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ElleSilk reviews

34 reviews
Categories: Bedding
Room 2607, Chenneng Building B, No.2, Xuanhe Street
Harbin, China
Tel: 0086-451-82321733

34 Reviews From Our Community

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Also customer service was great, and I was able to get the bedding set adjusted for my specific needs. (in 3 reviews)


My order arrived without any problems and i am very impressed with the silk bedding set. (in 1 review)


Ordered silk sheets from ellesilk last month, the sheets I owned prior to these cost about 10 times more than these. (in 5 reviews)

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New Reviewer

What a surprise it was to open the package and find them to be so soft. I bought the silk sheets for my daughter and she loves them. I'm a value shopper. I bought them from this site based on the reviews and I'm glad I did.

New Reviewer

I love the beautiful soft luxurious pink silk blanket. My sleep is more restful and my skin allergies are much better! I give this product a 5 star rating. Everyone should have silk blanket for the pure healthy good benefits! I plan on giving more silk blankets as Christmas gifts to the rest of my family.

New Reviewer

Natural silk comforter. Love it so much. I used it for a week and feel great, light and soft,better than anything I have ever experienced.

New Reviewer

I normally cannot sleep in pajamas. They twist, grab hold, and drive me crazy when I sleep. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and take them off.
Normally, I get a flannel fabric. As a last resort, I tried ordering silk pajamas from ellesilk. The fabric is a lot nicer and I sleep very well. I love silk PJs.

New Reviewer

The feel of the sheets are great and help keep me cool. Definitely worth the money. I'm not a textile expert but they seem very well crafted. They can be hard to keep on the bed but I think it's a small price to pay. They seem to breathe much better than my Egyptian cotton sheets.

Had a little shipping mix up on my part but the problem was solved right away and got here faster than estimated!

New Reviewer

The pillow case is everything I expected. If summer ever gets here, the pillow will be very cool on my face. I bought it for my hair. After reading other reviews about wrinkles in your face from side sleeping, I have quit sleeping on my side. I do have wrinkles on the side of my face that I sleep on. I couldn't believe it! I got a pair of cases so my husband would have the coolness next summer as his hair always looks nice anyway. would highly recommend.

New Reviewer

Best silk bedding set I have owned. The 28momme bedding set I bought has made my bed totally awesome, only problem is I don't feel like leaving bed now:)
Also customer service was great, and I was able to get the bedding set adjusted for my specific needs.
Will buy more things from here when I can afford to.

New Reviewer

Gave the sheet to my boyfriend as a gift, he loved it almost as much as I! Great quality and great to sleep in, both in the winter and summer. They do take some extra steps in taking care of but they are worth the little extra trouble.

New Reviewer

Purchased the 22 momme pillowcase, and it's fantastic. Not sure about the beauty claims,
but it is a pleasure to sleep on Smooth, no snags, and it's way smoother and softer than any cotton jersey or sateen pillowcase.

New Reviewer

They are just like they pillowcases. Soft and, well, silky! I've used them for weeks and they feel so good. If you have really sensitive skin, they will cut down on the amount of moisture that is stripped from your skin by cotton or fleece cases.
I am so glad that Ellesilk had these! I ordered 2!

New Reviewer

I purchased the silk cover from this site. I have not been disappointed and now I find it very hard to be comfortable sleeping on any other fabric of pillowcase, including satin pillow cases (very annoying!). My belief is that the silk is also kinder to my face than other fabrics. I will be buying more.

New Reviewer

The service was fantastic. I had changed address recently and my old address appeared on the delivery details. In a panic, I contacted customer services at Ellesilk and received an immediate acknowledgement, followed quickly by a reassuring personal email to say there was no problem correcting the address. My parcel arrived within four days, as expected. My silk pyjamas look fabulous, were packed beautifully. I think Ellesilk is a very professional but friendly organisation.

New Reviewer

Package(night gowns) arrived on time. It was a gift so I have not actually seen them but I didn't hear any complaints from the recipient.

New Reviewer

The silk pillowcase is great. I actually like that it's thin and breathable. Also, anything that is this delicate you will want to wash by hand, that's a given. I bought it to protect my hair and found that it is very beneficial for the complexion. Worth a try!!!

New Reviewer

The silk sheets feel excellent, true to Size. My gf loves the sheets but says they wrinkle too easily - from a cursory look, I would agree. It's not a problem for most people, as the blanket tends to cover the sheets, but just putting that out there. Overall, however, I really like the sheets and am happy that they are the most comfortable bedding I've purchased, I recommend it!

New Reviewer

My pajamas arrived before the estimated delivery date, and were the softest, most wonderful material, and the fit was right on. They are wonderful!

Ask Kathryn about ElleSilk
New Reviewer

The silk pillow case is a nice addition to my bedset. I love to sleep, and that is just what the pillowcase allows me to do, and very comfortably. The shipping was very quick, too. I am enjoying them very much. However, I don't know if it actually helps with facial wrinkles. Anyway no complaints.

New Reviewer

I was searching for a white pillowcase and came across this site. I did some research and found out the silk is supposed to be great for your skin, so why not try it out. Well not only did I get my item three days before it said it would get here but it is exactly what I was expecting. It is a bit larger than my standard pillow but with the overlap, it has stayed nice and secure. Not to mention it feels wonderful on my skin! I am so impressed, I will be purchasing another one! Very satisfied customer!

New Reviewer

Priced right. Nice White, washes well, iron or not. not hot and my face and hair are happy.
I was waking up with creases down my face from my other pillowcases. At this time I am trying to do all I can to avoid creases and wrinkles.

New Reviewer

I ordered the mulberry silk sheets in Espresso. They were wonderful and will never hopefully sleep in anything but silk again. The order came quickly, packed very well! Highly recommend.

New Reviewer

When my pajamas came I was excited, the color was great, the feel of the fabric was good, and it fit just how I expected and wanted. I feel very comfortable when sleeping in it. The
only issue is it looks like I made it myself (and I am no seamstress) because
there are strings nearly along every seam!  But I still like it because they are silky!

New Reviewer

The pajamas are perfect! They are warm, but not to warm. Soft, they feel amazing on the body. They wash wonderfully and don't shrink one bit. I got the Burgundy color.
My only complaints are that at least for me they are a little long in the legs, but I have a hard time finding pants that fit me anyways. Even my Dad, who never wears pajamas ordered himself a set after he saw mine, and I going to order a few more in the future. If you like the silk type feel, you can't go wrong with the silk pajamas on this site.

New Reviewer

THE BLANKET IS AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLY SOFT AND WARM, and makes me pumice and cream up my hands and feet or I can feel the skin flaws catch on the fabric. This is AUTHENTIC, FABULOUS, RIDICULOUSLY TOUCHABLE and I hate to get out of bed and leave it behind me each morning, so I have taken to wrapping it around me and working in bed instead of at my desk when I work at home, especially on the cold days, although it is an all season blanket, so you could use it all year round.

New Reviewer

This is the third silk nightgown by ElleSilk that I have purchased for my wife. Totally worth it. This product is of exceptional quality, was beautifully packaged, and arrived quickly. My wife is pretty small, the size small fits her fine. It's lightweight and flowing, so sizes are relatively forgiving. Each one I ordered arrived on time, and was
nicely wrapped.

New Reviewer

I never write reviews, but I always read them. I always want people to be specific about the fit and quality, so here goes my effort. The silk pajamas are very comfortable and soft. The fabric is thick enough to not be see-through. I wear a size 18 and the XL fits exactly how I would want pajamas to fit, loose and flowing, but not too baggy. In fact, I would say, they fit me just like the model looks in hers. I washed and dried them with no issues. I also have the silk sheets. I highly recommend both.

New Reviewer

I ordered a silk nightgown for my wife from the website and am now stuck with an oversize item I cannot return.

The main problem is that most of their clothing is dispatched directly from China and there is no return allowed. This is not stated on the homepage, the product pages, the ordering or transaction pages. It is in the small print on the returns page.

The second problem is that they also lie to Chinese customs by indicating this is a polyester item, and it seems genuine silk to me. But, this potentially means that buyers may be held to account for import duties.

The third problem is their sizing is all wrong. The 'Medium' I ordered stated that it was size 8/10 for a woman. It is not, it's a 14 minimum.

So, not only do they not accept returns, but their sizing means that returns will be inevitable. Except they won't admit them. Which is also in contravention of Trading Standards.

So, you have a company that can't measure properly, lies to get through customs, won't accept returns of clothing and are rude when it comes to customer service. I think that should be enough reason not to consider them again.

I am normally careful when it comes to this kind of purchase... and I did take care. But even then their deliberate hiding of the truth about their service meant that I was taken in.


New Reviewer

I am amazed that a duvet so light in weight can give so much warmth when you are sleeping! It drapes over your body and makes you feel all snug and cosy without the feeling of heaviness. The service and expertise offered by ellesilk team is excellent and after ordering, my duvet was sent out promptly in the post. The luxury of silk is definitely worth the investment for a good, quality night's sleep!

New Reviewer

I too got caught for import costs. The pyjamas were massively bigger than ordered, Elle Silk refused to change them

New Reviewer

Product's okay, but got caught with an extra invoice from the shipper/importer for duty and VAT which was unexpected and which amounted to £24.18 for a £68.66 purchase price and which already included the shipping costs. An expensive buy, turned out to be more than Harrods!

New Reviewer

I bought two pajamas for my wife. Normally she leaves things in the wardrobe several days before using them, but not these. She saw them, felt them, jumped up and changed into them, and I think has been wearing them every night since. I think if she could wear them to work she would. The fabric is nice, and the pajamas are well put together, they do look and feel very expensive.

New Reviewer

The silk blanket ordered from this site is much higher quality than what I was expecting! So soft! And the blanket seems to hold up great to washing. My daughter was excited to trade her old "well-loved" blanket for this one! Excellent buy! Thinking of getting another one for my youngest. It would be nice if they offered more girly colors...but that's my only complaint.

New Reviewer

We needed new sheets, so gave these a try. They are very soft, just right for warmth, and after several washings have not pilled or become rough. They are just great. I've told a few people about them and am thinking about giving a few sets as holiday gifts.

New Reviewer

Ordered pillow cases from this site, they are really lovely. I got two because I only use them for a few nights before washing. The silk is very smooth and seems heavy enough to be durable. They've been washed four times at this point, and no signs of wear are evident. They are a little big for my standard size pillows. I do realize they are "queen size," the size would be less of an issue if it weren't for the envelope-style closure of the case. Very nice quality pillow case, especially given the price!

New Reviewer

Ordered silk sheets from ellesilk last month, the sheets I owned prior to these cost about 10 times more than these. These sheets are great. They look good, they feel good, and you cannot beat the price. I liked them. They are comfortable to sleep in.
It's worth it to have sheets that you enjoy since you sleep on them every night for at least 8 hours.