" their advertised "deals". I was able to find most items elsewhere online for substantially less. Shop around online before you purchase any items from this company!

Ask Ap about EverSave
2 reviews
32 helpful votes

This company is a scam. It is my belief that they do not really have the products they are offering because they will take your money for an item, but you never receive the item and you never can get a response by phone or email.

Ask Judith about EverSave
1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered an Eversave Coupon From TOCCS - for an Ipad case almost 2 months ago! I redeemed the coupon on the site and have NEVER received my order - I've repeatedly contacted TOCCs and Eversave and NO ONE has contacted me about this order! It is a ripoff! The number on the TOCCS site goes to someone named "Amanda" cell phone! RIPOFF! BOTH EVERSAVE AND THIS OTHER COMPANY! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

Ask marie about EverSave
1 review
4 helpful votes

I bought a deal for a massage and nails at a salon. I called day after day to set up an appointment and no one ever called me back. I emailed Eversave for a refund. I never got a response. I Emailed again and still no response. I never got a refund. They stole my money. They are bad business. I will never buy from ever save again

Ask charito about EverSave
1 review
4 helpful votes

purchased a item from eversave. I received it within days. Opened box all broken. Shipping box wasnt damaged. And item was wrapped in bubble wrap. Contacted company only way is thru email. There is no way to actually talk to customer service rep. Emailed them several times with no answer. Going on to week 3 with no refund or exchange. Beware

Ask Marcelo about EverSave
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

I ordered 5 pairs of swarovski diamond earings on Dec 14, 2013
and was supposed to recieve by X-MAS that never happened!
I had called them several times n left several mgs
N They haven't called back? Was wrong with this company?
They are ripping people off! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

Ask Felix about EverSave
2 reviews
2 helpful votes


Ask rosemarie about EverSave
1 review
3 helpful votes

I only gave them one star so I could comment!! This is a rip off and when you try to get ahold of someone to ask where your order is, they tell you to leave an email and they will get back to you in two days and that was three weeks ago. My advice would be to find a reputable site to order from THIS IS NOT A REPUTABLE SITE!!!

Ask Ron about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

I only gave it one star in order to get into the site. This is the second time I have stupidly ordered something from Eversave. The first time I had to cancel my credit card because I could not find the order, or any information on it. This time was the same, no information, this indicates to me that the site is a scam. Anyone who orders from it is a fool, and being a fool includes me. S#@! is how I would rate it.

Ask Gayle about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

Purchased 2 Noria 7" Tablets. Voucher number didn't work on the suppliers website. Found them on Amazon for the same price. Contacted Eversave about cancelling my order several times, never heard back except for a new ticket number every time I contacted them. I'm calling American Express so they don't pay the charge.

Ask Steven about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered so e earrings 3weeks ago still don't have them. Shame on me ordered something again nothing yet. Fool me once fool me twice but never again.

Ask StepHanie about EverSave
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

bought save and tried for 3 months to exercise at Shirin diamonds now phone has been disconnected and no help from customer service at Eversave they just keep responding with new ticket numbers but no response

Ask Lawernce about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

Recently (about a month ago), I bought an item from this site. After the online shopping was completed, my credit was already charged but I have never received the item (till now) that I bought. I sent email to the customer support couple of times, I receive a new ticket number each time I send an email, and says "they will contact within the 48 hours" but they never reply back with the case. When I tried to reach them by the phone, they are inaccessible by the phone.

Never shop from this site. There are better sites for shopping such as or Ebay where they care customer so much.

Ask Prakash about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am partially to blame for giving Eversave a second chance. I bought a Kindle reader at one time through Eversave and it lasted a few months and died. They more or less said buyer beware - too bad. This week I ordered a $6 iPhone holder for my son. I had great difficulty entering the voucher id# at the zShoppers site but finally did. I authorized payment of $3.99 for shipping and handling and today my checking account was charged $28.99 by zShoppers. Eversave apparently has little or no customer service and this company zShoppers has an answering message to write them an email. This is soooo frustrating.
At this point I send out a huge shoutout to Groupon!!! They are wonderful and make sure that every voucher I use is fulfilled or they fix it. They actually answer the phone and are friendly and helpful. I also had an incident with an Eversave coupon for dinner. I showed up with the voucher and they wanted to only take a smart phone app. Bad bad company and terrible customer service.

Ask Diane about EverSave
1 review
4 helpful votes

Extremely poor customer service. Ordered a retractable hose. The voucher was from Epacific Mall. My account was charged. I went to the site and registered my voucher, and nothing. this was in June. I emailed Eversave, when they got back to me they told me to contact Epacific, which I have done, three times. Still nothing, not even a reply. Eversave should stand by their vouchers and contact their distributors. Sticking with Groupon and Living Social.

Ask Linda about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was looking at a few things on this site and put two in my cart. I filled out the information and changed my mind. The next thing I know they charged my credit card. There is no way to contact this people other than by email, they tell you they have 24 hours to get back to you, this gives them time to process your credit card charge. when they finally got back with me they told me it is an "All Sales Final Site" no where does it say that. These people are a total scam, avoid them at all costs.

Ask Dolores about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

Very user unfriendly website. They list a contact telephone number and when you try to call it, it says "Grasshopper is transferring your call and then recording says voicemail is full and not accepting calls. When I emailed them telling them I could not leave a message they emailed me back saying they do not take calls...... Then why list a contact number.? Tried to cancel order placed in error and they said I could not cancel. I had to wit three weeks for item to come and then send it back. Thy gave me a credit. I don't want to do business with them again so what good is a Credit.

Ask Audrey about EverSave
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have never purchase anything from this site ever , i checked my checking account i had a 399 purchase with my debit card.. I didint do this purchase.. I called eversave You wont be able to contact them all their voicemails are full and no way in speaking with a live rep.. ( red flags all the way ) I contacted my back and open a claim .. I will not trust in entering your credit card info with them... I never purchase anything from there now do you see how unsafe it is to enter you information

Ask dfgdf about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

Eversave is by far the worst company I have ever experienced. They have no chance competing with companies like Groupon , Living Social, etc. I have been trying to contact their customer service department for weeks regarding an issue. I have emailed and called, no response. Plus the stuff they sell is junk and the companies they endorse are just as bad as their own company. If you are a consumer please do not waste your time or money with this company. If you are a company please do not put your company in jeopardy by being associated with this atrocious company.

Ask Tina about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

Bought one o their "deals" and the place went out of business and I am out of $$!

Ask Lisa about EverSave
1 review
3 helpful votes

Be wary of vouchers
If you buy a voucher and don't check to see if the company being sponsored is still in business or still offering the promotion within 120 days, will not refund your money.

We have had two such experiences with vouchers that are good for 6 months or more, however when we tried to redeem the voucher in both cases the business was out of business.

Eversave's response to the matter is essentially "Oh Well"
They state that we didn't ask for a refund with 120 days?
How could we if we didn't have any knowledge the businesses they are promoting are gone?
Why would you ask for your money if the voucher is good for another 6 months?
Problem is you don't find out until well after the 120 days has expired, and you think you still have another half year to redeem your paid for voucher.
So here I sit sucked out of my cash with absolutely nothing and no help from the rip off machine.
This is a Rip-off and not sure how it can be legal?
Sure sound like stealing to me?
I would like to be a part of a class action on this company

Ask Guy about EverSave
1 review
1 helpful vote

Unlike others (and I was quite worried when I couldn't find a customer service phone number as well, which is how I cam upon these reviews), I am very satisfied with my most recent, and first encounter with them.

I purchased a voucher which I could not use (scheduling conflict with my travel mate), and contacted them via their contact form requesting a refund. After doing so I got a "due to high volume you may not hear in 3-4 days". I thought I was about to be another negative review of them.

Therefore I was very surprised to hear in 5 hours that the voucher was canceled at my request, and a refund applied to my credit card (yes, no credits, no restrictions, a refund). All this very politely worded, and almost apologetic.

I'll go back to them with no hesitation.

Ask Jim about EverSave
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have made multiple purchases thru including a comforter, which came within 2 weeks, and multiple restaurants and spa stuff too. I also had to return a voucher once because i couldn't use it- and had no issue getting a reply...maybe I was lucky. I have never had a problem printing out my vouchers- and they give you Rewards if you share whatever deal you buy- sure, it's so you buy something else and it's only a couple bucks when you share it but at least I GET MY PRODUCTS ORDERED, unlike Half off depot- which is a total scam!

Ask kimberly about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

This site does not have a customer service PHONE number. That should be the biggest warning. The do not refund your money , you cannot cancel your orders on phone only by email because they dont have customer service phone numbers. And they dont refund money , any eversave points which you can use only upto 3$ per deal. It is the worst site of its kind. STAY AWAY from this $#!tty site.

Ask Roma about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask Lori about EverSave
1 review
2 helpful votes

A word of caution if you buy a voucher from Eversave - be sure you've brushed up on your ability to see into the future, as you will need to know within 30 days whether or not a merchant will still be in business to honor it.

This I discovered when I tried to book housecleaning services in May (with a voucher that doesn't expire until October) for a company that has apparently gone out of business - as evidenced by the fact that the phone number on the voucher and on their web site is disconnected and multiple attempts to contact the business through the contact form on their web site have gone unanswered. When I explained the situation to Eversave and requested a refund, I was told that I could only receive a credit for Save Rewards.

Since you can only use a portion of Save Rewards for each purchase (and some purchases not at all), that means I would have to spend at least $100 more to use the Rewards they gave me "as a token of appreciation to me as a customer." And the best part is that the rewards were only valid for 2 months and expired at the end of June, so now I have nothing to show for their appreciation.

So - lesson learned. Wish it hadn't cost me $78, but now I know to stick with Groupon or Living Social and I will advise everyone I can to avoid Eversave.

P.S. Anyone else who is having this problem and wants to go to the attorney general, let me know. How many complaints do you need for a class action suit?

Ask Julie about EverSave
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

How unfortunate that i must write such a negative review about this company because I have had multiple good experiences with them, but my latest experience was so atrocious that i can't even image how this company continues to stay in business among the Groupon/LivingSocial giants. I purchased a voucher and downloaded the Eversave iPhone app, arrived at the restaurant and was told they will not accept the iPhone app....the voucher must be printed. Why would Eversave make an iPhone app if merchants will not accept it? I was sure that the merchant was at fault and that Eversave would see this and refund my money...however their response was "I am very sorry for your experience redeeming the voucher. But at this time it is up to the merchants discretion if they accept the voucher if it is not a print out of the voucher." This is was I, the customer, supposed to know this? I had a frustrating back-and-forth with their customers service team, where they graciously ended up crediting me the money i spent on the voucher and an additional $5 for my Because of them i ended up going to a restaurant i would'v never gone to without a voucher, had to order off the special menu (because thats the only menu the voucher covered) and then was told i had to pay full price. I seriously have never had such an awful customer service experience at a restaurant and then with a voucher company which introduced me to the restaurant. Looking online now i see that Eversave already has terrible reviews so I guess i shouldn't be too surprised. I am posting my entire email chain here so other users can see that this company clearly does not care about its customers.

From Eversave, in response to my initial email:
Thank you for contacting Customer Service and saving with us. I am very sorry about your experience redeeming your Save voucher with China Pearl. It is the merchants discretion of whether or not they accept the voucher without a print out. We do recommend for local merchants that customers do have the print out of the voucher to present to the merchant. This is noted in our FAQ page. I have listed this information below for you to view. As a result of this of this happening when you attempted to redeem your voucher I will issue you $5 dollars of Save rewards for you to use towards another purchase because you are a very good customer with Eversave.

Q - Do I need to print my Save voucher?
A - For local merchants, a Save voucher is like a coupon or cash, so you will need to print the voucher and present the actual hard copy to the merchant in order to redeem your Save. Without the voucher, the merchant has no way of knowing that you purchased the Save. To redeem an online merchant Save, you need to input the voucher code at checkout in the promo or coupon code box to get the credit for your Save.

My response to Eversave:
Based on the Eversave Pledge listed on your website, this is not an an
acceptable response. Where on your website does it state that the
Eversave iPhone app is not a sufficient way to use my vouchers? I do
not see any FAQs regarding the iPhone app at all. In fact, the FAQ
below is not correct when it states that "Without the voucher, the
merchant has no way of knowing that you purchased the Save." The
merchant can see my voucher number on my iPhone which means i
purchased it....

As i mentioned in my previous email, I use iPhone apps for other
companies like Groupon/LivingSocial/Gilt/, which I'm
sure you are aware of. I show the merchant my phone, they write down
the voucher number and click 'Redeem'. I have never had an issue. Why
would you offer an iPhone app if customers cannot use it to redeem
their vouchers? Where on the iPhone app does it state that, despite
having downloaded the app, i still need to print the vouchers?

Certainly you understand how this experience has influenced my opinion
of your company. Why would I use Eversave again? I went to a
restaurant i learned about on your website, i spent twice as much
money as i expected to spend, i was told that it was my fault for not
knowing that i needed to print the voucher and now you are confirming
to me that, somehow, i was supposed to just assume that the iPhone app
was worthless? Does this make sense to you, from a customer service

all you need to do if credit me for the amount i lost on this
experience ($20) and i will take this as a lesson learned (i
guess?!?), remove the iPhone app from my phone and continue to use
Eversave by printing the vouchers.

If you choose to credit my account for the $5 I spent and assume this
will make up for this absurd experience, I assure you I will never use
your service again. I will post negative reviews about this
experience, report it to the Better Business Bureau and continue to
remain disappointed at the fact that this is an acceptable way of
doing business for your company.

Ask geni about EverSave
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

In my experience, eversave is a site that gives you deals for shady services, then washes it's hands of them once you are getting screwed by the service provider. We got a "Save" for a vacation deal through Mexico Resort and Reservations. After we had already booked travel, Mexico Resort and Reservations pulled a bait-and-switch on us, claiming that we had to pay additional fees to get into a different hotel and we could not get our original hotel. This happened DAYS before we were going to depart. Eversave washed their hands of the manner, only offering a refund. Their deals are with SHADY businesses. Save yourself the hassle and avoid.

Ask Jason about EverSave
65 reviews
170 helpful votes

if you like groupon, eversave is another alternative-- exact same set-up

Ask Monica about EverSave

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