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34 reviews
Categories: Coupons
400 Logue Avenue
Mountain View, California, USA

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I started using a couple of years ago and it was the most amazing and easy way to get coupons. However, about 6 months ago it started going downhill fast. Now it takes me over an hour to even get a few of the coupons to print. The site continually goes down and re-restarts which means I have to load all the coupons page by page again. Honesty, if there was another site with as many coupons...I would use it instead.

Ask Wendy about
11 reviews
4 helpful votes

I love this site/app because it really keeps you informed of sales and gas prices. It has really been a good help to me. I enjoy this app/site everyday!

Ask Monica about
4 reviews
0 helpful votes

Many times it's just an advertisement - save 20% for example. Then it will tell you, no coupon code needed, start shopping. Occasionally I have found an actual coupon code for free shipping or an extra 20% off.

Ask Kate about
1 review
3 helpful votes

This site is now TERRIBLE. I waited so long to get a phone call. They said my phone must receive SMS messages. ????? what is an SMS message. Last time I use this site. I waited 15 minutes for a call I never got. Are these people nuts. All this crap just for a coupon - no way. Good by It was never been nice knowing you.

Ask Anita about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been using for quite a while. At the beginning it was a fairly decent site. There were things about it that I didn't like but overall it was acceptable. Now it is almost unusable. It is super slow and keeps hanging up all the time. If there was any other site where I could print equivalent coupons, I would definitely stay away from this one. If it gets any worse, it would be totally unusable.

Ask Gita about
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

The problem with this cupon site...Restaurant . com... and just about any other coupon type of site is this...there are a few "RESTRICTIONS". I saw the email they sent me about a local restaurant with a $10 off coupon for $4 dollars. Great I'll get 4 that would be $40 OFF my bill TONIGHT! WRONG! AFTER you buy the coupons THEN on the coupon it tells you "GOOD FOR ONCE A MONTH ONLY". Now you could have learned this if you were observant enough to click the button "Policies" (which is hidden in the bottom of the page) BUT...the fact that they DON'T PUT THAT UP without you having to click another button, and search for their restrictions...SUCKS! Just another trick of internet marketing. DON'T BE FOOLED, check all the restrictions, policies, other sneaky ways (good only on a full moon, when your waitress has a green dress) they have of presenting their "Savings".

Ask roger about
1 review
8 helpful votes

I went to today and tried printing off some grocery coupons. I had used this site in the past, and had already installed the software to print the coupons. I selected a few coupons and printed them out just fine. Then I went back and looked at the coupon list again and chose some additional coupons. When I tried to print them, I was told I had to install the software once again, which was ridiculous. I've been printing just fine for the past several months. I went ahead and installed it again, and it went through the whole process and said it installed just fine. But, when I went to print my coupons, it just lagged and stalled and would never print. I feel like its just a scam to have their junk software on your computer. I uninstalled it and have no intention of using this site again. Piece of junk!! Don't waste your time.

Ask Linda about
1 review
6 helpful votes

I started using this site about 3 months ago as a new couponer. I noticed my computer started lagging closely after. The real problems began around 2 weeks ago when the computer just started shutting down after 20 min or so and giving a blue screen with a bunch of warnings about memory. When my two teenagers couldn't be without a computer anylonger I finally took my tower to a computer repair tech and the first thing he said was " coupon printer" was the culprit. It comes with a lot of viruses and spyware. He quoted me $150 to fix. However since I did not have $150 on the spot, hence the couponing, he said that I could try uninstalling "coupon printer" to see if I had any luck. I came home and did exactly what he said. I restarted my computer and ran a full virus scan. McAfee ended up finding two viruses and two Trojan horses. I couldn't find them before because the computer would not stay on long enough to fully scan. I am just going to go old school and get my coupons strictly from the newspaper from now on. needs to get it together. This site caused 2 weeks of headaches, irritation and frustration for my family of 6. I would steer clear if your family depends on the computer for school and other business needs.

Ask Charice about
1 review
2 helpful votes

ZERO STARS... BIG CHEATERS.. The coupon printing facility does not work and they claim that there is a limit to print the coupon. Instead of putting additional security, this fraud site hides behind the statement saying only 2 permissible prints. The coupon did not print and there is no one to address the issue. Use whatever is free and STAY AWAY and do not use it for anything more. I just sent few move free $5 reward coupons and ate away both the coupons throwing me weird error messages.. Some fraud is happening somewhere.

Ask Viji about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Hello Everyone,

I've taken some time to review all of the responses below and would be happy to address individually. We can be reached by sending an email to Please be sure to mention your posts on SiteJabber for a reference point.

Please note that our coupon printer is Truste certified and whitelisted. It contains absolutely no malware, spyware or viruses in the download and install. We help millions of people each day same money with grocery coupons, retailer coupon codes and card linked offers. We also have a triple A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Once again, if you're experiencing problems with our coupon printer, retailers accepting coupons printed from our site, or any other issue related to, I'd be happy to assist. Send an email and include your day time phone and a convenient time to call. One of our engineers will be happy to reach out to your directly.

Customer Support, Inc.

Ask Greg about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I recently had to remove this program from my computer because it was creating havoc with my internet connection. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox were constantly crashing. An internet security provider identified the program as malware which created a virus on my computer and they removed it. I've had no problem since.
In addition, there is spyware attached to the program (they monitor your activity). If you value your privacy, this program is probably not for you.

Ask Jerry about
2 reviews
18 helpful votes

When I downloaded the software computer never did work right,,plus I received all kinds of coupon sites that I never sighed up for ..true I did save money...but I needed the money that I saved to fix my computer

Ask deb about
1 review
4 helpful votes

just read you guys are a scam and virus infecting company, no thanks!

Ask a about
1 review
9 helpful votes

Steven C.
Q: Why does COUPON.COM downloaded/installed Software DISABLE WRITE ACCESS TO MY INTERNAL HD - particularly other than the C: drive and all EXTERNAL R/W Media (external HD, flash cards, USB keys) ???

Been plagued by this for months and finally, could not re-establish READ/WRITE access to logical drives on my Hard Drive(s) except for the C: Drive. First I checked that the MBR for the Physical Drive was set to READ/WRITE and it was. Next I checked the R/W bit for each of the Logical Drives and YES, they were all set to READ/WRITE so the problem is not with the Physical Device or Logical Drives on it and the operating system clearly sees it as READ/WRITE at the HAL Layer. Conclusion: Has to be software interfereing with Windows. Solution: I began uninstalling Software one at a time and rebooting and when it came to COUPONS.COM ... the PROBLEM WENT AWAY. REINSTALLED COUPONS.COM software ... PROBLEM BACK, UNINSTALLED PROBLEM WENT AWAY, REINSTALLED. PROBLEM BACK ..UNINSTALLED FOREVER and there has not been a repeat of a problem with READ/WRITE access to my internal hard drives.


[Edit] It has been over 9 months since I first posted this review and there have been no issues with READ/WRITE access to any Internal Hard Drives or External Hard Drives or External media storage devices like USB Keys or Flash Memory Cards. I was having significant problems with all of them.


Tip for consumers: DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Ask Steven about
1 review
6 helpful votes

Ordered futon. Charged immediately charged my credit card nearly $400. Two days later, emailed me that it was out of stock. They are obviosuly an intermediary. My conversation with service rep promised money would be deposited into my "bank account" in 3-4 additional business days (that makes about one week since order, except that that they don't have any bank acct info from me). I asked if she meant they would reverse/credit my credit card the full amount. Still not sure that she knows. I am going to refuse the charge with my credit card company right now.

Ask steven about
1 review
3 helpful votes

They scammed me-- said that if I signed up for their email alert that I would get a coupon for a certain store emailed to me. That never happened. When I emailed them to ask for help the answer I got was basically "too bad".

Ask Megan about
1 review
14 helpful votes

This is the best thing that ever happened to me. I REPAIR COMPUTERS and get a ton of business removing the tool bars, spyware and viruses that these sites put on everyone's machines. Any money they saved eventually goes right to me. they will slow you machine down and compromise your security. My advice is to get your coupons in the paper or at the store, you will save a bundle on ink and repairs.

Ask ben about
1 review
15 helpful votes
10/16/14 offers to help you surf the web and find great deals on things you like to buy. They will be more than that though. They take over your browser. Sidebars and toolbars and all other add-ons some poor person, unwittingly, may download cannot be removed. When you attempt to remove the toolbars the uninstall software will always crash. Infact the last time I tired to remove the toolbar, not only did it crash, it installed a second toolbar! NOW I HAVE TWO TOOLBARS! I attempted to call the number listen on the website for technical support, i was shuffled among multiple extensions (press 1 for blah blah blah, press 2 for i dont care) only to eventually be sent to an office that was closed! I attempted to delete the program files from my computer and unlike any other folder in my program files, i did not have the authority to open the folder.
No one from has responded to my many emails. Dont dowload anything from this website. Dont visit this website. Dont trust

Ask Marengo about
2 reviews
25 helpful votes
7/27/14 is WORSE THAN TERRIBLE!!!!.If I could give it negative stars, I would. There is absolutely no reason to install their "coupon printing software". I got a virus from it. DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH COUPONS.COM

Ask Miguel about
1 review
18 helpful votes

From a computer scientist:

Any claim that extra software is required to print coupons is absolutely bogus. It uses your own printer software after you install this program! In other words, this program does NOTHING in terms of making valid coupons. Why don't they just have a picture file for you to print? This is because this is not all the program does, despite what the site says.

It's an "exe" that installs an addon to your browser. Why is there this extra step? Why does it need access to Windows installation files to install an addon? This is so they can install more than you realize... They have unmentioned monitoring software embedded into the program.

Yes, you will eventually get the coupon, but you are risking your computer's data safety in doing so.

Ask Ryan about
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

Like the coupons. Don't like the fact that I have to email them to myself to print them sine it apparently only works with an HP printer and doesn't recognize my Canon. You need to add more stores my local grocery store isn't listed do I can't save to the store card. And why do I have to open it from the app store when I have downloaded it? I click on the link to go to the site and it takes me to the passbook choices and says download now. Lot of work to get coupons. Need to make it a lot more user friendly from phones.

Ask jeff about
1 review
5 helpful votes

This site is wired up with affiliate links for promo codes for western union and amazon. This site didnt save me any money but made the owner VERY Wealthy have my last 3000$ transaction, i hope they enjoy that 10% commission for claiming to give me a promotion code and only wasting my time and directing me back to western union's site but this time with an affililate link

Ask Austin about
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

no search box.most of the coupon sites refer you to next you wade through 20 some pages to find out if they have it. really gets me when they don't have it. i guess they hope you will find other things.

Ask Ron about
1 review
3 helpful votes

If happens to work for you, then great, but if something is wrong, prepare for hours of frustration. I have had nothing but repeated frustration and wasted time every time I try to print coupons using software. My first encounter was helping my mom who wanted to print coupons and it was such a hassle. To make matters worse, if there is a problem, it will not let you reprint the coupon. That was on a Windows computer. Recently, on my Mac, I joined a reward site and earned points for coupons. When it came time to print, I had to install software. It's been awhile since I tried to use software so I thought I would give it a try. It was another huge headache. The coupon printed incorrectly and of course I could not try to fix it because after making changes and trying to get the software to work again, it tells me I have already printed the coupon and can not again. Plus all the points I earned are now gone because I redeemed them. If happens to work for you, then great, but if something is wrong, prepare for hours of frustration.

Ask J about
1 review
4 helpful votes

Every time I go on this website there are already coupons to be clipped waiting to be printed. I have gone through and unclipped all the coupons and the others say limit reached. Really???? I could not unclip the ones that said "Limit Reached" guess what, 27 coupons printed for my trash can. Could not use these coupons, did not want these coupons, got them anyways. All to get $1.00 off of Listerine REALLY???? Out of ink, oh by the way you can only print in color!!!! 27 coupons later out of ink! Buy a Sunday newspaper and save the frustration.. Run, don't walk and the site is a joke, it is so not helpful. Very frustrating.... If you have no life and need something frustrating to do this site is for you, go for it and while your at it look for coupons for ink you will need it.

Ask Nina about
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is amazing. It's so amazing. Because of some 1 star reviews I thought my laptop would get a virus from downloading tha tsoftware. But, I riskedit and downloaded it. I selected 3 different grocery coupons to print out. It actually worked! Since I am a single mother of 4, (ex-husband re-married. now with 2 children.) these coupons from saved me a whole lot of money! I saved over $200 since I constantly print coupons out every day! Finally in about 2 months...I ran out of ink. Bummer. But, I asked my BFF, Daisy, to help me print out a coupon for a disocount on printer ink! Awesome website! I recommend this to you!

Ask Katie about
1 review
3 helpful votes

Some of the people here are blaming the software for their computer trouble. The only reason they're doing that is because they have absolutely no idea how computers and internet work. does not infect your computer with a virus. If you didn't download the software from but from somewhere else instead, then you have no one to blame but yourself. Maybe next time you should pay attention to what's happening on your computer when you're installing things. Maybe learn a little bit about how stuff works learning what all the things in your car do before you drive it.

With that being said, I don't like the software because it prints a large advertisement along with the coupon, wasting ink/toner -- which in no way saves anyone any money.

Uninstalled the software due to wasting my money.

Ask Reality about
1 review
7 helpful votes

My wife downloaded the site for the coupons. then decided she didn't want it,because of printing problems, Now it comes up first whenever the computer goes to IE. We cannot get rid of it. Tried uninstalling it. No such luck. Still there. Purchased "Max Uninstaller" to clear Coupons. That didn't work either. Can't get Support team at Max Uninstaller to respond either. Still trying to find a way to clear Coupons from system. Say no to and Max Uninstaller

Ask Craig about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I also got a virus after downloading the software to print the coupons on my computer. It was no coincidence because my mother was visiting and I downloaded it on hers too. She got the same viral problems I did. I feel terrible about my computer and worse about hers.

Ask Kristi about
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

i love this website! it's such a great concept and i look forward to seeing what the daily deal is everyday.

Ask Dane about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I am very disappointed with because my laptop got hooked up with virus and I cannot get it booted up again anymore. The virus is believed to come from the software that you need to install before you can get the coupons printed out. I just want to cry now!

Ask Shelby about
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I also was referred to this site from the V8 juice website. However, I cannot agree with the other reviewers. wanted to install software on my computer in order to print the coupons. Since every other online coupon I have ever found just printed straight from my browser I cannot help but think that there is some other purpose to this software. I admit I have no evidence to support this, but I think that this is tracking software - which is classified as malware. If I am correct, no reputable company would indulge in this behavior.
Edit: on further research I found a computer investigator who had checked into and the situation is worse than I thought.

Ask Andrew about
46 reviews
284 helpful votes

They have a few coupons, but some are more for advertising than actual coupons.

Also, the search is usually not working right. For example, it you want food coupons you can click that but it won't filter out other things. So if there are alot of coupons it takes awhile to browse through them b/c you can only see a few at a time.

Ask Tyler about
114 reviews
748 helpful votes

Hey Gang~

Talk about PRINTING MONEY with your computer, this site is a gas! After you download a simple coupon printing program (it's required to print bar codes), you can just line up all the savings on this website with your shopping list and kick butt!

I found this site when I was trying to locate the $1 OFF coupon for the new V8 Fusion drink. Hard to believe that it's never been reviewed and that I never knew about it before now. Anyway, it's got a top BBB rating and all the manufacturers coupons are there...everything from cereal and drinks to personal hygiene items, everything! Big savings and very easy to navigate. I think it will identify you by your geographic location (I'm in Florida and the big banner at the bottom was featuring Publix supermarket coupons). So in addition to the manufacturer coupons you may find even more specials at your local supermarket chain (and other stores as well). A great money-saving resource and it's all FREE!

I rate this 5 of 5 $$$$$

Ask Frank about

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