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New Reviewer

Even if you get a check, which I did, be sure to cash in within 3 months because it expires. A check can not legally expire, so it was cancelled by ebates. I was not careful about that and cost me more than the check itself to reverse a cancelled check....

New Reviewer

I signed up for eBates, and later shopped at I waited for my cash back and nothing came. I investigated and found that my free gift card for signing up had expired - which, I was unaware that it expired, but couldn't find out why I got no cash back for my purchase. So I emailed Ebates and said I had not received cash back and didn't think I would be using Ebates anymore and I asked how to close my account. To me, it doesn't work - they don't send money! They emailed back and said they were transferring my question to someone else. The next day I get an email saying they had closed my account and would be sure to not email me again. No explanation as to why I never got cash back and no offer to reissue the gift card in order to keep me as a customer. No effort at all to keep me, and I shop a great deal online.

New Reviewer

Placed a trip thru and after multiple requests for my cash back still nothing.
They stated that it may take 40 days after the trip. That has since passed and still nothing. Even requesting after the 40 days.
I used to really like this site and don't think that I will be using it anymore.

Seems like this is false advertising to me. Stay away or just don't plan on getting anything from using it their site.

Thank You ebates for following through with this. 2 thumbs up for you!!

New Reviewer

I shopped on Ebates and did not get the cash. I spent about $600 on various sites and only received $.53 from one online store They only write checks every 3 months and you have to have at least $25 to get a check. Its a waste of time.

New Reviewer

Ebates used to be OK. Recently, I've had to scour, copy and paste orders and invoices to handle Ebates appeals for 'trips' I shopped and did not get the rebate. I think it's getting close to deceptive advertising -- the %rebate is clear, you click and shop. Later, you find out the store has made a deal with Ebates and come up with various and shifty rules and regulations to NOT fulfill the Ebate per cent clearly promoted. STOP THIS, Ebates -- keep it plain, simple and scam-free!! As Members, we are providing personal shopping data which profits Ebates -- PAY US our proper ebates with no hidden/fine print disrespect and disloyalty to members!!!

New Reviewer

My first ever purchase with thru this company and they were off by a few dollars which I had to correct with several emails (they don't have a phone number.) then after waiting 2 months to get a $50 credit they automatically switched it to the next period pay cycle (e.g. I will have to wait another 3 months) without explanation. Probably hoping I wouldn't notice. Very disconcerting as the basis of my purchase was the giant 20% cash-back from ebates. Will see if and when I actually get my pending cash-back. As of yet no response from my email. I suggest you view ebates like mail in rebates, unreliable.

New Reviewer

I have had an overall good experience with ebates but it does seem to require a lot of extra "work" on my part. Often times purchases do not post and I have to manually enter the purchase info. After doing this, the money is almost always posted immediately but it does make me have to keep track of my purchases.

I did have one problem which was that I did not receive a check when I was expecting it. I contacted the site and they wanted me to wait 30 days which seemed pretty long. When the check still didn't come I was told it would be combined with the next 3 more months. This was disappointing but it did come next with the next payment so it was just delayed.

The only other problem I've encountered was actually an issue my mother ran into. She made a large purchase from and the cash Bach never appeared. When contacting coy stoner service she was told the purchase wasn't eligible for cash back because she had used another coupon (which she hadn't) or clicked off the site (which she didn't). It seems that very large purchases are not awarded the promised cash back.

Overall I really like the site and I think I have encountered some great deals...but beware of large purchases and make sure you keep good records of your purchases!

New Reviewer

I always try to shop through this link. I have never had a problem getting my rebates. This is free to me so I can only benefit. Since I joined I've gotten over $1200. back in money that I never would've gotten if I hadn't used their link. If I didn't get a rebate then I forgot to go through the link which is my fault. I always check their site to see if a store I am looking for is on there. If I have my choice of 2 or 3 stores to buy from I use the one listed on ebates so I can get something back at least and they have coupons / codes for free shipping that the stores don't normally share with you. Good deal for me all the way around.

New Reviewer

I have never had one tiny problem with Ebates, except that the referral program doesn't seem to work, but I have received every penny they promise. It is easy to forget to go through their link but when that happens it is my fault, not theirs.
As a matter of fact, I misplaced a check once and found it about a year later, and before I had a chance to call them to replace it, they emailed ME and re-issued it! Never had customer service like that before!

New Reviewer

Using this site requires CONSTANT auditing. For years I suspected my BIG FAT CHECKS were leaner than they should have been, but never had the time to monitor whether Ebates was cheating me out of rebates. Finally, this past Christmas season I made numerous big ticket purchases including a MacAir and Elite Cycle Trainer and some Italian leather carryons from EBags. Well the BIG FAT CHECK for that period just came in at around $20!!! So, I finally made a point of auditing these and other purchases I had made through Ebates and, sure enough, most of my purchases were not posted. I have started the process of making requests for each of the missing purchases and Ebates so far immediately credited two of them, requesting further info on the others. While I expect Ebates will ultimately credit all my rebates I now know I've lost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in earned rebates using this company. I would be surprised if an investigation of this company did not reveal unfair and deceptive trade practices.

New Reviewer

Company is SHADY AS HELL. Sometimes they pay u cash back sometimes they dont.. No reason as to why they didnt pay... AVOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They reply... 4 Me To Contact Them... UMMM.. No... YOU GOT CREDIT FOR MY SALE N I GOT NOTHING

New Reviewer

WHAT THE HELL??? The endite month of Decmber i have been promoting this site to my friends and coworkers to get cash back... I got three qualified referrals for the tell- a friend promo thingy.. January i got my 40.00 bonus on my account for only two.. the entireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee month of January showed 55.00 pending for payment due February 15th.. This morning im seeinng 10.00 in omy ebates accoutn for my CASH back onlyyy... They removed one of my referrals and placed her under .. JUST SIGNED UP SECTION... If i dont see my cash back payment on Feb 15th.. i am totally writing a negative blog post about this website.. BE FAIR and stop your false adversiting..

New Reviewer

I made a bunch of purchases and told my whole family and because we all have the same home address our accounts were made innactive! DONT TRUST THIS SITE! THEY DID'NT PAY ANYTHING AND THEY DID THIS 2 WEEKS BEFORE PAY DATE FOR 3 MONTHS THEY LET ME SPEND MORE THAN $3,000 DLLS. THEY GET PAID BUT DO THIS AT THE LAST MINUTE SO THEY DONT HAVE TO PAY YOU!

New Reviewer

Like many others who have posted here, I bought a near $700 appliance through ebate. I've posted two "where's my Cash Back" claims, have yet to even get a response, let alone my cash back. Ironically, they sent me a "how was your experience survey" after the first "where's my Cash Back" claim, but they didn't respond to the comments on that either. As an experiment, I used ebate to place a small office supply order. The didn't come through either, but they automatically credited the ebate when I placed the "where's my Cash Back" claim. At best, the site has some horrible functionality problems. At worst, they are cynically trying to avoid paying out on orders they have received commission on.

New Reviewer

A few times I had to bring a transaction to their attention but so far I have received every penny I had coming to me!

New Reviewer

I made 3 big purchases off a certain site that was listed as 2% and 4% on Double Mondays. Anyway after sending them over 3 different wheres my money cases, 2 different times, ebates tells me that they aren't able to give me anything because they didn't receive any commission. They also recently took the store off their site. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? They gave me a $20 gift as a "valued customer" but need to make another purchase off ebates to get it. I should've gotten over $150+ in cash back but ended up with $20 over almost 2 months later.

New Reviewer

I have been using Ebates for several years now. I keep an Excel spreadsheet of my all purchases made through Ebates. A few weeks before the date of my "Big Fat Check" arriving, I check my spreadsheet against my "cash pending" account. There are always orders that did not post to my account. I did a lot of online Christmas shopping between Oct-Dec 2013 and as I checked my spreadsheet against my Ebates account, there are 12 of my orders that did not post. My largest order, which was for a $500.00 lawn mower from Home Depot, did not post in October. I filled out the "Where's My Cash Back" form, along with my order confirmation. An Ebates customer service rep emailed me and told me she posted the $24.95 “cash back” to my account. I checked and the money was there. However, when I checked a few weeks later, the “cash back” post for $24.95 had been removed. I never returned the lawn mower so it is a valid order. I agree with the others who say that it is a lot of work to use Ebates. Every three months I have to fill out numerous "Where's My Cash Back" forms along with my order confirmations. I have always had to do this ever since I started using Ebates and until the present time! If I did not keep track of my purchases, Ebates would be cheating me out of a lot of money! I highly recommend that anyone who uses Ebates, keep track of all their purchases too!

New Reviewer

This really has saved me money!! I saved 20 dollars on a cell phone at Radio Shack and $25 on a package of the very pricey ProActiv solution..This site is my new BFF!
Thank you ebates!

New Reviewer

I've used Ebates whenever I can remember to check their site first before online shopping. No problems so far and I have received the sign up giftcard and at least 2 checks. One thing to remember is that they usually don't send you a check until you accrue a certain amount. No complaints for a free service!!

New Reviewer

I went through ebates to purchase appliances from Home Depot, still haven't gotten my money! They keep telling me they're are looking into it! It's been almost two months now!

New Reviewer

I love e-bates... wish I remember to use it more often as it is easy as a simple search and click, then I get discounts on my on line shopping. No hoops to just through, just click, open a ticket, shop, and get a check in the mail every quarter. Great Site

New Reviewer

I have been a member of ebates for about 6 months now
I have received a check as promised. If you are going to shop
Why not get paid for it? Actually it’s a rebate but so what its money
In your pocket not the merchants. Love this site!!!Get a check at the
End of each quarter how can you complain about that.

New Reviewer

I started using Ebates last November in 2012. I switch from Big Crumbs. Every seemed great and the "Big Fat Check" was being issue with no problems. Now I have being waiting for the check since November. Several email to the customer service and getting nothing from them. They are only dragging their feet and asking me to wait 30 days after the check was issue. It has pass the 30 days I emailed them and still not even getting any response. It may be time to return to BigCrums

New Reviewer

These people know how to lure and trick people into buying via their link. Cheap and petty is what i'd rate them as. I shopped via ebates and qualified for $10 joining bonus gift card from target.. I saw that on the site however after 2-3 days it doesn't show up in my account where it originally was showing and I never recieve it. I email them like 10 times to see what is it? all get from them each time is "Thank you for contacting Customer Care at Ebates. We have received your message and a Customer Care Associate will respond to your question as soon as possible." No other replies ever.
So cheap and so fake- I'd say STAY AWAY!!

New Reviewer

They issued me a BIG Fat BAD check in November. Bank said the check was printed without any routing or account numbers. I contacted them, and received a reply stating that they printed many checks like that in error and that they would issue a new one on 12/9/13. I emailed them today inquiring about the status, and they said wait another 30 days. S/thing is wrong. My check should have been a VERY BIG one. I am contacting the merchants today via letters explaining that Ebates is not honoring its promises to the stores consumers.

New Reviewer

I'm a bit confused about this. I just signed up and don't understand how I can get ebates if I physically go out and shop in a store! How does the store get the info to ebates? Or is this all just for online shopping? Help, please!

New Reviewer

Don't give cash back.

New Reviewer

I have used Ebates for around 10 years. I have my "Big Fat Check", which isn't always so big, deposited into my Paypal account. I believe I have it set up to send payment every 3-4 months. After making a purchase from a website, I receive an email from Ebates a few days later, telling me that I have cash pending. I have had an excellent experience with Ebates. Someone stated that by going through the Ebates website to an e-commerce store, that the prices were higher. I think where the confusion may lie is in the e-commerce website. I will try to explain. Many times, I will receive an several emails in one day, from the same store. Each email may have a different "sale". The prices will vary from the same store. Many sites will tell you that the discount applies ONLY if you go through the email that they sent you. In cases like this, Ebates may not provide you with the lowest price. You have to review each offer separately. Shopping through Ebates might take a few minutes of your time, but, it you are able to save, let's say, $ 3.00 on every purchase you make (I am just using $ 3.00 as an example), it all adds up. If I get a rebate from Ebates of $ 50 every 3-4 months, I don't think that's a bed deal!!!

New Reviewer

like the site BUT they have limited amazon cashback

I am the founder of a new app called EzBucks. It is an iPhone & iPad app that rewards users 3.25% cashback on anything they purchase through amazon, its similar to the website Ebates, however unlike them we pay cashback on all categories including electronics. The best part is you still complete the purchase like normal from amazon (meaning you can use a CC that offers cashback and save even more).

New Reviewer

Purchased something with Home Depot for over $50 they recorded it at $4.50 and gave me 14 cents credit. Have made thousands of dollars purchased between Home Depot, Walmart and others and never got any credit. It is a rip off and they do nothing to fix the problem unless not paying as promised on their websife is part of their game. I gave them a lsit of purchases with order and tracking numbers and they refused to investigate.

New Reviewer

When I star it, it was OK. I get my BIG FAT CHECK of $7.49. Then I star to accumulate other money, then in mid of September, even I still shop on Ebay on regular bases, my cash back, never show on my account. I send memo, and I hade to do their job, to send every Item, I purchased with all numbers they ask for then they add my money to my account. Since that time, it is additional 3 weeks, and I again shop on Ebay very often, but my last over 20 transactions, never no one add it, even I send all info, and they answer to send them info about transaction. So that is running around their responsibility. They get paid, you should get part of that, but they probably don't like to share their profit. So 3 weeks of shopping actually give me $0.00. I send week ago all info about my purchase, but no one care. I guess, they only care about a large Items, so that is only way to get big fat check. So that much for this scam

New Reviewer

I want to clarify some points made by critics here. Yes, you have to spend some time and attention to your shopping. Shop a little first, before going to Ebates so you know about what is available. Open a site through Ebates, and buy on that site opening, and you will get your rebate. You may or may not get other offers available, like free shipping, however, because some sites only give one discount. I have always found Ebates pays out on schedule without a fight, even on big ticket items.

New Reviewer

SCAM ALERT: Ebates will advertise their promotions like crazy. Ebates will only keep up their end of the bargain if the individual spends hours and hours trying to find out why they never got what they should have. Those who never notice or spend the time get nothing. Ebates will only give you what you should get in the first place if you spend time. I encourage others to look up reports about this issue.

New Reviewer

I've used Ebates for over 2 years. Up until recently, they've been great and I haven't had any trouble getting cash back. However, a couple months ago, they started dragging their feet on payments. They currently owe me for several purchases totaling over $25. Their excuse is that they didn't get paid by the retailer, which I doubt. I suggest staying away from Ebates. I predict that in the near future they will "disappear" with everyone's money.

New Reviewer

Read the rip off reports before you use this site! I purchased through there site and they say I did not. I should have read there reviews before I used them. Many complaints from many people. RIP OFF!

New Reviewer

So, I've been a fan of Ebates for a long time, but recently I notice that when you buy a big ticket item (just recently bought a laptop from Dell, started out from the Ebates site as I always do) they DON'T record it. Then when you contact their customer service, they tell you it's because the vendor didn't sent them the tracking info or some b.s. like that. It's funny how it only happens on big ticket items. This has happened to me at least 3 times in the last two years. I think I will stop using them. There are plenty of other sites where you can earn points or cash back.

New Reviewer

Extremely poor. They didn't pay for several expensive purchases I made through them. According to them, I didn't use the right coupon, when I had a ll the confirmation etc. A Ripoff, stay away.

New Reviewer

Hold on - before I get dirty looks for giving a bad review for a site that seemingly hands out free money, hear me out!!

I've been using ebates for about a year now and thought it was like a gift from heaven. And they have honored the free $10 gift card and all cash back promises.

HOWEVER -- DO NOT USE THIS SITE FOR LESSER KNOWN WEBSITES!!! My friend alerted me to the fact that there are MANY stores on ebates where, if you click through ebates, you're getting a much higher starting price--hence you actually don't save (sometimes even pay more!!!).

I looked at sites like and just to test this theory out. I went directly to one of the sites, and found a product, saw it marked for $6.99 msrp. I then went through ebates and found the SAME product by SKU and saw it was listed as $8.99. I did this test across MULTIPLE PRODUCTS and MULTIPLE SITES and was shocked to learn what the hell they have been doing!

Sites like and other bigger, more well-known vendors, do not seem to employ this, so I would make sure you CHECK before using a lesser known site with the promises of xxx% cash back!!!!!!!!!!!!

So deceiving...

New Reviewer

This is the coolest site out! Just for signing up I got a $10 target card. I could not believe it when it came in the mail! I did some of my Christmas shopping using ebates and I actually was mailed a check this week! I did the shopping in NOV, so it did take a bit of time before I got the check...but I was going to buy it anyways so why not get the check? its free money! try it seems too good to be true!

New Reviewer

I save SO much money with Ebates! I love getting a surprise check in the mail every few months, even if it's not for very much. Great customer service, too.

New Reviewer

I have been using eBates for a very long time and have received many of their "Big Fat Checks". The amount might not be much but any cash back is better than no cash back. It is very easy to use.
The only downside is that sometimes it does not have some sites I shop at.

New Reviewer

I have signed up and shopeed earned $12 in ecash but havent got the cheque yet any info would help.

New Reviewer

L.O.V.E. this site. Free money that's all I can say. Everytime I'm going to purchase something online...I go to ebates and login and search to see if the vendor I'm about to purchase on is listed on ebates. If they are, you click on the link and that's it. Whatever I purchased I get a percentage into my ebates account. It's great. Go to to read more on how it works. But, I've been a member for three years now. In three years I've earned $137.00. And, this is from purchasing from sites I was going to purchase on anyway.

New Reviewer

I have been using since 2008 and I received cash back over $1000 so far from just only clicked the link through their website when shopping or using service, booking flight and hotel or car rental, etc. .

eBates is not website who gives the highest % cash back compare to other leading sites, always 1% less but I still enjoy using it. I'm a fan of many cashback websites and learned that the highest % cash back doesn't guarantee you get the best deal. It means nothing if it's never been rebate.

eBates customer service will always be there when I needed or requested to investigate my lost cash back. Sometime they took several days to resolve my problem but at last every questions got answers and I've never missed my cash back any cent !!

Recently, I shopped at Macy's. I already forgot that I supposed to get some cash back. eBates sent me email to ask if I received cash back yet? Macy's trackable link broken that day then they worked out to get cash back for me. Thank you very much. Appreciated !

New Reviewer

I had a great experience with My rebates only took a few days to post to my account, and they deposited my big fat check right on time. They actually give you decent rebates, unlike some sites I've used which barely give you anything, or have an unreasonable minimum that you have to reach before you can get anything. Anyway, I highly recommend

New Reviewer

I used this website for ordering through staples. It took a long time before they posted it to my account. I contacted them for my cash back. they giv eme credit but then took it away. Don't understand why they are so messed up. Also, they do not respond to you after 2-3 days. I still like mr. rebates better. I am also using which is good.

New Reviewer

Love this site- I get money back quarterly for purchases I normally make online. If you do a lot of online shopping this site will earn you some cash back. Earn a percentage of you purchase back each quarter, then they send you a check!

New Reviewer

So far so good. They seem to have a good variety of stores I shop online with. I have to wait three months to see if I indeed get the money, but I like the idea. I will fill you in more if/when I get the rebates. It is easy to use, but any shopping you do must go through their page, which I uippose can at times be a bother.

Apprentice Reviewer

This was one website I thought was too good to be true -- boy was I wrong!! Simple, up front, and no extra "paperwork" to be used. You simply log in to the website and select where you want to shop (lands end, barnes and noble, coldwater creek,, etc) and the site launches your shopping site. Any purchase you make from the shopping site is credited to your account. 4 times a year you are sent a check based on the amount of accrued dollars in your account.

Each shopping website sets its own % rate on rebates (they range from 1% - 30%) and can change during the year based on specials. You do receive emails telling which websites are running specials (during ebates birthday week last year, many websites doubled their rebate %). Another really nice feature of is that they list current coupon/promotions for their websites also so you can launch your website, use the online coupon, and get your % rebate with one click!

It is well worth checking out the list of included vendors -- there are hundreds!! Very popular well-known ones! The checks cash just fine and I love getting paid for places I online-shop anyway!



New Reviewer

I have been a member since 2001 and have averaged about $100 a year in rebates that are paid out 4 times a year in the form of "Big Fat Checks" (my choice), have your rebates transfered into a Paypal account or donate to your favorite charity if you wish.
Free to register, free to use. All 100% free, no upfront money, nothing.
I never shop the 'net without going through Ebates first!
You even make a small referral fee if someone joins... AND if you join you get a bonus also! So with that disclaimer in mind drop me a note at and I will send you sign up referral to get you started. You will be glad you did..... I was.
Oh, last but not least, they have been featured on CNN, CBS MSNBC, etc.

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