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Categories: Auction, Clothing, Dvd
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Everyone please stop using Ebay and use Ebid which is very similar to Ebay and perhaps even better and easier to use. (in 54 reviews)


Nor can ebid or any auction site make people look at what you are selling. (in 10 reviews)


I joined up and paid the forty pound lifetime membership and listed about forty things. (in 8 reviews)

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1 review
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Don't be shy give Ebid a try no silly fees to pay like ebay.

Ask Mike about
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Ask Alicein about
1 review
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I have been selling for many years through eBay, mostly 2nd hand items. I used to do well, but since a couple of years it felt more and more eBay is just a platform for businesses. Private sellers get stung over and over with fees.
So I decided to switch to eBid. I am not making millions, but I sell and from what I make I don't have to give 30% away.
It's easy to use, the people are friendly. I have nothing to complain about.

Ask Annie about
2 reviews
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I just signed up for three months ago. Two weeks into it, they wanted me to upload an id, & a bill. So I did. Then they emailed me saying I needed to upload a hydro bill. This actually took me two months, because I was starting to think about what kind of business this was. So, now I do it. Upload a hydro bill. They come back to me & say I need to do another utility bill? How many utility bills do you think I have? I told them, well, I uploaded a photo id & a cell phone bill, then a utility bill? What more do you need? I am getting sick of this site!

Ask Darleen about
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Superb easy and cheap to use, no rip off ebay fees. No silly restrictions on your adverts and pictures. If you list at a fair price people will offer or buy outright, you just have to be patient. No good if you need to earn a weekly wage, but fantastic to list all your stuff and just wait.
I have been on there about eighteen months and sold over 70 items total about £1500 that's £80 a month. Won't pay the mortgage that's why I have a job but it's a nice bonus income.
I have nearly 500 items listed now. All the works done, just a case of checking your emails daily, easy money. None of the feebay rat race rush.
The only thing that all the bad reviewers rant on about is how many visits they get, don't expect so many and you won't be disappointed you idiots.
Also if you put an item up as an auction knowing you won't get many visits your also an idiot.
If you list an item at silly money don't expect it to sell you idiots.
I suggest all the idiots should just stick together and carry on making a mess of ebay.
Leave all the decent relaxed folk to enjoy the freedom and ease of eBid. :-)

Tip for consumers: Check the feedback, you can soon tell if your dealing with a genuine honest and committed seller. If the feedback is poor walk out the door.
Simples !

Ask PETER about
1 review
3 helpful votes

eBid is as bad as it gets. First off, do not make the mistake that has scammed so many and made eBid rich - do not sign up with eBid because you are mad at eBay. eBid is not the solution, no matter how pretty it reads. They are so much WORSE than ebay its amazing. First of all, there are large amounts of complaints (myself included) of people signing up for lifetime memberships, paying $50-100 only to have their account shut down the same day without reason. No contact, no notification, no explanation. You just lose your money. eBid takes it from you. It's their policy. Are you KIDDING me? Don't bother with this deadbeat company. Even if you bypass the scam, read the reviews - members go months, even YEARS without any sales. There is no traffic - at least no buyer traffic. There are many alternatives to eBay out there. Don't pick this one. You can only lose time and money.

Ask W about
2 reviews
20 helpful votes

I am a seller bought their membership for $49.99. Have not sold one item but they charge me fees!!!!!!!!! I sell coach, Michael kors brand name items!!!!!!!!!!! Go to EBAY ! its is 100 better then this company !!!!!!!! And their is no number for customer serivice That is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Ana about
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

In Short
The Good
1- Fees are mostly a once off Lifetime Fee - Excellent
2 - You Still have the option to use paypal
3 - Site is easy to use and very easy to list items
4 - There is none of the DSR nonsense and FEAR of LOSING YOUR BUSINESS and livelyhood that ebay seem determined to implement on their site and to their loyal sellers???
5 - I personally have found the ebid Support team efficient,reasonable,fast(no 4 hour phone calls)and very polite.
6 - They have a very nice buddy points system that actually shows they care,appreciate and want to reward their loyal don't get a lot,but you do feel appreciated.
The Unfortunate Bad
1 - Ebid won't Advertise so it is very difficult to get new customers and high traffic
2 - The Existing customer base is very small,They are very loyal to each other and ebid.But very small Unfortunately.
Truthfully,There is not another bad thing I can say about Ebid.
I enjoy using the site and have generated a few sales there.
But most Importantly I feel like a Valuable and Appreciated Member.That to me personally means A Lot.
I would Recommend the site to anyone as an alternative to ebay.
But keep in mind,If you want to sell in volume.You have to Stick with ebay and their Soul Destroying,Nerve Wrecking Rules.Which is a pity.As once upon a time it was a Fun and Enjoyable place to spend a few Hours of your Free time.
Im not sure if this is allowed but Hopefully Sitejabber Won't Mind So
Heres a Link fo ebid

Tip for consumers: Give Ebid a go,It doesn't hurt to try and you will feel like a valuable member.It's cheap and Easy to use and is slowly building a solid customerbase.

Ask christopher about
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

I tried eBid after using eBay for years. I may switch! There are no fees unless you sell and that is only 3%. It is easy to list and you can import listings from other sites.

Tip for consumers: Try it free for a while, you can upgrade to get more things like buy it now for listings.

Ask Sari about
6 reviews
12 helpful votes

After having made my one and only sale on eBid, I have signed up for the lifetime membership, following which I haven't sold a single item. It's been a couple of years ever since. Starting last year, I started listing the same items on both eBay and eBid. Guess what, when they got sold on eBay, then I'll pull out a listing from eBid, unless I had more items in stock. Even when plugging my auctions for the items that were selling real good on eBay, I couldn't sell them on eBid, period.

One of the eBid's problems is that they don't want to advertise. They expect their sellers to do that. Of course this doesn't work. I don't expect any more sales on eBid but am listing my items anyway, since it's free to list.

Tip for consumers: You can give it a try BUT do not sign up for the lifetime membership.

Ask A about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am an online seller and sell on amazon, ebay, ebid and a few other sites. ebid is by far the worst of all the sites i use. I have listed the exact same products and I have yet to make a sale. I am a seller plus but have sold not one item although having over 200 items listed. I have constant sales with both my amazon and ebay and other sites. The evidence speaks for itself...Not the best site but maybe Im doing something wrong...highly doubt it though..yes it has less fees but I prefer actually making money and having something taken out than making none at all..

Ask john about
1 review
4 helpful votes

Ebid we could be the Nemisis to Ebay with more Seller support in advertising us! Buyers, with lower seller fees I and many other sellers are able to pass on the savings to you the valued customer! Show your support come and visit us on Ebid! The entire process is quite easy and we could use your input!

Tip for consumers: Perhaps we sellers could join together toward and advertising venture to get the word out that Ebid is the place to go to our customers and a true rival to Ebay with less fees that we can pass on to our customers in product savings! @cjandsonz if interested!

Ask Crystle about
1 review
4 helpful votes

ebid is the bomb...better than that other site you know the one the ebid and only shop here and stopped useing the other place

Ask William about
1 review
2 helpful votes

Superb service and great customer support all round

Tip for consumers: There may be a few bad sellers, but don't let that put you off, this site is easy to use and it is very friendly

Ask Craig about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I bought 2 items totalling £93.85 from a seller on the eBid Internet auction site. The items were excellent and arrived next day by Recorded Delivery. I am very pleased with the excellent service I had from this seller. Also the site is easy to use, you can pay with an existing PayPal account as well as other means and the site has a wide range of items available for sale. Buying here is a pleasure.

I am also a seller on eBid and find that my items sell well. The cheap fee structure is very attractive.

Ask Tony about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I was looking for another auction site to sell on after becoming disillusion with ebay (basically I got sick of paying they fees) I did a search for alternatives to ebay and came across ebid and after I did a bit of research (very little if you want the truth I just find out it was cheaper then ebay and you can read the rest) I decided to sign up I put up some items that was popular on ebay and after a week I didn't get one view (from the supposedly second largest auction site in the UK) so I went into there forums to see if I was doing something wrong the friendly sellers (at first) told me to buy a seller+ account so I can offer buy now and make me a offer and to put my items up for 5 or 7 days with 10 repost and I should put it up for the price I want for it because there no bidding wars on ebid so I brought the seller+ (stupidly) and did everything there said and still no views I went back into the forums to see if anybody else was having the same problem as me and that when these friendly sellers turn verminous they just abuse me and told me the reason I wasn't selling is because I put it up cheaper on ebay (what they told me to put it up for the price I wanted to get for it because they was no bidding wars on ebid) when I responded back with the only reason it's cheaper on ebay is because it attracts more buyers witch could lead to a bidding war and I could end up with getting more then what I expected to get for it I got ban from the forums for promoting another auction site (ridiculous) so if your thinking about going to ebid then be prepared to not get any views or sales (no matter how descriptive the auction title is or how well the items are describe hell I even tried to offer more payment options still nothing) and when you do experience this please don't go into the forums and criticize the lack of sales because all you going to get is all these ebid sellers claiming they sold thousands of items this month (or whatever month you decide to criticize the lack of sales) and how they make a thousand pounds a month and save thousands of pounds in fees (if that was true then why do all those ebid sellers still sell on ebay) and they would also try to convince you to put your item up for cheaper to encourage sales (mainly because they want to buy your item cheaper on ebid and sell it for twice the money on ebay) so keep your £49.99 for seller+ because you probably ain't going to live long enough to recuperate it

Ask imperial about
1 review
5 helpful votes

many times I cannot access my store on They block sign on for no reason whenever they like. They show little respect for paying B2B customers. Sad.

Ask anthony about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Hey people. If you have a problem with a store in a mall, do you go to the mall management and expect the mall to do something about it? Why do you expect a "Web Mall" to do something about your problem with one of the stores in it?
Get real!

Ask s about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been on ebids for a year in the USA as a paid 49.99 premier member might I add. While the sight does get traffic, I have not sold one thing. This sight is more popular and very good in the UK.
I buy and sell many high value items, in that array I am very experienced with online payments and policies. The protection from fraud on this sight is terrible. My only protection was using a credit card or paypal to protect my money through disputes for items not received. I like this sight and hate Ebay but until they make improvements to protection from fraud it seems to be a waste of time. I have been selling online since 1999 so I am no novice to google key words and descriptive titles etc.

Ask Craig about
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Will, never return, sucked up my 60 dollars had to pay for items and were cheap as could be...

Ask Lisa about
1 review
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i have good knowledge in

Ask vijay about
1 review
8 helpful votes

Terrible site, I swear some of the listed items are computer generated to artificially boost their listing numbers? By all means NEVER, open a sellar account, they charge your credit card whether you have active items listed, or not. I tried to get an answer as to why they charged my CC when I didn't even have any active listings? Then my account got "suspended" for violating their policy? Cmon, suddenly someone tried to expose their scheme and they lock you out. No forum access, nothing. Finally had to to do a Charge back on my CC.
I am a long time ebay seller for over 10 years and have also got fed up with. Tried ebid, let me tell you its worse then ebay, I don't like using ebay but after trying ebid, Ill glady go back to ebay. So looks like its ebay still until something better comes along but its NOT ebid.

I did some more research and found that ebid is actually a limited company, yet their mail is directed C/O via another business to an individual? Do the research yourself, this is a flybynight operation


Ask Bazal about
1 review
8 helpful votes

Scam site!! Becareful especially when you sign up for the 1 month plan, they dont tell you they charge recurring on it. So I was charge on the 30th day on my credit card for the next month subscription. I email their support about it and they wouldnt refund me. This site I believe has no traffic so I didnt make not one sale the whole month there. So dont even waste your time and money especially with the lifetime subscription as you will make no sales, will be a big waste of money. And also they would delete your listing without even notifying you, you would think they'll at least send a notice to your email to notify you but no they dont so you wouldnt know what you still have running. All in all, its a scam site. Dont waste your time or money, and they wont refund you either even if you caught it in time.

Ask Nick about
2 reviews
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I make over 300$ on ebis a month

Ask john about
1 review
7 helpful votes

Really? How do you list the most popular action figure line of all time and not even get a view? Never mind a bid! I threw up some vintage Star Wars figures. I figured I would try with that as a test because I mean it is arguably the most popular action figure line ever. I posted a vintage figure along with a cardback and a cardback maker cd and started it at 4.00.. 4.00!!!! NO Bids..No Views!! Mind you these were popular figures Luke, IG 88 etc.. Now I know why they let you become a lifetime seller with no fees for 50 bucks

Ask Roy about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I wish I had seen this before I spend my $37.50 what a waste of money that will turn out to be I am sure that in a year I will not get anything sold. Ebay can make me angry at times but at least stuff gets sold there.

Ask ward about
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

I have sold thousands of items on ebay and NOTHING ON EBID.
Their customer service is terrible too. WASTE OF MONEY.
I HATE ebay, i think all sellers do but at least you make the sales.
ADVICE..... if you want to try it for yourself then list one thing at a silly low price and see what happens.... I bet a month later you still won't have sold it! DO NOT BUY THE LIFETIME SELLER OPTION ITS THROWING MONEY AWAY!!! just try to sell one thing and see for yourself its a waste of time! better to loose 50p than £50!!

Ask vix about
1 review
12 helpful votes

Attention E-Commerce Sales people!
If you value your privacy and want to protect your identity from theft

My Fellow citizens, as an internet salesman I recently subscribed to an online auction site known as eBid.
I purchased the lifetime membership for $49.99,
Set up my web page and listed one Item. The next day I signed into my account to list more items. I was denied access to my sellers account until I provided the site with a photo copy of my drivers’ license and a recent copy of a utility bill. The site did not specify that this information would be secure from identity theft. In this request they did not give a creditable reason as to why they were asking for this sensitive information. Most people know that you should never send this kind of information over the internet. After my wife and I have been victims of on-line identity theft I cannot allow myself to be victimized again by on-line hackers and thieves.
I was unable to cancel my subscription and cannot cancel my subscription until I provide a copy of my driver license and utility bill. Now is that not a load of crap or what!?

The onemore disturbing issue I have with this subscription is that while enrolling into their program they did not request this information nor did they inform me that they would at a later date. I was not aware of this potentially fraudulent request of private information till the next day after they deducted the
$49.99 from my PayPal account. Had I known that they would request this information on line I would not have subscribed to the website, I believe that they know this and that most people will do the same as I would have, in order to protect their selves from on-line identity theft.
In my experience with online sales and banks such as with eBay, Skooch, the Toy peddler,, PayPal, CitiBank, and Wells Fargo, I have not once been asked to send a photo copy of my drivers’ license and utility billing information to these companies.

My disgust with this company’s policies led me to do some market research and fond that they misrepresented their selves in areas of potential customer flow, a user friendly program and they charged me .15 cents to list the photo of the product I was selling. The membership agreement with eBid clearly states that there would be no sellers’ fees ever with this subscription.

Is it a user friendly program?
I am an on line ecommerce salesman with over three years of experience, I found that their program was rather difficult to use for setting up an on-line auction.
My positive feedback transfer from my eBay website was impossible to do. I was unable to complete this action.

Note that eBid is an online market website based in the U.K. So if there’s an issue of fraud and or identity theft and you live in the USA, you will not be able to recover lost or stolen funds nor will you be able to stop your identity from being exploited by on-line pirates.
There is no way to guarantee that eBid will not disclose your personal information to foreign governments and marketing agencies.

Furthermore, as this $49.99 fee is a membership, PayPal cannot reimburse my lost funds from this scandalous on-line company for services that this website did not provide as they claimed to do.
This company encourages people to sign on with a $49.99 lifetime membership and claims that they are a better on-line sales website than eBay, yet eBay does not ask for a membership fee and does not request sensitive private and personal information.

Membership services
If I have a problem with my site, I can call eBay and get one-on- one help with any issue 7 days a week.
This is not the case with eBid, They offer no help outside of their incomplete and vague ‘Help Forum’.
The bottom line is this; if you care about protecting yourself from potential identity theft and fraud DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS OFFSHORE On-Line Market Place.

Ask Edward about
1 review
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Ask Amara-Taniia about
5 reviews
18 helpful votes

After dreadful experience of ebay and paypal, I am pleased to find this alternative listing website. Better website, better organised, not bloated with hidden pit fall traps, easy to communicate with sellers, easy to customise transactions, more interesting range of quality from special interest collectors



I'm leaving a second review having noticed what appears to be bogus reviews, probably from ebay employees at a guess. I would have little doubt ebay managers would be so dishonest as to do fraud.

On ebid, Sellers do not have to pay an upfront fee to list, at all. That is an up front option for no future seller fees and some sort of seller privileges.

New sellers can join free and pay nominal seller fees, 3% (?) which is vastly superior terms than the 15% or so which ebay gouges

As its possible to run a listing for 90 days on ebid (A SUPERIOR FEATURE TO EBAY) there is the obvious problem which could occur, bidding and paying for an item and the seller is unavailable in which case a refund would be done with paypal

As a seller can run a listing for 90 days on ebid, that is a great advantage to seasonal sellers who don't have the time to mess around with those bloated sucky ebay relisting forms when peak demand is time consuming

Ask sherry about
1 review
9 helpful votes

Took my $50 for lifetime listing membership. I spent considerable time putting up listings, which go NO interest. They then deleted my listings stating I didn't log in and check on them often enough. Hours of time wasted! They get no traffic and just rip you off for the $50. Ask for a refund and they tell you it's past the refund period. BS!! Terrible! Stay with Ebay or use something else.

Ask Jeff about
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been selling quality merchandise on the internet for nearly 2 decades, on several websites, and have found that Ebid is by far the worst of them all. They have absolutely no interest in promoting sales for the sellers and are only concerned with getting money from advertisers. Moreover, they will constantly delete legitimate auctions, without any notice, and for absolutely no reason whatsoever ~ thereupon removing all photos and descriptions. Sellers who have been with them for many years are so infuriated and frustrated with them, that they are all leaving like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Do not waste your time, money and effort on this disastrous so-called auction website. They are by far the very worst and will not last much longer.

Ask Suki about
1 review
7 helpful votes

BEWARE - Terrible site! No way to contact them - no phone and you have to view tons of FAQ's pages to see if there is an answer to your question. I purchased an item, did not receive it and had to dispute it on my credit card and through PayPal to get my money back. First and last experience with EBID. I would NEVER use them again!

Ask J about
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Ive been selling on and off on ebid for over 4 years now. Casually to start and now a little more seriously. I paid an upfront fee of about fifty bucks I think. I pay nothing to list and about 2% when an items sells. My things are sent to Google shopping for free which helps sales. Not sure why the site gets slammed when someone buys off a bad seller.. check feedback guys before making a purchase.

Ask Jenny about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I would say stay away. I purchased something on this site and the seller disappeared into the wind. Of course, I received no item. The site said that I need to deal with paypal to get my money back. At least dealing with ebay, I know that paypal is part of the same company and I have a chance of getting my money back. The people at knew this was a scam and never notified me.


Ask Mike about
17 reviews
27 helpful votes

I joined on Fri. 7/12/2013. I only paid for the 30-day status. I like that I can list any item for free. I only pay a 2% final value fee when the item is sold. Here are some more advantages as well as disadvantages:

Pros: choosing "Run Until Sold" option for auction item, getting many views for selling famous brand items, clarity and organization of information on website, low seller fees unlike eBay

Cons: lack of buyers, more people who view your items but do not buy, eBid as a private auction website

eBid came out in the late 90's. But, it is still not as popular as eBay is. I honestly understand why. But, it has to take someone (maybe that person would be me) to make a positive difference and bring more good buyers and sellers on eBid.

I really want to see eBid grow. But, in order for that to happen, the company would have to work as hard as eBay does. Two suggestions for eBid are:

1. advertising on TV, YouTube, social media, etc.

2. selling better and more famous items that most people like and willingly buy

Ask Ernest about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I purchased a replacement Macbook charger from a seller username "macbookcharger". The charger came and did not work, i posted a comment to the seller that the charger did not work. The seller told me to return it and they will refund the $21.95 (with no help from the seller on a return label, RMA, or shipping costs for a BROKEN product, all of which i had to take care of on my own). The product was delivered a week ago according to the tracking number from the post office, and i STILL have not received a refund. Furthermore, eBid offers no way to report sellers, or ensure that returns and/or exchanges are handled efficiently and fairly. DO NOT buy from eBID, it was my first and last time doing so.

Ask Kadisha about
1 review
3 helpful votes

I don't understand all of the negative comments for These users must be doing something against their rules to be having so many problems. I've been a user since 2009 & have had very few problems & almost all of them were related to delinquent buyers; but, I've also had numerous great buyers. Any problems I've had site related were immediately (always within 24 hours, most times sooner) addressed & corrected by Admin (so unlike eBay...& don't even think about iOffer!). Everything I've ever purchased on eBid, I've received exactly as described and within times stated. The only real problem with them is few buyers because they don't advertise in the US & most people just don't know about them while everyone knows of eBay.

eBay certainly has it's share of unscrupulous sellers who sell falsely described, flat out fakes (gotten caught in that one three times so far in my 12 years on it) & you'll wait forever for a response from them. They will also favor their BIG sellers over buyers who have a legitimate honest problem.

EXAMPLE: I purchased a Men's Woolrich Flannel Shirt, New with Tags, stated 2X. What arrived was this shirt in 2X TALL, STATED ON THE CLEARLY VISIBLE TAGS ON THE FRONT OF THE SHIRT, BUT NOT DISPLAYED IN PIX OR DESCRIPTION.
Other sellers had these listed also, but stated when it was a TALL (and this does make a difference). When I left accurate & honest feedback, the SELLER HAD IT REMOVED!! The truth is the truth, just that simple - the site shouldn't back a seller just because they are a money maker for them. I had all the proof eBay needed, but the big seller won.

My final plea advised I would close my account if not supported by their buyer protection plan, which apparently fell on deaf ears ... & "Square Trade" never even responded. I closed my account.

OK, that sad story being told, all of the selling sites can have problems & probably none are perfect, but you have to use some common sense when signing up, buying on line and selling on line. Yes, you'll get more action on eBay, but you'll also loose at least 10% of your profit. My experiences with have honest & modestly effective ... They just need to advertise & acquire more buyers. They ARE NOT a ripoff outfit!

Ask CB about
1 review
6 helpful votes

Total waste of time, sold on ebay for years and years, i was stupid and believed their claims of everyone going over to them for the cheaper fees but there are NO BUYERS!! i was sick of nothing selling so i tested it out and listed 10 items on ebay at high prices and the same ten items on ebid for pennies, i sold nothing on ebid and made a fortune on ebay! total waste of time and money. i thought hey never mind i will just use it as an advertising tool but in the end but a bit of a waste of time when nobody but the sellers go on the damn site!!

Ask peter about
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I can't say enough bad things about eBid. If it's your first time selling and you plan to buy the lifetime membership, you might as well flush your money down the toilet. It's a SCAM because they know that once you try selling on eBid, you will be disappointed and won't come back..... so they at least got to rob you of $50.00. The site has many many disgruntled eBay sellers who are tired of eBay's fees, but there are no buyers! You could list an 18K gold wristwatch for 99 cents and you'll be lucky if anyone even sees the listing! When I commented about this on dBid's message board, they immediately BLOCKED my account.

Ask Jim about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I paid the lifetime fee for insertion fee-free listings and populated my account with the items I sell. The interface was easy to use and the whole process was not unlike that of eBay. In one way it was easier, as all the information entered for listing an item is on one page rather than several with eBay.

A problem occurred on two occasions when I tried to log on to eBid but was denied access. I contacted customer support in both cases and in both cases, they stated they could see nothing wrong with my account and lo! and behold! as soon as they had responded, I was able to log back in again.

This did give me cause for concern but not regarding my sales management as I was still able to log in, after a periodic recurring inconvenience.

WHAT PUT THE CHERRY ON THE TOP OF THE CAKE was when I started receiving emails for things which eBid said had been sold but in actual reality these items had not been sold. I contacted them the first time about this and they said they could not see any problems their end.

Not too much harm was done but it cost me time and worry in trying to locate a customer order which did not exist, and also the annoyance of a now clearly unprofessional system.

Still, it was a one off.

Now the second this happened with the spurious email I thought that's enough and I just pulled all of my 60 listings off eBid.

And I won't be going back. You can keep your £40.

Ask Chris about
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is a shame to the human race.
I paid for seller account. I gave them all the documents.
They did not answer me.
They blocked me from entering my own account at their site.
A dog gets better life.

Ask RUSS about
1 review
4 helpful votes

It seems that the major requirement for sellers is their ability to produce a utility bill.
They don't check out sellers at all. Buyers beware!

Ask robert about
1 review
0 helpful votes

This site is far better the ebay,,, at least they have more ways to pay then just dumb paypal

Ask jeremy about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I joined as a full member (cost £49.95) in 2011. I tried selling a couple of things and got nowhere, probably because I had no positive feedback. In September 2012 I bought some 4 coins and an antique atlas from 5 sellers. $ of the items arrived but one seller has cheated me. I had logged on successfully lots of times; searching, buying, checking and leaving feedback. Suddenly Ebid locked me out saying there was a problem with my email address. The email address is on my own domain DaveKnightsBlog it is working OK. I emailed them using THE SAME email address THEY say doesn't work and they REPLIED to it. I gave them 2 more email addresses but they said they were no good because they were the same domain. I checked with my host and they informed me that Ebid was flagged as a SPAMMER by ASSP. I still can't get into my account, I can't sort the seller cheat and although said they would refund the £49.95 membership they have failed to do so. By the way in the the USA the membership is only $49.95 (approx. £34!).

Ask Dave about
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This site now that I did a little investigation is a complete rip off. Stoopid should have done this 1st MY BAD! These guys have inflated all their reviews and posted fake reviews on this site. Notice all the positve answers are never logged in with FB or a pic. STAY FAR AWAY. They cost me $12 of my social security check for nothing. I put 3 highly marketable items on there site for way less than I do on ebay and didn't get a view. This is hypebeast stuff not junk. The same items sell on ebay within a day. Who cares if you pay nearly 15% by the time you are done. at least you sell something. I would have been very happy to have had 1 bid. I should report them to Dade county crimes against the elderly for real. I now see they have locked me out of my account, GOOD hope they don't keep billing me.

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We are sellers in located in USA, we subscribe to ebid
but they charged us sales tax. Sales tax is only for local to
UK not USA seller subscriber.

Also, they scam us with their sellers+ lifetime upgrade,
we pay 49$ and avail the upgrade promo, they intentionally did not upgrade our account so they can charged us 25$ yearly.

How did they do it, very easy, they will charged you international
sales tax!so it will cause a setting problem in your seller
subscription page. At the end of your first year, they will
charged you 25$ even you have upgraded your account to seller+ lifetime
at the time you avail the 49$ promo.

So again, USA SELLERS beware of auction site, they are
scam , WORSE THAN EBAY. With ebay, they will scam you in front,
in, ebid will scam you by system problem and behind the scene
charges. Plus this folks are not a member of BBB ( and no telephone number. So there is no way you can complain this scam site
to state regulating body. has branch in Florida, but can be dummy address as its possible not a member of BBB.

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I have been a seller (and occasional buyer) on for the last two years and haven't had any difficulties whatsoever. The folks on the forums are extremely helpful & friendly and whenever I have contacted Gazza (the big boss) over a concern, I've received a reply within day (most often within a few hours). I feel bad for those folks who have had issues using the site. If you simply utilize the forums, most problems can be resolved.

Sure, it would be better if sales could be more brisk, but I can understand if the casual shopper doesn't want to give them a chance, after coming here and seeing the bile-fueled-hate-rants against Kinda makes you wonder who would gain from all that fear mongering... maybe a faceless behemoth that doesn't give a rat's rear about it's members (the sellers OR the buyers) and ONLY cares about squeezing every last dime out of it's members? But I digress...

Bottom line, for those who have had problems with sellers on eBid in the past (and this goes for ALL buying sites, e.g., ebay, amazon marketplace, etc), PLEASE check your seller's activity record and/or feedback. If the person hasn't been doing SOMETHING on there in say, the last 3 months, it might be a good sign they've forgotten about it and moved on. That's how our short attention span society seems to work (or not work, as is the case here). Do your homework. Find the good sellers. There's lots of us on there and we'd be more than happy to prove to you that is a great alternative!

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Very bad website to use. Poor navigation and bidding is very complicated and difficult. I would not recommend using them. I tried calling and calling because I had a credit issue, and no one seemed to be able to answer simple questions. Only once a manager came on the line I got somewhere, but it was a pain.

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I am a new seller on both Ebay and Ebid.

I started off with Ebay about a week ago, and found it to be far far too expensive to sell on! And with so many scammers (both buying and selling), and with people creating shilling accounts to bid on their own items, I decided to look for other options.
After searching extensively I came across a hub page recommending Ebid and read through all the comments highly recommending them.
I signed up, and now I will never sell on Ebay again!

The website is user friendly, the prices are very fair on the seller, and the security is top notch. The strict rules around selling and buying, and all the checks they do, very effectively weeds out all the dodgy buyers and sellers.
And because you are limited to only one account, this instantly stops shillers in their tracks.
The atmosphere is also very friendly and helpful. In general, the people selling and buying are nicer to each other. It's a wonderful and drastic difference to Ebay!

When I came on here, I was surprised to see them with anything less than a 5 star rating... and then I read through all the reviews.
Many of the reviews here, on closer inspection, seem to from people who are either too stupid to read the rules before they sign up, selling goods that are not allowed to be sold on Ebid (for good reason), or are just straight up taking bad with it being so much more secure than Ebay is.
The only people who could have a problem with Ebid, are people who are too used to getting their scam on at Ebay, regular shillers, or people who are too institutionalised with Ebay to adapt to something different.

But for us honest sellers and buyers out there, I highly recommend Ebid, and will be spreading the word to my friends and family :)
No review extortion from bad buyers, no more scamming, no more low rate sellers.
Long may it continue!

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Q: Can someone direct me to a good auction site other than ebay please?
A: @adrienne: what shills? I have a legit acct with eBid, paid for the lifetime membership, haven't sold a single item since then. BUT sold plenty on eBay. eBay SELLS and eBid doesn't. eBay is afraid of eBid - where did you get that from? The top of your head, I gotcha
1 week ago
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Q: hi i live in the usa & have a ebid us account i like to sell on the uk or ireland ebid site not usa ?
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