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65 reviews
Categories: Acne, Beauty, Cosmetics
411 108th Ave NE, Suite 1600
Bellevue, WA 98004
Tel: 1-800-378-4786
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65 Reviews for

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New Reviewer
9/16/14 hopes it has the right Rx for e-commerce success. I have more beauty product in that company.It also sells high-end cosmetics and skin care items through its unit. The company markets contact lenses through its Vision Direct subsidiary and customized nutritional supplement programs through its Custom Nutrition Services subsidiary.The product are very quality. Please use that company product in cheap rate.

New Reviewer

I love their sales! I visit the site everyday to see if there is anything I need on sale, or even things that I don't need! OMG I need to control myself or I'll be broke!
Anyway I often buy my organic cosmetic products here. I can find any sort of info I need about the product, e.g. consumers' reviews or ingredient list.

New Reviewer

Horrible experience. Product arrived damaged and useless. Customer service basically non-responsive. Will never use again.

Tip for consumers: Do not use. You are better off getting the item anywhere else.

Ask Erin about
New Reviewer

I have been shopping with for many years and I thought they were great. I had a problem with the last order I placed. Coupons were offered for the items I purchased so I clicked on them and they were added to my basket with the amount deducted. When it was time to checkout, I double checked to make sure all the amounts were correct before I placed the order. The next day I wanted to check on the order, and I found out that the coupons were never applied. I called customer service and they did offer me a refund.

Today I just placed another order that offered coupons for certain items. But this time, before I placed the order, I copied the screen to an email so I could check it against the actual order that was placed. The coupons were never applied and the total of the order was more than what I approved it for. Please BEWARE of this! I wonder how many times this has happened to me in the past.

Tip for consumers: Please check the amount of your order before you place it and then again after it is placed if you use coupons. It may be more than you expect.

Ask Deb about
New Reviewer

I've ordered from for years and have always been happy. Their email reminders are helpful so that I can remember what I ordered and order it again.

Tip for consumers: If your order is over the minimum for free shipping, you can split it up and possibly get a coupon for your 'next' order, but place it right away. There are always good discount coupons.

Ask Millie about
New Reviewer

I have a lifetime membership with Team National and since is one of their affiliates, I get a percentage back on everything I purchase from them. I have used them regularly now for several years for many of my household and personal use needs. I like the previous purchased history they provide that allows me to select items that I buy regularly without searching for them again. They also offer additional discounts and coupons on many items that makes this site a no-brainer for me. Although there are some instances where I pay slightly more for some items, I consider myself still ahead since I can shop, place my order and receive it without ever leaving my home.
With all they have to offer, I have found their site pretty easy to navigate and searches are accurate and fast.

New Reviewer

Be sure to read their return policy before ordering - very rigid. Basically, if you open the package you own it. They do not stand by their products whatsoever! Purchased dual Febreze NOTICEables in the Gain Scent that give both my wife and myself headaches. No options to return or receive another scent.

New Reviewer

I ordered jelly beans with 2 day shipping on a Friday. So I was aware they were suppose to show up on Monday. But, they came Tuesday. Which I didn't mind, the only thing that bothered me is the packaging that seemed to be carelessly thrown together.

New Reviewer

I've ordered from three times. The first time, it took forever for my order to arrive so I decided not to order from them again. A year or so later, I was looking for an item I can't find in the store anymore, and they popped up, so I gave them another try. I got that order in a day and half. I was impressed that a week later, I placed another order with them. It's two weeks now and that order has yet to arrive. The savings just aren't worth the wondering if you'll actually receive your items and having to follow-up all the time.

New Reviewer

You better not have a problem... customer service is lacking. I called with an order issue. I basically was told that I was confused and entered my order wrong. The most important rule I've learning in my 20 years of customer service is 'the customer is always right, even when wrong'. The rep i spoke to was rude, impatient, unwilling to help or even really look into my issue, and certainly not wanting to keep my business. I have a $50 weekly order. Given that he really didn't care about my issue, I asked to speak with his supervisor. He left me on hold for for an extremely long time, then came back laughing off that a manager was not available. I then asked to speak with another representative, at which he answered - quote - "you will just have to call back then." After he hung up on me, I did follow his instruction and called back.I spoke to a new rep who was so great and helpful. She was able to resolve my issue so quickly and to my satisfaction. It's amazing how much better an issue can be with simple kindness. Honestly, if it was not for her I would not be returning for more orders and would have lost a customer (and my friends!). They really need to focus on customer service. From other reviews, I see this is a trend.

New Reviewer

I love, I love the promos they offer, the low prices, and the cash back deal they offer that can be put towards upcoming orders. I saved over half of what I was spending on my last order. They have unique items that I sometimes can't find other places.

New Reviewer

My order took forever to arrive. After opening one of the jars of gummy vitamins, my daughter noticed there was a big blob of melted gummies on the bottom. Yuck. How on earth could anywhere be hot enough to melt these things and especially coming from New Jersey? Knowing from the past that they don't accept returns on opened products I'm out the $ for it. Even if it hadn't been opened why would I want to pay postage and a restocking fee? Won't be using them again.

New Reviewer

Will never order again. They use sub-par shipping companies that either don't deliver or when they finally deliver (when you are one of the lucky ones to get your order) it's to the wrong address. Customer service is awful. Poor communication and just plain rude. And if you need a refund you are going to spend days trying to get it. AVOID THIS SITE!!!! This is from someone that ordered regularly from this site.

New Reviewer

Tons of great buys, extremely fast shipping and shipping is FREE if you order $35 or more. I have used this site over and over again and every time am satisfied. Prices almost 100% of the time beat that of the local stores in my area. Just ordered this past week and had my order in 2 days.

New Reviewer

I ordered a book from Amazon. Somehow this website got my name and address and sent me a package that was delivered to me one day before my book arrived. I thought it was my book, but the box was too big. I should have looked at the return address to see if it was Amazon, but I didn't and opened it. It was 6 rolls of toilet paper with an invoice and ORDER number and they said they charged the cost to my "card". I was mad. I sent them an email. They apologized and sent me a link for a prepaid return postage. The link says if you opened the box the item cannot be returned. Then they go on to talk about all kinds of charges and fees and restocking fees if I return the item. I have decided to do nothing. They do not have my credit card number and reading the pages and pages of their return policy it looks like if you do return the item you will be charged additional fees.

New Reviewer

Good site with fast shipping. You can save quite a bit of money using their coupons and periodic rebates. The site has a few issues. Sometimes you have to pay really close attention to an item's fine print in order to click or checkmark a tiny box in order to get a discount for buying more than one of something. When you review your order before placing it, make sure all of your coupon codes, rebates, and special offers were applied. If they weren't, you can call customer service and they can fix it with you on the line. I shop at comparing it side-by-side with, and place orders with both for the items that they won by beating their competition.

New Reviewer

I had a couple of deployments in Iraq & Afghanistan, and these guys were a real blessing. I found good deals on many items that were hard for me to find otherwise, and shipping is fast & free on most orders. Many online retailers will not ship to military APO/FPO's overseas, but these guys do. Even back home. is a convenient way to get many things at a good price.

New Reviewer

Ordered 3 of same item. Site never said it was backordered. After almost 2 months finally shipped. 1 item was damaged due to insufficient packaging. Another item was not even what we ordered. Waste of money. Will never order from them again.

If I could give negative rating I would.

New Reviewer

If you pay with paypal, you cannot cancel even a minute after, even if the cancel link is active. So you go through the process of returning the item and then you have to carefully follow your refund, as it may never come unless you check on it and call them again! I once had to call at least twice to get my refund.

A more recent experience was when I called customer service because there was an error in the listed product and I was shipped the wrong product. Unlike a site like Amazon, I always get the feeling that they think you are a crook if you are trying to return a product. (I am from another nation and I don't have a typical American accent, so that may add to their "fears"). The first time I called the rep was so rude it was amazing. He cut the line on me. I called again and got another rep who, after a lengthy interrogation where I had to read all the ingredients in the product I had received, he understands the issue and agrees to send me the correct product. However I don't get a refund for the wrong product, even though I have to wait, and I don't know until when to get the correct product.

I was not new customer and have shopped at the often. I think they can be sleazy about refunds and wonder if all the glowing comments about them on this site are manufactured reviews.

New Reviewer

Don't bother. I ordered a TON of stuff, only to have them ship me someone else's order. Mistakes happen, but the customer service was incompetent in their best moments. One week, two calls, and a couple emails, and the best they could do was offer a refund. Avoid this site.

New Reviewer

They sent me an email for $140 worth of free products in a bag but everywhere that you click, this offer never existed. It was a sneaky way to just get you to the site so I blocked any further emails from them.

New Reviewer

Twice now, I have ordered organic baby food to be sent to my grandson in Key West, and once it was shipped to me, costing me $12.35 to ship to Key West, and now I've just ordered more and was certain to choose the Key West address both on and Paypal. It still came up as coming to Boston. So I called a customer service rep, and she said it's beause I used Paypal. I asked if she could guarantee that it will go to Key West, she could not. I asked to cancel order and she said no. So the product is good, buy one get one free, the shipping which is supposed to be free is lost on me having to send it from Boston to Key West, not to mention the loss of time.

New Reviewer

If you are looking for convenience, this site is great and provides a large selection of products. However, I have personally found that the products I use are cheaper purchased in a grocery, beauty supply or other national chain store. Add shipping costs on top of that, you are paying for the convenience of having the items shipped to your door.

New Reviewer
12/29/13 is a fine site to use as long as you don't pay via PayPal AND ship to another party. For example, I wanted to send a care package to a sick friend & pay via paypal. There were some issues with site functionality in that I had to keep re-selecting the shipping address. When I completed the online order, and received the order confirmation, it indicated that it was being shipped to me, not the selected party. It would have helped if there was a pop-up that indicated you couldn't ship to another party using paypal. I called customer service & was disconnected twice. The third time I got a customer service rep who gave me this rambling lecture on how I couldn't ship to another party using paypal unless I added a default address - and how was I supposed to know that? I asked to cancel the order and she told me it was too late & was probably already processed - even though I had placed the order just a few minutes before I spoke with her. Ridiculous bullshl!. She got a bit testy then in an unpleasant tone, told me I could always return it. So now I have two choices - I can pay $$$ to return an order that was amazingly processed in 5 minutes; or I can pay $$$ to ship it to my sick friend, knowing that it will get there a bit later than desired. Either way, I lose money & time. Not happy - will probably NOT use again. Wouldn't it be nice if this Fortune 1000 e-commerce site made an effort to warn their customers about this glitch on their site? Afterall, I use paypal all the time when shopping on line & this is the first time I haven't been allowed to ship to a 3rd party. I just wish would alert their customers to this BEFORE they place an order.

New Reviewer

Great site for buying beauty products I can't find anymore in the stores locally! - I found BufPufs via the internet, since I searched high and low and couldn't find them any longer in any stores in town. I ordered them and even got a free gift out of it. Also they have prescription products at a great discounted price. I was so impressed,...

New Reviewer

Decent prices and super-fast delivery. Cool cash-back program where a % of your purchase goes towards future purchases (free money is a very good thing). I get my protein bars from here every month.

New Reviewer

I don't know how delivers orders so quickly. I'm prompted to write this review today, Tuesday mid-afternoon, because I just opened my package of items I ordered on-line on Sunday, late afternoon. does this so consistently that I even order items from them that I'm in a hurry to get. In addition, I have found that has items that I can't find anywhere else, e.g., Glad Handle Tie trashbags, and a particular nail polish remover I like. In general the prices at are on par with my local stores, although, when has items on sale, they are a good savings.
I rarely write reviews, but I'm so pleased with's speedy delivery that I wanted to share my experience.

New Reviewer

Great site, good beauty products and quick delivery. Much more convenient to order on than find a local store.

New Reviewer

I love

When they use OnTrac shipping, your package will arrive in 2 days, very fast! But they sometimes use UPS Ground shipping, which is SLOW and takes like a week. So I try not to order pricy skincare items from them, as if it takes a week to ship and is subject to lots of heat and adverse weather conditions, it can reduce the effectiveness of the skincare product.

However for my sunscreen, vitamins, shampoo/conditioner and other such basic items, is my choice. Cheap and reliable :) Oh by the way, their customer service is excellent.

New Reviewer

I was thrilled to find advertised on the vanilla pea protein by Olympian labs I currently use. I ordered 2 since the company had recently changed the formula, happy that was carrying it. I received my order, and unfortunately they sent me the new formula!!! I was upset that they 1. False advertise 2. Sent me something entirely different than I originally ordered. 3. Will not refund additional shipping cost for the product! I believe for me....3 strikes your out. Thanks to their Manager Dawn, who gave additional horrible customer service. I won't be shopping with them again.

New Reviewer

I've shopped at off and on for a few years. They've got a nice selection and decent prices and if I can't find what I want at my local drug store a couple of blocks from home I can usually find it there. It saves me the hassle of driving across town to another store, and I feel whatever shipping charges I may incur are minor to driving thru traffic, parking and so on - I usually walk to my corner store.

New Reviewer

My simple order for some toothpaste went through just fine. A rare toothpaste that's been pretty hard to find recently. Bought enough for free shipping and got it 3 business days later. Good enough for me.

New Reviewer

My husband and I have shopped at for years with no problems - until recently. I purchase a very costly cream which is like a miracle for older women who wish to keep their necks youthful. However, it must be used twice a day to truly work. I ordered it in March and it never arrived. After 10 days I telephoned and found that my order was sitting at the shipping point and, inexplicitly, no one knew why it hadn't been shipped. I was told it would be shipped immediately. It was but I received two identical orders, one of which I had to take the time and trouble to ship back. At least they credited my credit card for the second order. Running low on the cream, I ordered it again, but when it arrived the box contained a bottle of foundation make-up so cheap it wasn't even packed in it's own box, but just rattled around in the shipping box along with an invoice for $108.80. Now I'm completely out of the neck cream and is out of it, too. I only hope that the assurance that my account will be credited the $108.80 as they promised is true. I will NEVER shop at again and urge everyone else not to, either. They don't deserve to be in business!

New Reviewer
5/14/13 is a terrible mess. I placed an order and it disappeared into the abyss. Numerous attempts to contact the site by email and phone resulted in no explanation. Attempt to cancel the order elicited an email saying it could not be cancelled because it was already in process. Lots of excuses about using a new vendor. Seriously, stay away.

New Reviewer

Randomly cancelled my order 3 times before accepting it and finally shipping it. The return process has been AWFUL! I am still waiting for a return 60 days later. Customer service is horrible. BUYER BEWARE!

New Reviewer

I have ordered quite a few items from in the past. However, my last order I did have some problems. One of the items I ordered wasn't sent. When I called to complain, I will admit they immediately took care of the problem and shipped the missing item to me. I had to return one item and even though I used their shipping method and I do have tracking info that they received it almost a month ago, I still haven't received credit back to my charge card. If this is how they handle their returns, I have lots of other choices of where to buy, so I won't be buying from in the future.

New Reviewer

I've been ordering all kinds of stuff from for years and have never been disappointed. They do a good job...wish I could order everything from them!

New Reviewer

I've ordered from them for years. For most things their prices are better than in my local store. Recently their shipping price has gone up, and it seems that quite a few things are no longer available. I don't know if that means they are downsizing. I hope not, because my experience with them has been great!

New Reviewer
1/25/13 promised to send me a $25 gift card for my purchase. I never got it. I called customer service. They admit I met all requirements for the gift card but said their computer failed to send the gift card. I received no discounts as an alternative. Because it was deemed a hassle to manually send me a card, customer service flat out refused to make good on their promise to send me the card. Don't buy anything from this corrupt corporation. Tell everyone you know not to buy.

New Reviewer

Eassy, Fast and the deals the advertise are the deals you get. A great place to find the items that are no longer carried at your local store!

New Reviewer

I have ordered from for years. My order history take a few pages. While I don't find their prescription service competitive (or fast enough!) my OTC orders ship sometimes within HOURS or being placed and I always have them in 2 days. Maybe I am lucky to be near a distribution center but few web sites move as fast. Their prices are better than I can pay locally on MOST items (not all) and now that they dropped the free shipping from $49 to $25 I can place a quick small order and out it goes. Perfect!

New Reviewer

I ordered some merchandise from The order was 100% wrong. Not a single item was what I ordered. I repackaged the items and returned them using a return label I had to print out and tock the package to the post office to return it ( they do not use UPS. After a few weeks I received a new package. again it was 100% wrong. They must have monkeys filling randomly boxes and shipping them.

New Reviewer

Best store on the internet. Good prices, free shipping, all name brand stuff, what more can be said about them? They deliver timely and I never get any "sorry it was out of stock" messages like you do with some bad stores. I recommend this site to all my family and friends whenever they need some Visine or anything like that.

New Reviewer

I've been a long time drugstore customer and now buy all my household goods from them without wandering grocery aisles. I wish the shipping was a little faster....I know you can buy a ShopRunner subscription but is much faster and free. The cash-back from and drugstore reward programs - in addition to autolist repurchasing has kept me loyal to date.

Apprentice Reviewer

I have used for many years now. I have never had one single problem with an order, ever. I prefer buying products there every couple months instead of gong out to the local drug store. They really carry everything I could think of that might be at your local DS.
I've never compared the prices because it has been so convenient that it would offset any savings I might get driving to the store. Great experience with them.

New Reviewer

I love shopping on It is easy site to navigate, they have great prices, even sales weekly, also when u click on an item and decide to add to cart sometimes there is a coupon listed that you can click on to add to card for extra discount on that perticular item. All you do is click to check coupon and the click add to cart and it shows price of item and then where the coupon has been applied!!! So awesome. I haven't returned anything so can't comment on the return dept. They are quick on processing orders and usually have orders shipped out same day!!!

Veteran Reviewer

The have great item selections just as you would find in the big pharmacies, but also some of the hard to get products as well. I just wish they had more coupons and more shipping fee breaks, but other that those few things drugstore. com is the bomb. Worth signing up for e-mails.

New Reviewer

Very convenient way to shop when you don't have a car. They have everything for personal needs and more. I ordered and received my items within a few days. Very fast.

Veteran Reviewer

You can get most anything that you get at your neighborhood drugstore (Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid) right here at this site (even prescriptions). They have great sales and are always running a promotion code for use with purchases. They also reward buyers with 5% credit on total purchase (before tax and shipping) to use on anything later. Their sister site is This site also offers natural/organic products for those who are earth conscious and a special section that allows you to easily spend those FSA funds your employer so graciously contributes to. Have ordered from here and never had any issues. GREAT SITE!!!

Veteran Reviewer

I have never shopped here SO i don't know if you need a prescription to buy from them if you don't then i think thats really bad , they sell clomid , and if they are just selling it thats shocking , if you take this without being watched by a doctor you could have SERIOUS life changing problems , but they seem legit , i have talked to customer service they answer straight away ..

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