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Costco reviews

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New Reviewer

Costco is great for a reason that many other retailers now fail to understand. Costco is hitting on all cylinders for the traditional retail attributes of product, price & service. It is truly a worry-free shopping experience from all angles. They carry high quality products that are priced super-competitively and have generous return policies when products don't perform as expected. There is a reason why Costco attracts such a high % of high income shoppers.\

We've purchased our last three TVs at Costco and will be purchasing any computers or electronics there without shopping other retailers.

Ask Jack about Costco
New Reviewer

Much better than Sams Club for sure!

New Reviewer

Great for stocking up on things or if you have a party etc!! The prices are great. been a member for 8 years and always had a great shopping experience and excellent value for money.

New Reviewer

I ordered Gift basket for client gifts for Christmas - delivery was promised 3-5 days with plenty of time for delivery - double checked on Dec 28th and discovered they never even shipped the gifts. Customer service offered no help and was quite the hassle and delay to even get a refund. I will never use them again.

New Reviewer

What you see is what you get. Very straightforward and honest site. No complaints.

New Reviewer

I bought a self supporting clothes line (kind of an inverted umbrella on a stand) from Costco's wholesale website. The site was easy to use and entering keywords brought up a good selection including comprehensive details and specification.

I had no real trouble with navigating the checkout procedure though I'm relatively new to on-line shopping. Their prices were significantly lower than other on-line outlets. The product arrived on schedule and I was notified at each step of the shipping process.

I have not had any reason to purchase anything from Costco since August, but I have no reservations about doing so in the future. Though there is always room for improvement, my experience was very positive.

New Reviewer

Look out for current sales! the new food section is the best!

Veteran Reviewer


New Reviewer

Disappointment with two different web orders in 2012. Basically the online product description were incorrect and misleading. In trying to help Costco i took the time to write reviews but costco never posted them even though the review met with their costco usage policy. Also writing to their customer service was useless, they never responded.

Also read many users complaining about costco been biased and cherry picking the reviews on their web site (so don't purchase based solely on the costco reviews!). Coincidentally found two different set of reviews for the exact same product. Basically I can only guest that when a product doesn't sell, costco changes the product number and clear all previous review! I saw it first hand with the Paderno 12 pcs Copperline cookware.

New Reviewer

I really love shopping at this site. Costco give me the biggest variety and the best prices available on almost every item. The have a great return policy if for any reason the product you buy you don't like. I have recommended it to many of my friends.

New Reviewer

Good shop. It's not the best but I found what I was searching for. This company has fast and save order delivery

New Reviewer

One of the worst customer experience I had in my life time. I ordered a Cash Card from them online which took months to reach me after multiple resends and follow ups. When it finally reached me, I was told that the card is inactivated and my money is refunded to my account. The customer support team didn't not know about it and I almost spent 2 months with multiple calls, mails which made me loose my cool, mental peace etc for nothing as eventually speaking, its as good as Costco refused to give me a cash card!!! The reason I say this is that they tried to send it multiple times but always at incomplete address and finally when they managed to send one, the card was a closed card and whatever I paid was refunded almost before the card even reached me!!!

Apprentice Reviewer

I am very pleased with Costco and find their prices reasonable. Their selection is not good, and there are times when you cannot buy the same product because they keep switching their inventory.
Costco is no bargain for fruits or vegetables. I was extremely disappointed to find that some of their fruit in plastic single serve containers were from China where there are no controls. I called corporate headquarters and they told me that they visit China and inspect the production of fruit. I highly doubt that this is the truth and suggest that you always look for the country of origin for your food.

New Reviewer

Always great service and great products and never any hassle on returns.

New Reviewer

They just added great label/office supplies; paying too much at staples for our plumbing business


the website is good, just the shipping is kind of slow. I order some vitamin, which take 1 week for shipping.

New Reviewer

Great to use if you have a huge family, but can be very expensive for just my husband and I.

New Reviewer

I saved over 70% what walmart was charging me check them out

New Reviewer

Very practical, 'tis all. ;)

New Reviewer

Cheap medicines great site.

Apprentice Reviewer

5 gallons of peanut butter, enough said.

New Reviewer

I have ordered two items from this website: (1) a Deluxe Tub and Transfer Bench, when I was released from a skilled nursing facility--following a short rehabilitation, with PT and OT (physical therapy and occupational therapy)--due to a serious foot injury and (2) a 42" Philips 1080p LCD [flat screen] HDTV, during my continuing a Physical Therapy rehabilitation at home with a wheelchair, crutches and a walker. Until I could walk again, I enjoyed many Major League Baseball games on a new HDTV. Both times I received FREE SHIPPING--even on the heavy HDTV--and an ONLINE $200 REBATE on the HDTV. Emails confirmed both internet orders and both shipping dates with a UPS tracking number. Everything worked without any hitches, and I was quite pleased with the merchandise and the customer service.

Otherwise, I have been a regular customer at my local Costco warehouse, where I quickly upgraded to an Executive Member during my wife's and my first year as a Costco family. Our annual rebates from both Costco and American Express paid for the membership fee, plus more, each year. We noticed quickly that cashiers remained the same from month to month; Costco treated them well, so a reduced staff turnover meant consistent customer service. From Michelin tires to currently bestselling books to fresh fruits or vegetables, we've never been disappointed. If a clothing item proved to be sized incorrectly or a special sale item failed to satisfy, then the Return Desk always credited my American Express Costco credit card--without any questions or hassles. We have never been dissatisfied with Costco!

I forgot to mention gasoline sales with a staff member available; licensed opticians for prescription eyeglasses; the full pharmacy; and the fresh, locally-baked breads, cakes and other pastries. (Everything you need and want can be found at Costco.)

New Reviewer

I do all my shopping here it is a great store. I love there fresh baked goods.

Apprentice Reviewer

I love Costco. I have been a member for many years and never had any kind of problems with them.

I do find that you have to watch yourself when your in a Costco or shopping on because of the great selection of products and good deals you can easily find yourself with a big bill to pay.

A lot of Costco's Items are in bulk so you need to make sure you need a large amount of something before you buy it. Otherwise I think Costco is great.

Veteran Reviewer

We have shopped at Costco for many years, now taking full advantage of the Executive Membership and free Costco American Express credit card (with its additional significant discounts). The prices are exceptionally good. Costco selects top quality products. The latest new products include the new technology Cree LED based lamps. The price on these is slowly coming down to the point of price/effectiveness compared to the CFLs. Costco has a great return policy. Their gasoline and pharmacy prices are exceptionally good. Their Kirkland house brand food and other products are so good that we generally prefer it to the higher priced advertised brands. The store is very well kept. The employees try hard in every respect. It is a little hard to find products when they have moved them around and it is difficult to find a Costco employee who can point out which aisle or place has some particular item. Here in Miami we are adding to our Spanish vocabulary in every trip to Costco! It is fun. One should try to select shopping hours to avoid the very long lines at the checkout and, when convenient, use the automated self-checkouts.

The Costco $4.99 rotisseried chickens are the best and an incredible bargain. I have seen a fraction of them being torn apart for only the white breast meat, from which Costco makes their chicken salad. The remaining carcasses are thrown into a sterile bucket which, I am told by the employee, is put in the garbage. That is very distressing when all those carcasses, handled in a sterile manner, could feed so many hungry people at food banks. We tear these rotisseried chickens down ourselves at home, separate the white meat, leg quarters and wings. All of the bones and other unseparated parts are boiled up into an exceptional homemade chicken soup.

Apprentice Reviewer

Costco's pharmacy is awesome. The price of one prescription from a major pharmacy was 112 dollars. At Costco is was 26. Seriously. It was 26 dollars. (Actually I think it was 25 and some change). There is one other pharmacy that has comparable prices (major competitor) but outside of that store this is the least expensive pharmacy I have ever encountered. I haven't noticed any difference in the medication they offer and they seem very efficient. Overall, I am very impressed!

New Reviewer

It's frustrating that this is essentially a completely different business than the local stores. Different products, prices and you cannot return to the local store (unlike Target). When you talk to them they are quick to tell you that they are different businesses but they should re-think that. As a consumer, the same name is on my credit card when I buy there, and I have a set of expectations built from my local shopping experience. But the online store is sterile and cold in comparison of their customer service.

New Reviewer

Costco's online pharmacy is quick and efficient. The cost of my prescriptions is about 80% less compared to my neighborhood pharmacy. My emails are always answered right away. The pharmacy mails from Washington state and I am on the east coast, and my prescriptions always arrive sooner than expected.

New Reviewer

save 9 out 10 times


Just wanted to point out that costco probably has the cheapest all around pharmacy ever. I have yet to find a place that has cheaper generic drugs than costco online.

New Reviewer

I've been recommending Costco pharmacy for nearly 10 years to family, friends, co-workers, health care practitioners and persons waiting in line at queue at the bank, post office and grocery store.

Costco has consistently, reliably, promptly, accurately and economically filled and refilled my prescriptions that entire time. I'm vastly more satisfied and impressed with Costco than Walmart, Walgreens, CVS/Albertson's, Safeway or Target.

The generics they provide are consistent for years at a time, avoiding the variations and issues that can arise among generic manufacturers.

Fulfillment is much faster than promised. The claimed processing time is 4 days, with 6-day shipping at no additional charge. Products consistently arrive in 5 days total, occasionally less.

Prices are competitive with any online supplier, and usually lower than any of the brick-and-mortar pharmacies.


Huge sizes, but the price is right - I wish they were selling more organic stuff.

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