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Docstoc reviews

50 reviews
Categories: Business Documents
409 S Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 2A
Santa Monica, California, USA
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50 Reviews From Our Community

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New Reviewer

I REALLY wanted one document on Docstoc that I couldn't find anywhere else, so I nervously signed up, even after reading some horrible reviews. I was about to kick myself with the doc didn't download, but on the third click, it did, I got the doc, no problem. Today I left a voice mail to cancel my subscription - they called me back two hours later, and now I have an email confirmation of my cancellation. Assuming I don't get billed again next month, I have no complaints.

Ask Mark about Docstoc
New Reviewer

I bought a motorcycle workshop manual via PDF download from DocStoc. It turned out to be a rip-off of the Haynes manual for that model. Nowhere do they state the PDF is a copy of a freely-available publication (which I already had anyway). I was expecting a proper factory workshop manual - or at east something better than the Haynes version. They have not refunded my money and they should be investigated for copyright theft. Avoid.

New Reviewer

I linked to this from because it said i could download a consulting agreement for free. I went to the site, it said that all i needed to do was enter my email address, then I'd have access to the document. I entered my email address, then it takes me to a page that wanted me to give them money to have immediate access to the document. This is bait and switch marketing and is extremely misleading.

New Reviewer

What a rip they bait you with a google link to a book and wipe out the putative download link with an ad you can't get rid of. Stay away! Also stay away from their advertisers. One of the most intrusive obnoxious ads came from Quickbooks.

New Reviewer

Users scrape publicly available documents from legitimate sites, then offer them here for sale or through subscription service. They make no attempt to ensure uploaded documents are owned by the people uploading. I only hope they'll actually listen when we complain about the users uploading documents from our site illegally. Some of these users have uploaded over 360,00 documents! Set off any red flags anyone?

New Reviewer

After reading all the reviews in here, now I'm over confirmed that is a big scammer. I've been messaging after messaging its customer care since February 20, 2014. But it's really weird that till now I've been getting the worst customer support from their part.

I had a docstore (a store for selling premium documents) account in that site. Last February, I decided not to sell any more documents via Docstoc and clear the amount. So, I messaged to about my intention to close the account and release the fund. But after sending the first email, things just started getting more and more worse!

I don't know why, but the customer support just started (and till now) playing hide and seek with me. First, they just sent a generic email to me that they would take my issues seriously and solve those as soon as possible. But, five days over, no reply from their part. So I again sent them an email to inquiry about the progress.

They replied that I would get ….. amount from my docstore account. I quickly replied them what the ……. you're talking about! I should be getting ……. Amount from my account. For more than three days, there was no reply from the support. After sending four consecutive emails, they replied that their finance department assured that the amount is what I told them!

Well, things were not stopped there; they just came up with a new issue. This time they were asking about my mailing address. I was totally shocked with this new issue, because my store account was associated with my paypal email address and this information was there from the day one I created my account.

I emailed them to know why they're now asking about mailing address. I requested them to send the money in my paypal account and not to send any check in my local mailing address. Well, again no reply -- this time for more than days. After sending five consecutive emails, on March 07, 2014, those ……… from the customer support replied: "Your payment is being processed, and the check in the amount of .... will be sent out to you soon".

Today is 11th March 2014 and still no sign of any reply or payment.

Can you suggest what should I do now?

It's been nearly a month since I started communicating with the support, but it's now pretty clear to me that they're not going to gonna pay …………….

Stay away from sites like this. Don't do any business with Docstoc.

New Reviewer

Do not sign up for a docstoc account! You will incur charges on a monthly basis. I contacted customer support to disable my account and not only were they rude, they likened docstoc membership to a gym membership. You have to pay even if you don't use it. So don't use it. Tried to change my settings via the website, but the link for settings doesn't work.

Do not sign up for docstoc unless someone else is paying for it.

New Reviewer

We needed an employee handbook for our office, after searching a couple times through Google we found we could make one on this stie that was perfect for our needs. Very helpful.

New Reviewer

THIS WEBSITE IS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANTED SOME DOCUMENT AND IT SAID IT WAS FREE, BUT IT CHARGED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But luckily, I used fake email generator and fake name generator.

New Reviewer

I was looking for a model or example federal Notice of Motion and Motion for a Preliminary Injunction. What I got after being charged $119 was a Defendant's Memorandum in Opposition to a Motion for Preliminary Injunction dated 2002.

When I asked for a refund they granted it. I am still waiting for my money though. As for the morons that say this site is great I'd like to break a few faces.

New Reviewer

Many of the documents this company sells are available for free by doing a little homework. They are predatory, preying on the ill-informed who are unable or unwilling to do a little research to find the document they are looking for. I was looking for an old watch manual, found this site, then continued my search and found it at the manufacturer's site amongst their archived manuals as a free PDF. Save yourself their silly subscription fees and do your homework.

New Reviewer

I go to there site, they won't show me an actual preview till I purchase, so I click the trial for 19.00 dollars, I submit.

Deception deception deception deception deception deception deception deception

They charge the card 119.00 because the auto populate that option then after all that is said and done, the doc,,that got me to sign in the first place was not even available all long.

Deception deception deception deception deception deception deception deception

New Reviewer

Really amazing collection of content for businesses. I found myself clicking through to all sorts of materials that were extremely helpful, I've bookmarked and intend to go back.

New Reviewer

Horrible, deceptive site. Why can't they just be honest at the beginning and tell you it's a pay site? I would have considered joining if they had been up front. Instead they have to waste valuable time before finally making it clear that they want your money.

New Reviewer

OMG...this company is a total scam, and the reviews are definitely done by their own people! I would give them a zero if I can on the rating! We the victims should get together to place a class action against them! We need to stop them before there will be more victims!

New Reviewer

I have been using the site for years. I am a small business owner and I don't want to have to turn to my lawyer for every little document I need in my professional and personal life. Its not a service to fix all of your legal needs but it is a repository of a lot of quality documents that can be invaluable.

New Reviewer

I was debited 19.95 from this company and apparently someone else used my credit card iformation. When i called i spoke with someone name Jane that was rude as hell.She made me feel as if it was me that authorized the transaction. I was and still is very pissed about this situation. My money is not being returned.All they could say is we will cancel the account...I'm like really no questions or refund when i was not the one authorizing it...I didn't know what this company was and now that i do i would never do business with a company like this....terrible customer service..

New Reviewer

Scam? Really? Come on. I've been using this site for years and it's great. Some people just want something for nothing.

New Reviewer

I'm pretty sure that I'm one of the original members of this site, finding it all the way back in 2007 looking for an apartment rental agreement. At the time, I recently started managing a 6 unit apartment building and needed an agreement to use since I did not have one. I've been using the same agreement to this day (6 years) and have not had any issues due to the quality of the document. I've since become a huge fan of the site, uploading many documents of my own which I hope have been able to help others out there as the apartment rental agreement did for me. I've recommended to all my family and friends and would like to publicly put my seal of approval for their service on SiteJabbber.

New Reviewer

I signed up for he service and viewed 22 documents. After realizing, nine days after signing up, the content of the site did not serve my needs I called to cancel my subscription. The first operator I got was rude and continued to try and talk over me instead of first listening to me first. He knew my problem without even hearing it supposedly. I was initially told I "Downloaded" 30 documents and when I pulled up my library to my suprize it showed I had "downloaded" 22 documents. I never downloaded any documents from the site but was told I would be charged 19.95 for a months subscription because of these "downloads". After the nonexistent customer service from the first operator I was put on hold and transferred to the supervisor. The supervisor in turn did not listen either and continued to tell me I was the one wrong. I guess the training manual at docstoc must be filled with everyone's issues with the site so the personnel answering concerns will know them before you call. That way they can be twist the truth, be rude, condescending, belligerent, not listen and tell you how they'll get paid regardless of your true reason for calling! My best advise - D O N O T S U B S C R I B E - its a rip off!

New Reviewer

This site has been more useful than I ever imagined. It's my go-to for so many things. I have a small business and I've been able to use it for contracts with my clients, rental and employee applications. With this useful took in my arsenal I'm able to appear more professional with proposals and letters, things I might have just written up myself and spent quite awhile perfecting are now at my fingertips and look much better than what I could come up with on my own. I initially got this membership for a single document, but have used it for so much more, both professionally and personally. I highly recommend docstoc, 5 stars!

New Reviewer

Doc stoc has been a lifesaver for me. I'm in the process of opening a med spa and it had everything I needed. It's also very easy to navigate around. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone!

New Reviewer

As a business lawyer, consultant, and entrepreneur I'm always looking for documents either for substantive information, or as a template. Docstoc has been a trusted source for me for over 4 years, with thousands of documents to view for free. Their search feature is very easy to use and Docstoc services like License123 and it's expert video series are also immensely valuable resources to businesses. I highly recommend this website for small businesses, executives and entrepreneurs.

New Reviewer

Docstoc has been super useful for me. I've used them for multiple templates including small business documents and random things for personal use. great product.

New Reviewer

This site is a total SCAM. It says you can download a document free. Before you download, you must grant them full access to your facebook account. Once you grant them access, you can dowload. The problem is once they get access to your facebook info and friends, you then go to a page that says you must pay for the document. There is NO free download of the document. It is a phishing scam. They are liars and cheats that steal your information. DO NOT FALL FOR IT LIKE I DID.

New Reviewer

I have been using docstoc for few years now, and it's probably one of the best online sites out there that helps small business. A lot of useful documents that will save you a lot of time and money.

New Reviewer

I've been using docstoc on an off over the last few years. A good place to start when looking for documents. Haven't had any problems. Check it out.

New Reviewer

I have been using DocStoc for about 7 years now. Whenever I need a professional grade document, DocStoc is my first stop for several reasons. First, their documents are professional and top of the line. I have purchased several documents and used them as templates for Manufacturing Agreements, HR forms, Leases, Distributorship Agreements and many others. We use DocStoc's documents as the template and then have our lawyers review the documents. Almost always, the lawyers have been impressed with the quality of the document and its completeness. We used DocStoc to create an employee handbook and had our Payroll provider (Paychex at the time) review it and advise on items that were not appropriate for California. They came back with two changes in the entire 80 page document which I thought is a testament to the quality of the documents. Another document that we needed was an international distributorship agreement which we purchased from DocStoc. The document itself was complete with notes about which sections apply to which region and additional notes about best practices. Overall, we have been very happy with the quality and professionalism of the documents purchased on DocStoc.

New Reviewer

I looked for a few documents that I needed and its the best place I found for the best value. Other options were very expensive. Since I already signed up I looked up more things on the site.

New Reviewer

I visited only to download a "free document" some months ago, and made a freetrial account via Facebook. I am pretty sure I did not provide any information on my credit card or my safe accession number. To my surprise I was debited in my credit card in US$19.95. Since I did not notice the debts on my credit card, I was debited for some months. I am trying to get my money back. Stay way from this site!

New Reviewer

Same story as everybody else. Ask for email as barter for doc then asks for credit card information once you've provided your end of the deal.

Docstoc is a scam.

New Reviewer
7/17/13 is a complete scam! If you find a document on that you really need to save, then your best bet is to take screenshots of the document. Don't even bother trying to register, because right after registering you have to pay for their "premium" account in order to actually save or print anything.

New Reviewer

Thanks guys I was a bit suspicious when I got the email telling me that the forms are ready to download and looked at the terms and conditions of refund. Your coments have confirmed my gut feeling. Thanks for sharing.

New Reviewer

Rejected my email address, entered correctly. This raised suspicion it's really a phishing site. Then found this page. Seems it is. My advice: DO NOT USE.

New Reviewer

I was looking for a document, they told me to enter my email address to access it. The next page then asks for my PAYMENT DETAILS to get access to the document (again). So the first page lies.

Then the homepage has an uncloseable pop-up asking for details about your visit before you can access it!

Avoid this website! F**kers.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

i have just read through about 30 reviews only two were positive and who know they could have been submitted by anyone. Most of there Docs are junk mind you not all. Be carefull they spam, sell your email and it is very difficult to get the monthly charges to stop.

New Reviewer

When I called to cancel and dispute continued charges on my credit card, they hung up on me. So I got my credit card company to call them on a 3 way and they hung up on us again.

New Reviewer

Offers "free" trial of services to get your email address. Then tries to get your credit card for the "free" trial. Waste of time. Won't stop emailing me!

EDIT: Just read another review, apparently DocStoc sells your email address to spammers. I thought I was getting more spam than usual.

New Reviewer

wow...who knew: I innocently give Docstoc my email address so I can get the price on a document and the next thing I know I'm receiving daily junk mail from Docstoc. I have now unsubscribed five times but it seems to be doing no good. From here on in, I am hitting Spam if I see another Docstoc email. What bush league stuff!

New Reviewer

I signed up for Docstoc's subscription service to get access to a sublease agreement I needed. The $19.95 seemed a bit steep, but I couldn't find it anywhere else. Doc worked and I was able to watch some of their courses on using Excel, a bit dry but informative. I called to cancel my subscription and I didnt have the problems everyone else had. They cancelled it without giving me much hassle and I haven't gotten charged again. Actually, the girl on the phone was one of the nicest, most helpful customer service folks I have dealt with. Good doc and video. Good service.

New Reviewer

i spent about 12 hours trying to download a bacs file layout form docsite. it saidit was free but every time i tried to do it it insisted is sign up first. please be aware this is the $#*!tiest most crap website in the entire $#*!ing world. not recommended at all.

New Reviewer

I paid for and downloaded a legal form from Docstoc and it had several spelling errors. If they are going to charge for a document, they could at least do a spell check on it before selling it.
Also they are spammers. I only paid for the one document, and did not sign up for the premium service. They keep sending me emails nagging me to pay for their premium service. I un-subscribed, but they keep sending a string of spam email. Today I logged in and looked at my profile, and all the choices for them to send me email notices were turned on again!
If you sign up with Docstoc I suggest you use a throw away email address so you can cut them off.
Edited to clarify: the website is and for throw-away email address I would suggest a free service like if your internet provider doesn't offer such a service, so you can cut off the unsolicited email advertising that will surely follow when you sign up with Docstoc.

New Reviewer

I opened a "Free Trial Membership" on or around February 7, 2012. On February 8, per the company policy to send subscription cancellations by email, I sent an email canceling my free trial. On February 9, 2012, I received the following email from DocStoc:

Jane Bliss, Feb 09 15:41 (PST):
Hello ,

Per your request, your Docstoc Trial Membership has been cancelled. Your credit card will not be charged.

Thank you for trying our service and please let me know if there is anything I can do in the future to assist you.

Best regards,
Jane Bliss
Docstoc Customer Care
(888) 412.3627

Jane Bliss

Then, on February 16, 2012, a full week later, the following "recurring charge" was placed on my debit card:

02/16/12 RECUR DEBIT CRD PMT02/15 DOC*DOCSTOC.COM/CH 888-4123627 CA 482851XXXXXX8036 082046252291519 ?MCC=5968 $19.95

Oh, there's charging my bank account with a recurring monthly charge of $19.95! They are fraudulent. They promised me my account would not be charged, and then they charged it. I think this is their business model, and they simply hope people aren't checking their bank statements and noticing these things. Stay away from this website at all costs.

New Reviewer

docstoc is a scam.

I found a "free" document and when I clicked to download it I was hit up for money.

Later I got an email that my document was "ready for download." Clicked on it and got hit up for money again.

Avoid these scammers.

New Reviewer

Horrible. 1. the content that is free is garbage. 2. the customer service is pretty bad 3. the owner, Jason Nazar has an ego that is out of control and is pretty much the most snobby person i have ever had the displeasure of interacting with

New Reviewer

Hi All.....these people are cheaters. In sept'11 I was in need of project report, where I was going thru google and got hold of this site and paid $25 thru my credit card. But I never got suitable document what I am looking for rather lot of spelling mistakes and scrap documents. When I paid it clearly mentioned that $25 is for one month for unlimited download, where in it didn't allow me more than two documents.

One of the cheating part of this team is, I never authorised one of the transaction which is debited to my credit card exactly one month later my registration. THIS IS REALLY BIG CHEATING. I have block my credit card now and raise the disput with Docstoc response till today.

Please don't try to get registered, even if you register you will never get suitable documents....

New Reviewer

The documents they provide are full of errors and they keep charging you even after cancellation! I regret ever buying a document from this website.

New Reviewer

I activated an account to access some interesting documents for work and paid the initial monthly fee. I was shocked to see one of my documents on their website - but it had been posted on another website for anyone to download - so that part was fair enough. But, I didn't find that this was all that great a site and not really all that usefull or well organized. The following month; after I was charged I called to stop my subscription. The good news is that they did credit me for the month that I cancelled, but they went on to charge me again the following month and had to go through the same exercise again! I am hoping next month is better.


Docstoc is an out-of-the-way where one would search for Documents, Academic papers, Templates, photographs for websites, and generally all sorts of written material that could just fill a need you have. Certainly worth a browse one day.

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