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Davismicro reviews

10 reviews
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New Reviewer

The products sold on this site are you get what you pay for. There are great stuff down to cheap. It all depends on waht you need. I did a lot of holiday shopping on their site and I got some excellent products at great prices. Everything came fast and in good working order. Nothing smashed to fit like other venders. I recommend them to friends and family all the time. Keep up the good work ahappydeal,com.

Veteran Reviewer

I have bought from this site many times SO IM WARNING YOU , i have never bought electronics from this site and nor will i BUT the phone cases are ok quality BUT i would not drop ship with them , i ordered over 100 phone cases and got them sent to diff addresses and no1 got them , so i was out of pocket paying back my buyers . HUGE SCAM so pissed

New Reviewer

Look fellows, I don't want to be rude, , but I will tell you about my experiences with Chinese people:

- Always delays after payment (always ask for how many days It wll take place your order )
- Dont "forget" any item, because this is usually a trick to continue buying for the next order.
- They like refunds, so If they got in stock is ok, but If they don't, ask them before
payment, not after
- Use DHL shipping service (8 usd / 0.5 kg) 3 days delivery, is the best, DON NOT USE UPS, is a crap, Chinese couriers of this company they stilling sometimes.
- The warranty returns are always slow, they try to feel desperate.
- I watch out of "missing" items (like micro sd, stylus etc.), because I don't belive in "replace in the next order" that's something that I hate !! $#*! them...
- Check all cell phones color.
- Usually, they pretend stupidity to exuse all mistakes and blame others, partners of them or whatever, I think this is easy service but some people are definitely idiots, ($#*! them again !!).
- Demand to test all devices, but I mean real test, no missing parts, or accesories.

Good look !!!....

New Reviewer

Brandsdragon/DavisMicro is a horrible company. Stay away!!!!!!! I placed an order on Dec. 5th. Going to the US. Shipping is 7-14 days. 45 days later, I still do not have the package. I have sent numerous emails, used the chat feature several times. No one responds to my emails, and the chat reps simply tell me "I don't know." Then they end the session without a single answer for me. I puchased the shipping insurance. Noone has any information on how that works either. Completely unacceptable customer service. My tracking number gives me the message "billing information received" When I contacted them, knowing it may just not be updating...they advised me the package was never received by davismicro. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE EVER!

New Reviewer

I ordered a cool mini iphone like cell phone for about $60 , very nice on the paper !
I received it almost a month later , the cell phone broke down 2 month later ( could not use the touch screen anymore) , the cell phone was a peace of garbage . be aware that the warranty which is only 3 month. I return the cell phone to be fixed without any tracking number (it was half the price of the cell phone). Of course the cell phone was lost , my lost ! concerning Daisy , the email support, her English is very approximative (way worth than mine), however she is very responsive and very fast to answer !!!

New Reviewer

They are a total scam i bought 10 phones most with problems. I sent back for a refund. they said they moved got sent back with the phones taken out and replaced with garbage. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM

New Reviewer

Scammers! I have purchased 2 mobile phones from them, and they have sent me something else. I paid for SciPhone, and received ScellPhone. One of them not working too. Sent the package back, now they are saying that haven't received it. I will ask for a changeback from my credit card company!

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM DAVIS MICRO.COM. Buy at your own risk. I was recommended to davismicro through a co-worker.I bought a 12mp digital camera and the quality is worse than that of a disposable camera. The camera cost me 150 bucks including shipping and it would probabaly cost me another 50 bucks just to ship it back to China. I would not recommend this retailer... not the digital cameras anyway!

New Reviewer

Very poor communication. My order left 10 days after i made it. I had to refund my customers money then come to find out it was shipped. So they got the product at my expense. During live chat, when they realize you are upset, they just stop talking to you. Don't respond to emails either. BUYER BEWARE!!!

New Reviewer

am so much disappointed about this website when i order suff they told me that they was goint to send it to me in 2-7 business days and it have 3 weeks now i still havent recevie my order yet