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40 reviews
Categories: Dogs, Pets
345 S. Coast Hwy 101, Ste M2
Encinitas, CA 92024
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For the past 2 days me and my husband have been trying to find a husky puppy and a maltese puppy. (in 3 reviews)


I recently found a posting for siberian husky puppies for sale in Warsaw, MO. (in 14 reviews)

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1 review
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Glad I read these reviews before sending any money. I received the same email template many have mentioned in the reviews.
Scam template I received:
dogsnow post:

Ask Heather about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been looking for a Welsh Pembrooke Corgi puppy for about a month and my first search I found one they said was located in Colorado and the person was in the military and needed to find home for 2 puppies (1 female and 1 male) and I told them I wanted the male but had to wait until I got paid and the lady decided she would hold it for me and I had a suspicious feeling about it and decided not to proceed. I started looking for local people for puppies and all three in the Washington DC and Virginia area. As soon as I said I was in the area and wanted to see the puppies before I purchased it 2 of the people never responded and the one that did gave a sob story about his daughter passing away and the puppies being hers and he wanted to sell them for $300 each and he said he was located approximately 40 miles from me I asked when I could see them and he changed his story saying he was relocating to Texas as of tomorrow and if I wanted he could ship them from Texas at a later date. I explained I want to see the puppies before I buy them and that was the end of our communication. Buyer's beware!!!! Don't go on this site unless you want to be ripped off

Ask Vanessa about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

SCAM is bigger than just one person. I was informed of another transaction who was smart and called me. Columbus GA TO ATLANTA is a short drive to pick up a pet. They would not allow pick !!! HOW do you fly it only two hours away for the cost. Name used this time is TOM FLARE. SAME ADDRESS AS SCAM PARTNER MICHAEL TROUG AND WIFE BERYL. ADDRESS (work) they are using is 3106 EARLY ST. NW. ATLANTA GA. 30301. Both used same photos of puppies. Secondly SCAM French bulldog puppies were used. (Will send anyone photos of both) OH. SHIPPING FACT; 608-492-2895. They wanted $1850.00 from me for shipping containers????? Said my puppies were in New Mexico also said they were Government shipping agency (IS THAT ILLEGAL? ). Wouldn't give name of company and l was STUPID ENOUGH to want them l would of payed the extra $450 they wanted from me if it was upon delivery not MoneyGram like they wanted. Actually this site maybe not fully be at FAULT BUT they really need to check there Clients. THERE FAVORITE SAYING IS PLEASE TRUST US DONT. CAN FOWARD there words upon request. I really took to that puppy buy the photo reminded me of my first God bless her.

Ask Graham about DogsNow
1 review
4 helpful votes

We came across an ad for a pug puppy for sale in Metairie, LA. This person only text messages (RED FLAG). We asked where he was from...Ohio (RED FLAG); however he offered shipping through Pet expressed seemed legit, they have a website...right?!?! He asked for our email to email us some pics and videos of the puppies. We fell in love with one right away and were very excited. He said her name was LULU.

Then, he asked when we wanted her and guaranteed to have her to us in just a few days. His email address was

Next,he asked me to wire him Money from Walmart to Giano Marchigano in Youngstown Ohio. Once the payment was complete, I was to send him the 9 digit receipt. He had all the paperwork complete, but wouldn't send me a copy. (RED FLAG)

I will we be guaranteed receipt of LuLu if we sent the money first?

He replied, " When you pay and I do all the flight boarding paperwork, I I will have access to full verification codes so you can check status and movements." (RED FLAG)

At this point he became very pushy and kept restating that the demand was high and that I needed to hurry and secure her. (RED FLAG).

****I then began researching his the names Jason Thunder and Giano Marhigano in Youngstown, Ohio. They do NOT exist. Then, I researched the reviews for Most of the reviews stated the site was FRAUD"!

So, I asked him how old the puppy was. He stated 4 weeks old (RED FLAG). I'm not a vet, but I thought puppies couldn't be sold until 6-8 weeks old.

So, I asked, "What do I feed such a precious baby?" There was a long silence......then he responded that he would send all the instructions with the dog. (RED FLAG)

I then told him we wanted to prepare for her and insisted on knowing what to feed her. Long silence again.....then he responded,"Royal can get them groceries easily." (RED FLAG)

I asked him to provide me with proof that he was a legit dog breeder. Papers? Reviews? Past clients??

He stated that he would send me a video of them playing with the dog calling my name. (RED FLAG).
He badgered my a couple more times to send payment and called me rude for not responding. When I did respond to let him know that he did not provide me with proof and that I thought he was fraud, he called me "a psychopathic person, and that the puppy would suffer in my care."

STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY! I am choosing not to use this site. Its a shame the legit breeders have to suffer.

Do your research before finding a family pet!
Do NOT send money to some one before receiving the goods.
Look for clues of fraud & trust your instinct.

Ask Jamie about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

I sent out request to maybe 5 people. All scams. They said the dogs were akc registwred, I even got one to send me the akc papers, they were blank documents that you put the puppy info into bUT they blurred the document so you could barely read it. I told them it was blank, they said no, I sent the same document unblurred with circles showing no info was entered. This site should be getting shut down soon.

Ask andrew about DogsNow
1 review
2 helpful votes

I found three puppies that I followed up on. All three of them were scams. That was a waste of my time and hurt my kids who were excited to see pictures of the new puppy they'd be getting for Christmas. All three of them had sad stories and needed to courier the dog to me with cash up front. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM.

Ask Angelica about DogsNow
1 review
2 helpful votes

DogsNow website is total SCAM!!! They email you sob stories to make you feel upset, then they ask about I was emailing this guy name Peter with a North Carolina area code but stated he he now lives in North Dakota, he listed North Carolina because he was trying to get rid of the puppies quicker. He then gave me such a sob story about how he was in the military and was in a bad accident and how he just wanted his puppies in a loving home, so we emailed back and forth for a couple of days and I even spoke with him on the phone, couldn't understand him, he did not speak good English!! so the day comes where he was going to send the puppy to a delivery carrier and I asked him the carrier name and he gives me this link

DO NOT TRUST this site TOTAL SCAM! Yolasite is a site where one can create their own site for free. So I emailed him back and asked him for another picture of the puppy and asked him to write a sheet of paper today's date and he totally went off on me staring he's already dropped the puppy off and I do not trust him so I knew then that it was definitely a SCAM!!

Not to mention an hour later my boyfriend found the same Puppy on a different website in GA area with the same number as Peter. So BE CAREFUL! He didn't get me so I'm helping you! :)

Ask Monique about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't waste your time on this site. Reached out to several sellers of dogs. They all want to ship you a dog after you send them money. They advertise that they are in one place but then tell you the dogs are somewhere else or they just moved or some other lame story. A lot of them seem to not be able to use proper English. That's not to say that there aren't people that English may be a second language but really. They will list multiple listings with the same dog or dogs that are not even theirs. THIS SITE UNFORTUNATELY IS A TOTAL SCAM. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

Ask David about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

My story is a lot like everyone else who commented. Watch out for 406-272-3380/ Total scam, all red flags were overlooked and now very heart broken.

Ask Leigh about DogsNow
1 review
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Ask Teresa about DogsNow
1 review
3 helpful votes

All scams here folks. They send you pictures of somebody else's pup, get you and your children to fall in love with it over the internet and start spending with your heart instead of your head. Then they suck as much money out of you with promises of a puppy arriving until you realize that you've been scammed for $1400.00 and leave your kids with broken hearts. I didn't spend anything because I read the reviews. One scammer is 812-463-2534 and his other number 623-282-2656. It's two numbers from 2 states that go to his google voice number. He will text only. Ask you for your email and what kind of pup you're looking for and you'll get an email that is a sob story that's copied and pasted from the oldest craigslist scammers.
Avoid these horrible horrendous people at all costs. Even the Dogsnow site has the same "watch out for scams" warning that craigslist has. Dogsnow says to report bad people but there is no way to do so.
Please, don't walk, RUN from this horrible place that uses our love of animals to suck your credit card dry

Ask Fred about DogsNow
1 review
3 helpful votes

She tells you it is akc registered and says she will get you the paperwork. We paid 600. for a dog from her and still have not received the paperwork. She will not answer her phone or return our messages. Obviously she is lying about something. We have contacted our lawyer and given him all her info and he is going to check into it.

Ask Kathy about DogsNow
1 review
8 helpful votes

we were scammed and lost over $1000 and have two vey upset children!!! This website is terrible and only in it for your money! I wouldn't recommend you to even attempt to get a puppy from here. Also the pet airline is a scam! DONT DO IT!

Ask Aliza about DogsNow
1 review
4 helpful votes

Hi we were looking for Male Samoyed pups and sent 200 Dollars as instructed and 2 days later the puppy was supposed to come and a man named Jon Biaca from Baltimore send acknowledged for Mallisa Fllora (Advertizer) after sending money through money gram we updated Mallisa as instructed by her she acknowledged and we waited for the shipment that never came no response from Mallisa or shipping company. shipping company sent an Email with the scheduale of shipment, process of sending money whole to send to and how to send when we were done sending money , some Oriental man instructed over the phone to send a reference number for money sent and we did. This Oriental man had an Austin number 512-6661713 and my phone number was furnished to him by Mallisa this man claimed to be the manager of the shipping company of my region I am in the process with the police about this scam to save other innocent people

Reference add number is. o399066268

- Jawaid Ansari

Ask Jawaid about DogsNow
1 review
4 helpful votes

Put inquiries out to about 5 owners of Boston Terrier puppies....ALL scams. Every. Single. One. Thank goodness I didn't lose any money. Very disappointed.

Ask Tory about DogsNow
1 review
13 helpful votes

My mom found a puppy on here and went and contacted a woman and ended up sending 500 to have the puppy shipped to her and they then asked for 1200 more for insurance and my mom and her husband said no so the 500 is gone it was a scam. Going to the FBI this week. My mom is so hart broken.

Ask Judy about DogsNow
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was looking to purchase a dog and came across a dog I was interested in, and I texted the number that was provided. I received a reply a few hours later, but the text message asked which breed of dog I was looking for since my text message was just basically asking if they still had puppies available.... The text message also was asking for my email address. I provided my email address and received an email a few minutes later as well as a text telling me he sent an email. The email was several paragraphs long explaining why he couldn't talk on the phone and why he could only do this by email.... Just like the others they gave a sob story of someone dying. The email also had a few questions in regards to the pet and apologizing for all the questions but they are concerned that their pet finding a good home. I recognized this to be scam right away, but answered the question anyway because there was no personal information that was being asked. After answering the questions, I finished the email by saying that his story seemed pretty fishy that I felt like this was a scam and before I go any further I was going to do some background checks. Within about 10 minutes, my email was followed up by a text again saying he sent an email, but his email was pushing the fact of making a transaction asap.... His email had nothing in regards to my questions about this being a scam.

So, today I spent some time looking to see how to block this guy from actually scamming someone but noticed on that sight they do not have that option which makes me believe that this entire site is a scam, but as I continued my research, I found this forum. There might be real breeders on this site but seems to me, you will get scammed before finding that real breeder.

So for those whom still believe this is a good site and still want to try to purchase a dog from this site, here are some helpful hints to stay away from them Worthless Pieces of $H!T...

1. Recognize the grammar... I noticed some of things he said were completely out of content telling me they are not even from the US.

2. Sob Stories of someone dying... My guy had said he was in a minor accident which is elder daughter died in and he had jaw surgery which is why you couldn't talk. Why does some feel they need to tell you this??? If this tragedy really happened, would you tell everyone that’s why they selling the animal??? Reading the rest of the forums on this site they had similar stories.

3. The postings state and Google the area code to see which state the number is from.... The posting had Indiana, his number was from New Jersey, but the address he gave me was in Maryland. Pretty goofy to me.

4. ASAP or seemed pushing.... They do not want to waste time because the more time you think about it you realize it’s a scam, so they try to push it on you.

5. Email Attachments... If you are skeptical do not open an attachment because I will tell you it’s a virus to get your personal information. How do you think the Target scammed work? It was an attachment sent from a guy in Russia, and a contractor that did construction worked at Target received the email, opened the attachment, and the virus found its way to Target. The FBI knows who this guy is but the US cannot touch him because he is in Russia and he is still making millions of dollars of that scam 2 years later.

6. Not knowing what breed you are asking about.... I believe a breeder will only breed one type of breed, so if they need to know the specifics of what breed you are asking then they are not a breeder, or if they are then they do not specialize in any breed.

The Law has too much of these complaints and cannot not do much about it, especially when they are from another country.... We cannot touch them. So, the only way to stop this is for us to stop falling for this stuff and pass this information on.

Ask Chad about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

Dogsnow is a total SCAM!!!!!

Ask david about DogsNow
1 review
6 helpful votes

This site is nothing but a SCAM. Looking for a Great Dane puppy. Contacted seller, sent me a sob story, which I believed. I thought who could make up such a sad story to just to sell dogs. Long story short I am out 300.00 dollars. I have been in touch with MoneyGram, FBI and the local police. These scumbags play on the hearts of people who want to give loving homes to animals. When they try to scam the next person, I hope whatever story they tell them happens to them.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE.

Ask Virginia about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

FULL of scam and fraud.
Don't send money through money gram or western union.
If you buyer seems fishy and stories aren't adding up! It's a scam. Sending money to a different country or a different state with a different name than stated on the site. DO NOT DO IT! Mistake

Ask Hannah about DogsNow
1 review
5 helpful votes

After looking over Maltese Puppy the one we feel in love with & talking with owner I guess they said they had to move From SC to Utah. Then after talking to the pet shippers we thought puppy had been shipped the after 3 hours they called back needing more money for a ventilation electronic temperature crate and vaccine. Which was up to be $2550. Lesson learned hard way, we let our hearts talk today instead of our minds. If you see 919-917-9053 number its a scam also Giving it a 1 star which they and this site don't deserve. You can't even file a complaint with

Ask Elizabeth about DogsNow
1 review
8 helpful votes

DO NOT have anything to do with the person who has this phone number, 1-571-399-5087. They say they live in Jamesport Missouri, but have suddenly been forced to move to Oregon and will have a puppy shipped to you! It's a SCAM! I was forced to give this site one star so I could submit this message, but it's total S**T!

Ask michael about DogsNow
1 review
7 helpful votes

(571) 418-7691 watch out for this phone number, This is a total scam....claiming to be in hampstead NC... It's a total scam... They say they have moved to another state and ask for shipping money for the puppies.. Who would honestly send money without seeing a living thing as innocent as a puppy???

Ask Brandy about DogsNow
2 reviews
18 helpful votes

I am a breeder. While searching sites last night, I came across While looking through the beagle puppies for sale, I saw SEVERAL of my own puppies listed! These people are SCAMMERS! I have tried contacting to have them get my puppies off their site but still, NO ONE has even attempted to call or email me back. I believe this whole site is a joke!

Ask Jessica about DogsNow
1 review
5 helpful votes

For the past 2 days me and my husband have been trying to find a husky puppy and a maltese puppy. We have probably contacted 12 different people in the "New Jersey" area, well that's what they say. Come to find out a majority of them are out of state and just want to ship us dogs and when we say we are willing to come and pick them up because we want to see the puppies we get the run around. 90% of the people contacted live nowhere near NJ and want money to ship the dog. Don't think so!!!

Ask NayAnn about DogsNow
1 review
9 helpful votes

Went to purchase a Yorkie from someone claiming to be Kristi Kent and this is a scam. She works with others claiming to use the Pets USA Express by using what appears to be a Company letterhead /email address. She works with someone claiming to be Dequann Shamarr Morris to get you to send money via Western Union. SCAM SCAM. DON'T SUCKED IN. She also claims to be a missionarie.

Ask Debbie about DogsNow
1 review
4 helpful votes

Do not buy a French Bulldog from "Michael" who told me he was Matthew Chuck. He keeps updating the same puppy pictures with new cities and prices. He stole money from me, asks for a RELOAD it card as payment. His phone number is 401-501-3048

Ask Dorothy about DogsNow
1 review
3 helpful votes

Total scam! Texts 6 times saying will delete my ad for no reason , just wanted passwords ,etc. not a safe place to advertise our furry ones! They should not have this problem at all, and they provide zero support! Hmmm, I think it is they , who are the scammers!

Ask Linda about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote


Ask Jamemiiz about DogsNow
1 review
7 helpful votes

I was looking to purchase a Brussels Griffon, found one on
I contacted the seller (STEVEN WILLIAMS) and just asked for two things; (1)Send me pictures of the puppy and (2) How much for the puppy..I also let the seller know what city i was located in.. The last part of this email is what had SCAM written all over it. well this is what he said:

Steven Williams
Sep 24 (8 days ago)

to me

thanks for the mail regarding my loving Brussels Griffon puppies. They are called Jerry and Cindy and they are both 14 weeks old. They are an adorable sweet heart who love people and great hugs. They are potty trained and friendly with kids and other home pets. They cordially take to orders. They are A K C registered and currently on all shots and vaccines and quarantine certified. They are available to new pet loving and caring homes that is worthy of taking care of them and make them a loving home companion. They portray the following characteristics:
They eat times Daily and have adapted to that.
They take to order like when you ask them to lie down.
They will follow you around the house until you pick them up.
They are playful and loving with kids and will get along well with other home pets .
They respond well to basic training but need a gentle hand.
They will be sensitive to your tone of voice but harsh treatment is unnecessary. And their learning rate is too high.
They love playing with toys. They are home trained to play around the yard.
I`m Reverend Pastor and i have just been appointed as a senior preacher in my new church. The reason why i`m giving out these puppies is because i`m so dedicated to my new job and i can barely reserve time to take care of them and give them the attention that they truly deserve. So i`m looking forward to getting hold to a pet loving and caring home that is ready and able of taking very good care of them or at least one of them. Please i will like to know where about you are located. More so If you are honest to update me with their pictures and information on their well being, Then get back for their pictures and more details. stay blessed and have a nice day. Waiting to read from you soon.

Ask Post about DogsNow
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been a member for about 3 years. Recently someone falsely accused me of being a fraud and dogsnow froze my account and deleted all my ads without contacting me. So now im out money for the ads i paid for. I have been attempting to contact them for weeks and they have yet to return my support request or any VOICEMAILS i have left them. I have done alot of business through this website, this is very disappointing. You would think they would contact you via phone call to confirm you are who u say you are but the didnt. I would recommend not paying for their ads if this is how they conduct their business.

Ask Cody about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

i have used this site now for 2 yrs. and as a seller have had a very successful experience finding good homes for my Goldendoodle pups. A site such as this is needed for breeders like myself to be able to reach out to folks that desire ownership of one of these hard to find breeds. I am not a puppy mill! I am a hobby breeder that enjoys joining my Doodles with their new families! All of my pups from the last litter were sold with contract / deposit through the mail without one person previously viewing them at my complaints and all happy dealings. Good communication and honesty make good business,

Ask brad about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

The IT department is very unhelpful. After multiple requests sent, my issue has not been addressed, and my ad which has been payed is not showing anywhere.

Ask Danita about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

Recently purchased a maltipoo from cindy Garcia from Jersey village for 500 bucks and the puppy Had parvo and died within 2 days of the purchase. She won't give me back my money. Dont buy from cindy Garcia on scam artist

Ask trm about DogsNow
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was searching for Klee Kai puppies at a reasonable price when I stumbled upon an ad for some puppies for sale. There was not a price listed so I sent the poster an email and asked for the price. The email is, and he responded as if it was quite legitimate. We exchanged a few emails and when he seemed to disregard some of my questions and statements that were rather important I started to do some research. I came upon Rotweiler pups and yorkshire terrier pups for sale by the same guy, but he gave me a sob story about his mom's passing and wanting to get rid of the Klee Kai puppies. He himself doesnt sound like a breeder, just a hurting son. But after a few more emails and even text messages now the number being 5015706972, its absolutely a scam.

Ask Stephanie about DogsNow
1 review
2 helpful votes

I found a puppy on this site, contacted the seller and was given a story that they had cancer and needed to find a home for the puppy. It was a total SCAM! I believed it. I can't believe someone would use cancer and a puppy to scam money, sad....very sad. Luckily I was leery and only became more leery when the courier service contacted me for payment. All the signs were there 1) price of the animal too good to be true 2) sob story behind price 3) only having to pay the shipment of the animal 3) the courier email having to different names in it and 4) asking WESTERN UNION for payment! FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD!

I hope this helps.

Ask B about DogsNow
1 review
3 helpful votes

Best, responsible pet ownership sites are and endorsed by legitimate and respected animal organizations. Proof isThe Ad Council rolled out public service advertising campaign to educate the public on the proper way to find a pet. Check it out.

Ask colette about DogsNow
1 review
5 helpful votes

I recently found a posting for siberian husky puppies for sale in Warsaw, MO. I contacted the seller through the website I received a reply by email and the seller texted me pictures of the puppies that were available. I picked out a puppy and sent $200 deposit. After all said and done, I have no puppy and the lady PAMELA GALICIA IS A THIEF, AD NUMBER 73463. Of course now she won't return any text messages. After seaching the internet I found she had done the same scam on another person looks like it was found on Craigs List. I will give the site a 3 star only because they are not at fault. However, I think this website should do some spot checks on their sellers. I was lucky enough to find a good person selling husky puppies in Springfield, MO, on another website. I now have a new beautiful baby girl. I HOPE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE

Ask CHRISTINA about DogsNow
7 reviews
31 helpful votes

A website to help puppy mills sell their dogs. Stay far, far away. Sites like this one are disgusting.

Ask Carly about DogsNow
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

I actually run and maintain this site so I think it's great. We help people find puppies and dogs.

Ask Erick about DogsNow

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