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eFoodDepot reviews

46 reviews
Categories: Food, Grocery
7505 N. Broadway Extension. #A
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
Tel: 1-888-553-5650
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46 Reviews From Our Community

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All orders were shipped quick, packed nicely and very courteous customer service. (in 11 reviews)


It was easy to shop and I received my order within the week of the order. (in 36 reviews)


There are so many items to choose from that I couldn't easily find anywhere else. (in 11 reviews)

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New Reviewer

This site is great! There are so many items to choose from that I couldn't easily find anywhere else. I placed a fairly sized order on the 23rd of November and I received it in no time. I did call customer service for a bit of help because it was my first time purchasing food online and they were really helpful. My package arrived fast and it was exactly what I ordered. I am definitely a satisfied customer and will be ordering for the upcoming holiday.

Tip for consumers: Make sure you understand the quantities of the foods that you need and what's available on the site. It can sometimes be easy to order too much or too little of what you actually want.

Ask Daniel about eFoodDepot
New Reviewer

Thank you efooddepot very much. All my Asian food craving are always satisfied. This site makes me very happy. I live very far away from Asian market, and the closet one is very small. I barely can find anything good there. I started to look online and I found efooddepot. It is a very convenient site. I can see a variety of Asian food selections, such as Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian.... :) I can find a lot of ingredients to make my favorite home food dishes. That's how this site makes me a happy girl. It's very easy to use and the prices are very reasonable. The thing I love the most is the $6.99 base shipping up to 10lbs, much better than other sites I have tried. I am so happy that I could find all my favorite snacks on here as well. I ordered here about 5 times already, and I love it. So, I thought I could write something to share with other Asian fellows. I will definitely continue to order from efooddepot again. Thumbs up ! :) My last order was on Nov 21st 2014.

Ask Tracy about eFoodDepot
New Reviewer

I was a bit skeptical with some very old bad reviews in 2012 and 2013 but since the change of mgt the company has really done well with positive reviews. I decided to give them a try because I AM a foodie and I live in the country with access to nothing international or gourmet. I am pleased because they had fast shipping despite the holiday rush. VERY good prices and the best customer service. They responded right away to my inquiry.

New Reviewer

I've been a customer for awhile now so. I think I have a better review than most people. I started buying from efood back in 2013, and had some issues. (nothing major, just shipping delays) but since 2014 it seems they turned the leaf. All orders were shipped quick, packed nicely and very courteous customer service. One time I ordered some chocolate and they called prior to shipping explaining that the chocolates are closed to exp date (2 months left), asked if I still wanted it for refund or do a full refund. I'm so touched that they would even called to let me know ahead of time and of course I kept the order and they were delicious. But my point is they really do take care of each order and they get my respect for it! Will be buying from this store for a long long time!

Ask Elita about eFoodDepot
New Reviewer

Best online shopping experience! I love this company. This is the first time that I have ever ordered from them but after my experience, I will be a returning customer. I commend them on their professionalism and excellent customer service. I called customer service after placing an order to check if it'll arrive certain date and they assured that it will.To my surprise, it arrived two days earlier than the date! Prices are reasonable (in fact cheaper than a lot of other stores). I used to buy these items from amazon but now will stick to efooddepot as they sell them at least 20% less than Amazon. Highly Recommended.

Ask Leslie about eFoodDepot
New Reviewer

I love ordering food and having it delivered! It is so convenient!This is the best grocery site I've tried! The prices are amazing, most prices are better than local stores. Everything was fresh and delivered in record time. I will be using eFoodDepot for most purchases in the future!!

Ask Lindsay about eFoodDepot
New Reviewer

Order arrived quickly. All foods were delicious and fresh. CS responds very quickly and with great courtesy.

New Reviewer

I've had such a pleasant experience with this grocery shop. I had never shopped for my groceries online, but I am glad to have picked eFoodDepot. They have a great selection of foods and the best Indomie noodles!

It was easy to shop and I received my order within the week of the order. It was a great experience and I will definitely recommend it to my friends.

New Reviewer

I love making elaborate meals for my family and often make ethnic dishes. This is a great site because they have all the hard to find ingredients that I need. While we have an Asian market in our city it's not close to our home. Ordering online is so much easier. The food arrives fast, the prices are reasonable and it arrives high quality and fresh.

New Reviewer

I ordered noodles that the local store in Kansas City is usually out of. The order arrived within a week. No problems. Got everything as ordered. Am ordering again today.

New Reviewer

Do not sign up for Save yourself! I signed up because I moved to a new city and couldn't find this cheap (but delicious) Vietnamese instant coffee mix anywhere in a store. When they email you, there's a fake option to unsubscribe at the bottom. It's just underlined text that says 'unsubscribe'. There's no real option to unsubscribe. And there's no way to deactivate your account either. I also tried emailing them through their 'contact us' page, but they never responded to me about how to deactivate my account and to be taken off of their mailing list.

Unless you want spam and the possibility of a virus, do not sign up. This site should be shut down.

New Reviewer

I just ordered a small $60.00 order on 9/4/14.
I received an e-mail/receipt from them that day.
I received an e-mail with tracking info on 9/8/14.
I received the package on 9/11/14.
I called the various companies and checked out the codes on the packages to ensure the food was not expired. ALL the food had good dates. (Most is from the USA).
eFoodDepot did charge me a $9.00 fee for "weight", BUT, I would have spent more in gas trying to find all these exotic bags of rice. I am more than satisfied!

Tip for consumers: Read on various websites about how to receive and store grains to ensure it's pest free, and to keep it years past expiration dates.

Ask Ron about eFoodDepot
New Reviewer

Order on the 16th then read reviews. So scare that I wanted to cancel. But some reviews states that even order is canceled, still too much headache to get your money back. So I assume that my money is gone. Just wait to see if they'll ever mail my order or mailing incomplete order. To my surprise, a big heavy box show up on my front porch today the 20th. Only 4 days from the order date. I open the box, get my ipad login to my order and check every item in the box. Surprisingly, everything is there, well pack and so. Maybe i was the lucky one or what. I don't know. Still not believe! Maybe i will make a few more orders over time to see what happen.

New Reviewer

I ordered a bunch of food as a christmas gift. If never arrived. When I called they said Fedex says the delivered it and left it at the is an apartment building in the city of philadelphia (maybe someone walking by enjoyed it??)... efooddepot says since fedex says it was delivered they are not responsible. NEVER AGAIN!

New Reviewer

I ordered last sept 11 and my package delivered last saturday sept 21 with nice box and when I open it I was surprise that the chocolates that I got had no expiration label, they removed it and also the tuna cans doesn't have expiration date but the others that I ordered are fine, I just shocked why those people are still in the business and I hope that they can still sleep good night after all that they doing monkey business. I thought that they are legit because they have address and phone but unpportunately aren't. BEWARE people whoever attempt to order on this company make sure you read all the reviews and search them carefully before you place order. they betrayed many costumers just to make a profit and they don't care about consumers. It lesson to be learn for me

New Reviewer

I ordered a delightful mix of Asian snacks that can't be found in the rural area where I live. They got my order correct; only 1 out of the 5 items that I ordered had an expiration date printed on it, and it was well within the expiration date. I'll definitely be a repeat customer.

The only reason I give them 4 stars instead of 5 is that shipping was a little slow (I ordered on September 7th and the package arrived on September 18th). But I guess I can't complain about the shipping since it was only $6.99 for a 7-and-a-half pound package. Also, 2 out of the 3 cans of lychees that I ordered had dents in them.

New Reviewer

Received EXPIRED product in my order, called their TollFree 188553560 no answered. So many complaints on the internet about this company doing unethical way of selling expired products and I've should listen. Do not shop at efooddepot and be the victim of expired product like me!"

New Reviewer

I received empty box that cost me $50! I ask for refund and they asked me to send picture of the empty box. I emailed them several times and only the first 2 emails were replied and the rest, nothing!! This is such a BS company!! I reported them to the FTC so they'll get investigated and close down! I suggest the other victims to do the same!!

New Reviewer

I don't understand all these negative reviews, although when you think about it, how many people review a site that they had a good experience with? seems like the unhappy are always the most vocal.

if you have any questions about my review please email me at I can even prove that they are a legit site, but even legit sites make mistakes every once in awhile, give them a brake!

New Reviewer

The coconut milk package and the peanut butter package was rock hard.

I should have known something was awry. When I checked the bottom of the boxes, every single box had a bar code sticker pasted on top of the manufacturer's expiration date. This leads me to think that it is not an accident. When I peeled off the label, all trace of the date was removed.

Be forewarned! Caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware. These appear to be unscrupulous merchants who purchase expired products and hawk it off to unsuspecting buyers. Rancid oils can cause food poisoning.

You would be very irresponsible to serve your family food like this!

New Reviewer

I certainly wish I'd looked up this website's reviews before placing an order. I spent $75 on expired and/or unordered crap packed in a box...some of it I ordered, some of it just randomly thrown in there for filler. No email confirmation, emails not returned, but they sure debited my card quickly.

New Reviewer
1/25/12 sent me outdated product. The date on the jar lid was smudged and illegible, which made me suspect. ...but there was a second date, harder to see on the jar itself. The product was two weeks out of date. I would highly recommend shopping elsewhere.

New Reviewer

Company sent wrong product (which was also defective). They did not respond to two emails, and when I called I was supposed to receive a call back - which never happened. Very disappointed with this merchant and will never order from them again

New Reviewer

Horrible experience with efooddepot. 3 out of 5 that i ordered EXPIRED! they are going extra mile to hide the expiration date by pasting their company sticker on it, i found out as soon as i open one of them and it smells really bad. Their shipping is not impressive as what it mention on few reviewer (it take 5 days for them to ship, additional 2 - 4 days to get it)

New Reviewer

I'm surprised that they're still in business when it's obvious that they don't know how to run one!
I placed my order on Jun 17th. The order was shipped on 6/21, received on 6/27, and LOTS of the items were missing! I emailed them that night, no response. Emailed again the next morning, no response, until late in the day. They then responded and said that they'll refund $20 while the missing items were worth at least $60. I'm disputing the charges thru my credit card company.

New Reviewer

The short version is I ordered six of one item and they sent 5 wrong things. I contacted them several times, spoke mostly with a Susan who 'assured' me that this would be handled quickly etc etc. This started April 19, 2011 and today is May 9. I was told to send pictured and the order number to their email and to destroy the product because they do not accept returns of what I ordered ( Great Wall Yinchiao Tablets without acetaminophen - it came with acetaminophen). I was told that I would receive an email with a return label. I never got that until Monday May 2, AFTER I was told by Susan that I would get a full refund (we had agreed that I would get a refund I would keep the one bottle they got right and I would pay to ship back. When I called her on Tuesday May 3, I was told that the refund would be in my account by Friday May 6. Today May 9th 2011 after numerous phone calls and an agreement with Susan that never occurred I was told by Susan that according to company policy (which was the first time anyone mentioned this) I must return the items before I get refund. I have filed complaints with BBB and Ok consumer protection office, as well with my financial institution. I will send everything back and let everyone know what happens. In the mean time... DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY...

New Reviewer

I place an order on April 14, 2011, my credit card charged the next day on April 15, 2011 but i never received it till today April 25, 2011. Call customer service on April 19, they said will be ship but never received my tracking. 11 Days gone by i still not getting my package or update from efooddepot whereabout my package. I have dispute this with my credit card company.

I will never ever buy from (biggest scam) - this company have DISGUST ME, take customer money never ship and most probably they do not have it in stock.

New Reviewer

All chocholate I bought all melted and the rest my package is sticky from the chocolate melt when contacted them they do not respond very nice as well. Don't waste your money with efooddepot. It took them 4 days to pack + additional 4 to 5 days to received it.

New Reviewer

Great service. Everything was in my order except for my "free gift" which they sent me after I called them. I don't understand the bad reviews? The people I contacted via customer service were very nice and polite!

New Reviewer

I order from and they charge my credit card the next day, few days later my package not yet shipped, i was curious and decided to call them and they told me they out of stock. Why would they charge my credit card if they do not have in stock?

It seems they take your money and then go order then ship to you. Very bad experienced. I should have read about this site before even wasted my time to complete the order.

better call them up before order with efooddepot. Many have bad experience with them.

New Reviewer

I can't believe this happen to me as it happen to others. I bought over $80 few items and 1/3 of the item was damage due to unprofessional packing, some was expired yet they did not completely sending my order. I was really shocked when i got this.

I tried to contact them via livechat & call them but no respond from them as well.

I have to call my credit card company to explain this detail and took those damage and expired products for proof. STAY AWAY FROM EFOODDEPOT before you got rip off!

New Reviewer

I ordered quite a few items on a weekend and contacted them via live help on their website the next day to cancel the order. I was told that I would not be charged. A week later, i noticed that I was in fact charged yet nothing shipped. I contacted them again and told them to refund my card and that i have already contacted my credit card and filed a charge back. I was told that i would be refunded. However, the next day i received a Fedex tracking number that my items shipped. I contacted Fedex and told them that I would like the item to not be delivered and returned to the shipper. Fedex returned the item back and i contacted my credit card again and updated them with the information. This morning, i received a letter from my credit card that the charge back was decided in my favor.
If you run into issues with efooddepot, please do a charge back. I ordered items from them prior to reading reviews and it's scary how they are still in business after all the complaints i have been reading about them.

New Reviewer

I wish I had seen these reviews before buying from them. Worst experience ever!!! Sent old, expired food and items damaged due to poor packing. They don't answer the phone or emails. By online chat they said I would get a refund and a new item. Never received anything.

Stay away!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

This website is a SCAM. I ordered $18.38 worth of Milka Hazlenut Chocolates for my mother. I recieved the order on February 23, 2011 and gave all the chocolates to mom, the next time I saw her (two days later, on my birthday), she asked me never to order from there again and showed me why. The chocolates were dry, tasteless and had expired on Jan. 23, 2010. I immediately called EFoodDepot. They asked me to send pictures of the bad chocolates to their support email and that they would refund my money. I sent the pictures, along with images of the expiration date and received no response. When I called them the next day, they told me that I'd receive my refund in 3-5 business days. On March 6, 2011 I called EFoodDepot and they said that they were sorry for the inconvenience and they'd refund the money immediately and that it would show on my account the next day. Nothing. I'm calling my card company and having them refund this instead. There's no reason for them to take this long.

New Reviewer

Worst shopping experience - I received my order partially, when i called the customer service they said the product is out of stock - during the checkout it did not show the product is out of stock. They charge me my credit card full amount.

Stay away from efooddepot!

New Reviewer

firstly im really disappointed with this company, when i was ordering the item at january 31 2011 and they sent my items at february 15 2011 to long time im waiting about it. and when i was opened my package there is an half my ordered expired date last year ( Nov 2010 ), andthen i tried to email them for refund my money and call them, but until now still not responding from them..!!! my money still didn't back...!!!
never buy it again...!!!

everyone please stop buying product with EFOODDEPOT.COM.and u have to read about this company before you order.because a lot of complaints !!!

New Reviewer

As i excited finally able to buy some groceries online without leaving my house but it turns into nightmare with 5 REASONS NOT TO SHOP WITH EFOODDEPOT

1) Order was placed and it took them almost 1 week to fulfill (even this i have to call them up to check on my order)
2) I finally received the order 1 1/2 weeks later. Soon as i open the package and i straight look at the expiration date on this food which my habit to check every time i bought groceries - it show that this product expired.
3) I call no respond, email them took few days to get back to me, which i explained the whole situation and the rep told me they going to exchange it and then no respond from them again till today February 7, 2011. I LOST ABOUT $60 SOME for Groceries ends up in the TRASH!

I will dispute this and will report to Department of Health in Oklahoma where they are located. EFOODDEPOT BEEN THE WORST ONLINE SHOPPING SITE I'VE BEEN TOO. Search for Efooddepot review or efooddepot complaints - you will see tons of BAD EXPERIENCE people shop with them.

New Reviewer

We received the grocery, as soon as i open the box - the package inside was damage. Email has been dispatch to them regarding this and but i never heard from them not to mention i was charge for extra shipping on top of the $4.88 as they claim FLAT RATE SHIPPING. They are totally sham company ever!

(why would you charge extra for the shipping if you mention flat rate shipping on your site?). Tried to scam your customer?

New Reviewer

Dec. 21 2010: As of now, this company has still to make good on an order promised by april 26th. the first time they tried to send it, the package broke in transit. there have been no further attempts to send it though there were some vague promises in October that this major part of the shoipment would be sent ( a small part of it was shipped). It seems I am out $116.0o.. Non-existent customer service, no one wanting to be answerable, telephone not working, and when it does, it rings at a place that no onger seems connected with EfoodDepot. this is a scurrilous, unscrupulous and thoroughly bogus outfit that loke all scammers tends to underestimate the gullibility of the public. Now they're sending out coupons for Christmas shopping!!! Step right up, suckers! This place ought to be shut down by the attorney general of the State of Oklahoma and the Better business Bureau.

New Reviewer

Seven months ago I placed an order on After several weeks of not hearing anything from them, I contacted them and was told that the reason my order had not been processed is because many of the items I ordered were not in stock (although there was no mention on the website of my items not being in stock). They went ahead and shipped some of the items to me, and after more weeks passed I called them to inquire about the remainder of my order which had not been sent. The woman who answered the phone was rushed and curt with me, and told me that the rest of my order would be shipping 'soon' but that she couldn't give me an estimated ship date.
WELL - seven months has passed. I have made many calls to them, and have also contacted the staff of this website on their live chat feature a number of times. For several months, they told me my order would ship soon and finally agreed to send me two items out of the ten that I had not received that had finally come into stock. When my mail arrived, one of the two items, some energy chews, were actually missing from the packaging and all that was in my package was a crumbled up box with no energy chews inside it. I didn't even bother to complain, because so much of my energy and time had already been wasted on the phone with them trying to get my order. Finally, a month ago, I called and insisted that they refund my money for the items that were not delivered. They never refunded my money, but they listed my order as 'complete' on the website in my account information. I emailed them to inform them I never got my refund and of course I never got a response. I am counting my losses for the nine total items that I paid for and never received, and I am not going to try to get 'what is mine' from them because it is simply too much of a hassle. This has been hands down, the very worst shopping and customer service experience of my entire life.

New Reviewer

Do NOT entrust your money to this company! The website looks legitimate, but they were completely invisible after I paid for my order. I suspect the owners probably started out with good intentions but have found themselves unable to handle the day-to-day demands of an internet business.

I placed an order with them for a hard-to-find grocery product and paid immediately through Paypal. (Thank goodness for Paypal who was able to recover my money.) Several weeks went by with no product -- no communication whatsoever. My e-mail and telephone messages went unanswered -- completely unprofessional and UNACCEPTABLE. The website has a "Live Chat" customer service feature that just gave me the "beach ball of death" -- that little icon that hangs and hangs forever with never an actual connection.

Finally I filed a dispute through Paypal; it's very telling that this company didn't even bother to respond to that. Paypal refunded my money. I will NEVER attempt to do business with this poor excuse for a merchant.

New Reviewer

This company is a thief and totally scammer. They stole a picture from my blog without permission and use it for a commercialization. I emailed them 3 times and no respond.

New Reviewer

I ordered $15.77 on june 5, 2010 from, a week later i have still not received my order then i called them up to check on my order status (no answer! voicemail full! not even proper voicemail!) then i tried to email them yet no answer as well. As of today June 20, i still have not received my order. is charging my credit card.

This is absolutely the worst online shopping site i've ever encountered. So obvious they do not have everything in stock as they claim on their site "in stock". I think i just got scam by :(

New Reviewer

On March 15, 2010, I ordered two boxes of tea as an Easter gift for my husband.

Today is June 1st.

After 3 months, and a lengthy PayPal dispute, the two boxes of tea have arrived.

Stay away from this site. To say they're incompetent is an understatement. To say they're deceitful is a fact.

New Reviewer

I should have become suspicious of this company when they had a logo saying I could pay by paypal, but when I went to check out I could not use it and had to pay by credit card. They also advertised free shipping on orders over $75.00, but then charged an additional $11.00 as a weight surcharge. I placed my order on 04-04-10, eight days later I contacted to find out if it had been shipped. They responded that they were holding my order as most of it was out of stock. I was upset that they had just held my order without telling me of any problem, especially since everything had shown as in stock when I ordered it. Then they sent me a notice that they had charged my credit card for an amount lower then my original order. I asked for a detailed accounting of the charge. They did not send me a detailed accounting. They sent me a note saying 4 things would not be shipped. One of the things they specified I would not receive was a box of tea costing $4.43. They guaranteed I would receive the rest of my items by 04-19-10. I finally received my order on 04-21-10. It did not have all the items they said I would receive, and some of the items I received appeared old and dirty. There was still no detailed accounting, but there was a packing slip. The packing slip did not list the tea, which I did receive. It did however list 3 items which I did not receive totaling $4.30. I sent them an email stating that I had not received the items and that I had received the tea, but when I had gone to my original order and subtracted the cost of all the items I did not receive, and compared it with the amount they said they charged to my credit card, it was obvious that they had charged me for the tea and also charged me for the 3 items I did not receive, as they had overcharged me exactly $4.30. I asked them to credit me for the $4.30 and also asked for a credit on the $11.00 weight surcharge as the items I did not receive weighed about 15 pounds. Previous to this I had exchanged several emails with them and they had always responded right away. After I sent this email they did not respond. I sent another email the next day and still no response. I tried to call them and all I could get was an answering machine saying the box to leave a message in was full. Now I know I should search for reviews on companies on the Internet before doing business with them. After I searched for efooddepot reviews I found many complaints. After reading the other reviews I feel certain they purposely told me I would not receive the tea and left it off the packing slip so that when I complained about the 3 missing items they could say I received the tea which cost more, hoping I would not do a detailed accounting of the costs, and find out they had charged me for the tea overcharging me $4.30 for the missing items, and that they did not respond to me as I showed an item by item accounting in the email I sent them.

New Reviewer

terrible - nothing in stock; terrible customer service; no customer follow through. The absolute worst experiece I've ever had ordering online.

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Q: Oh my gosh!!! If only I read these comments before I order some stuff. I got charged for 26 stuff, and they sent only 21 stuff. In addition to that, 15 of the stuff is expired long time ago.... I will absolutely report them to Health Department. They really dont realize who were dealing with them now. They better close the business before they go to jail for doing this to so many people....
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