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In my experience, has pretty decent customer service if you can find the phone number. (in 96 reviews)


i did order for 30$ and wait it , soo i hope it will come! (in 517 reviews)


Recently purchased a smart phone ...Item is quick and very good BUT resource hungry. (in 296 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I ordered a Phablet and a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad on Everbuying and it was my first time buying something online. The package came 2 days ago, and both things are perfect, the keyboard works just fine and I'm already using the phablet and it's great. I'll be buying more from Everbuying since I can save lots of money and the quality is great!

New Reviewer

I purchased an Android tablet on To be honest, I don't even think they shipped my product. They gave me two incorrect tracking numbers and when I asked them for a new one, they didn't give it to me. I called DHL and they said the shipment was never picked up by Everbuying. When I told them about this, they said that they sent it and it will be at my house in few days. At that time, My delivery was meant to arrive yesterday, and Everbuying were stalling, saying I should wait a few more days. I called DHL again, and they said it still wasn't picked up. I emailed them saying that I know it was never shipped, but they ignored my email. I also read a few reviews of this website from previous customers and in most cases, the product never came, it took an extremely long time for it to come e.g. 3 months or it was DOA (Dead On Arrival). That's when I decided to open a dispute in the resolution centre on PayPal. I told Paypal about all the things they tried to do, and when they realized that Paypal could make them refund my money, they finally gave the shipment to DHL. It came in 3 days, just like they said and my tablet works perfectly. I would've gave this review 5 stars if they didn't lie to me about my product being shipped. is simply a bad company to be in business with and I've chosen not to buy anything else from this website in the future because I don't want to go through what I went through again.

New Reviewer

im order 3 items on july 11 and we are on august 7 and I don't recive my items not send a traking number I never buy again with everybuying im so mad

New Reviewer

Slow delivery and products not very well made. Be aware that you will most likely be charged tax and also then a massive handling charge, whilst I don't object to paying import tax I do object to a handling charge of over 20% of the goods value, this should be sorted out in advance by the website.
The review system is flawed. I posted a review about a tablet and it was not shown on the site. The review was not positive as the tablet was not great - slow, bad wi-fi, usb port required an extra long plug etc.

New Reviewer

I ordered that stupid Max Speed watch for $5 as a novelty but as well to add to watch collection on July ELEVENTH. The shipping said 7-14 days. In 5 days it will be a month and no package. I'm not sure where they're shipping from but I'm in CANADA not space. I contacted their support and they said it's actually supposed to take minimum 15-25 days. 25?! And they said if it doesn't come in FORTY-FIVE days then they will offer a refund or resend it. What kind of madness is this?! The novelty for the watch has long worn off and I don't even want the product anymore if it's going to take this long for delivery.

Not to mention they failed to give me a tracking number and when I contacted them they said "we looked into it and it's 'on its way'", whatever that means. I order things online all the time and MAXIMUM wait time is usually 7-10 days, even for out of country products. This is ridiculous.

New Reviewer

I order my product on 16th of july now its the 5th of august still no package ???
this is taking longer than expected !!! very frustrating

New Reviewer

I purchased goods worth 50$ from this website on the 1st of August of 2014. The order is still under the Processing status. No matter how many times i have reached out to them there hasn't been a response. I am not sure if I would have to cancel my order. Will by get my refund? and is this website scam? I have punched in my debit card details in this.
Guys please help me out if I have to block my card as I dont trust this website one bit.


New Reviewer

I placed an order a week ago and the order still says PROCESSING. It cant be about money because the money was taken from my card. I am leaving for another country on Thursday and no one will assist me. I cannot get in contact with a representative to see if I can sped up the order or just cancel. I NEED SOME HELP

New Reviewer

If this was a legit company they would not only give you an email to respond to but a phone number also.... Gees, people just can't help screwing others. Is it really all about money everbuying!!!! This company sounds like its from a house....

New Reviewer

Total scam. Don't ever buy from this company. They won't send you the item and will try to convince you to wait past the 45-day deadline that PayPal has for getting your money back. They'll make excuses about their shipping company and stuff about customs, but in reality it was never sent. Steer clear!

EDIT: As you can see below, Everbuying responded within 24 hours to my negative online review. This is far more vigilant than the Everbuying that didn't respond to email inquiries about my item until I started talking about getting my money back. In addition, Everbuying tried to knock down one of my negative reviews on another site by claiming we had never done business. Slippery, slippery...

BTW, there was no possible way I would have gotten my package within 7 days, as it was not marked "shipped" until two weeks after I ordered it. And the 45-day high end? When I ordered, it was up to 25 days, then they changed it to 35 days a few weeks later. Now they're saying 45 days. And that's exactly what they do. They get people to wait over 45 days so that they can't go to PayPal to get their money back. Sheesh.

New Reviewer

This website only publishes good reviews. Wrote several reviews, good and bad but only the good reviews are published.

New Reviewer

I placed an order for the Kjstar Z07-5 WiFi Retractable Handheld Monopod Unipod for IOS 4.0 and Above System accessory,which was shipped on the 05 May 2014. On purchasing the item, delivery stated 10-25 working days.

I keep asking them for a tracking number but have had no luck.
A lady by the name of Elaine responded saying I should wait 15-45 days now...I am getting worried they still cant provide me with a tracking number or that they did not actually post the product.
Their service is terrible!

New Reviewer

I purchased an item and they told me that it would get to America in 15 to 20 days and it's been 4 months and I still haven't gotten my order. It's still supposedly processing but I doubt it'll ever get here. Please don't buy from this site it's a rip off. They don't want to Give me a refund unless I return the item.

New Reviewer

A friend suggested I buy a phone from; OI promptly did so, and then realised I'd broken my cardinal rule of googling sellers for reviews. My heart sank when I saw some bad reviews.
I'm writing this review to say, whatever they may have been in the past, they are now FAST and EFFICIENT. I bought a dual sim phone ($US100), with the cheapest delivery (via the Netherlands to Australia, go figure).
My phone arrived 20 days after I ordered it, which was well within their 20 - 25 days prediction. The phone was well packaged, and exactly as described.
A very happy customer, and I will use them again.

New Reviewer

Bought a few cheep items from them, long delivery time but no problem until I spent £130 on a phone, that's when the hell started. Waiting and waiting for delivery, no update on tracking expect that it was dispatched. After 2 months and still no item I contacted them and was told to wait longer. Waited longer still no update, chased some more and told to wait longer. When I said that was not acceptable their response was basically tough luck. I had paid for "insurance" on the delivery but this seems to have changed nothing. I have raised a claim with PayPal and was informed that I was outside of their 45 day window. I have contacted my bank and due to PayPal using direct debits for payment, I have no cover from that end. So I am out of pocket £130 and have nothing to show for it. I would recommend that you only purchase cheep items from this site, never buy anything worth any money or you will be very disappointed and a little bit poorer. I personally will never buy anything from this site again.

New Reviewer

Received tablets and andriod phones, used tracking to get items no problem. Order SD card( got cards in end made to pay $4 tracking which was not used), bluetooth keyboard low cost and item never arrives. Still waiting since Feb 2014. Catch "22" you don't use tracking you get item, don't pay for tracking and you have lost it. You cannot prove you got it, they don't prove they posted it they keep you money and loads of useless e-mail excuses after that

New Reviewer

Regarding the order I wonder when I will answer a question they say respond in no more than 24h. I wonder how long it takes your order to arrive at my residence in Portugal.

New Reviewer

My first and the last shopping with everbuying. I am fed up of writing emails with no response till date. I have ordered a watch on june 3rd and 5 mp3 players on 17th june. Not even recieved any of those items. Please respond to the customers query. Live chat always shows offline. Customer Care number says its incorrect when i m trying to call from Arizona. Horrible experience so far. Fed up of waiting waiting and waiting. I am leaving to India in August and there is no use if i dont get the delivery on time. Please advice me on the status if not please cancel the order and return my money back. Will neva order nor refer anyone to buy from this website where there is no appropriate customer support.

New Reviewer

Worst shipping quality
I ordered a dress from everbuying two months ago. Everbuying mentioned that it usually takes 12 to 25 business days to ship a package. Now it's more than two months. Still I did not receive my dress. I will never buy anything from everbuying.

New Reviewer

Good China wholeseller! Already received four orders from them. All goods arrived well packed and in good condition. Ordered and received among other items two sellphones. No problem!
Can recommend to everyone!

New Reviewer

i ve read the reviews with this company...I will advise all not to order a table spoon from them. Had my card out and ready to shop, NO,NO,NO. Glad i did my homework. To anyone reading? Gearbest is pretty cool. They are not as cheap as this company but still great prices,cool reviews,paypal,great customer service and easy to deal with..%98 happy customers the other %2 maybe damage during shipping. A true company.

New Reviewer

I bought a cellphone from ever buying last week, and paid for tracking but up to now it keeps saying tracking infor unavailable. I tried to contact them via support center and all they do is send a ticket number which doesn't take you anywhere. Now after reading all these bad reviews I think I better notify my bank for a cancellation, I think they are scammers and they don't have working office phones. They should just be banned from selling in the USA! Period

New Reviewer

Appalling. Order took a while to ship. Once it arrived it was faulty. Took weeks to get a response to my complaint.
The company expect me to pay return postage to initiate replacement - this would cost almost double the original item cost. Not to mention that I would have to wait for it to reach them, and them then wait for the item replacement to be shipped.
In total, to get a functioning item I would have to have waited around three months, and paid three times the listed price. This is a joke.

Since writing this review (and since the reply below) Everbuying have insisted that I should pay to have the item returned to them, or pay a further charge to have a replacement sent out (at approximately 50% of the original cost) or they will contribute towards the cost of a repair, a contribution which almost certainly would not cover the cost of that repair.

I cannot say strongly enough: DO NOT PURCHASE FROM EVERBUYING.COM

New Reviewer

I will never buy from everbuying again!!! I recieve my phone which worked great but then stopped charging so they had me to send it back to them and they replaced it with another phone, which took about a month! When I recieved the replacement phone it was faulty also. They wanted me to pay shipping again to send the replacement phone back to them or give me $15 to take it to a repair shop. And everyone knows it cost more than $15 to get it fixed! I asked for the mangers email address and then whole conversation(ticket) was deleted. So still a broken phone! Lesson learned- NEVER buy from everbuying... Customer service stinks and they dont know what they are doing!!!!

New Reviewer

I have bought a phone in August 2013. One month later the battery stopped working and when I tried to replace it with the spare one, it was already broken. Which was a brand new spare battery from the package. I have contacted their customer service team and they told me they will send me a replacement batter. Two months later, still no battery. I have contacted them again in January and February and they said that it might be taking longer than usual. However right now we are at the end of June and I still haven't received it. I have talked to a lawyer and this is a case for a law suit as this is called fraud. I have been told that they should be refunding me for my purchase as the product was faulty, however this hasn't happened. I would not recommend this company to anyone as their loyalty to customers is debatable, not to mention their customer service actions.

New Reviewer

I will NEVER ever buy online anything from this website.
They are the cheaters.
They don't give you full and correct shipping information .
I bought a phone from their website online that showed free shipping all over the world.
They provided me order # plus tracking # and shipped the order to the destination without complete paperwork done as they agreed according to their website.
The courier company and the post office was'nt given complete information from their website about the receiver and they held the package for 2 months and asked for A LOT of identifications and paper work from receiver.
I want you people to know that this website DON'T ship the order to the shipping Address.
Before buying anything from their website , always ask for any confirmation that the package will deliver to the shipping address in the given estimated time.

New Reviewer

$#*!ing cheaters.. they are giving $#*!ing toy watches worth $50.. they are making us fool.... we have to wait for 50 days to get that rubbish.....

New Reviewer

Horrible business to buy from. Goods were received, but did not work. Tried to communicate with the company that was a whole new problem again. In the end I gave up - never again !!!

New Reviewer

it is now 6/19 ordered placed on 5/15 no product yet. i emailed the company and told i would just have to wait. This is not the first time i have ordered from china most arrive in 3 weeks not 6. Avoid doing business with them.

New Reviewer

I just want ot express my displeasure with this company, 1st i lasted i month to recevie the product since was told they take 3 business day to test device, after device was receive i turned on which only lasted 1 hour after these power off a never came up,did every posible tb shooting,explained situation to cs which they told me to take device to local repair shop which if they confirm device was damage they will incurr to paid half of the repair,open a dispute with paypal which as soon they were notify by paypal they write me down telling me they will send me a new replacement device but i will need to close dispute to make it happen due company policy,after i close case (which i didnt know it cannot be reopen with paypal) they contact me telling me that i will need to sent device to them before anything is taken care,as well i will be responsible for shipping item to them, and at all of this i was offer a insurance whichi paid for to have a replacent device sent if anyhing happen,honestly i recommend to expand your option if you are planning to purchase in this company, they will not stand for there product.

New Reviewer

scam I am going to file a law suit soon my package never came in its bin almost 2 months I am also reporting you for fraud
update it is now april still nothing such a big disappointment
Now June never got it they won't even refund me

New Reviewer

Dont buy from this China Company. Period!
That is the only best advice i can give you.
Otherwise, you will be sorry!!!

New Reviewer

in 24 hours my item was shipped so now its time to play the waiting game.... Im fine if it takes a month I get it its coming from across the world so my expectations arnt so high.... as a company. to keep customers happy if an item is out of stock that customer needs to be notified, not have the customer wait for ever and get feed up and contact you guys and then be like oh yea its out of stock... your asking for bad reviews. And yes the things they say on the site are half A@# untrue cause I put in two tickets and havnt gotten anything back from customer service.... customer service sucks balls point period and need to do some restaffing. My issue is that the tracking number does not work....grrrr. I would like to know were my package is departing from and when its in route.... not wait a month not knowing if im ever going to receive my merch i paid 70 dollars for. tracking number RS125795565NL to USA. fix it please.

New Reviewer

I work with everbuying with dropshing 2.5 years and I like them so much.
They send quick and helped me every time I needed them.
Very good and cheap company

New Reviewer

My company is a big company from Dominican Republic on smartphone distributer. A month ago I bough a smartphone from this company >"EVERBUYING" and they sent me a broken phone which I can not sale. I request to theme to refund a least 30 dollars because due to both country distance I can not send the item back to them due to deleviry cost which is very expense. Until now I have not receive any response from them. It is your own risk to buy any products on this company.

New Reviewer

Alright so June 1st 2014 I ordered 2 phones, one looked like an iPhone 5 and the other looked like a galaxy s5 or whatever the latest galaxy is anyway, it's been 8 days and the order says its still processing, then the site say to confirm your email to make an order. Is this why the order is taking so long?

New Reviewer

Buyer beware! This company is a scam. This unethical group of rip off artists goes by these names Rosewholesale, Sammydress, Rosegal, Dresslily, Rosewe, Choies, a happy deal, Globalegrow, Everbuying, fashiondresswholesale, Mart of China, Yeegow, on Ebay they are Global_egrow, probably more.
All part of a company called Yigou International Group, (with a ghost website)
Under that umbrella they are Everbuying, and Globalegrow
Located at various (real or fake) addresses in the 4th Industrial Zone, Shenzhen Guangdong, China under the name of Mike Yu

Read the negative reviews on those FB pages. (Update they have been deleting many negative comments)
All these people are getting ripped off!
I fell for their scam and I am trying to get my money back thru Paypal
Their idea of help: I should give the clothes to a friend, and they will give me a 5% discount on your next order! A bunch of BS
Every single company has hundreds of extreme complaints against it, varying from orders not shipped, orders placed - weeks later claimed not in production anymore,
broken or not working, wrong sizes, wrong color, wrong item, sewing that could have been done better by a child, fabric so thin it wouldn't make it through a wash, and numerous more!

The one thing in common is they always have your money in their pocket. Refunds are very seldom given, only partial refunds( I was offered 6.00 after spending over 100.00 Or 5% off my Next order )
Most complainants tell of waiting months to a year before finally giving up. Being blocked from phone calls, their account disabled, no responses to emails, even not refunding for out of stock items.
People who have tried to cancel their orders are delayed and not responded to until finally someone tells them "Oh that has already shipped we can't refund you"

File a dispute as soon as possible with your bank or paypal.. These guys will try to drag out emails and promises until the complaint time limits are up! Don't give them any chances. They have no problem lying.

New Reviewer

I don't even give a single star rating to this cheaters. I ordered a phone for $150. This phone keeps on restarting again and again and so not able to use it. Even if I charge the battery fully, it keeps on restarting and never starts up completely, draining the whole battery down. When I complained, this people told me to show it to local repair shop and they will SHARE the cost. What the hell. What about warranty of this phone? When I checked at many places, no one is ready to repair this phone. Reason, they say is these phone can't be repaired as they are modified and messed up. I asked for a replacement, and this people are asking me to pay for shipping. Never buy even a $1 product from this company. They are fraud. If they don;t address my complaint, I am going to make all effort to shut them down.

New Reviewer

I ordered a new phone from Everbuying on 25th May. They have a tracking feature and I wanted to check the progress, when looking for the details I came across this site and it worried me no end, with stories of goods not being delivered and no refunds. I did check the tracking two days ago and there seemed no progress, I thought that I would be in a battle with Paypal to get my money back and then this morning 7th June our friendly neighbourhood postman delivered the phone, it's now charged up and working and looks better than it did on the website. Now I'm relieved and I would be happy to use them again.

New Reviewer

I don't know what has happened to this company. It used to be quite good. Now it's a lottery if you receive what you bought, whether it will work or be defective. Worse still, their customer service dept. has recently begun routinely lying in attempts to make excuses e.g. "it's out of stock", "it's back in stock", "it will be shipped this week" followed by "we're still waiting for stock". When then asked why they told me that they had it in stock if they didn't - 'silence'. They now won't honor their own promises. After their out-of-stock/back-in-stock/but-not-really fiasco, I bought a different model which they assured me was in stock.. It has a host of problems. When I told Everbuying about them, someone named 'Denis' wrote back saying "Dear Joe, Thanks for your message, Please send me the picture of it, We will give you compensation when we confirm that, Best Regards Denis".
That was on 21/May/2014. Since sending the photos, Everbuying have again gone silent and have not even had the courtesy to reply to my emails. I tried submitting another ticket in the hope that someone else might do the right thing - but that too has just been ignored. I don't know if this change is due to financial difficulties within the company but I won't be taking the risk and I won't be buying from this company ever again. There are many other online retailers, so I would advise others to not take the risk either.

New Reviewer

it said ship in 24 hours 8 days later still prossesing try to contact 4 times no answer filed complaint with pay pall no answer finally got them on toll free phone they told me they will not refund until I drop my case if I do that I cannot reopen I am waiting for pay pal ruling because they will not answer pay pal email it will take about 20 days before I get refund there is no communication with this company and faulse advertising BUYER BEWARE

New Reviewer

I bought a new phone from website. It sent me an USED phone, screen defective and some functions did not even work such as GPS. I contacted as well as filed a complaint to Paypal. Everbuying told me to ship product back with tracking number for refund. Then after received the return product, they told me they will deduct the shipping charge to send the product from China to US. In other words, I have to pay for shipping for both ways: China to US and US returns to China for nothing since I returned the defective product. It costs me total $60.
My ticket number is: T21358548913

Update as of June 6th, 2014

I received the shipping refund from I want to update my rating as B- and the US customer service rep. is very good to help me solving the problem. I should work with her earlier for my case than contact to her China counterpart. I am a satisfaction customer now.

New Reviewer





New Reviewer

I will never buy anything again from this company this company is a joke they send you what they want to send you not what you ordered beware of this company beware of this company

New Reviewer

I have not bought anything from #Everbuying...and reading 98% of these reviews I dont think I will...I am seeing inferior products, inferior customer service and a waste of time and money...I have been on the site and the products and prices looks great but I guess thats the things equals cheap service...

New Reviewer

I did two months ago at the ordered the phone and now I got nothing.
when I ask questions about the package, they say you should go to the post office in your town and your order
I went to the post office today. they have not received anything in my name.
You sent me web address, colleagues, I can not openen.http :/ /
I've already done everything to open that Web address is invalid. want to send the address where I can pick up the parcel? it seems to me more scam company, because I have so many questions, it is not a single answer. you just talk a story we sent out the package, but you can not prove that the package in Netherlands is whether you want to give. no address of the post office

New Reviewer

Buongiorno ho Fatto UN Ordine IL 08.05.2014
e ad Oggi non ho Ricevuto Ancora niente ..
ho ANCHE aggiunto SPESE per pacco EXPRESS.
fattemi Sapere QUANDO PUO Arrivare il mio Ordine?????
NUMERO ORDINE E1405071504291055
Grazie Mario

New Reviewer

If I could give this company 0 stars I would because it doesn't deserve any credit. I failed to read about the company beforehand and have quickly learned to not waste my money on any overseas services like so. I received a cell phone that has worked for 3 hours and since then won't even turn on. The product is clearly faulty and not of quality work at all. Don't make the same mistake I did investing your time and money into everbuying. It truly is a scam and they only seek to steal your money. I have tried contacting them numerous times but only get a voicemail that gives you operating hours, which I am clearly calling during but they simply don't want to reply. Save your money. This is a bull$#*! website with bull$#*! products.

New Reviewer

I ordered an android phone from Everbuying back in February this year and the product is completely fine, entirely as advertised and a real bargain. The phone I ordered was the 5.5 inch N8000 Android 4.2 3G Phablet MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz 1GB and I paid $134.61 + $3.69 insurance (order number E1402201635090730). It is dual sim and works completely fine with the “3” network in the UK. My only complaint with the phone is that the 3.5mm audio jack isn’t the greatest quality, so listening quality is very sensitive and dependant on how headphones are positioned – not great for walking and exercising with the device. I was pleased that the phone was supplied with an additional battery as it does drain quite quickly.

I would say that despite having no problems with the product after 2 months of being in possession of it, the delivery and ordering aspect of dealing with everbuying wasn’t the greatest of experiences. My order did not ship within 24 hours as the website stated, and it was left with a status of “processing” for the around 2 working weeks. When I wrote to everbuying after one week, they asked me to wait for another 3-5 business days. They did respond very quickly to queries though. My order was eventually shipped after 2 weeks, but the tracking aspect was useless. My order was sent using Sweden Post, and for a long time the tracking number wasn’t recognised by that company. After another of couple weeks the order was in Singapore according to the Sweden Post website. Another two weeks later I received a note through my door from Royal Mail (UK’s postal service) informing me there is customs duty to pay (£25), which needed to be payable in cash at my local sorting office. Everbuying does mention that customs duty would be payable, so I was expecting this. So, everbuying states 24 hour dispatch and 10-25 days delivery. I waited for 14 days dispatch and 28 days delivery in addition.

As such, I would order from everybuying again, but I would definitely choose the express delivery option!

New Reviewer

Lovely evening bag, excellent quality, great price, fast shipping and great customer service. What more can I say? Good people to do business with.

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