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Review of DavisMicro
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1 review
3 helpful votes

I made the mistake of ordering from this or these companies seems they go by quite a few names. It was crappy quality wrong size half of it wasn't even what I ordered. Then to top it off I started getting threatening phone calls telling me that my state police would be on my door step and have a happy day. Because I was disputing the payment through pay pal. I will definitely be more careful shopping on line. I don't do it much but this has about cured me. They go by IVAN, Davismicro, Deals Machine this is just a few that I found

Ask Mary about DavisMicro
1 review
1 helpful vote

Better business bureau is coming to get u shameless, fradulant bastards!!!

Ask Ellen about DavisMicro
1 review
1 helpful vote

Rosegal is where I ordered from. I feel like a big dummy. I read the Facebook reviews after I placed my order. I should have known better. The quality of the one of the two sweaters that I ordered (that actually arrived) was deplorable. I am having my credit card dispute this if at all possible. If you search the the phone number that came on my credit card bill connected to Davismicro the first links are to fraudulent and mystery Paypal charges. Does anyone know how to effectively turn this in to the better business bureau? BUYER BEWARE! :/

Ask Jessie about DavisMicro
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been waiting for my hoodie for at least 3 weeks, wil I get it...., can I ask for a refund this sounds like a dodgy company

Ask Sarah about DavisMicro
1 review
2 helpful votes

Looks nothing like pictures projected on web page. Just junk that I immediately threw in the bin. Agree with previous reviewer, if there were a minus rating that is what I would have selected

Ask Gabrielle about DavisMicro
1 review
3 helpful votes

A complete and utter waste of money. Very cheap clothing that looks nothing like the pictures. Rose Wholesalde/DavisMicro should be sued for false advertising!

Ask Erin about DavisMicro
1 review
5 helpful votes

Bought 4 dresses from RoseGal a site which sells vintage clothing. I saw the ad on Facebook and I became of one many victims.

Unlike many people, I did receive my order.

The quality was awful -- paper thin dresses which were sewn together by people who don't know how to sew.

I had taken the time to measure myself before ordering and I used their sizing chart to be sure I ordered the right size (in my case M - XL). Not one of the dresses fit.

1 dress was so small I could only get one arm in (that was a XL)
1 dress was so small I could get both arms in but couldn't get it over my chest (that was a M)
1 dress was so small ill-fitting it would have fit if I had stuffed 2 melons in the chest area but even then I couldn't get the zipper up over my rib cage (that was a XL)
The last dress was like a nightie except it clung in all the wrong places (that was a L)

I took to Facebook and started posting comments to warn others about the company. It took a while but I eventually got a request to send them a PM.

They don't actually read what you tell them though... got a stock answer about the products taking a while to ship because they are sent surface post from China.

I've been going back and forth with them now since Sept 26th. I finally got a Return Authorization form and address but the form asks for a RMA number and I didn't get one.

It's been a LOT of work -- constant posting on social media, daily PMs and now threats to issue a chargeback. Save yourself the aggravation and stay far away from any brand associated with MicroDavis.

Ask Carol about DavisMicro
1 review
5 helpful votes

I think this is a company called Rose and several other names sammy dress is another one. Their pop up ads show up on facebook all the time. They have terrible crap!! Please don't be fooled like I was. The clothes all stink so bad!!!! and they are terrible quality and fit. You can't review them becaue you keep getting a message that says you can't review the product unless you order. What???? Some of the things were not even what I ordered. Beware!!!

Ask Joy about DavisMicro
1 review
9 helpful votes

Received the bill on my visa, but never got a packing list with my order. 2 shirts are extremely cheap quality, too small and there is no return address that I can ship back to (unless I bring it to a Chinese translator). Do NOT order from Dress Lilly. Never received a confirmation when I tried to place the order, so I didn't even think it went through until I received the package and got the bill.

Ask MaryBeth about DavisMicro
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have been getting the run around from DressLily for an order I placed in January. Only received partial shipment and was not packaged acceptably wrinkles will not come out. Claim they shipped another item 3 months still have not received. Two items were cancelled and was told refund was mailed, no refund has been received. I told them 2 months ago I wanted a refund and am still waiting. This is definitely not good business.

I have since looked at other people reviews and most have had the same luck or lack of luck as me. Most of the pruchases were made from ads on FACEBOOK. People talk.
You should be required to pull your ads from FB.

My order is LL1501141213039031 and my ticket number is T53363577478, about 5 of them.

When can I expect my full refund of $41.64.

Ask Wendy about DavisMicro
3 reviews
7 helpful votes

i have messaged this thing many times and recieved absoloutly no reply i am being ignored when my bank account is showing this company which i have never heard of or seen has taken a substantial amount of money from my bank account and i get no reply nothing this is disgusting behaviour

Ask rebecca about DavisMicro
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered from dresslily paid $20 extra for fast shipping. My package came a month late and damaged. The problem is I'm in the United States and dresslily is in China. Order was placed in October. Finally got my refund in February. Never place orders from Facebook ads. They gave me a hard time about getting a refund and late responding to emails

Ask Danica about DavisMicro
1 review
6 helpful votes

Don't buy anything from them! I placed an order online thru the websites Dress Lilly for clothing. They took a long time for it to ship out (don't believe the statement that they ship within 3 days after you place your order). I received part of my order after 6 weeks and part never got it. Finally after more than 4 months from when I've placed my order I got my refund.

Ask P about DavisMicro
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a micro SD card before Xmas and haven't received it, having read the other reviews, please could u forward my memory card or refund me? I am not happy about this! My name is Samantha Parsons, email Please advise

Ask Samantha about DavisMicro
1 review
7 helpful votes

All of these reviews are so true. After recieving a paypal refund I did research and realized it was from a clothing website that barely had anything in stock! Took months to get the items even when I paid for rush delivery. The products you get are cheap but are made cheap.

Ask Ashley about DavisMicro
1 review
11 helpful votes

Wish I had read these reviews first!!
I placed a clothes order on 9th November 14 $278 it's 27th November 14 now and no delivery yet and no response to my enquires...
Theresa Cowra NSW

Ask Theresa about DavisMicro
4 reviews
21 helpful votes

This peice of *+@- doesn't deserve ANY stars. They own multiple sites (clothing, electronics) selling for very cheap and are just scamming people to get money. I placed an oder on one of these sites and thank goodness that after I saw that my order was still processing after being paid for several weeks, I decided to research them. You are very lucky to receive ANY of what you've ordered and if you do it's total crap! Thank goodness I have a decent bank for I will be getting a refund. Also a thanks to PayPal for helping get my money back too. I feel horrible for those who have spent an abundance of money because most won't ever see it again. Also, don't bother with customer service because I couldn't get ahold of anyone at all. They want you to leave a message on their help line, what kind of site does that!??!? If you see a transaction go through to DAVISMICRO's PayPal account at Globalgrow, IMMEDIATELY call your bank or PayPal to refund your money. These people don't deserve a sent for what they're doing.

To the owner and the workers at these sites: YOU ARE ALL SCUMBAGS.

Ask Nicole about DavisMicro
1 review
4 helpful votes

The products sold on this site are you get what you pay for. There are great stuff down to cheap. It all depends on waht you need. I did a lot of holiday shopping on their site and I got some excellent products at great prices. Everything came fast and in good working order. Nothing smashed to fit like other venders. I recommend them to friends and family all the time. Keep up the good work ahappydeal,com.

Ask Andrea about DavisMicro
55 reviews
135 helpful votes

I have bought from this site many times SO IM WARNING YOU , i have never bought electronics from this site and nor will i BUT the phone cases are ok quality BUT i would not drop ship with them , i ordered over 100 phone cases and got them sent to diff addresses and no1 got them , so i was out of pocket paying back my buyers . HUGE SCAM so pissed

Ask Sarah about DavisMicro
1 review
2 helpful votes

Look fellows, I don't want to be rude, , but I will tell you about my experiences with Chinese people:

- Always delays after payment (always ask for how many days It wll take place your order )
- Dont "forget" any item, because this is usually a trick to continue buying for the next order.
- They like refunds, so If they got in stock is ok, but If they don't, ask them before
payment, not after
- Use DHL shipping service (8 usd / 0.5 kg) 3 days delivery, is the best, DON NOT USE UPS, is a crap, Chinese couriers of this company they stilling sometimes.
- The warranty returns are always slow, they try to feel desperate.
- I watch out of "missing" items (like micro sd, stylus etc.), because I don't belive in "replace in the next order" that's something that I hate !! $#*! them...
- Check all cell phones color.
- Usually, they pretend stupidity to exuse all mistakes and blame others, partners of them or whatever, I think this is easy service but some people are definitely idiots, ($#*! them again !!).
- Demand to test all devices, but I mean real test, no missing parts, or accesories.

Good look !!!....

Ask zarape about DavisMicro
1 review
5 helpful votes

Brandsdragon/DavisMicro is a horrible company. Stay away!!!!!!! I placed an order on Dec. 5th. Going to the US. Shipping is 7-14 days. 45 days later, I still do not have the package. I have sent numerous emails, used the chat feature several times. No one responds to my emails, and the chat reps simply tell me "I don't know." Then they end the session without a single answer for me. I puchased the shipping insurance. Noone has any information on how that works either. Completely unacceptable customer service. My tracking number gives me the message "billing information received" When I contacted them, knowing it may just not be updating...they advised me the package was never received by davismicro. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER!

Ask Amy about DavisMicro
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a cool mini iphone like cell phone for about $60 , very nice on the paper !
I received it almost a month later , the cell phone broke down 2 month later ( could not use the touch screen anymore) , the cell phone was a peace of garbage . be aware that the warranty which is only 3 month. I return the cell phone to be fixed without any tracking number (it was half the price of the cell phone). Of course the cell phone was lost , my lost ! concerning Daisy , the email support, her English is very approximative (way worth than mine), however she is very responsive and very fast to answer !!!

Ask christophe about DavisMicro
1 review
3 helpful votes

They are a total scam i bought 10 phones most with problems. I sent back for a refund. they said they moved got sent back with the phones taken out and replaced with garbage. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM

Ask jim about DavisMicro
1 review
3 helpful votes

Scammers! I have purchased 2 mobile phones from them, and they have sent me something else. I paid for SciPhone, and received ScellPhone. One of them not working too. Sent the package back, now they are saying that haven't received it. I will ask for a changeback from my credit card company!

Ask marius about DavisMicro
1 review
1 helpful vote

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM DAVIS MICRO.COM. Buy at your own risk. I was recommended to davismicro through a co-worker.I bought a 12mp digital camera and the quality is worse than that of a disposable camera. The camera cost me 150 bucks including shipping and it would probabaly cost me another 50 bucks just to ship it back to China. I would not recommend this retailer... not the digital cameras anyway!

Ask Michael about DavisMicro
1 review
2 helpful votes

Very poor communication. My order left 10 days after i made it. I had to refund my customers money then come to find out it was shipped. So they got the product at my expense. During live chat, when they realize you are upset, they just stop talking to you. Don't respond to emails either. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Ask Brian about DavisMicro
1 review
5 helpful votes

am so much disappointed about this website when i order suff they told me that they was goint to send it to me in 2-7 business days and it have 3 weeks now i still havent recevie my order yet

Ask abubakar about DavisMicro

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